2 days ago

Sometimes, it feels like this. I have one year. One. Year. Before I have to make it work, and I will honestly say it's kinda scary.

But I can't turn back. I don't have a choice but to go forward. And not succumbing to panic is gonna be my constant challenge.


Digital painting of an artist in a paint-spattered paper boat, with a brush as an oar, caught up in a huge wave that is about to crash down on him.  There is a life preserver ring bobbing up into the air on the other side of the crashing wave.  The night sky is full of stars.

You guys rock. I can see the numbers going up from you clicking and visiting my galleries. You are so much appreciated. Thank YOU!!!!!

Links are in my profile.

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Heh, art lovers! I could use your help. Did you know that clicking on the links in my profile going to my galleries can show great support? This is how google finds my works and indexes them. The more visitors an artist get, the better chances they are found and inicially make sales. I so would appreciate your help. Thank you, Danke, mercy, Gracie

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Martha Crimson
3 days ago

Woke up to my brain trying to write a Swedish bop about how many jellyfish one eat in a lifetime ("hur mรฅnga maneter / man รคter / innan man dรถr") - probably by Kent or Cardigan.

I mean... A+ for effort, brain, but why curse me with this false earworm for the rest of the day???

#ArtistLife #dream #jellyfish

Martha Crimson
4 days ago

I can with confidence say I'm just as good as any AI at drawing hands.

#Artist #ArtistLife #TheEternalEnemy

4 days ago

"Ne'er cast a clout till May be out"
Clout is hereby cast ๐Ÿ˜‰
#phonemacrolens #phonepic #MayBlossom #hawthorn #artistlife #MorningWalk #phonephotography

Close up of hawthorn blossom, white petals and pink stamen
A branch of hawthorn with lots of blossom. Lit by the sun with dark undergrowth behind
5 days ago

#WIPWednesday I have two unusual new #wip both on black - hope my eyes can cope! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ I will have them with me to demo with at Derbyshire Open Arts this weekend. Venue 29, Haddon Hall near Bakewell, open 10am-5pm Sat/Sun/Mon.
#FineArtInStitch #TextileArt #Art #embroidery #MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon #ArtMatters #FediArt #artist #ArtDemo
#ArtistLife #MeetTheArtist #MeetTheFibreArtist #MeetTheEmbroideryArtist #MeetTheTextileArtist

Stretched black canvas on two embroidery frames. White tacking threads can be seen marking out the shape of the  planned stitched artworks
Martha Crimson
5 days ago

My day will start with a meeting at the Swedish Unemployment Agency, where I will be informed about the next "aid" program they'll be punting me into. I'd say it's as fun as making a root filling, but in the afternoon I actually have an appointment, at the dentist, for this. Some days, pals, _some_ days...

#ArtistLife #CaptainItsWednesday

Captain Haddock leaning over a table, looking tired while Milou is stealing his whisky:
"What a week, huh?"
"Captain, it's Wednesday."

The puppy is 19 weeks old now and is almost as big as our older dog. She still has a lot of learning to do. We got hay for our garden and she could not resist.

#ArtistLife #Dog #Puppy #Pet

Our 19 week old lab mix puppy enjoying the hay we just got for our garden. Artist Iris Richardson
Martha Crimson
6 days ago

There's a thunderstorm lingering, and this place is built on iron rich sand. This enhances 'thunderstorm headaches' and d:o dizziness. Expect a lot of typos and strange mistakes from me today :ablobfoxhypersnugowo:


6 days ago

Brief visit to Chatsworth yesterday for the @peakdistrictartisans coffee morning to welcome new members. I took the opportunity to gather inspiration - I'm planning a "full frontal" to follow on from Front & Centre. I was also rather taken by the bit of rewilding going on on on the bridge and a very sleepy lamb (apologies, I rarely do cute! ๐Ÿ˜‰) #artist #artistlife #ChatsworthHouse #lamb #cute #embroidery #textileart #peakdistrict #derbyshire

Photo of the front of Chatsworth House, flanked by large trees, trees behind, grass and river in the foreground
Stitched artwork "Front and Centre" depicting the central section from the front of Chatsworth House
Ornate stone bridge in the grounds of Chatsworth with wild flowers growing around the statues
A sleeping lamb - laid down but with head up and eyes closed

I am looking for a good video editing program. I am trying to get away from using Adobe products. For my photography I use Affinity photo. But they don't have a video software. Does anyone have a video editing software they enjoy and which does not require monthly subscriptions?

