Lucas Janin
3 hours ago

Day 18: Guardiola de Berguedà to #Barcelona, #Spain | 170 km | Elevation gain 2189 m

More villages and landscapes on my route. My legs start to tell me is too much…

More photos, videos, and maps on my #strava :

#monPetitTourDeFrance #travel #bike #Europe #minimalist #cycling #cyclisme #mastobike #VoyageAVélo #Biketravel #bikePacking #velo #voyage #outdoors #bikelife #cyclotourisme #cyclo

Lluçà village hided behind trees
Small restaurant in Lluçà
Many horses on large landscape
Lost in the small of Prats de Lluçanès
Thanks, Komoot
8 hours ago

This is really interesting

#bike safety attire disguises people as highly visible non-humans?

Winning strategy! 🦺💀

Great insight though, that could lead to safety breakthroughs

I’m curious what “human” looking cyclists would have to look like to satisfy dangerous drivers 🫤

I wonder if putting eyes on the back of #BikeHelmets would help?

Like they put eyes on the back of helmets to prevent people from getting attacked by tigers 🐯

Colin Gourlay
13 hours ago

If you are in the market for an easy-to-use way to store your #bike then you should check out the 'Hornit Clug Pro'.

I needed to free up some storage space and this does the trick. Installed these yesterday and I'm quite impressed with them.

Hornit Clug Pro packaging
Hornit Clug Pro in position - nailed to a wall and holding two bikes firmly in place
Close up view of a Hornit Clug Pro holding a bike firmly in place
Hornit Clug Pro in position - nailed to a wall and holding two bikes firmly in place
brad m
15 hours ago
Person standing to the left of a bicycle looking at a sunset 

H.G. Wells quote: “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race”
Lucas Janin
16 hours ago

Day 18: Guardiola de Berguedà to #Barcelona, #Spain | 170 km | Elevation gain 2189 m

I wasn’t able to find a hotel to cut my travel into two same distance rides. So this ride was longer than I want.

Nice landscapes and still green at this time.

More photos, videos, and maps on my #strava :

#monPetitTourDeFrance #travel #bike #Europe #minimalist #cycling #cyclisme #mastobike #VoyageAVélo #Biketravel #bikePacking #velo #voyage #outdoors #bikelife #cyclotourisme #cyclo

La Pobla del Littet river
A Garmin the hill close to La Pobla del Lillet
House closeup in Sant Jaume de Frontanyà
Small road close to Borredà

🚲 Plaquettes de freins avant/après. Il était temps 😅 #velo #bike #mastobike #mastobikes #bikewrench #cyclo #cyclisme

A gauche : Vieilles plaquettes de freins complètement usées. A droite, des plaquettes neuves beaucoup plus dodues.
Tut Willy 🔱
1 day ago

Got the basket for my #bike #eBike, now if the weather will just cooperate I could go for a ride.

Black metal bicycle basket, sitting on a counter.
Mark Allard-Will
1 day ago

It's summer, which is cycling season and I'm back, in colour-graded 4K, with a new video about my new road bike!

I shot the footage of the bike in RAW video on a Magic Lantern-hacked Canon EOS M, which I colour-graded to really make the colours and shading pop.


#Cycling #Cyclist #Bike #Bicycle #Bicycling #RoadBike #RoadCycling #Canada #Canadian #CanonEOSM #MagicLantern #Norco #Saskatoon #YXE #MarkAllardWill

Mike Haber
1 day ago

There is a lot of talk about what REAL gravel riding is, and how American gravel is the real thing.

Anyhoo, I was overtaken by a pickup truck while riding gravel, that must be the most authentic merica it can get in Nottz.


Gravel bike, on a gravel road with a pickup truck disappearing off in the distance.
Lucas Janin
1 day ago

Day 17: Andorra to Guardiola de Berguedà, #Spain | 104 km | Elevation gain 1884 m

End of the ride with heavy rain, so I decided to remove the last pass of my ride.

I arrived safe but all wet at my hotel.

