2 hours ago

New (to-me) bike day #bicycle #niner #projectbike

Scott Murray
2 hours ago

Hey #pdx how would you sell a secondhand #longtail #bicycle? My sense is… Craigslist and NextDoor are sketchy for different reasons. What’s a legit way to sell a #bike?

Photo of a green longtail Yuba Mundo bicycle with front basket and rear extended rack, bench, and foot rests
Carl Johnson
3 hours ago

Another day, another 56 km of #cycling with 876 m of climbing. Problem is that Sunday's ride is more like 83 km and 1100 m of climbing, so I'm definitely going to have to ride smart. On the other hand, this effort is no longer exhausting, so that's something.

Happily exceeded last year's (dismal) total distance at 1020 km (633 miles) already – which is why I post about this, just for accountability.

#bicycle #bicycling #BikeTooter

Wandering Thinker
3 hours ago
Эта дорога реально самая короткая от Ивенца до Крыжовки - причём во всех смыслах: и по расстоянию, и по классическому туристскому поверью, что именно с этих слов и начинаются приключения. То есть почти без дорог как таковых в общепринятом понятии, буреломингом и пешеходингом... И с горками. Крутыми, красивыми и в изобильном количестве...…
#вело #велосипедизм #поход #апрель #Налибоки #Беларусь #bike #bicycle #travel #biketrip
Robin Capper
4 hours ago

@simplicitarian Reminds me of an autumn visit to #Wellington. Had a #bicycle with me and a day free to explore but horizontal rain, single figure temp's and gale meant it stayed in the car, while I went for a drive. Locals out running/riding in 'summer' gear...

Cees Grootes
6 hours ago

I love cycling. Just for fun, to enjoy the freedom and nature. It's not for the speed or the muscles but foremost for the mind. To explore new areas, nature and to gain new experiences.
I mainly cycle in The Netherlands and in Catalunya, Spain.

You could follow me via Strava

#cyclist #strava #roadcycling #MTB #cycling #riding #bike #bicycle #mastodoncycling #training #fitness #commuting #rideyourbike #velo #cyclelife #outsideisfree #cyclingphotos #mastodoncyclists

Bike or Cycling lane on a dyke towards a Windmill in The Netherlands
JW prince of CPH
8 hours ago

Welp, I was forced into another bike repair - the least I could do was take the opportunity to make a workshop video out of it... 😝

#DubyaMakes #maker #bicycle #repair #workshop #ApartmentWorkshop

Sebastian :coffefied:
9 hours ago

@analyticus I’m trying to make every ride an adventure, but even then it’s always complaining… I just hope their curiosity will grow and the humble #bicycle will bring the freedom they need to explore.

Sebastian :coffefied:
10 hours ago

We’re really trying to hook our kids up on #cycling but it’s hard to motivate them. This 4 years old is only willing to ride if there is a playground at the end…😂 #FatherAndSon #Bicycle #Bici #Bicicleta #Ciclismo #Velo #Fahrrad #Rower #Wahoo #Wahooligan #Velominati #LifeBehindBars

12 hours ago

Es ist zugezogen, windig und es beginnt zu regnen. Zum Glück haben wir für die Nacht ein Vordach über dem Kopf :o)

#toskana #tuscanytrail #tt23 #fahrrad #radfahren #radtour #langstrecke #bikepacking #gravel #gravelbike #bicycle #cycling

Eine gelbe Gartenhütte mit Vordachbereich. Ein Gravelbike lehnt an der Wand, ein anderes befindet sich im Vordachbereich. Vom Dach hängen einige weiße Laternen.
16 hours ago
Sandra-Selfie von oben, in Radtrikot, -hose und -schuhen mit rotem Gesicht, ein paar Dreads über der Schulter, eine Hand am Gravel Bike
17 hours ago

56 km in #midcoastmaine on the #fixedgear #bicycle yesterday. No #strava but MAN did it feel great.

