Petr Nuska
19 hours ago


#HipHop Music Practitioner

@ Music Department at the University of California, Santa Cruz

"We are particularly interested in scholars/practitioners with lived and professional experience in Hip Hop who champion perspectives from the #BIPOC, #queer, #trans, #womanist, and #feminist communities."

#Musicology #Ethnomusicology

CC @academicjobs @musicology

Frau Mensch 😷
23 hours ago

@anneroth Wieso sollte ich da hinfahren?
#LGBTIQ + #BIPOC sind andernorts so viel willkommener, das tue ich mir nicht an.

2 days ago

I'm that kind of humanitarian & environmentalist bitch who doesn't give a fuck about how popular/how many followers you have.

If you post ignorant bullshittery, especially BS that tries exploiting us #BIPOC folks - I'm coming after you & will give you time to explain & rectify yourself. I remove gloves when you refuse to deal with your own personal poor choices AND choose to double down on them instead of doing better.

Fuck your feelings if you're too dumb to be accountable for yourself.

AGF : poemproducer
3 days ago

Space Afrika w/ Jessica Ekomane
Manchester, 29.11.22

context: selection by @jessicaekomane initially for DeForrest Brown Jr.'s book "Assembling a Black Counter Culture" #Berlin - reframes the history of techno through Black experiences in industrialized labor systems

#SoundStudies #experimental #radio #black #BlackMastodon #bipoc

Die Eule
3 days ago

Feminismus kann nicht nur bedeuten, gegen Unrecht zu kämpfen, das eine*r selbst widerfährt. Wir müssen das Gemeinsame in unseren unterschiedlichen Erfahrungen entdecken, erklärt @carli_is_real : #BiPoC #Feminismus #intersektional

4 days ago

Saiful Khan remembers growing up in #Jamaica, Queens, in a tight-knit #Bangladeshi community until his family moved when he was in third grade. The #relocation to #Levittown, #LongIsland, would leave lasting scars.

Khan, who now lives in #Montclair, recalled a walk home with his mother from the grocery store.

#BIPOC #diaspora #POCexperience #NorthJersey #POClivesInAmerica #USAnewcomersExperience #Displacement #Humanity #Racism

Stadt Dortmund
6 days ago

Der Tod von Mouhamed Dramé im August 2022 löste bei jungen Black, Indigenous und People of Color (#BIPoC) in #Dortmund viele Emotionen aus. Im #Theaterprojekt "Être Mouhamed" im Fritz-Henßler-Haus können sich junge BIPoCs damit auseinandersetzen.

Die Eule
6 days ago

#Feminismus kann nicht nur bedeuten, gegen Unrecht zu kämpfen, das eine*r selbst widerfährt. Wir müssen das Gemeinsame in unseren unterschiedlichen Erfahrungen entdecken. #BIPOC #EKDSynode #EKBO #Womanism

since brown is just orange with context (and my brain sucks at colour differentiation) it makes it really hard to make a fist with the philly pride plus trans pride colours

would love y'alls opinions, especially if you can see colour well 😅

#vectorArt #fediArt #IndigenousArt #BIPOC #pride

screenie from Inkscape of a very stylized clench fist with yellow, green, blue, and purple fingers, red thumb, orange left-side-of-the-palm, black and brown write, plus blue and white palm and pink wrist
1 week ago

@LiberationistMA Good old WS colonialism! Fuck people who try to tell us #BIPOC people that colonizers helped us so much & we should be grateful. No - we'd ne grateful if they'd stop their evil actions & trying to whitewash history & present day conditions.

1 week ago

@Raven47 @Strandjunker @emiliaxenia
I have come to understand that #Fascism is what I was taught to call #capitalism when it starts treating ytpipo the way it's treated #BIPOC the entire f'ing time

1 week ago

#Food has an extraordinary power to transcend boundaries, bridge cultures, and evoke emotions. It’s more than sustenance; it’s a #UniversalLanguage that resonates with people from all walks of life.

#Culinary #diplomacy, often referred to as #gastrodiplomacy, taps into the profound influence of food on #HumanConnection

#China #Nairobi #Chinese #African #RelationshipBuilding #Africa #AsianMastodon #FoodCulture #geopolitics #BIPOC

#blackfriday spending?

Why not Zoidburg? 🦀


Why not #nailsthatglow 🦇

I am a #trans #nonbinary #queer #bipoc #creator that could use some love!
I have created loads of art and it is splashed on so many things.

