My interview with grimdark fantasy author, Michael R Fletcher, explores magic systems, faith & belief, social heirarchy in his books. And collaborating with other authors.

It's a great chat with a giant of the #fantasy genre.

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Just finished a Zoom meeting w a group based in Copenhagen who are writing a book about sustainability and how to help consumers/corporations pivot to healthier climate practices. I'm prohibited by my NDA to name who it is, but my hope is that their work is successful. There’s no economy on a dead planet.

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Today in Labor History June 5, 1919: Richard Scarry was born. Scarry wrote and illustrated humorous children’s books with elaborate scenes of anthropomorphized animals. Some of his recurring characters were Lowly Worm, Huckle Cat, Mistress Mouse the tow truck driver, Wild Bill Hiccup, Gold Bug and Dingo the reckless driver. His fictional world, Busy Town, is characterized by a strong sense of community and mutual aid. Over the years, he revised his stories in an attempt to eliminate racial and gender stereotypes.

#RichardScarry #children #fiction #ChildrensBooks #books #author #writer #illustration #WorkingClass #MutualAid @bookstadon

Lowly Worm, in his apple mobile.
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Today in Labor History June 5, 1832: The poor of Paris revolted against the new monarchy, in the wake of crop failures, food shortages and a cholera epidemic, which killed over 100,000 people in France. The poor were especially hard hit by the outbreak. Many believed that the wealthy had poisoned their wells. The Society of the Rights of Man organized an army and raised the red flag, declaring "Liberty or Death." Nearly 100 Republicans died in their attempt to overthrow the government. Over 70 monarchists died defending it. The uprising was the inspiration for Victor Hugo's “Les Miserables,” which depicts the period leading up to the rebellion. Hugo was living in Paris at the time, working on a play. When he heard the gunfire, he ran outside to see what was happening, and quickly got pinned down by gunfire, taking shelter between Republican barricades.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #poverty #uprising #insurrection #rebellion #VictorHugo #epidemic #outbreak #paris #france #novel #fiction #author #writer @bookstadon

The death of Éponine during the June Rebellion, illustration from Victor Hugo's Les Misérables. By Fortuné Méaulle - Victor Hugo, Les Misérables, Paris, Eugène Hugues, 1879-1882, 5 volumes., Public Domain,
John Mulhall
3 hours ago

Proof reviewed the 7th x4 chapter block of my novel #soldersee. I am 2/3rd of the way through my #novels 1st draft at 56,200 words with more to follow! Stay tuned for developments. #writers #writingcommunity #writing #authors #author

Image of chapter 28, Round Three. It is the 1st draft of the novel Soldersee, by John Mulhall.
Mark McElroy
5 hours ago

Today is my last coffee meeting with the amazing Heather Truett, #author of Kiss and Repeat, among other works.

Heather moved to my small town a few months back, and our monthly (or so) coffee meetings have inspired me, delighted me, and taught me a lot. She pushed me to finish #ParallelLines, and, inspired by her, I've been writing and submitting with the greatest frequency of my life.

She's moving away. How I'll miss her!

Never doubt the simple power of connecting with another #artist.

Nick East (Indie Writer)
5 hours ago

Back then I had no idea what I wanted to be, but I have always strived to be isolated and weird. That's the dream😂

@writers @writingcommunity @bookstodon @bookstadon

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#Isolated #Weird #IHaveADream
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Author Steaphan Kay :verfox:
5 hours ago

Amazon is trying to fix their book categories. They have child categories mixed in with parent categories that don't make logical sense. So, this is good...but it could affect your current genre ranking...

And now, authors get three categories instead of two (but no more contacting support to get others added). Randy Masters provides an informative overview of the changes and implications.

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All audiobook chapters for Part I of Dawn Must Follow Night are now up on Patreon!

They will be coming out on YouTube once per week, but if you would like to listen to them all without the wait, please consider buying me a coffee. Thank you!

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River J. Hopkins
18 hours ago

In the sharpness
Of the sun dappled
I etched my soul
Onto the day,
And sang
Kestrel songs
To the
Drinking in
Everything that

#Poetry #Poet #Poem #Author #AuthorsOfMastodon

#WritingWonders 6.4 — "When was the last time you traveled?"

Title: Sharp Tool a'Traveling

I looked down at the rucksack I'd thrown on the silver satin bedspread, then the few flimsy pieces of under-clothing I'd pulled from a drawer. Anyone could see how worn the travel bag was, especially where the sleeping pad had rubbed against the canvas. Bolt was into her chains, piercings, and hardware, and for what it was worth, lots of complimentary (read: punk) clothing, not to mention cosmetics.

Unlike me.

