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Is there a viable animated GIF alternative yet or what? · A comparison of some options with decent browser support

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Florian Geierstanger
2 weeks ago

@inautilo This article has a comparison between animated gif and animated #avif. I wonder how mp4 compares to that?

We ran a simple benchmark where we encoded a set of animated GIFs to both AVIF and JPEG XL. Over the test set, median file size savings percentage was approximately 86% compared to original GIF files and about 73% compared to animated JPEG XL files
2 weeks ago

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Deploying AVIF for more responsive websites · How the new image format has been adopted in the ecosystem

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Nicolas Hoizey
2 weeks ago

I wonder (not) why they compare #AVIF to #JPEGXL but don't mention any advantages of the later, including progressive mode… 🤔

Gianni Rosato
1 month ago

This is really cool, but this is also very much a solved problem with newer codecs like #jpegxl. If Google would just embrace JXL & push for widespread support, we might actually be able to move past JPEG instead of using hacks like this. #AVIF isn't going anywhere outside specific Web use cases, as much as I really like it due to its great coding efficiency for certain quality ranges.

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John-Mark Gurney
1 month ago

Wonder how much Google paid Mozilla to recommend #WebP over #AVIF here:

AVIF has better compression, and WebP like AVIF can't do progressive display (assuming this page is correct), and AVIF supports HDR (only format).

The only major browser you lose w/ AVIF is Edge, but a little puzzled why Edge doesn't support AVIF if Chrome does, but can i use agrees:

Maxi 7x 💉
1 month ago

Ich will #JPEGXL! :((

#Firefox 113 Available With Animated #AV1 Image Support (#AVIS) #AVIF

1 month ago

Experimental #AV2 Support Added To #AVIF Image Encoder

-- The successor to #AV1

Original tweet :

Loki the Cat
2 months ago

It's not surprising that Google wants to control everything, including image formats. I guess they want to be the cat that gets all the cream. #AVIF #JPEG-XL #Google @FSF

@jurjen_heeck heb #GIMP een maand of wat op mijn #iMac (van 2009 die het nog elke dag doet zonder morren) gezet vooral om #Webp afbeeldingen te kunnen maken - dat is voor PHS nog wel een probleem

nu het #AVIF formaat nog - uh - yep ik kan de formaten wel zien, maar nog niet maken 🤓
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2 months ago

Firefox 113.0beta release notes:

AV1 Image Format files containing animations (AVIS) are now supported, improving Firefox’ support for AVIF images across the web.

Yay, now AVIF can be used for both of the two things it’s actually useful for. Still no JPEG XL support.

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Martin Edwards
2 months ago

#WebDesign folk: got your head around #WebP yet? Great, now here's #AVIF:

Example of real life use already:

2 months ago

Convert AVIF to JPEG/JPG

Upload an AVIF image and convert it to JPEG/JPG format.

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Convert AVIF to JPEG/JPG online on for free
2 months ago
Convert AVIF to BMP on for free online
2 months ago

utterly blows my mind that #avif compression makes this 3840x2560 transparent background image a mere 223 KB

it’s a 5.2mb png after zopfli compression

full size avif:

#webdev #webdesign

a screenshot of a load of 3d emojis in quicklook
2 months ago

Huge list of new features in Safari 16.4. Updates to colour syntax look awesome.

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Jen Simmons
2 months ago

Exciting HTML, JS, media in Safari 16.4!

Lazy-loading iframes
RegExp `lookbehind`
JavaScript Import Maps
Growable `SharedArrayBuffer` and resizable `ArrayBuffer`
Offscreen Canvas (2D)
unprefixed Fullscreen API
parts of Screen Orientation API
Screen Wake Lock API
User Activation API
P3 in WebGL Canvas
Compression Streams API
AVIF on macOS Monterey and Big Sur
Web Codecs API
Declarative Shadow DOM
Imperative Slot API

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i dont think this aged well, and to this day Palememe has no avif support but has jxl support.
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Gianni Rosato
3 months ago

Fantastic article by Cloudinary on the dangers of high appeal, low fidelity compression:

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Gianni Rosato
3 months ago

My image codec benchmarking blog post is up! Please have a look if you're interested!

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3 months ago
Gianni Rosato
3 months ago

Blog post on #jxl versus other image codecs like #avif benchmarking a self-built photographic dataset should be up in the next two weeks. Still have Radix paperwork to do so it may be a while

TIL AVIF transformation is only available on #Cloudflare for images below 2 megapixels… 😭

We need JPEG XL! 🙏

#AVIF #image #JPEGXL #performance


Trader One
4 months ago

#webp effectively shrinks most of #jpeg pictures to half.

