i fear we, as "intersectional "allies"" are falling into this same exact trap of #whiteness with #fursonas in the #furry #fandom. more and more #white people who are affluent purchase fursuits, and we forget that the creation of this key piece of fandom history, the #fursona, is a product of #black #queer history.

we need to make sure this is corrected at an #institutional level. and by the #institutions, i mean the #conventions that we host and the 501c3s that we run to host them.

...which are mostly run by #white people.

"That “legitimacy” bestowed by #whiteness actually changes the definition of #rap for the #American culture. When the most popular #rappers in the country are #white rappers doing a decent impersonation of black master rappers, what kids see as legitimate rap changes. [...] When these same white rappers are given #Grammys for their attempts, over more talented black rappers, it makes it harder for rap by #black artists to be accepted by mainstream culture—because it sounds different than what they’ve come to know as 'good rap.'"

So You Want to Talk About Race, Ijeoma Oluo

if we, as an "#inclusive community", wish to make our conventions less... pale, we really need to start talking about the #black and #queer history of the #furry #fandom loudly. i am really proud of the documentation done on the fandom, but most of the participants i see in video documentaries, interviews, and other media are desparately #white.

#fursonas were literally invented by a black queer man, Ken Cougr. i fear we are forgetting the racial side of the roots of our creativity just like we have with other mediums, see: #rap and #hiphop.

we can do better.

PKPs Powerfromspace1
12 hours ago

@RALee85 Romanchuk is in charge of #Russian forces in Zaporizhzhia where the main thrust of Ukraine’s counteroffensive is occurring. This suggests that it wasn’t just a strike on the #Black Sea #Fleet HQ, but timed to target key senior leaders during a meeting.

Dr Pink
12 hours ago

#LGBTQ related #Wikipedia article created 11 hours ago

Justin Baird
Justin Baird also known under the stage name Kimora Amour, a Canadian drag queen, nurse, costume designer, and television personality best known as a competitor in the second season of Canada's Drag Race

#Black #Canadas #Canadian

"Despite studies showing #Black #immigrants are, on average, the most educated group of immigrants in the #UnitedStates, they earn lower wages than similarly trained non-Black immigrants and have the highest #unemployment rate of any #immigrant group.

An ethnic #racist asks, 'Why are Black immigrants doing better than African Americans?'

An ethnic #antiracist asks, 'Why are Black immigrants not doing as well as other immigrant groups?'"

How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

"The fact is, all #ethnic groups, once they fall under the gaze and power of #race makers, become #racialized. I am a descendant of American slaves. My ethnic group is #AfricanAmerican. My race, as an African American, is Black. Kenyans are racialized as a #Black ethnic group, while Italians are White, Japanese are #Asian, Syrians are #MiddleEastern, Puerto Ricans are #Latinx, and Choctaws are #NativeAmerican. The racializing serves the core mandate of race: to create hierarchies of value."

How to Be an Antiracist, Ibram X. Kendi

Last night we went to see Beyoncé. I want to apologize in advance for flooding your feed with everything #Beyonce these are the earrings my husband gifted me before the show 💜 #Mastodon #Queer #Black #Gay #Dallas #Alttxt #Alttext

Queer poc individual standing in sunlight showing off silver earrings

#instagram says they have reason to believe I am under the age of 13 and my account is likely going to be deleted I am 36. These days I think I look older than that😅 ain’t no way anyone thinks I’m under 13. ithink this is just a way to suppress Black and Queer voices who are constantly speaking up against #whiteSupremacy
I’ve been called all sorts of #racist, #homophobic, and #transphobic and nothing ever seems to come of it. If I report them they’ll just decide it doesn’t go against community guidelines. If I clap back, I’ll get reported and thrown into ig jail. Something I’ve experienced many times. The only reason I’m sad is bc I have so many memories and experiences and instagram is the only place I can see them. Images of dead loved ones, or places I can no longer visit. I say all of this to say I think this may be the only space I turn to as a form of social media. I’m tired of fighting to exist in a space that was never actually welcoming to me anyway. #Queer #Gay #Black #GayMastodon #BlackMastodon

The So-Called ‘#Kidnapping Club’ Featured #Cops Selling #free #Black #NewYorkers Into #Slavery
Outright #racism met financial opportunity when men like #IsiahRynders accrued #wealth through legal, but nefarious, means.

