Justinas Dūdėnas
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nice idea! #bandcamp is very worth promoting, never noticed they also work with #audiobooks.


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Pancake-mix quiche in the oven. Yay!

#Audiobook / #audiobooks update:

I've justed started "Wilmington's Lie" by David Zucchino, read by Victor Bevine. #history

"Secrets of the Occult" is currently available on Audible Plus, so I listened to the first two lectures last night. I wasn't in the mood for the other stuff. 🤷🏻‍♀️

#mysterybooks I've been listening to Dan Simmons's book "The Fifth Heart", but, eh. I don't know much about Henry James.

Rob Robinson
2 days ago

I rarely post a review, but I couldn’t not rate and review the wonderful @Carrieinglasgow title, “Carrie kills a man”

If you’re looking for an inspiring and emotional memoir, that’s read by the author, then Carrie’s should be your next listen.

I’ve added Carrie’s blurb about the book below rather than try to write my own! And alongside you’ll find my review.

Link to the title on Audible:

#Trans #Audiobooks

Text version of screenshot:

Carrie Kills A Man* is about growing up in a world that doesn't want you, and about how it feels to throw a hand grenade into a perfect life. It's the story of how a tattooed transgender rock singer killed a depressed suburban dad, and of the lessons you learn when you renounce all your
privilege and power.

When more people think they've seen a ghost than met a trans person, it's easy for bad actors to exploit that-and they do, as you can see from the headlines and online. But here's the reality, from someone who's living it.

From coming out and navigating trans parenthood to the thrills of gender-bending pop stars, fashion disasters and  looking like Velma Dinkley, this is a tale of ripping it up and starting again: Carrie's story in all its fearless, frank and funny glory.

*"Spoiler: That man was me."-Carrie
Text version of screenshot:

I found Carrie through her various tech writings across the years. I'd been eagerly awaiting the release of her book on Audible because I much prefer such content to be read by the author than to read it myself. Such a powerful story deserves the inflections and emotions only the creator can convey.

I'm a CIS man, white, northern England dwelling and come from a very non diverse part of the world. I found Carrie's story educational, eye opening and thought provoking. She's funny, dead pan and honest. There's even a surprise musical interlude!

Can't wait for part two of her memoirs. I suspect it'll be another decade or so, but it'll be worth the wait.
Hayley Stone
3 days ago

Good news! 📣 All my audiobooks are currently on sale at Audible!

If you've been hoping to grab MAKE ME NO GRAVE, or any books in my Last Resistance series, now's your chance! 🏃

#audiobooks #books #scifi #fantasy

Graham Downs
3 days ago

I'm a #radio person. I like the banter and the ads[*], the callers and the competitions (I've even been on air and won a few, in my time), but I can't do talk radio for the same reason I can't do podcasts and I REALLY struggle to do audiobooks: I just can't focus. Either that, or I find myself focussing too much on the conversation and not getting any work done. ;)

I also work from home. So my radio goes on at 05:00 when I wake up, and stays on until around 15:00 when I finish work for the day... Although I'd be lying if I said it stayed on the same station for all that time. I have 2-3 favourites that I switch between during the day (TuneIn makes that super easy), and I'm not averse to trying something completely different every once in a while, just to mix it up. I'm not loyal to stations. Although I DO tend to be loyal to presenters, so I often tune in to a brand new radio station because I heard one of my favourite personalities is doing a show there.

What do you like to listen to during the day? Podcasts? Audiobooks? Just music? Or are you also a radio person, like me?

[*] I know, I know. I actually LIKE ads. Within reason, of course, but it's good to know what services and products people are offering, and sometimes the special offers are useful. I've had conversations about that on here before; I really can't understand why some people hate them so much.

#Podcasts #Audiobooks #TalkRadio #WorkDay

Laurie Winkless
4 days ago

A brief reminder, prompted by an email and an Instagram DM I received over the weekend - if you're more of an audiophile than a book-reader, are keen to explore a lot of fascinating science, and are a fan of an Irish accent, my book Sticky is available in audiobook format (with me narrating it) 🦎 #science #books #audiobooks

4 days ago

Finished all 5 books in the Credence Horse Rescue series by #JennieMarts. It made me want to hang out with farm animals.

First time listening to Jennie's books. Good flirty banter, which I appreciate.

Tbh, they're basically the same with slightly different characters/plots but they're super sweet. 🤣 If I had one complaint it would be that they could have been steamier for my taste. #audiobooks #romance #OnToTheNextOne

Screenshot of the front cover of Jennie Marts Every Bit a Cowboy. The photo is a dark haired White cowboy in a white button down shirt (hilariously open a few buttons) carrying a saddle, one handed, over his right shoulder.
Lisa Hamilton
4 days ago

Finished listening to Barbarian Days by William Finnegan. I savored it over my evening meals so I didn't have to focus on eating every meal alone.

