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Nova and Scout #Sphynx Team Up to Defeat #Feline #Asthma leave us a 👍❤️ to show support 😻😻❤️‍🩹

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Two Sphynx cats on One Fast Cat Wheels
Mark Burton
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4 days ago

Nova Defeats Asthma Today

While there are good days and bad it is important to celebrate 🎉 the good ones. So proud of our #felineasthma #warrior

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Shantell Powell
4 days ago

The air is poison today so I wore my mask for my entire workout. I don’t know how firefighters do all that training with respirators on, but I’m possibly gonna find out. I wore a mask while running, biking, doing about 150 walking lunges, a heap of Nordic curls, knee raises, and a bunch of high crossbody box step-ups. I wore a mask yesterday for a 5km cross country hike. Wearing a mask while training is a heck of a handicap. I feel like I’m doing everything while carrying a sandbag. It’s a lot harder for me to regulate my breathing because the fitted piece going over my nose feels like it’s cutting off some of my nasal airways, and I end up sucking wind through my mouth instead. That’s not great for my asthma, but neither is this poison air. I just pace myself as best as I can. #RespiratoryDisease #Asthma #ClimateDiary #MaskUp #CanadaWildfires #Fitness

The world outside apparently is trying to kill me this time of year, with how difficult it's been for me to breathe the last three weeks, lol.

It ain't even Spring?!


4 days ago

…and still they drive - Irish air quality, especially in urban areas, is drastic. What's the betting the Government ignores the elephant in the room - many, many people driving alone in their car - and goes after solid fuel fires? #Drivers #Cars #SUVs #AirQuality #Ireland #Asthma

History nerd
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I’m a disabled former receptionist turned history teacher who was made via “in vitro fertilization” and have multiple medical issues. #mctd #fibromyalgia #hypothyroidism #asthma #dsDNAautoantibodies #pots #mastcellactivationdisorder #degenerativediscdisease #SpinalStenosis I have been a pet sitter and a door dasher ever since I became sick. Im married and I like #vikings #startrek #dark #thewitcher #outlander #tool #mastodontheband #incubus #futurama #paranormalinvestigation #liberal

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Even the taste is lacking, like, where's my medicine? Did it come out? There's an aftertaste on the exhale, and that's pretty much the only thing besides wheezing relief that says yes, medicine did come out, since there's none of the normal sensory feedback from the inhaler. Do not like lol

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4 days ago

#neurodivergent #asthma things
I refilled my inhaler script, and I got a generic inhaler from the pharmacy, and I hate it lol

So, inhalers have a sort of mouthfeel/sensory feedback when you press down the canister for the puff. There's a force, a taste, a coating in your mouth if you don't use a spacer. This generic inhaler significantly lacks that force, and I actually kinda hate it. I know I'm a weirdo, but this is literally 30 years of normalcy, upended.

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Mothers with a history of asthma and low folate levels are more likely to have a child with asthma. #NICHDImpact #Asthma #MaternalHealth #Folate

1 week ago

In a study led by Ann Cheney at UC Riverside, caregivers said the Salton Sea environment is toxic to children's health.

Sulfuric smells, dust storms, chemicals, and fires in the area contribute to chronic health conditions among kids, including asthma, bronchitis, and pneumonia, they reported.

Cheney and her team engaged with 36 people via focus groups or one-on-one interviews. Participants lived in the northern part of the Salton Sea and were Latinx and Indigenous Mexican caregivers of children with asthma and respiratory problems. The study was conducted from fall 2019 to spring 2021.

➡️ Learn more in this report:

#SaltonSea #Asthma #Childhealth #PublicHealth #HealthEquity #Environment #Climate #MedMastodon @publichealth

Ænðr E. Feldstraw
1 week ago

Geweldig. Kunnen wij, die nu lijden aan allerlei ziekten veroorzaakt door #milieuvervuiling de #hoogovens nu aanklagen en vergoeding ontvangen? Enkele keren per jaar sta ik doodsangsten uit, omdat mijn longen weigeren adem te halen. En da's chronisch: daar is geen medicijn tegen. #asthma #environment #pollution #tatasteel #netherlands

Gillian Polack
1 week ago

Australians on the east coast, inland at least as far as Canberra, if you have friends who get #pollen or #thunderstorm #asthma, today is a very likely day for it to happen. I closed my windows and put air filters on and saw a near-instant difference to my breathing. Medicine helps, but clear air helps even more.

