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– Pony: e-bikes designed for sharing
– The company also helps you earn money through sharing if you purchase your own fleet of bikes.

Interesting model that can be rented in France: “The Double Pony is a two-seater electric bike, ultra-robust and designed like a motorcycle to withstand shared use with a range of 100km.”

#Cycling #bikes #ebikes #BikeRental

An e-bike with two riders. The rider on the back has a handle that they can grab with their hands (to steady themselves) and prongs on which they rest their feet.
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Forgot some hashtags #gravel #cycling #bikes

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Absolutely love walkable green cities and bike lanes

Why can't existing traffic controls (lights/stop signs/ intersections/crossings etc) on main roads consistently apply to bikes

Not everyone can afford an uber.

Not everyone can ride a bike.

Many need disability car parking (especially (at least) near their own suburban homes)

#bikes are not for everyone

2 days ago

Got myself a wheel upgrade from Hunt Wheels for Black Friday, 44 deep - the bike looks super, wish I could try it out but with the cold, crazy wind, half snow & half rain & dark day going to have to wait.
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New aero wheels
billy joe bowers is tired.🇺🇦
3 days ago

I love how my old pieced together street bike with the 30 year old XT rear derailleur, mid level old stock Grip Shift, and $15 Microshift cassette shifts like butter, absolutely smooth, quiet, and precise.


Christian Roselund
3 days ago

Today our local daily carried #Providence Urbanist Networks' response to the #RhodeIsland Department of Transportation's revised Carbon Reduction Strategy.

tl;dr: While there are improvements, it's still nowhere near where it needs to be. Response by @shadow and I.

I'm sure many other states are going through the same thing right now.

#climatecrisis #transportation #bikes #buses #trains #YIMBY

Karstanogenic ☢️☣️
3 days ago

I can't find the post, but someone was asking for recommendations on bike tools recently. At the time, I couldn't recall the name of the brand of my favorite bike tools and was too lazy to go check my toolbox. Anyway, it's and they're having their annual sale RIGHT NOW. Enter "BLKCM23" at checkout for 15% off.

A professional mechanic recommended their Crombie Tool to me and it's AMAZING.

#BikeTooter #Bikes

3 days ago

If you can afford it, donate old bikes to a group like "Free Bikes For Kids" to refurbish. This will help get more functional bikes in your community and provide experience maintaining bikes.

#charity #bikes #kids

3 days ago

Buy bikes this holiday shopping season! Not only are they fun and good exercise, but bicycles may be a critical from of transportation as we resist the next attack from the far-right (perhaps triggered by Trump's conviction or election loss in 2024). Our fuel infrastructure is vulnerable to attack -- whether cyberattacks (like the Colonial pipeline in 2021) or physical attacks. This could be especially bad if the far-right gains control of any territory in the US (they already have control of many large companies, and may decide to cut off supplies to some areas). Bicycles and e-bikes would be incredibly valuable to maintain some mobility within our cities. They have even proven to be useful in military operations outside of cities.
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Stuart D Neilson
3 days ago

"Imagine #cities without locks on #bikes, #cars or front doors, with #PublicSpaces where you can take a #seat without being required to #BuyStuff and where you might encounter #people beyond your echo chambers. A dream, perhaps, but one that still sounds worth fighting for, even #beautiful."

#CarCulture #benches #capitalism #culture #revolt

"Beauty Is in the Street: Protest and Counterculture in Post-War Europe" — Joachim C Häberlen

That Paul Smith
4 days ago
Anna bikes MKE
4 days ago

In August, I traveled to Finland with my family. Now that it is *checks watch* nearly December, I've started to wade through all the videos I took on the bike.

Here's a short snippet from Espoo, towards the end of a ~45 km ride my dad took me on.

#Espoo #Suomi #Finland #pyöräily #ridewithme #bikes #slowtv

Cathy Tuttle
4 days ago

I tested out tons of bikes this weekend at @cargobikefest -- It's exciting how much this industry is evolving.