I wore clothing only to the extent it was functional. I was a minimalist. Minimalism made it easier to run away. It took me a moment to interpret the day angel's expression.

I said, "Yeah, below my station. I don't give a flapping—"

"That's your luggage? Where did you go?"

I shoved in some light green shorts and a form-fitting top, made of technical fabric that could handle the humidity of our destination: Her home town, where the masquerade would take place. [The Masquerade Invitation:] Of course, everyone knew my past and I'd been pardoned of my crimes. Still...

"Well," I started, "I decided I wanted to see more of the country. When I discussed it with a guy, he gave me a map through the costal forests to the southern route to Home City. [Wild Encounter:] I had quit my job in Harbor City, and wanted to take some time off."

Bolt lifted the rucksack, eying it suspiciously, then drew her face back after sniffing it. "You walked all that way?"

"Yeah, I did."

"That had to take, what, two months?"

"Four; should've taken six." I answered. Bolt spotted something, then held the bag and looked ready to scratch it off with a fingernail. "Don't," I added, and she jerked her hand back.

"That looks like blood."

"It is. Citron's."

She dropped the rucksack. "Strange souvenir. Begs a question. Why? Why the trip? Why such a long one?"

I drew a few worn magic books from my bookshelf, and my notebook, and shoved them in with a quill. I shrugged. "I wanted to disappear long enough that people would assume somebody had killed me: gave me cement shoes and thrown me in the bay."

Bolt looked at the blood stain. "You assumed wrong?"

"People don't think you could accidentally go from a nobody to a championship prizefighter to running a crime syndicate in barely three years. You have to be competent. Worse, they don't think someone obviously so competent would suddenly disappear after running the organization for a few weeks. I had. All that. Accidentally.

"I don't think the boss thought I'd really let her die.

"I ghosted the organization—after fixing it so it wouldn't implode after the gang war. Running it was a complete, stupid-headed, diversion from my goal of learning magic. I was totally incompetent to run it. I wasn't bloody-minded enough. I knew factions didn't like the changes I made, and would soon try to kill me, unless I did something about it. What I did was choose to leave." [The Wanted Poster:]

"They went after you?"

"Dunno. Maybe? Probably? Maybe the boss' plans within plans followed after her death? Turns out that Director Rainy Days had been watching me all along. She had thought of my misadventures as training. Of course something happened. Why not? My luck. Who's fault? Them? Her Highness? I dunno. I got tangled up in one of their schemes, and, well, um... I resolved it in the Director's favor. Afterward, she had the temerity to criticize me for wimping out with the syndicate! For not following my vision of wanting to make the organization more legit!"

"Wait? She wanted you to kill— to let people die..." Bolt swallowed visibly. "To fix things?"

"That's Rainy Days for you. That's why you should never trust an absolute ruler."

"And she made you her heir?"

I pulled my ivory-handled jackknife from my messenger bag; popped it open with a click. The razor flashed and gleamed as if it were alive, preening for us. I was being used, by the Director, pretty much as I'd used this very blade, sticking it into someone's chest—oddly enough, to save them. I closed it with the palm of my hand, and dropped the sharp tool into my rucksack.

A sharp tool had to be used improperly to be made evil. Would I use it on this trip? Was I being used? Misused?

I already knew I was evil.

I said, "Yeah. Go figure. She's immortal. You wonder why I don't trust her?"


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Today in Labor History June 4, 1943: The Zoot Suit riots began in Los Angeles, with white soldiers attacking and stripping mostly Latino, but also some black, Italian and Filipino youth who wearing zoot suits. They did it in response to wartime propaganda vilifying the wearers of zoot suits as unpatriotic hoodlums. There was a government ban on zoot suits and other long, woolen articles of clothing because of war rationing. Additionally, the LA Times had been whipping up racial tensions by publishing propaganda associating Mexican and Hispanic youth with delinquency, particularly in the wake of the Sleepy Lagoon murder. Race riots also occurred that summer in Mobile, Beaumont, Detroit, Chicago, San Diego, Oakland, Philadelphia and New York City.

During the Great Depression, the U.S. had deported between 500,000 and 2 million Mexicans. Of the 3 million who remained, the largest concentration lived in Los Angeles. Because of discrimination, many were forced into jobs with below-poverty wages. And then, the U.S. military built a naval academy in the Latino community of Chavez Ravine, further exacerbating tensions.

Zoot suits (baggy pegged pants with a long, flamboyant jacket that reached the knees) became popular in the early 1940s, particularly among young African American men. It was associated with a sense of pride, individuality and rebellion against mainstream culture. The trend quickly made its way into the Hispanic and Filipino subcultures in southern California. During this time, there was also a rise of pachuco culture among Latin youth. Chicano or pachuco jazz had become incredibly popular. Some of the great Pachuco band leaders included Lalo Guerrero, Don Tosti and Don Ramon Martinez.

