Kevin Gamin
31 minutes ago
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I'd try powdered beer, but I would definitely miss the carbonation. #foodscience #beer #brewing #Germany #NeuzellerBrewery

Kevin Gamin
1 hour ago

This is a more sour brew than I expected, plus the flavor is strong. Drink this one slowly and enjoy it. ​

#Beer #2023BeerTour

MJ Rawbop
3 hours ago

Our local #beer store has once again expanded its assortment of imported specialities.

#SamuelSmith's #ImperialStout is a drinkable fine dark medium strong stout from Yorkshire.

This is the first time I am not deterred by the announced chocolate aroma. This is probably due to the fact that it is not accompanied by a strong smoke flavour.


Imperial stout bottle front view
Imperial stout bottle back view
IT News
6 hours ago

Beer byproducts were popular canvas primers for Danish Golden Age artists - Enlarge / Two Russian Ships of the Line Saluting by Christoffer Wilhelm... - #massspectrometry #artconservation #danishgoldenage #heritagescience #proteomics #culture #science #physics #beer #art

Woops. What should have been a very productive Friday turned into two beers with friends from my former project next to the river Rhine.

#beer #Rhine #Basel #alcohol #sunnyDay #friends #gettogether

9 hours ago


Cask Fan
9 hours ago

@caskfan was drinking a May Fly by #HopBackBrewery at #TheGreenManAleandCiderHouse on Fri at 15:32 #beer

May Fly
Cask Fan
10 hours ago

@caskfan was drinking a North Rock by #MilestoneBrewery at #TheGreenManAleandCiderHouse on Fri at 14:52 #beer

North Rock
Gay Old Time
11 hours ago

When it's just you and your bro… have a Schlitz
#vintageAd #gay #beer

Vintage ad for Schlitz beer. Two clean-cut young men are enjoying some beers at a ski lodge. Tagline reads: "I was curious… I tasted it…"
Joey deVilla 🪗
12 hours ago

My personal blog, “The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century,” is in the top 5 Google results for the phrase “two beers and a puppy.” Partner with the “two beers and a puppy” people, and strive to be one yourself!

#RulesForLife #Beer #Puppies #TwoBeersAndAPuppy #WorksWellWithOthers #book #books

coedo 毬花 #beer

13 hours ago
A photograph of five fried dim sum on a plate.
15 hours ago

#Vegetable #Salad, Myanmarese Dagon #Beer, and #Chicken Pakora. Some say they use #orchids as an ingredient in Dagon beer. Not sure how true. Not as bitter as Kingfisher beer, for sure.

#Vegetables #Food #Myanmyar #Burma #Travel

Vegetable salad served with Dagon beer (a Myanmarese beer) laid out in a table.
15 hours ago


1 day ago

Et on embouteille 2/3 semaines. Je refais une tournée demain après avoir re-sanitisé le tout.

#cats #beer

Sebastian :coffefied:
1 day ago

#Beer with wife!🥰

Paul Förster :verified_blue:
1 day ago

Mother held her little daughter
Fourteen minutes under water
Not to cause her any troubles
But to see the funny bubbles. 🤣
#Humor #JWST #Astronomy #Beer #Jokes #Photography #ShotOniPhone

A shot of a glass of beer looking like a galaxy or star nebula with the bubbles looking like the stars.
Maciej Sulima
1 day ago

Trzecia butelka z browaru Stara Szkoła to Marzanka. #piwo #beer

Etykieta przód piwa Marzanka z browaru Stara Szkoła.
Etykieta tył piwa Marzanka z browaru Stara Szkoła.
1 day ago

Errands done for the day!

*Went to see my barber
*Purchased 7 light novels at Barnes and Noble
*Did a beer run and grabbed 3 make your own 6 packs

Only negative from my trip was my damn mask strap broke as soon as I started walking to my haircut. The air quality sucks, so feeling a bit meh due to it...

#beer #beers #craftbeer #lightnovels #beerrun #bookhaul #books

Image shows 2 stacks of light novels. On the left are volumes 3 through 6 of The Alchemist Who Survived. On the right are volumes 1 and 2 of Sasaki and Peeps, and volume 1 of My Instant Death Ability is So Overpowered.

Behind the books are anime figures and a Nintendo Switch
2 rows of beer cans stacked up. There are 9 16 ounce cans on the bottom row, and 7 16 ounce and 2 12 ounce cans on the top row.
A Good Beer Blog
2 days ago

Thursday means #BeerWriting links. Well… maybe more for me that you. But have a look. Plenty of good thinking about drinking out there this week. #Beer

The Brew Site
2 days ago

A compilation of a number of beers I’ve recently received that I’m behind on posting, with beers from #VonEbertBrewing, #FirestoneWalkerBrewing, #Clausthaler, and #10BarrelBrewing.


