David Mann
1 hour ago

Streaming again! Watch as I revel in my past mistakes and clean up #Batgirl's #lowpoly hair meshes in #blender!

#b3d #characterart #3dart #3dworkflow #ZBrush #SubstancePainter

2 hours ago



4 hours ago

Not finished yet, but I've already got the water surface looking pretty good. However, I will make further adjustments to achieve even more realism.

#b3d #blender #blender3d #archviz #WorkInProgress #architecture

ArchViz WIP Screen
ArchViz Blender Viewport Screenshot
Blender Water-Shader-Nodes
Matthew M :risc_os_verified:
5 hours ago

This popped up in my Recommended on YouTube and immediately found it interesting! Blender is currently reworking EEVEE (Codenamed "EEVEE Next") and the most interesting addition (to me) is Real-Time Raytracing! This is something I've been waiting since the 2.8x days! :eyeshake:

I'm curious if this addition will mean emissive textures will now light the scene, but at the very least the scene's lights should interact better then before...

You can check out the video below! :ablobcatrave:

#Blender3D #Blender #EEVEENext


Support my work: | If you like to use my images please do not hesitate to contact me. You can share my work without removing my signature and with giving me credit & link to my page. I hope you enjoy and thanks for looking.

#ChunLi #sf6_chunli #mastoart
#daz3d #daz3dart #daz3dstudio
#blender3d #blender #photoshop
#cyberpunk #cyborgart #femalecyborg

Street Fighter Chun Li with cyborg arms striking a flexing pose in front of a stylized wall with neon lights
Oscar Baechler
9 hours ago

Okey dokey, bedtime screenshot #b3d #blender #dragon #sculpt #sculpture

9 hours ago

Aller, et sur cet échec, je m'en vais tenter de réussir l'échec d'hier: faire un perso un peu carton en 3D. Mais pas avec le look de tous les perso 3D qu'on voit partout.
( juste impossible quoi )

Bandit 🌙
11 hours ago

Worked on some more #blender today! Kind of got a bit more comfortable and I could see myself practicing some more in the future!

Seth Rutledge
15 hours ago

Ok, I picked up the Flip Fluids add-on for #Blender this weekend, giving it its first try - damn...This is with bog-standard defaults. I'm impressed.

A fluid sim render from Blender with a simple pipe spewing water into a square tank.
19 hours ago

The den will open in about thirty minutes for "Creative Attempts With the Red Foxx"! Get cozy, we're trying some new map maker stuff today, completely blind!

Only on:

#ZacharyFoxx #creativestream #smallstreamer #smallstreamers #twitch #twitchstream #twitchstreamer #art #artstream #furry #furrystreamer #weird #sass #sassy #Unreal #SFM #Blender #digitalart #silly #comedy

Heres my #introduction

My name is Zee, I'm a #polyamorous #bisexual #trans #genderflux #audhd entity and I’m very likely a mess most of the time 😅

When I am not losing my mind, #gaming and #tech are my deal also a huge #linux nerd. MMO's are my go to, and I'm a pretty huge #GuildWars2 and #FFXIV fan as well a massive #Charr lover.

I’ve been trying to get into #blender as well, love 3D art and all the joys that come from working #3dmodeling stuff.

Huge into #art and expressing creativity of all kinds, hoping to do more so myself.

Very much a #furry likely a #wyvern :dragnloaf: although still working and exploring that and hoping to find more furry friends here.

Stupidly #kinky and pretty much a #nudist here at this stage fuck clothing 🤣

Other interests are linked on my profile if I sound interesting feel free to follow, would love to talk to more cool folks here :dragnhappy:

Oh and boost are greatly appreciated

21 hours ago

Good afternoon, "Creative Attempts With the Red Foxx" will be airing on time at 4:30pm CST, we have some interesting map programs to try today.

Only on:

#ZacharyFoxx #creativestream #smallstreamer #smallstreamers #twitch #twitchstream #twitchstreamer #art #artstream #furry #furrystreamer #artstream #weird #sass #sassy #Unreal #SFM #Blender #digitalart #silly #comedy

22 hours ago

Generating fibunacci numbers in blender with the new repeat-zone. Want to cook something for nodevember with those hot numbers.