More photos, videos, and maps on my #strava :

#monPetitTourDeFrance #travel #bike #Europe #minimalist #cycling #cyclisme #mastobike #VoyageAVélo #Biketravel #bikePacking #velo #voyage #outdoors #bikelife #cyclotourisme #cyclo

Center of Gosol during the rain.  I found a restaurant to have a late lunch (4 pm)
Cloudy and ran over green landscape
Nice atmosphere and brown river due to the heavy rain
brown river due to the heavy rain inside a canyon.
1 day ago

Long loved to bike the kids to school in #evanston when the weather was nice
@bikegridnow @TheWarOnCars #bike
Recommend the #yuba cargo bike, although the included lights are garbage. Get better ones at #REI

Visions of Napa
1 day ago

Rock the Ride
Napa Valley - Benefit #Bike Ride and Walk in support of #GunViolence #Prevention

A walk, a ride,
and/or our burritos and bubbles brunch

June 24, 2023, Sat
8:00AM - 2:00PM
6516 Washington Street, #Yountville, #California

FEE: $25 - $55 - Fee includes event participation and burritos & bubbles brunch in the park. Brunch-only & virtual option available. Free entrance for ride or walk for children and youth ages 17 and under.

Lucas Janin
1 day ago

Day 17: Andorra to Guardiola de Berguedà, #Spain | 104 km | Elevation gain 1884 m

I planned my route with #komoot to pass true many nice small villages. It’s more elevation gain but better landscape and less busy roads.

More photos, videos, and maps on my #strava :

#monPetitTourDeFrance #travel #bike #Europe #minimalist #cycling #cyclisme #mastobike #VoyageAVélo #Biketravel #bikePacking #velo #voyage #outdoors #bikelife #cyclotourisme #cyclo

Fornols village for far at 77 mm
Green landscape close to Josa i Tuixen
A small street of Josa i Tuixen with a small restaurant terrace.
Josa de Cadí on the top of the green hill.
Chris Jakobsen
2 days ago

Good link to observed behaviour to #cycling #bike #helmet users.

Lucas Janin
2 days ago

Day 17: Andorra to Guardiola de Berguedà, #Spain | 104 km | Elevation gain 1884 m

The first pass “Coll de la Trava” 1489 m was inside the cloud except at the top.

La Vansa i Fórnols is a beautiful village of rock house on a hill.

More photos, videos, and maps on my #strava :

#monPetitTourDeFrance #travel #bike #Europe #minimalist #cycling #cyclisme #mastobike #VoyageAVélo #Biketravel #bikePacking #velo #voyage #outdoors #bikelife #cyclotourisme #cyclo

Going up inside the cloud and hopping the top was clear :-)
Coll de la Trava over the clouds
Panoramic view with the 77mm of La Vansa i Fórnols village
A house on the edge of La Vansa i Fórnols

Gestern bin ich mit der Route von #bikerouter von #Aalen zurück nach #Ostfildern gefahren. Ein besonderes Highlight ist der #Hohenstaufenbahn Radweg, der auf der früheren Bahntrasse herrlich eben durchs Gelände und den Wald führt.
Sehr zur Nachahmung empfohlen.
#fedibikes #bike

OK, #Oakland #bike #riders, no cheating. Read this 1895 #article from the #SanFranciscoExaminer, describing "A Short But Picturesque Ride Through Jack Hayes Canyon" and see if you can figure out what the author is describing, without scrolling down to the modern #maps. A few of those landmarks might make sense, but I bet many don't, same with the #roads. It took me a bit to puzzle out the route, which is still a decent #bicycle ride. You'll learn some Oakland #history while you're at it.,_June_01,_1895

#biketooter #touring #illustration #SFBayArea #Montclair

A Short But Picturesque Ride Through Jack Hayes Canyon - The San Francisco Examiner - Saturday, June 01, 1895
Wandering Thinker
2 days ago
Ещё один красивый уголок из майских бродилок по лесам - озёрный край между Полоцком и Будславом. А рядом протекает речка Шоша...…
#вело #велосипедизм #поход #май #Беларусь #bike #bicycle #travel #biketrip #озера
2 days ago

@glecharles I took a #bike ride, cut it short after about 2 miles. Got to me quickly.

2 days ago

Kanina, habang puma-@padyak sa lansangan, may napansin akong siklista.

Kampante siyang nagpe-pedal ng kanyang road bike, spiky ang buhok niyang kulay olandes ('di karaniwan sa #Pilipinas) at may sukbit na kulungang gawa sa alambreng itim sa balikat!

Kahit pa siguro may cargo holder siya sa #bike niya (pero, wala) ay hindi kasya ang kulungan.

