Vijini Mallawaarachchi
2 days ago

I'm very excited to share that our bacteriophage recovery tool, Phables has been accepted for publication in the OUP Bioinformatics journal.


A big thank you to everyone at FAME for supporting this work.
@BeardyMcJohnFace @npbhavya @griggo_grig @GB13Faithless @AbbeyHutton @Sassel1985 @linsalrob

#bioinformatics #metagenomics #bacteriophages #assembly #assemblygraph #graphtheory #flownetworks

Klaus Aschenbrenner
3 days ago

Reducing algorithm complexities with Intel AVX 😎#Intel #AVX #SIMD #Assembly #LowLevel

Vladimir Savić
5 days ago

Hmmm ... 🤨

PROJEKT: OVERFLOW - RISC-V assembly #board #game #tabletop #assembly #c #riscv

5 days ago

PROJEKT:OVERFLOW - Assembler and C tabletop board game | #assembly #c

1 week ago

@awkravchuk watching an #assembly person combing through #'disassemble in SBCL is so crazy

Mille e Una Avventura
1 week ago

Scopriamo le istruzioni aritmetiche dei processori x86.
#x86 #assembly #x86_64 #x86assembly

General Strike Now
1 week ago

Ford, General Motors, and Stellantis said they wanted to settle the strike and held back from directly criticizing the escalation threat. Mark Stewart ...

DETROIT, MI—The United Auto Workers union is putting pressure on Detroit’s Big Three by threatening to expand its strike unless it sees significant progress in contract negotiations by Friday.#Assembly #magazine #automation #screwdriving #fastener #fastening #torque #rivet #adhesive #bonding #dispensing #robot #welding #leanmanufacturing #conveyor #workstation #ergonomic #design #feeder #DFMA #leaktest #inspection #vision #press #wireharness
The UAW Union Strike Against Ford, Stellantis, and General Motors Continues

Donald Roy
1 week ago

Questionable relationships between #ukpoliticalparties and #hindutva were around even before the #brexitreferendum in June 2016. Much of the #conservative campaign for the #london #mayor and #assembly relied on stirring up #antimuslim feeling among #hindu communities by implying that #SadiqKhan would literally strip gold ornaments off their womenfolk. And this particular campaign was in the first half of 2016! It did not pay off then but they have persevered with it since!

1 week ago

I was trying to compile a win32 gui project I made in MASM32 20+ years ago. I downloaded the SDK, which is packed in an install.exe file, from and got this... 🤔 Could be a false positive, or not...

#masm #assembly #windows #programming

1 week ago

Anyone have any US based resources that can do product assembly of <1000 products involving no soldering, just assembly, and light QC. Please HMU!!

#assembly #production #builtinusa #manufacturing

Adrian Segar
1 week ago

The architecture of assembly influences what happens at meetings. Room sets affect the quality of democracy, sharing, & equality participants experience.

#meetings #EventDesign #architecture #assembly #RoomSets #seating #eventprofs

architecture of assembly: A graphic of five common seating layouts for parliaments: opposing Benches, Semicircle, Horseshoe, Circle, and Classroom

Machine Learners Guide to Real World - 🖥️​ #LLMs for Compiler #Optimization: A Deep Dive

"The researchers presented a transformer model, trained from scratch to optimize #LLVM #assembly for code size. This model takes unoptimized assembly as input and suggests a list of compiler options to best optimize the program. It predicts instruction counts before and after optimization, and even the optimized code itself, enhancing its depth of understanding and optimization performance.
Contrary to the initial assumption that the paper would highlight the shortcomings of LLMs, it revealed that a sufficiently trained LLM could predict and directly apply the best optimizations to an input code, bypassing the need for a compiler altogether. This was a surprising revelation, showcasing the untapped potential of LLMs in code optimization."

🕹️ jbz
2 weeks ago

🤔 Truthiness in C
➥ Daniel Xu

「 First I think it’s important to point out most casts in C are “free”. “Free” in the sense that the compiler changes its internal understanding of an expression. But in actual assembly nothing really changes – registers don’t have types. (NB: architecture dependent) 」

#C #Assembly #Types

Nirmal Kumar
2 weeks ago

Lots of good and detailed books about learning x86 assembly when I searched online.

I'm gonna read these two:

#assembly #programming

Klaus Aschenbrenner
2 weeks ago

Working with Intel AVX, and trying to speed up some astrophotography stuff… #intel #assembly #avx #astrophotography

3 weeks ago

wooo. Odd/Even tester in #z80 #assembly, playing around with relative jumps and using flags.