#b3d #blender #procedural #nodevember

23 hours ago

Learning by doodling... Blender/Grease Pencil is slowly becoming mine... : )
"In the dirt, together"

#blender #b3d #greasepencil #doodle #drawing #MastoArt

3 doodled friends being drawn, sitting in dirt. with the text "In the dirt, together"
23 hours ago

The 3d model has some basic interior parts too. They are not very detailed.

#b3d #blender #mastoart

1 day ago

I've spent quite some time figuring out how to model/sculpt a duvet that's been folded over itself.

Today I cracked the code, using the "boundary" brush set to bend, with a smooth falloff and cloth simulation deformation target.

This is a subdivided plane, with a solidify and subdivision surface modifier. #blender #b3d #modelling

A 3D model of a blue duvet, folded over itself.
Aras Pranckevičius
1 day ago

"temp feature" <...> "14 years ago". Yup, checks out -- the best way to ensure anything stays alive forever, is to mark it as "temporary feature/hack" :)

(found in #blender video sequencer related code)

1 day ago

The Best Home Kitchen Blenders and Food Processors you can buy today on Amazon. Countertop Blenders. Vitamix, KitchenAid , Breville, Blendtec and more:

#kitchen #blender #food #utensils #tools #appliances #gadgets #bestpicks #bestvalue #bestbuy #amazon #amazondeals #amazonfinds

The Best Home Kitchen Blenders and Food Processors you can buy today on Amazon. Countertop Blenders. Vitamix, KitchenAid , Breville, Blendtec and more:
Mark B Tomlinson
1 day ago

Gumroad content people don't overdo the marketing emails, they will have the opposite effect and almost certainly be unsubscribed to.
I like to know about updates, I don't mind the occasional marketing but more than one in a weekend and you're dead to me.
Less is more effective, more is suicidal.
#Marketing #addons #blender

1 day ago


I spent a long time trying out in Blender how to model this Chesterfield style quickly and easily. Now I've got the hang of it and the whole thing takes no longer than 2 minutes. I hope you can use this little workflow for one of your projects. I have uploaded this video in 4K.

#b3d #blender #blender3d #archviz #blendertips #architecture

Create a Diamond Tufting Patterns - (Chesterfield Style) in Blender in real 2 Minutes
Filip Rachůnek
1 day ago

Let's try something a little different this time. You might remember, if you followed my tutorial on creating a space shooter with #3D models, that I recommended #Blender as the perfect companion to Godot because, like #Godot, it's free, open source, and easy to use. But how do you actually export models from Blender for import into Godot, and what should you be careful about? We'll find out right away.

1 day ago

Made a small summary how it was done, since some asked :) Basically it's a custom shader with 3 layered cone-meshes using cylindric object-coordiates for uv mapping (x,angle of yz) with a twisted alpha pattern texture and rainbow gradient that are animated. The text in the video can't be read without pausing, sorry for that.

#blender #gamedev #indiegamedev #twisted #shader #graphics #procedural #animation #vfx

Showing multiples steps of an vfx that uses 3 layered cone meshes to render an animated twisted rainbow colored trail
1 day ago

Which Background Wins the Beauty Contest? Cast Your Vote Now! 🌟🎨
#Blender #Donut #fyp #Animation #foodie

Christoph Werner 🔶️
1 day ago

@3d_eric Very nice. Classic modeling in #blender or something special like plasticity?

2 days ago

Bring on the ketchup! Time to serve some Beard Burgers, a PaRappa Town tradition!

#Art #DigitalArt #Krita #Blender #PaRappa #PS2

Artwork of PaRappa the Rapper, with PaRappa and the Beard Burger Master. PaRappa is on the left, holding two burgers in his hand. The master is floating to the right, because he's a ghost. In the background is a mess of a resturant, with a sign that says "More MEAT means more BEEF!" and a mop. On the counter is trays, tomatoes, and ketchup bottles. A door is partially obscured on the far right.
2 days ago

At some point I have to do this, heh.
To organize all the renders better (and also to provide uncompressed renders), I'm making a new section on my site to showcase them all.

