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#SciArtSeptember day 29 (already?!) Theme is Tale. And this is my favorite #insect pest tale.

The Colorado potato #beetle is a pretty destructive pest against (you guessed it) potatoes! It's native to (you guessed it) Colorado!

The beetle was already widespread through Europe by the 20th century, but Germany was hit particularly hard during WWII and the USSR was hit particularly hard during the Cold War. Various pieces of propaganda from the time warn of the "Amikäfer" - American beetle - being dropped from the sky by American balloons and planes. In response to the accusations, West Germany airdropped little cardboard cutouts of the Colorado potato beetle, each stamped with "F" for "Freiheit" (freedom).

Small painting of a yellow and black striped Colorado potato beetle, with d20 for scale.

Even the bugs are enjoying the last warm rays of sunshine.

Bug on flower

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A stink bug sitting on a yellow-green flower enjoying the warm sunlight
Johan Saxe :verified:
3 days ago

What's up?

#lowrider #beetle

Ron's Computer Videos🖥️📼
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#SHORTS - I cannot imagine a more perfect #license #plate on this #Volkswagen #Beetle!

Colin Purrington
5 days ago

Rove beetle in the genus Homaeotarsus. Found inches away from the mystery pupa I posted yesterday so perhaps they are the same species. I love how uniformly punctate it is. Media, PA, USA. #beetle #coleoptera #entomology #staphylinidae #RoveBeetle #nature #insects

Elongate insect with long, curved mandibles tucked into a frass-filled crevice in a rotting log.
Colin Purrington
1 week ago

Rove beetle pupa that I found under loose bark. When poked, just as ornery as an adult. Media, PA, USA. #beetle #coleoptera #entomology #staphylinidae #RoveBeetle #nature #metamorphosis

Photograph of a translucent white insect covered with water droplets and setae.
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@dave_heumann @mxtthxw It was busy munching the native lady bugs. This one is an invader in Europe:

And yes, they stink.

#Insect #Ladybug #Beetle

2 weeks ago

i heard you like beetle. here is big headed ground beetle

#bugs #insects #beetle #beetles

a large shiny black beetle with big mandibles walking over some reddish pebbles
Colin Purrington
2 weeks ago

Platydracus maculosus (Staphylinidae) in a defensive posture, ready to coat me with irritating secretions from glands at the tip of its abdomen. You can find them eating fly larvae at cadavers and cow patties. In flight they do a rather good job mimicking spider wasps (blue wings, jerky movement). #RoveBeetle #insect #nature #beetle #coleoptera #entomology

Large, elongate, brown, mottled insect with an upcurved abdomen and no apparent wings.
Colin Purrington
2 weeks ago

This tiny rove beetle gave me such an arrogant, threatening look that I said to it, "Well, aren't *you* just the Lord of the Mushrooms today!?" Later, after uploading the pic onto #iNaturalist, some expert informed me that it's in the genus Lordithon. #RoveBeetle #staphylinidae #mushrooms #fungi #insect #entomology #nature #beetle #coleoptera

Elongate brown insect atop a white mushroom.

#EVs are a hot topic in #auspol, but something people never seem to mention is what would happen if #Australia becomes an ICE island wedded to a legacy technology. A comparable analog might be the #VW #Beetle in #Mexico - the original air cooled design was produced until 2003. Here in AU we may continue to get cars into the 2050s that are the equivalent of the 2003 Air Cooled Beetle - with further ICE development having been stopped by the major car producers. (1/2)

All kidding aside, that's a weird stat. #beetle #bug

Tweet responding to a stat that 1 in 4 animals on Earth is a beetle. "Think of three friends. If none of them are beetles, you are a beetle."
3 weeks ago

Female ten-lined June beetle I found on my walk tonight. Polyphylla decemlineata #losangeles #tenlinedjunebeetle #calabasas #night #beetle #scarab #insects

Ten-lined June beetles are relatively large in size, some growing to sizes as large as 1.5 inches (3 cm) or more. As in other members of this genus, the males have large distinctive antennae consisting of several lamellate plates, which they close up when threatened. The antennae are used to detect pheromones emitted by the females. The wing covers (elytra) have four long white stripes and one short stripe each. The underside of the thorax is covered with brownish hairs.
Lu 🇦🇲
3 weeks ago

The Crazy #VW Beetles That Conquered #Antarctica
( @dr_boree , vous roulez en VW à Concordia ?)