It actually seems simpler to me than a traditional divide by 2 based algorithm? Using the trick of testing the last bit because that's enough in binary to tell. I imagine on this processor at least it would be much faster than divide by two based tests, since the z80 has no hardware division. I don't know if any assemblers or processors are smart enough to do the optimization to a bit shift trick used for divide by two. Compilers typically are, but the lower level tools might assume you have a specific reason it has to be division if you directly instruct it to do so.

3 weeks ago

I’m trying to learn #intel8080 #assembly! I’m not using an assembler at the moment (I’m just typing opcodes into an online emulator 😅), but I think I’m making progress!

Here’s a very simple hello world I wrote! It sends “HI!” out of pin A1 (I think lol, on the emulator it prints it on the screen):

0000: 3e48 LD A,48
0002: d301 OUT (1),A
0004: 3c INC A
0005: d301 OUT (1),A
0007: 3e21 LD A,21
0009: d301 OUT (1),A
000b: 76 HALT

Mille e Una Avventura
3 weeks ago

Scopriamo le operazioni logiche dei processori x86.
#x86 #assembly #x86_64 #x86assembly

Writing software for a radiotherapy machine in raw Assembly sounds like a nightmare I had once.


Adrian Segar
3 weeks ago

The architecture of assembly influences what happens at meetings. Room sets affect the quality of democracy, sharing, & equality participants experience.

#meetings #EventDesign #architecture #assembly #RoomSets #seating #eventprofs

architecture of assembly: A graphic of five common seating layouts for parliaments: opposing Benches, Semicircle, Horseshoe, Circle, and Classroom
Jun Nergahak 🌺🌺🌺
3 weeks ago

One cool thing I discovered studying the DOS, is that you can create programs written in assembly using just "debug.exe" command.

#MSDOS #PCDOS #FreeDOS #Programming #Assembly

Jari Komppa 🇫🇮
4 weeks ago

And to those wondering what if we combine huffman and zx0; I ran the huffman output through zx0 and the results are better on the bottom end but slightly worse for general case in huffman. Still beats plain zx0 in all cases, though. Way too expensive to decode on a speccy, however.

Doing the zx0 first might compress even better, but I'm too lazy to test that.

#z80 #speccy #assembly #compression #wtfbbq

Graph comparing bitmap, huffman encoding, huffman-zx0 compression, rle encoding and zx0 compression.
Jari Komppa 🇫🇮
4 weeks ago

On my quest of compressing floyd-steinberg dithered bitmaps; yes, huffman encoding beats zx0. But not so significantly that I'd be bothered to write a decoder in zx80 assembly.
#z80 #speccy #assembly #compression #wtfbbq

Graph comparing bitmap, huffman encoding, RLE encoding and ZX0 compressor over 250+ test cases

It took way more work than I'm proud of, but here's the redesigned stats screen! If you're observant (and overly familiar with Game Boy limitations), you may notice some intriguing things. Ball type? Index number higher than 255? Hmmm...

#PokemonCrystal #ROMHack #Z80 #Assembly

A screenshot from Pokemon Crystal, showing a redesigned stats screen with more info such as met location, time of day, type of ball, and met level. Curiously, the Pokemon shown is Dreepy.
Retro Gerry
1 month ago

@raymierussell @Wintermute_BBS

this is the one I found interesting today,
a great read on the way the arcade game "space invaders" works from an assembly coding point of view. not neccesarily the best way lol...

whats great is after only a month of making an effort to learn z80, I can follow this sort of stuff now lol. its great if your learning z80 with an aim to make games to see how things can be done.

#retrogaming #z80 #assembly #machinecode

1 month ago

Does anyone has leads for me to work with Assembler and/or C, within Europe ?

#embedded #MCU #C #Assembly

I'm starting on a Pokémon Crystal hack, I am so looking forward to the challenge of working with #Z80 #Assembly!

It's going to be based off of notes my friend left for her Pokémon DnD campaign, so it's very special to me.

what's a good resource for learning x86 #assembly. preferably intel syntax

1 month ago

Was reading the #Intel 8080 Programmer's Manual (I've been looking at #Assembly lately, for some reason) and it says "Writing programs in assembly language is the first and most significant step towards economical programming." I think they need to add some emphasis on the first....

