3 hours ago

LET there be monsters! (on your #Sinclair #ZX81:


3 hours ago

The shape of Frankenstein's monster – the #Dragon32 way:


6 hours ago

BASIC is the people's language!

#retrocomputing #basic

A cartoon image of a protest. Various people are holding up signs (a construction worker,a hippie, a bald man with glasses etc). Signs depicted:

"No more Fortran"
"P.C.C. Lives!"
"Basic is the people's language"
"Use computers for people, not against them!"
Juan F. Ramírez
7 hours ago

#BASIC program with a little M/C routine from #microhobby . There's a radioactive leak in a nuclear power plant and we must evacuate the injured while avoiding contaminating objects and mutants.

Get the TZX file here:

#zxspectrum #retrogaming

1 day ago

Part of me wants to work on #Genesis64 and make it run #C64 #BASIC programs again, some other part just wants to play another C64 game (from the "my first C64 games" list) and the last part just wants to do .... nothing (or play #starfield).

I also need to get some work coding done. mhm.

Juan F. Ramírez
2 days ago

Dragon Attack, a #BASIC program from #sinclairuser . Shark Castle is being attacked by a group of marauding dragons. Each time a dragon hits the castle the crack in its wall will grow larger. Try to shoot down all the dragons before they can destroy your home. Move with O & P, A to fire.

Get the TAP file here:

#zxspectrum #retrogaming

Paul (Goto 10)
4 days ago

Today’s (paid) Goto 10 post is about True BASIC, with background and a look at using it on the Atari ST.

#Atari #AtariST #BASIC #RetroComputing

Timothy S. Brannan
4 days ago

**Monstrous Monday: The Dúlachán**
It is the first Monday of Fall 2023. So how about a liminal monster to celebrate?
This guy has been haunting my "to be finished" folder for far too long.
#osr #monster #undead #basic #bx

Dullahan, the headless horseman. From Thomas Crofton Croker, Fairy Legends and Traditions of the South of Ireland (3rd ed., 1834)
Tommy Thorn
5 days ago

@kianryan It would be cool to try it on my actual physical Nascom 2, but I'd need to solder a serial cable first.

#Z80 #Nascom2 #BASIC

Quick morning project.

Took the 1978 code for the BASIC version of the Oregon Trail and made the few adaptations necessary for it to run on 56K NASCOM BASIC, so runs directly on a #rc2014 Pro or Zed.

Unfortunately, this version isn't working on 32K NASCOM BASIC/ RC2014 Classic. Trivial slimming hasn't worked. I'll play with it more later.

Original code from here:

#oregontrail #basic #rc2014

Screen capture of a RC2014 running Oregon Trail.
Max Baranskyi
1 week ago

UA: Момент ностальгії і трошки сорому😅
Моя перша паперова книжка по програмуванню.
Першу електронку по програмуванню я не покажу, бо це вже стидоба😶

EN: A moment of #nostalgia and a bit of shame😅
My first paper #programming #book
I won't show you my first programming e-book, because it's a total shame😶

#ностальгія #книга #програмування #basic #qbasic #vb #visualbasic

Книга "Бейсик. Від QBasic до Visual Basic .NET" Я.М. Глинський, В.Є. Анохін В.А. Ряжська / Book "BASIC. From QBasic to Visual Basic .NET" by Y.M. Hlynskyi, V.Y Anokhin, V.A. Riazhska IBSN 987-966-2934-11-3
Juan F. Ramírez
1 week ago

With this short #BASIC program from #microhobby , you'll be able to solve ecuation systems.

First, you'll be asked if the printer is connected and the number of equations. Then, you must input the coefficient of the equation and the independent term, in the order shown on screen. Easy!

Get the TZX file here:

#zxspectrum #retrogaming

1 week ago

Ten Issues of "Peopole's Computer Company" have been scanned so far in a good quality. I will upload them to as soon as I finish all 35 issues I have.
You can have a sneak peek here:
#retrocomputing #basic #peoplescomputercompany #pcc

Juan F. Ramírez
1 week ago

Rescue the ten astronauts stranded on the moon in this #BASIC program from #zxcomputing

You have three rather ancient space craft capable only of left and right
movement, and an initial thrust to clear the surface of the moon. 0 to start, then use keys 5 & 8.