#webdev #php #blender

A view of a render summary page I'm working on. It features metadata about the piece's start and completion dates, what renderer was used, and other alternate shots if they were made.

Also in the page is a dedicated section for development notes where I go into detail about the creation process.
2 days ago

Found out about blender's trackpad gesture support after installing libdecor, its unusable on gnome rn and also looked through the code and found out that the way its being implemented doesn't make sense from a ux stand point. In the 3d view using a scrolling gesture causes the view to orbit the pivot point (as it should) but the prolific ideasman42 seems to be mistakenly committed to unifying the orbiting direction regardless of the users chosen system wide scrolling direction.

I don't know if I know how to reach them and tell them they're doing it wrong in a polite way that will quickly set things in the right direction again. I'd send a pull request myself if I was confident with c++ and the #wayland input libraries.

Also is anyone else using trackpad gestures on #blender with #linux? And is this the way it works on #MacOs as well? Is using natural and unnatural (or reversed and non-reversed on kde) scrolling directions doing what you would expect?

2 days ago

#30daymapchallenge Day 26 "Dot"

A visual that looks like it came from behind a news desk in a low budget sci-fi movie 🙂 Prepped in #qgis, rendered in #blender

In :qgis: made a dot grid of 2 degrees resolution and a spatial join to natural earth, discarding non-joins. Viola!

Volumetrics meant I needed to use a perspective camera. So to include more of the south hemisphere I used a delta rotation of 11 degrees on X axis.

a globe. landmasses are shown as an array of dots which shine outwards with beams.
2 days ago
Oscar Baechler
2 days ago

Here's an interesting @blenderartists stat for ya. I post there occasionally when I remember that social media is trash and we should go back to forums and blogs. But looking at the stats, the thread about my amateur never-functional #python add-on for generating roads (abandoned as #geometrynodes got good) got vastly more love than any of my art projects. #Blender is an art tool but it really loves developers #b3d #blenderartists

2 days ago

#blender geometry nodes for finite element analysis ? 🤔 #b3d #fea #cad

2 days ago

Nearly done with this glock model and the attachements.
Next step: some nice shaders and renderings.

#b3d #blender #mastoart

2 days ago

TwistShot in slow motion! Having some fun in Blender, prototyping a new shot type for Dash Cup Kickers :) ⚽

#blender #gamedev #indiegamedev #ScreenshotSaturday #screenshotsunday #soccer #ball #slowmotion #twist #shot

Colorfull twisted trail of a ball shot with the special shot type twistshot
Brett Kromkamp
2 days ago

I have been using Blender, on and off, since 2015 and only now am I starting to seriously delve into Python scripting in Blender. The "Hello, world!" of Python scripting in Blender is a building generator, so that is what I have started to develop. I will post updates as I make progress.

#blender #b3d #python #vscode

The beginnings of a procedurally generated building, with the Python script open in Visual Studio Code on the left and the Blender application window open on the right, respectively.
Anton Lazarev
2 days ago

Taking high-top #sneakers to a whole new level using @Blender.

The new sheen settings in Blender 4.0 were super useful here.

Happy to re-render these in other colorways, if anyone has requests!

#blender #conceptart #scifiart

A pair of black and dark grey sneakers. Taking "high-top" to the extreme, the tongues extend to nearly knee height, each supported by two straps crossed around the back of the leg. A floating illuminated infographic reads "SPACE-TOP SNEAKER concept design"; another reads "THE FINAL FRONTIER OF HIGH-TOP SNEAKERS".
2 days ago

Working on set dressing. It's easier to draft it in blender and then just copy pos/rot.

#blender #b3d #demoscene

Bart Veldhuizen 🚀
2 days ago

Some great #Blender users to follow:

👉 @ebarranco - "Interested in Sculpture and Animation."

👉 @clemensbeute - "Doing Blender #b3d stuff, also geometry nodes, python / add-on's."

👉 @qaqelol - "Technical artist, secretly a bird."

If you'd like to suggest someone to be featured here, please let me know!

