Hans Brender, Mr.OneDrive
3 months ago

How Microsoft Security wants to help you take your fandom and turn it into global influence!

As you may know, Microsoft's mission is to empower every person and organization in the world to achieve more. That mission extends to security, and it's important that we have global reach and impact. Kristina Quick would like to share with you one of the coolest ways this is being achieved - the Microsoft Security Community Badging Program.

#Microsoft365 #Security #Badging

Christian Liebel
4 months ago

Whoa, the integration of Web Push and Badging API in Safari for iOS and iPadOS 16.4 Beta 1 is really good. My demo app works without any code changes. Very impressive! #badging #webpush #push #webapps #xplatform #ios #ipados #safari

Eric Dannewitz
4 months ago

Does anyone have user/guest badging in/out system they recommend? Like I'd want OpenSource, but would consider a paid software/service. Want it for a teacher/student system to track people. Mainly students for doing work.

@edutooters #badging

Alejandra M. Pickett
7 months ago

Congratulations Dr. Mara Huber & Christina Heath !! #OLCAccelerate award recognizing the #ExperientialLearning Project Portal & digital badge system. #VirtualInternship #badging

Rich McCue
7 months ago

If you're interested in #Badging or informal credentialling for #Makerspace skills, check out my #ISAM2022 paper and infographic titled - Makerspace Workshop Badges: Student Perceptions & Uses of Informal Credentialing #EdTech

Rich McCue
1 year ago

So proud of my colleague & former #EDCI337 student Brittany Johnson who just graduated & did an amazing job creating engaging UVic Libraries DSC workshop materials for us. She also co-authored with me an upcoming #Makerspace #Badging #EdTech research paper!