#avif format is even better but its slow to compress and not widely supported.

Use #webp for your image #gallery

4 months ago

Just in case a year of silence has not made that obvious, Mozilla has now officially announced their position on the JPEG XL format as ‘neutral’.

The same organisation that once went to great lengths to demonstrate that JPEG was good enough and adding WebP really wasn’t worth it, now (seemingly without a second thought) adds support for yet another video-based codec, AVIF, and all they have to say on the much requested JPEG XL is… ‘meh, not impressed’, basically. No elaboration on what exactly would impress them, or what they found so impressive about AVIF. (Please let me know if you have seen any.)

The GNU project has been criticised for standing by their values but doing little to advance them. Mozilla seems to be doing the opposite: dropping some of them as they advance… to the bottom of the market share chart. I really hope they can climb back on their feet.

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4 months ago

How To Convert AVIF Images To PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, & HEIC Using Microsoft Paint In Windows 11 #Websplaining #AVIF #MsPaint #Paint #MicrosoftPaint #ConvertAVIFimages #AVIFtoPNG #AVIFtoJPG #AVIFtoJPEG #AVIFtoBMP #AVIFtoGIF #AVIFtoTIFF #AVIFtoHEIC

4 months ago

#Webdevs and #Developers! From the old #JPEG and #PNG to #AVIF, #JPEGXL and #WEBP, Who takes the crown as the most attractive image format? Or comment another if you have really eccentric tastes

Doug Parker
5 months ago

Are there any good resources about how to render #videos optimized for the #web?

* What container formats and codecs are widely supported?
* What codecs should be preferred?
* Is #VP9 on #WebP better than #H264 in #MP4?
* Do we still need H264 for compatibility?
* Are there other codecs I should consider shipping? #AVIF? #H265? Do we ever need #GIF anymore?
* What tools can optimize these videos to shrink them as much as possible?
* Best practices for accessible videos? It feels weird that `alt` isn't a thing, but are captions supposed to address that?

I feel like I have a good sense of how to do images effectively after watching enough #HTTP203, but I'm less clear on effective video deployments.

5 months ago
Just noticed that Ikea is one of the first shops to use #AVIF images. That is really nice! Now I just wish I could open AVIF images in the "professional" photo editing software #AffinitPhoto by Serif. Sadly that company is not in the Fediverse so can't ping them and they don't really care about AVIF support as this 2020 feature request shows:…
Sami Lehtinen
5 months ago
People stuck with #JPG don't realize that it's 31 years old format and it shows. It's time to go #AVIF.
5 months ago

... also #Edge still doesn't support #AVIF?!? What on earth are they doing in Redmond?

It's in Chrome for pete's sake! #webdev

caniuse showing support for AVIF in all browsers but edge
CK's Technology News
6 months ago

JPEG XL: Contemplating Codec Comparisons

First interesting post about #JPEGXL I found. It also mentions #AVIF.

Blog post and Image credit

6 months ago

@l03s What is your take on a jpeg successor? Filesize is also size, not just resolution.

#avif #webp

6 months ago

A response to the Chromium (aka #AVIF) team's data and reasoning for removing #jxl / #jpegxl .
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John-Mark Gurney
6 months ago

TIL, do NOT use ffmpeg for encoding avif files.

Same png input, ffmpeg:
27.51 real 55.99 user 0.94 sys

vs avifenc:
2.18 real 2.11 user 0.06 sys

and if you use threading (-j all):
0.69 real 2.34 user 0.04 sys


Google right now: "Hi guys, sorry for the wait, here's the data about how #AVIF is cool and #jpegxl sucks. We definitely did not use a very old version of Chrome for our tests"

Axel Rauschmayer
6 months ago

Interesting how good #JPEG_XL is at lossless compression: better than #WebP, much better than #AVIF.

Median file size

* Reference PNG: 252 KB
* OxiPNG: 223 KB
* OxiPNG + Zopfli: 207 KB
* Lossless WebP: 148 KB
* Lossless AVIF: 203 KB
* Lossless JPEG XL: 131 KB
7 months ago

@danirabbit @Lobau @Gargron

The best thing to do ist upload less video. Use #Av1 for high bandwith high demand streaming.

And mainly use your personal hardware longer and if you can less devices. If you can 7 years. 15 would be great.

The new feature in mastodon to support #heif pictures also can help a lot.

#avif as the open source counterpart would also be great

macOS 13/iOS 16부터 애플도 #AVIF 지원해?

7 months ago

so is accepting #avif and #webp. webps are retained. avifs are converted to #png for some reason.

