Janice Selbie
3 hours ago

@fifilamoura Several family tragedies in a short span, the last of which was my youngest child stricken with a life-long, life-threatening illness. I could no longer make excuses for such a capricious or impotent god & gave myself permission, after 40 yrs, to search for him elsewhere. NEWSFLASH: He wasn’t there, either. #atheist #criticalthinking #exchristian #nullifidian #happy #free

9 hours ago

@faab64 isn’t that the one where Lot takes in angels and when some people want to “know” (rape?) the angels, he offers up his daughters instead? I guess god wouldn’t have destroyed the city if they would only have agreed to rape the girls. Great Christian example right there. #atheist #religion #ChristianHypocrisy

Steve Dustcircle ⍻
17 hours ago

Friendly #Atheist Podcast
Ep. 482 - Shiny Happy People: The #Duggar Docuseries
#Christians are furious over a tiny #Pride flag on the set of “The Chosen,” a show about #Jesus.
#Oklahoma just approved a #taxpayer-funded #Catholic charter #school.
The L.A. #Dodgers never should've caved after honoring the #SistersofPerpetualIndulgence.
#RichardDawkins has a new analogy to describe people who are #transgender.

Janice Selbie
2 days ago

I was very #disappointed today, while listening to a #podcast by a well-known #cult expert who has contributed a great deal to the field of cult recovery, when he actually urged his listeners to “trust God.” It is bizarre that a cult expert could still adhere to religious beliefs that require #MagicalThinking. Those who continue to embrace MagicalThinking in a different flavor are still drinking cult Kool-Aid. #ReligiousTrauma #criticalthinking #atheist #science

steve dustcircle ⍻
3 days ago

Unravel the layers of the #gospel message and explore how it can be used to control, guilt, and #manipulate those within and outside the walls of your local #Christian #church.
#christianity #deconstruction #deconvertion #exvangelical #atheist #atheism #religion #mindcontrol #cult #belief #hope #bible #NT

Janice Selbie
3 days ago

Life is like a roll of toilet paper: the closer you get to the end, the faster it goes! So I hope that you live it up. Forget about gods and theology and afterlife fantasies. Have fun, learn lots, and help others. #Atheist #nullifidian #secular #humanist #ReligiousTrauma

DaN McKee
1 week ago

I’m excited to announce my new book, Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher is now available to pre-order everywhere:

Out June 16th on Earth Island Books, as the blurb says: it’s a memoir exploring the various ways in which anarchist philosophy, atheism, and a background in DIY punk rock influenced one conflicted teacher's approach to the classroom over twelve turbulent and thought-provoking years.

‘Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher' is more than just a memoir of some teacher you've never met. It is philosophy of education, of anarchism, of authenticity, and of life. Throw in some personal history, the deaths of both of his parents to deal with on top of juggling all the professional absurdities that come with the job (not to mention having to teach through a global pandemic), and you have all the earmarks of a biographical classic.

Sharing frontline insights which help explain why currently one in three teachers in England plan on quitting the profession, and the first-hand experience of being one of those very statistics, this memoir of struggle, grief, philosophy and hope tells a story of why, despite all its endless frustrations and inherent contradictions, there still might be no better job in the world than being an 'Anarchist Atheist Punk Rock Teacher'.

#AnarchistAtheistPunkRockTeacher #Anarchist #Atheist #Punk #PunkRock #Teacher #Teaching #Education #Writing #Memoir #Grief #Book #NewBook #DaNMcKee #Anarchism #EarthIslandBooks #PreOrder

Janice Selbie
2 weeks ago

Relaxing in the knowledge that there is no, God, no Hell, no eternal damnation or torment. Enjoy the day! #atheist #Humanist #Free #Nullifidian #reason #Logic #Science #equality #criticalthinking

Brian M
3 weeks ago

I am so done with religious nuts in government. I don't care if you're a democrat or republican, if you campaign on god, you lose my vote.

#ChristianNationalism #Facism #FreedomFromReligion #Atheism #Atheist

Joan of Cat (she/her) 😼
3 weeks ago

I have been so frustrated by my fellow #atheists recently. One person goes off on how #atheism is good because it is true and #religion ought to be criticized because it is false.

I'm a strong atheist. There are no #gods, and I'm pretty damn sure of it. But how dare you take that knowledge and use it to bludgeon people who don't share it? Everything we know about the universe is a remarkably small fraction of what we don't know. It is totally #rational to come to the conclusion that there are no gods and to act as if there are no gods, but don't act like that gives you the right to behave like a shithead.

Way too many atheists left their gods behind only to keep the zealous #dogmatism that drives religions to persecute others and to start wars against non-#believers.

If you left the concept of religion behind only to keep the worst parts of it, then what was the point? You're not interested in #truth; you just want to be #right. You're no better than the #religions that you put on blast.