A fixed gear bicycle leaning against a tree in the forest.
A bicycle with big front rack packed with goodies, layong in an abandoned quarry.
A simple gray bicycle standing at the side of a gravel road.
brad m
17 hours ago

“with #ebikes on the rise, a less-polluted, less #carcentric society may finally be in our future”
“Eliminating half the cars that exist today could reallocate more space and funding for people taking mass #transit and #bikes
“The urban transformation will take longer to happen in America last due to ‘the #brainfart of a century of #carcentric planning and thinking’”
“Electric #cargobikes will become the SUV or pickup truck solution” #mobility #cycling #bicycle

Marvin Johanning
18 hours ago

"Fahrräder stinken nicht"

"Bicycles don't stink"

#photo #photos #photography #bicycle #fotografie #foto

A photo of a metal plaque hanging on an old, wooden house that reads "Bicycles don't stink" (in German). It has a bicycles pictured on it as well as a flower.
20 hours ago

Kurzer Stop zum Auftanken. Wir haben mit der Besitzerin der Bar gesprochen. Auch diese wusste nichts von den Menschenmassen. Hier sind sehr viele Lokalitäten einfach leer gekauft :o)

#toskana #tuscanytrail #tt23 #fahrrad #radfahren #radtour #langstrecke #bikepacking #gravel #gravelbike #bicycle #cycling

22 hours ago

Good Morning. Diesmal keine Suche nach Kaffee & Gebäck, wir hatten was in der Unterkunft :o)
Leider ist heute der letzte Fahrtag für uns, es heißt also nochmal die Landschaft genießen und sich auf ein-zwei Track-Überraschungen freuen.

#toskana #tuscanytrail #tt23 #fahrrad #radfahren #radtour #langstrecke #bikepacking #gravel #gravelbike #bicycle #cycling

Der Blick geht über die Dächer von Castiglione d'Orcia. Am Horizont die toskanischen Hügel.
23 hours ago

Gestern wieder einen Parkie auf dem Fahrradstreifen 🚴 angesprochen.

Es kommt immer die selbe Antwort.
"Nur ganz kurz, meine (Onkel,Bruder,… ), fahre gleich weiter. ja,ja hab verstanden." Dann suchen sie nach dem Knopf um die Beifahrerscheibe zu schließen, aber da bin ich schon fort.

ich will ihnen erklären, dass ich nicht der Polizist bin, Und dass der #Fahrradfahrer auch ganz kurz in den Autoverkehr gedrängt wird.
Vergebens 😞

#bike #bicycle

Grabmacherjoggi Basel
23 hours ago

Heute vor 130 Jahren - Die tollkühnen Männer auf ihren zwei Rädern bekommen Konkurrenz im Sattel, denn auch die Damen treten nun ins Pedal 🚴‍♀️ #radfahrer #fahrrad #velo #bicycle

Had another altercation with a #cager while riding my #bicycle on #Ainsworth St. #pdx

I heard his loud pipes roaring up behind me but I was passing a parked car so I took the whole lane.

His tires barked as he hit his brakes within feet of my back tire. I held my ground and he honked.

Mind you, this was directly across from #Alberta park, where people are pushing strollers and walking dogs.

I slowly yielded and yelled at him to get on #Killingsworth.

#silver late model #camaro no tags.

1 day ago

The last week I've disassembled and been stripping the paint off the 29 inch mountain bike I bought. It had a stupidly thick coat of paint on it, prob because it was done with a damn paint brush by a half wasted dude (he's literally always half wasted). I've ordered a Shimano self contained bottom bracket, new tires/tubes, a brake/shifters cable kit with enough gear to re-cable 2 bikes, some primer/filler, paint (Rich Plum), and clear coat. As you can see, it looks better already. #DIY #Bicycle

A full suspension bike frame sits in the center of the frame. The wheels, derailleurs, and brakes are absent from the bike frame. The wheels are sitting behind the frame, leaning against a large black trash can. Behind the bike is a 10 ton hydraulic jack that is almost the same color orange the bike used to be before I stripped the paint the guy I bought the bike from foolishly slathered all over it. It is now a combination of black and bare metal. Also visible in this picture are the shed we recently put up and my weight bench, on the left hand side.
A refresher of how the bike looked when I got it. It's literally traffic cone orange. It has the thickest coat of paint I've ever seen on a bike, or almost anything for that matter. the bike is sitting upright in my training A frame I use most days to get a bike "ride" cause the streets in this town are nuts. Behind the bike you can see my grill and some of my partner's plants.
1 day ago

Unsere #Tandem bekommen nun Namen.