Get the TAP or TZX file here:

#zxspectrum #retrogaming

Rob C
1 week ago

More work tonight on my #AmigaToolJam entry, looking at the progress bar for copy operations this time. Staring at 8:30pm BST: #retro #Amiga #Basic #coding

Amiga Love ❤
2 weeks ago

Inspired by others, I made a 10Print door mat for the entryway of the sliding door on my 1986 VW Westy. What do you think?

(I’ll put books on it tonight to flatten it.)

#c64 #basic #retrocomputing

IT News
2 weeks ago

The End of Basic? - Many people, one way or another, got started programming computers using some kind... - #softwaredevelopment #softwarehacks #basic

2 weeks ago
Me booting up my "new" Commodore 64 on my CRT tv. It lives!
Ignacio PG (Neil Parsons)
2 weeks ago

La revista italiana "Radio Elettronica & Computer" ya figura en el archivo de Spectrum Computing, dentro del apartado de "Magazines" de la web. Gracias a sus administradores por incluirla.

#Sinclair #ZX81 #ZXSpectrum #BASIC

New podcast episode! Getting ready for OSR October and asking for YOUR help!

#ttrpg #OSROctober #Holmes #Basic #Dnd #ODnD #Podcast

Kent Brewster
2 weeks ago
🕹️ jbz
2 weeks ago

🧑‍💻 BASIC interpreter + DOS environment, reimagined.

「 EndBASIC is modern because the environment targets the web for ease of access, allows interacting with the Raspberry Pi as a learning device, and integrates with a cloud service for fun file sharing. Furthermore, EndBASIC is fully written in Rust, so whenever you are ready to make the leap into a “real language”, you can poke into its internals and tweak it to your own needs 」

#EndBASIC #Basic #Rust

Ignacio PG (Neil Parsons)
2 weeks ago

Acabé de copiar hace un rato el programa "Frogger" de la revista Radio Elettronica & Computer, incluído en su ejemplar del mes de febrero de 1984 (ver portada). Juego escrito en BASIC basado en la popular máquina de las recreativas, espero esté preservado en Spectrum Computing en breve.

De hecho, después de haber comprobado y testeado su funcionamiento (100% libre de errores), ya lo he añadido a la ZXDB de la web con su TZX e imagen.

#ZXSpectrum #BASIC #preservación

Juan F. Ramírez
2 weeks ago

Learn the morse code with this useful #BASIC program published in #zxcomputing magazine. Get the TZX file here:

#zxspectrum #retrogaming #morse

2 weeks ago

My (German) essay on the times when #BASIC was the 3rd foreign language to be learned in schools:

GOTO School:

3 weeks ago

Work has begun on #NebyooSkate. Due to the portability between macOS and iOS, I’ve once again chosen #lowresnx for my #gamedev, and re-delved into #BASIC programming.

Title screen for NebyooSkate game
Ed S
3 weeks ago

Update on my 1977-era #basic investigations: even with the various 2019 fixes, including a fix to multiplication rounding, I'm still seeing anomalous results. Something is amiss in subtraction/comparison.


Ed S
3 weeks ago

I'm delighted to see that the mighty Bruce Clark posted about this multiplication bug - and several others - in 2019, including a length-preserving patch in this case.

Klaus Dormann proceeded to produce a patched version of the #Basic in question, with annotated source.

(It was #EhBasic, a modern derived work.)

Admittedly I haven't yet applied and tested the patch to #Commodore #PET Basic.

@mnemonicoverload @brouhaha

Blake Patterson
3 weeks ago

@stefanhoeltgen Actually, I just found a pretty great Apple II take on this, though it's using gfx plotting, not characters, by @mmphosis.

#AppleII #Atari800 #C64 #10PRINT #vintagecomputing #retrocomputing #photo #BASIC #programming #computers

"10 PRINT" maze displayed on an Apple IIe to composite CRT and HDMI LCD
Ed S
3 weeks ago

I think I've found a bug in a 1977 version of Basic... I wonder if it's a new finding?

110 A=SQR(2)
120 B=SQR(3)
130 C=SQR(6)

Turns out A*B-C is non zero, which is fair and more or less expected, but C-A*B is different - it's zero - and I didn't expect that.

This is of course Microsoft #Basic for the #Commodore #PET. The problem seems to be present in all their 6502 basics.