Margarita Engle depicted The Zoot Suit riots in her young adult novel, Jazz Owls (2018), which she wrote in verse.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #racism #RaceRiot #riot #ZootSuit #chicano #Mexican #LosAngeles #propaganda #ww2 #immigration #deportation #hisfic #fiction #novel #books #author @bookstadon

This photograph of three men sporting variations on the zoot suit was taken by Oliver F. Atkins. Atkins worked for the Saturday Evening Post and was a personal photographer to President Richard Nixon. By This photograph of three men sporting variations on the zoot suit was taken by Ollie Atkins. Atkins worked for the ‘Saturday Evening Post’ and was a personal photographer to President Richard Nixon.National Archives, Richard Nixon Library and Museum -, Public Domain,
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Today in Labor History June 4, 1939: The U.S. blocked the MS St. Louis from landing in Florida. The ship carried 963 Jewish refugees who were fleeing the Nazis. Canada also refused. As a result, the ship was forced back to Europe. Over 200 of its passengers ultimately died in Nazi concentration camps. The ordeal is also known as the Voyage of the Damned. It has been depicted in numerous books, including Julian Barnes’s novel, A History of the World in 10 ½ Chapters (1989); Bodie and Brock Thoene's novel Munich Signature (1991); and Leonardo Padura's novel Herejes (2013). Cordell Hull, who was Secretary of State at the time, and who led the fight to turn the refugees away, won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1944. It was one of the worst Nobel prizes ever awarded (along with Henry Kissinger (1973), who facilitated bloody dictatorships in Chile and Argentina, genocides in Bangladesh and East Timor, and carpet bombing of Cambodia. Or Elihu Root (1912), the U.S. Secretary of War who oversaw the brutal repression of the Filipino independence movement. And let’s not forget Shimon Peres, Yitzak Rabin and Yasser Arafat (1994), who jointly won the Nobel Peace Prize despite their histories of human rights abuses. Or Aung San Suu Kyi (1991). Or Mikhail Gorbachev (1990), who sent tanks into the Baltic republics less than a year after winning his “peace” prize, killing numerous civilians. Or Barack Obama (2009), who began assassinating civilians with his drones and arresting more immigrants than his predecessor, George W. Bush, not long after winning his Nobel. Or Woodrow Wilson (1919), an outright racist and apologist for slavery, who sent troops to occupy Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, and to “intervene” in Cuba, Honduras and Panama, and who oversaw the Palmer raids that led to over 10,000 arrests and over 500 deportations of union leaders, peace activists, socialists and anarchists. Or Menachem Begin (1978), who four years after receiving his “peace” prize launched the bloody invasion of Lebanon, and who refused to fire Ariel Sharon, even after the Kahan Commission found Sharon culpable for the Sabra and Shatila massacre.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #nazis #jews #holocaust #NobelPrize #massacre #genocide #imperialism #invasion #occupation #ConcentrationCamp #HistorialFiction #novel #books #author @bookstadon

Book cover of Munich Signature, showing a man looking out to sea.

I updated Linda Teppler's website to now include links to her Future Urban Farmer channel and her Goodreads page. #author #writingcommunity 📚

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 day ago

An appreciation for what your body can do & a chance to give back. All part of this week’s Three Minute Reset:

#3MR #LifeCoach #Growth #SelfCare #cpr #feet #writing #author #balance

Branded art for my free weekly newsletter. Purple background, various outlines of human figures. Headline: You Need This to Stand Out. Subhead: …and how to save a life!
RS, Author, Novelist
1 day ago

#WritingWonders 6.3 — Share art [...] of your WIP world.

The art I do is photography and the world I set my stories in doesn't exist. I had to think about this one a lot, what I might share and not mislead, which is why I'm posting this so late. I have commissioned some artwork, covers. They don't reflect the #sff I'm writing now so I'll not show this one entirely, but I do hope this day angel with ruby in his wings will make beyond the first chapter I've written. The full-sized image is inspiring me to ensure that. Sorry to be so circuitous and evasive.

Below: Cartoon detail image of ruby-tipped feathers and blood dripping by Syrupyyy.


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #cover #coverart #writersOfMastodon

Cartoon detail image of ruby-tipped feathers and blood dripping by Syrupyyy.
Monica DePaul, Author
2 days ago

I've fully repaired my self-esteem, but the world around me is still an uncertain mess of complicated bullshit.

