A.J. Fish
1 week ago

Translation stopped working on the bird app :( But it works on Mastadon :) . #twittermigration #mastadon #birdapp

Jillianne Hamilton
2 weeks ago

My entirely anecdotal vibe explanations of Mastodon, BlueSky, and the Bird App:

*Disclaimer: I'm using all 3 for the time being but tailoring my content to each. This isn't sustainable long-term.


#SocialMedia #Mastodon #BlueSky #BlueSkySocial #BirdApp #BirdSite #Microblogging

Big Jesus Trashcan☑️🏴
2 weeks ago

#DuskforMusk sorry Twitter #birdapp
Is closed all day Sunday the 28th of May.
Let him choke on his analytics
#ElongatedMuskrat no engagement

tbluvoter 🌊
3 weeks ago
the magnificent rhys
1 month ago

Not end-to-end, opt-in, paid feature that doesn't prevent MITM, doesn't do PFS, and doesn't support groups, photos, or video.

For all the problems with the bird app and all my chagrin to those who contribute to the cesspit that is its community, its users still deserve better privacy and security when they use it. Everyone, including Twitter, benefits from such things being implemented well.

#BirdApp #BirdSite #Twitter #encryption #security

Paul Douglas
1 month ago

Some reports on this are suggesting #TuckerCarlson *is* vacating his #FoxNews salary in order to break the non-compete (suggesting it might be broader than the other reports believed), which if true means he likely has some kind of financial arrangement with #Twitter (X Corp).

Which really just reinforces my point above: anyone still participating in #BirdApp is allowing themselves to be a part of an explicitly fascist propaganda machine #BirdSite #Hellsite

Paul Douglas
1 month ago

#TuckerCarlson’s new show is apparently going to be on #Twitter (at least in part, possibly even mostly, because he’d forfeit the rest of his #FoxNews salary if he appeared on another TV channel). So he, for one, recognises #ElonMusk’s version of Twitter as a facsimile for Fox News.

Those folks still sticking around on #BirdApp really need to consider if being a part of that is a good idea, regardless of the reason #BirdSite #Hellsite

1 month ago

#BirdApp #Twitter #Musk “it’s not the fall that kills you, it’s the sudden stop at the end.” - Douglas Adams No paywall:

tbluvoter 🌊
1 month ago

How Elon Musk Turned the Blue Check Mark Into a Scarlet Letter

Making the product worse, asking you to pay for it, berating you for not paying for it, giving it back to you for free. #politics #BirdApp

Olivier Blond
2 months ago

Bye, bye #BirdApp my account is now gone.

Meanwhile over on Skum's bird app:

"We may suspend or terminate your account or cease providing you with all or part of the Services at any time for any OR NO REASON"

#BirdApp #LeonSkum

"The Canadian Press emailed Twitter asking for an explanation of the added tag, and the company responded with a poop emoji."

This is completely unbecoming of a platform so influential. #Twitter #BirdApp

if you are looking for #elonmusk takes, #rightwing #content, #incel bs, bought #bluecheck​s, cheap fake produced videos of mishaps designed for #virality (hello no human context!) and so much of the like more, search no longer, go to #birdsite, click the #algorithm picked content from the #foryou tab. humongous loads of stomach cramps

#twitter #musk #birdapp #meme #memes #mamema #joinmastodon #mastodon #socialmedia

huge multi level trash conveyor belt
delivers trash to the "for you" tab on twitter over the belt is a little bridge with a toilet with a jolly elon sitting on it with brown goo under it spraying over the "valuable content" on the belt that is being shipped to the "for you" tab
Gentleman Geek 🎩
2 months ago

Everything convenient in tech ends up being problematic. We pay for ease of use with our information, attention, content, and once in a while our money. #latenightthoughts #substack #apple #google #birdapp #Technology #tiktok

Mark Mullen
2 months ago

Hey, is there a list somewhere of progressive, thoughtful, or insightful journalists and commentators who are still on the #BirdApp but not here?

I'd like to encourage them to be strong and come bloom with us.

Austin Smith
2 months ago

The main reason I'm drifting back to using #Twitter over #Mastodon isn't due to a lack of interesting people to follow here, or falling short of some critical mass, it's #TheAlgorithm. It is better.

I don't want to see the same person who just posted 4 different things all at the top of my feed, followed by someone who boosted a bunch of stuff in a row. I don't want to miss things just because I'm not online at the time they were posted.

#chronologicalfeed #algorithm #birdapp #backsliding

2 months ago

The bird app is doing me a great concern and I read an article that suggested that things are going to get much crappier on there before they get better. #birdapp

2 months ago

Melon Husk's basic #birdapp sued again for #failure to pay over a million in back #rent since #socialmedia site acquisition. No word on if landlord will accept #dogecoin

Elon Musk Digibyte GIF

So I went over to the other site that shall not be named.

