Robert Roy Britt
20 hours ago

The language of #mentalhealth is changing, and it's fraught with pitfalls for #journalists, #editors, #bloggers, #podcasters or anyone who discusses it. I know because a reader took me to task for using a word (disorder) that offended her.

So I did some research.

Turns out there’s no widespread agreement—between or even among patients and healthcare professionals—on how best to describe many mental health conditions.

So, my take on what we #writers must do:

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2 weeks ago

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Ecologia Digital
2 weeks ago

"After two decades publishing local #bloggers writing in 52 languages, what’s #GlobalVoices fate in this strange era of the Internet? Georgia Popplewell, the long-time managing director of Global Voices joins the show to talk to her co-founder @ethanz about the blogosphere of yore and why we’ll never stop needing global, local perspectives."

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

I have recently been enjoying People and Blogs, a weekly newsletter that interviews bloggers about their blogs and processes.

I shared a few thoughts about it in my blog.

#blogging #newsletter #bloggers #writing

Applied Worldwide
1 month ago

We sell photos from all of our adventures on Adobe Stock!

#Bloggers, #contentcreators, and others should head over to our profile and check it out!

#Adobe #AdobeStock #stockphotography #stockphotos #photographylovers #photography

Hello world!
è l’espressione che fanno scrivere sullo schermo i programmatori al più semplice programma possibile, per verificare che l’ambiente di sviluppo che hanno appena configurato stia funzionando. È un saluto al mondo da parte di qualcosa che è appena nato.

#fediblog #blogging #bloggers

1 month ago

I'm putting this out here again, for anyone who maybe didn't see it, or those who might have forgot. I'm looking for #writers and #bloggers interested in guest posting on my blog. Please reach out if you are interested, and share to spread the word.

1 month ago

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✨ Best Cloudflare Alternatives for Website Performance 🚀 and Security 🔒

While Cloudflare provides an extensive toolkit, it's important to remember that there are many other options to consider that might better suit your specific needs.

Find the best alternatives to Cloudflare that cater to various requirements and explore their strengths, services, and distinctive features.

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Kev Pop's Wheeler's Little Blog
1 month ago

I think that many bloggers have their blog, they write and publish their posts because they want to gain a following and please their readers, likes, comments and especially follows are the reward they need, it’s what they crave. I say many but not all, I’m sure there are also many who don’t require this reward to feel relevant. Maybe they have a blog and write posts for their own pleasure, maybe they wish to educate, enlighten, perhaps they have an agenda to push or just want to keep a journal, or they have some other reason to blog that I haven’t thought about.

I personally don’t believe any of these reasons is wrong, they are all equally relevant and equally good reasons to blog, blogging after all is a very personal thing to do and whatever your reason for doing so is the correct reason in your eyes and as it’s your blog then who am I, who is anyone to say you should be doing it for some other reason ?

As for me, well I write my blog for myself, simply for my own pleasure, I do it to please myself, I just enjoy putting my thoughts down into words and getting them out there, I am a purely selfish blogger. My blog is my own and I write it for me, yep selfish. Of course if I entertain someone, educate someone or whatever then great that’s nice to know, if folk like my post, leave a comment of some kind, or even become followers then of course I’m not gonna complain, that’s a kind of validation right there and who doesn’t like a little validation 😁

Another thing is that a lot of peeps have a blog which centers on a particular topic, they write posts on a specific subject, something they know about and are passionate about, this places them into a particular niche and from that niche they gain a following. As long as they continue with their prime topic as the main subject of their blog then that niche following will probably stay with them as they will find the kind of things they wish to read and will keep coming back.

Now it may be be hard to tell so far as it is a very young blog and I’m just sort of setting it up and feeling my way into it, but my blog will end up having quite a wide variety of topics and be quite general in nature as I have quite a few interests and intend to use it as a catch all general personal blog and journal.

Therefore my blog won’t really have a specific niche as such, there might be a post about photography, followed by one about art, then aquariums, perhaps one about bonsai, a journal entry, a simple status update followed by a mad rant about something in the news and who knows what else in the future !!

This gets me wondering about my little blog, whether or not it will find an audience at all as it doesn’t really have a niche as such, just many random topics, but then again of course as I’m doing it purely for myself, as a selfish blogger then perhaps this doesn’t matter, maybe not 😁

#audience #blog #bloggers #blogging #comment #follow #followers #following #like #myself #niche #pleasure #readers #reward #selfish #subject #topic #validation

#bloggers #website owners people who make #indie content. Send me your #links

My favourites will make it to a blog post that I am writing.

