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PS - Secret penis.

#Aurora #Music

Secret penis
13 hours ago

I also got the matching book, which is signed. It is essentially a copy of Aurora's notes from writing the album. Funny enough, it's actually not the first Aurora book I own.

#Music #Aurora

Cover of the book, which matches the vinyl cover.
Book title and signature.
From the first page or so of the book

I don't really know
But it does fascinate me.
Why did we put Gods in the sky?
Why are they so far out of reach?
Why do we have to be forgiven?
And why do we punish our women?
What is bad about being human?
Everything that makes this world a beautiful place to exist in, already exists within us.
Every single one of us.
Through our eyes, our heart, and our minds.  Through our tears and tasting palettes.
Through our imagination and our creativity.  Our trust and our connection to each other.
To the children we inspire, and the children who inspire us.
Right here.
The gods we can touch.
Aurora, July 2023.
A page in the book with a giant scrawling "THIS PLAN SUCKS"
13 hours ago

Finally got to my special edition copy of Aurora's album The Gods We Can Touch. I like this cover much much more than the normal cover.

Also the Vinyl itself is pretty neat.

#Aurora #Vinyl #Music

Cover for The Gods We Can Touch Vinyl, black with gold lettering, a recent moon in the center with clouds above and below.
Internal fold of the vinyl sleeve has a portrait of Aurora in black and white.
The vinyl of The Gods We Can Touch on a turn table, it is translucent with orange splatter coloring.
17 hours ago

Not much of a display last night but I finally got the gear out for some time lapse. #Nunavut #Arctic #Aurora

A time lapse of a starry night. The camera pans to the right and follows the stars as they sweep across the sky. A small amount of aurora appear twice in the clip.
Ron Beavis
1 day ago

Even though the gust of solar wind that has been promised for a few days hasn't appeared, tonight's #aurora prediction looks stronger than I would have expected.

Westport Observatory
3 days ago

A LARGE HOLE IN THE SUN'S ATMOSPHERE: Geomagnetic storms are possible on Dec. 4th and 5th when a solar wind stream is expected to hit Earth's magnetic field. The gaseous material flows from a massive hole in the sun's atmosphere. What does this mean for Earth? More lower latitude aurora? has the latest.

#Spaceweather #Aurora #solar #sun #northernlights

3 days ago

Aurora Corona - beaming on down
Aurora Corona - leaving light upon our town
The dawn is still glistening - the dew is all around
Aurora Corona
- looks like we very nearly drowned Oh Gaia!

#aurora #auroraaustralis #astronomy #NewZealand #thechills

Michael Kazarnowicz
3 days ago

The other day, we had amazing auroras up here. And when the moon rose, it created surreal scenarios by lighting up the landscape but not quite hiding the auroras. All in all, a magnificent display by nature.

#aurora #LivingInTheNorth #nature #Alt4You

A snow covered landscape at night. The vantage point is downhill from two wooden houses in front of a forest. Red, light blue, green auroras are playing behind the treeline, with intense colors behind the trees. The colors echo out on the dark-blue background of the sky, creating a haze of red and green.
A frozen lake with a pristine snow cover. In the bottom, the shadow of the photographer. At the end of the lake is a hill covered with spruces, above it the sky is a pale blue. Green wisps of aurora light seem to be rising from behind the hill.
A snow covered landscape at night. The vantage point is downhill from two wooden houses in front of a forest. Right by the treeline, the snow and trees are lit by a warm light coming from a fire in a barrel. The rest is dark, except for the sky which has vertical streaks of green and red forming band that curves across the star dotted background.
View of a frozen lake. To the right, trees on a hill cast long shadows on the untouched snow on the lake. The sky is dark blue and clear above, but far ahead a cloud formation looks like a two spaceships in a docking procedure hovering in a green haze of aurora light.
Mo 👩‍💻
3 days ago


"Bid me discourse, I will enchant thine ear,
Or, like a fairy, trip upon the green,
Or, like a nymph, with long dishevell'd hair,
Dance on the sands, and yet no footing seen:
Love is a spirit all compact of fire,
Not gross to sink, but light, and will aspire."
- #ShakespeareSunday, Venus and Adonis

#NorthernLights above Egilsstaðir in eastern #Iceland.

@photography #aurora #DailyPhoto #photography #WeatherPhotography

Please read the ALT tag for more...

