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Man presses erection against glass shower door; cat watches from tub
SCREW Magazine
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"Wifey Loves Being the Center of Attention"
Starring Elana Bunnz 😍😜❀️#BBC #threesome #bigbutt #bigdick #hotblonde #POV #hotwife #nsfw


Wei Huan Arts πŸ”ž
1 week ago
Ziyou sucking dick, looking at the viewer.
The POV is holding a phone with the notification β€œCALL ENDED: Honeybuns <3”

Ziyou comments β€œWow, was that your wife? - Quite a scandal we got here~ - Y’know, 3%, no, 5% of your company sounds like just the thing to shut a girl like me up ❀️”
Same as last image, but without dialogue.
2 weeks ago

Hello there sexy people!

I'm proud to announce my new photo album up on manyvids:

This was a really fun shoot and the photos came out very sexy, if I may toot my own horn up a li'l. I've included a couple samples here, click through to see more! πŸ†πŸ’§πŸ€€

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Damien Lux, a tall lithe white man with kempt hair & beard, standing in front of a shimmery blue backdrop. He wears a skimpy black crop top exposing his fit tummy and arms. He's pulling his gray sweats down, revealing the top of his big shaved cock, still flaccid. Damien is lit in a warm red, with an iridescent green glow on the backdrop. It looks like he's probably a big ol' slut.
Damien Lux now reclines on a bed. He's looking yearningly at the viewer. His clothes are gone, but there's a purple scarf covering most of his naughty bits. The head of his bulging cock peeks out from under the scarf. The backdrop is lit in gold and red. Yup, he's definitely a big ol' slut.
2 weeks ago

And pic two featuring CeliusAcillion's hunky turian stud >o>

What you could have possibly done to deserve being leashed and intimidated with a show of what is to come next... UwU Who knows!

Character belongs to CeliusAcillion

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Who likes their meat aged, plump and juicy? #nsfw #nudity #cock #cockring #bigdick #gaynsfw

Cocky Frenchy
4 weeks ago
Cocky Frenchy
4 weeks ago
Delilah :bisexual_flag:
5 months ago

Good morning!

I'm feeling frisky today, for some reason. So here's a little horny treat for you. This guy is one of my favorite playmates, and his office is on my way home. I REALLY needed to have his dick in my mouth 🀀, so I paid him a visit at work.

He has the most lovely cock. 😍 It's a Goldilocks dick, nice and big (long AND girthy), but not painfully so. It's also long enough that I cannot get his entire dick in my mouth. This is a still from a video I took while getting him as far down my throat as I could manage. As you can see, there's still some of him not quite getting in there. I get points for trying, though. πŸ˜‹

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A close up, side view of me with a guy's dick in my mouth.
Mars Magnum πŸ”ž
9 months ago

Princess #Zelda may have been a bit too ambitious this time around
#BotW #NSFW #hentai #BigDick #FaceFucking #BDSM #bondage #nsfwFanart

Princess Zelda, in a dungeon and wearing a slave collar, struggling to fit a giant dick in her mouth
10 months ago

It doesn't really fit...

One of my old pics! gettin situated as best as I can here.

#NSFW #Femboy #Gay #Condom #BigDick

Pornographic image. A condom on a penis. It fits tightly around the head, and seems too tight to fit further (because it is).
Allie Koba πŸ”žβ€
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hi fediverse :blobcat: i'm Allie Koba! some of you may know me by my old stage name, Nicolette Bellerose, but for those who don't: i'm a #trans #camgirl on #chaturbate with a #petite body and a big #girlcock :3 i'm hoping to make some fedi friends and maybe get some more viewers for my shows ❀️

you can find me on Chaturbate at, hope to see you there :blobheart:

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a nude selfie of me, a light-skinned trans girl with brunette hair and glasses, resting my right hand against my face and using my left hand to take the picture. in-frame are my face, my breasts, and my cock, which is semi-hard.
a nude selfie of me, a light-skinned trans girl with brunette hair, showing my body from the neck down. my breasts are small but the light and shadow shows their slight curves. my right hand is at the base of my cock, which is semi-hard, gently holding it between the thumb and forefinger, and I'm using my left hand to take the picture.