13 minutes ago

#askFedi I wanted to set up something to post aperiodic reminders on #Twitter to come to #Mastodon‌/‌the #Fediverse, and wanted to use something that goes through the web interface (for obvious reasons). I tried to cook up something with #PhantomJS, failing spectacularly. If anybody knows anything about something of the sort, recommendations are welcome.

8 hours ago

#AskFedi Is there a general purpose front-end I can use to extract the text (and maybe images) from the pages of bullshit news sites like this that insult me with a tabula rasa when I don't let them run JavaScript in my browser?


12 hours ago

Anyone know how to sort the lines in a file the way a human would?
Blood Wurm
Bloodhall Puppy

sort and sort -d don't do it right

12 hours ago

What's the thing that you hate or dislike the most about #Pinterest?

Asking for a friend.


BT (Binary Tango)
15 hours ago


With search engines being filled with spam sites exploiting SEO tactics, possibly Reddit going the way of Digg, and a lot of communities being built on platforms requiring accounts...

Finding useful information online is going to be possibly harder to find in the future.

I hope I'm wrong in thinking so.

What do you think?

Poll question: Will it be harder to find information, sites, guides, How-Tos online in the future?

#AskFedi #Poll

Mandu 🥟
15 hours ago

What does it mean when a bot follows you on mstdn? How does a bot even follow you? #askfedi

20 hours ago

Is app that houses multiple Mastodon accounts for simultaneous feed-reading yet?

Like, not the apps that let you switch from one instance to another, but literally being able to have a column from one instance next to a column from another instance. #AskFedi #FediTips

22 hours ago


Any suggestions for an ios library app to keep track of books?

#Books #Bookstodon #Book #AmReading #App #IphoneApp

Mr Bitterness
23 hours ago

I've tried to follow several peertube accounts from Mastodon, it appears successful, but then when I check back in a few minutes, they don't show in my following list, and if I go to the profile, it says I'm not following them.

Haven't had problems following across other projects (calckey, pleroma/akkoma, etc). Anyone else have this issue?

I'm wondering if it's because I've enabled AUTHORIZED_FETCH for

#AskFedi #AskFreddy

1 day ago

I'm looking for some natural language to bash, something like nl2bash(on github) but maintained and a bit documented, can you suggest me some projects?!


What instances are cool for a musician/music producer/sound designer?

I'm (potentially) looking to swap instance, and I'd love to end up with a small-ish one. Ideally, with a good participation from its users.

Reinder Dijkhuis Does Art
1 day ago

All right. #Drummachines . This is the last piece that needs to be in place before #FAWM #5090.
Let's start with an open question before I start itemizing the options I've already got:
what is your go-to drum machine for #songwriting if you want to balance ease of use with a sound that is in the ballpark of what a finished song should sound like? And does that answer change if you want to write and demo 50 songs in 90 days?


Will Rehwinkel
1 day ago
#askfedi If you don't mind, could you please see wether you can open the following video and hear audio? I would like to confirm that mp4/flac files can be played in all modern browsers. If you can't hear the audio, what operating system and browser/version are you using? Thank you!
2 days ago

With all this #reddit api thing going on i got curious, how does #lemmy and its #federation works? Can't seem to figure it out properly here by myself

#fediverse #askfedi

Neko the gamer
2 days ago

I wanna put the god damn contact lenses on but my eyelids always instinctively instantly close when i'm about to put them on. Does anyone has a solution to overcome this problem? I am literally shaking and crying right now, i am so disappointed on myself for not being able to put on the lenses, i need serious help 😭

#AskFedi #contactlenses #help #medicalhelp

2 days ago

If you were to start a new #Database and #WebServer project, what tools would you use? This is something new to me and I’m leaning towards #RustLang and #postgresql :postgresql: but I’m out of my league :mastoread:

Maybe #RubyOnRails :ruby: ?

#AskFedi :boost_ok:

On my hike, I came across these bushes.
It felt like a scene from a movie.

Could they be spiderwebs with eggs or perhaps some another insect?
#askfedi #ask #question #nature

ok, so based on my reading of this:

if I change the phone number that I use for #Signal, while using the same device, my contacts will "may" see that the phone number has changed, but they will not see that the safety number has changed? i.e. because it is the same install of the app, the safety number should remain identical through the phone number change?

has anyone done this? @signalapp #AskFedi

2 days ago


I might get to put together a #queer history presentation for my clients for #pride month! 🏳️‍🌈

It would likely be 30 minutes in a “lunch and learn” format.

#lgbtq #fedi… what events should I be sure to include? #askfedi #advice #help

For *reasons*, I have to probably close down my home-lab during for a few weeks/months this fall.

Does anyone have any recommendation to what provide I might move my workloads?