#StreetScape @pinoy

Lucas Janin
2 days ago

Day 16: Point of view of #Tristaina in #Andorra.

Last photos of this gorgeous location. Nice to be able to do vertical panoramic with the iPhone.

#monPetitTourDeFrance #travel #bike #Europe #minimalist #cycling #cyclisme #mastobike #VoyageAVélo #Biketravel #bikePacking #velo #voyage #outdoors #bikelife #cyclotourisme #cyclo

Vertical panoramic at 77 mm with two lakes
Going down with a cable car. This last part was very impressive.
Narcissus poeticus flower close up
Ricer and waterfall lower in the valley.
Arjan Boltjes
2 days ago

Les #Vosges were great. Third time we went #cycling there, about three weeks ago.

Totals over 3 days:
325+ km
7500+ hm
Especially those vertical metres are nowhere to be found where I live.

#roadbike #bike #ride #BikeTooter #cycling4climate

Edit: CW added, direct eye contact in photo

Selfie. White male cyclist (me), smiling, in yellow shirt - banana pattern all over - dark red glasses, purple helmet, dark red cycling cap rocking "cycling 4 climate". In the background a tarmac mountain road, lined with trees. Another cyclist in black on road bike, following, out of focus.
Dagegenbewegen :kassette:
2 days ago

Und trotz allem modernen, schicken Zeugs flickt man am Ende genervt, ganz klassisch, mit dem guten alten Flickzeug einen alten Schlauch, zieht ihn in den Mantel und fertig. #bike #fahrrad #biketooter

Derek van Vliet
2 days ago

A new study found that 30% of people do not see cyclists as human, with those riding bicycles while wearing helmets or safety vests seen as less human than those without

#Cycling #BikeTooter #RoadSafety #CarCulture #Bike #Study

2 days ago

gettin' our #bike on in #Bolivia

ready to #ride on the "Road of Death"

February 2023

Hyperlink Your Heart
2 days ago

Been ages since I've been out on the #bike thanks to hayfever and heavy rain, but I went for breakfast yesterday and surveyed the damage to the bike path. There were some pretty serious rockfalls and mud washed onto it, but nothing impassible.

#BikeTooter #Bicycle

Map of my cycling route with stats. 13.3km in 57 minutes, 280m climb.
View of the river, which is usually dry but now has a light flow, from the bike path.
Photo of a large rock sitting in the middle of the bike path, having fallen from the cliff to the left during recent storms.
2 days ago

A car driver (without registration) ran a red light "at speed" and hit a 10-year-old cyclist, knocking her over the windscreen and "through the air". The driver then immediately drove off, abandoning the car a bit later, and running away.

Amazingly, in Bolton Crown Court, a £1600 fine and 12-month driving ban was considered enough.
#cycling #baddriving #uk #bike #car

Only a car driver would be treated like this in court, as the first commentator notes:

3 days ago

'The new study from Australia found that an alarming number of people do not see cyclists as human, 30 per cent saying they considered those riding #bicycles as less than fully human'

'yesterday's article about the new research from Queensland University of Technology and Flinders University in Australia — showing that #cyclists wearing helmets or high-visibility clothing are dehumanised more than those without — has certainly got people talking.'

#cycling #bike #hivis

David Runge
3 days ago

Quite disappointed to not be allowed to bring my #foldable #bike onto a long distance #bus from #Norway to #Sweden.

FWIW, it's apparently completely fine if I put it into a large bag. Which is... totally convenient if you bring only very few things to begin with. #WTF

#vy that's not how a flexible alternative to air travel looks like and is some shameful shit!


Lucas Janin
3 days ago

Day 16: Point of view of #Tristaina in #Andorra.

No cycling today, going up to this point of view of this gorgeous landscape.

#monPetitTourDeFrance #travel #bike #Europe #minimalist #cycling #cyclisme #mastobike #VoyageAVélo #Biketravel #bikePacking #velo #voyage #outdoors #bikelife #cyclotourisme #cyclo

The green valley with a fantastic sky
Crop at 77 mm of the top of the mountain with snow
Dirt road following the shape of the mountains. We can still see snow on the top
One of the many lakes with very clear water
Patrick Rérat
3 days ago

1st cycling demonstration in🇨🇭
"Velo-Aktion", Basel, May 1973 (before the oil crisis)

#Bike ownership decreased from 388 for 1000 inhabitants in 1952 to 206 in 1971 due to motorization

Source: NZZ

picture of the cycling demonstration in Basel

I got 9.3 mi in on the oakleaf trail. Now I need to finish my kombucha and head back south.