#programming #asm

Giovanni Crisalfi
1 month ago

I never wrote Assembly in my life, but tonight (for some reason) I thought of disassembling simple C code snippets with Ghidra. So, I started with a hello world and was very surprised to find a much more extensive and complex result compared to my original assembly (obtained with GCC).

I mean, it's a Hello World!

#ghidra #gcc #clang #assembly #asm

Screenshot of Ghira window
1 month ago

🧑‍💻How a CPU really works💾
Let's go right inside a CPU and watch it execute code at the transistor level!
Read More 👉
#Assembly #ComputerScience #ComputingHistory

1 month ago

How a CPU really works

Let’s go right inside a CPU and watch it execute code at the transistor level!

As a programmer I have often wondered exactly what the CPU is doing when I give it some code. Being a computer science teacher I know all about the fetch-execute cycle and what is supposed to be inside a CPU but what it actually does is glossed over.

Link to video here:

So I set about finding out using the Visual6502 project’s simulation of the Zilog Z80.

This is not an emulator of the chip like you might be used to. This simulates the actual physical layout of the chip down to the wiring and transistors. It’s possible to step through the chip’s sequencing logic and watch parts of it switch on and off. It’s completely fascinating.

And once you figure out what’s going on, it’s possible to watch the CPU work.

This deep dive into the inner workings of the Z80 was inspired by one of my students asking me the innocent question of “how does a CPU work?” and then being persistent in wanting to know what it actually does.

I had no idea and I had to find out.

This video is the result.

#assembly #computer-science #computing-history

pancake :verified:
1 month ago
Inari :acefox:
1 month ago
1 month ago

Non vi ho detto che durante lo scorso inverno ho fatto questo corso di Gustavo Pezzi sulla piattaforma Udemy dove insegna a fare un gioco su Atari 2600. Molto istruttivo anche se non siete cresciuti a pane e #8bit come me. Se lo trovate in offerta ve lo consiglio. Oggi ci sono già molte risorse online per gli sviluppatori, ma avere tutto spiegato bene dall'inizio alla fine, con gli esempi e gli strumenti giusti, invoglia sicuramente di più a fare qualcosa. #atari2600 #assembly #gamedev

Uno screenshot del mio certificato di completamento del corso "Learn Assembly Language by Making Games for the Atari 2600"
1 month ago

I learned a little bit of assembly using a tutorial on YouTube to create a Hello World application.

It helped me understand a bit more about what happens in the background when we are running an application.

The tutorial is for intel Macs and can be found here:

#computescience #assembly #programming #coding #lowlevelcomputing

This is a screenshot with 2 computer terminals open. One terminal has vim opened with some assembly code and the other runs the code by using ./hello command. The command simply outputs Hello, World!%
1 month ago

Someone asked me what IT-related #eldritch #horror I would dredge up to scare the young 'uns at work, and I couldn't decide between "branch-delay slot" and "bang-path address".

#obsolete #scare #software #network #decrepit #assembly

Impossible Umbrella :donor: :tux: :vim:
1 month ago

So with thanks to @fozztexx for reminding me about XCOPY; I have indeed managed to copy the #dos #assembly book examples disk to my my modern desktop. I’ll upload somewhere (probably @internetarchive) later on in case anyone else wants to see them; and I can load them onto an emulated system for more convenient use.

Marco Ivaldi
1 month ago

The Secret Life of C++: What Your #Compiler Doesn't Want You To Know

#CPP is filled with strange and wonderful features, with a few more added in C++11. We will explore in detail how these features are implemented under the covers, in terms of the #assembly #code generated.”

Impossible Umbrella :donor: :tux: :vim:
1 month ago

After finding I couldn’t download a copy of any #dos #assembly programming books from @internetarchive (they are only available to loan for whatever reason), I managed to track down a dead tree copy of this book (“Assembly Language for the PC” [3rd edition] - by John Socha & Peter Norton), which arrived in the mail today.

It even had the original floppy disk with it - containing all of the example code. But there my luck ran out. The disk is a 720k DD floppy - and my USB floppy disk drive (at least on my Mac, I’ve not tried any of my Linux boxes yet…) couldn’t read it - and a Win98 VM didn’t have any drivers for the USB drive. I do have an ancient DOS laptop which *was* able to read it (and confirmed it’s good), but short of rigging up some kind of USB serial to DB9 serial and running ZModem or some kind of serial file transfer tools - I don’t know how to get the files from that machine to anywhere I might want to archive the files.

Any ideas?


