Who Was #PatParker?

Long before the #emergence of #socialmovements like #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackGirlMagic, and well before #IntersectionalFeminism became a focal point for #feminist #leaders, there existed #Black #artists, #poets, and #thinkers who knew that the #work wasn’t going to get done, unless someone got going.

#Women #Transgender #LGBTQ #LGBTQIA #Feminism #RoleModels #Representation #Culture #BlackMastodon

Bob the Traveler
3 hours ago

OTD in 1863, Union forces under Ambrose Burnside successfully defended Knoxville, Tennessee from pro-slavery Confederate forces under James Longstreet #CivilWar #history #BlackLivesMatter

Süßes Bienchen
11 hours ago

Nun ich kenne ihn nicht so als Musiker oder nicht so gut wie viele hier, aber das was er sagt...

#blm #rassismus #musik #music #blackandwhite #blacklivesmatter

Jimi Hendrix Bild mit Spruch:
In meinem Denken gibt es eh keine Schwarzen oder Weißen. Da gibt es nur die Gestrigen und die neuen Leute.
GrrlScientist ⧖ Ⓥ
14 hours ago

School Hate Crime: Racist White Boy Yells “N Word” While Viciously Attacking Black Girl, Breaks Her Nose & Hospitalizes Her. Black Girl Suspended

#racism #BlackLivesMatter🖤

21 hours ago

Put the Accountability back in POLICE ACCOUNTABILITY

Hearing Th November 30
Comments or sign-up to speak due WED Nov 29

#PortlandOregon #PDX #Abolish #Defund #DefendDemocracy

Did 82% of Portland vote for a Community Board for Police Malfeasance? Police Control? Police Exoneration? (these are crossed out) NO!  Put the Accountability Back into the Community Board for Police Accountability.   On 11/15/23 the Portland City Council rejected the Police Accountability Commission’s proposal and instead approved the amended proposal, which undermines transparency, accountability, and citizen control (the very things voters demanded.) The next step is for backers of the original proposal to persuade the Department of Justice to REJECT the City’s biased proposal. SIGN UP to testify at the Fairness Hearing November 30, 2023, 9 am Federal Courthouse, 1000 SW Third Ave, courtroom 15B, PDX The deadline for sending comments or to sign up to speak at the fairness hearing is noon on Wednesday, November 29, 2023. Any person may present written or oral testimony on whether the proposed amended settlement agreement is fair, reasonable, and adequate. To sign up to provide oral testimony, email mary_ To submit written testimony, deliver to the clerk's office on the 7th floor of the federal courthouse, or mail to Judge Michael Simon, Fairness Hearing Comments, United States District Court, 1000 SW Third Avenue, 15th Floor, Portland OR 97204, or send an email to 
Ricky de Laveaga
1 day ago

#Colorado jury denies #ElijahMcClain’s humanity, declaring his life worthless and showering one of his murderers, #NathanWoodyard, with money.
By the time I get to #Aurora
#BlackLivesMatter #ICantBreathe @SamTLevin

Bob the Traveler
1 day ago

The pro-slavery Confederate States of America accepted a rival state's pronouncement of Missouri as the 12th state of the Confederacy OTD in 1861 #CivilWar #history #BlackLivesMatter

Brent Pruitt :: Artist
1 day ago

travel down the rabbit hole of police #lobbying

i posted some recent examples, and resources — including links to FBI & police union magazines regarding control of media messaging

#DefundThePolice #BLM #BlackLivesMatter #StopCopCity #police #PublicRelations #PoliceAccountability #Demilitarize #ACAB #fascism

DER SPIEGEL | inoffiziell
2 days ago
Sie stand 65 Wochen lang auf der Bestsellerliste – und stürzte in eine Identitätskrise. Nun ist Alice Hasters zurück mit einem neuen Buch. Was macht es mit einer jungen Frau, wenn sie plötzlich zum Gesicht einer Bewegung wird?#Pegida #MalcolmX #MartinLutherKing #GeorgeFloyd #Rassismus #Bücher,BestsellerundLesetipps #BlackLivesMatter #Literatur
Bestsellerautorin Alice Hasters: Postergirl des Antirassismus
Bob the Traveler
4 days ago