Was liegt denn näher bei einem blauen und einem roten Tandem ?

#Fahrrad #Tandem #bicycle

Geplottete Schriftzüge auf Oracal Metallic Folie.

Einmal Sid in rotmetallic, einmal Elmo in blaumetallic
1 day ago

Wir werden das nette Angebot unseres auf dem Tuscany Trail kennengelernten Mitfahrers annehmen und in Castiglione d'Orcia mit in seiner gebuchten AirBnB-Wohnung nächtigen und zusammen noch was essen & trinken gehen. Spontane & ungezwungene Bekanntschaften auf solch Events sind großartig :o)

#toskana #tuscanytrail #tt23 #fahrrad #radfahren #radtour #langstrecke #bikepacking #gravel #gravelbike #bicycle #cycling

Eine abschüssige Häusergasse mit einem Holztor. Links lehnt ein Gravelbike an der Wand, auf dem Boden liegt eine gelbe Luftmatratze und voraus ist ein Holztor zu sehen. Dahinter erstreckt sich die toskanische Hügellandschaft.
Sebastian :coffefied:
2 days ago

Today I was feeling lazy so we did something a bit different. My wife mixed up birthday party time so instead going home we decided to waste a few hours outside. The kid was happy and grateful.🥰 #Cycling #Bicycle #Bici #Bicicleta #Ciclismo #Velo #Fahrrad #Rower #Wahoo #Wahooligan #Velominati #LifeBehindBars #FatherAndSon #Playground #FatherOfTheYear #Gravel @cycling @rower

2 days ago

Two Minutes on Damen Avenue (Tow Truck Meditation) I started my day with a meditation that said look for beauty - see more beauty. I love trying to connect with the daily meditations I practice, so I looked for beauty & saw the driver of a white car just about smash a pedestrian in scrubs in a crosswalk. Then I looked some more 😭😭😭 #chicago #bicycle #bikechi

Grabmacherjoggi Basel
2 days ago

Zum #WorldBicycleDay ein kleines Basler Stilleben mit #Velo beim Haus zum Specht am oberen Heuberg 🚲 #basel #switzerland #bicycle

2 days ago

Wir kommen nicht vorwärts. Überall will gehalten und geguckt werden ;o) Hier nahe Pienza.

#toskana #tuscanytrail #tt23 #fahrrad #radfahren #radtour #langstrecke #bikepacking #gravel #gravelbike #bicycle #cycling

Ein bepacktes Gravelbike steht vor einem Zaun. Im Hintergrund der blaue Himmel und die toskanische Hügellandschaft nahe Pienza.
2 days ago

I didn’t ride my #bicycle maybe 3 years. At former apartment, bicycle park (?)didn’t have a roof. I was thinking about riding bicycle again as cheaper supermarket is a little farer. Maybe a month before, the wire of the brake seemed to stuck,so I randomly sprayed oil and thought I have to repair it. Today a bicycle repairperson I called told me bike left without riding 3years would be hard to be fix.
(Which was kind explanation)I checked bike’s prices online,then suddenly decided to ride the old bicycle. I, human,and bicycle both worked fine just by pumping air! (The oil-“556”did magic I guess)I’m joyfully surprised.

Cat - One Creative Cat
2 days ago

Happy #WorldBicycleDay
I am prolonging my breakfast due to lovely sunshine in the garden, but here is one from earlier this year!