A photo showing a paperback copy of “Assembly Language for the PC” [3rd edition] - by John Socha & Peter Norton
BlackPixelDust: Art :autism:
1 month ago

And when your friends are ALSO neurodivergent and STEM, they act like that evil angel on your shoulder whispering "DO IT" into your ear.

Man, I just finished working with strings and lists in my python course. 😂 (a refresher but still.)

I guess... I'm going to watch that first episode on how to write an OS before I sleep. I prefer bedtime stories but oh well. ☺️😵
I'm sure Assembly won't hurt me like C++ did...
Oh, the video:

#autism #adhd #programming #assembly

Impossible Umbrella :donor: :tux: :vim:
1 month ago

It’s really odd… Just about every single book on #assembly programming for #DOS (both MS-DOS and IBM PC DOS - not that they’re really different things of course) that I can find on @internetarchive is restricted for borrowing only and not download. (And I’m talking about books that are from the 1980s here - not recent ones). I’ve found books for download on DOS that aren’t about assembly programming and assembly language programming books for systems than aren’t DOS - but not both. Anyone know why? #retrocomputers

Paolo Amoroso
2 months ago

TetrOS is a Tetris implementation in x86 Assembly that fits into a 512 byte boot sector. Cute.

#games #x86 #assembly

Peter Mount
2 months ago

Another new book about assembly language just arrived, this time the PDP-11/60 processor handbook by digital from 1977.

#retroComputing #assembly #pdp11

Front cover of the processor handbook for the PDP-11/60
Inside look at the info on a processor instruction


#oldcode #sibo #epoc16 #laptop #pda #16bit #retrodev #retrocomputing #assembly #x86 #90s #80s #psion

I don't think I have them anymore unfortunately.

I wrote a bunch of time of flight and #ballistics calculators back in the 90s

I used to use the Psion 3, 5, 5mx and had the notebook.

I also remember spending £200 on a 10Mb compact flash card at one point. :blobcatgrimacing:

Kristoffer Lawson
2 months ago

I will buy anyone a beer at #Bierhaus at #Tripla in Helsinki (within the next hour or so) if you correctly tell me what this code is doing.

#demoscene #assembly

Karsten Schmidt
2 months ago

@rml Absolutely, but you don't even need to go back in time that far. A lot of peeps (incl. me & friends) still grew up learning programming with pen & paper in the late 80s... Here're some scans from my teenage years (1988-1992ish)

Plus, a fitting Alan Perlis quote: "To understand a program you must become both the machine and the program." — still one of the truest sayings about debugging...

#6502 #Atari #Assembly #RetroComputing

Scan of a page of handwritten 6502 assembly routines for Atari XL, incl. a block of named OS addresses
Scan of a page of a handwritten 6502 assembly routine and its translated/assembled hex code
Scan of a page of handwritten 6502 assembly routines for Atari XL
Scan of a page of handwritten 6502 assembly routines for Atari XL
Sijmen Mulder
2 months ago

Question 3 is a good exercise in bitbanging. I try to explain some of that here and there's even an implementation in x86-64 assembly:

#programming #assembly

@defcon @1bitsquared Here additionally the “machine view” of the parts. It picks up 6 at a time so they do flicker through quite fast ;) #manufacturing #fpga #Electronics #pnp #assembly

iCEBreaker FPGA assembly no Hanwha SM482PLUS, seeing the head vision view of the parts in transit.

Exactly 30 years ago at #Assembly '93. Dug up an hour of footage of our trip from old analog Video8 tapes, and edited it into a short piece full of beige nostalgia. #demoscene #retrocomputing

A school building, with people queueing for Assembly '93. The sun is shining.
The main hall of Assembly '93. It's dark. People are sitting around, CRTs dotting the landscape.
The main hall of Assembly '93. It's dark. People are sitting around, CRTs dotting the landscape. A LED scroller is visible. The back side of a basketball hoop obscures the view (it's a school gym).
An Amiga 4000/040 playing the Analogy Hysteria demo.
Compsci Weekly
2 months ago

mir: A lightweight JIT compiler based on MIR (Medium Internal Representation) and C11 JIT compiler and interpreter based on MIR


#assembly #compilers #compsci #programming

Hey everyone! A new Glasgow - Digital Interface Explorer Update is live! We are getting very close to shipping the first Glasgow and Glasgow Aluminium Cases to you! Lot's of testing packing and folding... :) #electronics #opensource #fpga #tool #embedded #hacking #assembly #python #usb #protocol

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 months ago

@profoundlynerdy looks promising for #programming discussion. Here are its communities for the languages you mentioned:


Some of the above aren’t very active, but you can always subscribe to communities on other federated #Lemmy instances.