1 day ago

"Fuck or flight"

I’m told bunnies are often torn between the two urges, making their sentimental life even more complicated than it needs to be…

#art #painting #oilpainting #anthro #rabbit

#female #nude #black #tan #rex #rabbit #watership #down #worried

A portrait of an anthropomorphic black and tan female rabbit with long white hair and bright red and yellow eyes, sitting nude on a sofa and looking at the viewer with a worried expression. A painting showing a dead bunny from the Watership Down movie intro is partially visible in the background.
Miguel Guhlin
2 days ago

#Black #Texas student given additional suspension for loc hairstyle as parents weigh legal action #education #SocialJustice #mgshare

Eve Glicksman
2 days ago

Response to a teen suspended for wearing dreadlocks to school: “When you are asked to conform ... and give up something for the betterment of the whole, there is a psychological benefit,” [the school superintendent said.] “We need more teaching (of) sacrifice.” What an outrage! Should I mention the student is #Black?

2 days ago

Oh man, I don't even remember when I did this. (Despite the watermark I do NOT think it was from this year, but I could be wrong.) I was cleaning up some stuff and found some art I forgot to scan, so have a Vesta! She's my fiance's favorite but he prefers her back before they turned her purple, so that choice is dedicated to him here. We also both miss the sheep villagers being able to wear scarves, it was frickin' cute.

#animalcrossing #vesta #watercolor #sheep #scarf #yellow #black #orange

Tracy Rosenberg
2 days ago

For nearly four hours, former and current Black residents of San Francisco spoke at length about their own experiences with #racism in the city as well as the destruction of the #Black community experienced by family members during the 1960s and ’70s, especially in the once-vibrant #Fillmore district, which was demolished in the name of “urban renewal.”

SURVEY: Has #Racism Impacted Your #Health?
Word In #Black health reporter #AlexaSpencer wants to hear from you for an upcoming series about racism and #chronicillness.

2 days ago

THE BRIDE trailer | BFI London Film Festival 2023

Director Myriam Uwiragiye Birara

"Rwandan scholar Eva’s childhood is abruptly cut short when she is snatched away from home to become a stranger’s bride, in this striking feature debut."

#TheBride #BlackMastodon #MyriamUwiragiyeBirara #BlackFediverse #Black #Rwanda #AfricanCinema #Cinema #Film #BFI #Cinematography #Cinemastodon #Creatives #Academia

PghLesbian Correspondents did a story on the shooting and correctly points out it is eerily reminiscent of the #shooting #death of #BankoBrown, a 24 year old #trans #man in a #Walgreens in #SanFrancisco.

"#California is a big state, but #securityguards #shooting two #young #Black #trans #folx to death in #retail #stores within four months of each other? That’s something to notice."

#DéVonnieJRaeJohnson, a #Black #Trans #Woman, Was #Killed Last Month By an #SecurityGuard in #LosAngeles.

In a statement last month, the Los Angeles-based TransLatin@ Coalition called Johnson’s killing “an act of #brutality that defies explanation” and demanded #accountability from #police in her #death.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #California #Police #Hate #Bigotry #Violence #Transphobia #ReleaseTheVideo #NoPoliceAtPride #BlackMastodon

2 days ago

#Holloway does however, accept #Negri and #Hardt”s argument that #revolution can no longer be conceived of in terms of seizing #state #power. The Power that needs to be negated lies “in the fragmentation of social relations” rather than any “particular person of institution.” (167-75)”

#Fetishism and Its Negations: On John Holloway and Theodor Adorno By David #Black

Stefanie Neumann
3 days ago

I screamed to see it gone, but the pain persisted. With it, a #deluge of emotions surged through my body until I cried a #serenade. A #frame of relief to #outfit me, before everything melted down to a #soup of agony, its weight about to #squash me. The room started to #spin, then all was #black.


#FromOneLine 317
#rise365 #brknshards #mpotd #MastoPrompt #MicroPrompt #vssnature #whistpr #vss365

3 days ago

homo sapiens
standing proud, head and ego
above the crowd

beware the mound below his feet
black bones of cousins

his dazzling teeth

#vss365 #black
#poem #poetry #smallPoems #cherita
#homosapiens #extinction

3 days ago

I inherited your spite,
irreverence for life.
Dawn rises
bowls of
A #black stripe
spins & squeezes
my senses blind.
In darkness,
I live.
Delusions run
Your ghost lives
at the perimeter
of my life.

