7 hours ago

Decided to give my old 2015 mbp a past lease on life with a new battery. The ALU body had actually started to deform from the swell of the battery.
Sometimes couldn't even click the trackpad properly anymore.
Closing the lid was impossible, it just stood there with a 3 cm gap.
The amount of energy needed to warp an ALU body like that... Scary stuff.

For the amount of money this cost, it ought to reach 10 years of usage tho. So I opened her up and holy moly.

#apple #macbookpro #battery

Macbook pro 2015 battery cells showing after opening up the device, looking like two explosive balloons being strapped down by the trackpad cables
16 hours ago

We show 5% degradation on our 5-year-old #Tesla Model 3 125k kilometres/78k miles. We rarely charge to 100% and mostly charge at home, which seems to help the situation.

#battery #EV

2 days ago

The battery of this new iPhone 15 Pro is really underwhelming. With default settings (AOD, 120Hz) it lasts maybe just over the day #iphone15pro #battery

Knowledge Zone
2 days ago

#KnowledgeByte: Batteries are a critical component of #RenewableEnergy revolution.

A brief overview of #Battery Technologies and Types of Batteries. Also some recent advances in Battery Technology.

Hippy Steve
2 days ago

Trying to find a #battery #recycling place in #socal where our nonprofit could sell an old bank of 24 Duracell ultra SLIGC145UT 12v 20Ah lead acid batteries

Otti Croze
3 days ago

Listening to ''material world' by Ed Conway on BBC sounds, and it has blown my mind that #lithium originated in the #bigbang and was stored for millions of years in #brine under the #Atacama desert, and now ended up someone's phone #battery and in my #brain. I take it every day as I am #bipolar. The book addresses the environmental and human costs that lithium extraction has. We need to transition to a green economy but doing this ethically is not simple!

Tom J Nowell
3 days ago

I had hoped to run this on the balcony with #solar after the death of a marguerite, I’ve an Amigo Pro #charging board with 4000mah Lithium #battery and 4 x 3v 200mah solar cells and a 5v regulator

Testing it with battery power
3 days ago

Power mode Ubuntu 23.04 (lobster) #battery

3 days ago

Lenovo Carbon X1 with empty battery #lenovo #battery

brad m
4 days ago

“Lemmo One is both an electric #bike and a conventional mechanical #bike, with the conversion achieved via a removable #battery pack that attaches to the frame and a hub motor on the back wheel that can be disengaged … slide the battery pack into its slot under the top bar of the frame to activate #ebike mode”
"the pack can be easily sent away for repairs and even be upgraded every few years, extending the vehicle's lifespan” #bicycle #cycling #design 📚
4 days ago

Apple’s new iPhone 15 phones come with a setting to limit charging of the battery to 80 percent. It’s an apparent response to the battery longevity complaints that have proliferated around last year’s iPhone 14 models. #apple #iphone15 #battery

4 days ago

Here's a guide to compare inexpensive (under 20 $) #Zigbee temperature and humidity sensors.
They are classified according to: Temperature accuracy, #Humidity accuracy, #Battery life, #Zigbee2MQTT Clusters

/cc @homeassistant

#iPhone 15 provides more details on #battery health and lets users limit charge to 80% — I hope this feature will be available to previous models, so I don’t need to rely on smart plugs + shortcuts automations anymore 😅

5 days ago

Middle of the night. Something downstairs chirps periodically. Must go track down electronic device that presumably has a low #battery. 😠 🔋 Don't know what else the noise could be. 📚
5 days ago

A new “Battery Information” section will appear on Google Pixel devices, which contains the manufacturing date of the battery, as well as the count of charge cycles that the battery has gone through. #google #pixel #battery #information

Ordered a new #battery for my @Fairphone #FP3plus because mine is turning tiself into a #DangerPillow and fails to fit anymore...

Ordered it from #iFixit since they charge half the shipping [#DHL from #Germany instead of #UPS from the #Netherlands] and it should arrive tomorrow.

