Allan Chow
4 days ago

I just realized it's my Mastoversary! I'm gonna name a couple fun things from this year:

You all sharing your art with me on #ArtShowSunday Conference in Tampa! Thanks @Alice for arranging that!

Learning about all of you through the questions I have asked, I was gonna name a few specific ones, but then the list kept getting longer and longer, so suffice to say, It's something I've enjoyed a lot, and I appreciate everyone who's taking the time to respond.

Those few days where we all talked about the epic life and times of one John Mastodon.

I made a toot going over Eugen Rochko's various hairstyles, and he showed he was a good sport, and favorited the post. If I had done that on Twitter, Musky would have permablocked me.

A little extra shout out to all the Trans, Ace, and various other LGBTQ+ Communities who have answered my probing and somewhat intrusive questions with openness and kindness.

Getting to see all your faces with one of my favorite positivity cheerleaders @Mary625

A shout out to administrator @theropologist for taking out the trash when necessary, not having to worry about whether something is gonna be done when the Hitler Youth show up is such a relief. Plus all the work he's done in general keeping the place up and running, so I could goof off with my friends.

OMG not having to see ads, the only time I see something for sale is dope art made by cool people that I'm actually happy to see!

All the beautiful photos and videos of nature with hilarious hashtags #mosstodon #ThickTrunkThurday and of course, adorable animals #caturday #bleptember

Alright, I was only going to do a few, but I did more. Honestly, the last couple days have been rough for me due to some personal issues, but making this list has helped me remember some great times, and that there will be great times in the future, so thanks!

Kydia Music
1 month ago

Also I know the month is nearly over, but can we make #Dorktober a thing, kind of like how we did for #Bleptember ?

Just post pics of your pet being an absolute dingus and use the hashtag!

Stories about your pets’ dorky qualities or antics are also welcome.

#Caturday #CatsOfTheFediverse #Catstodon #CatsOfMastodon #Mondog #Dogs #Cats

I know we’re well past #Bleptember but I got this photo of my sweet Sylvie last night. I caught her in a rare moment when she had her paws crossed and a little blep sticking out.


My 100% pure bred Beautiful Puzzle dog not giving a fuhhhck that Bleptember is over. 

My sweet girl Sylvie a black, wire-haired mix breed with her paws crossed laying on her belly. Her tongue is slightly sticking out.
Ben Ford :grinchsmile:
2 months ago

Say goodbye to #bleptember, long live #bleptober

Carsten Raddatz
2 months ago
ADHDean-gle Bells
2 months ago

@ptoothfish It’s never too late for #Bleptember

a week too late for #bleptember of course

oh, my heart 🥲

black dog bleps
2 months ago

oh no, now that it's October, what will we have to replace #Bleptember?

Paul Horn
2 months ago

Bleptember may be over, but we gots bleps galore here!
#Bleptember #Blep #DogsOfMastodon #FediDogs

Stella, a brown Cairn terrier mix, lies on a navy blue couch. Her tongue is just barely sticking out.
The Flight Attendant
2 months ago

For everyone sad about #Bleptember ending....................... I propose #Bleptober! 😜
#blep #dogs #dog #fedidogs #dogsOfMastodon #dogsOfFediverse #doggo #cute #caturday #shihtzudog #shihTzu

Adorable black and white shih tzu dog laying with her head on her paws and a tiny bit of her tongue sticking out
Stefano Marinelli
2 months ago

He’s not my #dog, but we are good #friends

(Three years old photo)

#DogsOfMastodon #Dog #HungryDog #Dogs #DogsOfFedi #Bleptember

My dog friend trying to climb on my leg, licking his lips, while I am opening a can. He is not my dog, he lives free, but we are good friends.
2 months ago

I can't believe #Bleptember ended. Oh no! 😋

Katrina Katrinka :donor:
2 months ago

@chris @freemo
You need to follow hashtags with those interests.

For example, today was #Caturday and the last day of #Bleptember.

2 months ago

#Bleptember #Zeke The final Blep…

2 months ago

Jesse James the #CatZilla spent #caturday celebrating the end of #bleptember …and the beginning of #halloween! 👻

Photo of a cute orange a white tabby cat wearing a green felt dinosaur costume and licking his lips while standing on a brick staircase.
Merson the Person
2 months ago

So long, #bleptember !

View from below of young orange corgi with his tongue sticking just a little bit out
A chunky orange corgi with a bandana that says "SON" laying on his side on a black couch. His tongue is out and he looks sleepy
A sleepy orange corgi with eyes slightly closed and head resting on a pillow, his tongue sticking out
Mya Breitbart
2 months ago

One last pic of Riley to finish off #Bleptember

Black and white herding dog laying on a tan leather sofa with his eyes open and his tongue hanging out
Joseph Kohlmann
2 months ago

I assume that after #Bleptember comes #Bleptober 😹😹

Almost forgot. It’s also the last day of #bleptember . I tried to capture #KittenJacques with an appropriate expression, but this was all he could manage this evening. Happy #Caturday nonetheless. #FediCats #CatsOfMastodon #MastoCats #CatsOfFediverse

Beige tabby cat lying on his side on a dark grey-blue couch with his paw over his eyes.
Mandu 🥟
2 months ago

last day of #Bleptember

hand slowly pets a white cat with gray ears, cat sticks his tongue out partially and closes his eyes.
Rachel Westfall
2 months ago

Chaos celebrates #bleptember every day. #CatsOfMastodon #CraigStreetCats

A black cat’s face occupies the right side of the image. His tongue is blepped slightly.
Pet Pharmer
2 months ago

@ic3ix You just made it in under the wire for #bleptember. Cute little blep.