I thought it was wonderful, as good an audiobook as I've listened to. In part that's because it was read by the author. In part because it describes the surfing life from inside it in such a way non-surfers and surfers both hang on every word.
#bookstodon #audiobooks #surfing

Kay Eluvian
4 days ago

The biggest fear I have around #ai and #voiceover is that I already get less work than the average bear because most brands are reluctant to hire trans talent (see #Budweiser and the current backlash against #Target over #Pride) when they can just hire The Usual Suspects & nobody's unhappy.

I'm only going to get even less work if I'm competing for #audiobooks against Stephen Fry's licensed voice. Or Claire Danes. Or Reese Witherspoon. They get a cut, the author gets a celeb, I get nothing. 1/2

5 days ago

"Black Buck" by Mateo Askaripour is a sly, funny satire about being a non-white in the high pressure world of sales.
Darren was the valedictorian of the prestigious NYC high school, but was only a shift manager at Starbucks until he impressed the CEO of a sales company. Offered a job, he initially thrives, but ultimately realizes he is losing what was dear to him. Can he get it back or will jealous competitors derail him? 👍
#books #bookstodon #audiobooks @ramblingreaders

5 days ago

I need to make audio books of my stories.
I used to do radio and stage, I still do public speaking regularly I have a very strong voice, but it is also a very deep, and manly voice with (according to my wife) "Dom" energy.

But I am also just beginning work on vocal feminization cause I'll be joining a podcast as Katie in July.

Do listeners want to hear erotic stories of magical male to female gender transformation in a deep Dom voice?
Should I wait to get this voice training done and Fem-voice my own books?

#Transfem #audiobooks #advice

Paul Convery
5 days ago

Finished Sharpe's Enemy: The Defence of Portugal, Christmas 1812 by Bernard Cornwell on #Audible while working another Sunday, was really hoping I would have been done with the Sundays by now but at least I had one of the best Sharpe novels to listen to this morning.

15th book in the series but still going strong. Brilliant characters, battle scenes second to none and a very emotional ending.

#books #reading #AudioBooks #HistoricalFiction

6 days ago

Oof, it's been a while. Not doing great lately. But I'm gonna update on my #history #audiobooks.

Most recently finished: The Pope Who Would Be King: The Exile of Pius IX and the Emergence of Modern Europe, by David Kertzer, borrowed through #Libby

Also borrowed, but not yet started: The American Plague, by Molly Caldwell Crosby

And an #Audible credit partly went toward Wilmington's Lie, by David Zucchino

6 days ago

About a decade ago, I had a long commute to work, and I fiercely enjoyed listening to #audiobooks on my way to work. This was way before I even knew about service like Audible, and so author podcasts were they way to go. After all, what's more delicious that having a story read to you by the author? Back then, I was listening to the likes of @ScottSigler, and @darusha and thoroughly enjoying it. Since then, I've signed up for services like Audible but from time to time I love revisiting the old podcasts. I've gone through @nlowell 's epic space/coffee saga, The Golden Age of the Solar Clipper numerous times and have just started on @darusha 's "Self Made". My deepest thanks to all of you, who shared your work back in those days! ♥️🙂

6 days ago


Geneva by Richard Armitage

#books #Read2023 #Audiobooks #bookstodon

6 days ago


The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett

#books #Read2023 #Audiobooks #bookstodon

Hannah Howe
1 week ago

We received eight auditions from producers interested in narrating the audiobook version of Tula, my novel set in the Golden Age of Hollywood, specifically in the 1920s. All the auditions were of excellent quality, but we think we’ve identified the voice of Tula. Time difference between Britain and America is a factor, but I hope we’ll be in a position to confirm our narrator tomorrow.

#Movies #Hollywood #Film #Cinemastodon #Novel #audiobooks

Young woman listening to an audiobook
Jim Bowering
1 week ago

Flying Lessons – Part Three
This week's reading is part three of Flying Lessons by Kelly Link. It is part of a short story collection called Stranger Things Happen. It's about eighteen minutes long. Like other Okanagan Reader stories it is licensed Creative
#audiobooks #CreativeCommons #fiction #KellyLink #reading #shortstories

Adara Astin
1 week ago

If you like extremely high heat erotic stories, "Bitch Like Me" is the most hardcore audiobook in my catalogue.

The CEO of an elite private gentleman's club offers a new recruit access to the secret Diamond Elite level — if he can get through her initiation.

The sultry FemDom voice is one of my faves. I hope you can hear how much fun I had narrating. 💋

#NSFW #Erotica #FemDom #Domme #BDSM #SubmissiveMale #ForcedBi #MaleSub #Audiobook #Audiobooks @smutstodon @BDSM

Square audiobook cover. On the left, a woman's legs in black stockings and garters above high black boots p. Text in the center says: "Crystal Wylde. Bitch Like Me: An Erotic FemDom Tale. Narrated by Adara Astin." A diagonal yellow banner across the bottom right corner says: "Now in audio".
Museum of Portable Sound
1 week ago

In the posthumously-published 1657CE sci-fi book 'The Other World: The Comical History of the States and Empires of the World of the Moon', French author Cyrano de Bergerac seemingly predicted the #phonograph (& #audiobooks) with a description of a sounding book used by inhabitants of the Moon.