#retroComputing #MSBasic

Juan F. Ramírez
3 weeks ago

El Avatar, a #BASIC program from #microhobby . A maze game made of 100 screens, where you must find the different pieces of a sword. I, Q, 0, 9 are the keys, M map.
Get the TZX file here:

#zxspectrum #retrogaming

Ignacio PG (Neil Parsons)
3 weeks ago

Para Commodoreros. Gracias a la revista Personal Computer World de Agosto de 1985, el juego "Nest of Evil" catalogado en la web como desconocido, se publicó en dicha revista y su autor es D. Talbot. Por si alguien que sea miembro de su foro lo pudiese indicar a sus administradores.

Y si algún otro usuario habla checo, que se ponga también en contacto con sus dueños:

#Commodore64 #BASIC #listings #magazines

Ignacio PG (Neil Parsons)
3 weeks ago

Otro listado BASIC más de la revista Personal Computer World que va a Spectrum Computing: "Nine Men's Morris" (PCW, Junio 1985). Como éste y de la misma revista, había varios programas de ZX Spectrum sin estar preservados.

Menos mal que la mayoría de los PDF de PCW descargados desde Internet Archive o de Spectrum Computing están preparados con OCR para poder copi-pastear los listados a un archivo de texto. Y de ahí, con el BASIN, transferirlos a TAP o TZX.

#ZXSpectrum #Preservación #BASIC

Juan F. Ramírez
3 weeks ago

Test your telepathy power with this #BASIC program published in #zxcomputing , based on the Zener cards. Get the TAP file here:

#zxspectrum #rerrogaming

Ignacio PG (Neil Parsons)
3 weeks ago

Nuevo programa que no he tardado demasiado en copiar de la revista Personal Computer World. "Triplets" de Nick Phillips, tal cual fue publicado en el nº de mayo de 1985.

Ya preservado, espero se incluya en la próxima actualización de la página Spectrum Computing.

En la web ya existía otra versión del mismo, más avanzada y programada en código máquina, pero es muy similar al realizado en BASIC por el mismo autor.


#ZXSpectrum #BASIC #preservacion

David Wakeham
4 weeks ago

Derek would just rather spend his special day sitting on a reusable shopping bag.

#BirthdayBoy #RussianBlue #Basic #CatsOfMastodon #RescueCats #DerekZoolander

Russian blue cat sitting on a green shopping bag next to a music stand on a tiled floor.
Scott Williams 🐧
4 weeks ago

When I say #BASIC, I mean anything from Dartmouth up to and including Q/uickBASIC. I do not consider VisualBasic,, etc, to be BASIC any more than I consider Javascript to be Java. Newer ones in the same spirit - FreeBASIC and qb64, do count, however.

This is my personal opinion and I'm sure many draw the line somewhere else, but when I use that word, it's somewhere in that range (including Atari, Commodore, CP/M, Altair, etc flavors). #programming

Ed S
4 weeks ago

Mmm, feeling good - fixed a bug in a 1986 #Basic interpreter. One byte fix... one bit really.

#Acorn 's Basic IV for 32000, turns out USR was mis-coded, so with a bit of help from a friend, found the bad code and poked it into a better state.

20 IF ?&563D=&67 THEN ?&563D=&E7

#ns32k #retroComputing

Fuzzy photo of a green screen monitor with Basic listing, and transcript of result. Short program prints two hex numbers then reports an exception.

Screen text follows.

10 DIM Z% 199
20 Z%=Z%+2-Z%MOD2
40 !Z%=&0012
50 A%=&12345678
60 PRINT ~A%


*** Exception (ABT) at PC: 00699A ***
1 month ago

Reimplementations of the Contents of BASIC Computer Games
When we talk about the old days in computers, there's easily several eras we could be talking about. There are people who consider the Wii/PS3 era to be the Ancient Times, for after all they were both released in 2006, 17 years ago. They're almost old e
#retro #annarchive #basic #basicomputergames #davidahl #retro #startrek #superstartrek #vintagebasic

Ich höre gerade

Leider wusste ich in den 90ern nicht, dass #basic bei DOS dabei war - ich hatte nur die „Shell“-Programmierung mit GOTO und IF ERRORLEVEL gefunden und bin damit schnell an Grenzen gestoßen

1 month ago

I am overwhelmed by this. Thank you Bob!
#retrocomputing #basic „basic is the peoples language“ Shall I digitize it @stefanhoeltgen ?