They consist of:
- One small kuberenetes cluster
- Web and database servers
- matrix-synapse server
- other various servers

Is Hetzner still the "go to" provider?
The only thing that I need is an european (preferably swedish) provider, and is nice to the wallet.

#askfedi #linux #kubernetes #homelab #server #hosting

Attn Fedizens..

In the past several great #Fediverse conferences were organized. The last one was in 2020 and the great talks are online on #Peertube at

Now there's another call for volunteers who'd like to organize the next #Conference 💥

An initiative started by @strypey that needs your help and involvement.

Please respond to the #SocialHub forum with your ideas and participation.

Boosts appreciated 🚀

#FediverseFutures #ActivityPub #AskFedi

Leafy Greens
3 days ago

Hey fedi, do any of you live around Berkeley Heights, NJ? I'm looking for housing near there and I'd appreciate any tips from someone who knows the area.
#fediask #AskFedi

3 days ago

Got a friend to start using Element/Matrix on iOS. However, there is a problem with the installation. There is no shortcut on the home screen. To launch Element the user has to go back to the App store every time.

I can't resolve the problem because I'm not an Apple user, and I'm remote.

Any ideas?


Klaus Zimmermann :unverified:
3 days ago

Weird #question time: what is a webchat (either #IRC or #XMPP) client that works with #OTR or #OMEMO encryption?

I'm looking for something that I can access from my work computer (where pretty much all I use is the browser), and ideally would have a way to use my own key for the encryption (instead of autogenerating one every time I log in).



Just a word of thanks to the #Wordpress community. I had recently asked for some help to figure out why my website had become quite slow and often crashed when updating posting a new entry. The advice received appears to have solved the problem! (It was a caching plugin that was re-indexing all 2000+ posts with every update, among some other things). I’ve been blogging for 20 years and learn new things every day.

Thank you!

#AskFedi #AskTheExperts

Lasse Gismo 🖕
3 days ago

Die schreddern hier großflächig Getreide, schon krass.
Ob die Trockenheit der Grund ist?

Es gibt auch in diesem Fall Nutznießer - auf Mäusefang.

Die lange erwartete, reichhaltige Distelblüte ist jedoch Geschichte 🥴

#Landwirtschaft #askfedi

Trockener Boden/trockene Getreideblätter
Stummel einer ehemals großen Kratzdistel kurz vor der Blüte
Raubvögel auf Mäusefang

I see that my name is mentioned x times in various research papers on I don't feel like paying a whole bunch of euros just to sate my curiousity. Is there some other way to get access to this information? #askfedi

3 days ago

If someone advocates for high prices on products that do social and/or environmental harm¹ as a means for harm reduction, are they “classist”?

① e.g.:

* cars (registration, parking, procurement, etc)
* fuel for cars
* air travel
* animal products
* vented tumble dryers
* hardware w/ #designedObsolescence

“qyes” → qualified yes

#poll #askFedi

/cc @CorvidCrone

3 days ago

@Darya Es gibt #askfedi.
Wenn Du jemandem folgst, kannst Du Boosts ausblenden.

Lasse Gismo 🖕
3 days ago

#Landwirtschaft #AskFedi

Hab' heute den ersten Mähdrescher fahren sehen.
Kann mit wer sagen, warum halbreifes Getreide geerntet und sofort gehäckselt abtransportiert wird?
Ich war schon sehr überascht.
Silagefutter oder Biogas fiel mir als Erklärung ein.

Gerne weiterleiten.

4 days ago


General Linux question here.

iwd or wpa_supplicant?

Is there one that *should* be used?

5 days ago

Anyone know of any #Bookwyrm apps for iOS? #AskFedi

Andrea Ha.
5 days ago

Lovely people, I'd like to help @baxaphobia who is new to the fediverse with a technical issue.
Where does one find the button to accept a follow request on either #tweesecake or #mona?
Since I'm using a browser, I have no idea, but I'm sure someone knows.
Boosts welcome.

Lars Wirzenius
5 days ago


What is the practical limit of users in a #Jitsi video meeting, these days? It used to be between half a dozen and a full dozen, but I've not used Jitsi in bigger meetings in the past couple of years.

#AskFedi → Excluding JPEG & RAW, if you wanted to store digital images taken from your camera/phone, what file format would you use?

If possible, please explain in more detail. Thank you!

5 days ago

Any #Python devs in #TootSEA out there interested on working on a Fedi project? If so, hit me up. #askFedi

R. L. Dane
6 days ago

Hey #Unix-y peeps (#AskFedi),

Is there a script somewhere (Perl, preferably, or Python, or even a compiled program) that performs
blah |sort |uniq -c |sort -n
in an efficient manner using a dictionary?
Because sorting everything just to get a count with uniq -c seems very slow and wasteful.

Jonathan Lamothe
6 days ago

Hey fedi,

Does anyone know how I can subscribe to a #kbin magazine from a non-kbin fedi account? I assume there is some way to do this.


