Greg W.
2 days ago

“It's called saving lives”: German Government Strikes Back At Elon Musk’s Criticism of Migrant Rescue

Billionaire Elon Musk delved into German politics on Friday by sharing a post that denounced the country’s handling of migrants and giving kudos to the nation’s far-right party, Alternative for Germany.

Video clips appear to show German non-government organizations rescuing migrants crossing the Mediterranean

#musk #Whitesupremacist #billionaire #Oligarchy

The fact that the Wrong People are always #billionaires should tell us something about being a #billionaire.

pro time theft
4 days ago

Thanks, I fucking hate it. FUCK this fascist fuck.


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Elon shitty Musk playing one of my favorite franchises, Diablo, why are they catering to this fucking fascist
James Bartlett :terminal:
4 days ago


Wow, a #billionaire #techbro / #cryptobro is actually being held to the same legal standard as an ordinary citizen? What the heck is going on here?

Oh, wait... #SBF's net worth effectively disappeared overnight when #FTX and #SVB went belly-up, right?

Ahh, yep, there it is. He's no longer a billionaire, so his #GetOutOfJailFreeCard has been revoked. He's effectively an ordinary citizen again, so he's once again bound by the same laws that apply to everybody else.

Such a sudden, tragic fall from grace! What ever shall he do?! 😂

#EatTheRich #BillionairesShouldNotExist

#Yaccarino Crucified?

“critics say that #Musk’s impulsive front-running on the CEO announcement was merely a prelude and that she has appeared on the back foot on multiple occasions since…

“The job is not to be CEO,” says one person with knowledge of their working relationship. “You will not get to control Elon, you have to roll with the punches and channel him. If he says the sky is bright pink, you have to say you’re excited the sky is pink”

#x #twitter #narcissist #billionaire

Text Shot: Since Yaccarino came onboard, the frenzied circus around Musk has only intensified. A major biography written by journalist Walter Isaacson and a number of in-depth investigations have generated ceaseless headlines about everything from the geopolitical clout conferred upon Musk by his Starlink internet satellites to the Kardashian-level complexity of his romantic entanglements. Fewer column inches have been dedicated to Yaccarino. This is the first time she has spoken at length to the press. She sat down for four exclusive interviews over the course of several weeks to reflect on her first 100 days in the job. It has been a baptism of fire by many accounts, including hers.
Yaccarino crucified
Greg W.
1 week ago

We Need #CleanAir, Not Another Billionaire

The first time I heard the chant it was while helping to block the street in front of leading fossil fuel financer #BlackRock in lower Manhattan last Wednesday the 13th: “We need clean air, not another #billionaire!”

Then there was the other one: “Tax the Rich, Tax the Mother-F—ing Rich!”, also a big hit all throughout the week of actions in New York City.

This was the spirit of the week of resistance to end fossil fuels

Tengrain 🇺🇦
1 week ago

Every #billionaire represents a #tax policy failure.

Or, as Fran Lebowitz says (paraphrasing), “No one earns a billion dollars, they STEAL it."

Larry Cornett
1 week ago

A surprising number of people have the ridiculous goal: "I want to be a #billionaire!"

It's not a reasonable or wise aspiration.

You're statistically more likely to get hit by a bus.

Plus, you might want to take a closer look at the lives of these billionaires. It's not that delightful.

You know what a much better #goal is?

Being in complete control of how you spend your days. Much more achievable and amazingly delightful!

1 week ago

#ClarenceThomas’ involvement in the events is part of a yearslong, personal relationship w/the #KochBrothers that has remained almost entirely out of public view. It developed over years of trips to the Bohemian Grove, a #secretive all-men’s retreat in Northern California. #Thomas has been a regular at the Grove for 2 decades, where he stayed in a small camp w/real estate #billionaire #HarlanCrow & the Kochs….