Marco Ivaldi
2 months ago
Harry Sintonen
2 months ago

20 years ago I was happy to demonstrate Pegasos #powerpc hardware at #Assembly 2003 #demoparty. As I recall the demo was arranged at very last minute and the devices only arrived on 2nd day of the event. The systems were set up to run the latest beta build of our #MorphOS operating system. Considering the ad-hoc nature of the whole deal it went surprisingly well in the end. Finnish #Amiga User Group (SAKU) was helping with much of the arrangements as I recall.

One of the best head-turner was the Pegasos system built into a microwave. This system had LCD screen behind the front glass, so at some point we got the epic idea of taking an interior shot of a real microwave oven in action and replacing the desktop background image with it. People would walk by, glance at the microwave and then their minds would get bent as the perspective did not change as expected. This resulted in a ton of people coming over asking about the system and taking photos.

#ppc #casemods #casemodding

Pegasos system built into a microwave oven running MorphOS. Note the cool desktop background picture.

Photo by Mikko Jokinen
Pegasos system built into a microwave oven, with the door open revealing the internals (motherboard, memory, graphics card etc). The yellow cable is the IDE cable for the slot-loading DVD drive and HDD.

Photo by Mikko Jokinen
The slot-loading DVD drive was placed on top of the microwave.

Photo by Janne Sirén
Shot of the main hall of the Assembly 2003 demo party.

Photo by Mikko Jokinen
2 months ago

Having ADHD is like having your brain run off of code written in assembly.

#ADHD #Neurodivergent #Neurodiversity #InformationSecurity #Infosec #Cybersecurity #Cybersec #Technical #Tech #Assembly

2 months ago

I know that this will makes no sense to most of you, but…

6502 assembly is relaxing


3 months ago

I'm brand new here, so an #introduction is a good idea:

I'm a freelance tech writer / software developer / KM project manager based in Europe. Digitally, I was born in the 90s. So I grew up eating cyberpunk books, BBSs, home computers, hacking, then the first doses of Internet and the Web.

In the 90s and the first 00s I developed my (ahem) "philosophy": digital spaces are (can be, should be) autonomous zones where different cultures, and sub/counter-cultures, can thrive.

These are the years of the enshittification of Internet, but it can't rain forever (cit.) and I see the Fediverse as a new opportunity for some of us to recreate better and safer digital spaces.

That's the "vision". Than there's the daily life: I write code (awful, mostly), help companies in managing their knowledge bases, write technical documentation, sometimes write tech articles for (mostly unknown) business tech manazines.

In the spare time, I tinker with Linux, Risc-V boards and "old" languages like Forth, Assembly and C (but I'm a fan of Haskell too). I'm convinced that permacomputing and, maybe, collapse computing are our digital future. So, "back to basics" seems a good idea.

That's all, I guess. Nice to meet ya.

#softwaredevelopment #km #linux #risc-V #forth #assembly #C #haskell #permacomputing #collapsecomputing

# NY designates state a ‘safe haven’ for trans youth, families and health providers

#NewYork #Governor #KathyHochul #signed a #bill into #law on Sunday that #designates the #state as a #SafeHaven for #transgender #youth, #families, and #HealthCare #providers.
* The bill
#prohibits state and #local #LawEnforcement from #cooperating with #investigations into families who seek #GenderAffirming #care for their #trans #children.
* It also
#protects the #health #information of transgender people who seek care in New York, and it #prohibits #discrimination against transgender people in #employment, #housing, and #public #accommodations.
* The bill was passed in response to a record number of anti-LGBTQ+ bills being introduced nationwide.
Hochul said that the bill "sends a clear message that New York is a place where everyone is welcome, regardless of their gender identity."*
* The bill was passed by the New York State
#Assembly and #Senate with #overwhelming #bipartisan #support.
* It is the first bill of its kind in the United States.
* The bill is being hailed by LGBTQ+ advocates as a major victory.
* However, some conservative groups have criticized the bill, arguing that it will harm children.

3 months ago

Yesterday I got a huge donation of #C64 #PaperWare from a guy who had programmed #BASIC and #assembly since the 1980s until his death this spring. A big project of him was altering and extending Simons' BASIC for the C64. There are plenty of sheets with hand-commented disassemblys and self-programmed routines.

