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Art study day~ Trees was the theme today c:

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morning seizure
drawn over photo

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Digital grayscale lineart sketch of a large gate into an oriental sci-fi/fantasy campus facility.

Manga expression studies (And one based off of Koharu from Blue Archive) #art #artstudy

Expression studies
Daily 271

(Based on some manga panels)
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Ely Study - Daily 270 #art #artstudy

Ely Clothes Study

Daily 269
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Clothes Study

Daily 264
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Clothes Study

Daily 263
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Clothes study with Ely

Daily 262
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Another portrait study! I'm trying to figure out hair, it's hard but I'm getting there.

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A digital painting of a woman's portrait.
1 month ago
A photo of a sketchbook with 12 different mini drawings/paintings of various rocks, and a larger study at the bottom of rocks and a waterfall. Paintbrushes and watercolor tubes lay next to the sketchbook.
1 month ago

Figure studies from
@AdorkaStock 's #DEJ2023 challenge. Was a nice excuse to start a new sketchbook ;) (A sketchbook I hand-made too 👀🩷)

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A photo of a sketchbook with tanned paper with two loosely drawn figures, outlined and detailed with graphite, and white highlights with charcoal. Some of the tools used to draw them lay next to the sketchbook.
1 month ago

Cloud studies using a different brush (+sponge) for each. ☁️ Surprisingly challenging but also fun. 😊


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A photo of a piece of watercolor paper divided into four parts, each part having white fluffy clouds against a blue sky. The tools used surround the paper, including three different brushes and a sponge.
2 months ago

Playing around with markers c:

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A photo of a sketchbook with a realistic sketch drawing of a hand drawn with Copic markers (also pictured, next to the sketchbook), however the colors are all randomly placed and the skin tone looks inhuman.
A photo of a sketchbook with a realistic sketch drawing of feet drawn with Copic markers (also pictured, next to the sketchbook), however the colors are all randomly placed and the skin tone looks inhuman.
Mirre :mastocheck:
2 months ago

More ocean studies! I really enjoy painting these so much. #art #MastoArt #ocean #artStudy

A digital painting of an ocean wave, the top of the arc is lit up in an almost green to yellow hue.
Another painting of an ocean wave, this one is lit up in bright colors of blue, cyan ,teal and almost green.
Mirre :mastocheck:
2 months ago

Shore line studies. Now i understand why so many artists paint the ocean because not only is it very easy to do, it’s satisfying and looks pretty as soon as you add the white foam. These took me about 20 minutes each to paint. #art #MastoArt #ArtStudy

Digital painting of a shoreline where the waves gently cover the sand. It is midday and the sky is clear and so so blue.
Digital painting of a similar setting but this time it is during sunset, the sky isnt visible but the colors and values indicate that the sun is just about to set.
A third painting of the shoreline setting, this one set during the day but its unclear what the weather is. The foamy waves gently licks the sand along the beach.
Jet "Destruct" Wolf
2 months ago

working on some rendering practice. I still have a long way to go but I'm happy with what I was able to produce in one day's time uwu Before and after #rendering #furry #theMortuaryAssistant #mastoart #artstudy #sfw

The after of a before and after, it is a rendered drawing of my sona in the pose of a portrait in the game: The mortuary Assistant
The before of a before and after, it is a unshaded colored drawing of my sona in the pose of a portrait in the game: The mortuary Assistant
2 months ago

Another study I forgot to share!

Slowly getting the hang of backgrounds & landscapes, but I'm not feeling comfortable drawing them from imagination.... yet 👀

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A photograph of a landscape with blue hills in the far distance and field and stones in the foreground. Below that is a study of it drawn digitally. The mood is calm and relaxing
2 months ago

Material Studies for digital art and videogames :capy_coffee:​
I'm not showing too much right now, but I'm a videogame artist. This are some texture studies I did to improve my abilities in concept art/2D art/rendering.
I can't wait to have the time to do more~
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Lots of cubes with different textures
2 months ago

The last drawing for the month of masters challenge on instagram ❤️
This time the choice is free. I chose to study a painting by Berthe Morisot. I just loved the softness of the light and the expression of this lady ❤️

Hashtags : #MastoArt #digitaldrawing #artstudy

Study of a Berthe Morisot 's painting. This is a portrait of a young woman
The original painting. Portrait of a young woman.
2 months ago

Detailed texture studies are a lot of fun c: I did this one in 30 minutes, and omg do you really feel the rush with timed studies, haha. Would love to do more of these at some point ^^

#TextureTuesday #mastoart #watercolor #painting #traditionalart #artstudy #fediart

A photo of a watercolor painting of grey wood texture with two knots and lots of cracks. The paints and tools used to make it lay next to the sketchbook.
2 months ago

Using a limited palette, I did a landscape piece with my Copic markers. 🌴 What other kind of scenery should I draw with these markers? Let me know!