A group that called itself the Confederate Army of Manhattan set numerous fires in #NewYorkCity OTD in 1864 #travel #history #BlackLivesMatter

Hindustan Times
4 days ago

"Palace’s blasé attitude is surprising when it comes to anything to do with race, racism, or the issues that impact those from minority backgrounds,”- Endgame
#BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloyd

Bob the Traveler
4 days ago

A group calling itself the Confederate Army of Manhattan set numerous fires in #NewYorkCity OTD in 1864 #travel #history #BlackLivesMatter

Bob the Traveler
4 days ago

A group calling itself the Confederate Army of Manhattan set numerous fires, trying to burn down #NewYorkCity OTD in 1864 #travel #history #BlackLivesMatter

David Ano
5 days ago

My #BlackFriday tradition is to #ShopBlackOwned! Support the #BlackLivesMatter movement by shopping #BlackOwnedBusinesses.

@HistoPol @FinchHaven @Gargron @tchambers It seems one feature of this would be to show me profile info on a poster I reply to, whom I do not follow?

I imagine seeing, for ex. a #blackLivesMatter tag on a profile, or "professor of AI ethics" - which might influence the tone of my reply. I like it!

David Ano
1 week ago

“We didn’t land on Plymouth Rock, Plymouth Rock landed on us.” - #MalcolmX

#history #Thanksgiving #BlackLivesMatter

F👸🏽 Trans :flag_trans:
1 week ago

I'm so scared I don't want to lose my home ever again it's the hardest thing in the world there are a lot of bad people out there who just want to hurt me just for being a different person please don't hesitate to help me stay in my home.
#BlackLivesMatter #rent #MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #translivesmatter #trans #crowdfund #MutualAidRequest
@mutualaid @Yehuda @IndigenousMutualAid

Bob the Traveler
1 week ago

Confederate President Jefferson Davis appointed Judah Benjamin Secretary of War OTD in 1861, charging him with directing the war to preserve slavery #CivilWar #history #BlackLivesMatter

i think it should be a bigger story that #NYC’s #publicLibraries are now being forced to close on Sundays due to budget cuts while the #NYPD spends 95% of the #Library system’s total budget to get new encrypted radios that prevent people from knowing when the #cops kill people

> The NYPD is spending $390 million on a new, encrypted radio system

#acab #DefundThePolice #blackLivesMatter #fuck12 #eatTheCops

Bob the Traveler
1 week ago

Confederate President Jefferson Davis appointed Judah Benjamin Secretary of War OTD in 1861, charging him with directing the war to preserve slavery #CivilWar #history #BlackLivesMatter

1 week ago

I don’t know how much longer this concept of the “United States” can hold up. We’re very much divided on important issues. #TransRights #LGBTQ #BlackLivesMatter #Palestine #Gerrymandering #VotingRights #WomensRights #Equality #EqualRights

scott f
1 week ago

I’m not gonna say I’m surprised Scott Wiener’s email about Trans Day of Remembrance didn’t mention Banko Brown. But nor will I say it’s acceptable. #BlackLivesMatter and #BlackTransLivesMatter

Jeni Tehan
1 week ago

Just stormed out of the pub telling everyone to fuck off, came home and wrote this.

And it's my birthday, FFS

#BlackLivesMatter #TransDayOfRemembrance

Hastily written black text on notebook paper reading: White people acting like victims because black people don't want to be murdered by police.
1 week ago

Hey yall we need increase the volume of black voices on mastodon 👊🏾👊🏾
Hit me up if yall in . Imma follow back and boost yall shit 👊🏾
One love
Jaden ❤️
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Bob the Traveler
1 week ago

A secession ordinance was filed OTD in 1861 by Kentucky's pro-slavery Confederate government #CivilWar #history #BlackLivesMatter

Bob the Traveler
1 week ago

A secession ordinance was filed OTD in 1861 by Kentucky's pro-slavery Confederate government #CivilWar #history #BlackLivesMatter

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1 week ago

Urgent Trans Help 🏳️‍⚧️💞

Could someone help this poor trans girl? I haven't been able to sleep for days since I don't have my medication for depression, I can barely eat and it's costing me a lot. Could someone please send me $100 tonight so I can be at peace and be able to buy my medication and food?
#MutualAid #TransCrowdfund #Transgender #translivesmatter #BlackLivesMatter #BlackMastodon #trans #settlersaturday$BlackTransss

Two years ago today, a jury acquitted vigilante bigot Kyle Rittenhouse of murder, and I wrote this poem.