#art #acrylicpainting #vss365
#writer #poetry #prose #poets #artist #artistsofmastodon #mastoart #fediart #fediartist
#smallpoems #illustration #abstract

Colorful abstract- acrylic painting
3 days ago

#BLM protesters were targeted by federal government with stiffer punishments, an analysis shows

By Christina Carrega, CNN
August 20, 2021

"The Justice Department targeted more than 300 #protesters by charging them with federal crimes for their roles during the civil unrest last summer after the murder of #GeorgeFloyd, according to a new report from The #MovementForBlackLives, a coalition of #Black advocacy groups.

"The report found that more than 90% of federal cases against Black Lives Matter protesters could have been charged in state court – and that in 88% of those cases, the federal charges carried more severe penalties than similar state charges.

"'This persecution resulted in hundreds of organizers and #activists facing years in federal prison with no chance of parole,' the report read. It was co-authored by CUNY School of Law’s Creating Law Enforcement Accountability & Responsibility Clinic.

"The report also contends that federal officials have tried to suppress Black social movements going back decades. For instance, at the direction of former #FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, officials spied on and interrogated leaders associated with the #BlackPanther Party as well as #AngelaDavis, #MartinLutherKingJr and #MalcolmX.

"According to the report, this was done 'in a deliberate bid to infiltrate, penetrate, disorganize, and disrupt the Black movements for rights, power, and freedom, and to preserve the established #WhiteSupremacist order.'

"The report, which focused on the period of nationwide civil unrest sparked by Floyd’s death in May 2020 at the hands of police in #Minneapolis, was released this week. It was first reported by The Associated Press.

"Federal officials filed a litany of charges against racial justice protesters over five months after Floyd’s death, including 105 for arson, 49 for civil disorder, 45 for assault against an officer and 30 felon-in-possession of a weapon cases.

"According to the report, the 'vast majority of charges brought were for non-violent offenses or offenses that were potentially hazardous but were restricted to #property destruction, not violence against people.'"

Read more:

#BLMProtesters #CivilRights #Fascism #ACAB #Racism

3 days ago

#ACLU Condemns Unprecedented #RICO Indictment of People #Protesting Construction of Controversial Police Training Center in Georgia

September 5, 2023

"Georgia’s attorney general has obtained indictments against more than 60 people, alleging violations of the state’s Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations (RICO) law over ongoing efforts to halt construction of #Atlanta’s planned $90 million police training center, known by many as 'Cop City.' Some are also facing additional charges of #DomesticTerrorism and #MoneyLaundering.

"'We are extremely concerned by this breathtakingly broad and unprecedented use of state terrorism, anti-racketeering, and money laundering laws against protesters,' said Aamra Ahmad, senior staff attorney with ACLU’s National Security Project. 'Georgia law enforcement officials are disproportionately wielding these overbroad laws to stigmatize and target those who disagree with the government.'

"Since late 2021, protesters under the banners of 'Stop Cop City' and '#ProtectTheWeelauneeForest' have raised concerns over #ClimateJustice, displacement of #Black communities, and increasing #militarization of #police forces. #Protesters have camped out in the #forest, staged marches, and hosted community events. At times, a small minority of protesters have allegedly damaged property.

"'Democracy requires dissent and our state’s officials should not be exposing individuals to potentially decades in prison for engaging in protest,' said Christopher Bruce, policy and advocacy director at ACLU of Georgia."


#StopCopCity #CopCity #Fascism #ClimateAction #ClimateActivism #ACAB #WaterIsLife #Oligarchy

3 days ago

When I arrive a jolly man opens the door and asks, ‘Are you a Poet?’, then steps back to invite me inside. I don’t know what I say. Something stumbly or inaudible. He says to leave my shoes on but I can’t do that. I join the others in the kitchen, accept some wine. There’s talk and laughter and music. I see cat dishes and I ask about the cats. We laugh and talk and I don’t know anyone well but I know them. See me among. See me laugh. See me fun. I don’t the answer. My screen is #black.


Steven D. Brewer 🏳️‍⚧️
3 days ago

The Better Angels finished their performance on Celtron-4 & returned to Angels' Wings.
"I know a place here that's special," David said.
He laid in a course & they flew to a tiny, rocky island in the middle of a vast ocean.
The Angels exited & looked up. The stars were brilliant against a sky that was #black from horizon to horizon.
"Ooh!" they gasped.
Then an armada of tiny pyrotechnicoids lit up & spelled giant letters across the sky, "MISS POPO: PLEASE MARRY ME!"
"No!" she screamed.