Also grabbed some tools like a glassfiber scratch pen to help #RGH3 my 360s... 📚
5 days ago

A battery charge limiter is available for the iPhone 15 series. This allows you to stop charging the battery at 80% and thereby increase the battery’s lifespan. #apple #iphone15 #battery #life

drs1969 (David Smith)
5 days ago

If ever the 'won't somebody think of the children' argument had a place, it's right smack in the middle of this nonsense. This is a simple #ClimateCrisis argument: "Do it for your Kids" and "Do it for your Grandkids"

Also - few years from now that leafy tory house in the shires will be worth a lot less as buyers wil price in the cost for putting in #Solar, a #battery and a #heatpump.

Sunak U-turn on green policies puts Labour in difficult position | The Guardian

CelloMom On Cars
6 days ago
6 days ago

This French company has designed the first e-bike that doesn’t need a battery
#ebike #technology #battery #ecofriendly

Anomnomnomaly 🇬🇧
6 days ago


Historical use from May to Aug

We imported 405kwh at a cost of £65 (not inc standing charges or VAT) which would then bring the total to about £96

Let's work that out if we didn't have solar & battery system.

Total energy use 1918kwh + 4 months standing charges, + 5% VAT = £351

That's a saving of £255

Not bad for 4 months.


6 days ago

howto force flash bios when a battery is not present #updates #battery #bios

IT News
6 days ago

Toyota reveals its plan to catch up on EV battery technology - Enlarge (credit: Getty Images)

Toyota, the world's largest aut... - #batteryelecticvehicle #lithiumironphosphate #solidstatebatteries #toyotaelectriccar #bipolarbattery #toyotabz4x #batteries #toyotaev #battery #toyota #cars #lfp

1 week ago

Blimey. My Apple Watch just hit 10% battery after only 9 hours of wearing it today…

Normally it’d end the day (another 7 hours from now) with 35-40% remaining! And I’ve been using it *less* than usual today. I haven’t even done my usual ~1 hour outdoor workout yet 😳

Hopefully this is just a "day after update" thing and it’ll improve over the next few days, or something is seriously wrong.

#watchOS #watchOS10 #AppleWatch #Battery

Martin Nutty
1 week ago

24) Further to my last post, I remarked to my wife that had our car been electric, we wouldn’t have had a catalytic converter to steal 😜

Truthfully, In a dense city like #NYC with a plenitude of transport alternatives, #CarFree makes sense. A private car only makes sense if you leave the city frequently.

That said, I wonder how quickly #Toyota are going to bring this new tech to the market. Could be a game changer 👇

#GreenTech #ElectricVehicles

I Like Books
2 weeks ago

"The NTU approach entails submerging expired solar cells in hot, diluted phosphoric acid for half an hour to remove surface metals. This procedure is then duplicated with fresh phosphoric acid to ensure comprehensive metal extraction, ultimately yielding a pristine silicon wafer within an additional half-hour.

The team also claimed that advanced spectroscopic analyses confirmed that their sample achieved a recovery rate of 98.9 percent with a purity of 99.2 percent.

Dr. Sim Ying, the lead author, claimed that the similar performance levels exhibited by their upcycled silicon-based lithium-ion battery and freshly procured ones provide evidence for the viability of the NTU approach.

They anticipate that their silicon recovery technique will significantly propel the advancement of EV battery technology.

#GoodNews #Solar #Upcycle #Recycle #EV #Battery

Martijn van Exel
2 weeks ago

I have a 2017 #iPhone SE that I have always really liked and still use from time to time when I just want to carry a compact phone around. But the #battery #charge level readout started acting weird. When I unplug it from the charger it will seem to discharge very quickly, then randomly, and then it will continue to hum along at 1% charge for hours. I have no reason to assume that the battery itself is in bad health (Battery Health says it's fine) so what's going on / what can I do about it?

Erin Whalen
2 weeks ago

In a US first, new EV battery cells are going to be made with recycled metals, which could lead to a 25% drop in CO2 emissions in the production process.

Four companies will be working together to create the new batteries, including a Canadian company. Commercial production of the batteries is set to begin in 2024.