Many mourn the outcome of the Rittenhouse trial 
Say he should be sentenced 
For murder or manslaughter
For sure, some men were slaughtered
By a boy

Our country took the stand along with boy Kyle 
We sat slumped and soiled
A putrid pile
Of steaming failures
Malodorous culture 
Vigilante fashion

Despair and inequity from a system so vile 
Justice served from a pit toilet
Is still justice
Neck deep in status quo
A toxic breakdown
The death of our decency

#KyleRittenhouse #Vigilante #ProudBoys #Inequity #Injustice #USPol #USPolitics #Racism #BlackLivesMatter #BanAssaultRifles #GunControlNow #Poetry

2 weeks ago

The police are institutionally racist?
Quell surprise.
#Police #PoliceCorruption #BlackLivesMatter

Police county lines strategy ‘cruelly targets’ black youth in UK

Home Office approach to tackling drug operations is based on ‘racialised tropes’, says new study

LA Legault ✌🏻
3 weeks ago

This is exactly like white people wailing that #BlackLivesMatter inferred all lives did not matter and we all rolled our eyes and moved on.

#BlackLivesMatter wasn't just a protest chant, it was a fundamental shift in American society.

Everyone who supported #BlackLivesMatter deeply believes that all Black, Brown, Muslim, Indigenous lives matter. That the lives of every oppressed group in the world matters.

#GenocideJoe is not a great election slogan and #Democrats better listen, fast.


3 weeks ago

Majority-Black Wilmington, N.C., fell to White mob’s coup 125 years ago

#GiftArticle #BlackLivesMatter

3 weeks ago

New review of history of Lloyd’s of London show that it provided insurance to the largest slave shipowners in the early 1800 and actively protested against the abolition of the slave trade across the British empire in 1807.


3 weeks ago

Hey guys interested if yall black if yall had ' the talk' with yall parents as a kid. Mine was
' Jaden, be proud you black but understand that sum white folks don like us'
' if the cops stop you just do what they say or you are dead '
' be proud and don't do what white folks tell you to do unless you agree '
' always remember you are equal even if sum folks make you feel you are not because you are black, we built this country be proud '
Thanks Momma ❤️
#BlackMastodon #BlackLivesMatter 👊🏾

Reminder. That’s all. #blacklivesmatter

White text on a black background that says hashtag black lives still matter

Nathan Woodyard was acquitted today so just a heads-up that the world is bullshit.

#BlackLivesMatter #ElijahMcClain

Hannu Ikonen, MD
3 weeks ago

"As far as I am concerned they can burn this bitch to the ground."

-Kimberly Jones, "I am Not Dying with You Tonight".

Intro to this podcast. After George Floyd.

Entire speech is must hear.

Rosewood, Tulsa.

Capitalism is inherently sectarian, divisive, and degrading. Particularly toward minority communities.

#BlackLivesMatter #anticapitalism #racism #slavery #WhitePrivilege

1 month ago

I always remember the conversations I had with my granpa as a lil kid.
' Jaden these mfs will always see you as a ngga, been that way last 400 fking years. Nuttin ya can do to change that. Just hold up ya head and prove those mfs wrong ' sum like dat.
He got a point same racist shit we got deal with erryday.
That why we have to shout out #BlackLivesMatter . Keep that shit alive y'all after George Floyd 👊🏾👊🏾
#BlackMastodon 🙏🏿

Porquerias | 1312 🏴🌵G@K
1 month ago

@TexasObserver @TheConversationUS The ethics of dissection basically mirrors that of other state institutions in the racist settler colony of USA. But it's just a little more obvious when medical students are commenting on how they were lied to & scarred by the knowledge that they contributed to the symbolic violence of using people's corpses without their consent. Everything happens as if there was an agreement between institutions that these poor, often black people don't matter as much as other people do. Saying #BlackLivesMatter means changing the situation so society and institutions act as if they actually agree with that statement.