3 weeks ago

i touched his butt & he was micro huff and spazzy

#beetle #insects #herculesbeetle #CreepyCrawly #lovebug

wee hercules beetle, or massive hercules beetle, youze be that judgy judge. strong boy ready to plow the earth
kernpanik 🐾
3 weeks ago

Leichte Standschäden –
– Near Mint Condition

#ClassicCars #Volkswagen #Beetle #VWBeetle
(photo: @kernpanik | license: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

A black 1966 Volkswagen Beetle, parked next to an old house. The car is in a state of decay, and partly overgrown by plants.
Atlas Obscura
3 weeks ago
The live, jewel-encrusted beetles called maquechs are tied to an ancient legend, but some worry for their future.#objectsofintrigue #tradition #animals #legends #mayan #jewels #beetle #insects #section-Articles
The Living, Breathing Broaches of the Yucatán

Had a new friend at lunch today! Never really been into entomology, but a quick search says this is a Hermit Flower Beetle. Never seen a beetle this large in the wild before!

CW: #Beetle #Insect

A close up photo of a large (bigger than 1") all black beetle on a blue indoor tile. The beetle is facing towards the camera,
4 weeks ago

Remembering that time I totally failed to get a decent photo of a beetle, but decided to roll with it.

#nature #photography #PhotoShop #beetle #silly

A close up photo of a beetle climbing a roughcast wall. The beetle is large and central but totally out of focus. The small stones in the wall are in focus, so I added shocked human faces to them.
4 weeks ago

Met this splendid chap yesterday.
#insect #beetle #wildlife

1 month ago
a fig beetle sits on meaty clean fingers eating ripe honeydew on a humid summer night. is this living? why yes, it is.
Atlas Obscura
1 month ago

Thousand-Armed Insect Goddess of Mercy in Itakura, Japan

A statue of Konchū Senju-Kannon made from 20,000 insects.#buddhism #beetle #statues #insects #goddess #section-Atlas
Thousand-Armed Insect Goddess of Mercy

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When I was in Japan I picked up this absurdly expensive fully poseable Giraffe Stag Beetle toy, which came in a fancy box and detailed explanation of its origins, the modeller's bio, etc etc. I love it so much. I just wish it was one of the Japanese beetles I used to raise, a kabuto or o-kuwagata maybe.

Still. Fucking look at it.

Made by Kaiyodo, Revoltech offshoot called RevoGeo that specialises in accurate models.

It's so fucking cool.

#japan #toys #beetle #mushi #kuwagata #クワガタ #revoltech #revogeo

Ferdinand M.
1 month ago

🇦🇹 Gestern beim Wandern auf der Hohen Wand hab ich einen Lederlaufkäfer gesehen. Das ist ein ziemlich großer Käfer - fast 4cm lang.

🇬🇧 Yesterday while hiking on the Hohe Wand I saw a Carabus coriaceus beetle. This is a fairly large beetle - almost 4cm long.

#insect #nature #naturephotograpy #wildlife #wildlifephotography #käfer #beetle #insekten

Blick auf den Käfer von vorne/oben.
Blick auf den Käfer von der Seite. Der Käfer versucht sich unter einer Schafgarbenpflanze zu verstecken. Der Boden ist das Straßenbankett bestehend aus groben Sand und kleinen Steinen.
Der Lederlaufkäfer von oben. Er sitzt auf dem Straßenbankett bestehend aus groben Sand und kleinen Steinchen. Auf dem Bankett sprießt eine Schafgarbe, unter der sich der Käfer verstecken will.
1 month ago

Pornographie au jardin 😃
un entomologiste peut nous dire le petit nom de ces scarabées?