It’s just so toxic. Rage everywhere. Arguments everywhere. It’s always been a land mine but it feels so much worse now. It’s sad… many of my good friends are still there.

*big sigh*
#Twitter #BirdApp

Thunderbird :trek_pro_murf:
2 months ago

#NASA #Artemis II crew announcement is the first event I follow on #Mastodon and not on the #BirdApp.
Great that you can pick tags to follow.

Chris Berez
2 months ago

Elon either can’t figure out how to remove blue checks, or he chickened out, so he’s instead trying to make it look like everyone is paying for Twitter Blue even when they’re not. Dude really can’t take two steps without tripping and falling down the world’s longest staircase. #birdapp



They're kidding right? This has to be a joke.

#birdapp #algorithm

Daniel Kochanowicz
2 months ago


Do I reopen my #birdapp account? Because there’s a long list of blocked/muted accounts that I need to gloat on.


Broken fortune cookie with the message “Ha. Ha. Told you so!”
Swagpuss McG
2 months ago

To all the folks seeking refuge from the #birdapp or bring news from #twitter:

Have you ever considered we are here because we *never* ever liked twitter? Do you ever spare a second's thought that you were the victim, the addict, the hostage, and the stockholmian participant in someone we *never* ever engaged with or enjoyed?

Just sayin.

Will we be seeing another mass migration in the next few weeks? #birdapp #twitter #twittermigration

Daniel Kochanowicz
2 months ago

@AbbyFla Every once in a while I’m reminded of certain people on the #BirdApp whose every post I enjoyed but no longer see. Very sad that none of us will read any more Aunt Crabby’s tweets.

Thunderbird :trek_pro_murf:
2 months ago

Guess I'll start with an #introduction toot.
Came here from the #BirdApp. Have had enough of the changes made to that platform. I don't give a damn about the number of likes, or impressions I receive. I'm tired of adverts interwoven in the stream of posts. Most of all - I'm sick of the #ChiefTwitt doing monkey business.
Enough of all this rage. I'm here to start anew and I intend to make a positive contribution to #Universeodon... Hell, to the whole #Fediverse! Hope an occasional rant won't put you off interacting with me.

#Geek at heart:

Does the above qualify as tag-spamming? :D

The Dinosaur Dave
3 months ago

@mmasnick I do #Lego #dinosaurs stuff and best i got on #Birdapp was around 100. Now I'm passing 600.
Everyone here is so nice I love it.
Im honestly looking at dumping all socials for this place because of how less stressed I get here

Feynman 🔴
3 months ago

I try to “skip for now” but the button doesn’t works. #birdapp #twitter #2fa

Feynman 🔴
3 months ago

#birdapp is now asking to disable #2FA it’s ridiculous they aren’t doing it for security. #Twitter is becoming so weird and was already weird enough with account you don’t follow showing up in your TL.

Yusuf Toropov
3 months ago

If for some unfathomable reason you are reading this and you are still on #twitter and therefore supporting #fascism ...

... the least you can do is tell people on the #birdapp that March 9 is #JoinMastodonDay.


3 months ago

Finally deleted the #birdapp. #byefelicia 👋

3 months ago

Elon & his fan-bois being weird exhibit 6900

#elonmusk #aoc #weird #birdapp #Twitter #racism

Tweet : 
Elon, when's the date with AOC? @elonmusk

Attachment of AOC's skin whitened and her hair edits to blonde 

Elon Musk @elonmusk
Alas she would never date me I'm not cool enough *sad emoji*

Teslaconomics : 
Pole - Should Teslaconomics set up a date between Elon & AOC?

Option 1 - Set up the date!
Option 2 - No don't do it!
3 months ago

Update : Elon Musk has apologized after publicly scoffing at a Twitter employee's uncertainty about whether he had been laid off in a recent round of cuts and speaking dismissively of the employee's disability in a series of tweets Monday night.

"I would like to apologize to Halli for my misunderstanding of his situation. It was based on things I was told that were untrue or, in some cases, true, but not meaningful," Musk tweeted Tuesday. "He is considering remaining at Twitter."

Translation : "I would like to apologize to Halli for my not knowing that if I followed through on this, I would have to pay him $100 million, and I am so ungodly desperate for every last cent right now."

#funny #elonmusk #birdapp #Twitter

3 months ago

Elon Musk publicly mocks Twitter worker with disability who is unsure whether he's been laid off

Elon Musk publicly scoffed at a Twitter employee's uncertainty about whether he had been laid off in a recent round of cuts and spoke dismissively of the employee's disability in a series of tweets Monday night.

