J.V. West
11 hours ago

Inks for the Gary Con XVI GM shirt!
I think Luke already shared the full art, but I'm not sure. So I'll have to wait and see if I can share that. #garycon #beholder

Elaine Will
1 week ago

My new #stickers are now up in my shop! :blobcool: Get 'em from here:
#illustration #design #beholder #dnd #brainfart

A photograph of two stickers designed by OP. At the top is "Brain Fart," a cartoon brain with legs and a face with a spaced-out expression and swirly eyes, making a little toot. At the bottom is a Beholder from Dungeons & Dragons, but adorably cute and cuddly looking, with huge sparkling eyes.
A closer shot of the "Brain Fart" sticker.
A closer shot of the "Uwu Beholder" sticker.
3 months ago

A random design I came up with a while ago and finally brought to life.

If you like the design, check it out in my RedBubble Store.

#furry #fantasy #beholder #dnd #baldursgate

A beholder with furry ears on its head and each eye stalk
Aubrey Dancer
4 months ago

"A good Dungeoneer keeps an eye out for lurking monsters and to always expect the unexpected."

#digitalArt #digitalillustration #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #dungeonsanddragonsart #beholder #fantasyart #mastoart #DnD #beholder #illustration

New monsters. Updated monsters. Cooler lore than the original. A very cool adventure involving an aboleth.
My Alternate Ecologies series of supplements will elevate your #dnd5e game. And so cheap, especially in the bundle!
#ttrpg #dnd #aboleth #illithid #beholder #fantasy

Socket doesn't get that, just because things are small like her, they may not like to get dressed up. Don't worry, no teeny-tiny beholders were hurt.

Some very early Socket art, back when I still drew her shirt bwahah.

#kobold #dnd #pathfinder #dungeonsanddragons #ttrpg #furry #anthro #furryart #beholder #monster #mastoart

Martin 🧀
5 months ago

Il est encore temps de choper #beholder 2 gratuitement sur GOG

Je suis encore qu'au 1er étage mais toujours aussi malaisant que le 1er. Par contre on sent plus le coté jeu (répéter des actions tous les jours pour accumuler des points) alors que le 1er semblait plus à une histoire ininterrompue.

🎮 Tienen #Beholder 2 gratuito en #GOG

Buen juego. Te metes en la piel de un funcionario de un Estado totalitario y tienes que ir haciendo el trabajo sucio que te exigen tus superiores... O no.

Beetroot Paul
6 months ago

#SeptemBIT 2021 | Evil Eye, Trap, Chest, Treasure, Boss Key •

#evileye #beholder #trap #quicksand #chest #treasure #chalice #key

Lena Falkenhagen
7 months ago

And here, too:

Thank you to the jury of the German Computer Games award #DCP #DerDCP.

Having #Beholder 3 win Best Serious Game is an honour.

And #Paintbucket won best studio!

#computerspiel #games #Videospiele #seriousgames

Phil Smith
7 months ago

I'm gradually building up a list of guidelines to help me improve as an artist. Just simple stuff. Here's one.

* If there's a place where one of your pictures could go, draw something and put it there.

This picture's pretty much an example of that guideline. I hadn't changed my Facebook cover photo for a while; needed refreshing.

#beholder #kobolds #disintegrate #deathray #fleshtostone #eyerays #eyetyrant #sphereofmanyeyes #cavern #facebookcoverphoto #eyerays

A beholder attacks a mob of kobolds with its eye rays. One has been disintegrated, another slain with a death ray, and another petrified and smashed to bits.
8 months ago

I spent a full hour on this abomination according to my ipad. So now you must all suffer alongside me and my bad jokes >:D

#art #digitalart #beholder

A beholder (spherical cyclops head with sharp teeth and eye stalks) with a piece of framed art embedded in its main eye, and text below saying "You know what they say... Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder"
Carrie E, $15.6k oh WOW
9 months ago

Hey folks! I've updated my Etsy with a few new items, and adjusted priced down on a few existing ones. You can find it here, with coupon code:

#Pokemon #necrodancer #CryptOfTheNecrodancer #hades #dungeonsanddragons #beholder #crafter

A hand holding framed art of Eevee plus all 8 Eeveelutions from Pokemon. They are on a background of green grass and encircling a Pokeball. The Eevees are made of Perler beads and look delightfully pixellated.
Framed art, on a wooden background, of 3 characters from Crypt of the Necrodancer. A skeleton dances with Cadence, while Freddie Merchantry sings in the background. A chest, a diamond, and the beating tempo heart are visible as interface pieces.
A close-up of a dice tray with a stony texture. In the inset, a beholder made of polymer clay and 11 googly eyes smiles toothily at a 20-sided die. It has rolled a 20.
A giant minotaur demon stands in profile on a stormy background. Its paint scheme colors mirror those of Asterius from the game Hades.

Happy Valentines Day to all who celebrate!

We celebrate Valentine's Day in mid-February because the Christain holiday was meant to replace the pagan festival of Lupercalia, a pagan fertility celebration.

More on the subject courtesy of The History channel:

This great image is from Dragon Magazine #156, you love who you love!

#ttrpg #rpgart #valentines #beholder

Image of a pudgy man in a patched tunic with a short sword and a heart on his belt proffering flowers to a smiling beholder wearing lipstick!
Lance Taylor 💾
10 months ago

Of course, I had to. #Beholder #DND #MiniPainting

Lance Taylor 💾
10 months ago

The Owl Bear head mount above our game room was a nice touch too. #Beholder #yegdnd #RedClawGaming

Artuan de Lierrée
11 months ago

Ce mois-ci c'est le retour du #dungeonuary sur ma chaîne Twitch : une série de streams thématiques autour de la musique et la fantasy.
Ce soir à 21h je mettrai en musique le bestiaire de Donjons & Dragons.