Weird uncertainty
I'm okay with myself now
But world is a mess

#HaikusByMonica #Haiku #Daily #Poetry #Poet #AmWriting #Writer #Author #MentalHealth

2 days ago

My column is the Megaphone Magazine cover story this month. I chat with award-winning journalist and author Angela Sterritt about her book “Unbroken: My Story of Survival and My Fight for Justice and Hope for Indigenous Women and Girls”

Find a vendor in Vancouver & Victoria:

Buy online:

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Yahia Lababidi
2 days ago

'This #book is a collection of aphorisms - bite-size observations that range from lighthearted quips to deeply spiritual proverbs.

It is eminently quotable and re-readable, and the #author strikes an excellent balance of tone and subject matter so that the book stays interesting throughout its brisk read time...

Great for fans of #micropoetry and #words of #wisdom.'


@bookstodon #boost #poetry #WritingCommunity #spirituality #quotes #books #life

Branwen OShea (she/her)
2 days ago

I just sold a signed book by carrying a few in my car. 😊
#author #authors #amwriting

RS, Author, Novelist
3 days ago

Good writing news: Wrote for 10 hours straight today. 😋​

Bad writing news: It was a training script for the day job. 😱​

#Nonfiction not #fiction or #sf! 😢​

#writing #writer #author #writingCommunity #writersofmastodon #BoostingIsSharing

N.P. Thompson
3 days ago

So, my author copies arrived today and 80% were already damaged when I took them out of the box. And I somehow managed to scratch the cornea in my right eye two days ago and am now on prescription eye drops and lots of Advil for the next week. And the electrical work I need to get done in the new place is going to cost more than I had expected.


My kitty sat in my lap and purred for about 15 minutes straight, so that was nice.

She is back in her fuzzy bed in the cat-cave under my desk now, though.

#WritersWithCats #WritersLife #WritingCommunity #Author #Writer #WriterProblems #KidLitCommunity

A white-and-charcoal-gray cat is nestled in a fuzzy round cat bed under a desk. I need one of these cat beds in people-size. :)
RS, Author, Novelist
3 days ago

#WritingWonders 6.2 — Were any of your fictional settings inspired by real world locations?

I am going to interpret this question so it is yes. (And sneak in some #writingadvice.)

When I wrote the original story, my main character related that she was being blackmailed for having been in a gang. It allowed her to be good at fighting while coming across a nihilist. I got glimpses of a gang war and a city block on fire, and what she had to put up with (and submit to) to rise in the ranks of male lieutenants. The darkness evoked a sooty heartless cityscape, which fit in with detective noir images of the gritty cities of the northeastern US in the mid 1900s. You could call that inspiration, right?

Then I decided to write a prequel to the original story that related that edgy backstory.

I ended up choosing a set of cities: Baltimore, Princeton, and Brooklyn, with secondary roles for the Jersey coast opposite Brooklyn across the bay, Philadelphia, and little towns and parks in between. While I didn't actually set the story in these places, because this story doesn't take place in modern times or a recognizable world, I employed maps of the region.

Using actual geography is helpful for numerous reasons. It limits the movement of characters and suggests obstacles in their adventures. Having to deal with how bus lines are laid out, and posted bus and light rail schedules, can add worsening to a story. It makes the story feel real.

I use Google Maps to find interesting associated businesses and government buildings consistent with the story. I often use street view to suggest what the characters might see, hear, or smell. That filters into the description. Sometimes I use actual street- and place names, as I did in Fight for Real ( The 17 Restaurant in the story exists in Baltimore, as does the intersection. Find it in street view and see what I based the descriptions upon!

Street maps are helpful for laying out a believable marathon route.
Maps with building layouts are good for find a building to duck into to loose a tail that has doors on the opposite street.
Rental maps are good for finding a place for the MC to rent an apartment where there might be a close restaurant for important scenes to take place.

Finding a suitable apartment might lead to determining how far a character might realistically have to run—through an Ivy League university—to reach a train station while being chased by assassins. In that same neighborhood you might need a coffee house to meet a magic tutor, or need to find a suitable a cul-de-sac to be ambushed by goons.

I could randomly layout towns and cities. Sometimes I do. However, city planning, whether it was done via zoning or stupid urban sprawl, has a consistency that adds a layer of realism. The composition of the neighborhoods and the distances between places keep me from making things appear unnaturally hard or easy for the characters. Also, why invent the wheel? Drafting cities is another way to procrastinate. (As is scrolling around online street views, admittedly.)


#writingAdvice #fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon #urbanplanning #map #googlemaps

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
3 days ago

While there are many definitions of success, if you examine the lives of various people considered successful in their respective industries or fields of endeavor, you will find that they do these five things each day.

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Carly Hayward, Editor
3 days ago

Tip 1 of 9: The beginning of your story should provide both clarity and intrigue: too much intrigue is confusing, too much clarity can be boring. Balance the questions and answers.