And, as an #atheist myself, I find that fucking sad.

(These same people also think all #theism amounts to Western Protestantism, so their ignorance is flabbergasting. I'm so annoyed right now by my own.)


| He/Him/His | O/Ele/Dele |
#Proud #gay cis man | 2% Neanderthal | Physics Teacher 👨‍🏫
 — PhD Science Education | Born (1967) and raised in beautiful #Lisbon, Portugal | #Queer #activist 🏳️‍🌈✊🏽 | #feminist #antifascist #antiracist #lefty #atheist | 
#dogdad 🐕‍🦺🦮| Likes 📖📷🎥🎭🎼🧶🫖🚴🏾🥾✈️🏙
 | Languages 🇵🇹🇬🇧🇫🇷🇪🇸 | #keto and #fasting for my #health | Be kind to others |

I wrote another thing for you because I was so fed up with hearing certain things. Enjoy!


@Hey_Beth Oooh, oooh, we have one of those! Jacob Rees Mogg looooooves his Catholicism - except when it's inconvenient. Like on the paedophilia. 🤬🙄 #Atheist

Janice Selbie
1 month ago

@DemocracyMattersALot We must stop giving religion a Pass and encouraging adults to take the bible literally. #secular #nullifidian #science #reason #exchristian #atheist

Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
1 month ago
Nick Wright
1 month ago

#introduction contintroduction

My core fandom is #StarTrek and I volunteer for #TrekTrack at #DragonCon. I've been into #anime almost as long as I've been into Trek, and I grew up with #Ranma, #KimagureOrangeRoad, and #DirtyPair. I also like #StarWars and other generally geeky stuff.

I'm an #Xennial. I support #trans and #queer rights, I'm #leftist af, #antifascist and #anticapitalist. I'm #vegan, #bicyclist, #urbanist and #atheist.

If none of that scares you, hi!

Staid Winnow
1 month ago

@echanda @Npars01 @wndlb

I am an #atheist too, and Christian denominations that accept superstition are still pernicious.

That said, there are good people despite being Christian.

Arnel Šarić
2 months ago

I consider myself to be a #Buddhist philosophy-influenced #Atheist. I love #ZenBuddhism, and #SotoZen is kind of my practice.

But I hail from a family with many Muslims, and today is Eid, which means my face is stuffed with food, and I'm gasping for air.

Nom nom. I love all holidays than include food. God is fantastic when that idea gathers us like this.

#EidMubarak #LunchTime #BonApettite

The new Director of NASA Goddard, Dr Makenzie Lystrop*, was sworn in using not a religious book but a secular one.

"Pale Blue Dot" by Carl Sagan.

That's how it's done in a secular world. 👏👏👏

Congratulations Dr Lystrop and may your career reach the stars.

#NASA #Goddard #Space #Science #Astrophysics #Secular #Atheist

* PhD (Astrophysics), Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, Fellow of the American Astronomical Society, Fellow of the International Society for Optics and Photonics, Amelia Earhart Fellow

Dr Makenzie Lystrop being sworn in as Director of NASA Goddard in 2023 using a copy of Carl Sagan's "Pale Blue Dot".

“He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth because there is no truth in him. Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature, for he is a liar and the father of lies.”
– John 8:44

"Satanists deny God, but in fact Satan owes his existence to God. God created Satan, afterwards Satan fell and became the twisted, wicked being he is today. It is only by God’s forbearance and according to his sovereign will for the span of history that Satan is allowed to do anything at all."
– Pastor Jon Barta, Burbank

(Note: the Church of Satan, being discussed by Barta, also denies the existence of the supernatural being known as Satan 😈)

I wonder if Barta can see the idiocy of his statement? The conflict inherent within it?

1. God created Satan.
2. Satan was created a murderer ("from the beginning") and liar ("from his own nature").
3. Satan operates only because God lets him.

Seems to me that his god is either an idiot or a generally nasty piece of work, the LAST being one should worship.

#Atheism #Atheist #TheChurchOfSatan

The official logo of The Church of Satan.

It was strange as a lifelong #atheist to find myself willingly going to a religious service on this #Easter Sunday. But I attend an unprogrammed #Quaker meeting (#SanFrancisco Friends) so there was no sermon, only individuals giving ministry as they felt led. I'm glad I went as the meeting house is a place where I feel safe and welcomed, a sanctuary in a world I see as hostile and overwhelming.

#Peace to all, whatever your beliefs or lack thereof.


2 months ago

I don’t always make jesus jokes, but when I do…

#90s #nostalgia #scifi #books #humor #jesus #easter #atheist #sciencefiction #yafiction #animorphs

Edited cover of the sci-fi young adult fiction series “Animorphs” with an image of Jesus morphing into a brown rabbit.  Caption reads:  “they thought he was dead.  They were wrong…”
Humanist Engineer
2 months ago

This brings me great joy.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, left, swears in Dr. Makenzie Lystrup as director of Goddard Space Flight Center.
NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy (right. April E, 2023, Mary W. Jackson NRER Headquarters building, Washington.

