Kenji's Quesbirria: Video of making the awesome newly-trendy Mexican food
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2 weeks ago

3 meals for total of 12 servings via Del Real Mexican food packages from Costco! Bought the large double package of the Rice and Refried Beans and the 36 oz Birria and took them apart to experiment. 1st meal burritos with rice, beans, birria and added shredded cheese. Dipped them in the consommé to serve. 2nd: quesadillas with same 3rd: Brown rice with remaining birria and consommé. All winners. Spent about $17 total for excellent food. #TipOfDay
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Other ideas?

Package label Del Real Birria, seasoned beef and sauce.
Package label Del Real Arroz & Frijoles, a rice and Refried Beans.
1 month ago

A sentence I didn't think I'd be typing but my #goat ate my #eBike...or at least the front brake motor disengage cable. This goats going to be #birria #tacos way sooner than expected if he keeps it up.

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In the foreground, A man's hand holds two ends of a bike cable that are chewed in half.
 In the background, the handlebars, seat, and running boards of a RadPower RadWagon in Vitamin C orange are visible.

If I could take the train to #Ensenada or even just #Tijuana and back in a reasonable amount of time and at a reasonable price, I would single-handedly double the #BajaCalifornia economy with the amount of fish #tacos and #birria I would consume. 🥴

3 months ago

Just got home from hanging out with @Zarf at #PhermBrewing . Had some good beer and food, as well as great conversation about anime, Otakon, and more.

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Image shows 2 rows of 3 5oz glasses each lined up next to each other filled with various beer
4 pork bao buns w/ cucumber and jalapeno in a plastic container
2 birria empanadas in a plastic container with dipping sauces. To the right is Birria Consomé in a plastic container.
Sarah Stierch
5 months ago

#Birria Sunday at Don Pancho's in #Petaluma.

A platter with beef birria, refried beans, rice and a carrot.
Smooth Atonal Sound
6 months ago

Every now and then, I forget that we have a totally solid family run Mexican tacos truck one town over from work, and then I remember, and then i am very happy #cielitolindo #gill #birria #tacos

6 months ago

Birria therapy (on account of the seemingly never-ending winter)

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A photo of birria tacos with consomé and salsa.
6 months ago

doing #StPatricksDay2023 my wandering-Irish way—open burrito, beef deshebrada not corned beef, which my outer NE PDX / Gresham go-to #TaqueriaRicoTaco made in suitably celebratory, orangeish #birria style; on field of cilantro & white onions. A fav dish, Erin go Braghrrito 🇮🇪🇲🇽

7 months ago

This is just a friendly reminder that #DTSJ has a place that makes #birria #pizza. The rest of you are free to just wallow in your pity. #foodporn

Mexico Listo
8 months ago

Are these the tacos you've been looking for?
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Taco Tuesday: Buckets of Birria

8 months ago

The tacos were good, too :)

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Four birria tacos with cotija cheese and homemade salsa sit on a blue and white floral plate. In the top left of the picture there is consomme in a matching bowl.
8 months ago

I've been itching to make birria ramen since I saw it on a menu during my recent vacation in San Diego. SO. GOOD. Definitely a new favorite!

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A blue and white floral bowl sits in a wood table. In the bowl is my wife's birria ramen with a soft-boiled egg, sour cream, pico de gallo, cilantro, green onions and cotija cheese.
A blue and white floral bowl sits on a wooden table. In the bowl is my birria ramen with a soft-boiled egg, red salsa, and cotija cheese on top.