Linux ✅
14 hours ago

PreSonus ❤️ Linuxia | Studio One 6.5 julkaistiin jo testiin Linuxille.

**Eli ei aivan vielä tuotantokäyttöön**

Studio & raiturivelhot saavat jälleen lähitulevaisuudessa mahdollisuuden siirtyä myös studioympäristössä Linux-alustalle.

Vaatimukset tällä erää mikäli testiä heti:

►Ubuntu 23.04 Wayland:illa
►Intel® Core™ i3/AMD A10 -suoritin
►Vulkan 1.1 grafiikka-ajuri


#DAW #Linux #studio #testi #beta #PreSonus #One #luovuus #Ubuntu #Vulkan #suomi #musiikki

Linux ☑️
15 hours ago

PreSonus ❤️ Linux | Studio One 6.5 for Linux already available in PREVIEW :linux:

**So not for production quite yet**

Studio & Digital Audio Workstation enthusiasts 'round the world have 'nother chance to switch things to Linux in nearer future. Yes.

Requirements now:

►Ubuntu 23.04 with Wayland
►Intel® Core™ i3/AMD A10 CPU
►Vulkan 1.1-compatible graphics driver


#DAW #Linux #studio #preview #beta #PreSonus #One #creativity #Ubuntu #Vulkan

2 days ago

Kann jemand bestätigen, dass man unter #Android in der #Google #Chrome #Beta #metager nicht als #Suchmaschine eintragen / auswählen kann?

Ich kann zumindest die Anleitung unter in der Beta nicht umsetzen, da es weder einen Metager-Eintrag gibt und eine manuelle Auswahl ebenfalls nicht möglich ist.

Ah, jetzt doch … ich wollte gerade noch ein Screenshot dazu anhängen, und siehe da, der Eintrag ist jetzt da, den es vorher nicht gab.

Tom :debian: :xfce:
3 days ago are offering a #VPN with their pro plans. It's currently in #beta, but works well offering a number of countries and connects via #WireGuard. Only downside is it uses googles DNS if that's an issue for you.

Konsta Suurhaukka
3 days ago

For all iOS/watchOS/Mac OS beta users out there.

It's now the norm to have Samantha (US) or Daniel (UK) speak for the first seconds, sometimes minutes, after updating to a new beta.

I use Eloquence so the difference is significant but I don't really mind charging my phone for a few more minutes while letting Eloquence re-download. Alas, if you have other downloads, such as offloaded apps, Eloquence (or any other synth that switches itself to Samantha/Daniel and needs to be re-downloaded) is placed at the end of the download queue, hence why it could take longer for the voice to switch back. #Accessibility #iOS #watchOS #MacOS #VoiceOver #Beta

3 days ago
A new #ifc viewer fresh from the oven:

It's in #beta now, but I think it could be great for a quick presentation/exploration of various #3D #BIM things in #AEC, no registration needed, no models uploaded!
4 days ago

#Beta #Testers be like: #code

#macOS #Sonoma 14.1 #Developer #Beta 1 verfügbar!

#iOS17.1 #Developer #Beta 1 verfügbar!

4 days ago


Yes, I only use this on a separate test #Mac but I am really appalled that #Apple is releasing this as the official version 14.0.

This is not even #beta standard yet. Bummer.

These yearly major macOS upgrades are definitely too much for Apple to handle...

#macOS14 #Sonoma #BugFest

Michael Marek
6 days ago

Works wonderfully 😉
Surface Pro7 i5 16GB
- Most basic function keys (brightness, volume...) - Fits
- Audio - Fits
- Camera - I don't have the Surface-Kernel installed. As of today, the camera is not supported even with the this kernel. A normal webcam will have to do.
- TouchScreen - Should work with the kernel, but I don't need a touch screen at the moment.
- Bluetooth - Works quite well, one or the other hardware is still twitching.
- Performance - Runs 😀

#Fedora39 #Surface #Beta

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 week ago

Yet another game where the protagonist touches a thing that maybe they shouldn't have.

Also, still not really sure WHO the First Descendant is.