#Beer #CraftBeer

Cans of Agria Morada, a sour ale brewed with purple corn and pineapples, from 10 Barrel Brewing of Bend, Oregon
Cans of Pils, Sector 7 Hazy IPA, and Volatile Substance IPA from Von Ebert Brewing of Portland, Oregon
Cans of 805 Beer from California's Firestone Walker Brewing, in the limited edition "USA" can
Cans of Germany's Clausthaler ISO 0.0, a non-alcoholic beer

Time for a beer, pretzel, and a book at our local pub, Three Vikings.

#pub #ukraine #beer #yeg #books

Table with a pretzel, a dark beer in Sea Change Brewing pint glass, and a book “Borderland: A Journey Through the History of Ukraine” by Ann Reid.
The Brew Site
2 days ago

#CascadeLakesBrewing is celebrating #PrideMonth with a special edition of Blonde Bombshell that will raise money for #QueerCreatorsCollective in #CentralOregon. #Pride Blonde Bombshell features Pride flag colors, and the release party is June 7 at the west Bend pub.


#Beer #CraftBeer #BeerReleases #BeerNews

2 days ago

The sing to post a picture of my even for over an hour 🤣 cheers it all of you on the feidiveese🍻#beer #friends #happy #fun #talking #politics

Annikage showing a glass of beer with lights in the background

#BeerReview, cross-posted at

Canadian River Brewing Co. (#Chickasha, #Oklahoma)
Groundhog's Shadow (Hazelnut brown ale)

Poured from a 12 oz can into a pint glass mahogany brown liquid, clear with a large tan head that quickly goes away.

Slightly sweet aroma flavor is definitely nutty as promised but also some toasty and sweet elements maybe a tiny bit of maple. Medium to full mouthfeel.

I really enjoyed this beer a lot and it makes me wish that more breweries made good quality Brown ales. I also like ipas and other hop forward beers but there are times that are really crave toasty malted flavor and this one fits the bill quite nicely.

Look 4.5/5
Aroma 4.25.5
flavor 4.5
mouthfeel 4.25
Overall 4.5

#Beer #CraftBeer

O mamuniu,jakie to dobre - dymne, wytrawne, esencjonalne, grzejące w gardło i w brzuchu 🤩

edit: to piwo jest chyba nawet troche zbyt dymne - po oproznieniu prawie calej butelki czuje sie, jakbym wypalil ze dwa papierosy 😆

#Wrężel #craft #beer #piwo #craftbeer

butelka piwa z zielono-niebieską etykietą z napisem Peatland Wrężel i narysowaną postacią starszego człowieka trzymającego kłos zboża w zębach
2 days ago

💀 #tacticool #beer can holder and can opener, both MOLLE compatible.

Molle beer can pouch
Molle can opener
Paul Edwin
2 days ago

Any recommendations for eating or drinking establishments in the West End area of Edinburgh? (Only there for one evening, and need to cycle the next day, so won't be going mad.)

#beer #food #edinburgh #scotland

Andreas Krennmair
2 days ago

If you drink a Radler, why not try it with a dark lager? IMHO, it's the superior Radler, as the tartness of the lemonade balances out the maltiness of the Dunkel. And when you order it, of course in the traditional format of a Maß. #beer

A Maß of Radler made with Munich Dunkel.
matiu bidule
3 days ago


Red Fang - Blood Like Cream (Official Music Video)

(aka : invasion of beer-drinking zombies. Must watch).

A Good Beer Blog
3 days ago

Two days late. I blame me hiding in the basement in search of clear air. But Stan’s links to some great #BeerWriting are always timely. #Beer

Map showing forest fire plume from Quebec to Lake Ontario in deep brown indicating extremely polluted air.
3 days ago

Tropical Daydream by #SanDiego brewery Harland Brewing. Very much a summer time sour #beer


Brian Alberts
3 days ago

What #beerhistory do you want to see explored?

What questions do you want answered? Communities engaged? Topics or themes highlighted? Time periods covered?

#beer #history #histodons

Joey deVilla 🪗
3 days ago

Tampa Bay’s “No presentations, just conversations” meetup for techies and creatives takes place TOMORROW at The Corner Club in Seminole Heights! Join us!

