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I have had many fights, fights and confrontations in my life. Sometimes for work and other times for personal reasons. But without a doubt the most exhausting and destructive war and struggle has been against depression and illness. It usually happens that people who have just met me perceive me as somewhat tough or aggressive or tough, I don't know. And I surely am. But if it weren't for that, I wouldn't have survived so many illnesses and the major depression that took me almost ten years to get out of, only to discover that I wasn't crazy but that I was autistic, bipolar, intelligent. Then all the internal struggles fell away, all those wars and chimeras, the war with myself.
The physical consequences, in the form of clinical illnesses, of a life as hectic as a roller coaster and the consequent mental collapse were the end of one life and the beginning of another. Sometimes I have wondered why I still talk about those things and recently I realized that I do it like someone who looks at their scars and shows them as trophies or decorations, as a memory of having survived a war, adversity or many things. . It's like saying "I'm here despite everything and thanks to what a bastard I am."
Most of the time I regret talking about my battles because I feel like an idiot, like the grandfather who always repeats his story. And I think that is indeed the case. I'm close to giving up digital social life because I don't find much value in it anymore, except for a very few people from whom I learn interesting things.

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David Gray-Hammond
1 hour ago

When services fail to make themselves accessible or helpful to minority groups, they have failed completely.

I think about mental health services in particular, both CAMHS and adult services, that constantly fail to support neurodivergent people.

#ActuallyAutistic #autism #Autistic #ADHD #AuDHD #neurodiversity #neurodivergent #CAMHS #MentalHealth #SocialCare #Education

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy @audhd @neurodiversity

Text reads "If your service can not support everyone who might need it, your service is not fit for purpose"
Shino Me
3 hours ago

It must be easier to get access to diagnostics. This happenes because we do not find the support we need and deserve:

"A significant number of people who died by suicide were likely #autistic but undiagnosed, according to new research that highlights the urgent need for earlier diagnosis and tailored support for suicide prevention."

4 hours ago

Unfortunately, knowing that you shouldn’t feel guilty - for being yourself, for not being enough, for being too much, for being afraid to try, for failing when tried, for not keeping up to societal standards and stereotypes, for needing someone, for not needing someone, for the way you are and all the ways you can’t be - doesn’t make you stop feeling the guilt. Is the guilt just ingrained in all #autistic #ADHD #AuDHD and other #neurodivergent folks or is it just a basis of our society?

Steve Dustcircle 🌹
1 day ago

"How my #AUTISM hides my #ADHD"

Being a #latediagnosed #autistic #ADHDer (or "AuDHDer") can be hard as both conditions can seem invisible to others.

2 days ago

I hate waiting. Just waiting, without being able to somehow influence the result. Yet, my whole life I am waiting for something. When I was a kid, I couldn’t wait to grow up, as I desperately wanted more agency. But the waiting didn’t stop there. Sometimes I don’t know what exactly I am waiting for, it just feels like ‘hold on, the change is around the corner, just wait for it.’ And I hold on. Is it something common for #autistic , #ADHD or #neurodivergent people or just my own thing?

2 days ago

Good morning @actuallyautistic

I started watching #theaword yesterday on #DisneyPlus and it seems nice. It’s a series about an #autistic boy and his family.

I haven’t checked if the actor is #actuallyautistic and obviously warning for #pathologizing so beware.

Please #nospoilers but feel free to lmk if you watched it and if you liked it or not and why.

That said I‘m incredibly happy that content about us gets out there because peeps still think we cant talk of something.