#CyranoDeBergerac #SciFi

A line drawing illustration of a 17th Century Frenchman leaning his right arm on a table with his hand up to his ear so as to aid in hearing the sound emitted from a large device on the table in front of him, a dome-shaped box containing a trumpet-like horn surrounded by mechanical gears and switches. A caption reads "Illstration from the 1910 edition by Albert Robida". 

A quote from an English translation of the original book reads:

" was a Book made wholly for the Ears,  and not the Eyes. So that when any Body has a mind to read in it, he winds up that Machine with a great many Strings; then he turns the Hand to the Chapter which he desires to hear, and straight, as from the Mouth of a Man, or a Musical Instrument, proceed all the distinct and different Sounds...”

– Cyrano De Bergerac, 1657
Hannah Howe
1 week ago

We started the day with four potential audiobook narrators for Tula, my novel set in the Golden Age of Hollywood, with the idea of selecting one but, somehow, we’ve ended the day with seven 🤷‍♀️ Will try again tomorrow. The ‘problem’ is they are all so good.

#Books #Audiobooks #Movies #Hollywood #Cinemastodon #Acting

A young woman listening to an audiobook
Adara Astin
1 week ago

"The Cauldron" is a campy high-heat audiobook about a sexy witch who stays forever young by seducing men, shrinking them, & swallowing them whole. If you like a story about mind control, magic, soft vore and group activities, you should love it. Plus the witch has one of my favorite voices! 💋

Get it now:

#NSFW #Audiobook #Audiobooks #Erotica #Fantasy #SFF #AudioFiction #SizeFantasy #Macrophilia #SizeErotica @audiobooks @smutstodon @sizestodon @bookstodon @AudioFiction

Audiobook cover for "The Cauldron: A Size Fantasy Shrinking Story" by Amber Collins, narrated by Adara Astin, showing a cast iron witch's cauldron from which escape mysterious wisps of steam. A jazzy tune that's slightly dissonant in an upbeat spooky way plays in the background and ends on a horror screech. At the end, big clouds of animated steam billow out of the cauldron. A yellow banner across the bottom right corner says: "Now in audio".
1 week ago

Patuleia wants to read Black Narcissus
Rumer Godden

#goodreads #books #audiobooks #MetalheadBookClub

1 week ago

I didn't read yesterday, so I need to compensate today.
(I'm not really enjoying this one so much)
#books #audiobooks #MetalheadBookClub

Hannah Howe
1 week ago

Today, we begin the process of selecting a narrator for the audiobook version of Tula, my novel set in the Golden Age of Hollywood. It’s exciting to hear your words spoken by a quality narrator, but also daunting to chose one over another. Thankfully, other people are involved in the selection process because I’m tempted to say “yes” to all the voice actors who’ve auditioned 🙂

#Books #Audiobooks #Movies #Hollywood #Cinemastodon #Acting

Young woman kneeling looking up on a book cover
Adara Astin
1 week ago

PS If you're curious about the "Making Of" this romance audiobook, I tell some stories about what happened in the soundbooth in this interview with @Smutty_Guy: "The Many Voices of Adara Astin".

Check it out!

#NSFW #Interview #Audiobook #Audiobooks #AudiobookNarrator #VoiceActor #ActorLife #MakingOf

Andrew McCarthy
1 week ago

If you read or listen to #audiobooks my sister would be grateful if you could spend a few minutes filling in a questionnaire for her masters thesis about reading and wellbeing. Boosts appreciated! #reading #bookstodon

Adara Astin
1 week ago

Speaking of audiobook reviews...

If you want to leave anonymous reviews for erotic audiobooks on Audible ***which I recommend for security & privacy***, use a different email address with Audible than you do with Amazon, otherwise A) the accounts are linked, and B) the screen names will sync.

#Audiobook #Audiobooks #Audible #AudibleBooks #Reviews #AnonymousReviews #Erotica @audiobooks @smutstodon

Adara Astin
1 week ago

For #Pride Month, I would love more reviews on my queer-positive #audiobooks to boost their visibility — so I'm giving away free review copies!

The Trouble With Angels: MFM #polyam #romance / romantic comedy / #BDSM romance

Bitch Like Me: BDSM Femdom forced bi #erotica with MM & MMF

The #Giantess Slave: all-female cast campy erotic scifi, lightly #sapphic

Want to review one? Reply or DM! 💋

#LGBTQbookstodon @lgbtqbookstodon @smutstodon @sizestodon @BDSM

Adara Astin
1 week ago

If you like stories about exhibitionism, I have two high heat audiobooks for you!

Lockdown & Dirty by @Smutty_Guy: Shy roommates Andy & Leah get inspired by their naughty neighbors.

The Gang Got Her 2: A French woman on a trip to New York unleashes her inner exhibitionist — with the help of three friendly firefighters.

Get them now!