#SCOTUS #KochNetwork #Koch #Corruption

2 weeks ago

The irony after a 70 year reign of #lies #disinformation facilitating #corruption #subversion of #democracy #billionaire #media mogul ‘Rupert Murdoch says in a note to staff today upon announcement of his retirement: "The battle for the freedom of speech and, ultimately, the freedom of thought, has never been more intense"

Republican Cult

“The malignant narcissist in #Florida is not the force driving the #RepublicanCult. He is a very useful front man for the #Billionaire autocrats that fund the #HeritageFoundation and #FederalistSociety.

Since #Reagan they have engineered policies that have driven the increase in #WealthDisparity in this country and are behind trickle down economics and the drive for less government regulation

#heathercoxrichardson #plutocracy #mccarthy #garland #trump

Text Shot: Extremists in the House Republican conference are refusing to acknowledge the deal worked out for the budget last spring by President Biden and Republican speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy (R-CA). Instead, in order to pass even a continuing resolution that would buy time for Congress to pass an actual budget, they are insisting on cuts of up to 8% on discretionary spending that Senate Democrats, as well as Biden himself, are certain to oppose.

The White House has noted that the cuts the Republicans demand would mean 800 fewer Customs and Border Protection agents and officers (which, in turn, would mean more drugs entering the United States); more than 2 million women and children waitlisted for the WIC food assistance program; more than 4,000 fewer rail inspection days; up to 40,000 fewer teachers, aides, and key education staff, affecting 26 million students; and so on.
2 weeks ago

@ThomHartmann or @FAIR might have some useful receipts to clarify who the money partners are in this emerging #CorporateMedia behemoth

I smell a nasty #Fascist #billionaire behind this somewhere. #LeonardLeo? 🤔

3 weeks ago

"One #American #billionaire w/ #Saudi investor help has now seized control of the nation’s largest short-form #socialmedia platform (X) & turned it into a #Nazi friendly place where hate & #antisemitism flourish. He also used #US govt #subsidies to build a worldwide web of #satellite based #internet providers & then blocked #Ukraine from attacking the #Russian fleet in #Crimea." #ThomHartmann #Substack #Musk

Thank you Senator #ElizabethWarren, who is demanding an investigation into #SpaceX after Elon #Musk acknowledged he had blocked #Ukraine from extending the private #Starlink satellite network for an attack on Russian warships near the Crimean coast.

“The Congress needs to investigate what’s happened here and whether we have adequate tools to make sure foreign policy is conducted by the government and not by one #billionaire,” the Massachusetts Democrat said Monday at the Capitol.

3 weeks ago

Jeff benzoyl was visited by the ghost of Halloween past and has now decided to devote his life to help fight climate change.

Coming up next elon, and the ghost of Halloween

#Jeff #elon #meme #billionaire

3 weeks ago

The activists included #FederalistSociety leader #LeonardLeo &his ideological soulmate, a hard-edged activist named #GinniThomas, the wife of #SCOTUS Justice #ClarenceThomas.
“Ginni really wanted to build an organization & be a movement leader. Leonard [Leo] was going to be the conduit of that” said a person familiar….
She also had… #HarlanCrow, the… #billionaire who helped Thomas & her husband in many ways, from #funding #luxury #vacations to picking up #tuition payments for their great-nephew.

@gemelliz #Poilivre’s corporate masters would like nothing more than to have the #CDNMedia completely under their control.

The #CBC is an obstacle to their domination of the infosphere.

Imagine every news outlet in Canada as #RebelNews #TrueNorth & #FoxNews. Every #SocialMedia platform a #billionaire-owned #EchoChamber. Every #SearchEngine a #SurveillanceCapitalism #DataHarvesting, #ProductPlacement machine. It’s an oligarch’s wet dream.

3 weeks ago

Activists spray red paint over billionaire Walmart heiress's superyacht for a second time | CNN #walmart #billionaire #wealthgap #taxtherich

Way too much power in one man, an unelected Billionaire nutcase!