The top of my head under a white cycling helmet and blue tinted sunglasses at a crossroad on top of a hill in the country, with big hedges, fields and blue sky
EC AV Service
2 days ago
Stuart Longland (VK4MSL)
2 days ago

Getting VK4MSL/BM ready for a trip into work on Wednesday. Tyres were well down. Battery is low. I just re-terminated the FT-857D RJ-12/RJ-45 connectors, so that should solve a drop-out problem I was having. #AmateurRadio #Bicycle #HamOnABike

FT-857D has VK4RMC 146.650MHz programmed in now.
Need to charge and reset the odometer on the GPS.  FT5-DR is set up for APRS as VK4MSL-7.
Somewhere in that jumble is the FT-857D main unit and LDG Z100Plus automatic HF tuner.  Outbacker Attache 80m-6m HF antenna is on-board too.
VK4MSL/BM just about ready to ride.
2 days ago

Good Morning vom Straßenrand. Gleich mal zusammen packen und die übliche Suche nach Kaffee und Gebäck starten :o)

#toskana #tuscanytrail #tt23 #fahrrad #radfahren #radtour #langstrecke #bikepacking #gravel #gravelbike #bicycle #cycling

Links im Bild ein Schotterweg, in der Mitte ein schmaler einzelner Baum und rechts ein Feldweg mit Schranke. An der Schranke lehnt ein Fahrrad, dahinter ein Zelt und zwei Biwacksäcke. Es ist sehr neblig und feucht.
Neil E. Hodges
2 days ago
Finally switched to my new #cycling shoes! It's nice not having shoes with large holes in the soles. #bicycle #mastobikes

(I only got the grey camo because they were on clearance and thus significantly cheaper than the "normal" colors.)
Finally switched to my new #cycling shoes! It's nice not having shoes with large holes in the soles. #bicycle #mastobikes

(I only got the grey camo because they were on clearance and thus significantly cheaper than the "normal" colors.)
Lake MX 238 shoes
Neil E. Hodges
2 days ago
Seems like cars and road design today give some drivers a sense of invincibility.

Maybe that's what needs to change.

#cycling #bicycle #mastobikes
Passed Wonder
2 days ago

"A #Dolly fine day out, what what?"
The #TweedRun 2023
(1/2) HTs #cycling #Tweed #bicycle #flag #costume #smile #London #photography

A woman cycles past, looking at the camera, holding a union jack flag wearing a patterned jacket, sunglasses and goggles, blue leggings and high heels. Her cycle basket is full of plastic dolls, and has rosettes attached to the outside.

My monthly bike post that's part bike event list, part a review of posts I wrote in this month in years past. #BikeTooter #FediBikes #cycling #BikeLove #bicycle #WorldBicycleDay

Cainmark 🚲
2 days ago

Tomorrow, June 3rd is World Bicycle Day! Go bicycling if you can.

#BikeNite #bicycle #bicycling #WorldBicycleDay

2 days ago

Siena, eine Seitengasse, etwas abschüssig, Calzoleria 12.

Die Fahrräder dürfen in der Kammer parken, die Powerbank darf geladen werden und ein Bier steht auf dem Tisch. Was brauchen wir schon mehr?
Ach, Essen kommt gleich :o)

#toskana #tuscanytrail #tt23 #fahrrad #radfahren #radtour #langstrecke #bikepacking #gravel #gravelbike #bicycle #cycling

Eine Flasche Bier und ein Glas stehen etwas schräg auf einem Tisch in einer Seitengasse. Im Hintergrund eine Häuserecke mit einem Zugang. Über dem Zugang ein lila-farbenes Schild mit der Aufschrift "Calzoleria 12".
The European Network
2 days ago

In a boost for bikes, cities back sustainable mobility.

The bicycle has long been central to the Dutch way of life, and now other European cities are following suit. But the move away from cars is also meeting with resistance.