Three #bikes were outstanding to both pedal and be a passenger in. Two others had noteworthy cargo / logistics innovations.

So much to look forward to in the #decadeofthecargobike!

#biketooter has been making cargo bikes for decades. This bright red rickshaw model is a recent addition to their catalog. It's super fun to both pedal and be a passenger in. 

Responsive gearing that takes corners beautifully. is chainless! 

It is a very smooth ride, does tight turns, and is fun for both riding in and pedaling -- though it is intended as a freight vehicle. 

The bike uses a linear hybrid drive system, removing the chains and gearing system and replacing it with just a generator at the crank and motors in the rear hubs.
NÜ is an electric trailer with sensors that automatically accelerate and brake with a millisecond precision. The eTrailer can hook on to any bicycle, feels incredibly light when you move it, and works as an electric handcart in pedestrian zones.

The Royal Mail is a pedaled mini-truck and probably the most popular vechicle to demo at the festival. UK-based brought this easy to drive mini-truck/bike to the festival, along with a few other fun light vehicles. 

Tell me again, why do we need cars in cities? Longtail bikes that are large enough to fit an adult or 3 children! Smart batteries. Good passenger opening mechanism.
6 days ago

#thankful for #bikes and a place to ride them that’s free of #cars.

6 days ago

Yo dawg, I hared you like #bikes #BikesOfMastodon

6 days ago

#PDX #bicycling #bikes

"…Coming back to the U.S. and saddling back on my bike, I felt a visceral loss of freedom and safety…

…To reach their vision of a safer, more livable city with a smaller carbon footprint, Amsterdam made biking the easiest way to get around town…

…I am convinced the Dutch ride less for their health, and maybe even less out of concern for the environment, and more for pure convenience…"

Dave Burdick in Denver ☕
6 days ago

For a band of queer cyclists in southwest Colorado, biking is a “form of liberation”

#bikes #Colorado

Adrianna Tan
1 week ago

Lots of things I dislike about Bay Area public transit, but being able to take your bike on almost all buses, trains, ferries, is a huge win.

So many fun trips here start on a bike, onto BART, or ferry, then SMART train, then golden gate transit bus, and more.

You can take them on almost every mode of transit except Muni streetcar. (But Muni bus is fine and has good bike racks)

#PublicTransit #Bikes #BikeTooter #SanFrancisco #SFBayArea

A Bridgestone BB-1 bike on a BART train in San Francisco
1 week ago

Eavesdropping on a #PBOT planner at the next table talking about how their street cred is at an all time low with the #cycling community

#Portland #PDX #bikes

1 week ago

Check out this fantastically hilarious mockumentary about the local Portland #cyclocross scene. Trophy Cup!

See if you can spot me in the b-roll 😉
#bikes #bikesofmastodon

The War on Cars
1 week ago

Just for our friends on Mastodon, we're getting a jumpstart on Black Friday...on Tuesday.

Save 10% on everything in our official store with code BIKEFRIDAY. Pick up a t-shirt, sweatshirt, hat, stickers and other great gifts for the holidays.

Have a great Thanksgiving, everyone!

#thewaroncars #blackfriday #bikes #bikefriday

Blue short-sleeve t-shirt with square black and yellow logo for The War on Cars.
billy joe bowers is tired.🇺🇦
1 week ago

I love this, but that's because I feel like 90% of bike trends, especially MTB, of the last 20 years have been for no good reason except marketing, and aren't even neutral, they're worse.

Path Less Pedaled:
What is the Most Overrated Thing in the Bike Industry?

#Bikes #MTB

Anna bikes MKE
1 week ago

Hello again!

Do you like kid-focused bike rides? Join us on 12/16 (come as early as 3, rolling at 4) at Cathedral Square for a bike ride to enjoy Milwaukee's downtown holiday light displays.

