Some new features we recently shipped to @nozbe

🪟#Windows app with support for multiple windows
↗️ Converting task to project
📧 Assigning task to anyone in the world via their email address
🗓️ Drag and drop tasks between days in Calendar
🛟 New easy access to contact form so our best human customer support can help to make progress

I recorded a screencast for you showing it in my #HomeOffice

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Jaanus Kase
4 days ago

#Swift #actors #concurrency #Combine #async

I just encountered something I can’t quite figure out. When I annotate an actor property with Published, it starts to misbehave, and give me unexpected results and test failures? Why would that be?

Does Published property wrapper somehow break the actor isolation?

Published breaks actor isolation

Just saw this on Twitter account of @donavon

Saw it, wanted to share also here 🤡

> I saw this code in the wild. It doesn't fail, but 🤦‍♀️

> Do you see it?

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Lukas Valenta
6 days ago

Have you ever tried using AsyncPublisher? I have. And some of its behavior has surprised me. I looked into it in-depth in my newest article, where I show how to use its behavior for your advantage, as well as how to get around its limitations. As you will see, some aspects can quite differ from observing publisher in Combine. #combine #swift #asyncpublisher #async

Christian Kruse
1 week ago

It's sad to see that this POC seems to be dead. :(

#emacs #async #lsp

Mx. Savanni D'Gerinel
1 week ago

Here is the problem line of code:

The compiler says "cannot move out of `response_rx`, a captured variable in an `Fn` closure".

My intention, though, really is to move it all the way into that process.

#gtk #rust #async

#MustRead for every #dotNET #developer:

How #Async/#Await Really Works in C# - .NET Blog

#csharp #learn

Note: took me 1.5 hours to go through it (and I probably will have to revisit)

2 weeks ago

How do you `#async` and `#await` in #Python? Let's take a look. "Async Python, Good it is" is up next at #PythonWebConf. Join us #online at, slides at, code at

2 weeks ago - techniques for finding and resolving uncaught #Promises in #JavaScript. Works great for #async code too. Nice article

Mauve 👁💜
2 weeks ago

Instantly forgot where I got this from, but this article is super cool for understanding #async #rust programming on windows.

Matt Mastracci
3 weeks ago

I'm kind of surprised, but the synchronization primitive wrappers I wrote for my keepcalm crate are pretty decent competitors for other primitives in both sync and async contexts, and you don't even need to use two different styles!

I don't fully trust these benchmarks yet and I'd rather see what sort of throughput I can get from a webserver instead of micro-benchmarking, but I'm happy that my one-size-fits-all works this well.

#rust #tokio #async

Jamie Magee :unverified:
3 weeks ago

Me doing asynchronous code refactoring in dotnet

#dotnet #csharp #async #await #asynchronous

Dariusz Rybicki
4 weeks ago

How do you test your #async streams in #swiftlang? I'm using #composablearchitecture from @pointfreeco and a little helper. Found it very convenient and comprehensive, not only for testing the reducers. Would love to learn how other developers are doing it. Here's my helper:

Swift AsyncStream test example
Swift AsyncThrowingStream test example
Murdho Savila
1 month ago

"Transparently concurrent" knocks my socks off! I think I'm in love...🥰

#async #ruby

1 month ago

i’ve been on 9 hours of calls this week and Friday has not even started. i’m tired.

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Jaanus Kase
1 month ago

#Swift #async

Peak Swift for me today. How to make an AsyncSequence based on another AsyncSequence. I wanted to emit a simple signal every time a specific notification is received, while also providing API for mocking it.

How to produce an async sequence for when a notification is received, with support for mocking.

Rust async fundamentals initiative,

A small website/book that tracks the work of the async fundamentals initiative, part of the wg-async-foundations vision process.

#RustLang #async

Constantine ☑️
1 month ago

Beautiful. Colleagues leaving positive messages to each others. #office #async

You can spot a curl command on the bottom right hand side too

1 month ago

An absolutely amazing workshop on #rust #async given by absolutely amazing @kookie!

I'm glad that I managed to do first two exercises with a very minor help from mentors.

I kind of slacked exercise 3, but I ended up learning about

Which is a modular routing system that has a lot of properties that I was dreaming about while thinking about #selfhosting.

#ratman #irde #RustNationUK

Jaanus Kase
2 months ago

#Swift #async

TIL something in Swift which I hadn’t realized before. It makes sense, but was counterintuitive to me.

If you have an async protocol requirement, it can be satisfied by sync implementation. Makes sense because I can think of “sync” as “async that returns immediately”.

It was surprising to me that I don’t even have to annotate the sync implementation as “async” to match the protocol, the compiler figures it out for me.

Swift sync function implementation satisfies the async protocol requirement.
Jaanus Kase
2 months ago

#Swift #async #concurrency #actor

There isn’t a particularly clean, standard, high-level way to do this, is there? Queue up function calls to a long-running function on a Swift actor, so only one instance of the function is executing at any given time.

I see various lower-level/older ways to do it, like NSLock, serial dispatch queue, capturing the execution as a Task and waiting for it to finish, etc. But none are really satisfying.

Swift actor function where only one copy at a time should run.
2 months ago
2 months ago

#TIL that using `process.exit(0)` in a #Typescript / #JavaScript code will terminate your process even if there are pending #async operations 😳

Instead one is supposed to use `process.exitCode = 0`

Not a smooth transition from #csharp land

Harald Walker
2 months ago

How to write for the way your coworkers actually read

Steal these data-backed marketing tricks of the trade to improve your memos, emails, messages, and more.
#async #asyncmindset #remotework

Michael Friedrich 🦊
2 months ago

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🤗 #DevRel #opensource and #community engagement makes you happy ?