6 days ago

#AskFedi Oftentimes us Mastonaughts complain about a certain feature not being here (say quote-toots), or being newly added and problematic (full-text search), while it has existed on some other part of the Fediverse for years.
So, I'm curious: Is there any ActivityPub compatible service that allows automatic filtering out of undescribed images? Perhaps a fork of it? An app for it? Anything?
Because wouldn't that be incredibly easy to do? I know we can check for undescribed media with CSS (see my pins for an example; not my code, just shared along), and we can filter for words in the post itself (on Masto at least most undescribed images now show the text "No descriptive text was provided for this media", which I might've set to read as something else in NVDA's dictionary).
Please do not reply if you intend to tell me to code it myself if I want it to happen, say my screen reader is the problem, or suggest some form of AI as a solution. If something actually exists, cool; if not, OK, I'll deal, as we always have to.

6 days ago

What's the best way to get feedback from—and have discussions with—#Pinetta's community of interest?

#AskFedi #CommunityBuilding cc

Cat - One Creative Cat
1 week ago

I want to apply on a master course at uni (yes, I know, my uni years are long gone but never to late to go an another track, right?😉 )
Any tips on how to write a good personal statement (UK)?
Thanks in advance!
#university #AskFedi

1 week ago

I really need to find a new #SMS app for #Android. I used to use #Signal, and sure, it didn't mean any better security or #privacy for the normal messages, but at least everything was together, and the layout was quite nice.
I've just been using the built-in Messages app for a while now, and it sucks. I don't like the layout at all, or the constant pop-ups asking me if I want to sign away my privacy to enable some sort of live chat feature (I already said no, damn it!).
So, what's everyone using? I'd especially appreciate recs from #blind and #VisuallyImpaired folks, or something that can be gotten on #FDroid.
#AskFedi #AskMastodon

While updating my #AUR packages I saw a weird diff in the openssl 1.0 package. It has a patch which is changing a ton of certificates! Among them are 20 private keys!! Is this normal? Is this safe? :

What's your favorite QueerCat heart emoji? You can vote for more than one!

#lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #trans #PrideMonth #pride #pride2023 #PrideMonth2023 #poll #polls #AskFedi

What's your favorite QueerCat emoji? You can vote for more than one!

(Follow up poll in replies for QueerCat hearts)

#lgbt #lgbtq #lgbtqia #trans #PrideMonth #pride #pride2023 #PrideMonth2023 #poll #polls #AskFedi

#Wordpress experts. I have a blog ( that is misbehaving. It has 2000+ posts. It has performed reasonably well on a shared web host (2CPU/2GB RAM) but lately when I post a new article it max’s out the server and returns 503 for 15-20min before returning to normal. I can’t afford to just buy more resources so I need to explore all other remedies. I have tried turning off plugins, caching, etc. Suggestions?
#AskFedi #FediHelp #WebAdmin

1 week ago

I know #FabricSoftener is bullshit, but convincing the rest of the family to stop using it is much tougher. Those of you who have ditched it, what have you tried instead, and what has worked best for you?
This time I tried a mixture of baking soda and salt, but since the website suggesting that also recommended mixing baking soda and vinigar (which, to my knowledge, would cancel them out), I'm not sure I trust it much.
#clothing #clothes #AskFedi #AskMastodon #ZeroWaste

Dear Fediverse, have you got any ideas for a quick and easy to maintain portfolio designer/software?

It's something to put on, unless I make it extremely easy I'm never going to invest any time on it . #askfedi

#askfedi what's the biggest red-flag of these two?
1 week ago

Question for my #trans friends… :blobhearttranscat:

I’m doing a presentation later this month and it includes an introduction. Is it OK to say “Im Jenna and my pronouns are…” or is that not a thing to do? I want to be inclusive but I don’t want to seem performative? #advice #askfedi

What's like a super cheap place to get Linux related stickers (or geeky retro ones) without a huge price to get sent (I am under the impression than sending them as "letters" is cheaper than in boxes?)

I want to add some stickers to my laptop's back but shipping costs are ugly

Or maybe I should do them myself? :blobcatderpy:

But what kinda paper actually stays on my computer's back without peeling off?

#askMastodon #AskFedi #AskFediverse

Mariya Delano
1 week ago

Question for the wider #Mastodon and #Fediverse community:

What bothers you about data analytics for your Fediverse posts? The general sentiment on here seems to be that no data processing / recording is okay and that any analytics tool should be opt-in.

I am not necessarily disagreeing, but I don't fully understand the mindset. To me, if I am posting anything publicly (versus followers only) then I don't mind anybody analyzing that. I chose to post publicly.

#AskFedi #Analytics #Privacy

R. L. Dane
1 week ago

Hey #AskFedi,

Is anyone using #linphone?