A starry sky, devoid of clouds. Across the entire photo are stripes and ripples of bright green aurora, some with spikes pointing upward, some with a fork like a snake's tongue or a candle flame. The horizon is very low and is simply a dark block at the bottom of the shot but, in one place, the aurora is disappearing behind the hillside and a few silhouetted features can be seen - a power transmission tower, a few bare trees - which lend it scale.
3 days ago

Here's yet another picture from the auroral display of 1/2 December. It shows an SAR Arc "Stable Auroral Red" arc well to the North of the main display. What a night! #aurora #auroraaustralis #NewZealand

4 days ago

So here's what happens when you "unfisheye" a picture of a coronal aurora taken through a fisheye lens. Taken at 1:23am on 2nd December from the Otago Peninsula #aurora #auroraustralis #NewZealand

Auroral rays converge on the zenith point. They are many pastel colours.
4 days ago

I just can't keep looking at images I took during the auroral display of 1/2 December from my home on the Otago Peninsula. Look at the exquisite detail in this one, which is a 2 second exposure at 01:25 on the 2nd Dec. #astronomy #aurora #auroraaustralis

4 days ago

A few aurora pictures from my trip to Iceland. Out of the 700 I took :)

Taken near Mývatn

Sony A6600
Sony E 16mm f/2.8

#aurora #auroraborealis #photography #iceland #northernlights

Green and pink aurora borealis (northern lights) above a road covered in snow
Green aurora borealis (northern lights) above a dark landscape
Green aurora borealis (northern lights) above a dark landscape, with some snow visible. There is a car at the bottom left
Green and pink aurora borealis (northern lights) above a dark landscape
4 days ago

Are fou able to use #aurora ? I got a "server down for maintenance" for 2 days already ...

Ellie Kennard
4 days ago

What a wonderful gift to us!
Thank you so much!
I'm going to look at it on the big monitor asap.

#aurora #AuroraAustralis #SouthernLights #animation #shotcut #tasmania #LongExposure #timelapse

At last I've got a photo of the Aurora!

This is from last night, too faint to actually see (hopefully better performances in the coming days) but a long exposure did the trick. I've processed the colours (lightness) so they stand out a bit more, subtracted a dark frame, used a hot pixel filter to clean it up. Otherwise, that's it.

18mm, 32sec exposure, f3.5, ISO 400.

You can see the trails of two aircraft if you look closely.

#Astronomy #Photography #Aurora

Faint green glow on horizon with pinkish glow above that. Silhouetted with trees either side and with a starfield centred on The Plough as a backdrop.
Dave Burdick in Denver ☕
4 days ago

Colorado strikes “excited delirium” from all law enforcement diagnosis, training documents

#Colorado #Aurora #justice

Ron Beavis
4 days ago

The geomagnetic storm is over & the #aurora has returned to a low intensity phenomenon.

4 days ago

For #cloud nerds: I've posted the code, #cloudformaiton, and slides of my #BCN #Serverless #Meetup presentation on scaling #wagtail CMS to zero, using #aws #AppRunner and #Aurora serverless

Hayden Stainsby
4 days ago

I read that there was a pretty spectacular #AuroraAustralis last night, anyone in the southern hemisphere catch it?

#aurora #southernLights

4 days ago

#aurora from #southport last night. First time I have “seen” or rather captured on camera as wasn’t visible to naked eye. Pleased to see the plough too.

Ben Curran :azure:
4 days ago

It’s #aurora season, the Northerners get all the attention but I love the look of our Southern Lights #AuroraAustralis in pink (photo credit: Simon Capone)

Richard North
4 days ago

Something a bit different today. Milky Way above Keswick last night with the Northern Lights coming in from the right. #aurora #milkyway

Milky way and Northern lights.  Billions of stars!
4 days ago

Here's a timelapse taken through my fisheye lens (an 8mm f/4.0 lens) between 00:20 and 01:53 on Sunday 2nd December. It is comprised of 95 images initally of 30 seconds but eventually reducing to 14 seconds. This isn't particularly beautiful but it does show the scale of the display and a SAR arc quite nicely despite the clouds. I love circular fisheye images as they give a much nicer representation of the "dome of the sky" rather than panoramas in my opinion! #aurora #NewZealand

Northern lights tonight in Superior National Forest, MN. Photo by my #aurora chasing partner @bigendiansmalls 🤩

Aurora borealis dancing across a starlit sky in shades of green and red
4 days ago

And of course it has clouded up. #Aurora

Aurora activity illustration showing high aurora activity. Green circle with yellow orange and red parts. The red showing intense activity.
Ron Beavis
4 days ago

The geomagnetic storm that began this morning is well underway now: the North American #aurora should be visible at mid-latitudes this evening. #winnipeg #wpgweather