Please boost if your followers might include people that write/make stuff and #publish it online.

Creative Blogger
2 months ago

Creative Blogger - C'est VOUS
Nous avons conçus CB dans le but de rassembler des #bloggers de tout horizon. C'est pourquoi aujourd'hui nous cherchons des #rédacteurs intéressés par le projet !
Venez en masse ! On accepte tout le monde 🔥
#cb #creativewriting #blog #RECHERCHE

Image impressionante et tellement bien réalisé mettant en scène le logo de Creative Blogger au dessus de montagnes avec le slogan "Creative Blogger, c'est VOUS"
2 months ago

I am looking for #writers and #bloggers interested in guest posting on my blog. Please reach out if you are interested, and share to spread the word.

Stephen Gower
2 months ago

Creative folk out there - #Writers, #Bloggers, what have you - how do you feel about abandoning projects? Specifically projects that just aren't working for you (aren't holding your interest). I'm trying to be okay with it, but what trips me up is getting excited about a project and then that spark fades and I let it go. How do I identify something that is worth pursuing?

3 months ago

"I'm going to take the phrase "cross the picket line" away from tumblr until #everyone actually starts reading #strike demands and listening to union leadership and strike captains.

Random #bloggers declaring things "crossing the picket line" means nothing. Read the actual goddamn strike #information from the actual goddamn #strikers. Stop calling for your own #boycotts, stop trying to decide what is and isn't #scabbing based on your own #opinions, stop making judgment calls disconnected from the actual demands of the actually-striking #workers.

Y'all have got to start reading the #unions' official documents before arbitrarily deciding what is or isn't "proper #solidarity" based entirely on your own feelings. Stop muddying the waters just because it makes you feel more involved."

Robert Roy Britt
3 months ago

PSA for #journalists, #bloggers & other #writers: You do not have to write about #artificialintelligence.

The #media hype around #AI is off the charts now, as history repeats the #GartnerHypeCycle of the Next Big Thing.

If you must cover AI, just know that most of what you write will turn out to be wrong, and I won't be reading your story anyway (and so won't a whole lot of other people). Beyond the snark, I offer actual reasoning and advice in the Writer's Guide:

Jamie Mason
3 months ago


Writing from a point of experience has always been strong for me. Honesty makes for the best creativity, whether it's songwriting, blogs, or stories.

Anyway, I have the itch again. To start writing. I'm looking for a couple things, first if there's any interest from my followers on fediverse, but also to connect with other #bloggers and #writers. I am working on a blog entry now, I can share the link when I'm finished if there's interest. #blogs #nsfwblogging #writersofmastodon


Eugene McParland 🇺🇦
3 months ago

putin’s Influencers: The #bloggers selling russia’s War

russian pro-war #influencers are generating big advertising revenues from their #socialmedia coverage of the conflict - BBC’s Global #Disinformation Team

Known in russia as “Z Bloggers”, they spread fake news about the war by embedding with military units, sharing exclusive footage from the frontline, and calling upon young russians to enlist in the army

(10 Minute) YouTube📽️ 🔗

#Ukraine 🇺🇦 #StandWithUkraine

Terence Eden
3 months ago

Any other #bloggers get nervous if they don't have several blog posts scheduled for future publication?

I've currently got enough posts to last a week. So I'm doing OK.

I also have a bunch scheduled for 2025, and 9 for 2030!

Anyone else doing the same thing?

Robert Johnson
3 months ago

How often have you started reading a technical article on your phone, yet given up halfway through because you got tired of scrolling sideways through code blocks? If you have your own #blog, are you giving this same annoyance to your readers?

As indie #bloggers we have an advantage here over blog platforms, we may as well take full advantage of it.

#indieweb #programming #hugo

4 months ago

It’s really fun spotting #liberals who spend way too much time on this #website and have convinced themselves that the #transgender commie #bloggers have somehow made #imperialist jingoism an #oppressed minority position and not like, the dominant strain of #political thought in every western #country on the #planet

@JustinLachance @tod No.

I'm against #LinkTax as it's bad in principle and like a lot of "well-meant" ideas it'll do nothing but harm any #SmallSites, #Bloggers and #Startups.

Just like the idea of @EU_Commission to force #eCommerce - only to pay #VAT in the customer's juristiction didn't actually hurt the #GAFAMs but killed many #competitiors like #AndroidPit's #AppCenter which had way better terms for #Developers and #Customers...