#WritingCommunity #EditingTips #Writer #Editing #WritersLife #Author #AmWriting #WritingTips

Steve Dustcircle ⍻
3 days ago

#Comedian, #actor and #author #PattonOswalt '91, D.A. '23 addresses graduates at his alma mater, William & Mary in #Williamsburg, Va. Friday night. During the ceremony more than 2,050 #undergraduate and #graduate degrees were conferred.

Victoria Audley
3 days ago

Omg it's #PrideMonth and I have a #queer book out in 18 days

The Hunt and the Haunting is a sapphic regency ghost story novella for fans of Jane Austen who wish it was gayer and also had ghosts in 👻

You can pre-order it now or pick it up from my Ko-fi shop on release day!

#IndieAuthor #author #books #QueerBooks #pride #lgbtq #bookstodon #gothic #novellas

a dark forest with autumn-coloured brown and orange foliage blurred in the foreground. grey text reads: the hunt and the haunting, a queer regency ghost story. 20th of june, 2023. link at the bottom:
RoAnna Sylver :verified:
4 days ago

Happy #PrideMonth, y'all! (Or Wrath, or Sloth, or...) Rather than a company with a rainbow sticker, I'm an actual #Queer #IndieAuthor! 🌈

I can't think of any better day to announce that my first #Audiobook, CHAMELEON MOON, is complete at 16 glorious hours of enhanced narration and original music...

And pre-orders are open right now!! 💜

#Author #SFF #SpeculativeFiction #Books #QueerBooks #Indie #ChameleonMoon #lgbtq

Two people standing within a colorful, fiery burning city-scape. On the left is a confident looking Black woman with pink hair in a purple punk-rock outfit holding a microphone, and on the right is a very nervous-looking dragon-boy (green, scaly skin, cute pointed ears and multiple piercings).

The title text reads "Chameleon Moon, by RoAnna Sylver. Read by Kyle Rocco East and RoAnna Sylver"
Monica DePaul, Author
4 days ago

I need to think of a new first chapter for this book because, according to some useful feedback I recently received, this is likely what has been holding me back. This is not easy. Oh, and if anyone wants an update about my employment problems, I'm actually not sure what's going on at the moment, so I'm going to refrain from commenting for now. first chapter
Where should my story begin?
Catch an agent's eye

#HaikusByMonica #Haiku #Daily #Poetry #Poet #AmWriting #Writer #Author #AmQuerying #AmEditing #HaikusByAmy

RS, Author, Novelist
4 days ago

Introduction (#writingWonders 6.1 — Intro Day)

I am a feminist SF writer, more details on my profile. I'm planning on pinning this post to my profile, so it will change over time. Since I write a lot of #microfiction / #suddenfiction for #Mastodon, here is a pinned post of links to those stories:

On Mastodon, I am building a network of other writers by being both entertaining and informative, sharing what I learned the hard way. My motto: There Shall Be Content! My community goal is to help people with writing and to help them get over what's keeping them from completing stories. I'm also learning self-publishing as a business. I hope to push back the loneliness that's part and parcel of a solitary profession.

I follow serious authors, which means people diligently writing or working at completing stories or articles or anything containing words with the intent to publish. Whether that's #fiction, #nonfiction, #scripts, #comics or #manga, or #games, that's probably you. I read everyone's profile before following, and generally require some posts to ensure I'm making the right choice. DM me if your posts didn't follow you when switching instances. My timeline is full, so please don't feel bad if I miss something.

I will follow an #artist based on seeing interesting work. This can be #photography or hand drawn/painted #art. I am partial to #charcoals and #pastel, appreciate #sketch art, but love #watercolor (because I can't do that!), or just really good visuals. I will discuss what's great in what you post if wowed, or #critique if you're really close and I think I can help. I occasionally commission cover and interstitial art. I do fine art photography and have done wedding and event photography (

Last: *Did you entertain me? Did you make me think?" I may follow you. I have a weird sense of humor, which follows since many of my characters are snide and cynical.

That brings me favorites, that little star button. I do my very best never to click it to acknowledge I've simply read your post. My favorites generally mean something caught my attention, was particularly apropos to the idea, was entertaining, or somehow pithy. If I favorite replies in a conversation, that could be an acknowledgment. If I reply to your post, I've definitely noticed something!

I believe boosting is sharing, and I sometime wait a while to provide them better visibility. I appreciate when people boost my posts when they affect them in return.


#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #writersOfMastodon #writingWonders 6.1 Intro

RS, Author, Novelist
4 days ago

#Links to #Story Samples Written by R.S.