MajorOffline: The First Descendant Crossplay Beta

#TheFirstDescendant #Nexon #NexonGames #PC #Gaming #UnrealEngine5 #EpicGames #Steam #Crossplay #Beta #YouTube #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #Blerd

A split thumbnail featuring Bunny, one of the playable characters from The First Descendant, on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.
1 week ago

Interface Update Beta

I'm at the point where enough progress has been done on the interface update that I feel like it's safe to call it a "Beta" officially now! It should be stable enough that running into errors should (hopefully) be a thing of the past and bugs should be minimal. Users can find the new Beta theme on the Preferences page under "Themes" on the left! Aethy users can find it here !

The updated interface is redesigned to focus on long-form blog-style posts and artwork. It has larger post bodies which allows for a greater emphasis both on text and media. The compose box for posts has also been moved to its own pop-up modal, allowing for improved visuals for writing longer posts.

User profile pages now also have a sidebar that allows for them to be more spread out. Pinned content appears on the right along with a new gallery area that showcases recent media uploads (excluding media in replies to others).

Along with this, the Settings pop-up (also known as "Display Settings" or "Interface Settings") has been revamped to allow users to visually tweak the design of Ruffy. Users can choose from a Light theme, Dark theme, Mixed theme, or stay with the default behavior of simply following whatever your system is set to! Users can then also pick an accent color from a list or opt to use their own that will be applied to the whole site.

The Explore page has been redesigned to act as a hub for all the timelines! There, you can find the local timeline, remote timeline, combined timeline, and popular posts! Trending hashtags and recommended accounts has been moved to the sidebar of the Home and Explore pages.

Content Warnings and Sensitive media have now been merged under one toggle as well. While it's not possible to mark an image as "Sensitive" from Ruffy, other Fediverse software still contains this feature so we've opted to simply add a generic "Unlabeled sensitive content" Content Warning to posts that are sensitive.

Content Warnings on posts have also been redesigned. There's now one toggle that will unfurl posts with Content Warnings that will expose both the text and image at the same time. Clicking a post or media attachment will now show the content (similar to how clicking sensitive images worked previously). By default, posts with a Content Warning will have their text redacted (similar to how confidential documents are redacted!) and will be shown when clicked. This behavior can also be changed to simply hide the post similar to how it worked previously!

The options that allowed for Content Warnings and Sensitive media to be exposed by default has also been moved into the Settings modal and use the same setting. Forcing all images to be hidden has been moved here as well! Visibility for the entire website can be toggled on the fly without having to refresh the page and dig through the external preferences area.

There's still some unfinished bits to be taken care of! I'll create a list of them below but feel free to report anything else you find in the replies!

Needed refinements:

  • Compose modal should have a cancel button that clears the text. Clicking outside of the modal to close it is also strange when compared to other modals. The compose dialogue should also probably have an easier way to clear existing text.
  • The Settings modal should have image representations for the Themes and Post visibility options instead of radio buttons (similar to how the accent colors work).
  • Some areas on the Light and Mixed themes still need to be swapped off the Dark theme.
  • The Preferences page color scheme needs to be more refined.
  • Add an option to toggle the visibility of the trending hashtags and/or suggested accounts on the Home page.
  • "Local only" toggle needs to be moved to the privacy button.

Admin settings:

  • Icon feature needs to be implemented

Known Bugs:

  • Posts on the Conversations page that are labeled with a CW or marked as sensitive don't automatically open when clicked. This can be worked around by hitting the 3 dot menu and clicking "View Conversation"

#FOSS #OpenSource #FLOSS #Fediverse #Dev #Development #Software #Ruffy #Fork #Beta #Libre #Free

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 week ago

Yet another game where the protagonist touches a thing that maybe they shouldn't have.

Also, still not really sure WHO the First Descendant is.

