#ArtAdventCalendar Day 6 — While I may not have found an #AuroraBorealis technique I really like for Large & Serious™ paintings yet, adding some handmade glitter #watercolor to these tiny Aurora paintings makes for some really nifty ornaments, I think! 🥰

A 10 second video showing a 2 inch circle painting of two spruce trees silhouetted in front of the Aurora Borealis. When the painting is tilted, you can see color shifting shimmer changing from green & blue to pink & gold in the sky.
Henrik Sundström
2 days ago

An enormous dark hole has opened up in the sun's surface and is spewing powerful streams of unusually fast radiation, known as solar wind, right at Earth. The size and orientation of the temporary gap, which is wider than 60 Earths, is unprecedented at this stage of the solar cycle, scientists say. #sun #solarcycle #auroraborealis

Sun, with spots
Le Robot
3 days ago

J'ai enfin pu découvrir le spectacle des aurores boréales la nuit dernière et c'était tout simplement magique ! Les couleurs dansantes dans le ciel m'ont émerveillé. ✨🌌 #auroraborealis #magie

5 days ago

A few aurora pictures from my trip to Iceland. Out of the 700 I took :)

Taken near Mývatn

Sony A6600
Sony E 16mm f/2.8

#aurora #auroraborealis #photography #iceland #northernlights

Green and pink aurora borealis (northern lights) above a road covered in snow
Green aurora borealis (northern lights) above a dark landscape
Green aurora borealis (northern lights) above a dark landscape, with some snow visible. There is a car at the bottom left
Green and pink aurora borealis (northern lights) above a dark landscape
Jim Frost
5 days ago

Another red alert on the Aurora last night. The Northern Lights over Donside giving a fine display early in the evening #Aberdeenshire #Donside #Scotland #AuroraBorealis

The Northern Lights last night. Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
The Northern Lights last night. Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
The Northern Lights last night. Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
The Northern Lights last night. Aberdeenshire, Scotland.
Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
6 days ago

2012-12-01 This evening's Aurora

Taken at Windyedge - the other tree in Perthshire ;) - at 2235hr as the aurora was beginning to fade again.

#aurora #auroraborealis #perthshire #scotland #naturephotography #landscapephotography #photography #astrophotography

Bright green and purple aurora with strong rays above the well-known oak tree at Windyedge on the outskirts of Perth.
Anna Anthro
6 days ago


The #auroraborealis alert has 35% chance of #northernlights on the horizon and 6% overhead over #Montreal but… it is cloudy!!!

Ooh. Aurora Watch UK has just issued a red alert, suggesting Aurora Borealis may be visible from all parts of the UK - meaning parts of Ireland may be able to view them too. 😀

The UK's Met Office has related info here:

#Aurora #AuroraBorealis #AuroraWatch

Screenshot of the red alert from the Aurora Watch app.
6 days ago

A crappy phone snap, but I was #cycling up by the wind farm when the #Aurora Watch UK app gave a red alert, and sure enough … #auroraborealis

red and greenish sky with stars and a silhoutted wind turbine.
6 days ago

This year has been great to see auroras I’ve been spoiled with so many #photos of it.
#auroraborealis #northernlights #naturephotography #NightPhotography

Lou the Lustrous
6 days ago

#auroraborealis coming in nice tonight...
#lovewhereilive #scotland

Aurora borealis, faint red yellow glow in the dark northern sky
Anna Anthro
6 days ago

My brother is a Canadian North pilot.

During last night’s G3 solar storm, he snapped this gorgeous photo from the cockpit as they were flying over Norman Wells, #NWT #auroraborealis #northernlights #canada

Dark sky with a curtain of green red lights above horizon line
6 days ago

@mudaste Vai ser pelo menos tão forte como uma que ocorreu no inicio de Novembro e deu muitas auroras boreais em grande parte da Europa. Aqui acho mais difícil ver.

@catarinac será que é desta que vais ver?

Seguir as hashtags #aurora #NorthernLights #auroraborealis . Existem aqui muitas publicações em tempo real do que estiver a acontecer

Richard Nairn
1 week ago

Eyes on the sky tonight! #yyc #northernlights #auroraborealis

M J Tennant 🇪🇺
2 weeks ago

The best of last night’s #auroraborealis from Auchterarder.