Time lapse short:

#timelapsedrawing #timelapseart #mastoart #natureart #copic #marker #artstudy

A Copic marker sketch drawing of a palm tree and other greenery with the ocean and a blue cloudy sky behind them. All eight markers (+one gel pen) used to make the artwork are pictured beside it.
3 months ago

Looking through my art this year, I realized I haven’t uploaded this #Limmy compilation I made at the beginning of the year as an excuse to study faces and expressions.

#art #artstudy #krita #blaham

A composition of 7 heads with varying facial expressions of the Scottish comedian and streamer Brian Limond, known by man as Limmy
3 months ago

I’ve been learning blender over the past few months. Here’s a model I made based off of a Mateusz Urbanowicz storefront illustration. I included the original Illustration as the third image for reference.

#blender3d #3d #fanart #artstudy

3 months ago

Cats on MSPaint 2

#mspaint #artstudy

3 months ago

Pro tip: if you have any art tools or utensils that you hate or are dying and just want to get rid of them, or sketchbooks you struggle to get through--just draw quick nothing studies!

They don't have to be pretty, just get the job done ;) Plus it's good practice! 💪

Share this post to help encourage artists to use up those art supplies ;D

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A photo of a sketchbook page with six rough sketches of various landscapes made with a purple highlighter low on ink.
A photo of a sketchbook page with various triangles and circles drawn with a pink highlighter.
A photo of a sketchbook page with several rough skeletal breakdowns of the human body, represented by a line of action and three rectangles for the head, ribs, and hips, drawn with various highlighters.
A photo of a sketchbook page with six rough sketches of hands, drawn with a red highlighter low on ink.
Sariel Snowings
3 months ago

Today’s warmup was de-aging this fella I doodled. I loved this! I think I’ll try it again some other time.
#MastoArt #FediArt #WarmUp #Illustration #QueerArtist #ArtStudy

Digital sketch of three faces in black and white. They all depict the same person at different ages (around 80, 40 and 20). He’s male presenting, has a long face, small eyes slightly too close together and a long hooked nose. His hairline recedes in every iteration and a more angular structure shows up on his face, along with wrinkles and spots. The two older ones are looking at the viewer while the first younger one is looking away slightly.
3 months ago

There's lots of new faces on this platform that I don't recognize. Feel free to introduce yourselves! Do you also draw or create art? Just an art appreciator? Regardless of what you do, I'd love to see! (Or you can reply with cute pet pics too, I won't complain :P)

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A photo of a set of several loosely drawn female figure studies, minimal detailing, with a black ink pen, with watercolor accents painted in a desaturated reddish-brown color.
3 months ago
Two male head sketches.
3 months ago

Thank you so much for the warm welcome! I'm blown away and so touched y'all like my work 😊

Here's a portrait study I painted last year. Something more loose to relax. It's fun just letting the brush go and see what happens. :)

#digitalart #artstudy #digitalpainting #originalart

A digital artwork of a rough realistic portrait of a young black woman with an afro, 3/4 view, eyes facing slightly downward, almost expressionless. Various gritty brush details are used throughout the piece, and a cartoon-esque red crown with three sharp points floats above her head.
3 months ago

~1h30 digital study for #curatorprompts163 ❤️

#MastoArt #artstudy

Digital study of a photo with a bowl full of red apples on a wood table. There is a sheet of fabric on the left and some leaves on the table.
4 months ago

Quick study for the #curatorprompts161 😊

Hashtags : #MastoArt #studyart #sketchbook #artstudy

A study of the front of a store. 
There are dresses on display. There is a bicycle outside.
5 months ago

Another painting study/exploration from my cemetery trip back in April 🪦❄️

#lifestudy #pleinair #artstudy

6 months ago

Loved having the opportunity to join the live figure drawing at unseen creatures. #art #arte #sketch #sketchbook #figuredrawing #drawingsketch #bosquejo #artist #artwork #artstudy

7 months ago

Fromages et Vin🍷🧀

Full study of one of my recent meal. It was really fun to reinterpret and mess up with some new brushes.