Christy S
4 days ago

Okay so, in response to a post I just saw, I'd love it if #black mastodon users would help me understand something.

There's a lot of talk about how black people shouldn't have to put their racism trauma behind a CW.

Most of the time, people encourage CW for anything potentially triggering. Sexual violence, child abuse, etc are usually content warned.

Wouldn't adding a cw to a post detailing racial trauma actually help protect other survivors of this, other black folks in other words?

Steve Dustcircle :rose:
4 days ago

Here is a #parody of the controversial song with a super #racist video by #JasonAldean. #Aldean became known for filming a country video outside the #MauryCountyCourthouse, where a #black teenager was lynched in 1927. Aldean claimed this was not racist, and simply indicative of something that made no sense except as #racism.
This parody shows things you are likelier to find in #smalltown #America than Jason Aldean's imagination. The picture is still not pretty.

in this video, she describes #Latino people rejecting other Afro Latino kids trying to Just Exist over being "too #Black”, being called "monito" (little monkey) "negrita benbe" (little african girl) over their looks

i have personally witnessed this #racism first hand. my dad's side of the family does not like being associated with anything other than a Spaniard descendency; they would get very offended if you insinuated that they were mixed in with anything otherwise.

my mom used to be called "negrita". it was my dad's affectionate name for her. because her skin was darker than his.

this shit runs deep.

I have to agree. This is our most in depth examination of how we can improve #Charging #Equity in the #ev / #ElectricVehicle world, and the current disparities that exist in infrastructure for #Black, #Indigenous and other #PeopleOfColor.

It was literally months of work to even get charging providers to talk to us... and #YouTube has nicely buried it.

5 days ago


The @costco mercs had tables set up

One initiative was for increased 'latitude' for #PoliceChase. Another was calling #CarbonNeutral legislation a 'Hidden #GasTax'

I told the #Black guy collecting sigs for $, "The police are not your friends, sir. You know what happens to the #JudasGoat? The rancher eats him every time"

But what bugs me is the way concerned citizens are shoo'd off #Corporate properties & #Fascists are welcomed. Not surprised. Just 🤬💔😖

6 days ago

sometimes the research for my #phdlife is way to close to home. Researching the history of Audre Lordes island of origin, Carriacou, is hard as a #black Dominican.
#histodon asks a lot as a research field. This morning I am working myself through the Trans Atlantic Slave Trade Database.


Steven Saus [he/him]
1 week ago

From 14 Sep: Autopsy of a star reveals what was eviscerated by a monster black hole - Enlarge / Ions of nitrogen and carbon show up in the spectrum of X-rays from a black hole’... #astronomy #astrophysics #black-hole #science

Grant Denkinson
1 week ago

Black Gay Ink is a #creative #writing development scheme for emerging #Black #gay writers.

Matthew Loxton
1 week ago

Hey peeps, I'm conducting a #research project of #patient and carer experience through their primary #liver #cancer journey, and I want to make sure we hear perspectives from #indigenous, #black, #hispanic, #asian, #lgbtq, and #female voices.

If you know of someone who fits one of those, please point this post to them

There will be compensation for their time

Please #boost

Ricardo Harvin
1 week ago

45 years later and #ADreamIsSomethingYouWakeUpFrom, 1978, directed by #LarryBullard and #CarolynJohnson, is as relevant now, as then.

Part #documentary, part narrative #film, it focuses on particulars of the #Black experience in the #US, yet it's relevance spans across all races and #cultures in regards to #capitalism and #economics, #gender roles and gendered #violence, #family, and the realities of the "#AmericanDream".


1 week ago

I don't hate Elon Musk - I hate #capitalism.

I don't love #Jews any more or less than any other group.

I don't see anything to gain in hating #Musk or making a point of loving Jews.

I don't see Jews being persecuted by the state the way I see Muslims and those racialised as #Black persecuted by the state.

I see state and #establishment interests weaponising hatred of Jews to persecute the left wing and further marginalise those #racialised as Black.

So I think it's more complicated

Jan Katins
1 week ago

#ruff can now format python files in the same format as #black can:

> Alpha release of the Ruff formatter, out now in Ruff v0.0.289.
> The formatter is designed to be a drop-in replacement for Black... At present, it achieves over > 99.9% compatibility on significant Black-formatted projects like Django and Zulip.
> For the Alpha, our focus is on collecting feedback that we can address prior to a Beta release later this year.