Medical #graverobbing goes far beyond the borders of the USA, as well. My aunt tells me she had a real human skeleton that she took with her on the bus to and from medical school in a case. I just kinda muttered at the Thanksgiving dinner table that the skeleton was probably sold to the broker from somewhere in Asia, as India is one of the countries where historically a lot of medical skeletons came from. I have my doubts as to whether it was acquired ethically. I think, like with cocoa or coltan or other similar products, one has to assume that it wasn't ethical unless proven otherwise.

1 month ago

A dear friend is looking for some support for their family friend who lives in Nebraska, please sign and share widely!

"Our young family member is being unfairly incarcerated right now in Grand Island, Nebraska. Markeese Williams has not seen sunlight in 10months and is locked up with four other boys charged with a list of things he did not do. We need support on the ground in Grand Isle Nebraska and nationwide to ensure these boys do not get locked away."

#BlackLivesMatter #Nebraska

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1 month ago

Please, friends, it's already a little late. Could someone please send me $70 so I can sleep in a safe place? I don't want to continue on the street💔

@Tinu @mutualaid @BigAngBlack @vantablack
#MutualAid #MutualAidRequest #TransCrowdfund #HelpFolksLive2023 #BlackLivesMatter #translivesmatter #Homeless #help #trans

Citing the late poet June Jordan, Angela Davis stresses the importance of Palestine for other social justice movements.#ShowTypes #BlackLivesMatter #HumanRights #Israel-Palestineconflict #Protests #MiddleEast #Palestine #UnitedStates #US&Canada
Angela Davis: ‘Palestine is a moral litmus test for the world’
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1 month ago

@mutualaid @BigAngBlack @vantablack I have been able to raise $10 please I am late with $350 please could someone help me tonight to be closer to my goal with my heart in my hand please I ask you for a little help 💔🤞🏼
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1 month ago


It's like the burning of the Library of Alexandria. 2 decades of live struggle and human movements like #metoo #occupywallstreet and #BlackLivesMatter matter will be lost to time, like tears in the rain.

1 month ago

Today in Labor History October 26, 1892: Ida B. Wells published “Southern Horrors: Lynch Law in All Its Phases,” which led to threats against her life, and the burning down of her newspaper’s headquarters in Memphis. Wells, who was born into slavery, was a journalist, educator, feminist, and early Civil Rights leader who helped found the NAACP.

#WorkingClass #LaborHistory #IdaBWells #racism #BlackLivesMatter #blm #lynching #journalism #feminism #CivilRights #BlackMastadon #naacp #writer @bookstadon

Wells, c. 1893. She is wearing a lacy black blouse and has her hair in a bun. She is looking to the side. By Original: Mary GarrityRestored byAdam CuerdenDescriptionBritishImage restorationist, composer, amateur photographer and artist, and WikipedianAs Adam lives in Britain, which makes it incredibly easy to acquire copyright in his works, he grants, if needed, an irrevokable license to use this work however you see fit. He requests attribution where possible, and realises that "where possible" means that that request is not legally enforcable. Adam Cuerden (talk) 15:44, 16 January 2022 (UTC)Date of birth8 June 1979Location of birthUnited States of America - Based on image originally from NAEMVZELXQV2iw — Google Arts & Culture, Public Domain,
F👸🏽 Trans :flag_trans:
1 month ago

Please friends help me share my post, I want to reach more people so they can help me, I just hope that good-hearted people can do it, thank you for what you can do🙏🏼
#MutualAid #BlackLivesMatter #BlackMastodon #crowdfunding #trans #help

@mutualaid @BigAngBlack

1 month ago

If you're like me, you probably would love to see your garden grow each year.

Help support the Black Lives Memorial Garden by calling Seattle's Deputy Mayor Tim Burgess at 206-930-5662 and tell him to negotiate with the community to save the garden.

#SaveBLMG #Garden #BlackLivesMatter #Seattle

1 month ago

Moments later a bulldozer was rolled up to the edge of the garden. Word quickly spread among the local community that the garden was about to be demolished.

A crowd rapidly grew to nearly 100 community members who all showed up in a matter of minutes.

#SaveBLMG #Seattle #BlackLivesMatter

A Black Floridian man who wrongfully served 16 years in prison for a robbery he did not commit was freed and compensated by the state after the Florida Innocence Project found evidence that cleared his name.