I am looking for #bloggers who would like to host the #RoundRobin of cool stuff from time to time.

This is a weekly list of great content that appears on a different blog each week.

I'm in need of five more #blog posts for my list of this week's cool stuff. Hit me with your links (or a boost, those are good too).

#SendMeLinks #Bloggers

voor de #Nederlands sprekende en lezende Wordpress #bloggers is er nu #Wordpress 6.3 met allerlei slimme #nieuwigheden - -
edit: hoewel je daar weldegelijk het Engels moet beheersen 😎
die worden uitgelegd op deze pagina’s:

4 months ago

For all those #bloggers who were looking for writing ideas/prompts

My meme #Reveleations is open for business again and the current prompt, that runs until Sunday is...

“Ask yourself what makes you come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman
#WritingPrompts #blogging

Angry Tea Lady
4 months ago

Do you think my blogs (poems is getting one) should have an english version ?

#blog #tarot #cartomancy #wordpress #feminism #art #blogs #bloggers

cliophate :ok:
4 months ago

I want to rebuild using a static site generator. And right now, I’m torn between #astro and #hugo.

Any #bloggers using either and could share their experience?

Carolyna Luna
4 months ago

Oh, my home timeline is a such a delight this Friday! #writers #bloggers #poets #artists #musicians #photographers #creatives - you are all on fire tonight! Thank you!

Mx. Nillin Lore
4 months ago

Hey folks! I'm #new here and I'm looking for fellow #trans #queer #authors, #sex #bloggers and #writers to connect with!

I'm a trans queer, #polyamorous, and #Autistic sex blogger, author, and editor out of Saskatoon, SK. Currently working hard on my first solo book, "How Do I Sexy? A Guide for Trans Queers", #publishing with Thornapple Press next year!

Always appreciate some good #queerbooks recommendations too.

#author #blogger #writer #writing #erotica #anthology

Nillin sits on a couch, holding a paperback copy of their anthology, "Heckin' Lewd: Trans and Nonbinary Erotica". There is an open box filled with additional copies on a glass table in front of them.
An open box filled with paperback copies of "Heckin' Lewd: Trans and Nonbinary Erotica".
Phil Bowell
4 months ago

Anyone have recommendations for a plugin to enable markdown on a #wordpress blog?

#bloggers #blogging

David Lohner
4 months ago

Dear fellow #bloggers,

do you write your posts in your blogging platform or do you keep (many versions of) your drafts local?

My workflow looks like this:
- Have a @scrivenerapp project (folders for year/month)
- Create posts in those folders
- Have different drafts as sub-sections in this project.
- Copy the final draft in #Wordpress
- Refine using #LanguageTool (or #Grammarly)
- Add Links and small changes.
- Publish.
- Forget updating my scrivener project

May I be better off otherwise?

1. Write a #petPeeves post about your favourite #DB #technology with a #clickBait title.
2. Suggest absolutely nothing approaching a technical solution for said issues.
3. Enjoy your newfound #tech #influenza status.

#postgres #postgresql #database #databases #openSource #blogging #blogger #bloggers #influencer #influencers

5 months ago

Russian war bloggers' reactions to news of Putin's post-rebellion meeting with Prigozhin range from mockery to approval


One of the most widely spread myths in the #seo industry is the misnamed concept of "keyword cannibalization". #Bloggers should not be afraid to write more than 1 article around a topic or keyword.


More #seo tips for #bloggers. Again, I don't simply rehash all the common, vague advice you get from the majority of SEO industry sites.

I've been creating content for Websites since 1996. I've learned a thing or two along the way.


Girl on the Net
5 months ago

If you’re a blogger (of any kind, not just a sex blogger), reply with one of your favourite posts/a post that you think is especially’you.’ Could be something you really enjoyed writing, something you’re especially proud of, one you poured your heart into, whatever.

Send me your fave post!

#Blogs #Bloggers #Writing

Stephen Matheson🌵🌲
5 months ago

The Fediverse tools include #Plume which seems not to be supported anymore and #writefreely which looks nice but would require some work, seems to require a server. I have a domain and hosting at Google but don't know if that can work.

Advice? Ideas? Offers of collaboration? All are welcome. 🙂


Terence Eden
6 months ago

Any other #bloggers schedule things really far in advance?

I've just written something to be published in 2026!