2 weeks ago

I have covid. Again. I'm pretty pissed off about it. I feel less awful than the first time I had it, but I still feel pretty crappy.

#illness #covid #asthma

2 weeks ago

@phranck @schenklklopfer dank #LongCovid #PostCovid #Asthma vertrage ich den Rauch noch schlechter als vorher. Dementsprechend bringst du mich auf eine Idee! Erstmal fragen, ob die wo anders rauchen können oder die Kippe ganz aus machen und wenn das nicht hilft, dann wird gesprüht :awesome:

Ann Bergin
2 weeks ago

Interesting work on repurposing the SSRI fluoxetine (prozac) as allergy medication.

Sadly not open access and I can't see a pre-print, am sad because this is very interesting and am curious about similar studies on amitriptyline.

#asthma #allergy

Editor's summary

Mast cells are important drivers of allergic inflammation and chronic airway in- flammatory responses. Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) have anti- inflammatory effects through unknown mechanisms. Haque et al. found that the SSRI fluoxetine inhibited IgE receptor-mediated mast cell activation driven by au- tocrine ATP signaling. In mouse bone marrow—-derived mast cells, fluoxetine in- hibited IgE-mediated degranulation and ATP-associated Ca?* flux, degranulation, and cytokine secretion. In a mouse model of house dust mite allergic inflamma- tion, fluoxetine improved lung function and reduced inflammation. These findings suggest that fluoxetine may be repurposed to reduce mast cell activation in aller- gic inflammation. —Amy E. Baek
2 weeks ago

having trouble with taking my medication these days, but this is just a reminder that it's important and you'll feel much better with it #mentalhealth #asthma

2 weeks ago

I've simplified how I deal with health triggers, and it makes me feel so much calmer in my day to day life.

#simplify #asthma

I Like Books
3 weeks ago

"Babies and young children with diverse bacteria in their gut are less likely to develop allergy-related wheezing and asthma, according to a new Australian study.

Communities of bacteria, known as microbiota, develop in the human body during the early
years of life and are involved in processes that are helpful to the body, such as synthesizing vitamins and boosting the immune system. They can also be occasionally unhelpful, due to the role they play in inflammatory bowel disease and stomach ulcers.

Babies already have some microbiota in their guts from their mothers when they are born. The diversity of bacteria then increases and matures as they are exposed to other children, animals, and different foods.

The researchers analyzed data from the Barwon Infant Study (BIS), which has been running in Australia since 2010, watching 1,074 babies as they grow."

#GoodNews #Microbiota #Bacteria #Asthma

Jack Yan (甄爵恩)
3 weeks ago

Help out my friend Nick get to his goal for #asthma awareness.

Howard Smith MD, AM
3 weeks ago

E-Cigarette Vaping Associated With Teen Asthma:
Smoking e-cigarettes is associated with as much as a 32% higher risk of adolescent asthma. #ecigarette #smoking #asthma #teens #boys

3 weeks ago

I did not expect the #AQI to be this bad in Europe. I thought I was getting sick until I realized it’s probably just the fact that it’s hard to breathe here in #Strasbourg. Glad I brought my #asthma inhaler.

A map of parts of France and Germany. Most of the map, including Strasbourg is shown in red. A legend on the left side shows that red means “poor”.
3 weeks ago

Scout had a rough night and day with #asthma as the seasons change. Once he was feeling better he insisted on going out with the “hooman” on a small #adventure. Nova on the other hand wanted no part of going on a #harness walk but was eager to jump on the #onefastcatwheel.

#sphynx #catsofyoutube #cats #felineasthma #pethealth

Wenig beleuchtet ist, wie Arzneimittel zum #Klimawandel beitragen. Relevant sind nach einer Recherche des arznei-telegramm® auch gängige Inhalationssprays bei #Asthma oder #COPD.

