I've been playing around with the Jetpack app (Android version on my Samsung S21) to write, edit and post to WordPress and I'm REALLY loving it. It's *so* intuitive-- cool things like when you do a hard return, it makes a new block, and the blocks have arrows to move them up and down, etc. It's wild. It's also really easy to format things, and I'm finding the UI excellent and easy to figure out without much thought at all, which is a total surprise. Should've been using this earlier!

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4 hours ago

#blogging I have made a new post on my Blague at and I hope you will enjoy it! #CPTSD #LGBTQIA #music #writing

A screenshot of Phoole's Blague, featuring a post called Less Grind, More Mind, with a photo of a skirt panel for a  16th-century-style jester's motley made of multicolored wool on which Phoole is currently working.
Harold Jarche
6 hours ago

“If we can improve our ability to communicate well even by a few percentage points, we will see a significant improvement in our ability to lead well. This by itself is a good enough reason for me to continue to write. ” —Mukesh Gupta

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A childhood tale of nostalgia wherein an encounter with a #Breyer #horse has led me to collect them...
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Diana Thompson :wordpress:
8 hours ago

Hemingway is our new favorite tool for writing accessible text. It gives a readability grade level to text and actionable steps to make your text more readable. #Accessibility #a11y #Writing #Blogging #ContentCreation

Sample text highlighted where readability can be improved with matching issues outlined in the right sidebar.
Molly Cantrell-Kraig ✅
10 hours ago

If your goal in picking up my book is to change your brain (and by extension, your life), be sure that you are choosing your friends wisely. Which ones help you grow? Which ones drain you? Where can you go today that puts you in the path of others who share your interests?

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Ian Lurie
11 hours ago

Just finished extensive research on the ideal length of a blog post. Read here:

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Ellie, Who Slows the Sunset
16 hours ago

New review! 234 - Castlevania

This week we head back to 1986 and the original outing of Konami's horror-themed man-vs-dracula adventure!

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19 hours ago

Schema migration should be a responsibility of DB (2023-01-29)

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21 hours ago

And my next #blog up on MyFigureCollection!

Another week of rest till I can resume picking things up for the #collection so already got it worked out and the budget locked in just a matter now of getting a few other things.

Need to get #StarWars light saber stands next week.

#blogging #blogger #blogpost #blogs

Need to get the old Master Replica Display Stands for Light Sabers so I can display what Light Sabers I've got on the walls again since I still have the wall mounts up.
Hal Brown
1 day ago

#writer #writers #writingcommunity #blog #blogging #publishing #media #journalism #spies Generally there are only 20 or so logons per week to my blog (click my name to find it) from Singapore. This week there were more from there than the US, Russia, and Germany (usually Nos. 2 and 3) combined. Could it have been the spy chiefs who were meeting there?

Anthony Dean
1 day ago

AI *and* the block editor... yay?

At least it's a paid/optional feature. But still, a major blogging platform's newest innovation is "something to do writing for you (with mediocre results)"... *sigh*.

#WordPress #blogging #AI

Not thrilled by this - I can see AI use for touch-ups in certain situations, but I do not want a built-in assistant for writing entire posts. I know folks could do this before using outside tools, but now it's feels sanctioned and encouraged by #WordPress
#Blogging #AI

thudfactor ⚓️
2 days ago

I wrote a bit about the history of images on the Web.

#blogging #webdev #html

Małgorzata Boryczka
2 days ago

I published a new post on my blog! Oh, also: I have a #blog!

It's called Languages of Culture and it's about works of art created in languages other than English. Music, books, films, art. Anything and everything.

Anyways, today's topic: The Book of Whispers by Varujan Vosganian.

#writing #writer #bookstodon #book #culture #blogging

Suhail Mitoubsi
2 days ago

@indieauthornews Interesting blog. There's a lot to consider when creating a website, e.g. content and marketing. Thank you for sharing your blog.

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2 days ago

Lesbian Historic Motif Podcast Episode 259 – Interview with Jill Liddington (2023-05-18)

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2 days ago

Istilah cryptocurrency semakin diperbincangkan di indonesia pasca meningkatnya berbagai jenis mata uang digital, sang raja dari cryptocurrency yaitu Bitcoin sudah mulai banyak diminati sebagai investasi karena nilainya yang terus meningkat secara fluktuatif. Artikel ini akan mengulas tentang pemahaman dasar dari cryptocurrency dan sistem dari blockchain.

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Apa itu Cryptocurrency dan Blockchain |
2 days ago

Next #blog up at MyFigureCollection!

Having a hard time choosing what I want this month, getting very hard to do these days.....

Will probably pick up a Marvel Legends Tesseract Cube this month along with a Spirit Ghostbusters Proton Pack.

#collecting #blogging #blogger #blogs #blogpost

I need a Tesseract Cube to go with the Holocron Mood Light in the room...
Jen Twimom
3 days ago
3 days ago

#Blogging Myth No. 4: Writing Boring Posts is Bad

I can never remember how to renew my letsencrypt certificates.
I refer to my boring blog post, that details how to go about doing it. Every quarter. Without fail.
It’s saved my hide more times than I can count now!