MajorOffline: The First Descendant Crossplay Beta

#TheFirstDescendant #Nexon #NexonGames #PC #Gaming #UnrealEngine5 #EpicGames #Steam #Crossplay #Beta #YouTube #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #Blerd

A split thumbnail featuring Bunny, one of the playable characters from The First Descendant, on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.
1 week ago

The upstream hashtag behavior has been merged into the Beta and Glitch flavours! From now on, any hashtags that are added at the end of the post will be put into their own section at the bottom of a post. This stops the hashtags from becoming an eyesore at the bottom! It will also collapse the hashtags into a smaller list that can be expanded if there are a lot of them!

#FOSS #OpenSource #FLOSS #Fediverse #Dev #Development #Software #Ruffy #Fork #Beta #Libre #Free

Daniel Schier 🐧🍪
1 week ago

Well, well, I just updated to #fedora #silverblue 39 #beta.

It was just a rebase away and now I need to test out what works and what doesn't.

First verdict:

- some extensions aren't ported yet
- some settings aren't reporting the versions properly
- everything else seems pretty well done

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 week ago

Yet another game where the protagonist touches a thing that maybe they shouldn't have.

Also, still not really sure WHO the First Descendant is.

MajorOffline: The First Descendant Crossplay Beta

#TheFirstDescendant #Nexon #NexonGames #PC #Gaming #UnrealEngine5 #EpicGames #Steam #Crossplay #Beta #YouTube #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #Blerd

A split thumbnail featuring Bunny, one of the playable characters from The First Descendant, on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.
David Fox 🌻🥸 🔜 GIC
1 week ago

#Quest2 owners and #puzzle fans, I'm looking for a few beta testers to check out an early version of our Rube Works VR: An Official Rube Goldberg Invention Game. Here's a short video describing it (current version uses hand tracking to play):

If you're interested, please DM me the email address attached to your Oculus Quest account.
#VR #Meta #Quest #MetaQuest #puzzleGame #RubeGoldberg #Beta

Maciej Skrzypczak
1 week ago

Osoby biorące udział w beta testach systemów od Apple mogą dziś zainstalować drugą wersję RC macOS Sonoma.

Jeśli jesteście deweloperami lub zapisaliście się do publicznych beta testów, w Ustawieniach systemowych czeka na Was aktualizacja macOS Sonoma.

To już druga wersja RC (Release Candidate), która ma przygotować ten system na publiczną premierę. Ta, według planów Apple, ma wyznaczoną datę na 26 września, czyli za niespełna tydzień.

Oczywiście nie należy się w tej wersji spodziewać już żadnych nowości względem pierwszej RC. Apple dopieszcza co może, wyłapuje jeszcze błędy i optymalizuje działanie systemu.

#beta #Mac #macOS #Sonoma

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
1 week ago

Yet another game where the protagonist touches a thing that maybe they shouldn't have.

Also, still not really sure WHO the First Descendant is.

MajorOffline: The First Descendant Crossplay Beta

#TheFirstDescendant #Nexon #NexonGames #PC #Gaming #UnrealEngine5 #EpicGames #Steam #Crossplay #Beta #YouTube #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #Blerd

A split thumbnail featuring Bunny, one of the playable characters from The First Descendant, on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.
Afra1d 0f F1r3w0rk5
2 weeks ago

Perfekt: @threemaapp für #iOS: Unabhängig vom Smartphone am Computer chatten

"Selbst wenn Ihr #Smartphone einmal ausgeschaltet oder nicht mit dem #Internet verbunden ist, können Sie weiterhin vom #Computer aus chatten."

#privacy #encryption #messenger #beta #desktop #threema

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 weeks ago

Yet another game where the protagonist touches a thing that maybe they shouldn’t have.

Also, still not really sure WHO the First Descendant is.

MajorOffline: The First Descendant Crossplay Beta - MajorLinux

#Beta #Crossplay #EpicGames #Gaming #Nexon #NexonGames #PC #Steam #TheFirstDescendant #UnrealEngine5 #YouTube

A split thumbnail featuring Bunny, one of the playable characters from The First Descendant, on the left and the MajorLinux logo on the right.
Trenton Matthews
2 weeks ago


First off,
, just letting ya know that your
#Jieshuo download link is "Out Of Date" and has been for at least a month (if not longer). Please update said link by linking to the GitHub Releases page for Jieshuo itself so that people can download the lite or plus flavorr they wish to use:

Also, see my last post about a YouTuber showing off all
#Accessibility features on a Pixel device (giving #Talkback a mention at the top).