#blender #blender3d #b3d #BlenderOnMastodon

2 days ago

Come back on #blender for the 4.0 ! I'm so excited to learn about all the new stuff 🤩
#geometrynodes #b3D #3D #design #productdesign

Jake Coppinger
2 days ago

A very rough LiDAR scan of the unopened Barangaroo metro station, Sydney!

This will be opening next year, but today Sydney Metro held an open day. Scanned in a few segments on an iPhone.

#sydney #australia #trains #maps #lidar #blender

David Frank
2 days ago

By working on traffic lights I realize my roads aren't exactly to scale.

By making my roads to scale I realize there are a lot more emptiness and tiling issues to improve.

Such is life in PCG.

#Blender #GeometryNodes

a PCG tool in Blender generating arbitrary roads from curves, now with traffic lights.
the same system looking from another perspective.
2 days ago

Blender’s COO, Francesco Siddi, shared statistics indicating that the attacks are ongoing, with over 240 million fake requests targeted at the project’s servers.

#Cybersecurity #Blender #OpenSource #Cyberattack #DDoS

3 days ago

My entry for Pixar's RenderMan "Lost Things" Art Challenge placed 6th! #blender #3d

Andrei Torres
3 days ago

Hi everyone, time for my brief #introduction in english

I'm brazilian and a PhD candidate in Computer Science in Canada, researching #simulation #seriousGames #noCode programming #eLearning and other interesting stuff. I got involved with #openSource through #linux around 1998, and whenever possible I like to contribute to the community (usually helping with translations). My interests include #games #comics #movies #3d #unreal #unity #blender #scienceFiction #programming #rpg

Andrei Torres
3 days ago

Olá pessoal, hora da minha breve #apresentacao em português

Sou brasileiro e doutorando em ciência da computação no Canadá, pesquisando #simulação #jogosSérios #programaçãoSemCódigo #eLearning , dentre outras coisas. Me envolvi com #códigoAberto por meio do #linux em meados de 1998, e sempre que possível gosto de contribuir para a comunidade (geralmente ajudando com traduções). Meus interesses envolvem #jogos #quadrinhos #filmes #3d #unreal #unity #blender #ficçãoCientífica #programação #rpg

Flo | Centi Games
3 days ago

Animated a bat #gameDev #blender

3D model of a bat flying
3 days ago

Estaba curioseando Reddit y me he encontrado con una persona que hace cortos de pixel-art. Son de una calidad increíble, pero tiene menos followers de lo que merece. Echadle un ojo porque es precioso lo que hace:

#PixelArt #Blender #short

Been going back to some older interiors I've made and updating them now that Blender 4.0 is out.

For the USS Potemkin shuttlebay, I decided to change one of the Type-7 shuttles to be powered on and ready for departure.

#StarTrek #FanArt #Blender #Inkscape #FOSS

Oscar Baechler
4 days ago

Today in abandoned projects I should finish but don't wanna 😭 🐉 ⚰️ This whole guy started in response to someone else saying "Trying to make a dragon but IDK what to do." I now realize the retopo was too dense (100k) and I realized late that I hated the head. I like it now, but that means re-sculpting the head, re-retopologizing, re-UVing, re-baking, rebaking, repainting, blech...4.0 bone layers = re-rigifying too. At that point I might as well do a totally new monster! #b3d #blender #dragon

Bart Veldhuizen 🚀
4 days ago

Some great #Blender users to follow:

👉 @bradyajohnston - "PhD in structural biology & biophysics, lover of all things scientific visualisation. #rstats and #blender3d addon developer."
👉 @acryline - "I take care of an open and decentralized #3D #OpenSim virtual world grid."
👉 @3d_eric - "pushing nodes, polygons, my bike and the espresso-button"

If you'd like to suggest someone to be featured here, please let me know!

#blender #blender3d #b3d #BlenderOnMastodon

4 days ago

Blender Fingerübungen...
Outer Rim early morning...