5 days ago

Ever wondered what the Aurora Australis looks like in real time on video? Your wish is my command. Here’s a sequence I shot earlier today showing the rapid pulses of the aurora which aren’t captured on timelapses! #aurora #auroraaustralis #realtime #NewZealand

Richard Johnson
5 days ago

I’m trying to work out if this is also Aurora, or just light pollution from the town. 🤔

#aurora #photography

A photograph taken at night from the middle of parkland, looking towards a line of trees along a road. Streetlights and car lights illuminate the trees. The sky above is full of stars and over the horizon is a greenish glow, with just a hint of texture in it. Possibly, it is Aurora low in the sky.
Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
5 days ago

2012-12-01 This evening's Aurora

Taken at Windyedge - the other tree in Perthshire ;) - at 2235hr as the aurora was beginning to fade again.

#aurora #auroraborealis #perthshire #scotland #naturephotography #landscapephotography #photography #astrophotography

Bright green and purple aurora with strong rays above the well-known oak tree at Windyedge on the outskirts of Perth.
5 days ago

Here’s some timelapse video from last night’s display of the Aurora Australis as seen from the Otago Peninsula in southern New Zealand #aurora #beauty #auroraausttalis

Felicity Martin
5 days ago

#aurora #NorthernLights from Perthshire, Scotland about half an hour ago. iPhone photo.

Night sky beyond a stubble field and wooded hills with a banded green glow low on the horizon and a streaked pinky-purple wash above. Many stars are visible as well as some thin whitish clouds low down behind trees and a monument on the left.
Andy Smith
5 days ago
Mark McCaughrean
5 days ago

If you’re in the UK or Northern Europe & have a clear horizon to the north without too much light pollution, go outside *now* & see if you can catch the aurora borealis 🤞

(We’re in a pub near the Grassmarket in Edinburgh, so, err …)


A chart showing a high possibility of seeing the northern lights / aurora from the UK.

Ooh. Aurora Watch UK has just issued a red alert, suggesting Aurora Borealis may be visible from all parts of the UK - meaning parts of Ireland may be able to view them too. 😀

The UK's Met Office has related info here:

#Aurora #AuroraBorealis #AuroraWatch

Screenshot of the red alert from the Aurora Watch app.
Andy Smith
5 days ago

Space Weather

Aurora Alert: Mid-latitude aurora now being reported down to ~42°N over Europe by amateur radio operators. Visual aurora is likely in the northern sky from this latitude.


Auroral amateur radio contacts during the past 30 minutes on the 2m (144 MHz) band.
Shetland Cliff Cam 3 at 22h32 UT. The green glow of the aurora can be seen with clouds in the foreground.
IT News
5 days ago

Radio Emissions Over Sunspots Challenge Models of Stellar Magnetism - Sustained radio emissions originating from high over a sunspot are getting researc... - #astrophysics #astronomy #science #aurora #space #radio #solar

5 days ago

This is Steve. (I refuse to call it STEVE; that’s a forced backronym. They called it Steve as a placeholder, because nobody knew what it was or what caused it, and the name stuck. It’s Steve. Not STEVE. Hi, Steve.)

Steve is a flow of charged particles that shows up as a narrow purple band, often accompanied by green “picket fence” spots. It’s not new, but it wasn’t realized that it was not just an ordinary auroral phenomenon, but had a separate mechanism.

Image: Isaac Diener

#CME #Aurora

Auroral Steve. Night sky with stars; silhouettes of pine trees on the horizon. A narrow, glowing purple band crosses most of the sky, with numerous short vertical green marks below it, looking a bit like the slats of a glowing green picket fence.

photographed September 5, 2022, above the Keweenaw Peninsula in Upper Michigan. 

Image credit: Isaac Diener
5 days ago

A crappy phone snap, but I was #cycling up by the wind farm when the #Aurora Watch UK app gave a red alert, and sure enough … #auroraborealis

red and greenish sky with stars and a silhoutted wind turbine.
5 days ago

Speaking of CMEs (Coronal Mass Ejections, when a big blob of charged crap explodes off the Sun—CMEs affect Earth when they hit us, causing aurora, radio interference, etc), I’ve only seen the aurora once. I went to college at about 45°N latitude, and once we got lucky; a geomagnetic storm caused by a CME produced a visible aurora. Not the most spectacular—a pulsing but diffuse green glow over much of the sky.

I’ve never seen Steve.

#CME #Aurora #SpaceWeather #Steve

5 days ago

01/12/2023 - Welcome to Meteorological winter. What a cold day to start December. We headed out for a walk up the hill just after sunset. Took tea with us. It was a chilly sit but wrapped up and little wind, felt OK. Nice to relax, have our butties and watch the night sky slowly, very slowly turn. On the way back we noticed a faint hint of aurora to the north. We stood and watched for a bit as we finished our flask of coffee. Cold now, round -3, time to go home.