He was murdered by police at a traffic stop in Georgia this week for "not complying" with orders when he was told he was under arrest.

When we say #BlackLivesMatter, we mean people like Leonard Alan Cure deserve to live.

1 month ago


Sad that the live history of so many uprisings like #ArabSpring #MeToo #OccupyWallStreet and #BlackLivesMatter will be lost in time like tears in the rain.

Anonymous :anarchism: 🏴
1 month ago

George Floyd 50Th Birthday 🎂
RIP George Floyd 🙏

1 month ago

On October 16th, 1859, the abolitionist John Brown and 21 others led a raid on an arsenal in order to gather weapons to start a slave revolt in southern US states. Although the raid failed, its influence was felt far and wide. It contributed to the growing disunion of the US, leading to the civil war and the abolishment of slavery.

Do you know where this raid took place?

#JohnBrown #Abolition #BlackLivesMatter #education #history #Histodons #geography #wikipedia

Image of a group of people involved in John Brown's raid.
Universal Hub
2 months ago

Right-wing provocateur who would go up to parents at #BlackLivesMatter rallies and scream insults at them sues #Winthrop Police for allegedly failing to protect her from a man who went up to her and screamed insults at her
#lawsuits #Massachusetts

Texas Observer
2 months ago

From our magazine: Today a nonprofit that helps the #aging occupies this "haunted" home in #Austin's Hyde Park neighborhood, but it's the place's #history that really chills its current occupants ...

#SpookySeason #Halloween #Texas #WhiteSupremacy #racism #Diversity #BlackLivesMatter #photography

Alice Marshall
2 months ago

#WashingtonDC #BlackLivesMatter #BlackMastodon

Harriet's Wildest Dreams Monthly Info Session, next virtual training November 8

We are a Black-led abolitionist community defense hub centering all Black lives most at risk for state-sanctioned violence in the Greater Washington area.

What we do:

Our work includes legal empowerment, political and civic education, mass protest, organizing campaigns, and community care that builds alternatives to oppressive systems.

Texas Observer
2 months ago

This building in #Austin's expensive Hyde Park neighborhood has a reputation for being haunted ... but it's the #history, not the ghosts that disturbs its modern occupants.

For spooky season, Staff Writer Michelle Pitcher visits the former Confederate Women's Home:

From the Texas Observer magazine. #Photography by Joseph Rushmore.
#SpookySeason #Halloween #Texas #WhiteSupremacy #Racism #BlackLivesMatter #Nonprofit #aging

An exterior balcony at the former Confederate Women's Home in Austin, eerily lit and seen through foliage in this black and white photo.
In this black and white photo, Jeanine Plumer, a white woman in a skirt and black sleeveless top stands on the old-fashioned porch of the former Confederate Women's Home, her arms folded and eyes closed with a solemn expression.

@mekkaokereke @Cirdan

I want you to know you have my support for making careful, intelligent and well founded arguements to explain this issue.

I stand alongside you to fight #racism in whatever guise.

A person such as Cirdan, claiming to fight capitalism, that doesn't also understand & fight racism, does not understand how capitalism functions.


Urgent Trans Help🏳️‍⚧️
I wish this nightmare will end soon, I am on the street friends please help me to get a safe home and some food I am at my worst please do not leave me alone I am very scared💔
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Urgent Trans Help 🏳️‍⚧️
I wish this nightmare will end soon, I am on the street friends please help me to get a safe home and some food I am at my worst please do not leave me alone I am very scared💔😭
#MutualAidRequest #mutualaid #blacklivesmatter #trans #TransCrowdFund @mutualaid

Please friends feel free to boost my post and contribute as much as you can any help can save my life🤞🏽🏳️‍⚧️



2 months ago

The Baltimore Sun’s Reckoning on Freddie Gray

The Baltimore Sun's narrative of Freddie Gray's death was largely shaped by police’s version of events, presented with limited skepticism.

#BaltimoreSun #BlackLivesMatter #Maryland #Police

Tilo Schumann
2 months ago

Der #BlackLivesMatter Plaza in #Washington - 2020 eingerichtet, nicht weit vom Weißen Haus entfernt. Auf Luftbildern sieht das aber noch besser aus.