2 days ago

It is said that autistic people usually have a special topic or area of ​​interest, sometimes science or collecting information about specific things. When I got to that part of the diagnosis it was not easy to establish what my special interest was because I actually have several, or should I say many. The explanation was the double exceptionality, which raises curiosity to everything that catches my attention.
I could say that my main interest is science in general, from physics to biology, but also philosophy and the arts such as literature and music.
There has not been a stage in my life, nor will there ever be one, in which I am not immersed in studying or researching something, just for the pure pleasure of understanding, knowing. Possibly that is what has always given me the most enjoyment. I could be stuck at home for months (during the pandemic I was) with only books, a few devices, an internet connection and I wouldn't notice if the world was collapsing. I can also spend long hours meditating and writing.
Of course I have a family life, although I am not one to cultivate friendships. Animals and small children put me in "child mode" and I am one of them when given the opportunity to play and do mischief. Possibly it is not that I'm antisocial, but rather that this fascination with learning requires high doses of solitude and silence, of social disconnection.
Some people think I have problems, but deep down I don't feel that way. The "problems" arise when I am forced to socialize more than I would like or can tolerate, taking away the time I would gladly spend reading, programming, hacking, writing or playing the guitar.
Obviously, I learned to balance that in order to work and live. I can interact minimally with clients, patients and students, but surely on the other side of the scale I will find long spaces of silence and solitude to regulate myself and enjoy what I like.

#actuallyautistic #autism #autistic #bipolar

autistic seth
2 days ago

Today is a new day to know that you are loved. 💚
Today is a new day to know that you are strong. 💪
Today is a new day to know that you are wanted. 🧡
Today is a new day to get up and try again. 🌈
Never give up. You are important.

#ActuallyAutistic #LGBTQIA #trans #mentalhealth #queer #Neurodivergent #autistic #transgender #ADHD #SuicidePrevention

Sam Adeleine
3 days ago

In the decade I've been programming #Javascript I've slowly learned to embrace classes as the sensible way to work with websites. Now that I'm starting to learn #React, my #autistic brain is irrationally irritated that they went in the opposite direction: from classes to "functions with hooks".

Guess I'll find out why that's supposed to be better, if I can get this chip off my shoulder long enough to learn.

Josh Susser
3 days ago

that #autistic feeling of understanding a thing so deeply that you can't explain it to anyone

Metality e.V.
3 days ago

The cohesion in the Metality family is incomparable! We tackle things together and they turn out great.
Thanks to everyone for this wonderful story:

This is Hannah. She is a #Metal fan and #Metality member, a creative woman with dreams, she wants to become a goldsmith. She has struggled with #depression and #anxiety for years. Hanna is #autistic and has #Aspergers syndrome. What is easy for many people, presents hurdles, especially in her everyday life.

#ADHS #OCD #NotJustSad

A young woman with round glasses and wearing a Metality hoody stands beside a red camper on street lined with trees. She shows the devil’s horn sign.

ND and Autistic friendly alternative income ideas: that's my next free workshop. Lots of ideas, and how to come up with more (customized to you), plus a framework to make them realistic.

#ActuallyAutistic #Autistic #AuDHD #Neurospicy

Mat Ricardo
3 days ago

NEW VIDEO - Stimming.

What it is, and why I thought I didn't do it, until I realised I'd made a career out of it...

(As always, if you like it, give it a share)

#autism #ActuallyAutistic #autistic #stimming

Stuart D Neilson
3 days ago

I love the smell of fresh paper when opening a new book, and especially excited to see my images and words on paper inside my complimentary author copy of "Design for #Inclusivity", the proceedings of #UIA2023 World Congress of #Architects.

An #OpenAccess preprint of my chapter "The Power of an #Autistic Lens: Visualising Activity in Shared #PublicSpace" is still available, with my presentation slides, at

#slitscan #photography #photocomposites #SensoryEscape

A photo of the printed proceedings of the UIA2023 World Congress of Architects, Copenhagen. Images of the Crawford Gallery, Cork City (left page) and slitscans of pedestrian movement in the public space outside the gallery.
4 days ago

Watching this video might help neurotypicals understand how overwhelming "normal" urban environments can be for autistic people, or those with ADHD;

#ADHD #autistic

@adhd @actuallyautistic

Josh Susser
4 days ago

How do we get someone like Rebecca Watson to debunk #ABA and expose the billion dollar industry based on junk science psychology that abuses #autistic kids until they conform to neurotypical social norms at the cost of their own mental health and well-being?