#artstudy #stilllife #mastonart

Study of a still life. On the left, basket of bread wrap in a towel. Behind there's a glass flower vase with dried up roses. Next to the right there's a Bottle of wine (La Fiole) with a small cup filled. In front there's a wooden cheese platter with a pâté de foie gras on the left, behind a cheese wheel, next to the right a bowl filled with dates and lastly an arrangement of charcuterie meat.
Johanna Forster
7 months ago

Nature studies of little treasures I found on walks 🌿 I’m trying to make drawing practice and art explorations a habit in the morning. What helped you build a routine?
I tried several shadow styles here with ink and water colors, which one do you prefer? With lines, with color or no shadow at all?
#sketch #sketchbook #artstudy #sketching #drawing #naturedrawing #natureart #draw #art #leafs #inkdrawing #watercolor

Sketchbook pages with leaf studies done in ink and water colors
Sketchbook page with leaf studies done in ink and water colors
Sketchbook page with leaf studies done in ink and water colors: ivy and benjamini plant
7 months ago
Don't think I've shared these on here before, but here are my most recent art pieces.

#digitalart #militaryaircraft #artstudy
Jet Provost digital art piece.
DHC1 Chipmunk digital art piece.
Eurofighter Typhoon digital art piece.
8 months ago

I've drawn a couple from r/RedditGetsDrawn as a color and shading study!

What a clever concept to have people offer their photos, which artists can use for studies, heheh. Winwin.

The original for comparison:

#fediArt #artStudy

A drawing of a happy hetero couple hugging. The man kisses the woman on the cheek.
9 months ago

Get it off! D: (Smear frames & distortion)

#Animation #ArtStudy #Art #TheGoldenThread

Two study animations of Elpis waving his hand to shoo a bee away. The one on the left uses static arms while the one on the right has smeared and distorted arms in the in-between frame.
9 months ago

Here's the guide I worked from. I was impressed by how different it felt once I turned the layer off, ha.

#Animation #ArtStudy #MastoArt

An animation study of a round object or ball going in a double loop trajectory. The guide for the trajectory is faintly visible in the background.
9 months ago

Smear frames and trajectories exercise

Ah, I loved this exercise! It made the last one make more sense to me.

#Animation #ArtStudy #MastoArt

Animation study of a round object or ball following a double loop trajectory.
9 months ago

This is my first time sitting down to do this kinda thing. I've done animations before but never sat down on my own behalf to study the basics. 🤔 Improvement suggestions welcome!

#Animation #ArtStudy #MastoArt

Six animations depicting a ball in different patterns of acceleration and de-acceleration. In order of top to bottom, left to right: Even Spacing, Ease In, Ease Out, Ease In and Out, Emphasized Pause (using Slow In and Out), and Random Spacing.
Gabe Fua
9 months ago

We’re trying to revamp some of the monsters in the Basic Fantasy RPG core book for the non-OGL 4th edition. I need to draw short schnauzer-headed humanoids. Here are some test sketches for it. They may have come out a little too cute. Will try to make them scarier later.

#gabeprime #mastoart #fediart #rpgartist #digitalart #monstermonday #sketches #artstudy #bfrpg #BasicFantasy

Short schnauzer-headed humanoids
9 months ago

#ArtStudy of a stork from a photo (I lost the source), #TraditionalArt done with charcoal #MastoArt

An A4 page from a newsprint paper sketchbook with a drawing of a stork in a black charcoal
9 months ago

I ended up doing another art study of a bedroom, even though I really wanted to do something that is not a study 😅 Maybe needed the cozyness, even though the colors are a bit colder than I wanted them to be.
But otherwise? I'm somewhat happy with it.
Made in Krita :krita:
#MastoArt #ArtStudy #DigitalArt #Krita

A digital painting of a window in focus. The light that comes from outside seems to be cold, while the curtains have some warmth to them. In front of the window is a bed with a crumbled up bedsheet.
9 months ago

Some anatomy and hand studies from last week too

It's getting cold and I’m getting loopy so I’m taking the time to go back and study :]

#mastoart #artstudy

Two figure drawings of a muscular man
A page of hands
9 months ago

Aaaand one set of two/three value studies from today from Mead Schaeffer and Dean Cornwell

I think I need to review how to do these lol

#MastoArt #Artstudy

Value studies from mead schaeffer and dean cornwell
9 months ago

Did a 30ish min color & light study of a picture by @byjessicaelena!

This was super fun :squishygecko:

#MastoArt #DigitalArt #artstudy

On the left side of the page is a photo of a snowy part area with a path, a couple of trees and a building in the distance. Warm yellow sun set light shines through the trees, leaving a dramatic shadow on the snowy plain in front. On the right of the picture is a digital painting study of the photograph.

This is how I pass the time when I'm waiting in the school pick-up line at the end of the day.

#SketchBook #Sketches #PencilSketch #HeadDrawing #ArtStudy #Artist #Art #DadLife

A sketchbook spread of head drawings and facial feature studies.