Tech #Billionaire Elon #Musk has come under fire from #Ukraine after it emerged he thwarted a major attack on the Russian navy

According to excerpts published by CNN, a soon-to-be-released biography of the #SpaceX CEO claims that Musk secretly ordered his engineers to turn off his #Starlink satellite network over Russian-occupied #Crimea last year in order to prevent a Ukrainian drone attack on #Russia’s naval fleet

Ricardo Harvin
4 weeks ago

Harsh, but fair and true. It first hit me when I watched #Supergirl a couple of years ago and she was burning herself out listening for and responding to nonviolent larceny and similar crimes.

A clearly disproportional use of her near invincibility, the same as her cousin has always done, along with superheroes like (my favorite) #SpiderMan, and #billionaire #oligarch, Batman.

No superhero fights the system, though some anti-heroes may sometimes do (#Punisher?).

4 weeks ago

Great piece about "the unchartered territory that #Ukrainian and #US officials [are] in – relying on the charity of an unpredictable #billionaire for battlefield #communications"

#WalterIsaacson via #CNN on #Russia #Ukraine #invasion #war #bigTech #Gafam #Musk

John Linton Roberson
1 month ago

"Yet I was once your emperor." The last words of the gluttonous and hated Emperor Vitellius
Georges Rochegrosse (1883) The Emperor Vitellius Being Dragged Through the Streets of #Rome
#art #billionaire #eattherich #history

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
1 month ago

I posted the Billy Bragg song answer to Oliver Anthony recently,  but this quote is too good not to pass along.

"Since I saw that clip of Oliver Anthony singing "Rich Men North of Richmond" the ghost of Woody Guthrie has been whispering in my ear.
"Help that guy out" Woody keeps telling me.
"Let him know there's a way to deal with those problems he's singing about."
Today I sat down & wrote this response to Mr Anthony's song, for people like him & people like you."

#BillyBragg #OliverAnthony #billionaire #AstroTurf #Union #ProUnion #Labor #LaborDay

Bob Jamieson
1 month ago

Plan for 55,000-acre utopia dreamed by Silicon Valley elites unveiled

Flannery Associates, the California group behind the $800m effort, launched a website showcasing renderings
The Silicon Valley elites who have been quietly buying up northern California farmland for several years have gone public with their vision for the utopian city they hope to build from scratch on 55,000 acres in Solano county.

#billionaire #utopia #California #hubris

1 month ago

@swearyanthony I was actually just thinking a few hours before seeing this: "if I were a #billionaire #DirtyEnergy #plutocrat and I wanted to pollute public discourse, wouldn't I want to set up various awards to give my corporate megaphone (#MurdochPress etc) a veneer of 'quality journalism'? Hmmm,I wonder what the history and funding of the Walkleys is?"

This scares the hell out of me!

#ElonMusk’s Shadow Rule

How the U.S. government came to rely on the tech #Billionaire—and is now struggling to rein him in.

Musk’s influence is more brazen and expansive. There is little precedent for a civilian’s becoming the arbiter of a war between nations in such a granular way, or for the degree of dependency that the U.S. now has on #Musk in a variety of fields, from the future of #energy and #transportation to the exploration of #space.

Dave Spector
1 month ago

I remember back in the #80s when the #FBI would kick in the front doors of the homes of #teens where were allegedly #prating #software. Ah! Good times.

I eagerly await(*) seeing various members of the #billionaire #brats #club like #SamAltman in cuffs charged with these massive #IP #thefts.
This is what’s called “sarcasm,” kids…

Decided to start reading up on "#ProjectLiberty", #billionaire #FrankMcCourt's plan to "save the internet!" or whatever, seeing as he's running ads...

Setting aside the untrustworthiness of lone billionaires, their megalomaniacal goals, and their grandiosely named political initiatives, I don't quite understand these goals, or how #McCourt "plans" to "fix" the supposed "problems" he's pointing to. We know #Twitter and #Facebook are bad, and we know why: this isn't new ground he's treading.