Sneaking in under the wire for #Bleptember !
#dogs #DogsOfFediverse
(Added the alt text, whoops!)

A Portuguese water dog looks straight at the camera. He has a very serious expression, although his hair is curly and floppy, and the tip of his tongue is sticking out.
Angela G
2 months ago

On the last day of #bleptember, here’s Glenda, sound asleep.

A large, white, short-haired dog with a bit of black near her nose is sound asleep with her pink tongue hanging halfway out.
Alan Evans
2 months ago

Kiki blep and confused blep

#Bleptember #CatsOfMastodon #BlackCats #Caturday

Black cat sitting with tongue out
Black cat sitting with tongue out and head tilted to the side
Andy Smith
2 months ago

Late entry for #bleptember!

George was asleep but heard Jenny clattering in the kitchen. His brain said to be alert for food but the message didn't reach his tongue.
#greyhounds #adoptdontshop #dogsofmastodon

2 months ago
Puppy blep on the balcony

@KanaMauna agreed!

I had not done even a single one blep

But I finally coaxed one out, like a cultured pearl



This is a Chesapeake Bay retriever in zombie eye mode with me booping his nose so that he bleps

Having just reviewed the video, it's mostly off screen I might have to do another
One small blep and one large

Coming in an edit

2 months ago

What do you mean #bleptember is over?


Surprised dog lounging on the patio furniture.
Keeper of the orb
2 months ago

Last #caturday of #bleptember babes....

Ren the silver tabby cat curled up sleeping. Her tongue protrudes from her mouth just a tiny bit.
2 months ago

So long #bleptember

A brown and white dog walks through waves on a beach with its tongue blepped out
A brown and white dog stands on a rock with its tongue blepped out
A brindled dog wearing a post-surgery collar looking at the camera at blepping
Christine Johnson
2 months ago


Under "B", at least until the end of #Bleptember

2 months ago
2 months ago

A last minute entry for #bleptember #cats #CatsOfMastodon

The face of a tabby cat turned around to its back. It's tongue is blurred from  licking
Mandu 🥟
2 months ago
woman sitting on couch licking her ice cream cone intermittently.  dog sitting next to her watches and licks his nose every time woman licks her ice cream.
The Flight Attendant
2 months ago

I meant to post this yesterday for #tongueOutTuesday but I'm posting it now since #bleptember is nearly over. My friend's dog Buster's tongue barely fits in his mouth.
#dogs #dog #fedidogs #dogsOfMastodon #dogsOfFediverse #doggo #cute

A tan and black short haired dog with it's pink tongue hanging nearly 2 inches outside it's mouth
2 months ago

Time to celebrate the final #TongueOutTuesday of the month of #bleptember #RedPanda

A red panda sleeping with its tongue poking out.
2 months ago

It’s still #bleptember and my cat is still a goofball :blobfoxlaughsweat:

#cat #cats #catsofmastodon

#AltText: black cat doing a blep, attacking a carrot toy

Kydia Music
2 months ago
A half ragdoll breed of cat, with grey and white bicolor long hair, sits with one front paw between his two back legs, which are raised in the air, giving him a somewhat ridiculous and comical posture. He sits on a white blanket on a grey sofa. The tiniest #blep ever is visible since now for those who zoom in. #bleptember
Aaron Ouellette
2 months ago

Always remember the 22nd of #bleptember

Small Gray cat blepping
2 months ago

If everything feels a bit much for whatever reason, don't forget that it's #bleptember season on mastodon. Cute cats and dogs and maybe even a giraffe are just a hashtag away...

2 months ago

How is it that I am just now learning about #bleptember?? Where have I been?!?

After a long and arduous photo search (apparently neither of my kitties are prolific bleppers), here is my contribution for #bleptember and #mlemsday. I present you with an elusive #Diamond blep!

#CatsOfMastodon #Cats #TongueOut #HenryAndDiamond

A zoomed in shot showing the head of a dark grey cat laying on an orange blanket. She is looking toward the camera and a little pink tongue is sticking out slightly.
2 months ago

Updating my website with latest pics, and I was checking that the giraffe I posted for #bleptember was already there.

While searching I also found this, which is one of my favourite mutant creatures based off the same photo.

Look at its happy wee face!

#photoShop #giraffe #silly

It is an edited version of the giraffe photo I'm replying to. The neck, horns and ears remain the same, but the snout area now takes up the entire face space with bright human eyes in place of the nostrils. It works better than the description suggests.
2 months ago

It’s still #bleptember and we gotta make it worth it

My white and black cat, Piccetti, sleeping on his side. His black chin is visible and his tongue bleps out.
2 months ago

Have very much enjoyed #bleptember posts, but slightly disappointed that I've had nothing to contribute then I remembered visiting this giraffe.


#photography #giraffe

A photo of a giraffe's head against a bright blue sky with some thin, fluffy white clouds. It is looking down at me and sticking its tongue out. Rude.