Yes! Sounds like a good start but we need more reclaiming and recycling of battery materials, please. 🙏

#battery #ev #recycling #sustainability

2 weeks ago

A half-heartedly insulated battery cable shorted on me today and the battery case melted 🥵 Good thing I was sitting right next to the robot it powers, smelled the problem and could take it outside quickly ... #electronics #shortcircuit #ShortCircuitMishap #battery #robot #melt #melting

A molten battery case with two AA batteries and a battery cable
Jean-Pierre F1RUM
2 weeks ago

A friend asks me if he could supply a 52V / 1000w motor for about 20 minutes with home made #battery (stack of 18650 modules). The goal is also to have a not too heavy pack.
If you had to build a such battery, which configuration would you mount ?

Thanks for your help

Ricky de Laveaga
2 weeks ago

And just in case someone is eventually going to trot out the ridiculous "for reliability/people can't change batteries" drivel: when Kidde's "Never Replace Battery-Lasts Ten Years," "Eliminates Late Night Low Battery Chirps" failed after 3 years, I was unable to stop the alarm from ringing at 4 AM without destroying it. Broken by design. #SmokeDetector #Battery #Safety

Michal :verified: :btw:
2 weeks ago

Car battery died (could not hold voltage). I replaced the it with a new one in the car.

I thought I could use it at least to power my speaker. Nope, charges "to full" in like a minute, and then (sipping a few watts) goes from 12V to below 9V in a couple minutes, I can watch the voltage drop live.

Any tips on whether I could revive a dead "no maintenance" battery? Or is just "dispose of appropriately"?

#car #battery #maintenance

My latest blog post: Bringing a VanMoof X3 or S3 Back to Life – Part 1 – Smart Cartridge

...or, reverse engineering an e-bike that is much too clever, proprietary, and integrated for its own good!

#battery #cell #charge #datasheet #ebike #hardware #lipo #lithium #power #vanmoof

The Smart Cartridge from a VanMoof X3.
3 weeks ago

Hey fedi I need like some ASAP help for my laptop repair

I took apart the laptop, but the battery was double sided adhesive to the frame. The adhesive stuck to the old battery and the new one doesn't have any. What do I need to replace the adhesive or what is a good solution until I can get a proper solution

pictures in reply. Also any tips for cleaning as well this is my first repair

#laptops #laptop #repair #battery #replacement #help

Terence Eden
4 weeks ago

🆕 blog! “One month with a solar battery - real statistics”

August is meant to be full of gloriously hot days. An endless parade of sunshine and drinks in the park. This year it seemed mostly grey, miserable, and prone to pissing it down at a moment's notice. We all know that solar panels' efficiency wilts in the heat, but do they get a tan work […]

👀 Read more:

#battery #solar #statistics

hawaiianeye797 (Craig F)
4 weeks ago

Nissan is reusing the batteries from old Leaf electric vehicles to make portable power sources #battery #batterypower #sustainability

SpaceHistory, etc
1 month ago

I’d like to hear from anyone who has invested in a #solar #battery. We’ve had #solar #panels for years. I’m reading that batteries are becoming more reliable. I asked over the weekend and heard from one person. Has anyone else done it? Thanks

1 month ago

#Battery technology doesn’t seem to have evolved much in the last decade, at least at the consumer level. I was hoping that by now, phones that last several days on a single charge would be ubiquitous.

1 month ago

Nuclear power is a distraction. The cost is silly and times sales too long.

You can get #solar #wind #battery systems up and running quicker and there is no lack of investment. Governments are actively obstructing #renewables while they can't get #nuclear projects going because no one wants to invest and the logistics are a nightmare.

Nuclear power is a waste of time.

#ukpolitics #uspol #green #climate #ClimateCrisis #ClimateDestruction

Ira Gershenhorn
1 month ago

Have the benefit of seeing lots of models of #ebikes in the bike rack on the #Baylander. They are all beasts! My class 1 #ebike weighs 36lbs with the battery and the #battery only holds 7AH. The motor is small at 250w but that is totally sufficient.