#NSFW #Exhibitionist #Exhbitionism #Voyeurism #Audiobook #Audiobooks @smutstodon @BDSM

Audiobook cover, showing a black and white photo of a pair of bare legs belonging to a man and a woman, standing close together facing each other. Discarded clothes lie on the floor around them. The photo is suggestive and intimate but not explicit. Cover text says: "Guy White. Lockdown and Dirty. Narrated by Adara Astin." A yellow banner across the bottom right corner says: "Now in Audio".
Audobook cover, most of which is blurred out in consideration of delicate sensibilities. In the middle, over a background of a tangle of naked limbs, text says: "The Gang Got Her."
Shaula Evans
1 week ago

"Wrath": when a bad boy billionaire discovers his mother is trying to oust him as CEO, he finds the perfect instrument for his revenge: her sexy hand-picked auditor.

If you like workplace romance, dark romance, enemies to lovers & high heat attraction, this story is for you! (Plus you can hear me having a blast as a hot alpha male!)

Get it now!

#Romance #Audiobook #Audiobooks #AudioFiction #AudioDrama @romancelandia
@audiobooks @bookstodon

A photo zooms into view of a strong male hand holding a black smart phone in the driver's seat of a black leather interior luxury car, as stylish blues rock plays in the background. The phone displays the cover of "Wrath" by Kelsie Calloway, showing an attractive, dark-haired man in a white dress suit standing behind a blonde woman with his hand on her hip, giving a ferociously predatory look directly at the viewer. It's steamy stuff!
1 week ago

Another entry in my intermittent Audiobooks and Embroidery series....

Currently listening to The Harp of Kings: a fun, if predictable, historical fantasy. Seriously, I had the whole plot sussed out by about 20% into the book. But I liked the writing and the characters and I'm sticking with it, if nothing else to see how one odious fellow gets his comeuppance. Journey before Destination, as they say.

Just finished this kit from Jessica Long Embroidery on Etsy. Learned some new stitches here, including split stitch, fern stitch, and whipped back stitch on the text. Not ENTIRELY happy with how the text came out, but it's good learning.

#embroidery #books #reading #audiobooks #crafting #fantasy

hand embroidered vines in shades of green, and roses in shades of pink, with black script reading "this took forever"
The audiobook cover of The Harp of Kings by Juliet Marillier
Adara Astin
2 weeks ago

If you like abuse of authority in your steamy stories, check out "Dirty Cop" from the Hedon Press Dubious Consent series.

It's the classic premise: a driver willing to do anything to avoid a ticket + a cop prepared to test the limits of "anything." It goes some unexpected places & it's super spicy.''

Listen now!

#NSFW #Audiobook #Audiobooks #Erotica #DubCon #DubiousConsent #Voyeurism #Threesome #MMF #BDSM @smutstodon @BDSM 1/2

Against a dark blue background, the light of a blue police siren on the night cuts through the foggy night. On the right, text says: "Hedon Press Dubious Book 4. Dirty Cop. Narrated by Adara Astin. Available on Apple Books, Amazon & Audible. Listen Now." In the bottom right corner is a QR code (that goes to store links for the audiobook).

Pressing play makes a blue light radiate out from the siren. The animated text slides into place. Icons for Audible, Amazon and Apple Books appear across the bottom right. A police siren wails in the background, over a rising, ominous music track. It's all very sexy and dubious!
Adara Astin
2 weeks ago

You can find my audiobooks (and all my links) here:

If you are an Audible member and you have credits leftover at the end of the month, why not treat yourself to a steamy audiobook? 💋

#Audioobok #Audiobooks #Romance #Erotica #EroticRomance #Audible #AudibleBooks @sizestodon @smutstodon

Adara Astin
2 weeks ago

It's almost the end of another month & you know what that means!

It's a great time to boost your fave indie artists by buying from us, subscribing to our newsletters, reviewing our work, leaving a tip, etc.

Your support lets us keep making art for you. Thank you! 💋

#Art #IndieArtists #Audiobook #Audiobooks #Bookstodon

Vintage pin-up calendar from May 1954, illustrated with a model with long dark hair, giving a sultry, knowing look to the viewer. She wears a one-piece black silk-and-lace teddy that is positively tame by modern standards but provocative in its original context.

Text in the bottom left corner (in impossibly small type) says:

I've been asked to come a-maying
And it all sounds very gay,
But listen here, my cavalier,
Distinguish well 'tween "can" and "may".
2 weeks ago

Patuleia started reading Babel: An Arcane History
R.F. Kuang

#goodreads #books #audiobooks #MetalheadBookClub

2 weeks ago

Patuleia gave 4 stars to Like, Comment, Subscribe: How YouTube Drives Google's Dominance and Controls Our Culture (Hardcover)
Mark Bergen


A must-read book that reveals how YouTube works, how it helped Google grow, and how it corrupted the internet for profit.