2 insectes genre scarabées copulent

🍀Artist: #DavidZinn in City: #AnnArbor USA 🇺🇸 - Title:
🔴 "Every Tuesday morning, Seth
puts on his jorts and offers
balloon rides to beetles. 🎈
🟡 "Jeden Dienstagmorgen zieht
Seth seine Sporthose an und
bietet Käfern Ballonfahrten an.
#StreetArt #SidewalkChalk #Art #MastoArt #Chalkart #Balloon #Raccoon #Beetle #Uplift 🐞

Streetart. Small chalk drawing on a gray sidewalk. A small raccoon in short blue pants and green shoes holds a pink balloon on a string. In front of him sits a blue beetle.
Title: "Every Tuesday morning, Seth puts on his jorts and offers balloon rides to beetles."
Bryan Wright
1 month ago
A large, black, cartouche-shaped beetle sits on a bleak plain of concrete. We see the beetle from above, and look down on its front and right-hand side. It has a short horn in the middle of its face, shaped like a front-facing coat hook. The thorax is the smooth, curved black enamel of a luxurious 1930s automobile. Covering the abdomen, the elytra are deeply, elegantly reeded. It sits quietly on the concrete, deigning to be admired.
Imagery by Rihilism
1 month ago

A lady beetle aka lady bug (Coccinellidae genus) larvae on common milkweed leaf. A very welcome newcomer to the garden 👍 .

#beetle #beetles #FlowerPhotography #insects #InsectPhotography #NaturePhotography #macro #MacroPhotography #MastoArt
#photography #AltText

Closeup image of a lady beetle larvae on a common milkweed leaf.  The larva is about 1/2 inch long, with an elongated, spiny body. It has black, orange, and white markings on its body as well as the spines that run in rows down its back. Its body is somewhat similar to a caterpillar but with six legs and a beetle head.
Closeup image of a lady beetle larvae on a common milkweed leaf.  The larva is about 1/2 inch long, with an elongated, spiny body. It has black, orange, and white markings on its body as well as the spines that run in rows down its back. Its body is somewhat similar to a caterpillar but with six legs and a beetle head.
Closeup image of a lady beetle larvae on a common milkweed leaf.  The larva is about 1/2 inch long, with an elongated, spiny body. It has black, orange, and white markings on its body as well as the spines that run in rows down its back. Its body is somewhat similar to a caterpillar but with six legs and a beetle head.
Closeup image of a lady beetle larvae on a common milkweed leaf.  The larva is about 1/2 inch long, with an elongated, spiny body. It has black, orange, and white markings on its body as well as the spines that run in rows down its back. Its body is somewhat similar to a caterpillar but with six legs and a beetle head.

@barbiche that's a cute #PersonalLightVehicle ...

It looks like a #Porsche and a #Beetle had a date in an #Onsen and left their child in the water too long...

Has some Messerschmitt #KR200 vibes, but it's a "wide boi"...

TapTap 🎮
2 months ago

vore beetle

vore beetle

#memes #nature #forg #beetle #insects

diagram of a japanese beetle that runs through a frog's digestive system to escape out it's anus unscathed
2 months ago

Beetle (Pimelia Punctata) investigates the inside of the shell of a myriapod to see if there is anything edible left. Although they are common in my garden (Alicante province, Spain) I have only found out that they are also distributed in Italy, France, Austria and Belgium, and that the species of the genus Pimelia are threatened mainly by habitat loss.
iPhone 13 mini + homemade macro lens
My other macros in:

Escarabajo (Pimelia Punctata) investiga el interior del caparazón de un miriápodo para ver si queda algo comestible. Aunque son habituales en mi jardín (provincia de Alicante) sólo he averiguado que también se distribuye por Italia, Francia, Austria y Bélgica, y que las especies del género Pimelia se encuentran amenazadas principalmente por la pérdida de hábitat.