#Tampa #TampaBay #meetup #meetups #coding #creative #beer #CraftBeer

Andreas Krennmair
4 days ago

On our way home to #Berlin, so of course there need to be train beers. Two of Bamberg's finest. #beer #bamberg

A bottle of Fässla Lagerbier on a table in an ICE.
Steve Williamson
4 days ago

@w7voa Anhydrous ammonia would explain the taste. #beer

Andreas Krennmair
4 days ago

Lagerbier at Fässla. Lower carbonation than last time, it actually makes the #beer even nicer to drink, almost like #caskale. #bamberg

A 0.5l of amber-coloured Lagerbier.
Brian LeRoux 💚
5 days ago

the venn diagram of my interest in this article is a perfect circle #climate #beer

Looks like the #craftbeer boom has turned to bust after #inflation & the #costoflivingcrisis have reduced #drinkers' appetite for premium #beer.

Three times as many craft #brewers have gone bust in the last 12 months (45, versus 15 for the previous 12 month period to 31st March).

Given the turmoil in #hospitality this should not be a surprise but for the firms concerned will be a personal tragedy for owners' & staff.

Another #business sector wrecked by the #Tories

5 days ago

Current look at the beer fridge. Just moved a bunch of cellared bottles to it, and added a couple 6 packs of 12 ounce cans I grabbed at the farmer's market today.


#Beer #CraftBeer #Beers #BeerFridge

Image shows a fridge with its right door open. Inside are 2 shelves stocked with bottles, 1 shelf and 2 drawers stocked with cans. On the door are 3 shelves stocked with cans. 

Closed left door has anime magnets on it.
5 days ago

Ebikes are game changers!

My wife hasn't ridden a bike in 30 years. She just finished a 20 mile round trip ride on the Busch Greenway, KATY and Monarch Levee trail. I struggled to keep up with her when she hit the turbo mode going up the big hills.

And this was a round trip to the future site of 4 Hands Brewing at the District. This bodes well for future rides!

#cycling #beer #ebike #transport

6 days ago

Kansas City but not St. Louis? Can't trust this list at all!

26 Cities In The US Every Beer Lover Should Visit

#Beer #STL

6 days ago

#MidnightSnack - ok the #Beer was from a little while earlier, but we needed something to munch that down with
Glad to have these Zapps #Chips (crisps for you UK peoples) around.

A glass of pale yellow beer next to a can of Allagash White
A slightly crumpled bag of Zapps potato chips - New Orleans style Spicy Cajun Crawtators
Hank G ☑️
6 days ago
For some reason I thought that beer was an Egyptian invention. It turns out the Sumerians were quite the beer connoisseurs even before that. People have attempted to recreate the recipes from cuneiform tablets that have been left behind. That's how Max Miller got this episode's recipe experiment completed. To quote the great philosopher Homer Simpson, "" #beer #history #FoodHistory #TastingHistory
Brewing Mesopotamian Beer - 4,000 Years Old
6 days ago

I know, I know.

But I had to try it didn’t I?

I’m going in…

#beer #YorkshirePudding

Photo of a bottle of Yorkshire Pudding Beer.
Andreas Krennmair
6 days ago

Now here's a rare one for Bamberg: Tucher Nürnberger Rotbier. #beer #bamberg

A glass of Tucher Nürnberger Rotbier.
Andreas Krennmair
6 days ago

When you order a "small" Maibock and you get served a Schnitt... #beer #bamberg

A 0.5l glass of Klosterbräu Maibock that is 60% foam.
Andreas Krennmair
6 days ago

Unpopular opinion: Spezial-Keller is overrated. Despite the stunning view, the waiters were rude and the beer overcarbonated (about the biggest crime you can do to an "ungespundet"). #beer #bamberg

The view from Spezial-Keller: houses and trees, with Bamberg Cathedral and another church visible behind them.
Andreas Krennmair
6 days ago

Since our original plans fell through (Zur Sonne in Bischberg is closed for an annual company holiday), we're spending some time at Greifenklau's lovely beer garden. #beer #bamberg

A 0.5l Willibecher glass with Greifenklau Kellerbier.

De grote merken hebben het wel moeilijk om die typische vorte nasmaak bij alcoholvrije bieren weg te krijgen.

#beer #alcoholfree

Hoegaarden Wit 0,0 is het toch ook niet.

#beer #alcoholfree

Strange how Innis & Gunn can comply with the Deposit Return Scheme in Sweden... In Canada too, I believe.

But not in Scotland?