12 past midnight 🔮
6 months ago

For any #bloggers out there who need a way to stash and slowly outline their blog post ideas: I use a modified version of this (free) #notion template

12 past midnight 🔮
6 months ago

ICYMI, florida is proposing a law that requires #bloggers in Florida who criticise the local government or officials individually to register with the state and be investigated for fines.

This is a big escalation of anti-freedom of speech laws previously passed to:

- corporations
- social media platforms
- schools

This is about saying individuals don’t have freedom of speech.


Adam Tinworth
7 months ago

A true pioneer. One of the people who paved the way for a whole generation to make a career online — and far too few people know her name.

RIP Dooce.

#dooce #bloggers #blogging

Latice Washington
9 months ago


Hi! I'm Latice, I discovered Mastodon after reading several articles about social media and personal branding on Medium.

It would be interesting to meet other #copywriters, #editors, #strategists, #bloggers, and creative people working in #tech, #advertising, #publishing, and #entertainment.

My expertise lies in digital advertising strategy, copywriting, and #design

Additionally, I create video game content.

Let's connect!

Alice 🌌
9 months ago

I am now very excited about all these #bloggers and #blogs and #blogging I have to read! 🤩

Keep the recommendations coming!

For now... I better focus on my actual boring day job.

Alice 🌌
9 months ago

Anybody got any tips for finding #blogs & #bloggers to check out?

I am not interested in “mommy blogs” or fashion, fitness, super niche industry, or “content creation” or productivity etc I don’t want to be sold a course, or posts rammed full of affiliate links.

I just want to read about average people & their own thoughts & lives & the things they genuinely are interested in. The writers & hobby bloggers!

Where do I find those people?!
#BloggerCommunity #BloggerUnite #BloggersTribe

Jim Parsons
9 months ago


#Elmo’s been conducting
since second he walked into #Twitter HQ

A-List #BigTech #journalists & #bloggers quickly occupied luxury box seats and have been breathlessly “reporting” every #SpaceKaren antic (for click$)

while #Thiel *injected* #ChatGPT into the savage & lawless land of #ArtificialIntelligence. Everyone "playing with it" is training it.

Together: Musk & Thiel simultanously flooded the zone with 💩 and it’s working.

Marcus "MajorLinux" Summers
9 months ago

You'd think the party that keeps talking about the Constitution and their rights would have actually read the documents.

Then again, they've shown they like selected passages of their beloved reading materials as opposed to the whole thing.

Florida bill would make bloggers who write about governor register with state

#Florida #Bloggers #Governemnt #Registration #Replicans #TechNews

Florida governor, Ron DeSantis, showing us what it's like to give a speech with finger guns.
Aywren 🎄
9 months ago
10 months ago

@ellane something like or you have also

But i'm sure many #bloggers have great alternative !

#writing #blog

Alice 🌻
10 months ago

@hyde @sophie @ellane @noellemitchell @Onmyom @josh Thank you so much for including me ☺️ As I start to write again, it is exciting to see there are still #bloggers out there!

I'm trying not to fall out of love with the #PersonalFinance space. I am tired of influencer-style content; being scared/lectured on money stuff, early retirement stories (often doesn't apply to us non-Americans/Europeans), geoarbitage (irritates me), networth updates (I FOMO on these) & cryptobro stuff.

But I really enjoy the personal stories of how people manage #debt and #money. But hardly anyone write that content anymore. If you know #bloggers like that, pls let me know!

Aywren 🎄
10 months ago

I dunno... I find the idea of a block that embeds #AI generated writing directly into a #WordPress blog... alarming.

The AI images aren't such a bad idea. But my concern is - in the future, will we have #bloggers writing their own #blog posts or people just tossing out prompts that get stitched into blog posts written by machines?

#Bloggers should turn their #blogs into #ebooks.

Many times I come upon a blog with years, sometimes decades of history, and I wish the blogger had a convenient ebook I can read from my Kindle.

Why don't more #bloggers do this?

John Scalzi did:

But he's like an actual writer, you protest! But is your blog throwaway content?

As a #reader I'll gladly pay for blogs that have been turned into ebooks. Seriously!

Curious to know what you think as a reader or blogger.

Creature Author
11 months ago

Hey #writingcommunity

Do you have a particular goal for your writing?

Feel free to share!

For me, my goal is to provide fun and thrilling stories for entertainment. To take everyone on new and wild adventures featuring underutilized mythical creatures. And so far, Hydra's Wake is doing exactly that!

How are you doing with your goals?