Over the past half-year, I've written very short fiction stories in my universe for #Mastodon under the #writingWonders hashtag. They're first citizen samples of my 1st person writing, my casual—made to be read aloud—writing style, and include my still evolving characters. None tally much more than 750 words, with a hard character limit set by my instance. I think they're an easy read. Some are based on my earlier works, some on works not yet written. With the exception of the excerpts, they represent the time off stage of the novel, between stories or scenes, or before future stories; or scenes rewritten from another POV that isn't in the story.

Most of what was written for Mastodon was written quickly, edited immediately, then posted. It could be better, but I've resisted more than revising typos or inappropriate words. Everything is experimental; nothing should be considered canon. So, each in roughly chronological order:


The Wanted Poster:
Wild Encounter:
Where Most Comfortable:
Friends Amongst Thieves:
The Masquerade Invitation:
Dream of Being Alive, of Laughter:
Love Can't Wait:
Trust Issues:
She has a Birthday in Autumn:

Excerpts with proposed titles:

I'm not the Thaumaturge You're Looking for...:
Not Chattel:
Dangerous Word Play:
Fight for Real:
Daemon at the Door:
Bling with Strings Attached:


"What do you envy about your closest friend?":
"Briefly describe your relationship with your parents.":*
"The three most important things in your life?":
An unusual question:
"If you could teach one subject...":
"What do you never leave home without?":
"What annoys you the most?":
"What do you find attractive in him?":
"What is your idea of a perfect day?":
"What attracted you to her?":
"Who Am I?":


Vignettes asking whether she's attractive:

[Author retains copyright to all posted words]

All my answers to #writingWonders can be found by clicking:

#BoostingIsSharing #CommentingIsCool

#fiction #fantasy #sf #sff #sciencefiction #writing #writer #writers #author #writingcommunity #1stPerson #writersOfMastodon #story #storySamples #excerpt
#microfiction < 500 words
#suddenFiction ~750 words

Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
4 days ago

THE FACEMAKER is out today in paperback! 🇬🇧

It tells the poignant true story of the visionary surgeon who rebuilt the faces of WWI's injured heroes, and in the process ushered in the modern era of plastic surgery.

I'd be grateful for your support:

#books #histodon #histodons #history #WW1 #WarHistory #plasticsurgery #war #author #writing #twitterstorians #historian #medhist #histmed

The UK cover of THE FACEMAKER featuring a World War I Tommy. His face is made of many faces.
Branwen OShea (she/her)
5 days ago

Inviting all #writers to join us for the fun and friendship of #WritingWonders. You can participate with a WIP or an already published book. Alina, Amelia and I have come up with some hopefully intriguing questions for June. For added fun, several questions are for your characters to answer in their voice. 😊
As always, play the days you want, skip the ones you want. Looking forward to seeing all your answers, finding great books, and meeting new friends. Here you go!
#amwriting #author

Questions for the daily #WritingWonders game. If you need these in text form, please contact me, as they won’t all fit here.
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
5 days ago

One of my favorite things about working from home is taking reading breaks on the front stoop while drinking a glass of iced tea.

#amReading #wfh #BreakTime #SelfHelp #SelfCare #reading #books #tea #author #LifeCoach #mindset #garden

Pint glass of iced tea, book (The Art of Possibility) and a bookmark sitting on the concrete ledge of my front stoop. A concrete urn, full of red geraniums is to the left; in the background is my butterfly garden.
Embedded Podcast
5 days ago

This week, Chris( @Stoneymonster ) and Elecia( @logicalelegance ) spoke to Kari Love ( @ikyotochan ) about soft robotics and robots in religion.

You can listen here (

Kari left us with this thought:

#technology #podcast #robotics #softrobot #author

And that when we are in a position to invite another person to join us, that is so beautiful. Both in terms of human connection, but also amplifying our capabilities and our creativity, by inviting other people to be a part.

EW (01:05:19):
So I am hearing, "Share your toys."

KL (01:05:22):
Share your toys. Share your enthusiasm
Nick East (Indie Writer)
5 days ago
Canadian History Ehx
5 days ago

Today in 1908, Louis-Honore Frechette died. Born in 1839 in Lower Canada, he was the 1st Quebecois writer to receive the Prix Montyon. He is also the first Canadian to receive any honour of this kind from a European nation.
Many of his plays were lost in the Great Chicago Fire.

#canada #history #poetry #writer #author #canadian #histodons #histodons

Embedded Podcast
6 days ago

@Stoneymonster @logicalelegance

Here's Kari's tip everyone should know from this episode ( ):

EW (02:24):
Do you have a tip everyone should know?
If you cannot fix it, feature it.

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Embedded Podcast
6 days ago

This week, @Stoneymonster and @logicalelegance spoke to Kari Love ( @ikyotochan ) about soft robotics and robots in religion.

Here's the transcript of the show:

Feel free to read through and share your favorite quotes!