Aurora over Strathearn - a bright green band of flares.
Green and red of the Aurora
A green swirl of Aurora activity
Bands of Aurora over Perthshire
Teemu Roos
2 weeks ago

Strong geomagnetic disturbances and Northern lights this weekend. Space weather report by the Finnish Meteorological Institute. Photo taken in Karkkila, Finland #auroraborealis

Armpit Gusset
2 weeks ago

Last night was a delightfully pointless road trip with @bright_helpings

I heard about the #AuroraBorealis being particularly strong and visible across the UK that night. Aware of the full moon, I cross referenced a map of stargazing sites with cloud coverage to try and find somewhere cloud-free, and came up with Malham, a Dark Skies Discovery Site.

We drove there fuelled by #BBCRadio1 dance anthems and talking nonsense at each other. By the time we arrived, there was a light cloud cover, enough for the full moon to drown out the sky, so there was no chance of seeing the #aurora. Plus it turns out the site is south-facing.

We did see a lovely #MoonHalo, but so did @hag back home while walking Gary! After a while in the literally freezing car park, we headed home. The journey was more important than the destination and it was good to get E out of the house for a while and spend some time together.

The moon, slightly fuzzy behind minimal cloud. There's a bright ring of light around it.
Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
2 weeks ago

Aurora, Edinburgh

Sometimes you just gotta sit on a bench beside the Observatory, eating fish & chips from a favoured chippy (Stefano's on Morningside Road) in a chilly -1ºC under light of a full moon whilst watching the remains of an aurora display as Orion rises.

Fuji X-H2, 8-16mm @ 10mm, a 3-frame vertorama processed in DxO, Hugin and LuminarAI.

#aurora #auroraborealis #edinburgh #scotland #NightPhotography #nightsky #photography #vertorama #astrophotography

An aurora bright enough to outshine the full moon over the City of Edinburgh, taken from the trig-point up Blackford Hill near the Observatory
2 weeks ago

Looking for recommendations for #tripod and tripod-adapter solutions for my Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro phone, preferably something I don't need to remove my wallet case for to use.
Currently using said wallet case to sort of balance my phone at an angle to capture #auroraBorealis aka #northernLights, but the case itself isn't very solid and only has a couple of angles where it stays in place, and it relies on having a flat surface to place it on.

#FiXatoCreative #DailyPhoto #FiXatoFoto #aurora #auroraPhotography

Green northern lights dancing above a nordic house against a dark blue sky.
In the foreground the surface of the round table the phone is resting on, can unfortunately still be seen...
Windy Wilson - Weatherman
2 weeks ago
kim_harding ✅
2 weeks ago

Screenshot (25 Nov 2023 19:07:29) The aurora alert is now red, so a good chance to see the #NorthernLights or #aurora #AuroraBorealis

2 weeks ago

Eben gab es kurz Polarlichter die im Nordosten von NRW schwach zu sehen und gut zu fotografieren waren.
#Polarlicht #astrofotografie #Nachthimmel #astrophotography #nightsky #auroraborealis #aurora

Der Nachthimmel. Am Horizont Bäume, links im Bild Häuser. Am Himmel das Sternbild Großer Wagen. Der Himmel ist am Horizont grün, darüber pink. Ein paar hellere vertikale Streifen.
Mo 👩‍💻
2 weeks ago

Northern Lit

The aurora above Fláajökull glacier in Hornafjörður, south-eastern #Iceland.
It had been a lovely November day, clear and very cold. We settled for the evening at our guest-house and watched the sky for any signs of activity. We didn't have to wait long.

@photography #DailyPhoto #LandscapePhotography #AuroraBorealis #NorthernLights

Please read the ALT tag for more...

A night scene of brown grassland and a line of mountains. Between them, the folds of a wrinkled glacier drop to ground level. Above them is a clear sky with a few small clouds and lots of stars. Just above the tops of the glacier are swirls and ripples of soft yellowish green, curling in a loop and then streaming across the sky to disappear at the centre right of the photo. The colour of the aurora is mirrored in reflection in puddles and the wet grass.