Scott Williams 🐧
1 month ago

@mttaggart The update also refactors a number of things into proper external functions so future #QBasic programs can import those functions into their own programs and not have to reinvent the wheel. It's an early WIP, but hopefully helps make qbsh a bit more impactful beyond my own amusement and a very narrow niche of nostalgic #CPM / #BASIC shell enthusiasts.

1 month ago

Some days ago I wrote an article for the RETURN #RetroComputing magazine about abbreviation methods in different #BASIC dialects. The Pecom 32 and Galaksija #HomeComputers hold two new forms: PR for PRINT (Pecom 32) and # for DATA (Galaksijan):

@notpike being #based on a #basic level is better than being cringe on any level...


1 month ago

What is the most powerful or fully featured version of #Basic that was built into a consumer device?

Back in the day it was built into all the home micro computers like #C64 #ZXSpectrum #AmstradCPC and many more and I remember it being built into #DOS on the #PC.

I was tinkering around with my #TICalculators which also have Basic built in and it got me thinking about this question.

Any Ideas?

#Programming #Computers #TexasInstruments

No Time To Play
1 month ago

Remember #Basic? Would you like to easily share live code samples online? I just made a web page about the QBJS compiler here:

1 month ago

Rewind the clock 38 years to August 18, 1985! On this significant day, Microsoft rolled out the very first version of QuickBASIC!

QuickBASIC wasn't just a programming language; it was a gateway to turning ideas into tangible digital creations.

The seeds sown by QuickBASIC would go on to influence the digital landscape in ways that continue to resonate today.

#Tech #TechHistory #August #QuickBasic #BASIC #Windows #Microsoft #DOS #MSDOS

The 360k 5.25" diskette for Microsoft QuickBASIC
Lance Taylor :vinyl: :album:
1 month ago

The first computer I learned to code #BASIC on. Even loaded it up from paper tape.
#CODE #IMSAI8080 #ThrowbackThursday
#RetroComputing #RetroGaming #WarGames

Topaz 🐇
1 month ago

I'm making live the last set of videos in my #PeerTube migration. This series started with a random email I received about a networking library I wrote for AMOS BASIC and released in 1998 before moving on from the Amiga...for a while at least. A game developer was trying to get my library working with their upcoming game, and needed my help. We ended up getting it working, and several Amigas running AMOS BASIC code could chat with each other. I also learned a lot about computer networking at the socket level, too.

But I wasn't satisfied with a pure AMOS BASIC solution. I wanted an actual AMOS extension. But for that to happen, I'd need to learn a lot more...

#retrocomputing #programming #commodore #amiga #basic #AmosBasic

Paul (Goto 10)
1 month ago

A look at More BASIC Computer Games by David H. Ahl.

#RetroComputing #BASIC

1 month ago

I've got a few minutes, so I had a bit of #Genesis64 dev.

I noticed that the last version's #C64 #BASIC v2 string functions had a ... bug. A big one.

The affected string functions are: LEFT$, RIGHT$ and MID$ and they return the wrong text if the text contains non-ASCHII characters.

As G64 is not an emulator, strings are stored in BasTex format and I was returning a substring of that instead of the "real" bytes a C64 uses.

This means, the new string functions need to convert text to a byte array then create the substring and convert back to BasTex.

#bug found.

2 months ago

Fred, owns a Casio PB-700, a 1983 computer which can only be programmed in #BASIC. The computer comes with a small integrated screen, 4KiB of RAM and a plotter.

As Fred had nothing to plot, he decided to plug it into Midjourney. Via a local Linux server, the Casio is now able to ask Midjourney for an image, which is then plotted!!!

Genius 😊

Fred wrote a nice detailed article on his blog to explain how he achieved this feat.

#retrocomputing #midjourney #ai

Colin Haynes
2 months ago

Picked this up this week. It brings back so many memories of my youth. I typed so many of these programs when I was 14, 15, 16. I'm very happy to have re-found a copy.

#retrocomputing #basic #davidahl #computergames

Basic Computer Games book by David Ahl. 1978.

My friend Paul Carter left the world on this day in 2006. Paul — better known as a sculptor, conceptual artist and mentor to many young Scottish artists — grew up with me.

I made an online memorial for him that recalls how he so desperately wanted more colours from his ZX Spectrum home computer:

All the Colours We Have (for Paul Carter) —

Will always miss you, buddy.