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Roger ✨
1 week ago

Pour les fans de Fred Vargas, excellente nouvelle, son dernier roman "Sur la dalle" est sorti le  le 17 mai 2023. On retrouve enfin son commissaire Adamsberg et ses collègues. J'ai relu tous mes Vargas au moins deux fois. Content d'avoir du neuf!

For all Fred Vargas fans, "Sur la dalle" was released May 17th, an english version should come out shortly.

En vente partout,

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Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 week ago

Home office.


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My laptop and a glass of iced tea, placed on a glass-topped patio table. Behind it are plants and additional patio furniture.
Nick East (Indie Writer)
1 week ago

In the great show don't tell debate, I prefer my things too horrifying to be shown 😂

@horrorbooks @bookstodon @bookstadon @books

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Rob Weldon
1 week ago

My newest book on the shelf, alongside two far superior authors: David Foster Wallace and Irvine Welsh.

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Embedded Podcast
1 week ago

This week on Embedded, Chris( @Stoneymonster ) and Elecia ( @logicalelegance ) are joined by Kari Love( @ikyotochan ) to talk about soft robotics, robots in religion, and squishiness.

Take a listen:!

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Cole Haddon
2 weeks ago

NEW ARTICLE: 'Why Artists Want to Murder You When You Give Them Notes (or: How to Give Artists Better Notes)'
Notes are almost always painful for the artist, which has a lot to do with how bad most of us — including artists — are at giving them

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Canadian History Ehx
2 weeks ago

Today in 1935, W.P. Kinsella was born in Edmonton. A gifted writer, his work typically focused on Canadian culture, the Indigenous & baseball.
His most famous book was Shoeless Joe, adapted into Field of Dreams.
He wrote 7 novels & many short story collections.
He died in 2016

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RS, Author, Novelist
2 weeks ago

@gruber Oh noes! IMy #iPad Pro never seemed to be slow for anything... This is unexpected. (I probably thought this about my original Fat Mac in 1985.)

Speaking of which, the image is a B&W of the interior of my original Fat Mac (MacIntosh 512K: Taken with a iPhone 14 Pro Max 1 second exposure.

Enlarge the image and look at the signatures of the original staff that made the MacIntosh a product.

I bought in 1985. While I do most of my writing on the iPad Pro, I wrote my early novels on this machine and thought it would last forever. I wrote my first novel on an Apple ][.

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This is a B&W of the interior of my original Fat Mac 

Note the *signatures*.

I bought in 1984. I wrote my early novels on this and thought it would last forever. I wrote my first novel on an Apple ][.

It's always lovely to get an email from a #PhysicianResearcher saying that after I edited their #manuscript, it was accepted for publication in a #MedicalJournal. The #author of today's email attached a PDF of the article, which included acknowledgment of my #editing. 😃 #editor #Bookstodon

Kathy Karch
2 weeks ago

Today marks the 1st day in my "outdoor office" this year. Gorgeous weather. I couldn't resist. Does make seeing the screen slightly more challenging, though. Don't be fooled by the sunshine. I'm wrestling something dark & disturbing onto the page today. 🖤

Who else is writing? What are you working on? I love connecting with others in the #WritingCommunity & hearing what folks are up to.

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Woman with shoulder length blonde hair sits in a lawn chair. There is greenery and a low stone wall in the background. It is a sunny day. The woman is studying the screen of a Macbook resting in her lap, her expression calm and focused. Partially hidden by one hand is a sticker decal on the back of the Macbook; it's of a death's head moth.
it's kat!
2 weeks ago

when, at the age of 34, she died of pancreatic cancer, james baldwin said, 'it is not at all farfetched to suspect that what she saw contributed to the strain which killed her, for the effort to which Lorraine was dedicated is more than enough to kill a man'.
although she’d criticised existentialism, lorraine admired simone de beauvoir's 'the second sex' & said that women twice oppressed might be twice militant.
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On this day 60 years ago, James Baldwin appeared on the cover of Time magazine. This coincided with the publishing of one of his most famous books, “The Fire Next Time.”

James Baldwin is one of my greatest teachers in the arena of being a human. His words sink deep and remain strongly rooted. There are few (if any) writers and orators I love more.

#JamesBaldwin #OnThisDay #History #Writer #Author

Cover of Time magazine, dated May 17th 1963, listed for 30 cents, showing an illustration of James Baldwin in a gold-collared shirt with an intense/stoic facial expression, with a black and white jagged pattern in the background
Damon Young
3 weeks ago

In Australia, authors & illustrators are paid for the use of their books in libraries & educational institutions.

These are called Public & Educational Lending Rights (PLR/ELR).

This means that, even if you don’t buy my books, borrowing them (or ordering them) means that I get paid. And that’s great.