#EveningWalk #Trigpoint #Aurora

Photo of the twilight sky as we headed up the hill. Bare tree branches reach across from the right. The sky is a nice golden colour as it starts to go dark, Clear sky and cold, very cold.
Photo of a trigpoint with a light dusting of hard frozen snow. It felt like winter this evening.
Looking north to the night sky. Star trails curve across the dark sky. There is a hint of green and red of aurora  towards the bottom. Lights of a village below, car lights head down quiet roads, a few airplane trails and a train.
5 days ago

Another shot from last night's display of the aurora australis here in Southern New Zealand. What a night. This is a 2 second exposure taken at 134am on 2nd November 2023. #aurora #newzealand #astronomy

5 days ago

Simply astonishing night of aurora here in the Deep South of New Zealand. Best display I have ever seen since moving here! Epic #aurora #beauty #NewZealand

Dr. John Barentine FRAS
5 days ago

"De-orbiting #SpaceX #rockets are smashing temporary holes in the upper #atmosphere, creating bright blobs of light in the sky. Now, scientists have warned that these 'SpaceX auroras,' which look like glowing red orbs of light, could be causing unrecognized problems — though they are not a threat to the #environment or life on #Earth."

#Space #SpaceSustainability #Astronomy #Aurora

Windy Wilson - Weatherman
5 days ago

@edavies You're not relevant, or weren't for this forecast as it was about freezing temperatures over central and southern Scotland . . . With regards to the Aurora, at the moment there's no significant activity, but we all know how quickly that can change

Meanwhile here's a few photos I took last weekend

#windywilson #weather #scotland #aurora #temperaturecast #ohyahoorsire

5 days ago

So the aurora australis was so bright tonight i could actually record it with my video camera! This is real time video. Also it was windy and bloody cold! #aurora #auroraaustralis #video

Andy Smith
5 days ago

Space Weather

Aurora Alert: Mid-latitude aurora is continuing, now reported by radio amateurs down to ~52°N over Europe.

A moderate G2 Geomagnetic Storm is in progress and appears to be reducing in strength.


Homemade Space Weather Dashboard displayed in a Hubitat Home Automation dashboard
Areas of aurora reported by amateur radio operators via the DXCluster system.
Kiruna, Sweden magnetometer plot
5 days ago

WHAT A BRILLIANT NIGHT. The aurora was so enormous tonight that i had to fire up a fisheye lens just to capture the whole display! Here's a picture from my observing perch on the Otago peninsula at 1:35am on 2nd December. #aurora #auroraaustralis #NewZealand

AkaSci 🛰️
5 days ago

We are currently at planetary K-index Kp = 7!
Looks like the CME arrived at earth a little later that previously predicted.
Hopefully those in the western part of N America and in the Pacific can get to see some bright auroras.

It is predicted to peak again at Kp = 6.67 later today between 21:00 and 00:00 UTC.
#CME #aurora

Andy Smith
5 days ago

Space Weather

Aurora Alert: Mid-latitude radio aurora reported down to ~55°N over UK and Europe.

A Strong G3 Geomagnetic Storm in progress.


5 days ago

Alaska is at a KP 7 tonight and Sitka is right in the thick of it! Aurora watchers get your butts out there!

There are NO clouds! I repeat..there are NO clouds! Red alert!

#Alaska #Sitka #Aurora #NorthernLights

Andy Smith
6 days ago

Space Weather

NOAA SWPC has updated the CME predictions to include no less than four CMEs which are due to arrive in the next couple of days.

"With 3 CMEs already inbound, the addition of a 4th, full halo CME has prompted SWPC forecasters to upgrade the G2 Watch on 01 Dec to a G3 Watch. This faster-moving halo CME is progged to merge with 2 of the 3 upstream CMEs, all arriving at Earth on 01 Dec. G3 (Strong) conditions are now likely on 01 Dec."


1 week ago


Thanks to the latest #solar #flare from the Sun earlier this week, the #Northern #Lights will be quite strong the next several nights.

The #Northland will have some #clouds at times, but there should be some decent #viewing opportunities, especially when the #Aurora #Borealis peaks Thursday night.

#wxtooter #weather #wx #MNwx #WIwx #UPwx

The Aurora Forecast for North America shows a minor geomagnetic storm with a K index of 5 for Wednesday night, and a strong storm with a K index of 7 for Thursday night.  It becomes weak starting Friday.  The stronger the geomagnetic storm, the more likely the Northern Lights will be visible over the Lower 48 states.
For Wednesday night, the Northern Lights will be likely over the northern horizon of the Northland.
1 week ago

Heads up, friends.