NASA has developed a breakthrough solid-state battery that uses sulfur and selenium as the cathode material. The battery has a record-breaking energy density of 500 Wh/kg, twice as high as conventional lithium-ion batteries. The battery could enable electric aviation and other applications that require safe, powerful, and lightweight energy storage. #battery #NASA #sulfur

Curtis Parfitt-Ford
1 month ago

Can anyone help me decipher the codes on this (rather puffy!) #battery? Trying to replace it in some consumer electronics, but not sure what its voltage is meant to be... advice appreciated! Going with a 3.7V 550mAh replacement as a default in the absence of any better ideas 😅

A lithium battery taken out of a piece of consumer electronics. On it is written "
+PL 753027:
-550mAh 13618
1 month ago
Terence Eden
1 month ago

🆕 blog! “Using *over* 100% of our solar battery capacity in one day!”

Please imagine I have an extreme-YouTube-shocked-face as this post's thumbnail image. We recently got a 4.8kWh solar battery installed. Batteries are still somewhat complex beasties. In order to prevent damage to the internal structure, a BMS (Battery Management System) ensures that each cell i…

👀 Read more:

#battery #solar

Line graph showing the battery's state of charge.
Johan Empa
1 month ago

A state in Germany found that battery trains are better than hydrogen trains.

They are buying 102 battery trains to replace their diesel trains.

Maybe batteries wins over hydrogen for all land transport?

#battery #train #hydrogen

IT News
2 months ago

An Open Firmware for LILYGO’s e-ink Smart Watch - The world’s first quartz wristwatches were miles ahead of electric and mechanical ... - #microcontrollers #clockhacks #smartwatch #battery #e-paper #clock #e-ink #esp32 #watch

Terence Eden
2 months ago

🆕 blog! “Solar Battery Statistics - Day One”

We recently upgraded our home solar storage to 4.8kWh. The battery has sensors to detect how much solar power we're generating, and how much electricity we're buying from (or selling to) the grid. That means... GRAPHS AND STATISTICS! Our battery was commissioned just after midday. This graph shows: 1630 - it was fully charged. 2…

👀 Read more:

#battery #electricity #solar

A complex graph with multiple overlapping coloured lines.
Adam Cook
2 months ago

I have said it before, and I will keep saying it...

Nothing has damaged #Detroit and #Michigan more than the #automotive industry - from multiple fronts and multiple perspectives.

And although I believe that some public officials here are starting to (finally) recognize that, we must be far more aggressive in shifting away from this industry in Michigan.

The amount of state incentives that have currently been spent on #BEV #battery facilities is too much at this point.

Terence Eden
2 months ago

🆕 blog! “Review: Moixa 4.8kWh Solar Battery”

I have upgradeitis. If something newer and shinier comes out, my stupid monkey-brain compels me to buy it. Seven years ago, we installed a solar battery. It was part of an experimental project which looked at creating a community power-grid, so it came at a subsidised price. As I explained to BBC Click, the 2k…

👀 Read more:

#battery #gadget #maslow #moixa #review #solar

Large box attached to the wall. A white metal case with blue polka dots covers it. There is a small black and white screen in the middle.
Erin Whalen
2 months ago

Following up on yesterday's story about China's new battery-powered container ship, here's a recent Condé Nast Traveler article claiming that electric ferries are about to take over the world.

As someone who lives in a community accessible only by boat, I would love to see electric ferries and other forms of zero-emission waterborne transportation become more popular!

#electric #battery #renewable #marine #transportation #BritishColumbia #coast

@pezmico What I do think would be a longterm gamechanger are #Methanol #Fuecell-based #ElectricXars since they basically solve the #battery issues aka. #range and #chargung since said #Methanol can be made fron #renewable electricity and be distributed efficiently like #gasoline, making it a viable option for places where batteries would be considere too unreliable and restricting, like fire trucks, ambulances, emergency power generators.

Pratik Patel
2 months ago

NASA may have just cracked the code for replacing lithium in batteries: ‘Double or even triple the energy’

They're trying to use solid state batteries.

#Energy #CleanEnergy #battery

Stephen Shankland
2 months ago

At what point do home batteries become as ordinary in the US as rooftop solar? Interesting that Tesla is offering $500 rebates on Powerwalls.
#battery #DuckCurve #EnergyStorage

@saschasegan I still hope one day they'll bust back in like the Kool-Aid man with some #Fairphone / #Framework style modular #phone with a #battery you can #repair at home.

3 months ago

#introduction #intro time.