Dafuq is wrong with Texas??

A #Black #Texas high school student has been suspended for more than a week because his #loc hairstyle violated the district’s #DressCode, his mother said. It could become test o new state law that bans #discrimination based on hairstyles.

#DarrylGeorge, a junior at #BarbersHill High School in #MontBelvieu, received multiple disciplinary action notes, placed on suspension for wearing his locs hairstyle in a ponytail, his mother told #CNN.

2 weeks ago

Virginia’s Public Universities Have a Long History of Displacing Black Residents

Schools including Old Dominion and the flagship University of Virginia have expanded by dislodging #Black #families, sometimes by the threat or use of #EminentDomain.

#Education #Schools #College #University #Virginia #UVA #Gentrification #History #News

2 weeks ago

Suddenly all this #NFL in my feed & I'm wondering whether I'm the only one who still remembers the way that corporate machine eats people (esp Black folks) for $$

I was a die-hard Packers fan growing up but btw Aaron Rodgers being a MAGA loon & the #Kaepernick blackball & #CTE denial for profit... yeesh, y'all! Find a better sport to support if yr #woke enuf to gaf

Allow me to recommend #WNBA, where #Black lives & #Trans Youth actually do matter

Real Quack
2 weeks ago


I get it. I used to know someone like this.

Anyone who tries to tell you the #Irish had it worse than #Black people under #slavery ... are wrong.

Ricardo Harvin
2 weeks ago

Since a new season has started, I'm once again reminding all #Black (and other) #NFL fans (and especially Black women, re: Ray Rice, et al.) that the league team owners officially consider its Black players—and by extension *all* Black people)—to be "less than" its white players.

Jeffrey Yost
2 weeks ago
Ang Black
2 weeks ago

Jewelle Gomez: the #Black #lesbian writer who changed vampire fiction – and the world

> Her first novel was turned down by several publishers, then embraced by a feminist press. As an author, poet, playwright and activist, she has continued to claim space for queer storytellers

Jewelle Gomez: the Black lesbian writer who changed vampire fiction – and the world

“Sixty-plus years ago, the white leaders of Newport News, #Virginia, seized the core of a thriving #Black community to build a college. The school has been gobbling up the remaining houses ever since…

University seizures were part of a broader policy of #UrbanRenewal, famously dubbed ‘Negro removal’ by author James Baldwin. Touted for improving ramshackle neighborhoods, urban renewal also ravaged thriving communities. #EminentDomain was, and remains, its favored tool.”

Erika Sumner
3 weeks ago

On #LaborDay I watch a film about #slavery b/c if we’re going to recognize the #workforce, we should acknowledge that the #US achieved great success by forcing #Black bodies to perform free labor. This year’s pick #TheWomanKing was amazing. I ❤️#ViolaDavis

Tenho muita preguiça de aprender/cuidar de certas coisas que seriam muito úteis e legais :(

Exemplo: publicar um pacote #Python no #PyPI

Contexto: fiz um fork de um plug-in do #ThonnyIDE que formata código com #black, e mudei o plug-in para formatar usando #blue (pois eu prefiro aspas simples).

Para que outras pessoas possam usar, eu precisava publicar a minha versão do plugin no PyPI, mas quem disse que eu tenho a manha de fazer isso?

É um misto de bloqueio com burocracias, inércia, preguiça, tudo misturado. Sei que não é super difícil, eu poderia, sei lá, assitir a live do @dunossauro sobre empacotamento, mas é muito muito *difícil pra mim*.

Se você não tem esses bloqueios que eu tenho, tem essa Live de Python aqui ó, com o querido @ayharano ainda por cima!

3 weeks ago

"“Wokeness” is a term that #Black people used to mean “growing awareness of structural #racism” and which conservatives and centrists stole and now use to mean “awareness of the perspectives of people whose existence offends us and make us uncomfortable.”

It is most often used as a slur, which is something you know if you are somebody who notices how #language is used. #Conservatives find “wokeness” an offense, because it offends them"

#BlackMastodon #USPol #USA

Text from essay:
There was another bigoted murder this week, which bore many similarities to the bigoted murder last week, in that the person who did it—Ryan Palmeter, 21—left behind a paper trail of hate, a screed that doesn’t differ much in either its targets or its points from the screeds that have been mainstreamed in American culture in recent years by conservative politicians and media figures, against what they call “wokeness.”