I only make about a buck from each sale so buy lots! Support the small cat in the city!

💲Buy my stuff!!💲

Links contained on the page linked below.

Jürgen Hubert
2 weeks ago

I haven't followed the #TheBadSpace discussion in all details... but isn't the whole point of the #Fediverse that people can curate their own experiences rather than having their own timeline be determined by corporate algorithms?

And obviously, different users with different backgrounds have different perspectives and needs. Obviously, #BIPOC people - who represent a _much_ smaller percentage of users of Mastodon than it is the case with, say, Twitter - have different perspective on what they need for curating block lists.

Thus, I think the concept behind TheBadSpace is sound. And if it doesn't work out in practice, then I hope that other BIPOC Mastodon users come up with their own systems.

But "one size fits all" lists for defederation are not and will never be sufficient. We desperately _need_ different perspectives if we are to grow, and hopefully supplant corporate social media.

And supplanting corporate social media _should_ be the goal, since they are all riling people up against each other for the sake of "engagement". We are already seeing where this leads.

2 weeks ago

@OrionKidder @driusan @ZaneSelvans
I've come to understand that #Fascism is what I've been taught to call it when #capitalism starts treating ytpipo the way it's treated #BIPOC folks the entire f'ing time

I did a thing! 🙈
I decided to fulfill a lifelong #dream and become an indie #author !

So, if you like #romance and #fantasy and #diverse characters and hot #fae 🌶️ check out FLIRTING WITH FOREVER. 😀

❤️ Preorder:

❤️ Check out my other haunts:

And, this is only the beginning! (*DUN TA DUN*)

#bipoc #writer #romantasy #books #book #bookstodon

The promo picture for FLIRTING WITH FOREVER: FAE SOIREE. It features the preorder book cover and some things you can expect in the story: second chances, magical realms, loving family, masquerade ball, fae romance, spice, and diverse characters.
Barbe Rousse 🇵🇸 #FreePalestine
2 weeks ago

BC Passed an Anti-Drug Law. Community Groups Say It Will Target Unhoused and Racialized People.

A coalition of drug users in Surrey, BC say a bill against outdoor drug-use will disproportionately impact unhoused people and target Indigenous and racialized communities.


Caelan Whitecolt
2 weeks ago

One of my personal missions with my art is to have a diverse representation of race, body type, and ages in my artwork.

Characters like my rat Nash Ashton who is Mexican and fat ended up being one of my most popular. Brevin the bull horse is styled after a middle aged black man. Adoptables that I do like Alan the mouse and the (un-named) horse give an opportunity to experiment with black hair textures, styles, and skin tones.

Representation matters. Be inspired by everything and everyone around you. There is a place in furry art for every race, every body type, and every age. Celebrate it all!

#furry #furryart #bipoc

Nash the Mexican rat teasing a taller muscular donkey, exposing himself while groping the donkey who is also exposed. Nash says "Now I've met some of them I guess this runs in the family then, eh burro?" and the donkey replies, "But you've only me my... oh. Oh fuck, Nash." and looks embarrassed.
Brevin the bull horse stood with legs wide and hands grasping two pillars that are either side of him. He is looking at the viewer and smokin a cigar. He is wearing leather arm bands, a harness, and a posing pouch.
Two horses frotting while doing pull ups, the horse on the left is wearing a colourful bandana and his mane and tail are in dreadlocks. The horse on the right is wearing a clear blue visor and a  blue tail wrap.
A reference sheet for Alan the mouse, wearing small y-fronts. He's of a slim build, has large spectacles, and curly black hair.

:boosts_appreciated:​ I've held off on doing this for as long as I can (I have a hard time asking for help), but I've hit a point where I really need to ask for help again. (If you can't help financially, helping me spread the word does wonders as well :espeon_love:​ )

I'm a disabled BIPOC trans woman who's been having a fair bit of trouble sustaining herself through her usual means (performing on the violin).

Between physical disabilities (I get to go to physical therapy for knee *and* shoulder/neck/back issues :zerotwo_dead:​ ) and mental disabilities (which is a cocktail we're still trying to tease apart and address, including very probably cPTSD :axolotl_shock:​ ), it's become far more difficult than I would have imagined even just a year ago :cat_frown:

I'm trying to get $500 as a goal which would make sure I can survive the rest of the month, and more if I'm lucky.