🌐 You live and breath #remote #async #transparency #diversity ?

💥 YES to all of them? Apply now and join our amazing Developer Evangelism team at GitLab!

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kmohrf (er/he)
2 months ago

Doing #async stuff all the time makes my brain deadlock whenever I look at threading #code 😭

2 months ago

@Reil I would want our devs to take a jolly old time making coffee/tea, pick out some assam leaves, grind the beans, warm a china pot, wait for it to brew, stare out the window, smell the aroma, stretch, rummage through the timtams, be distracted for a bit. Because if they haven't fixed whatever they were working on by the time they get back then it might be time for a walk in the fresh air. Breaks are not brakes. If you want to destroy productivity limit breaks. #async

Just reading up on #async in #Rust -- and I have the impression that this just replaces the complexity of the classic select() loop approach with another, different, complex approach, with the drawback that you can't transfer the knowledge you gained from mastering it to another language (like I have when writing select loop code in C and Perl). Am I missing something?

Use Rust async functions and methods in Swift, Kotlin and Python,

It's ready! Large PR, sorry for the reviewers.

#RustLang #kotlin #SwiftLang #future #async #uniffi #bindgen

Rust `Future` returning a `Result<T, E>` work in Swift and Kotlin, and throw an exception in Swift and Kotlin when it's an `Err` on the Rust side.

It makes me happy.

#RustLang #async #future #Kotlin #SwiftLang

3 months ago

we're looking to build the first engineering team at Warp, working on the next generation of build systems, and I'm looking for #rust and #elixir programmers 🚀

we're a fully #distributed, #async #startup based in Europe / LatAm

who'd you recommend? 🤓

Alvin Ashcraft 🐿️
3 months ago

The Packt $5 eBook and video sale is still going on! Through Jan 17th, get any eBook or video for just $5, including mine: Parallel Programming and Concurrency with .NET 6 and C# 10 (works great with .NET 7 and C# 11 too).

#csharp #dotnet #parallelprogramming #async #programming #concurrency #ebooks #books #learning #sale #deals

This is something I’ve been experimenting with and I think it has some interesting potential. Implementation is pretty simple also:
#javascript #async

Code snippet of using “for await…of” loop as a DOM event handler.
3 months ago

I've just released version 1 of mastodon-async, which is a new, #async wrapper around the #Mastodon #API for #rust

Today's discussion with @janriemer, @jgoerzen, @rust_discussions, and @monad_cat inspired me to write the microasync #rust crate. It's a *tiny* #async #runtime focused on making it possible to use an async function as if it was sync.


Dave Warnock
3 months ago

Should have been #Yew in the previous post (I'll edit because I can)

#Axum looks cleaner than #Rocket_rs (less reliance on Macros which are a bit too "magic" for me), and close ties to #Tokio are good.
I'm finding the "Brooks Builds" channel on #YouTube very useful. Playlist:

Going to be a lot to learn about #Async as well as everything else. Wasn't really an issue when coding for 80486 processors which was about as far as we got when I was professionally coding ;-)

4 months ago

#Async c'est vachement aboutit en #Rustlang. J'avais un peu fuit honteusement la bataille async en 2017, et bien c'est plutôt utilisable en mode no-brain! :)

Bon vaut mieux avoir le tuto tokio + Async pas loin pour pas se planter mais c'est vraiment plus la torture que c’était!

John Goerzen
4 months ago

@janriemer @rust_discussions @monad_cat I'm with you, Jan. I really enjoy #Rust for the reasons you mention, and more. My main gripe is the #async system. It has led to a bifurcation in crates. Do I need a standard or an async one? And if async, will it work with the executor I'm using? There is something to be said for the #Haskell and #goLang "green threads use the same API as synchronous" approach. Yes I know it lacks some flexibility, but OTOH it is unified.

One of the ways I disagree with many of my esteemed fellow Rust people is that I think #async #RustLang is great. Switching #nextest over to #asynchronous Rust has yielded incredible dividends, including but not limited to what I described in

The ability to write cross-platform heterogenous selects provides an extraordinary amount of power.

BTW, now that I'm at @oxidecomputer, I've been trying out nextest on #illumos and it works with zero (0) code changes!

Paolo Melchiorre
4 months ago

The new Psycopg v3 backend for Django 4.2 is quite ready ✨

It would be very useful if you could test it in your own project to find any errors and measure variations in performance 📈

You can already find some tests in the PR ⚗️

#Django #Psycopg #PostgreSQL #Async #ORM #Database #Python #Postgres

What’s the problem with current #async in #rust?
How would you improve it?

I want an actual #Rust 2.0 with first class #async built into the language.

Ricardo Amaral
4 months ago

I guess I should properly introduce myself, since I failed to do that with my first post...

My name is Ricardo, and I'm from Porto, #Portugal 🇵🇹. I've been a computer and technology enthusiast ever since I saw my dad #coding in Visual FoxPro, almost 30 years ago. How time flies!

Nowadays, I'm a Frontend Engineer at #Doist, building #Todoist and #Twist, the future of #remote and #async work.

🧑‍💻 Doist Engineering:
📰 The Async Newsletter:

5 months ago

Need to maintain a visually stable state while new data loads?

Try this keepLatest resource!


#JavaScript #EmberJS #Data #Async #UX #WebDev