I made a comment mentioning you guys and your sister site.

Also, I sadly have no way of recording me demoing this at the moment, but
#Samsung 1UI 6 #Beta Three has now brought the ability for English speaking users to use their voice as #Bixby's voice. And honestly, it's not bad at all!

I did record it at 3 in the morning, so I'm gonna make another one during the midday and make my voice more excited!
Yes, ya can record multiple versions of yourself, or someone else if they are in the room with you.

BTW, when reading sentnces, The sentence itself is displayed on the screen, followed by a 'start recording' button. This process can be done with Talkback running in the background.

Here is one of the sentences you may find while creating your voice:

"The hungry purple dinosaur ate the kind, zingy fox, the jabbering crab, and the mad, noisy whale."

And with that, may everyone have an awesome day/nightfall.

2 weeks ago

Silverblue is an operating system for your desktop built on Fedora Linux. It’s excellent for daily use, development, and container-based workflows. It offers numerous advantages such as being able to roll back in case of any problems. Let’s see the steps to upgrade to the newly released Fedora 39 Beta, and how to revert if anything unforeseen happens.

Before attempting an upgrade to the Fedora 39 Beta, apply any pending upgrades.

Updating using terminal

Because the Fedora 39 Beta is not available in GNOME Software, the whole upgrade must be done through a terminal.

First, check if the 39 branch is available, which should be true now:

$ ostree remote refs fedora

You should see the following line in the output:


If you want to pin the current deployment (this deployment will stay as option in GRUB until you remove it), you can do it by running:

# 0 is entry position in rpm-ostree status$ sudo ostree admin pin 0

To remove the pinned deployment use following command (2 corresponds to the entry position in rpm-ostree status):

$ sudo ostree admin pin --unpin 2

Next, rebase your system to the Fedora 39 branch.

$ rpm-ostree rebase fedora:fedora/39/x86_64/silverblue

Finally, the last thing to do is restart your computer and boot to Fedora Silverblue 39 Beta.

How to revert

If anything bad happens — for instance, if you can’t boot to Fedora Silverblue 39 Beta at all — it’s easy to go back. Pick the previous entry in the GRUB boot menu (you need to press ESC during boot sequence to see the GRUB menu in newer versions of Fedora Silverblue), and your system will start in its previous state. To make this change permanent, use the following command:

$ rpm-ostree rollback

That’s it. Now you know how to rebase to Fedora Silverblue 39 Beta and back. So why not do it today?


Because there are similar questions in comments for each blog about rebasing to newer version of Silverblue I will try to answer them in this section.

Question: Can I skip versions during rebase of Fedora? For example from Fedora 36 Silverblue to Fedora 38 Silverblue?

Answer: Although it could be sometimes possible to skip versions during rebase, it is not recommended. You should always update to one version above (37->38 for example) to avoid unnecessary errors.

Question: I have rpm-fusion layered and I got errors during rebase. How should I do the rebase?

Answer: If you have rpm-fusion layered on your Silverblue installation, you should do the following before rebase:

rpm-ostree update --uninstall rpmfusion-free-release --uninstall rpmfusion-nonfree-release --install rpmfusion-free-release --install rpmfusion-nonfree-release

After doing this you can follow the guide in this blog post.

#Beta #Fedora39 #Silverblue

Chris Boren
2 weeks ago

Wow - it’s been almost half a year since I started on this journey. I *think* I’m about two weeks away from a #beta / #TestFlight with my first #app. I’ve been very impressed in how well the #ionic ui components work, but can also get out of the way for custom layouts or components.

Now if only I could find an #ad platform that lets me easily insert ads into my code instead of using a native wrapper with an offset.