I am Jourei, from #Finland, fluent in #finnish #swedish. I almost exclusively post in English. I have no specific topic, I just yell into the void whatever I feel like. I avoid politics and controversy.

Hobbies include #tinkering with #electronics, major themes are #solar and #battery recycling/repurposing.

Other interest hashtag bingo #rail #railways #lightrail #tram #train #PublicTransport #GreenEnergy #sustainability #AlternativeEnergy #GoodNews

“As the Washington Post reported in late June, 'when demand soared to an all-time high, #wind and #solar farms accounted for about 35 percent of the state’s #energy supply...

...the rapid rise in #battery storage means that the setting of the sun no longer means the power goes away...

In other words, the power of the sun gives us a chance to allow the functions of the world as we know it to continue, and to continue without increasing the temperature of the earth."


3 months ago

Anyone who knows of an up-to-date attempt to track #battery and #hydrogen #train initiatives in europe?

Maybe @jon?

3 months ago

Today's traintertainment is provided by #cat.

The #train is a Siemens Desiro diesel on a Danish locally operated line (Midtjyske Jernbaner).

In 2024 these are to be replaced with #battery trains (Siemens "Mireo Plus-B" because we can't do normal names anymore). Cat will probably appreciate that.

Theresa, a lovely cat, inside her craddle on a train table

Not my cat btw. She's just a fellow passenger.
A Midtjyske Jernbaner  Siemens Desiro diesel.
Nell Greenfieldboyce
3 months ago

The University of Texas at Austin says that John Goodenough has died. He did research critical to the development of the lithium-ion battery, which has transformed our daily use of portable devices. When he won the Nobel Prize, at age 97, I asked him if he remembered the first time he ever owned a cellphone or some other device with a lithium-ion battery. He said, "No, I don't remember when because I've never carried one of those things in my pockets," and then he laughed. #battery

A portrait of John Goodenough, an older white man with blue eyes and white hair, wearing a dark suit jacket and tie and white shirt, holding up a small metal circle that is a lithium-ion battery
CelloMom On Cars
3 months ago

"#CleanEnergy technologies — including #wind and #solar power, #battery storage and #ElectricVehicles — are now competitive and in many cases cheaper than coal, oil or gas. That progress has been led not only by #Europe, but by #China, #India and other emerging markets such as #Chile, #Morocco and #Vietnam. The world’s cheapest electricity today is generated by the sun in the oil-rich United Arab Emirates."


Andrea Shmandrea
3 months ago

Fediverse help me

I'm looking for a COTS or MOTS option here. I can do some soldering if need be.

I am looking for a DC input charge control board for some #LiFePO4 batteries. Ideally 12, 24, or 48 volts, and at least 100 Watts. 2 stage constant current/constant voltage, of course.

I have searched high and low and everything available is an AC/DC converter. I specifically want a DC input.

Anyone know if #solar mttp chargers are acceptable to use with DC voltage generators?

Tags for communities I think would know: #ebike #electricvehicles #ElectricVehicle #solarenergy #solarpv #pota #battery #batteries

Stephen Shankland
3 months ago

Happy summer solstice, northern hemispherians. Here is a piece about startup Lunar Energy and its freshly unveiled modular home battery, a 10-30kWh model that captures midday rooftop solar energy so you can spare the grid and make a buck in the evening:
#solar #battery #GreenTech #startup #decarbonization

Georgia commits to electric vehicle tech - just don't say "climate change"

Republicans walk a fine line

#Hyundai, #Kia and the startup #Rivian will soon make }electric #vehicles in #Georgia.

#Battery makers and #suppliers are setting up shop nearby and a South Korean #solar #panel company is moving ahead with a multi-billion dollar expansion.

The state has helped lure these companies with billions of dollars worth of #incentives, including #tax #breaks, #infrastructure #investments and state-supported #training #programs.

Governor Kemp says the new jobs will be a game-changer for Georgia's economy.

What you don't hear Kemp talk much about, though, is the force underlying the broader drive to electrify – climate change.

Bradley Taunt
3 months ago

Small post about improving laptop battery life on #openbsd

"Improving Laptop Battery Performance on OpenBSD"

#laptop #battery