Käfer (Pimelia Punctata) untersucht das Innere der Schale eines Myriapoden, um zu sehen, ob noch etwas Essbares vorhanden ist. Obwohl sie in meinem Garten (Provinz Alicante, Spanien) häufig vorkommen, habe ich erst jetzt herausgefunden, dass sie auch in Italien, Frankreich, Österreich und Belgien verbreitet sind und dass die Arten der Gattung Pimelia vor allem durch den Verlust ihres Lebensraums bedroht sind.

#macro #macrophotography #insects #bugs #beetle #animals #animalsonland #naturephotography #wildlifephotography #nature #shotonmobile #pimeliapunctata

Beetle (Pimelia Punctata) investigates the inside of the shell of a myriapod to see if there is anything edible left.
Beetle (Pimelia Punctata) investigates the inside of the shell of a myriapod to see if there is anything edible left.
Mistigris computer arts
2 months ago

Mistodon: this #ASCIIart illustration of a #beetle in vaporwave colours was drawn by @vermileonhart and included in the MIST0822 artpack collection released one year ago this month.

A purple long-nosed beetle, as seen from above, drawn using ASCII text characters, coloured according to a vivid pink/purple/magenta spectrum.
Weirdo Bug Guy
2 months ago

Some photos of #japaneseBeetles. They are considered an invasive species in North America, but they're quite beautiful nontheless.

#photography #beetle #insects #macro

A Japanese beetle on an orange flower. Their head and thorax are iridescent green and their carapace is a brownish orange, lined with black and equidistant tufts of white fuzzy hair.
The same beetle, zoomed out to show more of the flower
Another Japanese beetle on a cluster of flowers, their carapace is covered in dew
Lukas VF Novak
2 months ago

Scientists identify #NewSpecies of #beetle that used extra-long #antennae to battle for mates, at the feet of #dinosaurs

Protoliota paleus sp. nov. (Coleoptera: Silvanidae) – new long antennae beetle in mid-#Cretaceous Burmese amber

"Although having such long antennae might have its drawbacks, like getting tangled in vegetation, those extended male antennae come in handy for finding mates as well as battling over them"

beetle in amber
2 months ago

Another artfight drawing! this time for @itsAeth , who was great characters (specially if you like dragons or scales), and received less artwork than they did!
Very fun to do the unusual textures and colors on their characters, do check them out and make something for them!

#beetle #dragon #horn #insect #field #grass #plains #digital #shaded #krita #wacom #artfight #artfight2023 #teamvampires #green #zesty #furryart #furry #sfw #sfwfurry #sfwart #sfwart #sfwfurry #furryartist

digital illustration of a dragon prowling some fields, the dragon looks like a horned beetle inspired dragon, with teal and beige carapace (with a stripe pattern on the carapace placement itself in both colors)
2 months ago

A Tiger Beetle, Neocollyris bonellii, spotted at Upper Seletar Reservoir Park, Singapore, on 16 April 2023. This appears to be less common than the usual tiger beetles that I have seen.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Insects #Beetle #Coleoptera

A long and thin beetle with a dark blue metallic body. It has long reddish legs that let it quickly run around.
Bryan Wright
2 months ago

An encounter between beetle, fly, and human.

#beetle #beetles #fly #flies #coleoptera #diptera #insects #arthropods #photography

A large dark brown beetle is facing us, looking menacing. He's staring right into our eyes, daring us to stay, daring us to run. He's clinging to the steeply tilted surface of a leaf, so he needs to twist his head to bring his eyes level with ours. One of his forelegs is extended toward us, and beside his foot is a tiny, chubby fly, apparently examining the foot.
2 months ago

Beetle of ancient Egypt, 128x128

#1bit #pixelArt #egypt #beetle

Beetle carrying a golden ball and a blue blue mini-ball on its feet
Bath Nature
2 months ago