#Milwaukee #Bike #Oakleaf

Bridge over a creek
A purple flower
A parked bicycle
3 days ago

#bike happy parent:

Just got back from high school Open House for kid 1 where they assign summer reading, and what is on the list?

“Wheels of Change: How Women Rode the Bicycle to Freedom (With a Few Flat Tires Along the Way) ”- Sue Macy

‘The story of the bicycle’s role in helping women achieve the right to vote and other freedoms.’

Might need to bike the Seneca Falls section of the Erie Canal trail again for good measure.


Summer reading list “Wheels of Change: How Women Rode the Bicycle to Freedom” - Sue Macy. The story of the bicycles role in helping women achieve the right to vote and other freedoms.
Joan Liu
3 days ago

In ~20 minutes I'll start live-tweeting the Cambridge St #CharlestownMA meeting. If you #bus, #bike, or #walk along Washington St. in #SomervilleMA between Union and Sullivan you'll want to follow along. The link to join yourself and see initial designs are here:
(Yes, it's technically Roland St. project, but they're starting with Cambridge St. first.)

3 days ago

#Ontario and #Quebec friends, before you #GetOutside check on the #AirQuality today and how to protect yourself:

See the #SmokeForecast here:

#Run #Bike #OttBike #Ottawa #Montreal #Walk #AirQuality

If you must spend time outdoors, a well-fitted respirator type mask (such as a NIOSH certified N95 or equivalent respirator). More information in Environment Canada link

3 days ago


Bay Trail bike ride with my big brother

#bike #ride #bicycle

3 days ago

Harsen's Island
Lake St. Clair

June 2012

#bike #biking #bikeride in #Paradise

Mike Haber
3 days ago

I'm trialing some wax based chain lube instead of the usual 'dry' oil.

I've heard good things about wax, but it might be marketing.

I'm using a drip wax on both bikes.

New 10 speed Shimano cassette and chain on the gravel bike, and an 11 speed Campagnolo cassette and KMC chain on the road bike.

I stripped the lube off both chains and I've applied drip wax 3 times and left to dry before riding. Shifting seems good on both bikes.


Shimano freewheel and chain, with a white waxy residue. Rest of the bike is a bit dusty from trails.
Bottle of Juicy Lubes Chain Juice wax bike lube.

It also says 'No Nonsense'. We'll see about that.
New Campagnolo 29t cassette and KMC chain. Chain has a white waxy residue.
Scree Cycles
4 days ago

My friend Kate is on her way
5000km around the #UK on a #bamboo #bike #biketooter

4 days ago

So, rather than consider #LightRail or more #Bike friendly options (or better yet, commuter rail that allows bikes), it seems that southern #Maine / #GreaterPortland / #MDOT is hot on putting in a highway bypass that will ruin #forested and #agricultural land, and encouraging more #sprawl! ENOUGH! Good for #PortlandMaine for taking a stand! #LessCars #MoreBikes

Portland City Council takes stand against Gorham Connector

Peter McGuire, Portland Press Herald, Maine
July 15, 2022

"The Portland City Council this week asked the Maine Turnpike Authority to halt work on a four-lane toll highway to communities west of the city, arguing that the project known as the Gorham Connector is incompatible with local and state plans to combat climate change and that planners should consider reducing rush-hour traffic with rapid transit."

4 days ago

@Stephen304 Wow! Some great resources! Here in Southern #Maine, we're having to deal with a #highway bypass and interchange cutting through #forests and #agricultural lands, rather than resurrect #lightrail and #bike friendly options. I feel like I'm in good company with this list.

Kyle Memoir
4 days ago

Another amazing day out there, seventy km, about half #gravel. I love the way the gravel bike has opened up new roads I’d never have chanced to explore on my old road #bike.

Felt bad for a poor #feral #cat who heard me coming and sprinted some 300m at 30 km/h before diving into the tall grass as I closed the distance between us. He never looked back and I’ve never seen a domestic cat run so far so fast.