Instead of a Bible, Dr. Lystrup's hand rests on a hardback copy of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot.
Bottom text: Look again at that book...

#Secular #Humanism #SecularHumanism #atheist #science #nasa #CarlSagan

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson, left, swears in Dr. Makenzie Lystrup as director of Goddard Space Flight Center.
NASA Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy (right. April E, 2023, Mary W. Jackson NRER Headquarters building, Washington.

Instead of a Bible, Dr. Lystrup's hand rests on a hardback copy of Carl Sagan's Pale Blue Dot. 
Bottom text: Look again at that book...
That's here. That's home.
That's us.
Janice Selbie
2 months ago

I had a terrific interview with The Thinking #atheist (Seth Andrews) today for the Divorcing Religion #podcast. I will be sure to let you know when it drops. Every interaction I have had with him has been positive. I sure do appreciate those who have managed to divorce religion and embrace #reality. It can feel isolating and scary at first, but intensely liberating as we begin to use #criticalthinking and build our safe, #secular support networks.

2 months ago

#Introduction I've been on Mastodon for a while, and I guess I haven't written a good short introduction and a few words about myself. You can find some information in my profile, but maybe this post will help you to know me a little bit more.
My name is Dorota, I'm a #Blind woman from Poland. I am interested in wide-range of things including #Law, #HumanRights, #Languages, #Technology, #Psychology, #Books, #Science, #Climbing, #Mountains, and much more. I love talking to people and getting to know them and their stories. I'm an #Atheist, #Metalhead, and a very loyal and honest person. Honesty and loyalty are values I really do appreciate in people. If you treat people bad, if you want to treat me bad or deceive me somehow you better don't try it. I'm open-minded and friendly and very down to earth. I am curious about the world, cultures and I respect people and their views. Thank you for reading this maybe too long post. Feel free to contact me!

3 months ago

No religion is free until everyone is free to have no religion.

Happy Atheist Day to those who are not yet free to say no.

#atheistday #atheism #atheist

A roughly painted green circle on a white background. The text reads "Atheist Day 23rd March".
Janice Selbie
3 months ago

I wrote a thing for you, and I got to refer to covfefe so today is already a win. #atheist

How Marie used psychedelics to heal from religious trauma. #atheist

Rich Sobel
3 months ago

#introduction - I'm a retired #molecularbiologist, an active #Buddhist and #atheist and I write about biology, politics, Indigenous #reconciliation and anything else that piques my interest! And sometimes I just post pics I take.

Cait the Encourageable
3 months ago

Thought it was a good time to update my #introduction post.

I'm Cait, mid-50s, GenX, hard left, and a trans elder. I do YouTube, where I play #FootballManager23 and board #wargames.

I was raised #atheist. I prefer Marx to Jesus (much better class analysis, and a gnarly beard).

I am #trans. I transitioned in late 1992, and began HRT about 2 years later. I believe in informed consent as the sole model for trans self-ID. The Harry Benjamin standards were cis-centred bullshit. Today, I live as the public trans person in my community - voluntarily conceding my passing privilege to instead be visible to trans kids as a role model.

I'm physically and mentally #disabled, with severe depression and a spine made of cracked billiard balls. I live with #ChronicPain from a car accident when I was 21. I use a cane for mobility.

I have #ADHD. I am wordy af. I support myself by teaching cishet people about the queer community.

I strive to be #antiRacist every day. #BLM #HireBlackWomen

I live according to the Marxist principle, "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need." If you need something, ask: if I have it to spare, it's yours.

I use many parentheses, unusual words, and generally the Oxford comma.

Lastly, I'm a polyglot. As noted in my profile, I retired from a career as a translator of 🇫🇷 🇷🇺 🇩🇪 -> 🇬🇧, and I also speak 🇪🇸 and 🇯🇵. I can understand a fair bit of 🇳🇱, 🇳🇴, 🇸🇪, and 🇵🇹.

Oh, yeah, and I can be a little fucking sweary sometimes.

Adam Lee
3 months ago

Hi again, Mastodon! I'm on a new server, so here's a new #intro.

I'm Adam Lee, an author and activist living in NYC. I'm a columnist for OnlySky Media, a news site by and for America's growing #atheist, #secular and #nonreligious population. As a group, nonbelievers are diverse and overwhelmingly progressive, but because we're not organized like churches are, our perspective is often overlooked. OnlySky exists to give this community a voice.

The stuff I like to write about includes progressive politics, humanist philosophy, secular morality, cool science, hopeful news on climate change, the revolutionary power of optimism, and utopian dreams of a better world. If this appeals to you, I hope you'll follow me here!