Väriä talveen ja iloa synkkien uutisten keskelle. Kuvasin nämä toissa yönä Inarin Partakossa. Sormetkin toimivat vielä, vaikka kameraa piti näprätä paljain käsin -25 asteessa. #aurora #auroraborealis #northernlights #revontulet #Lapland #Partakko #Aihkiniemi

En bild från gårdagens norrsken. Så härligt att få se det igen, dessutom tillsammans med snö och månljus.

#norrsken #norrland #night #nightphotography #aurora #auroraborealis

Första gången på länge man är ute på kvällen. Svagt norrsken utanför Örnsköldsvik och halvmånen samt diset gör det svårt att se norrskenet.

#norrsken #nightphotography #night #aurora #auroraborealis #northernlights

Svagt norrsken, direkt ur kameran.
Esther Hanko
4 weeks ago

Kans op #poollicht, oftewel #auroraborealis in Nederland vanavond.

Let op: Kans, geen zekerheid, maar toch! Houd in de gaten voor updates!

Samer Farha
1 month ago

Northern lights showed up big on my last night in Reykjavík

#reykjavík #iceland #aurora #auroraborealis #northernlights

Northern lights over a statue in downtown Reykjavík
Northern lights over downtown Reykjavík
Northern lights over downtown Reykjavík
Northern lights over downtown Reykjavík
Anna Anthro
1 month ago

Stronger solar activity could bring more displays of the northern lights in 2024 : NPR #aurora #auroraborealis

Nackdelen med att det är mulet 24/7 är att man börjar sakna att se stjärnhimlen.

Vintergatan tillsammans med norrsken, togs förra hösten.

#Vintergatan #norrsken #norrland #photography #nightphotography #milkyway #aurora #auroraborealis

Norrsken tillsammans med Vintergatan över en spegelblank sjö.
1 month ago

Northern lights from last night. It was friggin cold out there at midnight! Worth it though.

#iceland #nothernlights #auroraborealis

Kriszta Satori
1 month ago

And in a special one off, the Northern Lights had a short gig in Hungary:

De Witte Haas, Schiermonnikoog
1 month ago

#auroraborealis boven de #Noordzee gisteren bij Schiermonnikoog #Friesland #Nederland #aurora #noorderlicht #PhotoMonday #FotoMontag #OpenSource #DarkTable in het noordwesten. Aan de horizon groene en rode lampen van de betonning van het #Westgat tussen #Ameland en #Schiermonnikoog.
Foto: Folkert

Sterrenlucht met felrode en wat lager ook groene gloed boven een duinlandschap.

Northern Lights as captured outside of Bergen yesterday 😍

#aurora #auroraborealis

Northern lights outside of Bergen
Northern lights outside of Bergen
Northern lights outside of Bergen
Paul Steele
1 month ago

And last night the Northern Lights came out even more strongly.
Another blissful evening had.
Hello from this gorgeous corner of the world. @castlecreavie Galloway, Scotland.

#aurora #auroraborealis #northernlights

Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
1 month ago

The aurora was still going strong by the time I got back home. Such colours, curtains and ray structures.
Utterly awesome.

Prints and more available via the website:

#aurora #perthshire #scotland #photography #naturephotography #auroraborealis

Brilliant aurora display, bright purple rays and green
Brilliant aurora display, bright purple rays and green
Tim ☑️ 🔭🌃📷🚴🌳
1 month ago

This is one *massive* aurora display on the go. Too much cloud in the wrong places to be seeing any red but it was right overhead and down into the southern side of the sky... Just wow.

#aurora #auroraborealis #perthshire #scotland #nightsky #photography

Brilliant green aurora filling the sky behind thick clouds, reflected in a small lochan with a fishing hut / bothy illuminated by a LED light.
Esther Hanko
1 month ago

Captured the #auroraborealis in the Netherlands tonight! Unfortunately with lots of clouds so it wasn't visible with the naked eye. But still! Nothern lights in the Netherlands! Woohoo! #nothernlights

A cloudy sky with lots of trees in the foreground and the background sky is bright pink.
A few trees with a night sky with some clouds and some vertical pink pillars from the aurora

Aurora photos from East Cork, Ireland


Bright red and greens of an Aurora borealis. Shadows of trees in the foreground and stars in the background.
Bright red and greens of an Aurora borealis. Shadows of trees in the foreground and stars in the background.
Emma Östberg
1 month ago

I honestly don’t even know which ones to pick. #aurora #auroraborealis #northernlights #norrsken

Northern lights in green, pink, red and purple.