#Stratford #Wellesley #Ontario #cycling #Opus

A paved country veers left between lush greenery under a cloudless blue sky. To the right a mature tree in full leaf and a series of warning signs with black chevrons on a yellow background for drivers at night.
An arrow-straight gravel road penetrates a thick wood of lush greenery, one of the few remaining stands of the great Carolinian forest that once covered what is now mostly industrialized farmland. A lightening bolt-shaped sliver of blue sky is visible where the boughs of the trees nearly meet over the center of the road; otherwise, apart from the road, the frame is all green with vegetation.
CelloMom On Cars
4 days ago

"The Asia-wide #bike protest on Sunday was the seventh since 2021 and was meant to create awareness on the #climate crisis and to mobilize citizens to pressure corporations and governments to take climate action."

Not covered at all in western news. Maybe it's time for bike riders in the global north to co-organise rides where they live.

Lucas Janin
5 days ago

Day 14: Espezel to Andorra
100 km | Elevation gain 2671 m

Col du Port d’Envaliga at 2408 m. Gorgeous large landscape but too much traffic. I got rain the first part of the hill and it was better after. Perfect for doing photos.

Many more photos, videos, and maps on my #strava :

#monPetitTourDeFrance #travel #bike #Europe #minimalist #cycling #cyclisme #mastobike #VoyageAVélo #Biketravel #bikePacking #velo #voyage #outdoors #bikelife #cyclotourisme #cyclo

View of the valley and the road following the relief of the mountains
Crop at 77 mm of the contrasted mountains with interesting clouds
View doing down to Andorra. So far, everything looks like an miniature
Clouds surrender mountains doing down to Andorra la Vella
Lucas Janin
5 days ago

Day 14: Espezel to Andorra
100 km | Elevation gain 2671 m

Col du Pradel at 1680 m. This road was a dream for cycling : small road, almost no car and gorgeous landscape.

If you visit the area you need to come there!

Many more photos, videos, and maps on my #strava :

#monPetitTourDeFrance #travel #bike #Europe #minimalist #cycling #cyclisme #mastobike #VoyageAVélo #Biketravel #bikePacking #velo #voyage #outdoors #bikelife #cyclotourisme #cyclo

Road in between cliffs
Mountain road with pines trees
Landscape on the top of the mountain
Going down on the small road with many curves
Animated Short Of The Day
5 days ago

Analog Signal (2022) [4 min] by Na Yaebin, Kim Yeana, Cho Nahyun, Choi Jeongyoon, Choi Seowon and Yun Hyesang | #Korea

#2D #2DAnimation #3D #3DAnimation #AnimatedShort #AnimatedShortOfTheDay #Animation #DVD #Bike

Alexander Karn
5 days ago

I’m shook.

Just rode an #ebike for the first time. I’ve been intrigued for a while, but figured I would stick with human power for as long as my legs could turn unassisted.

This ride was so much fun and gave me a completely different experience of urban mobility. Only traveled a few miles—from Capitol Hill to Dupont Circle—but it was like being a kid again. Best two-wheeled experience in ages. Face hurts from smiling.

#WorldBicycleDay #bicycles #bike

PSA to the young woman on a Peugeot #bike blasting 20+ over the sidewalk without a helmet just now: if my Christiania had even brushed you, you would have ended there

Valentin Sawadski
6 days ago

I ended up chatting to an older man about his foldable #bike today

- 🚲 he has his bike since 2010 and still enjoys it greatly
- 🪫 he’s afraid he has to get a new one next year since his battery is getting old and he can not get a replacement anymore. Rest of the bike still works great, which makes it extra sad for him.
- 🤦‍♂️ he regularly argues with DB conductors as many don’t know that you can take a folded bike on the train for free and want to give him a fine

#autokorrektur #bahn

me·ta·phil, der
1 week ago

now this is actually pretty smart:

#bike #handlebar with integrated front #rack.

(doesn't look too ergonomic, though.)

@mastobikes @fedibikes #mastobikes #fedibikes #bicycle #bike #fahrrad #schrauben #bikefixing #bikeparts

a bicycle handlebar that is combined with a front luggage rack
me·ta·phil, der
1 week ago

now this is actually pretty smart:

#bike #handlebar with integrated front #rack.

(doesn't look too ergonomic, though.)