#goodreads #books #audiobooks #MetalheadBookClub

2 weeks ago

"The Wind is not a River" by Brian Payton is a story of war, love and survival during WWII. A journalist, who has already lost a brother in the war is determined to cover the story of the fight against the Japanese in the battle for the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. After his plane is shot down, he is stranded on a Japanese occupied Island. His wife, convinced he is not dead, sets out to find him. Gripping & beautifully written! 👍
#books #bookstodon #audiobooks @ramblingreaders

Joanna Maciejewska
2 weeks ago

Since I'm trying to spread the joy everywhere: current Humble Bundle has 20 #sff audiobooks for $20 and it includes ALL SIX MURDERBOT AUDIOBOOKS!
Go, do yourself a favor and get them. Murderbot is a literary comfort food.

#fantasy #sciencefiction #bookstodon #audiobooks

New instance, new #Introduction ! I was part of the great #SapphicMigration in Nov 2022 but have moved servers several times as I learn more about the fediverse and seek community. 

My interests are
#SapphicBooks, #AudioBooks, 
#Democracy, #HopePunk, #DigitalPrivacy, fascinated by and scared about #AI
I am striving to be

Currently, I live in a red state in the US. However, my wife and I are in the process of moving to
#Portugal this year.

Adara Astin
2 weeks ago

Happy #WorldRedheadDay!

If you like high heat stories about gorgeous redheads and the men who love them, check these out!

"His Curvy First Love" by Avalon Everhart

"Lust: The Curvy Girl Sins" by Kelsie Calloway

#HappyRedheadDay & Happy Listening! 💋

#Romance #Redhead #Redheads #Audiobook #Audiobooks #Romancelandia #Bookstodon
@audiobooks @romancelandia @bookstodon @AudioFiction

A curvy woman is shown from the back, naked, with her glorious, long red hair cascading down over her pale skin. Text says: "World Redhead Day."
Tim Richards
2 weeks ago

Gotta say, Agatha Christie's later writing gets a bit strange – especially when she tries writing spy stuff (some friend should've tried to stop her doing that, it's usually dreadful).

I'm listening to the audiobook of Postern of Fate, and we're something like two hours in and hardly anything has happened.

Luckily Hugh Fraser is the reader, and I'll listen to anything he has to read to me, but I hope it gets more interesting soon.

#Book #Books #Audiobooks #Bookstodon @bookstodon

2 weeks ago

Vivid awful brilliant


Screenshot of the audiobook The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, read by Bahni Turpin. Miniature cover, dark collage of what looks like actors in roles from a film version of the book. Showing that I am on the chapter ‘Indiana’, which is 82% through. Almost two hours left.
Steven Saus [he/him]
3 weeks ago

From 19 May: AI Is Being Used To Ruin Audiobooks Now - For those of us who enjoy a good audiobook, it looks like, as with literally everything... #artificial-intelligence #audiobooks #books

Shaula Evans
3 weeks ago

There's nothing quite like the feeling of seeing your monthly sales numbers go *down* because people are buying audiobooks and then returning them.

Curses to the people on TikTok, etc., who recommending buy-ad-return as a way to "get audiobooks for free". They may drive me out of this business before computer-generated voices get the chance

#Audiobooks @audiobooks

Shaula Evans
3 weeks ago

If you like high heat alpha male + BBW #romance, I have narrated two standalone #audiobooks in Kelsie Calloway's Curvy Girl Alpha Male Romance - Curvy Temptations series!

Protective Love: When a big-hearted pro athlete rescues a curvy fan, it might be home run for both of them.

Firefighter Love: A hot firefighter finally gets a shot at the curvy older woman of his dreams — his best friend's sister!

@romancelandia @audiobooks

Book cover for "Protective Love: Alpha Male High Heat BBW Romance," showing a muscuclar shirtless man in blue jeans standing in a confident posture, his spirits buoyed no doubt by the chance to flaunt his magnificent abs.
Book cover for "Firefighter Love Love: Alpha Male High Heat BBW Romance," showing a dark-haired, square-jawed man, whose raw animal magnetism keeps him so smoldering hot that he doesn't need to wear a shirt to stay warm and thus we get to see his well-muscled torso (yes, including his abs).
3 weeks ago

Slavery and torture and murder inside my head as I cycle gently round the lakes on a sunny Sunday afternoon. The discomfiting dissonance of audiobooks.


Screenshot of the audiobook The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, read by Bahni Turpin. Miniature cover, dark collage of what looks like actors in roles from a film version of the book.
Jenny Hansen
3 weeks ago

I was really enjoyed this interesting article on audiobooks & narrators until I got to this part:

"In January, Apple Books discreetly rolled out their AI narrator function. Automated narration, Apple claims, will make 'audiobooks more accessible to all' by eliminating some of the 'the cost and complexity of production.'"

Boooooooo. *throws tomatoes*

#audiobooks #books #reading

Los Angeles Review of Books

Image of a book cover, _Thank You for Listening_ by Julia Whelan
Karl Schroeder
1 month ago

The Audiobook of my space-opera adventure Lockstep is on sale!

Imagine a galactic-scale civilization of thousands of inhabited worlds. Now imagine it all crammed into the space between Earth and the nearest star.

How's that possible? Welcome to the sunless worlds of the Lockstep Empire...

#scifi #writing #audiobooks

Maeltopia :podcast:
1 month ago

A daughter of Batna - one of the dreaded She'mora. Art by head writer and artist of Maeltopia and the Sleep Wake Cycle, Mark Anzalone.

