Sameena Jehanzeb
33 minutes ago

Schlafzimmersituation. ♥️
#caturday #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

Zwei schwarze Katzen liegen entspannt im Fußbereich des Bettes.
Cowboy Cat Ranch
10 hours ago

"Why do you need a snake when you already have a panther??"

#cats #python #Python #blackcats #catsofMastodon

Cat News
17 hours ago

Tom (New York State, USA) has discovered a box. Unfortunately it is very tiny. Even if he can’t sit in however, he can and will stand in it.

#cats #CatNews #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCats

A cartoon of a black cat awkwardly standing in a very tiny box, which it clearly would never be able to sit in.
Dora Hathazi Mendes
2 days ago
Oreo Tuxedo Cat Handmade Watercolor Painting by Dora Hathazi Mendes . Art prints available
2 days ago
A tuxedo cat sitting upright on a bed in front of a black cat laying down. There is bright sunlight.
Charlotte Walker
3 days ago

Me: Hmm, I really need a wee, I’ll have to get up in a minute

Miss Cinnamon: *immediately jumps on me, marches around on my bladder, falls asleep in my lap*

#MissCinnamon #cats #BlackCats #Mastocats #CatsOfMastodon

Angelique Sophia
5 days ago

Monroe is still mad I wasn't here for #Caturday. So many new scratches.

#blackcats #catstodon #MonroeMutini #cats

A black cat stairs menacingly after her family went out of town. Currently alternating between extra affectionate and extra mean.
5 days ago

He looks like he’s thinking deep thoughts. #cats #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCats

A black cat laying on a bed looking up and away from the camera as if lost in thought
Charlotte Walker
6 days ago

My pretty little duchess asleep in the armchair #MissCinnamon #Cats #Mastocats #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCats

Little Miss Cinnamon, the black shorthair cat, sleeping on a rather lively blanket with purple, lilac and white stripes with black animal print. She’s fast asleep and oblivious to my approach
Sameena Jehanzeb
6 days ago

Ich würde gerne #DiabloIV Beta zocken, aber...

#CatsOfMastodon #LebenMitKatze #Katzenliebe #BlackCats

Schwarzer Kater liegt tiefenentspannt auf den Beinen seiner Dosenöffnerin und zeigt keinerlei Interesse seinen bequemen Schlafplatz in naher Zukunft noch einmal zu verlassen.
Charlotte Walker
6 days ago

#MissCinnamon is impossible to photograph again. She’s not usually a hidey cat, but lately she’s taken to sleeping under blankets. I hope she’s not feeling insecure or anxious 😕 #cats #BlackCats

Angela Preston
6 days ago

Helping me open packages. #Caturday #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

A close up of a black cat's face,  standing above a box received in the mail.
Shawn M. Jones, PhD
6 days ago

My boy Marjon sure liked his tree climbing when he was younger.

#Caturday #Catstodon #BlackCat #BlackCats #BlackCatSaturday #BlackCatsOfMastodon #BlackCatsRule

A black cat stares at the camera from a tree.
Leigh Honeywell
1 week ago
A medium haired black cat with green eyes sleeping on a beige blanket
1 week ago

Laurie says 'Please everyone in UK remember to adjust your clocks tonight'.
He's looking forward to having his breakfast an hour earlier tomorrow, & he hopes your cats will have an early breakfast too.
#Cats #CatsofMastodon #BlackCats #Rescue

A black cat is lying 'loaf-style' on a pink-cushioned chair. with his paws tucked underneath him.  His eyes are half-closed and his chin is tilted up. He looks very pleased with himself.
Charlotte Walker
1 week ago

I tried to take a pic of #MissCinnamon for #Caturday but she’s under a blanket, and being a fluffy little void all that can be seen of her is eyes #cats #BlackCats

1 week ago

Happy #Caturday everyone. Luv & purrs from Meggie & Laurie

#CatsofMastodon #Cats #BlackCats #Rescue

A black cat is lying loaf-style on a pink-cushioned chair, looking towards the left of the image.
A black cat is lying on the floor with his blue treat ball between his front paws.  He's looking towards the right of the image.

I'm playing Pokémon Crystal during my lunch break and talking to my cat Loki about it. He's so funny trying to figure out what I'm saying to him XD #Pokemon #BlackCats #Cats

Black cat in a video he is looking at me intently as if he is trying to figure out what I am saying. He looks very cute and a little confused. I say in the video Loki, Geodude died. Do you have a sad for him?

Cuddle buddies. Ditto and Wolf Boom Zoom.

It's impossible to get a photo of a Ditto sleeping. He's very alert to any approach. Wolf Boom Zoom, on the hand, trusts completely and so remains zonked.