#blender #b3d

sunrise in the outer rim
Christoph Werner 🔶️
4 days ago

Black Friday sale started today on #blender market. Check my small shop for special offers. #b3d #blender3d

Lightened blender market cyber sale future building.
Elizabeth Tasker
4 days ago

In other news, that image of Mars from Phobos in the top right I made using #Blender 😀 I think the view is correct...

forest :therian:
5 days ago

wingull render in the style of yuka morii's art :D

#blender #wingull #blender3d #art #mastoart #pokemon

a toy-like wingull sits atop a wet rock surrounded by water. more rocks can be seen in the distance. its eyes are closed contentedly and its wings are folded, as if snoozing.
5 days ago

I've done a little #Blender thing again, inspired by one of @Kaiern​s recent renders. It started out with a random #GeometryNodes shape doodle and turned into something bigger.

A herdsman found this artifact in the Bolivian highlands. It appears to defy gravity, but otherwise it is inert. Spectroscopy analysis did not match any currently known material. However it emits a short modulated radio wave pulse every night that seems to be directed at Ross 248.

#B3D #SciFi

A large black artifact, with an irregular, wavy organic shape, floats over a research camp with satellite dishes, container labs, tents and floodlights. The edges of the artifact glow in shades of orange. An eery fog covers the ground and hides the background, where only the peaks of a far mountain range can be seen.
A different view at the camp, with a tent in the foreground, and most of the rest of the camp hidden in fog. The artifact shows long lines of glowing orange cracks from this side.
An upwards view at the artifact between two containers and hanging cables. The black surface reflects some of the floodlights.
A grey clay render of the Blender scene, with the wavy artifact floating above the various scattered camp objects. Patches of short grass cover the ground.
5 days ago

Climbing Wall

My entry for the "Mountaineering Mission" day 11 and 12 assigment of @Nodevember

A procedural climbing wall nodegroup. The panels are created on top of a basemesh. All grips are procedural too.

#b3d #blender #geometrynodes #procedural #nodevember

Climbingwall with colored grips. Some of the wooden panels are damaged.
Brian Tatosky
6 days ago

Who the fuck DDoS? *Blender,* a free program?

#vfx #blender

Albert Cardona
6 days ago


For those who can't afford commercial software, and for those who want full flexibility and extensibility and future-proofing the ability to open their own art work years from now, there's free open source software:

* #Krita: replaces Adobe Photoshop for editing and painting;

* #Inkscape: multi-page, replaces Adobe Illustrator and Adobe InDesign; great for scientific figures and posters;

* #Gimp: image editor, with layers and transparencies; replaces Adobe Photoshop;

* #MyPaint: just for painting;

* #FijiSc: for image processing and image analysis, with conventional computer vision techniques and also machine learning. Handles multi-dimensional bioimagery.

* #Blender: for 3D animation and video editing;

* #ffmpeg: command-line based video editing; see this page for testing out commands.

I don't use anything else: there's no need. And all of the above are extensively documented.

#OpenSourceSoftware #OSS

1 week ago

Ahhhh... Guys... I can't see the "Blender-Guru-Donut" anymore... I'm going crazy. 🤪😂

#b3d #blender #blender3d

Simon B. 🌻
1 week ago

Is there a way to force decimals for the Dimensions section in Blender's inspector panel?

I tend to gloss over the period and get confused about the lengths (mistaking 2.54 cm for 254 cm)

Ideally I'd *always* see two decimals (ie: 15.2, 169.00, 2.54 cm), just like the Scale section right above it.

#help #b3d #blender

1 week ago

Made this in Blender as a warm-up for the morning!

Based on this piece, by @smerp, here:

#blender #blender3d #b3d #cycles #procedural #art #digital #mastoart #fediart

A 3D render of a simple coffee cup sitting on a plain surface. Purple, pink, and blue lines travel across the surface, swerve under the coffee cup, and draw over it. A dark purple liquid is in the cup.
Mike Pan
1 week ago

Somehow I keep forgetting that Blender Cycles can render shadow caustics out of the box. Here is a quick test. #b3d #Blender

1 week ago

Most of you probably know "PureRef" a great tool for a reference collection. Now there is a free tool for Blender, it is called "Blender Board" by Francesco Piacenti and works like "PureRef" only directly in Blender.