#Europe #Netherlands #Groningen #Spain #Barcelona #France #Paris #Cycling #Bikes #Bicycle #Cities #Planning #Mobility

me·ta·phil, der
3 days ago

now this is actually pretty smart:

#bike #handlebar with integrated front #rack.

(doesn't look too ergonomic, though.)

@mastobikes @fedibikes #mastobikes #fedibikes #bicycle #bike #fahrrad #schrauben #bikefixing #bikeparts

a bicycle handlebar that is combined with a front luggage rack
me·ta·phil, der
3 days ago

now this is actually pretty smart:

#bike #handlebar with integrated front #rack.

(doesn't look too ergonomic, though.)

@mastobikes #mastobikes #fedibikes #bicycle #bike #fahrrad #schrauben #bikefixing #bikeparts

a bicycle handlebar that is combined with a front luggage rack
brad m
3 days ago

#Cyclists are barred from bringing their two-wheelers onto the vaunted #UnitedNations campus, while drivers, who are notorious for skirting parking tickets, are waved right through its security gates — a strange #doublestandard for an organization that promotes environmentally friendly #transportation to fight #climatechange #hypocrisy #cycling #activemobility #bicycle #ebike

#askfedi Is there anything like refurbished thinkpad in the #bicycle market? I'm so confused with all the supply and I don't have the necessary knowledge to find a good price performance bike. I'm looking for a "gravel" bike (fast on road but capable of some dirt).

3 days ago

Aussicht von Volterra aus. Irgendwann sind wir dann auch weiter gekommen ;o)

#toskana #tuscanytrail #tt23 #fahrrad #radfahren #radtour #langstrecke #bikepacking #gravel #gravelbike #bicycle #cycling

Ausblick von Volterra über die toskanische Hügellandschaft.
3 days ago


The hashtag of #gravel
means #bicycle travel
to those who like chains
and muscular strains
and pedals and gears
and front wheels and rears
and dropped handlebars
but definitely not cars
and don't much like hills
when they're getting their thrills
and who cry at the failure
of their 12-speed derailleur.
So don't be surprised
if this thread is comprised
of bikes racing clocks
and not small pointy rocks.

3 days ago

Back on Track, zwischen toskanischen Hügeln auf der Suche nach Kaffee :o)

#toskana #tuscanytrail #tt23 #fahrrad #radfahren #radtour #langstrecke #bikepacking #gravel #gravelbike #bicycle #cycling

Die toskanische Hügellandschaft. Im Hintergrund eine Anhöhe mit einem Dorf. Es ist leicht bewölkt, aber sonnig.
3 days ago

Schlafplatz steht, eine verlassene alte Baustelle, purer Luxus ;o)

#toskana #tuscanytrail #tt23 #fahrrad #radfahren #radtour #langstrecke #bikepacking #gravel #gravelbike #bicycle #cycling

Ein Schlafsack liegt mit einen Raum in einem Rohbau. Eine Fensteröffnung gibt den Blick in die Ferne frei.
D. April Wick
4 days ago

Sometimes people see the solar panel on my trike and say something about wanting a #solar car. Let me just run the numbers here, just off the top of my head:

My #ebike - a big cargo tricycle - weighs a few hundred pounds (including me and whatever I'm carrying) and travels 10-15mph. I can go around 50 miles/day if it's sunny, and maintain a steady charge entirely from solar power.

A car probably weighs about 10x that and travels an average of 4x as fast.

Also, I usually provide around 50% of my trike's power by pedaling, which you don't get in a car.

So you'll need 10x4x2x the amount of solar panels I have on the trike to keep your car going at normal car speeds for 50 miles per day, which means 80x the solar panel area I have on the trike. If you only need to go 25 miles most days, you could get away with 40x the solar panels.

My trike's solar panel is about 3x4 feet (12sqft). Our hypothetical solar car is going to need between 480 and 960sqft of solar panels. At about 6 feet wide for an average car, that means your car needs to be 80 to 160 feet long. The average car is around 15 feet long. Our hypothetical solar car could be half the length of some city blocks.