1 month ago


- Puls zu hoch? Ach, nur dekonditioniert (#POTS)
- Sport hilft gegen chronische Erschöpfung (nein, tut es nicht!)
- Du kannst nicht atmen? Ach, ist nur ne Panikattacke (well fuck, #Asthma)
- Du simulierst doch nur! (Sag das mal bitte den Autoantikörpern)
- Muskelschmerzen? Faulheit!
- Erschöpfung nach geringster Anstrengung? Dekonditioniert und faul! (Whoops, erfüllt die Kriterien für #MECFS)

Ich könnte ewig drüber schreiben. Vieles davon war #gaslighting durch med. Personal

1 month ago

My service dog sometimes cries a little when I use my inhalers at home, because she knows it usually means we’re going somewhere. That’s so funny to me. #Asthma

1 month ago

Recent extensive evidence indicates that #AirPollution, in addition to causing respiratory (e.g., #asthma) & cardiovascular diseases (e.g., #HeartAttacks), may also negatively affect the brain & contribute to central nervous system diseases (e.g., #Alzheimer's & #Parkinson's #disease)

#science #medical #NeuroInflammation #NeurodegenerativeDiseases #NeurodevelopmentalDisorders #Neurotoxicity #BrainDamage #death


A graphic representing the medical evidence of the harmful effects air pollution has on the human nervous system.
1 month ago

@johannes_lehmann I'll bite, I'm in #PublicHealth and one of these journals has PH in the title. I have years of experience in PH but I don't have years of experience in ALL aspects of PH. Sure, I can read your abstract and will read the manuscript but that doesn't give me your insight into the context and scope of your work. Give me a manuscript on #COPD and I know the PH context but #Asthma, much less knowledge there so I appreciate an honest and earnest cover letter.
#YouDoYou though.

1 month ago

My #asthma suggests we may be having a #pollen thing going on right now.

Mary Nelson
1 month ago

As someone w/asthma, this summer of wildfire smoke was very difficult, w/3 exacerbations in as many months. (FYI: An exacerbation can debilitate for days or weeks.) Worst asthma summer in recent memory. Studies did not document visits to pulmonologist offices.

"Asthma-related ER visits in the US were 17% higher than expected during Canadian wildfires, new CDC study finds"

#WildfireSmoke #health #asthma

1 month ago

Good evening! I've got a new goal this week, as school is about to begin, and the air quality is literally harming me and my child excessively. We're aiming for purifiers for our house and reusable masks for school! Check out my other posts to see my photo prints I have for sale, especially with Labor Day coming up! Otherwise, you can give directly below!

#fundraising #MutualAid #photography #BuyIntoArt #MastoArt #asthma #AirQuality

The smoke from #Canadian #wildfires that drifted into the U.S. led to a spike in people with #asthma visiting emergency rooms — particularly in the #NewYork area.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published two studies Thursday about the health impacts of the smoke, which shrouded city skylines with an orange haze in late spring. A medical journal also released a study this week.

1 month ago

Does anyone care about the study linking #Pennsylvania #fracking to #cancer in #kids?
We tell ourselves nothing is more sacred than the life of a child. But when a major Pa.-funded, 4-year study found fracking is linked to increased childhood cancer, #lowbirth weight, and increased #asthma, the Josh Shapiro administration responded with a giant shrug. #FossilFuels #pollution #healthcare

1 month ago

Thunderstorms with lightning strikes during periods of high pollen are linked to doubling of asthma-related emergency department visits on the day of event – known as thunderstorm asthma. #NICHDImpact #Asthma #Health #EmergencyMedicine

We can’t cure #asthma, #rheuma or #diabetes

We won’t be able to cure immunological changes due to #covid and following #longcovid any time soon.


1 month ago

Edited! It definitely came out fantastic for something random

#photography #MacroPhotography #StillLife #asthma #AsthmaGang #disabledphotographer #disability

A high magnification photo of a plastic ampule and its torn off cap
1 month ago

Menschenswetter - Wetterfühligkeit und Forschungsprojekt Fybromyalgie

1 month ago

I screwed up today.

I had arranged last week to let my car get taken 20 miles away today and had to ride my bike to go get it.