#b3d #blender #blender3d #blenderaddon #addon

1 week ago

I have written a small (not too serious) blog article about Blender 4.0 and Blender in general. Even at the risk that some Blender fans will soon throw stones at me. But first things first... I love Blender too.

#b3d #blender #blender3d #statement

Christoph Werner 🔶️
1 week ago

@metin No idea. Never used octane in #blender. I know there are some discussions about the pros and contras between both renderers. Do you know a good neutral article to learn the difference between both solutions? Cycles is free and a well build in solution, so why use octane? Is it speed or glass material results (fast caustics)?

Stephen Sekula
1 week ago

@cwebber Can you recommend any good online tutorials for learning how to do basic animations in #blender? I have projects in mind, have wanted to do this for a while, but always flub finding a tutorial basic enough for me to really start.

2 weeks ago

Major update to the free and open source 3D graphics software @Blender has been released #Blender #tools #OpenSource #graphics #Linux #macOS #FOSS #applications

Rainbow arc with numbers in the background
2 weeks ago

I found a #Blender plugin that automatically saves your render every time, instead of manually having to do the save dialog. It's been around since 2.8, but I hadn't seen it until now.

Works even better than setting the File Output node in the Compositor - because it doesn't override your file if you re-render the same frame #b3d #TIL

2 weeks ago

Dungeon Crawler

My entry for the "Museum Maze" day 9 and 10 assignment of @Nodevember

Done using the shortest path nodes twice. Once to generate the maze and then to find the way from start to finish.

#b3d #geometrynodes #blender #procedural

2 weeks ago

Can anyone recommend a decent replacement for my most used kitchen gadget , the Tefal mini pro, for blending small quantities of hot soup, cold smoothies, pesto and dips, making breadcrumbs and chopping veg?

#gadgets #kitchenwhizz #blender

Tefal Minipro Multi-Function Chopper - 500 Watt Visit the Tefal Store 41**** 178 ratings Currently unavailable. We don't know when or if this item will be back in stock. Brand Tefal Special feature Detachable Colour Red Recommended Blend, Chop, Emulsify uses for product Number of 2 speeds
2 weeks ago

Quote:"A 16-year old won #Blender’s animator of the year with this video on a futuristic street food market. Gold."

That is astonishing result, he have done an incredible work. #b3d #Blender3D #Animation #VFX

For a better resolutions go here.

Animation done By Euan Garbut, Age 16, Glasgow with Blender
2 weeks ago

#Blender, a free 3D creation software, has released a new version, 4.0, with enhancements and new features. The update includes a new Principled BSDF, improvements to Cycles and node tools, support for Apple's M3 processor, and user interface improvements.

An illustration by Gaku Tada made in Blender. It shows a seaside house with a bike parked in front. In the top-left corner, there's also the Blender logo.
2 weeks ago

OK #Blender (277 jobs) is less required in #Animation/#VFX #Game #3DGI industries than #Maya (960 jobs) or #Max3D(499 jobs) but much more than #C4D (89 jobs) :) 😎
Source: from this spreadsheet.

2 weeks ago

Just realized we can do this
#blender #b3d

Screenshot of blender shading nodes next to their results.

Color Ramp 1 is set to RGB with 6 color knobs to make a rainbow

Color Ramp 2 is set to HSL with 2 color nobs only to make a rainbow

On the right side its show the results on a rectangle. The rainbow is not the same on both, but they look similar.
heise online
2 weeks ago

Freie 3D-Software Blender 4.0: bessere Lichtsteuerung

Blender 4.0 bringt neben neuen Geometry-Nodes auch Farbmanagement für HDR-Monitore. Die Render-Engine Cycles beschränkt Lichtquellen wahlweise auf Objekte.

#Blender #news

:rss: 窓の杜
2 weeks ago

無料3Dモデリングツール「Blender 4.0」が公開 ~新機能多数の大型アップデート/プリンシプルBSDFノードのオーバーホールやライトリンキングの追加など盛りだくさん
#forest_watch_impress #Blender #画像_映像_音楽 #Windows