MsDB42 🦘♀🌈🐧
2 weeks ago

@macleod I'm v interested in what you said there. I use both #Vivaldi & #Firefox [#Beta + #Nightly, both of which have the fab #Sidebery]. I also have #Floorp installed, but i only tend to fire it up after each update to see if something radically cool has happened since last time. So far, i'm still really struggling to see a use-case for Floorp, for me, given what i already have from those others. I specifically began following the tag #Floorp here in the #Fediverse so i hopefully could learn from others already persuaded to the goodness of Floorp... i'd like to learn about what i suspect i might have so far overlooked about it.

2 weeks ago

A Bandai Namco surpreende os fãs de Tekken com uma emocionante adição ao elenco de Tekken 8, além de revelar a data do beta fechado.
#Tekken8 #Beta #Xbox #PC #Gamerscore

Said Faz :mastodon:
2 weeks ago

#iOS #whatsapp #beta kann jetzt auch auf dem #ipad installiert und genutzt werden

Screenshot WhatsApp Einstellungen auf dem iPhone
bedast :diabetes:
2 weeks ago

Looks like #Fedora 39 is due at the end of October. Might target this when my new home server arrives. What’s a little #beta for a month for home services?

Might pop the workstation beta on my Laptop later. Hopefully the budgie spin is available.

WhatsApp auf dem iPad! Das ich diesen Tag noch erleben darf! #beta

Tom Bola
2 weeks ago

@timo nö… hatte seit den letzten beiden Versionen die #Beta auf dem #14ProMax laufen, jetzt Update auf die offizielle Version. Läuft weiterhin sehr sauber. Akku zuvor sehr gut, muss ich noch ein paar Tage warten.

sara :hometown:
2 weeks ago

@spla Me n'alegro!

(He entès tot menys lo de "diferents #beta", són versions?)

Yuna Nyx
2 weeks ago

Oh little beta, you're not even worth my 2d boobies and yet you still goon for your princess

🌸 #2d | #findom | #anime | #Hentai | #gooner | #simp | #beta #Mistress | #Goddess | #rule34 | #femdom 🌸

Linux Is Best
2 weeks ago

Beta Testers Wanted.

Have a free moment? Like helping to find bugs?

Linux Mint Debian Edition - Beta 1 - Is out and so far only 24 issues have been reported.

Bug Reports:

Help make Linux Mint Debian Edition (LMDE) become better, by helping bug hunt. Please download LMDE 6 and give it a try


#Linux #Beta #LinuxMint #MintLinux #LMDE

Azure Cerulean
2 weeks ago


#HeyGen - #AI Spokesperson #Video Creator

Video #Translate #BETA
Translate your videos seamlessly with one click, using a #natural #voice clone and #authentic speaking style!

2 weeks ago

(23.10) Libreoffice, thunderbird and other included in ubuntu-standard as .debs? #beta

Yeah, Signal hat nun mehrere App Icons zum auswählen. #Beta

2 weeks ago

Also decided to install the #WatchOS #beta which will be tested during tennis right now.

3 weeks ago

Decided to install last public #iOS #beta and it’s running rather smoothly. Animations seem very different 🤔
Not gonna play around more until tomorrow I guess but so far it seems alright 👍

Ed Worrell
3 weeks ago

I’m going to brave it, and install the beta of Mac os Sonoma. Wish me luck! #Beta #Apple #MacOS

3 weeks ago

today the first time that i will have to work after(!) the #apple #appleevent ... preventing corporate #macos to upgrade to #ios17 and #macos #sonoma... test with the #beta still running and not ready for primetime, thanks to #jamf no issue, just kill/block the process for installing #sonoma app :) #macadmins

3 weeks ago

I’m running the iOS 17 Beta. A friend called and was leaving a message, which uses the new ‘Live Voicemail’ feature. I saw the message coming in and wanted to answer.

Worked great, and that is such an excellent feature. A real throwback to answer machines. 😂

I picked up, and said ‘Oh Hey - I saw you were leaving a message…’ and they flipped out. Totally lost it laughing. BLEW THEIR MIND!

The world's going to need some time to come up to speed on this feature.