Part of me also thinks if one of these billionaires wants to put their money where their mouth is, they could always put it behind an actual project that might actually improve the way social media is done, like #Fediverse. I feel like even a tiny bit of this money thrown behind some server funds and #Mastodon code bounties could be a game-changer.

Then again, I have my doubts that this is actually about supporting the common good and not some self-righteous political goal...

@Radical_EgoCom I'd argue it's impossible to become a #billionaire [in €, not ZWD or TRL or JPY] by hard and honest work.

@chockenberry If you ain't a #Billionaire then I've got bad news:

You don't!

And even if you have the $$$$$$$$$ to get it lobbied in, it'll be faster and far cheaper to just migrate somewhere that has mandatory paid vacation.

I.e. #Germany has like 24 days of paid vacation mandatory but I've yet to find a company that has less than 30 in their contracts.

@Heidentweet which won't work as most don't "own" said planes on their own but have those boxed into airlines.

Basically you'd rather ban #MEDEVAC flights with small #Gulfstream jets than prevent a #Billionaire to be a #Wanker.

Thus #taxing all #income like #WageWork is the next best solution, including loans granted with #shares as collateral.

Ignorance is no excuse! #Ford and #Clark should have known the #greenbelt land swap would be controversial and ensured a fair and transparent land selection process. Not shuffled the dirty job off onto a chief of staff to enrich influential #billionaire developers. They should be held accountable for this #scandal. #onpoli #ontario #auditorgeneralreport #duffinsrougeagpreserve

2 months ago

"Messages from the Clueless #Billionaire Bubble" would be a very long and very boring #book.

#Billionaire Australian mining tycoon and #investor Andrew Forrest:

“I am a major investor here [in the #UK]... If I see this country steering itself over a cliff backing #FossilFuel, I am going to start pulling out. I will push my #investments over to North America … I must invest where I know I have proper #leadership, not leadership which is on a clickbait cycle.”

#JustStopOil #FossilFuelsKill #Renewables #GreenEnergy #SunakOut #StarmerOut #VoteGreen

I'd also like to point out that #Monero's :monero: #AntiASIC position resulted in a more diverse or at least #decentralized #Mining #Community that isn't paywalled so hard that one needs to be a #Billionaire just to get Crumbs.

In fact #Bitcoin :bitcoin: 's and #Ethereum's #MiningPower and #Coins are more centralized than #weath in the #USA and "P.R." #China and only beaten by #NorthKorea in that regard.

Tho considering #Buterin's Stake in #ETH I doubt it.

John Linton Roberson
2 months ago

I've done office work for construction companies for a long time in my day job, often for work in #SanFrancisco, and the idea that #ElonMusk was able to even THINK about putting up that fucking sign in a couple of days, let alone one that strobes and is held up by you KNOW how hard the permitting process is in #SF? For one thing, it's constantly given by #LondonBreed as an excuse for why affordable housing isn't being built there. But this #billionaire gets to do as he LIKES? #X

ErosBlog Bacchus
2 months ago

Apropos of nothing: if I were a hundreds-of-billions #billionaire, one of the many things I would do is, I would fund a nation-wide independent non-profit criminal defense law firm that was 100% as skilled, professional, and dedicated as the United States Department Of Justice. We would offer a free and vigorous defense at trial to every criminal defendant in the country who wants one. No more coerced pleas, ever! Make prosecutors prove or dismiss every bullshit case. Worth every penny. #Justice

Enema Cowboy
2 months ago


The Billionaire Law

A #billionaire is:

Polluting, and

Imagine if you can if just one #fossilfuel #billionaire woke up one day and as his flunky handed him his #coffee, and thought for one moment that his #wealth is causing the heat the entire world is suffering from and asked himself if there's anything he can do to help.

I know it won't happen, but it's nice to imagine that one of them may still have an iota of #humanity left.