#Scotland #Art #PaulCarter #InMemoriam #RetroComputing #ZXSpectrum #Z80 #BASIC

a screenshot from an old home computer showing a multi-coloured checker-board pattern of text cells. The cells around the outside contain question marks, but in the centre (surrounded by cells with no text) is

How can I get more colours? - PAUL CARTER

@fanta Ídem, el día que repartían ritmo, yo estaba copiando listados en #Basic... 😜 Soy manco de los dos pies.


2 months ago

Happy 46th birthday to the TRS-80, an iconic computer that was released on this day in 1977!

As one of the pioneering microcomputers, it played a significant role in shaping the early personal computer era.

#Ad #Coloured #TRS80 #TandyRadioShack80 #RetroComputing #VintageComputers #Microcomputers #PersonalComputers #ComputerHistory #RetroTech #OldComputers #TechNostalgia #8BitComputers #Z80 #BASIC #Computing #History #Nostalgia #RadioShack

A coloured advert for the TRS-80. The ad is for the original TRS-80 Model I, which was released in 1977. The ad is set against a blue background and features a photo of the TRS-80 computer. The computer is connected to a monitor, keyboard, and cassette recorder.
Scott Williams 🐧
2 months ago

I am a #computer. My company is known more for video games. My American counterpart was only for video games, but I got a special floppy disk system and could run #BASIC programs from a keyboard and could even do financial services through my modem. What am I?

Scott Williams 🐧
2 months ago

@linux_mclinuxface You mean going back #BASIC or to BBS from an #Atari or #Commodore64 ? I hate to tell you this, but a number of us on #Mastodon are already doing this of our own weird volition 😅 .

2 months ago


Night of the Living #Sed

A Nightmare in #Elm Codebase

The Little #Pascal s

#BASIC Instinct

#Snobol Express []

The #BourneShell Identity

The Man (Page) on #Eiffel 's (Numeric) Tower []


Next, #Goal Wins? []

Single word:

Prolog []


Much #Ada About Nothing
#Asm : You Like It!
All Is Hell that Ends Abnormally
Love's Labour's ... #Lisp!

Dan Q
2 months ago

Of all the video games I've ever played, the one that had the biggest impact on my life was a 1983 text-based adventure called Werewolves and Wanderer.

I basically learned to code by reverse-engineering that game. And here I am, four decades after its release, still working as a software engineer!

Here's a full exploration:

Also, a vlog I made about it:

#nostalgia #basic #Amstrad #AmstradCPC #retroProgramming #RetroGaming #vlog

Paul (Goto 10)
3 months ago

So many people liked the BASIC portion of my Atari and Microsoft post last week, that I wrote more about it this week.

Like, subscribe, etc., etc. so you don’t miss any Goto 10 posts!

#BASIC #Atari #microsoft #RetroComputing

3 months ago

In 1973 #Wang introduced the 2200 #Terminal computer with built-in #CompactCassette recorder and #BASIC interpreter:

Ricardo Harvin
3 months ago

@ve7fim Brings back memories of the Basic #BASIC computer programming elective I took at Piper High School, Sunrise, Florida, 1975-76.

We fed the paper tape to queue batch jobs for overnight transmission to the #BrowardCounty school board's #mainframe via 300 baud modem.

That taught me I'm not a #programmer (I have done #ColdFusion, "classic" #ASP, #JavaScript).

3 months ago

The hand-written program listing of High Honor is impressive.

I also scribbled BASIC programs while in school, and I also used squared paper to draw sprites or PETSCII art, but this work is *neat*! 🥹

#c64 #basic #programming #education

3 months ago

Now this young programmer has his own YouTube channel, and he's coding an adventure game called High Honor:

#c64 #basic #programming #retrogaming #education

3 months ago

A 9 year old was typing BASIC commands on the Plus 4 next to me. I introduced him to the one-liner maze generator published in the original user manual of the Commodore 64:

10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10

Afterwards, he started modifying the code, trying different values to see what would happen... much like I did when I was about the same age 🥲

#c64 #retrocomputing #basic #PaCommEx

3 months ago

Yesterday I got a huge donation of #C64 #PaperWare from a guy who had programmed #BASIC and #assembly since the 1980s until his death this spring. A big project of him was altering and extending Simons' BASIC for the C64. There are plenty of sheets with hand-commented disassemblys and self-programmed routines.

4 months ago

And now: The end boss!

"Gürth Dragönslayer" is a #BreakOut #game programmed in only one line of #BASIC for the #BBCMIcro and published in BBC ACORN USER, Nov. 1991, p. 168. After I managed to decrypt the crappy scan (with the help of the FB Acorn Group) I can run it in an emulator. Now it's up to understand the code!