ABA tldr: ABA is #AppliedBehaviorAnalysis and is gay conversion therapy for #autism. That's not just a metaphor - they are the very same thing used for different socially unacceptable "conditions". Both ABA and conversion therapy were created by the same person, Ivar Lovass, and use the same methods. Those training methods are so terrible they are literally not legal to use on dogs, and conversion therapy itself is illegal in many countries and US states. If any reasonable standards were applied, ABA would also be illegal.

I have tried to get journalists of all stripes interested in doing an ABA exposé, but even the ones who get interested never seem to be able to make it a priority. It's easy to deprioritize ABA reporting when there's no market for it, and even stories about routine physical abuse and electric shock torture of autistic kids at #JudgeRotenbergCenter don't break through, so I get why journalists don't bother. But we desperately need reporting on ABA that debunks the current mythology that it is helpful and justifies it being the only therapy for autistic kids that medical insurance will cover.

An ABA exposé segment by John Oliver could change everything, but he'll never do it because he's buddies with Jon Stewart who is a supporter of ABA and raises millions of dollars for ABA promoters like AutismSpeaks. (Surprise, Jon Stewart has an autistic son. It's often the autism parents who drink the ABA kool-aid because it lets them get their kids under control, and they don't know any better. Which is why we need reporting on it.)

We have four months until April, the dreaded Autism Awareness Month. Wouldn't it be nice if next year the month was about banning ABA instead of raising money for it? Anyone know anyone with a platform who is up for helping millions of autistic kids avoid a childhood of medically-approved abuse?


5 days ago

Sometimes, many times, I have felt like a kind of Gulliver in Lilliput. I know that talking about high intellectual abilities makes one be considered arrogant, but in reality it is not. There is a tendency to believe that people who have one deficiency, or several, are disabled or limited and need help.
But if you have a high IQ, if wherever you go you have been given dozens of tests and they all confirm that you are a brain monster, then it is assumed that you have no problem, that your intelligence is more than enough to live in this world. And it surely is so. But when one has other concomitant conditions, everything changes. That is double exceptionality, a genius who does not seem like it because he is autistic. And an autistic who doesn't look like it because he is very intelligent.
And do you know what it feels like on this side? Frustration and desire for isolation. It becomes difficult to relate to someone. And I don't need people to be especially intelligent, in fact many of my friends and loved ones have been almost illiterate.
For such a person, solitude and anonymity are more comfortable than a life of relationship.

#autism #autistic #actuallyautistic #gifted #2e #twiceexceptional

5 days ago

Dax: "You know, Worf, in the end, living on the Defiant isn't going to change anything. You're still going to have to get used to life on the station."

Worf: "I'm not sure I agree. "

Dax: "Sooner or later you're going to have to adapt."

Worf: "Perhaps in the end, it will be all of you that has to adapt to me."

I didn't know Worf is #autistic :D

#startrek #ds9

A snippet (and thus a #SPOILER):

*The woman started to communicate through Korean #SignLanguage unexpectedly.*

Man monologue: I always thought I was the one who should make an effort to live in harmony with others. Because in this world, there are a lot more people who can hear than those who cannot.

But out of all those people, someone came to me and said "he" first. She said she was glad to see me again. And after saying what she prepared to say, she smiled. As if she was saying, "I'm just saying hi. Stop thinking too much."

And she was smiling.


As an #Autistic person, that struck hard. We always make the effort "to live in harmony with others". Why? "Because in this world, there are a lot more people who" are neurotypical "than those who" are neuroatypical.

Like the deaf character in this show, we also rarely see non-Autistic who will say hi to us before we do.