:zerotwo_learn:​ 60 will go straight to my phone bill (which was due yesterday...), and the rest will be split between food, rent, and cat supplies. :boosts_ok:​

If you've read this far, thank you for giving me a bit of your day :zerotwo_hearts:​

Donation links:
Paypal: (please message me since it's under my dead-name)

@mutualaid #MutualAid #TransMutualAid #BIPOC #Trans #Transgender #TransFem #Musician #Violinist

3 weeks ago

I've been reported over 10 times and it was always something #BIPOC related

3 weeks ago


I've come to understand that #Fascism is what I was taught to call it when #Capitalism starts treating ytpipo the way it has treated #BIPOC folks the entire f'ing time

The ruling class will ALWAYS do EVERYTHING in its power to eliminate the political power of underlings bc they ALWAYS fear that we'll figure out how few of them there actually are & how much of what could be used to eliminate human misery they're hoarding
#Solidarity from Tacoma
:BLM: :af: :iww: :better_pride:

3 weeks ago


People really would stand in solidarity with other humans if so much 💵💵💵 wasn't invested in telling us to identify with a silo called 'US' and then telling us those folks outside our silos (THEM) aren't human

ANYTHING we let #laws & #cops & #policies do to someone else, #Kapital will eventually do to 'US'

I understand #Fascism to be what I was taught to call it when #Capitalism started doing to wytepipo what it's been doing to #BIPOC folks the whole entire f'ing time

3 weeks ago

I'm looking for my #BIPOC friends to follow my new friend @ptvirgo to help him find community here. He's been on Mastodon a few days.

Thanks much!


S. Kaeth
1 month ago

Have you nominated your favorite #IndieBooks for the #IndieInkAwards yet? Nominations are open for the month of November for several awards from Side Character MVP to Wittiest Character, & to highlight amazing #LGBTQ Representation, #MentalHealth Rep, #Disability Rep, #BIPOC Rep, & more. Open to all fiction genres and YA, NA, & Adult books. While you're there, you might find more #BooksToRead !

Join in at

#Bookstodon @bookstodon #IndieAuthors #SmallPress #SelfPublishing

An astronaut in a spacesuit looking at the camera with a background of stars. Text reads:
The Indie Ink Awards
In collaboration with Inked in Gray and Indie Story Geek
Writing the Future We Need
Arbiter Albi
1 month ago

If any #BIPOC need a server that actually gives a shit about them, I'm certain I have some invites lying around.

Mathilda Grace
1 month ago

Hey Friends--

A colleague of mine will be holding a (virtual) space for q/t/gnc BIPOC people who are struggling with the Palestinian genocide, on November 2, 2023 from 6-730pm EST.

People of all or no faith traditions are welcome

Please share and boost?

#gaza #bipoc #genocide #trauma #queer #trans

Holding and Sharing Collective Grief for Gaza -- for BIPOC identified queer, trans and gender diverse community members, including those of all faiths or spiritual backgrounds, impacted by the humanitarian crisis in Gaza.  Thursday, November 2, 6-730pm EST (virtual).  Facilitated by a queer, trans, South Asian social worker.  Learn more and sign up at

@VeselijLis it's usually a presentation that helps to re-frame of common misconceptions about racism in society from a #bipoc point of view with some history for context. a lot of folks feel like we've "solved" #racism, but there's still so much in society that we need to work on. it's necessary, now more than ever, to be #antiracist.

I'd forgotten how sore gym nights can make me :zerotwo_dead: Making extra-sure to have proper dead-lift technique because of a knee issue I have just makes it *harder* because I'm making muscles that are used to being lazy actually work for it :zerotwo_yikes:

The good news is that I get to take a nice, long, hot bath afterwards to help ease the soreness :birb_bath:

Here's a little glimpse into the music I have on tonight :shiba_excited:

It's one of only a small handful of piano accompaniments I managed to learn to play back when I had easy access to them. I used to be able to sing it, too, but now, I'm not sure :cat_sad:

It was so near and dear to my heart and, even now, when I hear it, I can smell the wood of the classroom, the slight chalkiness of the air, the feel of the wooden piano stool beneath me, and the voices on the wind from outside on those lazy, late-spring afternoons that seemed to stretch into infinity yet end all too soon :cat_frown:

Little's a piece that reminds me that I \*have* been a traveller, with all of the wonder, loss, and nostalgia that entails. Luckily, I have music to give me a glimpse back into those wonderful times I might not otherwise be able to :zerotwo_cry: :zerotwo_hearts:

#Musician #MusicianLife #Music #Vocaloid #POC #BIPOC

1 month ago

There is nothing worse than racism.