First I have to find out which BBC-BASIC dialect provides a WAIT command. (Does anyone know?)

4 months ago

Sadly this trial will only have 30 participants, but it's very exciting that Universal Basic Income is being explored in the UK.

#GoodNews #Universal #Basic #Income #Trial #Equality #Safety #Society #Socialism #Care #Economy

4 months ago

"#Breakout" from Peter Gibbs for the #Atari800, published in Page 6, No. 9/1984, p. 26, is a hell of a #BASIC program: Poking around in the displaylist, using internal functions for cursor positioning and testing, re-definig some characters and even implementing a machine-language routine for block copying the char set into RAM. Ironically the pre-text calls the readers to alter the code for their own purposes ...

Willard Goosey
4 months ago
Joy another time-sink, another CP/M BASIC!

And it's supposedly based off of TDL BASIC, one of the better non-ms BASICs.

The docs seem to be in German only so I might be able to resist (I can't read German 😢)

Special for @amoroso there's also a cpm86 version...

I once spent way too long getting an early version of TDL BASIC working under CPM and then never did anything with it.

#CPM #Basic #HeBas #CPM86 #TDL

4 months ago

Is there a #MSX #BASIC guru in my bubble who can explain this to me:


(That Sprite contains the graphic for a #BreakOut paddle.)

Scott Williams 🐧
4 months ago

Me: My backlog of projects is more than a little ridiculous right now. I've got to get caught up.

My brain: Hey, I bet we could write a #COBOL to #BASIC translator pretty quickly with a bit of #Python.

4 months ago

Had a sad realization the other day.

I love occasionally explaining repeating tasks in pseudo #basic. E.g.

1. do x.
2. do y
3. GOTO 1

No-one learns basic anymore. Most folks can follow what i've said but they don't actually know why i said GOTO. and they don't know why that really would have been written 10, 20, 30 instead of 1, 2, 3.


“On many early microcomputers, BASIC was more than a language — it was also the operating system of the machine, the interface between the electronics inside the beast and the gawk-eyed neophyte at the keyboard.”

⸺ G. Michael Vose

From page 298 of Byte Magazine Volume 09 Number 04 (1984 April) - "Real-World Interfacing"

#basic #basicProgramming #retroComputing #vintageComputing

Retro Gerry
4 months ago

managed to get some #retrogamedev done on the amstrad last night and got my timers working properly.

its on my itch page ( as a CDT if anyone wants a shot.

its easy all you need to do is answer 1 2 or 3 to simple sum of the numbers 1, 2 & 3 before the timer runs out and get the highest score you can. the timer gets progressively shorter the more you score.
there are other versions too.
#retrogaming #retroprogramming #basic #amstrad #retrocomputing #cpc464 #amstradcpc

4 months ago

It's everyone's favorite basic language maze generator running on the Agon Light 2! #AgonLight #basic #z80 #bbcbasic

That basic program that uses / and \ to make a maze. First popularized in the C64 manual but here running on the Agon.
Andy Jones-McGuire
4 months ago

OK then, time for an #introduction

Hi, I'm Andy. I started my technology journey with a ZX Spectrum 48K. I learned #BASIC. Later I moved up to the Spectrum 128K +2. A few years before starting college, I taught myself #VisualBasic 5 in the bath (I didn't have a PC, just a book). My first computer was a Cyrix 686. At college I learned #HTML (not CSS that wasn't really a thing). Since then I have taught myself #PHP and #Javascript and I have a million courses on Udemy to learn other stuff.

5 months ago

Are you interested in the Agon Light system but didn't grow up on Z80 BBC Basic? You're in luck! The old Acorn Z80 Basic manual is available over at the Internet Archive! #AgonLight #retrocomputing #Z80 #basic

@hazelweakly I know and I really would love to see that.

Basically porting a lot of advantages from #snap, #fish and #PyCharm to #bash...

Pretty shure this would require either a derivative language [i.e. "enhanced bash" / "ebash"] or require some preprocessor approach like #Blitz [#BASIC] and #Sass [#TypeScript]...

Marquis de Geek
5 months ago

#BASIC : Beginners’ All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code

With the apostrophe after the 's', as illustrated here.…

Yet, over half of the docs I read whilst researching my book get it wrong. Or did Dartmouth?

See also: C64 Kernal