Carrying enough solar panels to keep a car charged is somewhere between "difficult engineering challenge" and "downright absurd".

This isn't just about the implausibility of solar cars; it's about the absurdity of car design in general. Cars use an enormous amount of power for what they do. Electric cars may be an improvement over gas cars, but they are still incredibly inefficient.

This is (part of) why we need safe #bicycle and #pedestrian routes, why we need good #transit, why we need all kinds of #micromobility and #activetransportation.

(I say "part of" because here's a whole other essay to write about the *safety* of a vehicle that's so heavy and so fast, but I'll save it for another day.)

4 days ago
Ein großer Unterstand, darunter eine große Kabeltrommel, 3 Fahrräder und 2 Personen welche sich startklar machen.
Joan Liu
4 days ago

I live-tweeted the Traffic and Parking Committee about the #SomervilleMA #bicycle network plan. Recording will be available, and emailed comments will be accepted for 2 weeks. Plan documents and comment submission available here:

4 days ago

views from my bike ride to visit @saltphoenix a couple days ago. it's a long ride, but i don't do it too often, and you can't beat the sights*!

* the parts where i had to bike along the highway are *not* pictured.

#bike #bicycle #biking

(pic 2 is a lava flow, which i like to say hello to when i pass it by)

long, straight, downhill road in puna, hawai'i
2014 pahoa lava flow
former sugarcane lands, now taken over by invasive albizzia, but very beautiful nonetheless!
J. Nathan Matias 🦣
5 days ago

How can we reckon with the history, landscape, & future of the places that nurture us?

Excited for the last day of packing for my #bicycle storytelling ride with @ivansigal along the route of the 1966 Farmworkers March in California's Central Valley. @globalvoices has posted an interview here:

5 days ago

Warten am Bahnsteig - Die #Toskana und der #TuscanyTrail sind das Reiseziel. Ungefähr 470 km und 7.000 hm wollen mit dem #Fahrrad erfahren werden. Allerdings muss zuerst die Deutsche Bahn ein paar zusätzliche Kilometer dahin schmelzen lassen. Dauert noch ein wenig bis ich im richtigen Land bin ;o)

#tt23 #radfahren #radtour #langstrecke #bikepacking #gravel #gravelbike #bicycle #cycling

Ein Gravelbike mit Sattel-, Rahmen- und Lenkertasche steht voll bepackt vor einer Mauerwerkswand.
J. Nathan Matias 🦣
6 days ago

How do we make sense of the beauty, fragility, & power of a complex system?

As I pack for my #bicycle/storytelling ride, I'm contemplating this illustration of the Tulare Buena Vista Lakes Watershed by artist/theologian/organizer Sarah Holst, commissioned by Wild Church Fresno.

About the ride:

More about Holst:

More about Wild Church Fresno, who gifted me a print of the artwork:

Artwork depicting the San Joaquin watershed by Sarah Holst, commissioned for Wild Church Fresno
1 week ago

so i think the bike i have is a little long for me and even though i have the seat as far forward as it'll go, i could still be a few inches more forward.

does anyone know of like...extra forward bike seats? or other modifications i can make that might help with this problem?

#bikes #bicycle #bike #bicycles

Tab Combs
2 weeks ago

This morning's #BikeToSchool started out a little prickly, but it's hard to stay mad when you're riding a #bicycle. And if there's any angst leftover by the time you get to school, you can hug it out at the #bike rack.

#KidsOnBikes #BikeTooter #SafeRoutesToSchool #SafeStreetsForAll #LeaveTheCarAtHome

Bicycling Monterey
2 weeks ago

@marcprecipice We don't own one of those Loud Bicycle horns, but we mention that option in topic #11 of "Bicycle Riding Skills, Bike Safety, and CA Bicycle Laws—for Children, Teens, and Adults"

#BikeTooter #Bicycle #BikeCommuter

I'm usually all for #bicycle infrastructure, but nobody needs to ride a bicycle anywhere near this ditch. If you're already that far north just go ride along the river.