Better still, this year they also counted ebooks (thanks to the Australian Society of Authors).

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A meme showing a man drinking from a comically oversized glass of beer. The man is labelled “me” and the beer is labelled “ELR/PLR”.
Not Raymond Federman
3 weeks ago

Bonjour hello! This accounts celebrates the life of experimental #author, scholar, professor, father, husband, holocaust survivor, French/American Raymond Federman.

Noodle Day is a holiday to celebrate Federman's life. We celebrate it on the anniversary of his death every October 6th. Find out more at

Another twitter expat, because fuck that place and its boosting of hate.

Stephen Cox Author
3 weeks ago

I wrote two cracking warm, heartfelt, smart SF novels that non SF readers also liked. Our Child of the Stars and Our Child of Two Worlds, about 60s US and a childless couple adopt a star child and kee[ him safe from the government.

My website has buying links, services I offer writers. and other interesting shizzle.

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Andrew Linke
4 weeks ago

Professional #GameMaster, #Chess Coach, and #Photography #Teacher in #Maryland.

Occasional #Author of #ScienceFiction, #Fantasy, #RPG modules, and pulp novels.

#Exvangelical #JesusFreak who orbits a spiritual gravitational vortex somewhere at the midpoint of #DouglasAdams, #MadelineLEngle, #NeilGaiman, and #CSLewis. It’s a complex orbit.

Massive #LotR, #Tech, #Film and #Apple #Nerd. I’ve been known to run multiple home servers at a time and build #Retro #Emulation tables.


Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
4 weeks ago

Hey hi there just a reminder that with summer vacation from school coming, many kids will be missing what may be their only place to get meals. That’s why I leave snacks in Little Free Libraries around the neighborhood. Why children go hungry in a nation as wealthy as ours is a subject for another toot.

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Me holding a twin pack of applesauce, taped together.
Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
4 weeks ago

Last year, I had to cut my book tour short due to #breastcancer. I'm on the mend and am currently cancer free! The paperback of my book #TheFacemaker comes out next month, and I'll be back to doing events.

First up: I'll be at the
Imperial War Museums in London on June 20th. Ticket includes an after-hours tour of #WWI galleries. Register:

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A photo of various gas masks from World War I, which are held at the Imperial War Museums in London.
Cheryl Platz :verified:
1 month ago

It's the week of the show, y'all! I will be hosting the #NebulaAwards this Sunday night May 14 at 8PM Pacific time! The stream will be available for free at the @SFWA YouTube account - bookmark it now and join us soon! I'm running my lines and testing my tiara... #sciencefiction #fantasy #author #speaking

1 month ago

Good morning, Mastodon #writers, #fantasy readers and #queer folk. I'm a professional #author looking for beta readers for my next novel.

Would you like to read 70,000 words of lesbian urban fantasy set in post (second) civil war US, with a focus on the gods and monsters of late stage capitalism?

Preview below. --->

Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
1 month ago

If your bying this garment, you no that communication is impotent. Get you’re massage across up front.

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Branded art for tee merch. At left is a man wearing a tee that reads, "Typos are the barn of my existence."

At right pair of hands writing on a laptop. Superimposed over the screen is a cartoon balloon of profanity symbols. An arrow points from the swearing to the tee.

Celebrating #AsianHeritageMonth with new author photo and avatar!

#AAPIHeritageMonth #kidlit #kidlitart #author

Illustration of Asian person with concave bob hair and glasses
Photo of author illustrator Charlene Chua
Branwen OShea (she/her)
1 month ago

Inviting all #writers to join us for the fun and friendship of #WritingWonders. You can participate with a WIP or an already published book. Alina, Amelia and I have come up with some hopefully intriguing questions for May. For added fun, several questions are for your characters to answer in their voice. 😊
As always, play the days you want, skip the ones you want. Looking forward to seeing all your answers, finding great books, and meeting new friends. Here you go!
#amwriting #author

Daily writing prompts for May #WritingWonders. If you’d like these in text form, please contact me, as they won’t all fit here.
Lawrence Baro Alexander
1 month ago

Tour du Mont Blanc, Switzerland
#hiking #adventure #author #ThroughHikersEyes

So apparently people make #introduction posts on here huh.

I'm a self-published #ownvoices Urban Fantasy #author who livestreams on Twitch and occasionally makes music and writes fanfiction on the side.

My wordpress has info on my novels, random ramblings, and some of my social medias:

Just lookin' to increase my reach and find other likeminded writers and readers!

Schalk Neethling 🇺🇦
1 month ago

I am so proud of my daughter. I am just dipping in here to share this - Fear The Faeries — Thaumaturge World Flash Fiction Story, Jude Blane by 2ndGuessr #author #fiction #fantasy