#HorrorCommunity #horror #HorrorArt #AudioDrama #AudioFiction #darkfantasy #fantasy #scifi #darkart #audiobooks #writer #writing #readers #Podcast #horrorpodcast #horrorbooks #HorrorPodcasts

Mark Kielty 🇮🇪
1 month ago

So I've finally finished the #Spellslinger series ending with Sebastien De Castell's #CrownBreaker.

It's one of those series I'm really sad to finish but really happy to have read (or listened to). It's definitely a #series. I will revisit. Loved the #characters, the #magical systems and #worldbuilding. Must #read for #fantasy #readers.

Also, Joe Jameson did an excellent job narrating these books.

#YALit #YA #YAFantasy #MastoDaoine #books #reading #audiobooks #IrishMastodon #BookRecs #magic

The cover of the last book of the Spellslinger series, Crown breaker, displayed in the audio book player app. Under the cover it states Track 80 of 80, 0 min 0 sec left I track, indicating the end of the series.
Shaula Evans
1 month ago

PS My audiobook sales are flat out terrible this month, but the runaway bestseller of the month without contest is "Firefighter Love".

If you want to hear the adorable romance that's setting my sales charts on fire, check it out.

#Romance #Romancelandia #Audiobook #Audiobooks #Bookstodon #AgeGapRomance #BBWRomance #FirefighterRomance #OlderWoman #YoungerMan @audiobooks @romancelandia @bookstodon 3/3

A light-skinned woman's hands hold a tablet playing the audiobook of Firefighter Love. It has a dusky pink cover and an illustrated firefighter hanging from a ladder with a cocky smile, holding a pink bucket. In the background is a book on a light table, and a white plate holding delectable croissant. Whoever the woman in the photo is, she knows how to spoil herself: this looks like a great time.
1 month ago

I wish my brain could properly process audio. Unfortunately, I need text. My ears turn audiobooks into garbled bla bla noise, unless I see the text.

I need subtitles. I can cope in cinemas as my over-active brain is grounded by being immersed in sound and visuals, but I have to focus and it’s tiring. In Switzerland most films are shown with subtitles so it was an adjustment after my move to England.

I’d have so much time for #audiobooks and I keep trying in the hopes it would improve. Alas…

Shaula Evans
1 month ago

Backstage is my longest & largest cast audiobook at 6+ hours with 20+ distinct character voices.

If you're curious to hear my magnum opus for yourself (of course you are!) plus increasingly wacky voices for the roster of minor characters, it's available on Audible, Amazon & Apple Books.

#Audiobooks #Auidobooks #FakeRelationship #ActorRomance #Romance @romancelandia @bookstodon @audiobooks

An illustrated audiobook cover, showing a couple standing on a turquoise stage in front of pink striped swagged stage curtains. The couple are dressed as a bride and groom, bound by a red chain locked with a red heart-shaped padlock. Text says: "Backstage: A Fake Marriage Romance. By Abbey Foxx. Now in Audio."
Pratik Patel
1 month ago

Has the #Audible app on iOS started to automatically download books to the device when added to the library? Is this new?

#Books #Audiobooks

Free immersive audiobook of LotR with voices, music, and sound effects. If you like the story, definitely worth the listen.

And if you like it, Phil's ko-fi:

@ingalls #lotr #LordOfTheRings #audiobook #audiobooks #FellowshipOfTheRing

Shaula Evans
1 month ago

"Scar" by Kelsie Calloway has everything: a naive younger woman, a rugged older man, a brush with death that brings them together, leaving them trapped by the storm... plus my blossoming ingenue voice and my 6'5" mountain man voice.

If you like short, high heat standalone first time romance, get it now!

PS Check out the new promo clip! ⬇

#Audiobook #Audiobooks #KindleUnlimited #Romance #BBW #AgeGap #spanko #spanking @audiobooks @romancelandia @bookstodon

The cover for "Scar: The Men of Devil's Peak" by Kelsie Calloway, showing a muscular, bearded mountain man, zooms into the frame as an expectant chord crescendos. A rousing adventure motif plays & a yellow banner that says: "Now in audio" pops into the bottom right corner. Lines of text appear that say: "Curvy Girl + Mountain Man," "First Time Romance," & "Spanking Romance." The lines are replaced by text that says: "Get it now". Snow falls softly as the music swells then fades out.
Sally Strange
1 month ago

Finished: "Goddess of Anarchy: The Life and Time of Lucy Parsons" by Jacqueline Jones

4/5: Fascinating portrait of Chicago's radical labor politics circa 1880 - 1930. A bit judgmental towards Lucy herself and a bit hostile towards anarchism. For the audiobook: the narration was lackluster and suffered from odd emphases and mispronunciations. Still: definitely worth the read, no question.

Now started: "The History of White People" by Nell Irvin Painter. Been meaning to read this for years, I'm very excited. More updates to follow.