The worst moments of humanity all spring forth from it.
Genocide, slavery, land theft, murder, etc., etc.

Be part of the solution.

#Native #Indigenous #BIPOC #Allies #AlliesSocial

1 month ago

Early in my information technology career, I worked at a company that later became Fortune 500 NASDAQ.

I got transferred to corporate around 1991 or 1992. 3/4ths of the employees were office personal, the rest warehouse. There was one black guy that worked in the offices, one. No women of color. Only a couple of non-secretarial white women.

Everyone kept saying #BIPOC and women don't like technology, no one knew why, just a big "mystery".

1 month ago

Please boost!

Who's brave enough and secure enough in their allyship to be on a BIPOC instance?


#BIPOC #AlliesSocial

1 month ago


5. Version upgrades happen same day within hours of release. This can be critical since there are often security issues addressed.

6. Configuration files, media and database storage are backed up daily to a remote secure object storage.

7. & can handle multiple high demand or celebrity accounts without a wink.

8. & both run a Tier 0 blocklist.

#Native #BIPOC #Allies

1 month ago

Both & are hosted by, a professional Mastodon hosting company.

1. This means the best technical support, all the way up to the Mastodon developers.

2. & are not going away & can handle any level of growth.

3. Newest stable versions - you don't have to miss features by being on a 4.1 or even older server.

4. Version upgrades take mere seconds, you probably won't even notice it happening.

#Native #BIPOC #Allies

Stefan Münz
1 month ago

#Rassismus ist "allgegenwärtig und unerbittlich", und er nimmt tendenziell zu. Aber nicht überall in der #EU. Am meisten aber in #Deutschland und #Österreich.
Über 6.700 #BIPoC afrikanischer Herkunft in 13 EU-Ländern wurden 2016 und dann noch mal 2022 die gleichen Fragen zu ihren Erfahrungen mit Rassismus gestellt. Und das sieht so aus wie auf der Grafik unten. Quelle ist dieser lesenswerte Artikel im #Guardian:

Zwei senkrechte Leisten, skaliert mit Werten zwischen 20% und 70%. Die linke Leiste markiert die Befragung von 2016, die rechte Leiste die Befragung von 2022. Für alle 13 Länder plus für die gesamte EU markieren Querverbindungen zwischen linker und rechter Senkrechtleiste die Rassismuserfahrungen der Befragten 2016 und 2022. Haben die Erfahrungen mit Rassismus zugenommen, ist die Linie rot. Hat sie abgenommen, ist die Linie blau. Zugenommen haben die Rassismuserfahrungen in der EU insgesamt, in Irland, Dänemark, Finnland, und besonders stark in Österreich und Deutschland. Abgeommen haben die Erfahrungen in Portugal, Schweden, Spanien, Frankreich, Italien und Luxemburg. Am niedrigsten war das Niveau sowohl 2016 als auch 2022 in Portugal.
1 month ago


FYI We intend to eventually have a moderation team of allies & for now registrations are open with moderator approval, but later it will be fully open.

Give it a spin.

Thanks for caring!


1 month ago


Maybe you're an ally that would appreciate some comradery with others that believe as you do.

Maybe the admins, moderators and/or users on your instance suck.

Maybe you want to make the Fediverse a better place.

Or numerous other scenarios.

Well now Turtle Island is giving #BIPOC allies an option:

Currently in release candidate form. There is still some configuration.

1 month ago


One thing I have learned on the Fediverse is there are a lot of absolutely great allies for #BIPOC people.

Also that BIPOC people are weary from attacks, micro-aggressions and educating etc. We need allies to step up and call out racism, as well as train others to be true allies.

Turtle Island instances are big believers in BIPOC only safe communities and that it would be great to have Ally-only communities as well, so what Turtle Island has done is create one.

1 month ago

Big Big Big news tonight!
#Native #Indigenous #BIPOC

1 month ago

I am so not kidding.

It would be a much greater undertaking for #BIPOC to be the majority of commercial social media, but the Fediverse is totally doable.

We can dismantle the racist systems on the Fediverse. Equality can be the majority. Entitlement can go away.