Woah! I just took the coolest picture ever! 🌠

Popped out to the garden when I read someone's toot about the Northern Lights being visible in Northern Britain. Couldn't see them with naked eye, but long exposure, taken over town, above the hills in the north, showed the green glow...then a plane flew across the Big Dipper 😊
#NightPhotography #Photography #AuroraBorealis #Astronomy #Cymru

Night shot, long exposure. Glow of street lights below, hills silhoetted and green aurora hlow above them. In centre field, the big dipper, crossed by dotted line of airliner that flew above. Tree to left in foreground and chimney pot straight ahead
Anna Anthro
1 month ago

Massive #auroraborealis over #Russia and Northern #Europe at moment.

Heading to Alaska & Canada tonite & early Monday morning.

Large semi circular green and red overlay over map of arctic and Russia

Be on the lookout for Northern Lights tonight. Solar activity is at Red Alert levels.

#NorthernLights #AuroraBorealis #Aurora #Mastodaoine

Aurora forecast showing definite presence of auroras over Northern Europe.
Anna Anthro
1 month ago

Univ of #alaska has issued an #auroraborealis alert for most of #Canada for tonite & tomorrow morning..

Weather permitting, highly active auroral displays will be visible overhead from #Inuvik #yellowknife #rankin and #Iqaluit to #edmonton #vancouver Helena, Minneapolis, Milwaukee, Bay City, #toronto #montreal Montpelier, and #charlottetown and #newfoundland.

It will be visible low on the horizon from Salem, Boise, Cheyenne, Lincoln, Indianapolis and Annapolis.

Map of north america with green semi circle over canada showing aurora location
Mo 👩‍💻
1 month ago

By Hook Or By Crook

#Aurora above Berufjörður in eastern #Iceland, looking north.

Another of my all-time favourite photos. I like to use a longer exposure for #NorthernLights, so that more stars are visible. This shot had the benefit of being moonlit from the south as well.

Worth a click to view full size!
A sharp eye might find the navigation lights of a plane.

#AuroraBorealis #photography #WeatherPhotography #LandscapePhotography #Landscape @photography

Please read the ALT tag for more...

The mountainous coastline of a fjord is softly lit from behind the viewpoint. The water in the foreground is reflecting the green hues of the gorgeous aurora above the peaks. The sky is clear, and nuances of green can be seen to the right of the main auroral loop which extends from the top left to the centre right of the shot. The overall impression is dynamic yet still and peaceful at the same time.
Ewen Bell
1 month ago

Welcome to my quick and dirty guide to finding and shooting The Northern Lights in the Arctic. I’ve got lots of pretty pictures here plus some very useful advice to help you get started on a lifelong obsession with Auroras!

#Photography #Auroras #Nordlys #NorthernLights #EwenTube #AuroraBorealis

YouTube with Ewen Bell

Welcome to my quick and dirty guide to finding and shooting The Northern Lights in the Arctic. I’ve got lots of pretty pictures here plus some very useful advice to help you get started on a lifelong obsession with Auroras!
Chuck Berray
2 months ago

Aurora dancing over Bear Valley, AK. tonight. #Alaska #anchorage #aurora #auroraborealis #auroraborealisnotifications

Kathaja Krim
2 months ago


I can't believe that I saw this with my own eyes.
The colors aren't that green in reality, but with long-time exposure on my phone I got this result.

#AuroraBorealis #NorthernLights #photography #Norway

A photo of the night sky and two green stripes of aurora borealis. Below are houses with a yellow light.
A photo of the night sky with aurora borealis and a dark mountain range. Underneath is a line of small yellow lights, probably buildings.
A photo of the night sky with several green stripes of aurora borealis over a mountain range.
A photo of the night sky with flecks of green and red aurora borealis over a mountain range and the same line of lights as in the previous image.
2 months ago

I had a blast painting this background! I'm thing I'm getting the hand of painting finally!

#furryart #furry #wolves #northenlights #auroraborealis #night #stars #background #scenary