#TellMeThatYouLoveMe #사랑한다고말해줘 #Deaf #ActuallyAutistic #AutismSpectrum #Autism #Neurodivergent #HardOfHearing #PWD #Kdrama #Romance @asiandrama

Heck yah that PCs For People sale I boosted? We managed to snag one for FePho! It'll replace their old ass netbook they've been using 😅

One of our friends loaned us the funds, so we need to fundraise to pay them back

51% of $195 goal!

- cashapp/venmo evelbrute

This computer is for their #autistic need for games, homeskool needs, and creative writing and arting needs

#mutualAid #settlerSaturday #disabilityCrowdfund

Time for an updated #introduction post

Hi my name is Rynn! I'm a 29 years old #furry #trans woman located in the eastern United States.Here are some fast facts about me:

#polyamorous - wielding
dual partners

#asexual - grey, my horny cannot be quelled by mortals

#autistic / #adhd - Therapist was way more helpful than the Neuropyschologist

I've been doing IT for over a decade and regularly post about #linux #plex #cloud and other tech screaming. I'm trying to find comfort in my creative hobbies again - we'll see how that goes.

If you behave I'll share pictures of our cats on #CatsOfMastodon and #caturday

Stuart D Neilson
5 days ago

A beautiful little touch by #AutismFriendly #DCU using laser-engraved oak from Albert Park for a very tactile caption "The Power of an #Autistic Lens" to the wall art.

A discreet little caption with the title "The Power of an Autistic Lens" adjacent to the vinyl wall transfer.
Joseph Riparian 🏳️‍⚧️
6 days ago

#ActuallyAutistic people experience empathy, and some of us experience it much more intensely than non-autistic people.

“My world is a place where people are too beautiful and too terrible to look at, where their mouths speak words that sometimes fall silent on my ears, while their hearts break audibly.”

“For people with autism, what we’re anxious about is that we’re causing trouble for the rest of you, or even getting on your nerves. This is why it’s hard for us to stay around other people. This is why we often end up being left on our own.”

"When I feel compassion, love, pain, and hurt for myself or others, either I am not feeling it very much or I am feeling it very intensely.”

Quotes of autistic folks, from an article by a speech and language pathologist, who resisted acknowledging her son's autism because of myths she'd heard about how #autistic people behave. She presents excellent strategies for non-autistic people to help the world become an autistic-tolerant place!

Graeme Innes
6 days ago

Tweet: Autism Awareness Aus @AutismAwareAus
In the years after school, many young people want a more independent lifestyle and are keen to give living independently a try. This includes #autistic young people, who might just require some additional support to achieve this major milestone 👇 #autism

Idris (They/Them)
6 days ago

So fed up of stupid questions/remarks and trying to hug me, while laughing and asking if she’s upset me.

#FedUp #Overwhelmed #TouchedOut #Overstimulated #Autistic #ADHD #AuDHD

6 days ago

In a week at this same time I have an appointment for an MRI. It was not easy to get it in a public hospital because everything is saturated here and it is almost not available. We'll see what happens inside my brain.

#autism #autistic #actuallyautistic #bipolar #neurodivergent

Rabi'a Elizabeth
6 days ago

Major, major #Autistic #SoloLiving win for me today, Alhamdulillah: a new acquaintance showed me the trick for how to attach regulators to bottles of butane. And yes, there is a trick.

I tried it on my own several times and I have faith I'll be able to do it by myself in the future, Insha Allah.

Very important, because my apartment is truly uninhabitable without gas heat in the winter. Electric doesn't begin to cut it. And I don't have the usual partner or family member who can help me out, nor will I.

I honestly think most #Allistic people follow others' lead in word and behavior in such an unconscious fashion that they genuinely can't describe many of the details of what they do.

It's only those who can explain tacit knowledge about physical tasks who can get it across to us autistic folks. Thank God I found one of those.

#Learning #Teaching #Education #Neurodiversity


Your Autistic Life
1 week ago

So I matched with someone on #KinkD.