What we need to do is close Ainsworth to automobile traffic; install planters at 33rd and 15th.

#Portland #Oregon #PDX #bikeTooter #bike #cycling

J. Nathan Matias 🦣
2 weeks ago

New post: What does it mean to retrace a legendary act whose story is still incomplete?

From May 31, @ivansigal & I will #bicycle 500+ miles along the route of the 1966 Farm Workers march— which the US Congress is voting on making a National Park.

In this post, I explain how I designed a different kind of bike ride.

Andisheh Nouraee🔹
2 weeks ago

Absolutely Bicycles

#bicycle #signs #atlanta

A sign that says “absolutely bicycles”

🆕Latest #yarrabike newsletter, let's quietly cheer on modest good news

📰May 2023: Good news for Elizabeth Street protected lanes and Walmer Street Bridge works, 30km trial update, Yarra Council Budget feedback, #3CR ‘Stay Tuned, Stay Radical’ radiothon & more


Subscribe to #yarrabike newsletters right here, its #ActiveTransport easy peasy >>

#cycling #advocacy #BicycleUserGroup #naarm #Melbourne #bicycle

3CR Radical Radio 2023 Radiothon poster. White text, vividly colourful motifs. Artwork by Nicky Minus

I made the #Naucalpan -> #Narvarte trip in 1 hour 5 minutes on a #foldie #bicycle on a Wednesday night. (19 km across mexico city)

I dare you to match my time on a #car. I double dare you.

screen capture of OsmAnd+ app showing a trail in red from northwest mexico city to a little bit south of downtown. There's a speed chart that shows maximum speeds of 38 km/h and average of 21. Altitude varies very little.
Florian Egermann
3 weeks ago

#Wikipedia Joy of the day:
Alfonsina Strada, Italian cyclist, „the only #woman to have ridden one of cycling's three major stage races“.
Nickname: „The Devil in a dress“ 💪 ❤️
„She died aged 69 as she propped up her motorcycle after riding it to a #bicycle #race.“

(Just finishing up a bike #design in her name for #CommonsCargobikes)

Photo of the Italian cyclist Alfonsina Morini Strada, the first woman to ride in the Giro d'Italia in 1924
Ariel Kroon
3 weeks ago

O #cyclists of Mastodon, I beg your aid! I drive an old but sturdy #omafiets that has a solid steel frame. I love the #upright #bicycle experience (as someone with back problems and chronic pain, it's actually a necessity...) BUT I also have chronic #fatigue and it's a HEAVY #bike. I want to convert it to an #ebike if possible - any recommendations or places I should start looking? I'm in #Canada, so if it doesn't ship here, it's no good :(

Please boost for visibility!

#cfs #spoonie

A Person
3 weeks ago

I wouldn't say that I have #PTSD, but if I had it, photos like this would trigger it. I'm rocking in my chair right now thinking about what to write. #bicycling #bicycle #BeSafe #FilmPhotography #analog #Kodak #Tmax400 #StreetPhotography #photography

A bicyclist tries to thread the needle between a vending machine worker unloading drinks from an illegally parked truck and the line of cars filling the traffic lane
Steve Moore :toad:
3 weeks ago

@Sheril @noahpinion
Car culture is built on freedom to travel when, where, how, & why one wishes/needs. Travel culture is built on curiosity, the compulsion to experience something different from one’s home ground. These two things are driving a dilemma of exercising freedom v. a sustainable future. EVs reduce atmospheric impact some, but there is collateral damage to the ecosystem. Sustainability won’t happen w/o dramatic cultural change + alternate travel options. #bicycle #trains

Oli ✅
3 weeks ago

After ending last year by breaking my ankle in a rather undignified dismount of my #bicycle, have managed to recover enough movement to be able to change gear on a #motorbike again, but lifting my Tiger 1200 off of the side stand is still a lot more difficult than it used to be