#Books #bookstodon #History #LaborHistory #Anarchism #WhitePeople #AmericanHistory #audiobooks


Stephen Childs
1 month ago

Just finished The Mimicking of Known Successes by Malka Older. A fun, cozy mystery in space with trains.

#audiobooks #SciFi

There’s a great sale on at for indie audiobooks, for them that likes such things! :)
#AudioBooks #Bookstodon

Stephen Childs
1 month ago

Since January, I've really been enjoying the new audio versions of the #DeathGateCycle by Margaret Wies and Tracy Hickman.

I've been a big fan of their work since Dragonlance, but this series really hit the sweet spot for me back in the early 90s.

The narrator, Fajer Al-Kaisi has done a great job and has created the perfect Alfred voice.

I'm eagerly awaiting for the last book in the series to come out next week.

#fantasy #audiobooks

Team Idgara
1 month ago

Happy #indiebookstoreday

I can no longer comfortably read dead tree books. I do listen to #audiobooks. I use to support my local bookstore, Katy Budget Books (

My most recent purchase, was actually a #KickStarter for Cory Doctorow. #RedTeamBlues is narrated by @wilw

The good news is, I basically finished it in a day. The bad news, #same

Martin Hench is a #DigitalNomad and #Accountant with a background in #tech (his RV is named Unsalted Hash). If you think accountancy is boring, your search term is Enron (which has zero to do with the plot but does demonstrate that #accounting can be as exciting as one chooses to make it).

As there are already two #sequels in the works, it's not a #spoiler to tell you he doesn't die, though other people do, sometimes in unpretty ways. Marty is a good guy, and so are some of the other people you meet. There are some really bad guys, but we don't more than glimpse some of them through Marty's eyes.

Highly recommend, and I generally don't review books.


1 month ago

One good book leads to another. When I praised Sarah Vaughan's Reputation in here, @Camlarsch recommended (tak) Anatomy of a Scandal. Gripping. Absorbing. The storyline is making me mutter crossly about the patriarchy as I walk down the street. But I do that most days anyway.

#Books #Audiobooks

Audiobook edition of Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan. Read by Julie Teal, Luke Thompson, Esther Wane and Sarah Feathers. Cover is a photo of a woman and a man in city business clothes, then the same couple with a third woman.
Shaula Evans
1 month ago

I had the pleasure of narrating "Raising Chickens for Beginners". It's a great book for anyone thinking of raising chickens in the back yard.

I learned things about chickens I never expected to know while narrating this, which is one of the true joys of the job for me.

If there's an aspiring chicken farmer in your life, it makes a great gift, too.

#Audiobook #Audiobooks #Chickens #RaisingChickens #BackyardChickens #UrbanFarming @audiobooks

Audiobook cover for "Raising Chickens for Beginners: The Complete Guide to Raising Backyard Chickens - Quality Eggs, Safe, Healthy and Smell-Free Coop" by O. Banks. A brown chicken and a brown rooster stand happily next to a wicker basket of brown eggs in a green field dotted with tiny white flowers below a pleasant sky. It's a lovely pastoral scene. A yellow sticker says: "Free E-book Included."

I was looking for a new fun fantasy escapist audiobook when I encountered one with a top review that described it as “good but a little too woke” and said “the author likes to push the “everyone is bisexual” angle which is just annoying.”

Sign me tf up!! I mean, no idea if I will actually like this book or not, but PLEASE and thank you, I badly need more trashy fantasy books where everyone is bisexual. #books #bookstodon #bisexual #queer #audiobooks

This is the book:

The End - Fiction Podcasts
2 months ago

And one bonus share for #FF #FollowFriday:

@AudioFiction - A group for sharing and finding #AudioFiction content on Mastodon! Follow and mention this account to join the conversation and have your toots shared. Any kind of audio fiction works, from full cast #AudioDrama to single narrator #FictionPodcast shows and #audiobooks, plus #RadioTheater (or #RadioTheatre). If it's audio and fiction, we want it!

Nate :lesknife: :ghostbat:
2 months ago

Can Fedi do its thing? I am looking for the 1997 BBC Radio 4 recordings of The Haunting of Hill House read by Emma Fielding.

This is the BBC link:

It's not on the Internet Archive and normal search engine attempts were fruitless.

#audiobooks #horror

2 months ago

I have just had a lovely catch up with my freind.

We went into Waterstones. It was nice wandering around all the books. However, it’s also sad because I don’t read physical books anymore.

I wish I could. But I’m also greatful audiobooks exist because it means I can still enjoy it. Just in a different way. I wish more books were available as Audiobooks.

#Books #Reading #VisuallyImpaired #Audiobooks

Aaron Ouellette
2 months ago

Time for an updated intro post.
Hi, I'm Aaron,
I've lived in #NewEngland my whole life. I like #Running #Marathon s and some times #Biking. I try to build some stuff with wood, #woodworking. I like #Computers. I'm a troubleshooter by nature and career. I work in SAAS/DB software performance. I like to keep busy, it's my happy place, I drink #coffee and #cook.
I nearly forgot, I love #AudioBooks

Adara Astin
2 months ago

Friends, if I have to scroll your timeline for days' worth of posts before I find you talking about the art you make, you are not promoting your work enough.