Beth P
2 months ago

"A #billionaire who doesn’t want to be called a billionaire, who blusters when his company’s service workers get likened to the blue-collar worker who raised him — this is the chasm between our putative national values and our daily reality. We want to believe in a middle-class America where hard #work weaves its own safety net. But millions of workers don’t earn enough money to cover basic expenses." #Starbucks #union

2 months ago

I usually don't boost profanity, but I will make an exception for Mr. Jackson.
#billionaire #taxes #SamuelLJackson

A small sign of maturity 💩

#Edgelord #Billionaire Elon #Musk has finally put an end to his months-long troll of the media, announcing Thursday night that #Twitter’s press email will no longer auto-respond to inquiries with a #Poop #Emoji. “We are changing the auto-reply from 💩

#elon #elonmusk #tesla #threads #mastodon

Too much money is not good for you!
(good thing I'm not a billionaire 🤣)

“Extreme #wealth does a number on people's grasp on reality.

For decades, the dominant narrative about the rich, especially the #billionaire class, was that they really are better than us: Smarter, more talented, and, in the case of tech billionaires, equipped with prognostication powers so profound they are indistinguishable from magic.”

#musk #Zuckerberg #trump #equity #nazi #fascism #RFKJr

3 months ago

How #HarlanCrow Slashed his Tax Bill by Taking #ClarenceThomas on Superyacht Cruises

In lavishing gifts on the #SupremeCourt #justice, the #billionaire #GOP #donor may have violated #TaxLaws

Tax data obtained by @ProPublica provides a glimpse of what congressional investigators would find if Crow were to open his books…. Crow’s voyages w/Thomas, the data shows, contributed to a nice side benefit: They helped reduce Crow’s tax bill.…

#SCOTUS #fraud #JudicialEthics

Tengrain 🇺🇦
3 months ago

Just a reminder that every #Billionaire represents a tax policy failure.

Or paraphrasing the great Fran Lebowitz:

“No one makes a billion dollars, they STEAL it.”

Sir Rochard 'Dock' Bunson
3 months ago

My new retort when someone repeats a #Fascist or #billionaire talking point:

"Ok, quisling." #OkQuisling

3 months ago

While looking for my favorite Joseph Heller quote, I found this article with his and some other good quotes.
Kurt Vonnegut & Joseph Heller talking about a #billionaire:
Joe: “I’ve got something he can never have.”
Kurt: “What on earth could that be, Joe?”
Joe: “The knowledge that I’ve got enough.”

@lowqualityfacts 🥥 My #billionaire can beat your billionaire in a #CageFight if his mother lets him. 🥥

@simevidas For many other reasons prior to this catastrophic decision, I deleted my #TwitterAccounts –all 3 of them - and joined the #TwitterMigration to #Mastodon

I love it here. Im relieved that I won’t be able to view media from embedded tweets anymore: I don’t want to give a platform run by a #billionaire #whitesupremacist any more clicks.

I understand this impacts many #journalists who use the platform to report #news. I therefore hope they will migrate over to Mastodon.

MugsysRapSheet Blog ☑️
3 months ago

Reverend Martin Luther King Jr: "You can not legislate morality."

"Party of Trump" 2023: "Hold my (Not Bud Light) beer." 🤦‍♂️

The irony of a Party now obsessed with legislating #morality, has rallied around an #amoral, thrice married, serial adulterer #billionaire #conman who paid hush money to a porn star, and now convicted of #defamation of someone who credibly accused him of #rape.

#GOMP: Grand Old Morality Police

Duncan Watson
3 months ago

Regarding the stupid #billionaire #submarine story where a bunch of idiots who the world would be much better off without took stupid risks. Look, you cannot be a billionaire without doing significant harm to the rest of humanity. I don't mourn them and don't feel guilty.