“Wokeness” is a term that Black people used to mean “growing awareness of structural racism” and which conservatives and centrists stole and now use to mean “awareness of the perspectives of people whose existence offends us and make us uncomfortable.” It is most often used as a slur, which is something you know if you are somebody who notices how language is used. Conservatives find “wokeness” an offense, because it offends them, and they are using the cultural offense of “wokeness” to sabotage every level of education, cancelling curriculums dedicated to examining the structural nature of bigotry and replacing them with narratives that are laughable lies, but which make conservatives far more comfortable.
Ricardo Harvin
3 weeks ago

Punk as fuck for more than 400 years ✊🏿

"...there's nothing more punk than being #Black in #America."

"I'm not saying Black people created #PunkRock. I'm saying we *are* punk #rock, without even trying."

"When we have been pushed to the margins but we create in those margins, it doesn't get more #punk than that."

"When you're Black, you're punk rock *all* the time, you're a target *all* the time."


Ricardo Harvin
3 weeks ago

#til, #punk belongs on this list as well.

I've refrained from claiming the roots of all "#popular" music (the extremely broad #genre, not specifically every #music style people like) is the music of #Black people, but I'll do so no longer.

"...#SexPistols, AKA: History's first #BoyBand" 🫢😂👍🏿

And I was literally thinking last night that #LedZeppelin is mostly a #CoverBand, and was gratified with the same assessment made here.

Thanks to J.L. Odom of the Bay Area Reporter for interviewing me about my volunteer work to improve coverage of marginalized folks - #Black, #trans, and #nonbinary in particular - on @wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. Article just dropped today:

#Wikipedia #SanFrancisco #BlackMastodon

4 weeks ago


What's normal for #Republicans at this point is fomenting #Fascism or voting for people who do.

What's important to stress is: what we've all been taught to call Fascism is what happens when #capitalism starts treating white folks the way it's treated #Black & #BIPOC folks The Entire Time

:solidarity: :af: :iww: :better_pride:

Philip Cardella
4 weeks ago

Remember the #Black #Florida #Prosecutor ( #StateAttorney ) fired by #DeSantis seemingly out of nowhere?

Turns out she was in the final stages of investigating the same sheriff's office that got her booted out.

Very interesting evidence that the DeSantis administration used its power to obstruct an active investigation into wide spread #PoliceMisconduct

#USPolitics #Politics

David O'Brien
1 month ago

This racist vandalism on the @wikipedia article about yesterday's #MassShooting in #Jacksonville is just a taste of the kind of #HateSpeech I witness almost daily as a #Black #trans #Wikipedia editor.

Yes, this vandalism was quickly reverted. That's not the point. The point is the vile hatred against people like myself that escalates from idle, "harmless" talk to actual, real-world killing.



Screenshot of a Wikipedia article "diff" page, highlighting the word "shooter" changed to "hero".
Screenshot of a Wikipedia article "diff" page, highlighting the word "people" changed to "non-human primates".
Ang Black
1 month ago

Read this.😑

He became the first #Black mayor of a rural Alabama town. Then a white minority locked him out

> For years the mayor in Newburn was appointed, not elected. When Patrick Braxton won the election, the outgoing mayor and his cronies refused to accept it

1 month ago

#Florida #school officials apologize for assembly singling out #Black students about low test scores

Officials at Flagler County's school district in northeastern Florida said at a news conference that the assembly at Bunnell Elementary School was a "horrible, horrific mistake" that shouldn't have happened, and that the school's principal has been put on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

Fedi.Garden 🌱
1 month ago is a dedicated Mastodon server for Black humans, Black voices, and Black experiences:


For more info see their About page at or contact their admin at @admin

#FeaturedServer #Black #BIPOC #BlackMastodon #BlackTwitter #Mastodon #Fediverse

But the following was a watershed experience:

"Finally, something happened at church itself. One of the men who had been in the church group I hosted had sought to lead one himself. But a church higher-up told him that he could participate in church activities but not lead anything because he is gay. I had not realized the church had such a policy. I learned that my church would also generally not conduct weddings for same-sex couples."

#Black #church #LGBTQ #homophobia #nones

Perry Bacon Jr. discusses what has led him to being a "none," someone done with church:

As he read more Black intellectuals, he found many of them more critical of the role the church plays in the Black community than previous generations of Civil Rights leaders were.

Then he watched Republican friends who claimed to stand for religious values kowtow to Donald Trump, of all people.

#Black #church #nones