He is a subby #trans boy. (Subby is important to me. I'm a Dom for crying out loud.)

Sometimes people have a conniption with "boy." He's younger than I am, but still an adult. I'd even call people in their early 40s boys and girls.

He's also #neurodivergent. Diagnosed with #ADHD, but he suspects either that he's going to end up #AuDHD or be reclassified as #autistic.


Your Autistic Life
1 week ago

During the last talk yesterday, my teacher told us about another Zen Master. He was telling us about living your life authentically. He was using the other Zen Master as an example of how someone who has attained status can live authentically without letting status go to his head. He was describing his behavior.

Guess what?

That other Zen Master sounded #ActuallyAutistic. I don't wish to go into details, but the man was extremely shy, for one thing. There were other traits than shyness, however. I thought "autistic" but other neurodivergences are possible.

#neurodivergence #autistic #ZenMaster #Zen #ZenBuddhism

Neurodivergent BC :ir: :audhd:
1 week ago

Hello @actuallyautistic adults, we would like to start hosting some #gamesnights and was wondering what #games would people like to see at these #events? Vote and add your favourite #online #multiplayer games to the comments, and be sure to follow us to see when these events get announced. (Reposting cause the first time I posted this poll to only my followers, it got no votes at all.)
#Discord #MarioKart #Nintendo #NintendoSwitch #Switch #MarioKart8 #MarioKart8Deluxe #Roblox #FinalFantasy #FinalFantasy14 #FinalFantasyXIV #FF14 #FFXIV #XIV #SquareEnix #Discord #DiscordGames #Autistic #AutisticGamers #AutisticGaming #ActuallyAutistic #Neurodivergent #NeurodivergentGamers #NeurodivergentGaming #AutisticAdults

David Gray-Hammond
1 week ago
David Gray-Hammond
1 week ago
David Gray-Hammond
1 week ago

It's a good thing when more people get their diagnosis. It validates their struggle and increases the chance of them finding Autistic spaces.

While we should work towards a world where diagnosis is not required, we need to recognise that people without a diagnosis struggle a lot.

#ActuallyAutistic #autism #Autistic #AutismDiagnosis #neurodiversity #neurodivergent

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy @audhd

Text reads "There is no autism epidemic

Autism diagnoses are increasing, but it's not an "epidemic".

They're increasing because autism is likely to be passed on in families and our understanding of what autism looks like is slowly improving.

It's a good thing when more people are given access to their own identity."
Krafty :fedora:
1 week ago

Anyone else feel like vomiting when they smell certain types of soap (specifically Dawn dish soap)?

#autistic #autism #actuallyautistic

Rabi'a Elizabeth
2 weeks ago

Blocked a fake "friend" on social media this morning.

Too bad, because I genuinely enjoy their company, but it's become clear that they look down on me because of their own skewed outlook on life. Life's too short to put up with that.

I'm grateful to be able to do so and to have real friends who validate what I think and feel.

#Autistic fellows, what are you grateful for today?

#Friendship #Authenticity


Josh Susser
2 weeks ago

If you are hosting a holiday gathering where #autistic or #ADHD folk will attend (or anyone else who would benefit), please consider setting up a chill room as a quiet space where they can go to escape the sensory onslaught and draining socializing. You can ask people what they might like in a chill room, but snacks, family photo albums, coffee table books, plushies, puzzles, playing cards, comic books, fidget toys, and lego bricks are all reasonable things to try. And it doesn't have to be a solo space – a quiet, out-of-the-way spot to sit and have a conversation is also nice. Protip: If there is an aquarium in the home, use that to anchor the chill space. Nothing beats a good fish tank for chilling out, though a window with a picturesque view is a close second.

If you're someone who would love to have a chill room available at someone else's holiday gathering, try asking them to set one up, or maybe offer to help set it up if that's not too much trouble. Sometimes all you have to do is ask.