411cc of fun, the #RoyalEnfield #Himlayan is just what the doctor ordered to solve this problem for the immediate future, great to be able to get out on 2 wheels again on the #IsleOfMan 🤩


Red and black Royal Enfield Himalayan motorbike next to the sea at sunset
Me riding along the coast of the Isle of Man
3 weeks ago

Morning Fediverse! It's a cold morning, but I made it to French Island last night. Warmed up some mead and then proceeded to tell God how I was feeling and rant at the brokenness of this world. Woke up this morning very happy to be alive. #bicycle #camping #Australia #mountainBike

Morning photo of a calm beach devoid of human presence. The sky is reflected on calm waters a calm palette of muted blues and whites with a hint of orange. Some black swans are on the water in the distance.
A morning beach campground in light fog. The area is covered in grass and surrounded by tea trees and shrubs. Three picnic tables are distributed around. At the far end of the campground a cluster of hiking tents can be seen.
A bicycle campers breakfast sits on a picnic table. In the background are tea trees, behind them is the sea. The breakfast items are a tin of baked beans, bread roll, a tin of hot chocolate, a small container of cinnamon, a water bottle and a small billy on a hikers gas stove.
A bicycle hikers campsite. In the foreground left to right is a hard tail mountain bike with seat suspension, two pannier bags all leaning against tea trees, a hammock with under quilt suspended between tea trees and a picnic table with a water bottle, billy, hammock fly and glasses. The sea can be seen through the trees on the right.
Bread and Circuses
3 weeks ago

Do these little things, and make life better for all of us! 😋

#bicycle #vegan #other #recycling

Four-panel cartoon drawing shows a middle-aged white woman doing these four things...
1. Bike to work.
2. Try meatless Mondays.
3. Guillotine the corrupt corporate class that is poisoning the planet for profit.
4. Recycle.
3 weeks ago
Kona cyclocross bike converted into a comfy townie bike
Allysse Riordan
3 weeks ago

One of the simplest and most enduring joy in my life is this plant table halfway through my commute.

All spring and summer long, I get to pick plants I know and do not from it, grow new things in my garden and learn. I pass it in the morning and the names occupy my mind at work during idle hours. And if I'm lucky, I get to take home who has been on my mind all day. If not, it's okay. I still get to make new friends.

#gardening #plants #RideSteel #bicycle

A baby blue bicycle with rosemary and lavender plants held in the bottle cages. A snapdragon plant is in the black handlebar bag. Behind the bicycle is a green bush and a plant table with a sign next to it saying 'Plants'.

Portland-based Vvolt unveils ‘Utility Series’ e-bikes – BikePortland
>It's a bold new direction for the company and shows they are on strong footing for growth.
#eBikes #bicycle #biketoots #bikeTooter #pdx #portland #cycling

J. Nathan Matias 🦣
4 weeks ago

I can now share details on my next #cycling adventure!

In 1966, a legendary group of farm workers led by Cesar Chavez & Dolores Huerta marched hundreds of miles for labor rights through California's Central Valley.

@ivansigal & I will #bicycle in their footsteps for 550 miles in 6 days, from Bakersfield to Sacramento & to the coast.

We'll be publishing stories at @globalvoices & raising funds for the Central California Environmental Justice Network & Rising Voices

Aerial image of California from space, superimposed with a green line for the ride that J. Nathan Matias and Ivan Sigal will be making from Bakersfield to Sacramento and down to the Pacific coast.
Image of J. Nathan Matias, on a bicycle, with a background of trees.
The Kern River in Bakersfield, with a backdrop of the Chevron oil fields that funded Golden Gate Park until divestment from fossil fuels.
Blue and yellow flowers stand out from green grass overlooking a valley and distant mountains at the  at the McKenzie Table Mountain Preserve, east of Fresno.
1 month ago

Hey #BikeTooter, how would you carry a large pizza on a bicycle? It’s my greatest unsolved cycling question. There doesn’t seem to be a consensus online. #bicycle #bike #bikes #cycling