#dungeonsanddragons #dungeon #fantasy #music #beholder

Un petit bonhomme joyeux avec plein d'yeux.
11 months ago

Ever have something epic in mind for your party, as they delve deeper into that dungeon?
I encountered one such DM who had this exact thought!

In 2020 I was approached and commissioned to create a song that really provided that 'Now -that's- the BBEG' experience.

In the described encounter the party stumbles upon a Beholder or Giant Eye Beast named "Beauty."

Listen Here:

#DnD #DnDMusic #FantasyMusic #DisneyVillain #BBEG #Beholder #MastoMusic #CampaignVillain

11 months ago

@dnddeutsch Der Galertwürfel sieht ja cool aus. Aber vermutlich ist das alles sehr teuer. Da bleibe ich doch lieber bei meinem kleinen #Beholder

Peter Stolmeier
1 year ago

Did a rewatch of #BigTroubleInLIttleChina last night. I've only seen it a few times and it's always a pleasant surprise.

Very #BuckarooBanzai my normal go to for 80's no holding back adventure.

This #movie has a #beholder It's on you to deal with, film has bigger things going on.

1 year ago

Just had a sale on my Threadless shop which reminds me to point out that I have one, and it has cool TTRPG and nerd stuff on it.

#ttrpg #DnD #DnD5e #Dragon #Dungeon #Mimic #Beholder #Shirt #Wizard #MastoArt

A cross between a mimic and a beholder. It's a treasure chest with teeth and tongue and several eyes on stalks, but the pupils are keyhole shaped. A large keyhole in the middle of the chest looks like a central eye.
A cartoon drawing that reminds you of R2-D2 but the central body is a multple stacked cheese burger with bacon and tomatoes on a sesame seed bun with big muppet eyes.
A wizard's face but he has a beard made from a pizza slice which mirrors the triangular hat he's wearing. The pepperoni and red peppers on the pizza also mirror the moon, planet and ringed planets on the hat. He wears pink sunglasses with sparkly stars reflected in them. He's quite pleased.
A dragon made out of stone, so that the dragon is a dungeon (which we see inside in cross section). Past his mouth is a green slime, swinging axes, a blue troll, a mean door, a purple floating claw monster, a red ghost, an orange skeleton wizard and then a yellow gold treasure horde in the end of the tail.
Doug 🇨🇦🤘💀
1 year ago

Enjoying one of my newest purchases on #bandcamp, #Beholder, Arcane subreptice

Black Metal from Québec

#Music #metal

Album cover - Beholder - Arcane subreptice 2022
1 year ago

Hello, 👋
this is the account of Paintbucket Games. We are an indie game studio from #Berlin and make #historical and #political #indiegames like #ThroughtheDarkestofTimes, #Beholder 3 and #TheDarkestFiles.

We want to meet interested people and stay in touch - we'd like to spread nice and (hopefully) interesting things - boost other indies and things we find important.

we toot EN & GER


And here’s one from 4 years ago for comparison 😍 #dnd #beholder

Art by my 8-year-old son ❤️ #dnd #beholder

Child’s drawing of the iconic Dungeons & Dragons monster the Beholder. It has one large central eye in the middle of its face, and a bunch of smaller eyes on the ends of its multiple tentacles, which protrude from its head like snakes.

The Eye of Eternity, rated 5 stars.
A ten page supplement explaining an alternate ecology for Beholders, presenting new monsters, and giving tips on a framework for using them in a full campaign.
What if Beholders were the last surviving remnants of dead worlds, an attempt for that entire universe to continue by observing...or beholding...itself?
In collab with Justina Revolution.
#ttrpg #DnD #cosmology #aberrations #beholder #fantasy

1 year ago

@beesinspace I think the #Beholder had displayed it's favourite petrified victims outside the door to the end room (possible future allies if defeated?). I'm sure there was also a mezzanine level -so the PCs could either try to avoid the creature and engage with ranged weapons, or expose themselves and climb the mezzanine to engage in melee.

1 year ago

Sometimes a beholder really needs a night out with a friend.
#ttrpg #art #dnd #beholder #mimic #arttimelapse #artprocess #fantasyart

A time lapse of the process of drawing a digital art piece of a beholder drinking a martini, posing for a picture with a mimic in the lower right hand of the screen, balancing a beer on the top of their lid.

Stupidly happy with this interactive whack-a-mole game I made for the #DDAL "Lost Things" Prelude Adventure I ran for my group today. :D #dnd5e #beholder

whack-a-mole board with stairs, and a dwarf and human Witchlight Hand encouraging people to play Bash a Beholder
The original Monster Manual cover by Raymond Swanland, featuring a monstrous beholder bearing down on a fighter with a sword and a dwarf with a hammer
2 years ago


Im Ratgeber für alles vom #Beholder #Xanathar finden sich neben Unterklassen, Werkzeuge für die SL auch Herausforderungen und Fallen – und weit mehr. Johannes hat den genaueren Blick gewagt. #DnD5e #pnpde


Boiling Steam
2 years ago

You can Grab the Game Beholder (linux Native) on Steam for Free in the next 48h and Keep it: #linux #linuxgaming #native #free #steam #beholder