#ArtistLife #Video #Software #Art #VideoEditing

Martha Crimson
1 week ago

Me: Ok, I need yoga to keep my body together. I'll try to get up 30min earlier for a session.

My body: Oooooor we fall asleep again after shutting off the alarm.

Me: GAH!

#ArtistLife #BrutalAwakening #yoga

1 week ago

I'm streaming today on Twitch, 1-3:00pm PDT (GMT-7), where I'll be working on a Kingfisher bird and halo image. I'll be sending it out eventually as a phone wallpaper, so if you'd like to watch how I make them now's the time!

I listen to soft folk and ambient guitar and piano music if you'd like to chill with me!

#livestream #ArtistLife #birdart #procreate

Martha Crimson
1 week ago

Dang. I was this close, _this_ close to get The Offspring to watch Give That Wolf A Banana. He claims he's not interested in Eurovision. Dang to Heck, someone's gonna' take my Swede card away for it!

#ArtistLife #parenting #Eurovision

Zann Acts
1 week ago

Life's just one big adventure waiting to happen โ€“ Support your local artists y'all! Let's connect & chat soon.๐Ÿ˜Š ๐Ÿ’ช ๐ŸŽจ#artistlife #onstageandeverywhereelse

1 week ago

New blog post up about my plans for the summer months between academic school years. Probably a bit overly ambitious, but at least I'm trying. :)

#blog #plans #career #ArtistLife #Art #Illustration

About two month ago I had found myself in the hospital with an unexplained infection. I never really found out how I got it. But though the whole body tune up process I found out my gallbladder was at risk. I started taking several subelements to support my gallbladder. Chanra Piera, and a Super Enzyme. By chance I found out that. some of those help with eye floats as well. I will switch to one with more bromelain . #ArtistLife #Health

Martha Crimson
2 weeks ago

I allowed Avast to purge my windows files the other day, and now the majority of my saved Blender exercises are gone. Stuff that my course explicitly told me to save because later lessons build on them. My laptop is old and started creaking about a week after I started learning animation, so I can't say for sure the antivirus is the problem. Usually it's me in the end. Looks like I'll need to spend one or two days battling bugs of all kinds.

#LeSigh #ArtistLife

Martha Crimson
2 weeks ago

If I want to keep my budget I probably shouldn't work 10.00 - 21.00 two days in a row, before going downtown for grocery shopping. I'm totally out of it, and in those cases I end up on a cafรฉ with a pile of expensive magazines. But Landings did manage to make an extremely ig worthy thing, so I felt I have to share.

#ArtistLife #pastry #FoodPorn

Tiny princess pastry; a shiny pastel green dome with a skirt of coconut flakes. On top it has a bow of folded chocolate, a red slice of strawberry, and a white fondant flower with a silver pearl center.
Martha Crimson
2 weeks ago

How come everything I've learned about Blender disappears once I open... Blender?

#3DAnimation #3DArt #blender #animation #ArtistLife

2 weeks ago

Oof, what a day!!

1) I called my mom, and that was delightful. Got to talk to my sister, too!

2) I completed an entire bird painting on my livestream, start-to-finish, and I think it's really pretty.

3) Lastly I watched another episode of a series I really enjoy. Over dinner, with my hubby. It was awesome!

So honestly, it's been a nice day. I can't complain. And that really makes me feel good.

#3GoodThings #artistlife

Martha Crimson
2 weeks ago

Spending my time looking for calligraphy courses on site in China.

Because I like a challenge, apparently*.

#ArtistLife #calligraphy

(*DuckDuckGo is convinced I want an online course. Granted, it's what I can afford, but I just want to daydream over a curriculum a bit. Is that too much to ask for???)