#iOS #Beta #LiveVoicemail

4 weeks ago

Zenitizer is ready for #watchOS10 with a redesigned UI and a fresh coat of paint 👨‍🎨 🎨

Check out the demo video below for a sneak peek or join the TestFlight if you're running the watchOS 10 beta and want to get early access the new Zenitizer Watch app:

🧘 Happy Meditating 🙏

#Meditation #Mindfulness #AppleWatch #Beta #TestFlight

A video showing the refreshed Zenitizer user interface for iOS 17

Ooooh a new #macOS #beta. Really enjoying the #Apple betas this year, super stable and fast.

BeAware :verified420:
1 month ago

@rxbrad #mastodon has full search in the newest #beta.

Wow, I am impressed by the new desktop widgets on macOS Sonoma. Even on my Intel iMac, all widgets available on my iPhone 14 Pro instantly became available. They automatically connect to my phone and any changes I make on one device, instantly update on the others. A great example is @thillsman's Sticky Widgets. It just works!

#macOS #Sonoma #beta #iOS #Apple

Autumn Raccoon
1 month ago

Alrighty, it's playtesting prime time once again, v0.22 is out now.

If you want to test and make a meaningful impact on this project now is your time to do it. You can tell me what your don't like, what you do like, anything you want. Go nuts, I want you to really put it through it's paces so I can make it as best as it can be.

here's the link:


all the instructions you will need are on that page and feel free to reach in any way you feel comfortable if you need help.

thank you and have a nice day :D

#gamedev #playdate #playdatedev #indie #indiedev #indiegame #indiegames #playtesting #beta #publicbeta

recording of my game Heavy Trucking version v0.22 for the Panic Playdate

I’m curious: how do y’all write your feedbacks and bug reports (for apple betas or otherwise)?
I usually try to add in the most information and details possible, but keeping an informal tone (as well as saying good morning at the beginning and bye at the end). Should I make them more formal instead?

#feedback #beta

Is anyone else having this problem on #iOS17, which makes it so the battery isn’t completely charged when you wake up?

It seems to stop being charged at 70%, and it only goes back to charging at the time I wake up (probably when my first alarm goes off or when I unlock it for the 1st time). I disabled Optimized Charging because of this some weeks ago, but the problem persists!

The problem doesn’t happen every day, but it happens a lot (checking my BatLog, it seems to happen every other day with some exceptions (sometimes happening for two days, sometimes not happening for two)). Also, I used a fast charger on a short period of like 4 days and the problem did not happen, so either I was lucky or this only happens with non-fast chargers.

I was still trying to get a more consistent idea of what was happening before filling a bug report, but I’ll fill one today.

Edit: FB13007892

#beta #iosBeta #wwdc #wwdc23

Screenshot of iOS battery screen, showing the iPhone started to be charged at around 11pm, reached 70% at around 4am and then stopped charging - staying static on 70% until now. It seems to go back to actually charging only when I unlock my phone for the first time in the morning or when my first alarm goes off, idk.
Another screenshot of the battery screen, showing a similar situation on another day

Segons sembla tindrem la #beta 2 de #Mastodon v4.2.0 aquest proper dilluns.

Stéphanie Pageau
2 months ago

It's back to normal!! There is a bug where stuff from another plot can appear on yours. Just leave and come back!

Alright, back to making my house tonight!

#Palia #Beta

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
2 months ago

Just in case your PS5 melts from all the heat.

PS5 cloud game streaming begins rolling out to beta testers | Engadget

#PS5 #Cloud #Streaming #Beta #GamingNews

A PS5 with DualSense controller sitting on a wooden table with an Xbox Series S in the background to the right of it. - Apple-Blog
2 months ago

Im September wird #Apple #iOS17 für alle veröffentlichen - unser Tipp ist der 18. September. Derzeit befindet sich iOS 17 noch in der #Beta-Phase, und die fünfte Vorabversion fokussiert sich auf das Feintuning. Die wichtigsten Änderungen und Anpassungen haben wir für euch zusammengefasst:

#appgefahren #Apple #AppleBlog #iPhone #iPad #Mac #iOS #Betaversion

📸 (c) Apple.