Historically hasn't caused me problems but tonight I have asthma. 😕

I've always had asthma. I don't think it bothers me often, but maybe it does. I race bikes so I'm pretty aware when I can't breathe.

Last real asthma attack - 2015, time before that 1997 from cats.

#Smoke #fires #asthma #aqi

Closed up the house, turned on the heat pump’s ac, cranked up the HEPA filter and watching 'Hi Nellie’ with Paul Muni, Glenda Farrell. AQI is152 in Seattle, getting worse. Cancelled my 8am pool appointment. #wildfires #asthma #stopfossilfuels #climateemergency #masks

So I was out tonight and suddenly out of nowhere my #asthma decided to act up. It scared me. It’s been many many years since this has happened but started up again after we moved.

Do I have any asthmatic friends on here I can talk to about this?

I immediately had to go home to use my inhaler. 🤕

1 month ago

Testing the focus stacking function on my camera! No editing whatsoever, just straight from the lens. Had to do 20sec shutter speed with the tripod lol

#photography #MacroPhotography #NoEditing #StillLife #disabled #asthma #disability #AsthmaGang #disabledphotographer

A macro photo of a plastic ampule and its torn off cap
The simple act of breathing has become dangerous for many in Indonesia's capital Jakata, the most polluted capital in the world.Doctors there are reporting a...
Indonesia: Jakarta air pollution blamed for respiratory problems
1 month ago

#Children who lived closer to #naturalgas #wells in heavily drilled western #Pennsylvania were more likely to develop a relatively rare form of #cancer, and nearby residents of all ages had an increased chance of severe #asthma reactions, researchers said in reports released Tuesday evening. The taxpayer-funded research by the University of Pittsburgh adds to a body of evidence suggesting links between the #gasindustry and certain #healthproblems. #fracking #fossilfuels

1 month ago

A #Pennsylvania study suggests links between #fracking and #asthma, #lymphoma in #children

Story by By MARC LEVY, Associated Press, August 15, 2023

"Children who lived closer to #NaturalGas wells in heavily drilled Pennsylvania were more likely to develop a relatively rare form of cancer, and nearby residents of all ages had an increased chance of severe asthma reactions, researchers said in reports released Tuesday evening.

"The taxpayer-funded research by the University of Pittsburgh adds to a body of evidence suggesting links between the #GasIndustry and certain health problems. The researchers found what they called significant associations between gas industry activity and two ailments: asthma and a relatively rare type of cancer in children called lymphoma."

Read more:

Steve Herman
1 month ago

Children who lived closer to natural gas wells in heavily drilled #Pennsylvania were more likely to develop a relatively rare form of #cancer, and nearby residents of all ages had an increased chance of severe #asthma reactions, say researchers.

🟡🌫️ #AirQuality alert for the #Portland metro until 18:00 Thursday for #smog pollution, largely from motor vehicles.

Air quality may become unhealthy for sensitive groups, including those with #asthma, children, elderly, and pregnant people.

Do your part by riding public transit, postponing yard work with gas-powered equipment, and avoiding unnecessary idling.

#pdxtst #pdx #orwx #wawx #pollution #weather

Alan Kotok
2 months ago

Findings from two clinical trials show a digital health mobile app helps improve outcomes and manage the conditions for people with depression and asthma.

#News #Press #Science #Business #ClinicalTrials #Asthma #Depression #iPhone #SmartWatch #Algorithms #Placebo #ChronicDisease #University

2 months ago

@BylinesEast Everyone over 50, those with #diabetes, #asthma or #obesity & thousands of others have a higher risk from the #covid #virus but it doesn't look like the #UK #Government will give them access to #boosters.

Kim Possible
2 months ago

Attn: Those With #Asthma:

If you have not received your recall letter, yet: these are the #Albuterol inhaler recall lot # 's

IB20045 exp. 11/23
IB20055 exp. 11/23
IB20056 exp. 11/23
IB20057 exp. 11/23
IB20059 exp. 11/23
IB20072 exp. 11/23

I know, one more thing to deal with. Contact your pharmacy to arrange for replacement.