@mastobikes #mastobikes #fedibikes #bicycle #bike #fahrrad #schrauben #bikefixing #bikeparts

a bicycle handlebar that is combined with a front luggage rack
Lucas Janin
1 week ago

Day 12: My first e-bike ride around #Espezel | 11 km | Elevation gain 343 m

An antithesis of my bike: heavy 25 kg, mountain bike and electric. Impressive, how it was so easy to climb hills.

The landscape was gorgeous!
So happy to ride there.

More photos, videos, and maps on my #strava :

#monPetitTourDeFrance #travel #bike #Europe #minimalist #cycling #cyclisme #mastobike #VoyageAVélo #Biketravel #bikePacking #velo #voyage #outdoors #bikelife #cyclotourisme #cyclo

The plateau de Sault from the mountains at 77 mm
Of cause I need to take a picture of the electric mountain bike in this beautiful landscape
The panoramic view from the road
Nice light over a field at the end of the ride

First weekend #bike trip. So excited 😁
The hardest part was to squeeze with my #MTB through the hallway of train car to the place where I suppose to hang my bike 😅

Now I can do #WeeklyReview in @nozbe on the #Train 👌

MTB on the train station
MTB bike hanging in the train car in the dedicated space for bikes.
Coffee mug and iPad with Nozbe app opened. On a tray in the train.

Very curious about the internal workings of #AppleMaps & #pdx #bike routing.

We've got a greenway network that Maps doesn't acknowledge. But it also invents bike lanes, putting you on fast, narrow streets. and it picks un-signaled crossings for arterials (e.g .Cesar Chavez). It's worse on intra-quadrant routes.

I try to report unsafe or misleading segments when I'm planning a route in advance & have time. I'm sure someone gets right on that.

(fwiw Google Maps seems to pick calmer routes)

What online map service do #Portland #bike riders use to navigate the city safely?


1 week ago

I'm not #newHere, but I guess I never introduced myself. I'll keep it short, too:
I like the #bike in almost all its forms, #Linux, #OpenSource in general.
What I don't like: injustice, nazis, racists and intolerant assholes.

My favourite #: #BikeTooter #CarryShitOlympics.

Have a great day!

2 weeks ago

so i think the bike i have is a little long for me and even though i have the seat as far forward as it'll go, i could still be a few inches more forward.

does anyone know of like...extra forward bike seats? or other modifications i can make that might help with this problem?

#bikes #bicycle #bike #bicycles

Hi! If you're FTWNB* in Boston and interested in a 20-mile bike ride, Femmechanics has a ride next Sunday (June 4th):

There's also an after-party at Somerville Bike Kitchen!

*FTWNB: femme, trans, women, and non-binary

#BikeTooter #bike

Tilman Beitter
2 weeks ago

Ok #gravel commmunity, any experiences I can benefit from?

@cycling #bike #biking #cycling

2 weeks ago

The first sign of Summer is a sign. 'Summer pedestrian street. Slow down.’

Cars aren’t actually banned, but the speed limit is 15km and pedestrians & cyclists have the right of way. I adore the cartoonish car-slowing flower pots that are installed with the Summer Street signs. Any driver who bothers has to crawl behind the rest of us anyway, because we walk, cycle, chat, drink and dine in the middle of the street as if we think we own the road. Because hey, we do!

#Aarhus #Bike #ClimateDiary

Mid-city Aarhus in sunshine, looking along the street. There are people chatting, eating, resting, chilling at café tables, on random chairs, sitting on benches and walls. There are cyclists and pedestrians just visible ahead between the buildings and trees. In the foreground, close up, one of the temporary Summer Street signs.  “Summer pedestrian street. Slow down. Max. 15 km. an hour.’  (My translation from Danish.) It’s yellow with silhouetted figures of a cyclist; a pedestrian; and a cargo bike with one person pedalling and another sitting upright in the front. The council logo and name is at the bottom - these are official Aarhus policies and priorities. Above it, a permanent blue sign showing that it’s a street zoned with pedestrians as the priority all year around, with a smaller sign saying ‘driving permitted’. Just beyond, a gigantic red flower pot with tall grasses in it. Surrounding the signs, parked bikes, some with helmets left on them. The feeling this image gives me: A welcoming street, relaxed, a weekend atmosphere every day, you can almost hear the birds singing and the sound of people chatting and laughing.
2 weeks ago

Finally, the US will take some baby steps in regulating safety of pedestrians in roadways filled with cars; i.e., it will alter the NCAP (new car assessment program) go give a skill score of not only in vehicle injury potential… but also external vehicle (!pedestrian !cyclists) injury potential.