#bikes #kids #KidsOnBikes #bikeride #mke #downtownmke #milwaukee

Sam Whited
1 week ago

Because I apparently do not value my time and enjoy pain, I have finished all of Shimano's training modules! They better have that 60% off deal again next year so I can use this to get some new brakes for my mountain bike or I might cry… #cycling #bikes

A drop down from the top right of a website that says "100% Complete, 182/182 Total Modules"
2 weeks ago

Hello! is live! It's a small (but growing) #queer #community around #bikes and #bicycles. It leverage #Signal groups with 4 weeks ephemeral discussions and enforce a strong moderation.

Don't hesitate to join, invite your friends, talk to #queers about it around you!

The idea is to have #private space(s) where we can freely talk about our interests and passions. Getting to know each other and maybe even be able to organize little gatherings in the end!

@Allium is working on the illustrations, where just like for the design of the website, some work is still ongoing.

Contributions are welcomed and don't hesitate to reach out if you have any question. Thanks for sharing!

2 weeks ago

it makes my heart so happy seeing some of my favorite people start advocating for less cars and better public transit infrastructure.

like yes, you understand. you get it. more #trains. more #bikes. less cars. you’re great. i like you.

Hugo van Kemenade
2 weeks ago

Postal voted at the Dutch embassy! 🇳🇱🗳✅

They have a car-shaped bike rack outside, taking up their car-parking spot. 🚲🚲🚲🚲🚲

And I got a pair of NL bike lights! Came with minimalistic cardboard packaging 💡🌍

#voted #LetsGoCycling #bikes #bicycles #DutchEmbassy #Helsinki

An orange envelope containing a ballot, held up in front of the Dutch embassy door and the royal crest.
An orange bike rack, with the outline of a car on one side. It has the logos of Helsinki and the Netherlands.
Front and rear bike LED lights. They have "NL Netherlands" logos on them, and #LetsGoCycling on the minimalistic packaging card.
Back of the packaging card for the lights. It reads:

"Let the Dutch embassy light your way: spot on!

"NL Netherlands"
autumn 🍂 tis the season
2 weeks ago

#bikeTooter, this is your time to shine! a friend of mine would like to recreate this outfit to the best of their ability. they think the material is probably wool, but are looking for any more info that y’all might have.

the photo taken somewhere in the #midwest (#wisconsin, i’m pretty sure) in 1894.

#history #cycling #cyclists #bikes #sewing

photo from 1894 showing three rows of cyclists in jerseys.
2 weeks ago

#BikeTooter poll:

Do you fix your own flat tires?

Feel free to share for reach!

#cycling #bicycles #bikes

Andrew Mark McCall
3 weeks ago

#BikeTooter #help What is your favorite pair of tire levers? I lost mine that I loved and need a new set!

#cycling #bicycle #ride

"Any genuine transport solution will not involve electrifying the world's currently growing addiction to private motor vehicles but by finding ways to avoid the need for private motor vehicles"

"Cycling and walking provide a particularly clearly win-win situation, offering both mental and physical health benefits while also decarbonizing Urban transport"

From the book "Degrowth in the Suburbs"

#Degrowth #decarbonisation #energydescent #bikes #cycling

Page 125 of the book
Page 126 of the book
Page127 of the book
Nelson Chu Pavlosky
3 weeks ago

Folks who fancy #bicycles for #FollowFriday:

- @jfred - #biking and boosts, Linux
- @Librarianbikes - #bikes and books, Seattle
- @glightly - Accessibility and #cycling, plant science at UC Davis

The War on Cars
4 weeks ago

We have a big episode coming up next week. For ad-free versions of all episodes plus access to exclusive bonus content, please help support the podcast by becoming a Patreon member.

#thewaroncars #cities #transportation #cars #bikes #walking

Christian Roselund
4 weeks ago

Yesterday we at Providence Urbanist Network submitted our comments on the Rhode Island Department of Transportation's "Carbon Reduction Strategy."

In its current form, it's not a strategy to reduce #carbon. It's a strategy to avoid contributing to meeting the state's Act on Climate targets. It represents predatory delay.