More info:
Cipla USA: 844 247 5287
1 888 INFO-FDA (888 463 6332)

Air Support Project
2 months ago

Clean indoor air is a human right.

Air Support Project's mission is centered on reality that every human deserves to breathe clean air.

Today humanity spends more time indoors than ever before. At Air Support Project, our mission as a social startup is to tackle this overlooked issue.

Today we explore our recent blog post "Clean Indoor Air Quality: A Human Right."

#CleanAirForAll #AirSupportProject #CleanTheAir #IAQ #WildfireSmoke #Covid #Asthma #Allergies

The air quality has been good for the past week, but is about to take a horrible dip into the poisonous again. This scares the crap out of me. I’m supposed to have a dentist appointment on Monday. I might have to cancel so I don’t get air poisoning. The world is on fire. #RespiratoryDisease #Asthma #MaskUp #ClimateDiary #CanadaWildfires

PovertyIsViolence ☭
3 months ago

Ok, here is my #introduction:

I'm a #nonbinary, #agender, #asexual, #demiromantic, #neurodivergent [diagnosed #ADHD, suspected #Autism] GenXer. Also diagnosed with #PTSD, #PsoriaticArthritis, and #asthma as well.

I'm a bit of a #history and #anthropology geek, and I like #StarTrek, other #SciFi shows, and #anime.

The past few years, I've been particularly interested in studying #Marxist #Leninist #Maoist theories of #socialism, #communism, dialectical materialism, and historical materialism.

Hannu Ikonen, MD
3 months ago

If I walk into a doctor's office, have a seat and explain to the doc I have a medical issue that causes clotting, have a history of saddle pulmonary embolism, and a history of reactive airway disease:

Yes, that makes you a Nazi eugenicist doctor if you dont immediately don a mask.

And since you dont know who has that profile, WEAR A FUCKING MASK in the healthcare fucking setting.

#SocialDarwinism #SocialEugenics #medicine #asthma #COVID19 #WearAMask

This is an intense Buzzfeed article about weird, sometimes funny (but sometimes awful and disturbing) quack remedies and devices from recent history.

Please read this article at your own risk. 🤣

We've come a long way, baby.

#history #weird #disturbing #WeirdHistory #advertising #medicine #asthma #quacks #quackery #ads #medical #AdvertisingHistory #pseudoscience

Ann Bergin
3 months ago

Monthly-ish PSA that the Uni of Worcester's weekly forecast page on which pollens and fungal spores are contributing to allergies might super helpful for you.

Some folks finding their hayfever is worse this week, likely because we started weed pollen season.

#Asthma #hayfever

3 months ago

This bad air is really killing me y'all 😩 I haven't had such bad asthma flare since I had covid last year, and the flu a couple years before that. Also my allergies are dickin. This is trash. I really need a mask for this. My friend at least got me an air purifier, but still. I have to go out and get food today, so I can't even avoid it

#asthma #wildfire #disabled #NEISvoid #ChronicIllness #DisabledFedi #spoonie

Millions of people in the United States are living in areas with dangerous air quality because of Canadian wildfires.They have been urged to stay indoors, we...
Canada wildfires: Smoke blankets many US states
3 months ago

BTWs, this is the extent of a visible sunset that we’ve had for at least a week.
I won’t fault u if u can’t find it, here’s the horizon.
#airpocalypse #wildfire #smoke #Asthma #Air #AQI #ClimateCrisis #LakeMichigan

Lake Michigan sunset during wildfire smoke
CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

"Part of the problem stems from misunderstanding the #diversity of the disabled population and the range of their #needs. Many default to the image of someone in a #wheelchair when they hear the term. [But] those with #asthma — which affects about 26 million people in the US — are particularly vulnerable to #AirQuality emergencies. Conditions like #MultipleSclerosis and #CerebralPalsy worsen significantly in high heat and #humidity."

#disability #DisasterReadiness

CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

#California: No more #diesel #locomotives older than 23 years, starting in 2030.

Railroads: Wait, what? NO.

CA: you can do this.

RR: But but
No battery locomotives yet.
We're already reducing #carbon.
Those people with #asthma? who cares about them?
States don't have jurisdiction over railroads, anyway.