Martha Crimson
2 weeks ago

This year the deers actually ate my tulips - I was beginning to think this was a kind of dark fairy tale house owners tell to scare each other. I don't mind much - those flowers are leftover from earlier owner, so I neither lost money nor labor on it. Fact is, I'm pondering planting more tulips just for the deers. They're quite nice to have around.

It's the ants I can't stand...

#gardening #ArtistLife

Petra van Cronenburg
2 weeks ago

"Annulรฉ" - It's just a routine, but it hurts:
I didn't get enough people together for my #workshop tomorrow. All those interested people at the show work on Sundays - they forget too quickly (if you don't grab their email addresses). There are various village festivals tomorrow, people want fun.

More and more don't want to register, they come late or stay away. Not easy, because such a failure is a loss of earnings. How do you organise/handle workshops? #ArtistLife

Martha Crimson
2 weeks ago

I've been a mom for too long. The cat made a sad "hewo!" when she thought I ignored her - and I got a sudden urge to check her screen time.

#AleaTheBlackCat #ArtistLife #parenting

As a mom I always wished for a spa day or some kind of get away. It's the best way to celebrate mothers day since women do not really get many break and alone time. Or the family could deep clean the house. (who I am kidding that never will happen) It's not like I love my kids less because I spend a day by myself getting pampered. I hope that my kids don't need a holiday to come see me after they move out. #Mothersday #moms #ArtistLife

It is so nice to go to one of our favored Chinese restaurants and be able to enjoy our meal without being rushed. I value good customer serve and those are the businesses we like to support.
#ArtistLife #CustomerService #Restaurants

Man weis nie was man gekauft hat wenn man tech savvy Kinder hat. Ich habe wohl Bohrer bestellt. Die sind gerade von Amazon geliefert worden.

#Mom #ArtistLife #Parenting #ComputerGeeks

Martha Crimson
3 weeks ago

It's a sign of the times when "Mephisto-Officiel"* is advertising for a general agent on LinkedIn.

Another is that I'm seriously considering applying.

#JobSeekingProcess #JobSeeker #SignOfTheTimes #ArtistLife

(*Mephisto -> the Devil, though in this case it's a footwear manufacturer)

Pic of the LinkedIn listing of Mephisto-Officiel's ad for a general agent. LinkedIn thinks my profile matches this job.

Ich muss mein Deutsch รผben. Wer hat auch das Problem mit der Muttersprache dadurch das ihr eine andere Sprache tรคglich benutzt?
#Sprache #ArtistLife #LivingAbroad #Muttersprache #Deutsch

One more week before I start teaching my summer drawing course. I am exited about this one, because I get the students every day. This ensures me they draw daily. In return I can see the excitement in their eyes. Some students coheir progress can be seen fast. Some students come to their first class terrified, believing they will not do well in this course.
It's up to me to break down their fear and build up their confidence
#ArtistLife #ArtEducation #Art #Drawing #Education

My University has their 100th birthday centennial celebration this year. We are still working on some fun activities for students and alumni. If your University has celebrated a big birthday and you are part of the arts. Let me know the fun things you did.

#ArtistLife #100ThBirthday #Centennial #Academia #arts

Martha Crimson
3 weeks ago

If you've followed me for long know I hate cooking - which isn't entirely true. I hate breaking flow, both when it comes to cooking and when it comes to arting. This means I loooooove batch cooking; freezer meals produced so I can work for days and still have food on time, and lots of nice creative cooking flow. But after yesterday, when I spent four hours making mustard patties and a vegetable soup, I actually feel a bit sore. Ouch!

#BatchCooking #ArtistLife #cooking #flow

I love asparagus but not the asparagus beetle. I am a let live kind of person with a limit.

#gardening #artistlife

Common asparagus beetle on an asparagus Speer macro photograph. Artist Iris Richardson

We will be beginning a week of sprucing up the art department. This is the only time we can clear out the cases and clean the glass form all the dust student artist created during the semester.

The only time they will look pristine for all the tours coming through our building.

#ArtistLife #ArtEducation #Academia

We just came back from a chess park created in memory of a young man who was killed in an accident a year ago. So heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time.