Does it have the ability to make phone calls and SMS, or is it solely voip-to-voip calling and messaging?


Volpit :ac_thought:
2 weeks ago

What do you use to listen to music? #Music #Spotify #Deezer #Tidal #Youtube #Torrent #askFedi

2 weeks ago

#Mastodon #polls really lie. When I view this poll from my own account, I see 41 votes: yes 36, no 1, no-but 4. When i view this poll from another account, only 5 of those votes are tallied. That is really misleading. What’s the workaround for this #MastodonBug? I think I’ve seen some people screenshot polls & post their screenshot, though it’s not common practice. #askfedi

Isaac Freeman
2 weeks ago

What do people like these days for basic basic blog software? I want to manage content, HTML, and CSS and host it somewhere cheap with minimal maintenance. Leaning towards static for simplicity.

2 weeks ago

If I admin’d a #fedi instance, I would defederate from the following fedi-antithetical instances:

(check all that apply)

#poll #AskFedi

2 weeks ago

Are #Mastodon & #Pleroma the only #fedi/ #ActivityPub implementations that support creating #polls? #askFedi

BT (Binary Tango)
2 weeks ago

Would love if admins had the choice to disable downloading and storing remote media from other servers and/or fine grain control if profiles are downloaded, only images, only video, etc.

Maybe put a placeholder image indicating remote media is available?


#Mastodon #Calckey #Pixelfed #MastoAdmin #MastoAdmins #AskFedi

To all coders reading this: What are your active choices, actions, changes, improvements to avoid being distracted by context switching? #Askfedi

* my phone has no sound and no vibration.
* the only possible distraction from my phone is a phone call. Those make my smartwatch vibrate.
* In my laptop both Windows and Ubuntu have notifications disabled.
* When I work I close the door of the room so the cat doesn't distract me.
* of course active noise cancelling headphones.
* get pre-tired, do physical stuff early so my body isn't restless while I work, demanding movement.


Matt 2.0
2 weeks ago

Which is the better option?

#Poll 🗳️ #AskFedi #AskMastodon

Daniel Supernault
2 weeks ago

Fediverse admins: Would you enable SMS verification during registration to help prevent spam accounts, deleting the SMS # after verification is complete? #askFedi #fediverse #fediverseAdmins

Daniel Supernault
2 weeks ago

Would you be comfortable joining an instance that required you to provide your mobile phone number to send a code you enter during registration, knowing your # wouldn't be stored and only used to verify you are not a spammer? #askFedi #fediverse

2 weeks ago

recommendations for mp3 players?

- storage >= 64GB or expandable
- headphone jack
- not breaking the bank
- 2nd hand fine
* FLOSS (or can install FLOSS software)
* no touchscreen, wifi or other frills

(a `*` denoting preferable but really not mandatory)

#audioPlayer #askFedi

3 weeks ago

Fedi advice needed:

Which platforms can you transfer a Mastodon account to?

Calckey lets you do this, are there others?


Matt Cengia
3 weeks ago seems to do the job for me, as it turns out! Thanks to @SteveBennett and @dprk_ebooks for suggesting it!
#mapping #cartography #askFedi #GISChat
/CC @jimbob

Matt Cengia
3 weeks ago

Hey, #mapping fedi, what do you recommend as a web-based SaaS tool (ideally one with a free tier; but not hung up on open-source in this case) for taking a URL to a CSV and displaying the points defined therein on a map, and dynamically updating when the source CSV changes (on a full page refresh is fine, rather than via AJAX)? Plenty of services let you *upload* a CSV, but don't let you link to an external CSV URL.
Use case: I have a CSV and just want to say "give me a map of these rows, please, and update the map when the CSV file changes". The mapping part should be simple, and doable by someone not super familiar with mapping tools.
#cartography #askFedi
/CC @SteveBennett @jimbob

Mariya Delano
3 weeks ago

Anybody here into simulation games - what do you find appealing about them? Why do you like playing them?

(Simulation is my favorite genre, so curious to see whether the reasons I’m drawn to it are similar for others!)

This includes games like The Sims, Civilization, Animal Crossing, Truck Simulator, anything by Kairosoft, etc.

#videoGames #Gaming #Games #Simulation #SimulationGames #AskFedi

Ayo Ayco
3 weeks ago

I'm in a "default browser existential crisis" --

1. Safari - I like being able to quickly fill up sign up forms from my Passwords, and also paying with Apple Pay (yeah, I'm locked-in the Apple ecosystem in this regard 🥲)
2. Arc - The overall sidebar management looks sooooo good and productive
3. Brave - I don't know man, I think their "privacy" marketing worked on me

Please let me know your thoughts!!! This is more for browsing and not dev'ing...

#AskFedi #BrowserWars #WebDev #AskMastodon