CA: ...

RR: We're gonna sue you

(RR are too cheap to electrify the network. Battery locs are a solution looking for a problem. Waste of lithium).

Ann Bergin
3 months ago

Day 7 of moderate air quality and I'm now pretty ill 😢.

#AirQuality #HeatAlert #Asthma

Today : The UK should experience similar wind and weather conditions to much of the past week, helping to give widespread Moderate air pollution levels, perhaps with localised High areas, these more likely in the far south and southwest.
Tomorrow : Widespread Moderate air pollution levels are expected for much of the UK, but perhaps Low in the far south with the advance of more unsettled weather conditions.
Outlook : The extent of Moderate air pollution levels should reduce through this period, as more showery and unsettled conditions develop, perhaps becoming generally Low with surviving areas of Moderate by Tuesday.
Ann Bergin
4 months ago

Air quality is still moderate, and might be locally poor today especially near roads or other pollution sources. The ozone alert for London was extended to cover today too.

(On a personal note, so far I haven't got ill from this episode like I did in Feb. I think likely because particulate matter from smoke isn't really in the pollution mix at the moment.)

#AirQuality #Asthma

Ann Bergin
4 months ago

This is the advice that Belgium gives its citizens during an ozone alert, and it's good advice for us today.


#AirQuality #Asthma

Your behaviour

Do not run your engine when stationary.
Do not refuel during the hottest time of the day.
Stay indoors, where the ozone concentration is lowest.
Your health

Inform yourself and follow the recommendations of the government.
Limit your outdoor activities between 12 p.m. and 10 p.m. This applies in particular to:
Elderly people
People with heart or lung problems
Babies and children
Consult your doctor if you experience unusual breathing problems.
Visit people in your surroundings who you know may be experiencing problems due to an ozone peak.
Ann Bergin
4 months ago

Defra forecast for today and the outlook is for moderate levels of pollution for much of the country:

If we do get high levels of ozone, there will be alerts published on this page.

#AirQuality #Asthma

Today : With sunny weather and winds originating from the continent, air pollution levels are expected to become widely Moderate today, especially in the south of England.
Tomorrow : Air pollution levels are expected to remain widely Moderate on Wednesday, perhaps even more than on Tuesday.
Outlook : Widespread areas of Moderate air pollution are expected to continue over the following days, as weather conditions remain largely unchanged.
Ann Bergin
4 months ago

The Mayor of London has issued the following advice aimed at reducing air pollution this morning:

"Toxic air is dangerous, especially for those with heart and lung conditions. Please avoid unnecessary car journeys, engine idling and don’t burn wood or garden waste."

This is due to the likelihood of high levels of street level ozone developing.

(See:, Mayor of London advice reposted from Twitter)

#AirQuality #Asthma

A continuing easterly air import from central Europe is expected for much of this week. For Tuesday, this import is forecast to be from higher up in the atmosphere, and therefore not expected to carry significant pollution. It is however expected to supply sufficient precursors required for ozone formation and these, when combined with local emissions, sunshine, and high temperatures, could possibly result in 'high' levels of ozone.

Ground-level ozone production requires both precursor chemicals, such as oxides of nitrogen and Volatile Organic Compounds, and time in strong sunshine to power the conversion of these chemicals into ozone. The national Daily Air Quality Index for ozone is measured as a running 8-hourly mean.
Ann Bergin
4 months ago

Crowd sourced map which I think is largely based on particulate matter measurements already showing localised unhealthy air quality for parts of London and the South East so far this morning.

Have shut the windows and put my HEPA filter on.

#AirQuality #HeatAlert #Asthma

Map of South East England including London showing a mix of air quality readings of mainly moderate to very unhealthy in parts of Essex and East London.
Ann Bergin
4 months ago

Forecast and outlook over next few days for air quality again moderate.