#CatsOfMastodon #cats #catnap #void #blackcats #FormerFeral

A black cat lies on a bed with his eyes open and a grey cat is cuddled up and sleeping behind him.
Tasha Sounart 🎮🏰
2 weeks ago

So very relaxed that the child is at school and not bothering him every 5 minutes. #BlackCats #Cats

A black cat flopped on the rug next to his cat bed.
Charlotte Walker
2 weeks ago

Waiting for me to make the rain stop #cats #CatsOfMastodon #Mastocats #BlackCats

Miss Cinnamon the small black cat sitting on a white towel on a brown doormat looking out through a cat flap set in a brown door. Her tail is sticking out behind her at 4 o’clock

Happy 11th Birthday to my sweet boy, October!! I love this kitty so much! ❤ #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon #Cats

Big (not overweight) black cat lying on a blanket. He's looking at my hand where I'm holding one of his toys. He looks like a sweetheart and he is.
Mike Meadows
2 weeks ago

#BlackCatBart wishes you all a happy Sunday. #NotCaturday #BlackCats

Bart, upside-down on his cat tree showing off his paws (claws retracted cuz he’s being nice), his beans, his Dracula fangs and his green eyes.
Angela Preston
2 weeks ago

Well, I missed #Caturday but here's a picture from when I got back from our short trip. Someone missed me and needed lots of cuddles. #BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

A close up view of a woman and a black cat who is cuddling up to her.  The woman's face is n profile; she is turned to look at the cat, who is looking back at her. Not shown in this picture, the cat had just touched his nose to hers. He does that when he's extra cuddly.
Sarah Doomsayer
2 weeks ago

Happy #caturday from Lúthien, who is loving the sunshine and this old chair cushion. #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCats

A fat black cat asleep on a blue cushion in a pool of light. The sunshine is striated with shadows from the venetian blinds. In the light, the cat's fur looks brown.
Angelique Sophia
2 weeks ago
A black cat sits atop a cat tower and lazily swats at the camera..
Andrew Hall
2 weeks ago

Tap,tap,tap... Sharpie felt I was ignoring her. Tap,tap,tap. She just wanted some snacs.

*sound of many swords being pulled from their scabbards*

I lost a few Hit Points that day.

#Caturday #BlackCats #MurderMittens

Sharpie, the black cat reaches up with her claws extended. a persons bare arm is her target.
Tasha Sounart 🎮🏰
3 weeks ago

The fangs are out 💙 #BlackCats #catstodon

A black cat named Peppercorn being pet on the head. His eyes are closed and 2 fangs are visible.
Melissa Fehr
3 weeks ago

Nishi is sunbeaming HARD today 🥹 #blackcats

A black cat lounging on a blue fringed blanket with her fluffy belly exposed and black fur looking ginger in the sunshine
A black cat lounging on a blue fringed blanket in a sunbeam, looking at the camera with her big yellow eyes
3 weeks ago

I thought I'd share this lovely picture of Stinky enjoying his new basket. Who says black cats don't photograph well? #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCats

Kristin Bailey
3 weeks ago

Cricket wants BBQ! With bonus sad kitty eyes. #FeedCricket #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #CaturdayEveryday #BlackCat #BlackCats #Cat

My black cat, Cricket, sitting in a chair at the dining room table, with her head thrown back, screaming.
Another angle of Cricket in her chair looking very upset that she doesn’t have BBQ
Cricket on the other side of the table showing off her golden eyes.

Our wide-eyed void and former feral, Ditto, who constantly appears to be shocked.

Yesterday, he made it past the dog (who ignored him) and onto the back of the couch, but before making it to my lap, he somehow lost his balance and fell off the back of the couch. He blamed the dog for the whole thing. (The dog is innocent.)

#CatsOfMastodon #cats #Void #FormerFeral #blackcats

A black cat stares up wide-eyed from the basket where he is loafing.

Shadow heard the thunder and immediately scratched at this cabinet so I'd let him ride out the storm with his stockpile of food. #cats #BlackCats

A photo inside a dark cabinet full of cans of cat food. A black cat is tucked in the corner.
Angelique Sophia
1 month ago

Monroe is having so much fun with this Lego wheel my kid gave her. She carries it around in her mouth, brings it to me like "kill", and loves flipping it to get it rolling.

Hilarious that my scrappy rescue cat from the streets has chosen a tire as her favorite. 🖤🐈‍⬛

#catstodon #blackcats #cattoys #CatsOfMastodon

A gif of a black cat chasing after a large rubber Lego tire.
1 month ago

Rabban Harkitten was a huge fan of windows as a kitten back in April #WindowFriday #MyLifePerth #BlackCats #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #BlackCat #Caturday

A 5 month old female black cat hangs from the screen of a window in April. It’s sunny outside with a green forest surrounding the house
PM Me Cats 🐈
1 month ago

I will always choose the cat. #cats #funny #BlackCats #void

1 month ago

Currently building the Lunar New Year Parade while Rabban Harkitten supervises. I have to keep an eye on that paw on the tray as she likes to snatch pieces 🐈‍⬛❤️#MyLifePerth #BlackCats #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #BlackCat #Caturday #Lego #AFOL #LegoCommunity #Legostadon