Good news for folks walking/biking… albeit a baby step. Comments requested at 2nd link.

#bike #urbanism #bikenyc #bikeusa

Got stiffed twice more and decided to do the repair myself. I had to invest [checks notes] 21 € in speciality tools that will serve me well for a long while.

With that, for the first time in my life, I did a full Shimano XT 10-speed gears renewal, front and back, purrs like a cat. Took me about 90 minutes including watching some tutorial videos.

Feeling very proud of myself. 🥰

#Bike #BikeRepair

Shimano XT gears, front middle, 10Y old at the bottom, new up top. Old one has significantly deteriorated.
Shimano XT gears, front big inside, 10Y old at the bottom, new up top. Old one has significantly deteriorated.
Shimano XT gears, front outside, 10Y old at the bottom, new up top. Old one has significantly deteriorated.
Shimano XT 10-Speed cassette, 10y old, deteriorated
2 weeks ago

BSA sport WW2 era paratroopers bike. Lovingly restored, at Kentwell Hall, Through the Ages event today. #history #cycling #bike #bsa

WW2 era folding bike, in a tent, in a field.
Bridget Kromhout
2 weeks ago

@joelaha And such a shiny #bike it is!

2 weeks ago

this weekend is Ride London - a 100 mile sportive on closed roads. It's going to be a lot of fun. I'm doing it sponsored for The Bike Project, who do up 2nd hand bikes for refugees. A genuinely life changing charity.

And because 100 miles isn't long enough, I'm riding from birmingham to london and back either side :) (assuming my slightly injured shoulder holds up!)
Here's the sponsorship link. Feel free to be generous :)

@mastobikes #cycling #bike #RideLondon

2 weeks ago

Some great bike paint jobs I saw today. Love the stickers on the Bianchi.

#BikeTooter #bike

Pink and blue paint job on bike. Bike is called Florida Man
Yellow bianchi bike frame with purple and blue and red sticker.
Yellow bianchi bike frame with purple and blue and red sticker.
Tab Combs
2 weeks ago

This morning's #BikeToSchool started out a little prickly, but it's hard to stay mad when you're riding a #bicycle. And if there's any angst leftover by the time you get to school, you can hug it out at the #bike rack.

#KidsOnBikes #BikeTooter #SafeRoutesToSchool #SafeStreetsForAll #LeaveTheCarAtHome

2 weeks ago

It drives me nuts when new multi-use (bike/ped) paths are designed like this. Why is it curvy? People just want to #bike and walk in a straight line. Is there some planning class teaching them to design it like this? 😂 #BikeTooter

Aerial view of a wide bicycle/pedestrian path that is curvy instead of straight, for no apparent reason.
Google street view of the curvy path.

I'm usually all for #bicycle infrastructure, but nobody needs to ride a bicycle anywhere near this ditch. If you're already that far north just go ride along the river.

What we need to do is close Ainsworth to automobile traffic; install planters at 33rd and 15th.

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2 weeks ago

you think you know how to #bike and then you bike in amsterdam during rush hour on a borrowed bike from the hotel, which has a coaster brake (a thing you haven’t had on a bike since you were 8), a regular hand brake that barely worked, AND since the hotel bikes only had one size, a bike too tall to get your foot on the ground when stopped.

it was a disaster which, now in hindsight, i shall just deem an adventure.

2 weeks ago

I use my car too much. If I rode a bike to all my major stops in town in one go, this would be me entire journey. This includes the supermarket, hardware store, library, post office...

What I need to do is find a bike suitable for cargo, and that I am happy to leave outside a store, for a reasonable price.

#cycling #bike #cargobike


PKW Produktion:
• Kleinwagen: bis 4 Tonnen Co2
• MKW: bis 12 Tonnen Co2
• Luxus-SUV: bis 25 Tonnen Co2
• Elektrisch: bis 11 Tonnen Co2

Fahrrad Produktion: 0,345 t Co2

Vor Nutzung ist der PKW gegenüber dem Fahrrad, wenn man vom Maximalwert ausgeht um 7246% höher! (SUV vs. Bike)

Beim PKW Mittelwert sind’s immer noch 3768%! (PKW-MW vs. Bike)

Was soll so ein Unsinn ?!@ZDF

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