1 day ago

@darth #MrMaxi says at last! And he also says #blep

chihuahua making a blep while sitting on someone's lap at a railway station
3 days ago

Here’s a timeline cleanse for you. Not that this server needs it, anyway.

“Heck!!! Wut laughing at? I was sleep”

#Dog #Blep #mastodogs

Dexter the dog has just been woken up by the sound of me taking a photo, and is looking back over his shoulder at me with discontent as his stupid long derpy blep hangs out of his mouth.
Jeri Dansky
6 days ago

It's the first time I've seen Tennessee with a #blep! #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon

Tuxedo cat on a bed, curled up next to the pillows, making a blep.
Enia Titova
2 weeks ago

happy #caturday and 3rd #adoptaversary #gotchaday to this fuzzy orange monster.

#blep #LilOrangeAnnie

close up on a fuzzy orange cat’s face, with a paw draped over her eyes. she is asleep but the tip of her pink tongue is peaking out of her mouth.
David Wakeham
2 weeks ago

The sounds of my cats lapping at their water bowls brings me peace.

As I’ve no photos of them doing so, please accept these of lions drinking.

Unfortunately, this may be the last week I will have them in my life.

I plan to make the most of it, before the unthinkable happens.

#Caturday #RescueCats #Lions #BigCats #CatsOfMastodon #Blep #AdoptDontShop #CostOfLiving #Poverty #HousingCrisis #BTPM #Homelessness

Black and white photo of lioness drinking (lapping) water from a pool.
Black and white photo of lioness drinking water from a pool.
Colour photo of lioness drinking from a lake. Her reflection can be seen clearly on the water’s surface.
Collage of my three cats. Top left is Boudica a Tonkinese, on the right is Derek my Russian Blue blepping his tongue. On the bottom Mr Kitty a tuxedo cat also blepping his tongue.
3 weeks ago

Absolutely everyone should see this pic of Kazul #cat #catsOfMastodon #kitty #KazulTheKitty #kazul #mlem #blep

A black cat's face wedged between a bathrobe and the side of a chair. One eye is open and a pink  tongue is sticking out.
Dizzy Space Captain
3 weeks ago

Here’s a side on view of Cally, our #AuronKitty with a blep on #CatsOfMastodon #Tortie #TortieCats #TortieLove #Blep

Side on view of Cally the Tortie cat, lying on a dark blue pillow in front of a metal headboard and purple blind. Cally has a blep on
3 weeks ago

The hooman said this was a “cute #blep” but I informed him that he completely misread the situation and, in fact, this was a beeg slep. Gotta start training them before things get out of hand… :blobcatcoffee:

Lumi (that's me!) sleeping curled up, her white collar almost blends seamlessly with the white blanket underneath. Her tongue is peeking out ever-so-slightly.
El Murciélago 🦇
3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
A closeup of a cats nose and mouth. He is stick his tongue out just a little. His nose and face are black and his chest is white.
Lizzy Miller
4 weeks ago

Orion got distracted grooming himself and forgot to put his tongue back. #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #DailyOrionSpam #Blep

A gray and white tabby cat sits on a beige pillow. He is looking forward but not focused on anything in particular. His tongue is sticking out slightly.
1 month ago

I can’t deal with this thing … #cats #catsofmastodon #devonrex #blep #derp

Wolf Boom Zoom gives his dog permission to jump up on the bed and instantly regrets that!

Gibbs, on the other hand, is quite delighted.

#CatsOfMastodon #DogsOfMastodon #cats #dogs #blep #RescueDog #RescueCat

A reclining solid gray cat glares firmly at a dog off camera.
A solid gray cat looks disgusted with his tongue partially out and his body partially covered by a large fluffy white dog tail.
1 month ago

Blep. Meggie with the tip of her tongue sticking out. #CatsOfMastodon #blep #cats

My orange cat with the tip of her tongue sticking out
Frank & Joe
1 month ago
A beautiful tabby sits on a desk with a tiny bit of tongue sticking out
Gary Gong
1 month ago

Celebrating #caturday with our first ever #blep caught on camera! #catsofmastodon

A brown tabby cat staring intensely into the camera, with his tongue slightly exposed.
1 month ago

Hanging out on the cat house. #blep

Wolf Boom Zoom is hanging out on the sunroom daybed with his teenager and keeping his beans clean.

#CatsOfMastodon #cats #blep #RescueCat

A solid grey cat reclines while living an upgraded paw.
2 months ago
2 months ago
Cooper S. Beckett
2 months ago

Who's my little weirdo? #blep

Have you ever seen such a magnificent tailless rump?, asks Rua.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #ManxCats #blep

Rump-first view of orange Manx cat laying on colorful blanket. No tail is in evidence, but Rua is making a lovely little  blep.

Happy #caturday everyone. This week, Boba Fett graced us with her tongue. Enjoy!

#catsofmastodon #cat #cattongue #blep #Cats

Boba Fett is a black and white cat. In this photo, Boba Fett is laying on a couch and her tongue sticking out and is looking at the Camera.

Follow #Blep and your timeline will be sown with pics that make you happy.

Well, me anyway. #Blep

El Murciélago 🦇
2 months ago

Unsere Filomena.
Eine Draußen-Katze, weil sie und Esmeralda sich leider nicht verstehen.
#cats #catsofmastodon #blep

Getigerte Katze sitzt vor dem Fenster und streckt die Zunge heraus.
Jo the Neenish Tart
2 months ago

It almost looks like a selfie #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #blep

Close up of cat with blep like a selfie
3 months ago

@lowqualityfacts It’s OK, America is just keeping Canada cold so it doesn’t spoil in case we want to use it later. #Canada #Humour eh! #Moose #Blep 😜

Bull moose staring straight at the camera with its tongue out & to the side #Blep
Evil Is Itinerant
4 months ago

Bossy Boots update: lickies! #cat #cats #CatsOfMastodon #blep

Bossy Boots, our new tortie kitty, sits in my lap and licks my arm. Her pink tongue is visible.
4 months ago

I went outside by mistake. Eric has taken over the bed in an ugly way. I have just verbally abused the tall one because she interrupted me eating a box. I am now running around shouting. Someone has cleaned my litter tray so it no longer smells of me. There was ice in my water trough. Today is awful! :ablobcatcry: #CatsOfMastodon #BlackAndWhiteCat #UglyCat #DirtyCat #Cat #Cats #Blep #Fangs #TongueOut

Eric. A black and white cat, is lying on his side on a bed. His paws are dirty. His ears are crushed into non existence.  His mouth is slightly open , his tongue and teeth slightly showing. His nose is half pink, half black. His undercarriage looks ungroomed.
Jelly Ferret
4 months ago

A slow motion yawn from Fergus
#yawns #blep #ferrets #ferretsofmastodon

4 months ago

I am giving up. The bed fort is not working for me today. #Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #Blep #TongueOut #OrangeCat #Cats #Cat #GingerCat

Colin, an orange cat, is sitting upright half under a duvet. The camera is below him and he is looking up to the left with a tiny bit of tongue out.
Travis F W
4 months ago

@futzle it's sprouting a little #blep bud!

Erin Whalen
4 months ago

Happy #caturday everyone! Please enjoy Marceline the Vampire Queen in full derpy blep mode.

#catsofmastodon #cat #cats #blackcat #blep

Black cat with a stunned expression and her tongue partially out.
Sarah Rothrie
4 months ago

@molly0xfff @WhyNotZoidberg Masterful birthday #blep 😍

Chris Culling 🧡☮️
4 months ago

@molly0xfff What a handsome boy and that #blep 🤣