Good luck with your holidays, make an effort to include the people whose needs usually get overlooked, and don't let anyone make you feel bad for not being able to keep up with the neurotypical social norms.

AFTERTHOUGHT: It's cool how many people are into this idea. If you end up having a chill room, maybe take a photo and come back here and share it, or post it with a #ChillRoom hashtag, and spread some inspiration. Chill rooms, not meltdowns!

2 weeks ago

Most of the activity on the Internet, at least the most visible, is the million-dollar trade in junk content and services, absurd things that people are induced to consume so that a handful of miserable millionaires can get rich. And any advance or new technology, sooner rather than later, is always hijacked by that structure. If I think about it and start decluttering my online activity, just like anyone else I may discover that I am miserably wasting my life on pre-digested, pre-chewed nonsense by others with malicious intent.
I always stay with that less perverse and more harmless side of the Web and the Internet in general that has not yet been co-opted. Even bugbounty, which seemed great to me at first, now sounds like a dirty business to me.
It ends up being less criminal and less stressful to collaborate with opensource projects and work on the user's side than to deceive myself with idealistic fantasies, believing that I am helping a free Internet and fair connection, when in reality I am being the fodder of some old-fashioned rich guy.
Honestly I prefer to go back to the dark side. And I am referring to the invisible side, that of the developer, the programmer, but also the side of the silent and anonymous activist that I was for years. I have worked on both sides of ethics, since the time when the division was clear, but currently there is no clear border between those two sides.
Although I am autistic and have a hard time understanding people and the social world I live in, that doesn't mean I am stupid and don't understand the perversion and maliciousness of people and business. The nerd world I knew decades ago is dying and being replaced by a digital idiocracy I never thought I would see. You don't feel like sharing anything in a swamp like that.
For now, luckily, there is still Mastodon and some still intimate places where you can find better people than shitfluencers and scammers.

PD: Sorry for the tantrum, but I'm a little tired of all this shit.

#internet #socialmedia #opensource #programming #bugbounty #nerd #autism #autistic #actuallyautistic

Meta-Sentient Flavored Aqua
2 weeks ago

I think I'm coming round to the fact that I'm likely #AuDHD rather than being pure, undiluted #Autistic this lovely #ActuallyAutistic psychologist explains more.

Neurodivergent BC :ir: :audhd:
2 weeks ago

People that are not actually #autistic cannot be experts on #autism. Period. Reposting this through the @actuallyautistic group for better reach.

Text that reads: "People that are not actually autistic cannot be experts on autism. Period."
David Gray-Hammond
2 weeks ago

Here are the top ten articles of 2023 collated and made into an anthology eBook. With contributions from Tanya Adkin ND Social Care & Family Services and Katie Munday Autistic and living the dream! The best part is it's free! Let Everyone know!

On another note, if anyone knows how I can distribute an EPUB version for free, please let me know!

#Autistic #neurodiversity #neurodivergent #camhs #neuroqueer #AutisticBurnout

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy @audhd

Image of the eBook along with the text "Free PDF eBook!"
kissinger's hot reaper
2 weeks ago

attention #nonverbal and/or #autistic people:

Screenshot of the app called "Proloquo" in the Apple app store. It's icon is a blue owl with yellow eyes peeking over a wavy orange blob shape.

The app looks like buttons on a grid with a word and an icon on each button. Each column is colour coordinated with a different colour each.

The copy text on the app page is as follows: 


The Next Generation AAC App


4+ Years Old CATEGORY: Education

AssistiveWare Proloquo is an intuitive, easy-to-use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) app. It is designed to meet the diverse needs of nonspeaking people who can use an iPad independently. It can support them from early childhood to adulthood as they learn language and communicate using AAC. Building upon our experience with AssistiveWare Proloquo2Go, we are excited to introduce this next-generation AAC app. An easy start With a unique design and quick one-tap access to the most used words, you can start using AAC right away. Finding any word is effortless, with an easily accessible Search function. Proloquo grows with you AAC beginners can grow language using Related Words and expand grammar with grammatic forms.

