Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
13 hours ago

The COCARETTE was a cigarette made with coca & tobacco leaves, c.1885. The company claimed that coca was “the finest nerve tonic and exhilarator ever discovered.”

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An advert for "Cocarettes" depicting a woman smoking on the front of the package, and a list of reasons to smoke them on the back.
Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
2 weeks ago

18th-century pewter syringe recovered from the shipwreck of the Queen Anne's Revenge, the famed flagship of the pirate Black Beard. The syringe contained mercury, which most likely treated pirates aboard ailing from syphilis. More info:

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Gloved hands hold a pewter syringe that is dented in the middle.
Dr Lindsey Fitzharris
2 weeks ago

The decellularized GHOST HEART is created by stripping living cells from a pig’s heart. Researchers at the Texas Heart Institute hope that one day it could serve as a scaffold upon which to grow a working heart from human stem cells. More info via Science Friday:

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A white heart that appears to be glowing from the inside out, hooked to various tubes and pumps.
艾未未 Ai Weiwei (@aiww)
1 month ago

@IndiaToday RT by @aiww: Ever wondered Why your heart is never tired? Find out more on this in #BelieveItOrNot with @poojashali. #ITReel #SocialMediaSpecial #Heart #Medical

2 months ago

DID YOU KNOW? When Elvis Presley was recording his cover of Carl Perkins’ “Blue Suede Shoes” he insisted on singing “You can burn my house, steal my car, drink my pee-pee from an old fruit jar.” It wasn’t until Perkins showed up with a blackjack in hand threatening #Presley that the king finally acquiesced and sang the correct lyrics! BELIEVE IT…OR NOT!
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3 months ago

Basically 100 years ago wealth being concentrated in a small minority of families in United States led to events that caused the collapse of the stock market, the economy and eventually the creation of the New Deal. It feels as if we’ve forgotten the hard lessons that period of history taught us. #believeitornot #historyisnomystery

Gerald So
4 months ago

#GreatestAmericanHero ran three seasons, #BelieveItOrNot (One of the best TV theme songs.)

2 years ago
Chris Hadfield
3 years ago

What a cool surprise! As a kid I loved the @Ripleys #BelieveItorNot books!