#Chess #Artistlife

Glass Queen chess piece on white background. Artist Iris Richardson, Gallery Pixel
3 weeks ago

New blog post on the importance of healthy editing when it comes to following artists I admire, and how I know when to focus my attentions on platforms and communities that are good for me.

#ArtistLife #Art #blog #SocialMedia #MentalHealth

Grainy grayscale sketch illustration of a sitting man with his head down in his arms, light coming from the upper left.

Curly hair pros: I need your help. As I got older my hair got curlier. I blow dry them most days. Yesterday after I got cut up in the rain someone commended why I don't wear my hair curly? But when I do my hair looks frizzy. How do you manage your curls? #Hair #Frizz #ArtistLife

1 month ago

Last day of our exhibition in Melbourne, Derbyshire, tomorrow. If you're in the midlands, South Yorkshire, Derbyshire or Nottinghamshire it would make a lovely day out. The exhibition is superb and you get to meet me! (Should I have said that, really? ๐Ÿค”) Open 10-4pm and then it's OVER ๐Ÿ˜ข
#ArtistLife #MeetTheArtist #FineArtInStitch #TextileArt #TextileArtist #Art
#MastoArt #ArtistsOnMastodon
#artbooster #ArtMatters #FediArt #buyartfromartists #artexhibition

Collage of 3 images showing art on display at an exhibition. Fourth section shows advert for the exhibition: CREATIVE MELBOURNE GALLERY & STUDIOS 12th - 23rd APRIL
10 am -4 pm .Free entry
Wellington House, Church Street, Melbourne, DE73 8EJ
1 month ago

Friends, I need some #artist advice.

Is there a POD that *isn't* a POS?

I was planning on opening my Redbubble shop next month, but now that they've decided to go the way of society6 & add a bunch of BS tiers & fees I'm not interested in working with them! Please help

#BuyIntoArt #ArtEconomy #ArtistLife

I admit I am a coffee snob and when traveling I bring my own coffee with me. I have a #2 filter cone which fits perfectly on my mug. Do you bring your own or do you chance it with your coffee? #Coffee

#ArtistLife #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #MastoArt #ArtCollector #ArtMatters #mastoart


A fresh cup of coffee in a tall glass mug at birdseye view.The mug sits on a light green floral pattern tablecloth with a darker single colored green napkin folded on the left side. The lighting has an early morning feel. Artist Iris Richardson, Gallery Pixel
H Polley
1 month ago

The last couple of years Iโ€™ve been hanging out in web design and online marketing forums to network and learn. And I have learned a ton from some very generous colleagues. I also learned I canโ€™t relate to a lot them. Examples: business being a primary life focus, using questionable tech like tracking pixels, excitement around LLM/AI, etc. Perhaps my skepticism makes me a *better* marketing coach for #artists?? #ArtistLife

I take my puppy twice a week with me to the university. The students love her and seek her out during those days. She seems to pick specific students she really wants to see. It is often the quiet ones who stand back. By the time my daughter picks her up she is exhausted and ready for her afternoon nap

. #ArtistLife #Puppy #Dog #Academia #AYearForArt

Tired  lab mix puppy after playing all day long with students. She is paying in her bed with an exhausted look on her face.

Surprised my elderly neighbor with some warm homemade cheese danishes this morning. They are her favored and the store was out of them. #food #baking #artistlife #community #aging

Two fresh homemade cheese danish on green plate. Artist and baker Iris Richardson
Margo De Weerdt
2 months ago

Hello everyone!

After a year that seems like a rollercoaster, this year life will include some changes, exciting ones. Consequently, I am going to change the website/portfolio and the webshop. But before all of that, I have organised a sale in my webshop, with discounts of -50% and -60% until the 26th of May. For all who is interested, go to:

Thank you if you order anything, I am very grateful!

#artist #artistlife #art #mastoart

A product photo of the birthday calendar is sell on my webshop. On it you see the page of January, laid on a table diagonally.
A screenshot of the webshop page. With products lined in a pattern of three a row: birthday calendar, print international women's day, a riso print with an owl, etc.
A photo of my hand holding five animal postcards.
A product photo of a Christmas card. On it is a witch holding a big Christmas tree, with underneath 'happy holidays'.