Stop whinging I&G.

#DRS #recycling #Greens #SNP #beer #Scotland

Innis & Gunn complying with DRS in Sweden
1 week ago

It’s #friyay and I have another unusual choice in #stoutLand

#wabashaBrewing Horror Frost white chocolate white stout

Hoppy, yeasty, an odd nose but a smooth finish with hints of malt. Not my traditional stout but a lighter summer-brew despite its name!

#stout #whiteStout #beer

Wabasha brewing Horror Frost white chocolate white stout
Andreas Krennmair
1 week ago

This one goes out to Fred Waltman, RIP.

The Keesmann Pils is as good as ever.

#beer #bamberg

1 week ago

Anyway, I'm drinking a raspberry sour in a bar now and it's really rather nice #beer

A tuplip half pint glass of a very red coloured beer with no foamy head.

Grimbergen Blond 0.0 can go back to the drawing board... not my thing at all
#beer #alcoholfree

Andreas Krennmair
1 week ago

On the positive side, the Mahrs Pils has a good hop character, decidedly dry-hopped, though less bitter overall and ever-so-slightly sweet towards the end. #beer #bamberg

Andreas Krennmair
1 week ago

First beer in Bamberg on this trip. #beer #bamberg

Hönig Lager in a Kiosk Kunni 0.5l glass.
Andreas Krennmair
1 week ago

We're going on a wee trip. #beer #bamberg #beertrip

Andreas Krennmair
1 week ago

If you’re info #brewery tours, here’s an interesting of Almaza brewery in Lebanon. It’s mostly in Arabic, but the high density of English loanwords makes it surprisingly comprehensible. Also, lots of German brewing and packaging equipment, as well as their historic brewing kettle including an old-fashioned Läutergrant. #beer

Craig Anderson
1 week ago

I’m Craig. I was born in the Kulin nation (Melbourne), Australia, but live in #Glasgow because I love it, I can afford it, and warm weather is overrated.

I’m a straight mediocre white guy, who lucked into the privilege which comes with that. I’m trying to use that privilege to help folk who have less of it.

I work as a freelance web product developer using #Django.

Outside of this I like to get nerdy about #coffee and #beer. Still follow #WesternBulldogs in #AFL.


Byron Miller
1 week ago

Red Horn My Girl Rita gose. If you smile your cheeks will get stuck hehe 🍺 #beer #trivianight

Adrian Cockcroft
2 weeks ago

Technically it’s kind of a breakfast #beer, but I spent most of this afternoon and evening sipping my way though this can. It’s a 12.8% alc stout with maple and coffee and a picture of Frank Zappa on it from (and they take the gluten out of all their beers).

Kat ♾️
2 weeks ago

If you stop by one of the outdoor pubs in Leavenworth, ask about volume before requesting their largest glass of ale. And don’t even consider a Bavarian pretzel unless you’re splitting it with your baseball team!

🤭🍺💪 #Washington #beer

Hand gripping a very large pint of ale.
2 weeks ago

'Humanity has been chasing the perfect pint since beer’s inception, which evidence suggests was roughly 13,000 years ago near Haifa, Israel – the oldest known record of human-made alcohol.' #drinkhistory #CO2 #foam #beer

Rob Talks About Beer🍺
2 weeks ago

Do you produce a #Podcast or #Vodcast? Are you looking for guests? if so hit me up. I have knowledge of #Beer, #homebrewing, #CraftBrewing, #Tech, #TTRPGs, and General Geekery. I also have knowledge of many subjects and would love to be on your show.
Feeling Kind? boost this for me.

Juan Carlos Muñoz
3 weeks ago

This morning I visited the wonderful Alte Pinakothek in #Munich for the umpteenth time, and I just can't have enough of one of my favourite pictures there by Max Liebermann. Whenever I'm at a #biergarten I can't help but see the similarities with this lively XIX century scene, with #beer and #music bringing together people of all walks of life. #art #MastoArt

An impressionist oil painting depicting a lively and busy scene in a beer garden. In the foreground there's a thirsty little girl drinking water from a glass held by a woman. Another woman with a green umbrella watches her two kids play with sand. Many faces blend together with broad brush strokes in this busy scene, everyone happy and drinking beer. In the background, a band is playing music.
Justin Poehnelt
3 weeks ago

I worked from a public space in the first time in what seems like forever while waiting on service for my truck. Ska Brewing of Durango, CO is great!