#authors #authorsofmastodon #indieauthors #poets #bloggers

Adam Fortuna
11 months ago

Question for #bloggers, #indieweb and anyone who reads or writes a #blog:

Does anyone have good example of a blog that showcases the authors writing from multiple sources (not just the blog) in a seamless way? I’m talking more than an about page with a few links.

I’m working on incorporating writing I’ve done in the past (like on ) into my personal blog ( ) and looking for inspiration.

Luke's Blog - 📚 Bookstodon
11 months ago

🔝 What was your most-read article in 2022 #Bloggers?

#Blogger #Blog #Blogging #LifestyleBlogger #BookBlogger

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
11 months ago

N.B. I have nothing against linkblogs, literally the oldest form of #blogging. And I have nothing against #bloggers writing unique commentary on those links, probably the second-oldest form.

James Dreben :mw:
11 months ago

To #journalists, #bloggers, and #newspapers, @patrickmcurry made some great tools for embedding #Mastodon quotes in articles and websites.

There are other such tools I’ve seen too. I can’t wait to see more Mastodon posts being quoted in blog posts and #news articles.

Arpad 🇪🇺
11 months ago

It's interesting to see the #hungarian #bloggers are mostly quit their #wordpresscom blogs around 2013-2014. I mean there was a massive extinction event in the #blogosphere.
What's happened then You may ask.
So, the Google just killed their own #RSS reader in 2013, and #Chrome does not support RSS feeds anymore. (Just a bunch of XML you see with it navigating to a RSS URL).
Same time the big #socialmedia walled gardens are getting on steroids.
And the #monetization began.
Sad story.

Blake (Pandora Blake)
1 year ago

Where are all you sexy people at? I want to connect with #sexworkers, #sex #educators, #sexologists, sex theorists, people into #kink, #spanking and #BDSM, #erotica writers, sex #bloggers and #porn makers. I miss the #adult community on the birdsite and am determined to find or create a new one here. Please boost this post to help me find mah people!

Selfie of a white person with big glasses, short hair, lipstick and a big smile, wearing a cosy black knitted dress, decorative waist belt and purple cardigan. I'm standing in front of an impressive array of spanking toys, straps and floggers and paddles, all hanging on hooks on the wall. There's also a cute lil Christmas tree on a side table.

I'm going to take another crack at an #introduction.

I'm a nerd from #Thanet #Kent #UK. I'm okay telling you this because at this stage the entire Internet knows.

I run a bunch of #websites which I talk about a lot.

Interested in connecting with #PHP & #WordPress devs, people into #Storytelling, other #bloggers, and any weirdos who may think my writing is actually funny.

If I'm not writing, coding, or watching nerdy TV, then I am probably asleep.

#Mastodon is now my primary #SocialMedia

Terence Eden
1 year ago

A question to #bloggers - how far in advance do you schedule your posts?

I've got a few set to post in 2025 and in 2030 - on specific anniversaries.

Anyone else do that?

Sean Tilley
1 year ago

Pro tip for #bloggers who want to preserve their posts: back up your most important items onto All you have to do is take a URL from each blog post you publish, and throw it in the WayBackMachine.

Being the utter doofus that I am, I blew up everything on my server, including my articles. But! All of my most important stuff lives on. I lost my drafts, but the things that saw light of day are just fine.

You can easily access this resource at

WayBackMachine Dialogue saying "This page is available on the web!" along with a prompt to save the URL, and an indication that this has not been saved before.
Jose Luis Orihuela
1 year ago

@anildash It's similar to what already happened to #bloggers when we opened #BirdSite accounts: our blogosphere communities moved to TW, and so did the conversation (which we previously had in the comments). Now something similar is happening here.

Alex Barredo 📉
1 year ago

If you need an easy way to automatically share your RSS Feeds in your Mastodon account try

#introduction #bloggers #podcast #tools #rss

2 years ago

Blog Roll is a human-curated directory of interesting independent blogs about many different topics. You can see the latest recommended blogs by following the project at:

➡️ @blogroll

All the recommended blogs so far are listed on the Blog Roll website at

#BlogRoll #Blog #Blogs #Blogging #Blogger #Bloggers #Internet #Online #Writing

2 years ago

📣 Q3 project: “RSS Metadata” | Wanna speak to a) beta testers: Feed Reader users & #bloggers, b) tech co-founder: web dev, knows #XML #OPML files | 📧 w at rner dot me | #WebDev #RSSFeeds #buildinpublic #tech