A grey patterned flat lap tray serves as the support base for a Lego parade vehicle being built. The bricks are in red, yellow, tan and grey with 2 wheels underneath. A black cat with gold eyes lies to the left of the tray with her paw just on the edge, watching the build taking place.
1 month ago

Feyd loves playing fetch with pom poms - this blue one is his current fave. He drops them at my feet and waits patiently for me to throw it around the house 🐈‍⬛❤️#MyLifePerth #BlackCats #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #BlackCat #Caturday

A large sleek black young black cat carries a blue pom pom in his mouth while walking across the living room floor. He’s got green eyes and he’s purring while carrying his ball - he loves playing fetch.
A sleek black young cat with green eyes sits staring to the right. Feyd loves playing fetch and in front of him is his blue pom pom which he is waiting for me to throw across the room.
Marc Criley
1 month ago

A rare, triple black mass gathering. #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCats

Three black cats resting on a striped seat cushion

He's extremely warm to the touch. #cats #BlackCats #caturday

My floofy black cat sitting loaf-style in a sunbeam on the carpet


I'm Shivian (written: SHI▽I△N) or Oracle (written: ☉R△CLE), pronouns: xe/they

#nonbinary, #polyamorous, #RadicalFaerie (#faerie name: ☉R△CLE), #photographer (#FujiFilm #XPro3), gamer (#NintendoSwitch & #SteamDeck), Director of #UX

I live with my husband, a co-owner, and two #BlackCats, in Chicago

also me: @Q

for my #astrology #witches:
☉♏6 × ☾♍5 × ⬆️♊ × ☿♏6 × ♀♑8 × ♂♍5 × ♃♎6 × ♄♎5

#queer #polyamory #photo #photography #RadFae #ChiRadFae #vegan #userexperience #BlackCat

2 months ago

Rabban Harkitten waits for her Caturday morning bath 🐈‍⬛❤️#MyLifePerth #BlackCats #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Catstodon #BlackCat #Caturday #BlackCatSaturday

A small black cat with a tiny white patch of chest hair sits in a white bathtub. Rabban Harkitten is short haired but slightly fluffy, with golden eyes and perky ears. Sh’es waiting on her daily bath, sitting patiently on the blue gel pebble bath mat surrounded by Lush bath and shower gels.
2 months ago

Miss Darcy decided 4:00am was the perfect time to sing us the song of her people. It wasn't.

Now she's very insistent on helping me make the morning coffee. I don't fully understand how she intends to help but it involves claws and more singing.

#caturday #voidcats #blackcats #cats

A large adult cat attempting to climbing a person's leg. The cat's claws are visible and fully extended.
Andrew Hall
3 months ago

Sometimes you just scream in to the void... Sometimes, however, the Void stares back. It wants food...and snacs, definitely snacs. mmrrp?
Happy #Caturday everone!
#BlackCats #CatsOfMastodon

A pair of cat eyes peer out at you from the shadows.

I don't think Loki is impressed with my current book choice XD #BlackCats #Cats #CatsOfMastodon #eBooks

Black cat sitting on the rug mid-bathing. He's kind of looking at me because I kept trying to get his attention. Next to him is the smallest sized Kindle tablet with a book showing on the screen called Why Cats are Assholes. The picture is of a cartoon gray and white cat knocking a mug full of coffee off of a counter, looking very grumpy.
3 months ago

The rare two-headed whiskered jerk face in its natural habitat #CatsOfMastodon #TuxedoCat #BlackCats

A tuxedo cat sitting upright on the back of a sofa looking alertly at a lamp off camera. A black cat is behind him but you can only see his head, which appears to be growing out of the tuxedo’s back.
3 months ago

@clarissawam @catodon
I thought, "I bet they want a picture!" 😂
Here he is.
#Cats #BlackCats #CatsofMastodon

Black cat laid out on chair, asleep, eyes closed, on red and patterned chair throw
3 months ago

Marvin, our ex-stray, is a black cat. I've never had a black cat before, and there are things that I am learning about him:
1) They are often just a gigantic void in the room.
2) When it starts to get dark outside, you can only tell if they're there when they have their eyes open, and they appear from nowhere.
3) All black paw beans are adorable.
4) As he's an ex-stray and now eating a proper diet, his fur is gleaming, like a black pearl.
#BlackCats #Cats #CatsOfMastodon

3 months ago

#cat succeeding in making my wife quite angry. She told me "come make your cat behave!". Had to take a pic before inviting him down. Useless, because of course he climbed back up 10 minutes later anyway. #catpics #blackcats

One of my cats sitting on a kitchen mixer, with an innocent looking expression on his face

Midnight and Shadow, fused into a single super-cat.

early #caturday #catsofmastodon #cats #blackcats