A Class 4 Geomagnetic storm is headed our way for end of this week! There should be lots of nice aurora, even getting to mid-latitudes.

If you get to a dark sky, and have a phone that can do 30-sec exposures, you should be able to catch them. Point towards the N/S poles.

#Aurora #GeomagneticStorm #Sun #SpaceWeather #Astrodon

Screenshot of the meteorology dept. website showing a series of days and warnings for geomagnetic storm activity. Thursday and Friday of this week are highlighted as being particularly strong space weather days.
1 week ago

Geomagnetic Storm Category G3 Predicted 1 December UTC #aurora

Ricky de Laveaga
1 week ago

#Colorado jury denies #ElijahMcClain’s humanity, declaring his life worthless and showering one of his murderers, #NathanWoodyard, with money.
By the time I get to #Aurora
#BlackLivesMatter #ICantBreathe @SamTLevin

Armpit Gusset
1 week ago

Last night was a delightfully pointless road trip with @bright_helpings

I heard about the #AuroraBorealis being particularly strong and visible across the UK that night. Aware of the full moon, I cross referenced a map of stargazing sites with cloud coverage to try and find somewhere cloud-free, and came up with Malham, a Dark Skies Discovery Site.

We drove there fuelled by #BBCRadio1 dance anthems and talking nonsense at each other. By the time we arrived, there was a light cloud cover, enough for the full moon to drown out the sky, so there was no chance of seeing the #aurora. Plus it turns out the site is south-facing.

We did see a lovely #MoonHalo, but so did @hag back home while walking Gary! After a while in the literally freezing car park, we headed home. The journey was more important than the destination and it was good to get E out of the house for a while and spend some time together.

The moon, slightly fuzzy behind minimal cloud. There's a bright ring of light around it.
Andy Morehouse
1 week ago

Last night, the Aurora appeared over the north of Scotland. An almost full moon and plenty of cloud made photography conditions fairly difficult, but that’s part of the fun of Aurora photography. This shot looks north from the Black Isle towards the Cromarty Firth and Easter Ross.

#aurora #auroraphotography #lovescotland #scottishphotography #landscapephotography

A green Aurora appears over a dark hilly landscape in the north of Scotland. The Cromarty Firth reflects some of the green light whilst the lights of coastal towns provide some detail in the shadows. Clouds dominate the sky and the full moon provides plenty of light washing out some of the brightness of the Aurora. However, just above the clouds, a green Aurora shows through.
Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
2 weeks ago

Aurora, Edinburgh

Sometimes you just gotta sit on a bench beside the Observatory, eating fish & chips from a favoured chippy (Stefano's on Morningside Road) in a chilly -1ºC under light of a full moon whilst watching the remains of an aurora display as Orion rises.

Fuji X-H2, 8-16mm @ 10mm, a 3-frame vertorama processed in DxO, Hugin and LuminarAI.

#aurora #auroraborealis #edinburgh #scotland #NightPhotography #nightsky #photography #vertorama #astrophotography

An aurora bright enough to outshine the full moon over the City of Edinburgh, taken from the trig-point up Blackford Hill near the Observatory
kim_harding ✅
2 weeks ago

Screenshot (25 Nov 2023 19:07:29) The aurora alert is now red, so a good chance to see the #NorthernLights or #aurora #AuroraBorealis

2 weeks ago

Eben gab es kurz Polarlichter die im Nordosten von NRW schwach zu sehen und gut zu fotografieren waren.
#Polarlicht #astrofotografie #Nachthimmel #astrophotography #nightsky #auroraborealis #aurora

Der Nachthimmel. Am Horizont Bäume, links im Bild Häuser. Am Himmel das Sternbild Großer Wagen. Der Himmel ist am Horizont grün, darüber pink. Ein paar hellere vertikale Streifen.
Patrick Hadfield
2 weeks ago

People in Scotland, there's a major aurora going on - worth checking if you can see it! (I'm in central Edinburgh with no way of getting to any height just now, so no, I can't see it!)

#Edinburgh #Scotland #aurora

Markus Tacker
3 weeks ago

#Aurora season is strong this year in #Trondheim 🇳🇴

Aurora over Trondheim
A group of people in front of the city panorama

Hat auch die Sonne Auroren? Astronomen beobachten erstmals Polarlicht-typische Radioemissionen über einem Sonnenfleck. #Sonne #Polarlicht #Aurora #Astronomie #Radiostrahlung