Pauline von Hellermann
3 months ago

I am sorry but i absolutely refuse to follow live updates or take any interest in what happens to three #Billionaire tourists or whatever on a luxury thrill-seeking, super-expensive, super-unnecessary fun thing, when over 500 people (including many children) are feared dead after #Tragedy in Mediterranean and we never had live coverage or frontpage news on it. (And yes of course this is sad too but the difference in concern is just so wrong)

Screenshot of live update BBC page ok submarine Titanic story

A quick reminder, from one of my heroes, @juddlegum of "Popular Information":

#Billionaire Rupert #Murdoch owns the Wall Street Journal and #foxnews

Billionaire Jeff Bezos owns the #washingtonpost

Billionaire John Henry owns the #BostonGlobe

Billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong owns the #latimes

Billionaire Elon #Musk owns #twitter


THIS is why I'm on #mastodon & why I deleted my Twitter accounts & why I just deleted my #reddit accounts

I'm done with that shit, folks. DONE.

Delia Christina
4 months ago

I just want every fancy #billionaire with a foundation to know that this is what <$5M nonprofits say behind your back when your Hunger Games-like competitions go live.

No one has time for this.

Dave Rahardja
4 months ago

I hate the fact that #NASA now has to choose between two centibillionaires’ rocket companies to send humans to the moon.

We used to have a #spaceProgram. Now we rent rockets by the mission from rich people.

“Bezos' Blue Origin wins NASA contract to build astronaut lunar lander”

#centibillionaire #billionaire

Non-paywall link:

▶️ I don't have to squint very hard to see #ElonMusk in an #SS uniform, arm raised in a salute to Hitler.

He's been spreading #antiSemitic conspiracy theories, tweeting #GeorgeSoros “wants to erode the very fabric of civilization” and “hates humanity."

Musk also tweeted "elites" are fabricating racial prejudice, and #Zuckerberg "bought" the 2020 Election.

Enough! #DeleteTwitter.

#fascist #billionaire #SOS

📷 (Edit) Benjamin Fanjoy / AP file

black and white side close-up shot of musk in black suit, black tie and white shirt.
5 months ago

#Wyden: “I was disappointed but unsurprised by #billionaire Republican activist #HarlanCrow #refusal to respond to my #questions about #gifts he’s #lavished on #ClarenceThomas & family over the bulk of Thomas’s tenure on #SCOTUS. Mr. Crow is relying on same baseless arguments that failed #Trump in his attempt to stonewall #Congressional #oversight. I have used my Chairmanship of the committee to shine a bright light on tax schemes undertaken by the #ultrawealthy

5 months ago


Apparently Jack Dorsey, the #billionaire #oligarch owner of #BS is now promoting #RFKJr on the upstart #BizarroWorldMastodon platform.

Reminder that convicted anti-democracy criminal and open #fascist, #Republican Steve Bannon groomed RFK Jr. for months to be a “chaos agent” against the Democratic Party in the 2024 Presidential Election.

#fascism #oligarchy #democracy #MAGA #socialmedia #bluesky #enshittification #enshitification


"$50 Billion to his name? Wow, how does he do it?"

(Khalil Bendib for OtherWords, CC-BY)

Political cartoon. A towering giant, a billionaire in black suite is standing with his feet on a large pile of small people being crushed, triomphantically looking down while holding two huge bags of money in the air.

Near his feet you can hear the crushing sounds of "worker exploitation, toxic pollution" and "financial corruption, tax evasion".

One small person being crushed looks up in admiration and shouts: "$50 Billion to his name? Wow, how does he do it?"
5 months ago

SCOTUS Justice Thomas knowingly and repeatedly accept bribes from #billionaire who needed things Thomas could help him get. Lack of #Ethics are not a problem for our #republican insurrectionists.

5 months ago

And bring back the #tax system which makes it impossible to be a #billionaire.

6 months ago


All of this could have been solved if the #verification tag of #TwitterBlue actually meant something and wasn't just a useless "payment received" checkmark.

Now, people who aren't paying are again getting the same legacy features. Once again, I am raising the question of what the actual use is other than a bail out for yet another #billionaire?

#Twitter #ElonMusk