Also my first drink in nearly two months with lunch! 🍺 (I had the Checkered Future IPA)

Normally this would mess up my heart rate variability (HRV), but it still hasn't really been stable since running my last ultramarathon 2.5 weeks ago.

#Durango #beer #ultramarathon

Beer glass on a table
Flipboard News Desk
3 weeks ago

Have all the beers gone "woke?"

Vox looks into conservative campaigns against marketing by Bud Light and now Miller Lite:

#USPolitics #Beer #Republicans #LGBTQ

Sebastian Laube
4 weeks ago

Berliner Weiße ist schwer zu meistern. Manchmal muss man erst durch halb Europa fahren um eine wirklich gute zu finden.
Just beer foody things...
#BeerFoodie #Beer

I always knew Miller Lite was my favorite cheap, American beer for a reason. 👏👏👏

After #BudLight, #MillerLite faces boycott calls for 'woke' #beer ad:

A screenshot of Miller Lite’s “woke” beer ad
4 weeks ago

Raise a pint - the 2023 World Beer Cup winners. Some nice Canadian representation, especially from BC! #beer

ᴚ uɐᗡ
1 month ago

so... where my hash house harriers at?

🐇👣 #hashing #beer #running #TrueTrail #NotNecessarily #OnOn #OnIn 🍻🍻🍻

Chris Fletch
1 month ago

Ordered some #beer online to be consumed this weekend. It’s from Cold Town Brewery in Edinburgh and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in. We’ve got a Lager, an IPA and a Pornstar Martini Ale.

Picture of 12 cans of beer from Cold Town Brewery. 4 cans of lager, 4 cans of IPA and 4 cans of Pornstar Martini ale
1 month ago

Interesting! Ancient #Egyptian tablet was decoded some time ago and determined to be a work #timesheet, recording absences and reasons for employee absences. One of the most common was workers busy "brewing beer" #beer #homebrew

@benjedwards this is a bottle of Bass King’s Ale #beer from 1902. I’ve tasted another bottle from this same batch, but this one is mine.

More info:

An old bottle of beer with tattered label and a lead “capsule”.
Libation Legacy
1 month ago

While doing some completely unrelated research, I came across this anecdote, which I think bears repeating. See the alt text for my transcription.

New York Post, June 12, 1939, Leonard Lyons, in his regular column "The Lyons Den".

#AnitaLoos #EdgarBergen #AldousHuxley #ventriloquism #beer

12 P. M.: "Anita Loos gave a party in honor of her maid's new baby," a film producer reports at Fefe's Monte Carlo. "The guests were shocked when the baby suddenly started to talk and asked Aldous Huxley for a glass of beer. Huxley finally exposed the culprit--Edgar Bergen, who was doing a ventriloquist routine".
Damon Thomas
1 month ago

Barware gives solid advice. #advice #beer

Keep on Truckin' barware.
Mandu 🥟
1 month ago

first pizza, now an AI generated beer commercial set to smash mouth's all star. it’s only uphill from here on out, folks.


#AI #AIArt #AIGenerated #GenerativeAI #GenerativeArt #beer

1 month ago

🌞 Good morning #fediverse! This is GBH News from #Boston. It's 66F at Logan and visibility is 10 miles.

In #NewJersey, hundreds of pounds of cooked spaghetti were found in the woods in the town of Old Bridge. #oddities

A #Kentucky man got 14 years for his #Jan6 actions as more sentences are being handed down for those who stormed the Capitol.

A new #beer garden has opened on #Boston Common as part of efforts to "liven up" the space.

Did you grow up using "wicked" as a synonym for "very"?

Shawn M. Jones, PhD
1 month ago

Looks like I’m running out. Time to schedule a beer run tomorrow.

Thanks to @hvdsomp for introducing me to this beer, one of my favorites!

#beer #BelgianBeer #Tripel

A chalice next to a green bottle. Both have Tripel Karmaliet written on them.
Universal Hub
1 month ago

Dog owners will no longer have to flee to the suburbs just to drink beer outside
#Boston #beer #pets #dogs

1 month ago

Not far off from having tried 800 different beers

#beer #reviews

A screenshot from a beer review website showing 794 beers from 277 different breweries. A graph is shown, with the Y axis being number of beers rated and the X showing how many have been scored each score (from 1-10)
1 month ago

The bubbles in your #beer may well be fossil-derived; more than 1/4 of the #CO2 in the US market is extracted from pure geological deposits.

Surprised we allow firms to drill for CO2 in 2023? While the rest of the world seems to be trying to get rid of CO2? So was I, so I dug into the practice for you.