This is better for everyone.

Don't just tell your kin and friends to come here, but also tell them why.

#Native #Indigenous #NDN

1 month ago

Seriously, BIPOC can rule the Fediverse.

There are more BIPOC than white people in the world. There is no reason to be on the run & harassed on the Fediverse, except lack of organization.

So organize!

We have #Indigenous instances. We have #Black Instances. We have #BIPOC instances. We can have more.

Stop playing with Twitter, Bluesky, Threads, Instagram, Facebook etc. Think strategically - tell your people to come now.
And there are more...

1 month ago


Eben klingelte bei mir ein flüchtiger Bekannte, der hier ganz in der Nähe jetzt wohnt und mir eben erzählte, dass er leider immernoch auf Jobsuche ist

Sein Profil: 26 Jahre, männlich

1 jährige Ausbildung zum Pflegehelfer schon vor 7 Jahren

jahrelange Pflegeerfahrung in einer Klinik

ist seit 9 Jahren in Deutschland und spricht, schreibt und versteht wirklich sehr gut deutsch (wahrscheinlich besser als manch eine Kartoffel, die hier das Licht der Welt erblickt hat).
Ich habe mir seine Bewerbungen durchgelesen und seinen Lebenslauf angeschaut - die sind sehr ansprechend gestaltet. Und die hat er ganz alleine geschrieben.

laut seinen Angaben astreines polizeiliches Führungszeugnis und hat sich nichts zu Schulden lassen kommen, weswegen es keinen Grund gäbe, ihn nicht einzustellen.

Hat sich in unserer Stadt schon auf ganz viele offene Stellen im Pflegebereich beworben seit 2 Monaten - so ziemlich nur Absagen!!!!

Hätte er keine schwarze Hautfarbe und würde nicht aus Eritrea stammen, würde er wahrscheinlich SOFORT irgendwo unterkommen!

Ich finde solche Fälle müssen noch viel mehr an die Öffentlichkeit, damit mal deutlich wird, in was für einem verfickten Naziland wir (immernoch) leben....

Bitte retröten!

#Rassismus #Pflege #Pflegenotstand #BIPoC

hot take: a LOT of y'all have overblown @Are0h 's fediverse project out of proportion.

the current spaces that #TheBadSpace lists as sources house, collectively, under about 9,000 users across 9 instances.

the #Fediverse has over 12m users and over 22k instances, according to

that means that only 0.00075% of users and 0.004% of servers are "directly impacted" by whatever """damage""" the whole project has.

relax. it's gonna be okay. let people moderate how they want. especially if it's #bipoc.

in 2020, #github and a few other companies made a push to remove the terms "master" / "slave" from branch names. instead, they started a push to rename everything to "main".

yet, i've heard that this isn't actually helpful. many people have cited this as performative #activism and useless language coddling that doesn't affect real people in a meaningful way.

i want to hear your opinions on this, specifically if you're #black #brown #bipoc #poc. does this kind of change make you feel more comfortable, or is it just performative?

K. N. Brindle (they/them)
2 months ago

Reaching out again for leads on an #artist to #commission for #artwork for the covers of my #fantasy duology, "Paths of Memory"

Specifically want to find someone who paints (digital or phys)... I'll do the typesetting, etc; I just don't have the skills for the actual artwork

The style I'm looking for is "Lush Fantasy Oil Painting" w/ landscape & figures

Would love to $$$ a #trans, #queer, #BIPoC, &/or otherwise marginalized #artist, but open to anyone

Reply or DM w/ leads & please boost 🥹

Jürgen Hubert
2 months ago

I've seen a lot of voices saying that " #Mastodon does not need to grow to be successful", and "we don't need to put in more effort to welcome new users", and frankly this attitude is pissing me off.

"The reason that social media did not work as promised is not because we misunderstood the nature of the internet and the possibilities of digital connectivity, but because oligarchs took over the digital space."

If there is any chance of using social media as a force for democracy, we desperately need a system that _cannot_ be taken over by the oligarchs. And, right now, the #Fediverse is the best candidate for this.

Thus, there is homework that needs to be done. We cannot just rest on our laurels and proclaim that the tech is already good enough, and that the #Fediverse tech approach somehow magically solves all the problems of other social media platforms. We need to get away from the overwhelmingly white male European/North American user base and look for ways on how to increase #BIPOC user participation - not to mention participation of users from Asia, Africa, and South America.