Here's the series of all tweets related to this all in one uploaded to Imgur -

I would've uploaded it here itself but I'm too lazy to upload em one by one as mastodon android UI is still not super user friendly

#elonmusk #twitter #birdapp #taxtherich #disable #mock

4 months ago

Wie hat das Tool geheissen, dass Twitter Handles (denen dort gefolgt wird) abfragt wo / ob sie im fediverse vorhanden sind? #help #fediverse #birdapp

George Liquor, American
4 months ago

@nixCraft As funny of a fail is gonna be for #Meta/#Facebook, it won't be near as funny as what Musk has already "accomplished" at the #BirdApp

4 months ago


Because ... of course it doesnt.
#BirdApp is a circus clown show.

Nigel Lake
4 months ago

@caseynewton @zoeschiffer I'm pretty sure that slamming everyone's #birdapp timeline with Elon's #Musk is not the surefire winner he thinks it is.

That said, it's worked a tweet for me - I can't see a single tweet at all. From anyone.

4 months ago

Is it over? #twitter #birdapp

Screenshot showing Twitter saying “this site can’t be reached”
George Liquor, American
4 months ago

@w7voa Totally worth $44B to force his cringe-worthy memes on the entire #BirdApp user base, a significant portion of which (hilariously) lacks sentience. Smartest man alive.

Quanah Schlesselman
4 months ago

@luca it was always going to go arye. It’s a rip off. Why stay when you have Mastodon? #birdapp

Appears I’m unable to post anything whatsoever on #BirdApp … lmao what …

How can I be over my limit when I have not posted in weeks?

Anyone else? I bet it’s everyone isn’t it? LOL. This is hilarious.

jnfr 🇺🇦 🦋
4 months ago

Look what I found. Never see this before. #Twitter #birdapp

The message on Twitter says: You are over the daily limit for sending tweets.

i think melon husk broke somethin again

#twitter #elonmusk #elonmusk #technology #birdapp

screenshot of a tweet by user @kiraieigh: You are over the daily limit for sending Tweets. (says a warning box)

inside the tweet: | feel you. Honestly, | think it's cultural and the only thing that can change culture is art or like an even more acute world event that impacts everyone like all at the same time unilaterally like an asteroid.
Cliff Jones Jr.
4 months ago

Meanwhile, on #Twitter... They're trying to charge businesses $1k a month for their little "verified" checkmark now.

That won't tell you anything about who's a legit business, only who makes more than $1k a month from Twitter. My publisher Fractured Mirror, for example... no way they can be verified now.

Having people pay for clout is so ridiculously classist I have no more words.

#Musk #ElonMusk #birdSite #birdApp #TwitterNews #TwitterBlue #news

Eva Chanda
4 months ago

@andybaio it worked! And I love the #Windows95 interface😻
#birdapp #leavetwitter

George Liquor, American
4 months ago

Hey what are your favorite #bot or #bots you've discovered here in the fedi?

One thing I miss about the #BirdApp is all the amazing art that would show up, and the network of art bots that would clue people into other art bots.

Anyway, @gaycats may or may not be considered art, but it posts some gay goddamn cats on the regular !

Dr. Brad Rosenheim
4 months ago

@jon I thought that too, but then I realized that they have to have reach. Without reach their job is less meaningful and they still get more exposure on the #birdapp.

Joshua Hill
5 months ago

This is my re #introduction after moving to this server. My name is Josh Hill, and I’m a PhD in #criminaljustice. I focus mostly on quantitative #methods which means I’ve spend a lot of time outside my regular field, and lately have been doing mostly #marinescience. I’m also interested in all things #jewish, including #yiddish, and am becoming increasingly observant.

I finally deleted the #birdapp, so plan on spending more time over here and I look forward to an increasingly active community!

Alexa Gagosz 📰
6 months ago

@chemoelectric No, not against you personally. Just against this statement. I’m a journalist who has been on Twitter for over a decade. But I am, like many, testing out alternatives (this is Day 4 for me on Mastodon!) before completing a full #twittermigration. I know in many newsrooms, there’s talk about what happens next and where social media investments should be going. But please know we are working on it in re and can’t leave readers behind on the #birdapp just yet!

Alexa Gagosz 📰
6 months ago

It’s Day 2 for me on #Mastadon as I test out ways to take part in the great #twittermigration.

One thing I can say with absolute certainty: It’s a breath of fresh air to find a community that understands the value of strong journalism and supports the #journalists that are trying to do that work. Thank you.

If you’re looking for stories on America’s housing and homelessness crisis, give me a follow. Reach out anytime.

#news #Journalism #twitterpurge #birdapp #journalist

Jelena Brankovic
6 months ago

What a joke. #birdapp #SpaceKaren