Chris Gerhard :bt:
4 months ago

There must be a law against your child sending you an assembly language question and then not telling you:

A) why
B) what architecture this is


Hey everyone! A new Glasgow - Digital Interface Explorer Update is live! We talk about the PCB production, case design progress and the new @1bitsquared workshop! #electronics #opensource #fpga #tool #embedded #hacking #assembly #python #usb #protocol

Paolo Amoroso
6 months ago

An operating system in 512 bytes? Why not?

PonyDOS is an operating system kernel written in x86 Assembly that fits within 512 bytes. It even provides mouse and text window support.

#os #x86 #assembly

Marco Ivaldi
6 months ago

This new multi-arch #assembly REPL and emulator by @netspooky is awesome 💚

Decoding shellcode
Adam Greenfield
6 months ago

One of the heavy lifts remaining in the book I’m trying to write is how to bridge the gap between #mutualaid & similar practices of self-organized care, of which there are many excellent examples, and communities taking that next step toward political self-determination via the #assembly and similar models, where there is far more in the way of theory than good, durable, recent practice. Do you have favorite examples of communities that choose courses of action via robustly #participatory means?

Ivan Enderlin 🦀
7 months ago


ˋweld-object` is now able to disassemble x86 instructions when debugging an object file (with the ˋdebug-x86` feature turned on),

It’s really handy :-)!

It’s based on the excellent iced-x86 crate,

❓📣 If you know an equivalent for ARM, please let me know!

#RustLang #disassembly #assembly #x86

Demonstration of the debug output of an Elf file showing disassembled program data.

@veronica @lodurel Roughly accurate…

1. #BASIC (C64, Apple IIgs) 1990-?
2. #assembly 1992-1994
3. #HyperCard 1994-1996
4. #CPlusPlus 1997-2001
5. #VisualBasic, #VBA 1999-2001
6. #JavaScript 2003-
7. #VBScript 2003-2004
8. #PHP 2005-

I try random #programming languages here and there but this has really been it. The flavor-of-the-month JavaScript frameworks keep me busy.

7 months ago

There is even documentation on how various subroutines interact to build high-level functionality.

Here's a description of wire-frame ship rendering:

#elite #c64 #6502 #assembly #3d #graphics

Paolo Amoroso
7 months ago

There's good insight and advice on Z80/8080 Assembly programming in the answers to this Retrocomputing StackExchange question. For example, on such systems memory is cheap and it's not worth bothering too much with optimizing register allocation.

#z80 #assembly #retrocomputing

8 months ago

Back in business!

Next semester (starting in April) I will give a seminar on #assembly language #programming for the #MOS6502 on the #C64 platform at the #MediaStudies @UniBonn:


Paolo Amoroso
8 months ago

I wrote two programs for clearing the screen on CP/M-80 and CP/M-86, one in Intel 8080 Assembly for the Z80-MBC2 homebrew computer and the other in Intel 8086 Assembly for the V20-MBC:

#assembly #z80mbc2 #v20mbc

♞ Pixel Prophecy 🇺🇦🇪🇺
8 months ago

How was the amazing intro to "Link's Awakening" on GameBoy achieved? Here's an enlightening series of very well-explained articles with lots of GIFs and pictures on that (and much more!)
#romhacking #gameboy #legendofzelda #linksawakening #assembly

An animated gif of the opening animation to Link's Awakening on the GameBoy Color showing a ship at sea caught in a storm with lightning.
Paolo Amoroso
8 months ago

A good Python library and a set of tools for creating, reading, writing, inspecting, and manipulating Intel HEX files. It's handy also for processing the output of CP/M assemblers and compilers.

#assembly #python

Aaron Brady
8 months ago

Though I suspect some of it is out of date, reading NASM's information for writing ELF libraries has taught me a lot about how ELF works. Like, I knew position independent code meant that you can't know your absolute location ahead of time, but hadn't really considered how that's implemented. (And C, thankfully, hides this all from me).


Not a Wizard
9 months ago

I put together a guide for c64 assembly coding to help others know where to start..

Hopefully useful to someone out there..

#c64 #commodore #mos6502 #assembly #retrocomputing

Paolo Amoroso
9 months ago

Some tips for gaining a reading knowledge of Assembly language code.

My impression is it's not as easy as the post suggests. For example, while data transfer and branching instructions are usually easy, most logical operations, shifts, and math/logic tricks are mind bending. But the post is a great starting point.

#assembly #x86