If we try to maintain the Fediverse as the home of a small, incestuous group of people with a particular tech slant, the oligarchs will win.

2 months ago

Since I've just moved (thanks to the Sunny Garden admins/mods for this place, and Cup of Tea people for my old home)🔃
🌍 I'm Enne (ɛn), punny full name: Aily Enne Bee, they/them, e/em/eir/emself, a trans/non-binary/polygender, neurodivergent, bilingual, omni-demisexual human who happens to be visually impaired.
I have 12 years of experience in:
✔ Music production and sound design (mixing, editing, sample creating, synth programming, synthesis…).
✔ Audio game/software/web development (AngelScript, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, PureBasic, some (C and Python)).
I like nature, pets (especially cats), wind chimes, light rain, music (especially EDM), poetry, Critical Roll, Doctor Who, Formula1, audio dramas, technology, books (especially fantasy and romance), mental health, etc.
I believe in peace, treating everyone equally (with respect), and using one's privileges to benefit people who aren't as fortunate.
The rights of marginalized minorities are basic human rights.
I'm accepting of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, ND and DID people, as well as everyone else.
#sunnyGarden #cupOfTeaSocial #trans #nonBinary #polygender #neurodivergent #bilingual #omnisexual #demisexual #visuallyImpaired #musicProduction #soundDesign #reaper #gamedev #angelScript #php #javaScript #html #pureBasic #python #nature #pets #cats #windchimes #rain #music #EDM #poetry #criticalRoll #doctorWho #f1 #audioDrama #tech #books #fantasy #romance #mentalHealth #peace #lgbtqia #bipoc #did #woke

The 23for23 initiative amplifies and elevates marginalized voices in publishing by promoting, showcasing, and celebrating the works of Black, Indigenous, and People of Color dedicated to telling stories that center marginalized identities.

1. Read 23 books by BIPOC authors about BIPOC characters by the end of 2023
2. Review the books
3. Tag your review with the hashtag #23for23

@bookstodon #bookstodon #books #BIPOC

A purple seal next to a pink book that states I joined the #23for23 challenge
2 months ago

Please boost!

Yoohoo #BIPOC #PeerTube community ...

Where are you?

#Native #Indigenous #NDN

2 months ago

Seriously, it is some kind of messed up if there are no #BIPOC #PeerTube #Pixelfed and other major categories of Fediverse instances, just a handful of #Mastodon-type instances...

Just in case you ever questioned how white the Fediverse is... #JustSayin

#Native #Indigenous #NDN

2 months ago

We're still forming details, but we are accepting Native and Indigenous registrations at

There are at least 7 slots open right now.

There are no other Native/Indigenous instance requirements. Also no artist or creative requirements. Personal is fine.

#Native #Indigenous #NDN #BIPOC

2 months ago

I think the PeerTube install is good. Should be permanent, but we'll call it a release candidate for now - RC1, ha!

Def have some some configuration and decorating to do...

The CDN is much faster than the VPS disk, so it's livable, but I definite am seeking #BIPOC #PeerTube instances to peer with, which will improve performance and community.

Are there any out there, or is the only one?

#Native #Indigenous #NDN

"taco, how can i go about this?"

ask about how #AffirmativeAction is being accomplished by the teams that are running your conventions!

and don't settle for "we're a diverse team of queer people", most of the #furry #fandom is #queer. we need more #bipoc voices explicitly, or we're going to fall prey to the clutches of #whiteness and #christofacist sanitation. ask why there isn't more information talking about race in the fandom and why it's important!

we as #furries should be working to elevate #bipoc voices both within and outside of the fandom regarding peoples lived experiences because they also affect us but they affect others who are a part of these intersectional experiences in a way worse way.

this may sound weird, but i actually think we should be working on #AffirmativeAction for #leadership positions within the #furry #fandom.

hear me out.

PaulaToThePeople :VeryQueer:
3 months ago

I want to follow more #BIPoC voices on the Fediverse.
There is no guarantee of course, but ideally I'd like to hear about things concerning BIPoC from them first and not, as was the case with TheBadSpace, hear the "other side" first.

I still have a lot of criticism about TheBadSpace, but it was not good to pile on right then and there. Had I known about all that racist harassment at the time, I would have kept my mouth shut.


So who should I follow?
Feel free to send me PMs or something. No publicly @'ing people who did not consent to that please.