That fun @actuallyautistic moment where you get back together with an old special interest that you couldn't get properly stuck in with as a kid because you didn't have time, money, or a proper workspace for the tools you don't have. But now, as an #autistic adult, you also don't have the time, money, or proper workspace either.

It's like getting back together with an ex, even though you know things still aren't going to work out.

2 weeks ago

@ergifruit @actuallyautistic I think that the #autistic brain is normally more prone to anxiety than an allistic brain, and that it's an evolutionary holdover because why else would an almost always 'on' fight-or-flight response exist?

I've got PTSD and use cannabis to manage it. I find it also calms my 'overclocked' brain...making it easier to connect with things (although what I need to connect with may not be what you need to).

2 weeks ago

#introduction time
Ecologist, did some university environmental stuff, then #memetics policy analysis (6 years)
No PhD (#burnout) then turned to IT.
Ciso #infosec now for a Dutch #youthcare organization.
Found out I'm #autistic at age 53, also #hb. 2 kids and married with photographer
Interested in many many things, but deeply into #trees # nature #insects #ecology #memes #neoliberalism (as a #memeplex) Also like to use #python to make cool things to fill @bomengidsnl

2 weeks ago

I want to write a story about #SocialMedia called The #Autistic #Coffeeshop.

Apologies to my brethren on the #spectrum, but I think it’s pretty accurate.

Social Media is a fairly lawless place peppered with disinformation and political and fiscal schemers looking for the next dupe. And porn sales. I’m thinking of #Xitter for example.

But it’s also the minds and feelings of modern humanity. More like #Mastodon.



Josh Susser
2 weeks ago

Is there a term for that kind of #autistic meltdown where you hold it all inside and pretend like nothing is wrong because not behaving properly would have terrible consequences so you somehow mostly manage it but then you really pay for it later? #ActuallyAutistic #AskingAutistics

Autistic Innovator :ace: :Aro:
2 weeks ago

Autistic Bookshop has it's first self-published #ActuallyAutistic author!

This author has written many books, and 4 of them went live today! And more to come!

Check out @UnCoveredMyths ebooks and paperbacks here under the pen names Gail Brown and Abby Brown:

If you are an #autistic author and interested in self-publishing with Autistic Bookshop, please fill out the Author Submissions form and I'll reach out to you.


Andrew Walsh
2 weeks ago

We (Jo Fitzpatrick & I) set up a network for #Neurodivergent #library workers earlier this year and it's time we moved it onto the next stage. A group of us met earlier this week to discuss it, we'd love to hear other ND library peeps thoughts! #ADHD #Autistic #Dyspraxic (Please boost!)

David Gray-Hammond
3 weeks ago

Autistic burnout is one of the greatest crises that an Autistic person can face.

People often think of it as similar to depression, but it can take many diverse forms.

#AskingAutistics what does burnout look like for you?

#ActuallyAutistic #autism #Autistic #AutisticBurnout #neurodiversity #neurodivergent

@actuallyautistic @autisticadvocacy @audhd

Text reads "What is Autistic Burnout?

Autistic burnout is a state of crisis for Autistic people wherein all cognitive energy has been expended. Historically it has been assumed that it presents similarly to depression, but it is more complicated than that. Autistic burnout represents a state where one loses skills and functionality that have previously been taken for granted. Achieving basic daily objectives while on burnout is like trying to perform complex surgery with a 50kg weight around all of your limbs, while your brain struggles to process how to hold the scalpel."
3 weeks ago

@actuallyautistic @neurodivergent

I uploaded a new #minecraft video to my #peertube. I‘m #autistic and touring the minecraft server that I made specifically for #neurodivergent people in 2020.

Please check it out and leave me a comment if you like.

If you want to know more, read the video description. :)