I just updated my BuyMeACoffee page. It has been a while and a supporter reminded me. The picture is of the Canon Pro 4200 printer
#ArtistLife #Fediart #mastoart #ArtMatters #BuyIntoArt

A Canon Pro 4200 Printer with a personality. The printer has a name and google eyes. Artist Iris Richardson, part of my BuyMeACoffee post

Artist are a unique workforce. They create their own job, create jobs for others and whole industries and economies make money from art. Most never can take advantage of any social benefits due being a freelance businesses. Visual artist sell their art to support themself and their families.

Here is my question; when you see art on SM, what do you think is the purpose of art and posting it? Please boost

#artistlife #FediGiftShop #art #artist

Douglas Eby
2 months ago

How to Overcome Creative Blocks and Reignite Your Creative Spark with artist, mentor and business coach Nicola Newman

#artistlife #creativeblock

Nicola Newman

Many artist have seen a slower holiday season than they have in years.

I like to thank all of you who support living artist and purchase art. You are our bread and butter and very much appreciated.

Thanks, Danke, Mercy , grazie

#artistlife #SpringIntoArt #ModernArt #ArtistonMastodon #FineArt #MastoArt #SpringForArt #Fediart #BuyIntoArt #Kunst #ArtBooster #SonyA1 #AYearForArt #Art #Artist #LoveArt #IrisRichardsonArtist #MastoArt #ArtCollector #ArtMatters #mastoart #FediGiftShop

H Polley
2 months ago

The spring exhibit season is in full swing! Do you have a professional website yet for your #artwork? The most common sticking point for my clients is the gathering stage while organizing bodies of work for a #PortfolioWebsite. I hope this guide will help get you started:

#mastoArt #photography #ArtistLife #art

Here is our little girl 16 weeks old and doing really well. We have no clue what is in her DNA and can't begin to guess how big she will get. But she has a really sweet demeanor and is picking up on the potty training really well. #pet #dogs #puppy #dogtraining #artistlife

16 week old mixed breed puppy laying in her crate. Artist Iris Richardson

Our University is holding an Art Symposium next week.Students can sign up and try out a new skill. I am running a paper quilling workshop. #ArtEducation #Education #art #artworkshop #ArtistLife #ArtMatters

A small paper quill owl broach. The body of the owl is a dark brown on the outside and a warm orange around the eye and belly. Her beak is a bright warm yellow and her iris a golden jewel. This is for my universities art symposium. The art symposium is a way students can try out classes and new skill. The owl is the universities mascot. Artist Iris Richardson

Cherry blossoms here in NJ are blooming earlier and earlier. One Christmas we had them bloom. #cherryblossom #Japan #season #spring #gardening #artistlife home decor #wallart #artgifts #decor #interiordecoration #holistic #well-beeing #health

Cherry Blossom and Bud on Treetrunk - A wide open soft cherry blossom with small magenta colored buds around it. This cherry blossom is growing right on the treestump and has a textured green moss background.  Artist Iris Richardson , Gallery ArtHero
Douglas Eby
2 months ago

๐Ÿ”˜ Also in this edition:
[video] Our emotional and cognitive brain and being a highly sensitive person
[podcast] The complex life of being 2e gifted, neurodivergent, ADHD
[podcast] How mental health symptoms can be reframed as positive |+more

#artistlife #creativemind #hsp #creator

2 months ago

Bit of a change for #WIPWednesday Geli printing onto fabric, which will then be embellished with stitch. These are the ones that made the cut so far. Plus two trial prints on paper which I really wish had been on fabric! Ah well #ArtistLife ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜
#RoseBayWillowHerb #umbellifer
#MixedMedia #FineArtInStitch #TextileArt #TextileArtist #Art #ArtOfTheDay
#MastoArt #ArtistsOfMastodon
#artbooster #artodon #ArtMatters #FediArt #artist

3 geli prints on fabric hanging on a line to dry. Relief prints of rose bay willow herb and cow parsley. In greens and borwns
3 geli prints on fabric hanging on a line to dry. Relief prints of cow parsley. In pale greens and borwns
3 geli prints on paper laid flat to dry. Relief prints of rose bay willow herb and cow parsley. In greens, reds and borwns