Apple-Banner mit Funktionen des neuen iOS 17.
2 months ago

Anstatt hier wieder eine #Beta rauszuhauen hätte ich von #Apple heute ein #Bugfix für #MacOS erwartet. Was ist los mit dieser Bude? Die bekommen nix mehr bugfrei auf die Reihe aber stecken die Ressourcen in ein neues Betriebssystem was dann bestimmt wieder nicht fertig wird weil ja 2024 Version 18 erscheinen muss.

Neil Hopkins (He/Him)
2 months ago

Does anyone use the #HemingwayEditor to help improve #readability of text?

It's one of my favourite tools and now may be getting an #AI bump with #chatgpt

Now I know that there are a lot of conflicting thoughts re ChatGPT - but I'd hope that it would only enhance an already excellent #accessibility tool.

Here's a link if you want to sign up to the #beta - full disclosure, it's one of those invite links that knows it's come from me. So the more people who sign up with it means I may get bumped up the list for access!

You can also get to it through the interface :)

2 months ago

Acronia is a 2D platform game for MS-DOS, in development by Hadrosaurus Software since July 2019. It is inspired by classic games such as Contra, Duke Nukem and Bio Menace.

#RetroGaming #Gameplay #Beta #DOSGaming a game by @HadroSoft

2 months ago

So who all is playing the #Palia beta? I need more friends :3

#VideoGames #Games #Beta #Cozy #Chill

2 months ago

Prey had a lively development history before its release in 2006. Take a look at an early 1995 prototype of a version that later struggled and never saw any daylight.

#RetroGaming #Cancelled #Prototype #Beta #Gameplay #MSDOS #DOSGaming

2 months ago

@fastmail Always on #Fastmail. Always on the #Beta.

iPad #beta is running so well, tempted to install the iOS beta on my #iPhone , but something will of course go drastically wrong if I do.

... das hat mit der Realität nix zu tun! Echte Alpha-Männchen erkennt ihr an der fürsorglichen Pflege des Nachwuchses. (Mehr zum Nachlesen: )

Lieber einen Kaffee unterwerfen äh rüberwerfen: bzw.

#alphamännchen #Alphaweibchen #beta #omega #rudel #toxischeMännlichkeit #dominanz #nachwuchs

3 months ago

Nova Launcher 8.0.6 BETA has been released!

• Immersive app search in Drawer (Nova Settings > Search)

• Auto show keyboard when opening drawer (Above + Nova Settings > Drawer)

• Frequently used shortcuts in drawer (Nova Settings > Drawer. Requires app usage permission))

• Enhance search with integrations with Spotify, Twitch and system Calendar (Nova Settings > Search)

• Additional contact actions

Get it here:

#Nova #NovaLauncher #Android #Apps #Beta #Release

Round icon in green of the Nova Launcher Android app icon.
3 months ago

Finally got into the @updates #Beta!!!

Staying up & refreshing it like it was a hot new product launch was worth it! 👀

iPhone centered ontop of a red table with roses & rose petals. The screen is showing an “Open” button, inside the TestFlight App.
Christopher Mackay 🇨🇦
3 months ago

I have clearly lost my mind. #watchOS #beta

Apple Watch software update screenshot of watchOS 10 developer beta 2 update screen
3 months ago

For those of you who have been itching to try out #OpenScape for #iOS, more beta slots have opened up.
You can join the #Testflight here.
#Apple #Blind #A11y #Accessibility #Development #Beta

Peter Müller
3 months ago

Beta 1 konnte wegen Bodennebel nicht landen.
Los geht's mit

WordPress 6.3 Beta 2

- 170+ performance-related updates
- Site Editor with navigation, pages, styles, templates & more
- New blocks for details and footnotes (still no ToC ...)
- Reusable blocks have been renamed to synced patterns.
- toolbar updates
- enhanced list view drag-and-drop
- updated template descriptions
and many many more improvements

#WordPress #Beta #SiteEditor #Performance #Patterns

Peter Müller
3 months ago

Off to a good start 😉

»The WordPress 6.3 Beta 1 is postponed 24 hours due to …as styles in wp-admin are not loading unless SCRIPT_DEBUG is set to true. «

Im Klartext: Das Backend ist ohne CSS. Siehe Abbildung.