Andrew Kuchling
7 months ago

#StrangeLoop 2022 #conference: "AVIF: Creating a new image format in the open" (41 min), by Jon Bauman, discusses adding the #AVIF image format to #Mozilla #Firefox.

Challenges included adapting Firefox's existing MP4 parser, figuring out colour spaces, getting pulled out of Firefox releases at the last minute (twice!), and keeping up with changes to a closed standard.

Nicolas Lœuillet
7 months ago

Coucou tout le monde !

Aujourd'hui, c'est dernière journée de la semaine pour #PrestaShop : au menu, j'aimerais terminer la partie "support des nouveaux formats d'image", comme notamment le format #AVIF.

Et demain, commémorations du 11-Novembre à #Rinxent, avec la présence des enfants du groupe scolaire. Me reste à faire mon discours, on a le temps, c'est que demain.

Bonne journée à vous !

7 months ago

so #webp works here but #avif does not. still good i suppose.

Mit dem Entfernen von JPEG XL aus Chromium zieht Google massive Kritik auf sich. Wir klären im Interview, was an den Begründungen des Konzerns dran ist.
Drei Fragen und Antworten: Google schießt JPEG XL ab – und das völlig zu unrecht
7 months ago

I basically wrote a blog post in a comment, so here you have it:


7 months ago

Tempted to ditch JPEG for #AVIF only (on some fringe websites) now that Edge people and people insisting on not updating Safari are the only ones holding us back.

Oops, almost forgot about the NetSurf, Dillo and Pale Moon people… So perhaps not. What do you think?

Xe :verified:
9 months ago

I need help with AVIF files on iOS 16 Safari

#avif #ios16 #apple #ios

heise+ | Analyse: Welches Format löst JPEG ab?

JPEG ist 30 Jahre alt und noch immer Standard: Vielversprechende Konkurrenten wie JPEG XR, HEIF oder WebP stehen in den Startlöchern. Doch, was taugen sie?
Analyse: Welches Format löst JPEG ab?

En fait c'est encore un peau a cause d' #Apple qui fait cavalier seul, comme d'hab.

#ios #Avif

Support AVIF pour iOS
Apple préfère utiliser HEIC (High-Efficiency Image File Format) comme format d'image par défaut plutôt qu'AVIF pour iOS. Il n'existe aucun plan imminent pour qu'Apple prenne en charge les images AVIF en local sur ses appareils. L'un des seuls navigateurs mobiles encore incapables d'afficher les images AVIF est Safari. Les images AVIF peuvent être visualisées par les utilisateurs iOS à l'aide de navigateurs web tiers tels que Chrome ou Opera Mobile. Le seul problème est que les utilisateurs ne peuvent pas visualiser les images AVIF téléchargées sur Internet sur leurs appareils Apple iOS, car l'appareil lui-même ne prend pas en charge le décodage AVIF. Dès qu'Apple décidera de prendre en charge le format, on peut s'attendre à un changement massif pour donner un support à tout l'écosystème d'Apple. Le support de leur navigateur Safari dépend du support du système d'exploitation, comme nous l'avons expliqué dans notre article sur Safari.

Heureusement il y a des gens cools qui font des plugins ^^

#AVIF #Plugin #Photoshop

#Mastodon tu voudrais pas supporter le format d'image .avif steuplé ? Avant 2027 si possible ⛏️


Boiling Steam
2 years ago

Firefox 93.0 released -one of the new features is the support for AVIF image format: #linux #browser #firefox #release #update #avif

Die neueste Firefox-Version soll durch Weiterentwicklung von SmartBlock und strengere Abwehr unerwünschter Verfolgung im Netz für mehr Privatsphäre sorgen.
Privatsphäre: Firefox 93 mit SmartBlock 3.0 und strikterem Antitracking

Firefox 93 now available and AVIF is enabled by default.
I personally am super excited about this, I'm a sucker for image formats. and I've been waiting for this for a while.

#Firefox #Browsers #ImageFormat #Images #AVIF

2 years ago

with jxl, we have a format that not only does lossy compression with the best of them. unlike the video-codec derived and also free and upcoming #AVIF, it does not blurs and smudge the image at low qualities, which means blockyness but also some better preserved texture.

but it really shines in lossless compression. it eats even highly optimized PNG for breakfast, and it also does simple animation, replacing APNG, and yes GIF.

you can try it yourself with

Die neue Firefox-Version bringt das Bildformat AVIF. Außerdem gab es ein visuelles Update für die Lesezeichen-Leiste und die Zertifikat-Fehlerseiten.
Firefox 92 ist da: AVIF-Bildformat wird jetzt überall unterstützt