Gardeners plight, we finally had good weather this Sunday. What do I do?! I want it all done in a day and hurt my bad shoulder. I iced it, took ibuprofen, and put a pillow under my arm to ease the stress. Yesterday I was not able to do my hair. Let's see how today goes. This is from an old injury during my chef years. I came to the conclusion that I need more money or power tools. #gardening #ArtistonMastodon #MastoArt #Art #Artist #LoveArt #ArtMatters #mastoart #ArtistLife #FediGiftShop

Martha Crimson
2 months ago

Friends. I may not get my sock box back. After her rage sleeping the other day, Alea the Black Cat has now decided it's A Good Place To Be. Pray for my hot dog socks - they're now subjected to black fur.

#AleaTheBlackCat #CatsOfMastodon #MastoCats #ArtistLife

Alea the Black Cat in loaf position inside a cheap wooden box with socks.
Kevin RR :verified:
3 months ago

โ€œI see you havenโ€™t been employed for the past 5 years.โ€

Thatโ€™s when I was #freelancing.

โ€œOh, were you receiving unemployment benefits?โ€

No I was receiving payments from multiple people.

โ€œIโ€™m sorry. That sounds like illegal activity. We canโ€™t employ you.โ€


4 months ago

I had a hospital appt in Sheffield yesterday and rather than drive all the way home (past son's school) and then back to pick him up from big band I had a little peramble on Bamford Edge. Amazed how many people were up there on a Wednesday afternoon in February, but I did manage some nice photos of rocks without people on them.
#PeakDistrict #climbing #gritstone #BamfordEdge #DerbyshireGritstone #ClimbGritstone #GritstoneEdge #Moors #ArtistLife

Layered gritstine rock faces with bracken (brown) and short grass at the foorlt
More layered gritstine rock faces with bracken (brown) and short grass at the foorlt
A layered gritstone rock which looks like a walking boot with wrinkled sock above!
Large gritstone rocckface with horizontal layering. A semi diagonal fissure splits the square face into two
4 months ago

QUESTION for the artists and photographers out there:
What motivates you to post your work on social media/photo sites (like Flickr)? What compels you to do it? What do you get out of it?

#art #artistlife #artist #artists #artistic #photog #photographer #photography #poll #question #socialmedia

Do you ever think about the economy of the arts? If you do you know lots of money is made on the backs of artists. Yet artists are often still struggling to make a living. Just like folks working in other occupations, they need food, clothing, shoes, and housing to live. Thank you for appreciating and supporting the arts. #Arts #ArtBusiness #Artist #ArtEconomy #ArtistLife #ArtMatters #IrisRichardsonArtist #ArtEducation #EconomyofArts

Madame Ximon
6 months ago

This is Mr. Kitty. He is an 8 year old rescue kitty who keeps me going through thick and thin, having ridden across the United States with me, sleeping on my lap in the moving truck for most of the trek.

He is a very good art assistant. โค๏ธ

#Cat #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #MastoCat #Artist #ArtistLife #ArtistsOnMastodon

A male Seal Point Siamese cat, lying on a moving blanket next an open soft case of many coloured pencils arranged in pairs from reds to pinks to purples to pale greens and metallics.  He has a metal cannister lid just above his head like a small aluminum halo, and a small open cannister of pencil shavings is in the lower-right corner of the image next to his tummy, as he is curled yet partly rolled over on his back, with his paws held up loosely and his chin tucked in, his eyes closed, with something like a smile on his face.
6 months ago

Oh wow. I just found out that shortly before I burnt out in 2020 I took all the photos and measurements of my then-new artworks. I had totally forgotten about that. ๐Ÿ˜” #ArtistLife

6 months ago

Oh, wait, what? There are *another* 20 or so abstract gestural paintings here that I haven't posted? Oh noes...

Monika Baum
6 months ago

Good morning Tootsers, who else woke up too early?
What's your wake-up music?

I'm going to put down a few brushstrokes before heading to work.

#illustration #MastoArtist #KidlitArtist #KidLitArt #ArtistLife #CreativeToots #FediArt