#WordPress #Beta

Screenshot of unstyled backend due to a bug in WordPress 6.3 Beta 1.
3 months ago

New in #iOS17, if you go to any card in the contacts app and select edit, you can add a person's prefered pronouns. Good for sharing your contact card with other people and remembering how they prefer to be addressed.
#iOS #Apple #Beta #LGBTQ #Trans

#iOS 17 #beta 2 fixed a #VoiceOver bug with reading character echo and deleted characters with BSI.

Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
3 months ago

Join us for session #1 of today's Community Office Hours, starting right now:

#Thunderbird #beta #Community

Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
4 months ago

Thunderbird #Beta community: time to update! Version 115.0b2 should be available now.

Thanks for your help testing, and for all your very useful feedback.

Thunderbird 115.0b1 (64-bit) Release notes C | Restart to update Thunderbird You are currently on the beta update channel.
Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
4 months ago

Here's a screenshot from the current #Thunderbird 115 beta showing improvements to "Folder Modes." Hello there, Tags!

In the very near future, you'll be able to easily re-order these Folder Modes when this bug ships:

If you have questions about #Beta or want to share your experience with other testers, join our mailing list here:

The folder pane of Thunderbird 115 Beta, separated by Folder Mode categories like "Favorite Folders," "All Folders" and "Tags."
The folder pane of Thunderbird 115 Beta, separated by Folder Mode categories like "Favorite Folders," "All Folders" and "Tags."
Thunderbird: Free Your Inbox
4 months ago

If you have questions about #Thunderbird #Beta, or just want to share your experience with it, we encourage you to join our Beta support group:

(We try to answer some questions here, but in our Beta discussion group you have access to the team, as well as a bunch of community experts)

4 months ago

Calling all #Python library maintainers! 🐍

Python 3.12 is in beta! 🎉

This means no new features are allowed in and it's now time to start testing your code. You might find things in your code to fix, or even better, you might find things to fix in Python itself!

Here's how to do it: #python312 #beta #test #CI #GitHubActions

4 months ago

I asked #photoshop #beta to put a snorkel on the new #apple vision goggles... Think I broke it 😆

Apple vision goggles and photoshop beta AI funny fail on adding a snorkel to the apple googles
Jonatan Steuernagel
4 months ago

iOS 17 Beta: Installing
iPadOS 17 Beta: Installing
watchOS 10 Beta: Waiting for iOS to finish installing and then go

Looking forward to having broken banking apps for multiple months, yet again :blobcatgoogly:

#Apple #WWDC #Beta

Stephen Shankland
4 months ago

Tempting, but not so tempting that I'm going to do it.
#Apple #beta #iOS #MacOS

Do you use #macOS, and a 3D printer running Klipper firmware?

If so, magic nerd @maddiefuzz created a menu bar app that can provide real time print statistics, and is in need of #TestFlight #beta testers.

See her corresponding post:

Proton Mail
4 months ago

🔎🗓️ Encrypted calendar search is now available in the Proton Calendar #beta app for #Android.

This is made possible by creating and storing a local index of your events on your phone, so that Proton cannot see the details of your events.

👉 Try it now:

@selea @remulus

Which Beta?

Latest is #Tusky 22 #Beta 3.

5 months ago

Nova Launcher 8.0.5 Beta has arrived!

• Fix drag-drop crash on Android 8.1
• Fix root option to hide clock
• Fix wallpaper colors not being respected by icon theme when applied via app
• Fix crash when applying certain icon themes
• Minor fixes
• Updated translations

You can download it via our official, verified Discord: or from our website:

#Nova #NovaLauncher #Android #Apps #Beta

Image of the Nova Launcher app icon in blue colors.