A couple of Longhhorn #beetles - Red-shouldered Longhorn (Anaglyptus mysticus) from #Bath #Somerset #UK and a Black-and-yellow Longhorn (Rutpela maculata) from #Frome.
#Insect #Insects #Beetle #Wildlife #Nature #WildlifePhotography #NaturePhotography #Entomology #Coleoptera #NatureCommunity #MastodonNatureCommunity

Red-shouldered Longhorn Beetle (Anaglyptus mysticus) - a black beetle with red shoulders and white markings. The beetle is sitting on white flowers.
Black and Yellow Longhorn Beetle - black and yellow beetle with long antennae, sitting on a purple thistle flower.
Colin Purrington
2 months ago

Seven-spotted lady beetle
(Coccinella septempunctata) eating an aphid. I was struck by how unconcerned the nearby aphids seemed, especially because they are supposed to emit and perceive an alarm pheromone. Maybe it takes them a few seconds to back their stylets out of the stem. #LadyBeetle #LadyBug #coccinellidae #beetle #coleoptera #aphids #insect #entomology #nature

Domed, glossy beetle with white-spotted black pronotum and black-spotted red elytra. It's at the base of a yellow aster inflorescence eating a red aphid.
4 months ago

Look at this amazing friend I found this morning, outside my front door. It's about 3 cm long, about twice the size of the only other antelope beetle I've seen here in Montreal. I hope it enjoys living in my garden with all the other insects (I have quite a variety 😀 ) #beetle

photo of a black beetle with large jaws, and a wide flat head. Taken from the side, sitting on a flat paving stone.
4 months ago

Sitting, waiting for the thunderstorms to start and giving my legs a rest from #wandering today, so here's a few #Photos from earlier in the week.

A "Thick Thighed #Beetle" sits on a #Dandelion while a "Marmalade #Hoverfly" hovers nearby

A view of #MynyddBrombil

A "Heath Spotted #orchid

A "Black Tailed Skimmer #dragonfly

#Nature #NaturePhotography #Cymru #Wales #InsectSaturday #Insects #Flowers

An emerald green beetle sits on a bright yellow dandelion flower . Next to it a hover fly, hovers. It has large brown composite eyes, a dark thorax and a yellow and black striped abdomen. Its two transparent, veined wings are stretched out to its sides
A bracken covered hillside rises behind a broom bush covered in bright yellow flowers . A few sparse trees rise from the hillside, bent to the left hand side showing the prevailing wind direction
A green stem leans diagonally to the left, green pointed leaves with dark black spots grow from it. At the top a spear shaped cluster of unopened flower buds sits on top of some fully open flowers. They are intricately shapes, white with delicate purple markings
A dragonfly sits on a sandy path. It has large green composite eyes, a mottled, dull, turquoise and green head and thorax and a grey abdomen with a black tip to its tail. Its four transparent veined wings are spread out to it's sides, each having one black spot on its upper edge
Stephen Shankland
4 months ago

Huge dopamine hit when several people on iNaturalist identified the California night-stalking tiger beetle (Omus californicus), which by the way is a great name. I spent 15 minutes trying to ID it before I gave up. So. Many. Beetle. Species.

#Beetle #NaturePhotography #Photography #inaturalist

Matt Fossen
4 months ago

Fluffiest. Weevil. Ever.

(Eustenopus villosus)
#Entomology #InsectPhotography #Photography #Weevil #Beetle #Coleoptera

Side view of a very hairy, brown-and-white striped weevil.
Dorsal view of a very hairy brown-and-white striped weevil.
Sage Sharp
4 months ago

I also found this good avocado friend!!! No idea exactly what species it is, but it's probably some sort of leaf beetle.