Someone who is cheering for you 💋

#Art #BookPromotions #BookMarkting #Audiobooks #WritersOfMastodon #IndieArtists

I love it, as I have done all three Acts. I struggle with reading a physical book (concentration issues) but all three of these demonstrate the true value and capabilities of the Audiobook genre. #sandman #audiobooks

2 months ago

Hey just a little reminder for audiobook fans - you can change the speed. I know this and yet I often forget and find myself listening to a non-fiction book and wishing this person lecturing would just, you know, speed it up a bit. Today I turned this author up to 1.45 and it was wonderful. My brain grabbed right back on to the topic once we got motoring.

(Fiction I almost always listen to at normal speed. I like soaking it up.)

#audiobooks @audiobooks

Aaron Ouellette
2 months ago

I am a broken record on this but abridged audiobooks are terrible. #overdrive #audiobooks

This is an #introduction for the new @AudioFiction #group

Hi! 👋 I'm Evo, and I cut my teeth on #podcasting about #fiction way back in 2004.

I ran a website called Podiobooks•com from 2005–2015 that provided mostly author-narrated #Audiobooks delivered as #podcast feeds.

Today I curate @theendupdates, the weekly newsletter that shines a light back on #AudioFiction shows when they've reached the finale of a season or the conclusion of the series.

Your turn!

#ActivityPub #Mastodon

Max Leibman
2 months ago

How I select #audiobooks to listen to:

1. Discover that Audible has some kind of sale on their subscription and sign up.

2. Grab a couple titles I'm interested in and listen to the first three chapters of one of them.

3. Immediately fall behind and start stacking up credits.

4. Realize my credits are about to start expiring and I need to cancel the subscription.

5. Scramble to find something, anything to spend credits on so I can cancel the subscription without losing credits.

Okay. It’s been too long.

What are y’all reading? My reading slump is TERRIBLE.

I am however listening to this book, which is Living Resistance by Kaitlin B. Curtice.

If you are a reconnecting Native, and especially if you’re someone who is also deconstructing…you MUST read this.

Here’s a link to it on my bookstore’s page:

#Indigenous #Native #Books #Bookstodon #AmReading #Reading #Audiobooks

Book cover for Living Resistance. Pale orange background with hand-drawn Indigenous elements including two brown hands with painted nails, 4 blue birds, a sun, a few yellow and white flowers, strawberries, a small crescent moon, and three interlocking circles.
2 months ago

looking to find the audio people of Mastadon! i'm a sound designer, audio drama writer/director, and voice actor

would appreciate a boost!


Nonya Bidniss
2 months ago

Here is my book rating system:
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ = insanely good, unique, get it!
⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ = very good, highly recommend
⭐️⭐️⭐️ = solid read, recommend
⭐️⭐️ = badly written/edited, don't recommend
⭐️ = Didn't finish, horrible, burn before reading

#books #audiobooks #reading #scifi #ScienceFiction

Shaula Evans
2 months ago

PS If you have Audible credits leftover at the end of the month, why not treat yourself to one of my Premium Romance Audiobooks?

You can find links to all my books, as well as to my newsletter, tip jar, and wish list, on this links page, which is also always listed in my bio. 🙏 ❤️

#Audiobook #Audiobooks #Audible #Romance #Romancelandia @romancelandia @audiobooks @bookstodon

Shaula Evans
2 months ago

The end of the month is a GREAT time to support the indie artists you love!

Buy our art / books / audiobooks (!), subscribe to our newsletters, leave a tip, etc.

Your support keeps the lights on & lets us keep making art for you. Thank you! 🙏❤️

#Audiobook #Audiobooks #Bookstodon @audiobooks @bookstodon

Left side: Blue text in a yellow frame says: "Support Indie Artists".

Right side: a hand drops a red heart into a clear jar full of multi-colored hearts.
The End - Fiction Podcasts
2 months ago

Happy #FollowFriday, fans of all forms of #AudioFiction, like #AudioDrama, #Audiobooks, #FictionPodcasts, and more! And a heartfelt welcome to those of you who are staking your claim in the #Fediverse for the first time. 👋

To help make #Mastodon a better place for all of us, @evoterra maintains a list of Mastodon accounts for people, brands, and shows in the audio fiction space. You are encouraged to follow all of them and engage with them, helping us build and keep a thriving community of audio fiction folks here on Mastodon.

The thread below highlights the accounts found or added themselves since the last #FollowFriday.

Here goes!

🧵 continues ⤵️

Mark Kielty 🇮🇪
2 months ago

I'm listening to the #audiobooks of the #Spellslinger series by #SebastienDeCastell and I'm really liking it so far. Currently on #Charmcaster. Is there a #fandom for this?

I'm also now a Joe Jameson fan. That guy can really read a book!

#fantasy #Magic #SquirrelCat #FantasyBooks #FantasyFiction #FantasyLiterature #audiobook

Book cover of Charmcaster by Sebastien De Castell