#AirQuality #HeatAlert #Asthma

Today : With light winds and sunny conditions remaining predominant, air pollution levels are expected to be widely Moderate today, particularly in the north and east of England. The southwest of England and perhaps coastal areas in the southeast may see Low levels of air pollution.
Tomorrow : Air pollution levels are expected to remain widely Moderate on Tuesday, perhaps even more than on Monday.
Outlook : Widespread areas of Moderate air pollution are expected to continue, although coastal areas in the east may remain at Low levels.
Ann Bergin
4 months ago

🟡 The air quality forecast is for moderate air quality across large parts of the UK tomorrow.

Defra say outlook is: "Air pollution levels likely to remain at Moderate levels due to the very warm, locally hot and humid conditions persisting into early next week. Scattered showers and thunderstorms reducing levels in places."

This is the weather that really badly affects my asthma, definitely staying indoors and running my HEPA filter.

#Asthma #AirQuality #HeatAlert

Screenshot of Defra air pollution forecast for UK, almost everywhere is yellow indicating moderate air quality.
Aniket Kadam ♾️
4 months ago

Was just working and apparently roadworks nearby spewed toxic burning tar into the air and triggered my #asthma and #SensorySensitivity together. Sure do love to be working in a "low cost of living" area so I can be paid less for the same work in literal bioharzards.

Eniko Fox
4 months ago

Anyone taking Breo Ellipta and noticing it raises heart rate after taking a dose? #asthma

Ann Bergin
5 months ago

Does anyone have a programmable #HEPA filter they like that's available for purchase in the UK?

(I'm looking to purchase a second domestic scale model that I can automate to turn on and off. My current Levoit model won't work even with a timer plug, which I'm now finding limiting.)

#Allergies #Asthma

Ann Bergin
6 months ago

Dear fellow hayfever sufferers, might I recommend the University of Worcester pollen forecast page?

They split the forecast by type into grass pollen, tree pollen, fungal spores, and weed pollen. I find it super useful to know more precisely what's causing symptoms.

(Regrettably their website is in need of some tlc and has no feed, but occasionally checking-in is v helpful for me.)

#Hayfever #Asthma

Emily Johnson
7 months ago

“Local pharmacies have been struggling to stock albuterol and are worried the closure of Akorn facilities will make it harder.”

Bad news for #asthma and Covid patients, and #MCAS folks relying on Cromolyn sodium and nedocromil sodium others may now need

If FDA is recommending compounded meds that aren’t FDA approved (and thus often not covered by insurance)

Will they approve more expensive formularies in the midst of a crisis? What’s the holdup if it’s fine to take?

Thomas 🔭✨
7 months ago

PSA: Are you taking albuterol? Better stock up, there’s another medication shortage in the land of plenty. Probably because freedom or something. #meds #medication #asthma

Kwok et al, 2023: In a study of 221 patients with #asthma, it was found that those who had #COVID19 stood a whopping 7.5x chance of the condition becoming uncontrolled; and a 4.7x chance of needing to escalate pharmaceutical treatment.

Table 2: Odds-ratio (OR) of clinical parameters for worsening of asthma control. Adjusted for age, gender, smoking status, baseline FEV1 (% predicted), COVID-19 vaccination status, ACT score at prior visit 12 months before and GINA step of medication at baseline. OR odds ratio, aOR adjusted odds ratio, GINA global Initiative for asthma; *Statistically significant
Alan Kotok
8 months ago

Trial to Assess At-Home Asthma Lung Function Tests

A clinical trial is set to begin that compares monitoring of #lung functions in people with #asthma using portable #ultrasound and mobile app at home to conventional tests in a clinic.

#News #Science #Business #ClinicalTrial #Spirometry #Software #CloudComputing #Algorithms #DigitalBiomarker #Smartphone #LABA

Adult with asthma inhaler
8 months ago

If you can’t afford a HEPA air filter, building your own is comparatively inexpensive and easy🙂 This DIY air filter helps filter germs, allergens, chemicals, etc.
Get building😁

I foresee one being built here this weekend by the teenager.

After three years of covering covid, I built my own air filter
#COVID19 #COVID #DIY #Allergies #Asthma

Climate News Now
9 months ago

New Study Finds Gas Stoves a Key Cause of US Childhood Asthma.

Industry propaganda has long depicted polluting appliances as clean and efficient.

#asthma #health #climate #climatechange