Thanks to RMI for making the Shift Calculator publicly available.

#RhodeIsland #bikes #climatecrisis #induceddemand #urbanism #activetransport #buses

billy joe bowers is tired.🇺🇦
1 month ago

Here's the same view as a panorama shot.

My photos

#MTB #BIkes #Tucson

180 degree panorama of a desert sunset
billy joe bowers is tired.🇺🇦
1 month ago

More from the same ride, sunset 180 degree view.

(Meant to post in reply, but I'm not uploading and describing these again.)

My photos

#MTB #BIkes #Tucson

sunset in the desert facing west
sunset in the desert facing southwest
sunset in the desert facing southeast
sunset in the desert facing east
Tom Andraszek
1 month ago

Lots of interesting data in this 2014-2019 German study.

"Cycling rather than driving was positively associated with orientation towards the common good in all models. Cycling was the only variable that was a significant positive predictor for all four facets of orientation towards the common good after controlling for possibly confounding variables (homeownership, personal income, education, sex). "

#bikes #cycling #cities #Germany #FuckCars

Brendan Jones
1 month ago

Who needs a fancy electric cargo bike? A bit of DIY ingenuity spotted on the streets of Utrecht, NL.

#cycling #bikes

A photo of a cargo bike to which someone has attached a shopping trolley as the cargo holder
Evan Engel 🎱
1 month ago

"According to DOT data, 12 pedestrians have been killed by all users of electric two-wheeled vehicles since 2014—that's e-bikes, e-scooters, Revels, stand-up scooters, "hoverboards," etc. That's roughly the same number of people who are killed by car drivers in a single month, in a typical year."

#mobility #cycling #transit #bikes #ebikes #fuckcars #hellgate

Second Chance Bikes
1 month ago

🧵 Why I Do This
1) Today my phone rang just as I was taking @OldeEnglishKaz out to the back yard to pee. Phone said it was a verified number, but it was not one I recognized. I almost did not answer, figuring if it was real they could leave a message.But Kaz was taking her time, so I answered. Guy asked if I still accepted bikes to give people. I said "Yes, with qualifications; what kind of bike do you have?"
He said "My name's Jeff; you ⤵️

Erik Jensen
2 months ago

The perfect size for a truck (as seen on R St NW in DC today)

#WashingtonDC #cities #urbanism #bikes #BikeDC #photography #cars

A small beige truck, likely more than 30 years old. It has a cab for the driver, and my bike is in front of it for reference. The hood of the truck is about the same height as my bike seat.
The Transportation Historian
2 months ago

Kinda curious, what is your opinion on #rental #micromobility options such as rental #scooters and rental #bikes in #cities.

(sorry for the lack of options)

#bicycling #bike #BikeTooter #city #ebike #escooter #PublicTransport #scooter #StrongTowns #transport #urban #urbanism

Bicycling Monterey
2 months ago

We appreciate @ascentale and others who took time to respond to our spring 2023 questionnaire. We've been posting some responses in a series, "Voices of People Who Bike," which will continue through 2023.

Part 3 of that series is now up! It addresses making #bicycling more #inclusive, inviting others to #bike, impact of #drivers (both #BikeFriendly and dangerous drivers), and the most inspiring places to bike, anywhere in the world.

Missed the questionnaire? We welcome comments on that post. Perhaps add your input about favorite places to bike—in your local area or elsewhere—or about a place where you'd like to bike but haven't YET.

#BikeTooter #cycling #biking #cyclists #bicycles #bikes

On gold background, black script reads: "Voices of People Who Bike, Part 3: Including, inviting, drivers, and inspiring places."
PDX Breakfast on the Bridges
2 months ago

If tomorrow is the #FinalFriday, that means it's a #BreakfastOnTheBridges day! Come join us on the #BlumenauerBridge, #FlandersCrossing, #SteelBridge, and #TilikumCrossing from 7-9am! #pdxbikes #bikes #pdx #bikefun