A beetle on a leaf stem in the middle of a hiking trail. The beetle is dark green, the color of a ripe avocado.
Butt view of said beetle.
Matt Fossen
4 months ago

Here's the whole beetle. It's Colaspidea smaragdula, if I'm not mistaken. #Entomology #Photography #InsectPhotography #Coleoptera #Beetle #Chrysomelidae

Side view of a small, point-mounted shiny green beetle covered in coarse white hair.
Matt Fossen
4 months ago

Pretty decent photo of a beetle's visage, if I do say so myself. #Entomology #Photography #InsectPhotography #Coleoptera #Beetle

Close-up of the face of a shiny green beetle. The beetle's eyes and mouthparts are black, and the surface is covered in coarse white hair.
5 months ago

I'm trying to design sticker packs and... I like some of these but as a whole I dunno if they work. Was rather proud of a couple of them though so share I do. #lantern #lamp #scarab #beetle #bug #sticker #StickerArt #art #MastoArt

A series of illustrations outlined in a thick black of lanters and golden scarab beetles. It's got a rather angular style.
Christian Alder 🌱
5 months ago

So it seems a mild swarm of soldier beetles has descended on this house. Turns out they're pretty chill and just go around pollinating stuff.

But for a few moments before I was able to ID them (Thanks to the Picture Insect app on #iOS) it's fair to say I was freaking the hell out.

Living in the countryside got me out here taking photos of all kinds of bugs - this is way better than Pokémon! I’m up to 36 collected ☺️

[hidden image in case of bug fears]

#Insects #Beetle #Bugs #Portugal

A red soldier beetle on the white exterior wall of a house.
Kai Ash
5 months ago

Biastag ann am Brisbane, ach chan eil fhios 'am dè seòrsa.

Its colours remind me of a blue and red harlequin bug, but its body shape and the fact it has wings reminds me more of a cicada. Any ideas?

#photography #NaturePhotography #insect #beetle #bug #Brisbane #entomology

A winged beetle with metallic red and dark blue colouring stands still on a brick.

Finally taking off into a nice #Weekend. 🪲🐞🤣

#BeetleFriday #Insects #Beetle #Bugs

A beetle taking off of a leaf.
Larena Woodmore
6 months ago

I found more.
#Beetle #Fly #Bug #Lizard

Photo of a small metallic beetle perching on a single horizontal stem of a rush. The beetle is bright blue with a purplish tinge at some angles,
Photo of a slender fly perched on a blade of grass. The eyes are metallic bright green, body is a metallic golden green and the abdomen is stipes of the two colours. Its wings are held out at 45 degrees to the body and are transparent with dark brown squiggly lines.
Photo of a shield bug nymph perched on unripe blackberries. Its body is teardrop shaped and has large metallic patches  of bright blue-green with dark blue endges that look like they've emerge from lava, as the rest of the body is bright yellow. The legs, eyes and antennae are metallic dark blue.
Photo of a Metallic Skink. This one is melanistic, so it is black with a metallic oily-looking sheen.
Jon Sullivan
7 months ago

Discoveries are everywhere. I was at a beach with friends on the weekend, and rolled a log (as I do), found and photographed a beetle (as I do), and uploaded to #iNaturalist (as I do).

It's the second #iNaturalistNZ observation of its species, and 7th globally.

This is how knowledge about nature gets built: people sharing interesting things they find. In the old days it was employed/wealthy collectors. Now it can be everyone with a smart phone.

#beetle #Aotearoa #NZ

A photo of a tan brown, lightly hairy beetle, found under a log by a beach in Lyttelton harbour, NZ.
Matt Fossen
7 months ago

Apologies for the somewhat mediocre photos this week; I can't seem to achieve decent lighting or focus for some reason. Anyway, here's a real weird one: the face of a scarab beetle, Cremastocheilus angularis. #Insect #Entomology #Photography #InsectPhotography #Beetle #Coleoptera

Face of a black scarab beetle. The surface is covered with coarse punctures, and the thorax has sparse, spine-like setae on the posterior half.
8 months ago

What's Up, Buttercup?

Also featuring Malachius bipustulatus - Common Malachite-Beetle

#Photo #Photography
#Plant #Plantodon
#Flower #Florespondence
#Beetle #Beetlodon

Common Malachite-Beetle covered in a dusting of pollen investigate the bright yellow flower of a Buttercup