@b0rk explodes more myths at

My boring blog post:


3 days ago
3 days ago

Got the last #anime figure I was waiting for in and USPS Damaged the box during shipping!

At least the figure is fine but just another thing to make me want to do less online shopping.

The Fate Grand Order Ozymandias now on display, and may be the last scaled figure I get for a while.

#blogging #blogger #blogs #blogpost #collecting

Ozymandias is the figure with the Golden Throne, now this shelf is full again so may rethink getting anything else for a time.
J 🌟
3 days ago

Welp, Bludit didn't save my post draft, so that's an hour's work gone. Godfuckingdamnitshit. #Blogging

Martin Rundkvist
3 days ago

My blog regulars want an open thread for each month where they can shoot the breeze.


The July 2015 #blog archives are up! What was going on back then?

Tons of #FFXIV that month - working through Heavensward and what that experience was like at the time. Also, Windows 10 was just being released... has it really been that long?
#Gaming #VideoGames #Blogging

Chris Jarvis :verified:
3 days ago

What are your goals for this week?

What are you building?
What will be a good result by week's end?
Are you attending any events this week? Any suggestions of events to attend?
Did you meet your goals last week?
#motivation #goals #blogging

Matias Hettich Castillo
3 days ago

I've been struggling to figure out what to do with my life on a creative level. On one hand I like to make video games, but I also like to draw comics. Sometimes I think that having a YouTube channel would be a good idea, and sometimes I think that maybe I should just write down my mind on a blog instead.

#Thoughts #GameDev #ComicArtist #Ideas #OnMyMind #GivingAThought #PeaceOfMind #YouTube #Blogging

Blogpocket Bot :wordpress:
4 days ago

Mastodon: Guía técnica de Blogpocket (parte I)

Esta guía te brinda conocimientos técnicos básicos para navegar sin problemas en Mastodon, ya seas principiante o usuario de WordPress que quiere integrar su blog con el Fediverso. Únete a la comunidad Mastodon y expande tus horizontes en línea con esta guía técnica de iniciación.

#Blogging #Mastodon #WordPress

4 days ago

I can't always eat my feelings, so sometimes I have to write my feelings – on my fear towards life, and the chronic unease I feel towards a world that has gone off the rails:

#writing #blogging

Welp, the summary of what I did last month, this is day 46 of #100DaysToOffload and I really need to post a bit more...

#MonthlySummary #Blogging #IAmBack

I finally fixed something that had been broken on my website (Wordpress) for months. I briefly broke something else in the process, but managed to fix that too. Fingers crossed it's all working now!
#blogging #wordpress #frustration

Preslav Rachev
5 days ago

Help me decide.

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6 days ago

My new blog is live, I've uploaded all this year's blog posts so far up to it. My new first blog post will be up on Tuesday. #blog #blogging #gardeningblog #craftingblog.

Nils Müller
1 week ago

Ein Artikel von @Jackivers brachte mich auf Texte von @matthiasott und @pluralistic. Und vielleicht bringen die mich wieder mehr zum Schreiben:

#Zettelkasten #Blogging

Arbiter Albi
1 week ago

haha! I'm on the ball today! In which I talk about yeeting my fucking uterus at the end of this month!

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Noelle Mitchell 📚
1 week ago

Eww no I don't want to know "ChatGPT hacks" so I can 1,000x my productivity. I know how to write perfectly fine without ChatGPT. 😆📝🤖

#tech #chatgpt #writing #creativity #AI #blogging

You know what, let's do an #AskMeAnything kinda thing, @kev did it so why can't I?

Contact me however you want

Or just reply to this thread :blobcatderpy:

#AMA #blogging

1 week ago

I just finished reading Little Stories of Your Life: Find your voice, share your world and tell your story by Laura Pashby.

If you're interested in telling stories in the forms of photography, blogs, or even instagram, this book is great for pondering storytelling, and how to share your world with others. #books #bookstodon #blogging #photography #creativity #storytelling

Jake Beamer
1 week ago

Why do YOU blog? I've been working on a post about my history writing online myself, which is still forthcoming. @tldr asked the question the other day, and @hl has written a cool little piece about it.

I strongly agree with these ideas:

#blogs #blogging #writing #ideas #notes #NoteTaking #WordPress

1 week ago

Here's a bit about me.

I write a blog.

I record a podcast.

I used to be on another instance, but I migrated back over here when it just didn't feel lively enough to me. I lean liberal. I read books. I'm kinda religious, but don't identify as anything in particular.

#writing #blogging #podcasting #religion

Schmutzie 🦉
2 weeks ago

@gregpak I haven't posted more than twice a month in a while, but it's turning 20 and I love it still: #Blog #Blogging

2 weeks ago

my partner made me a handmade booklet for our 7th year anniversary, so I documented it in a photoessay:

#art #blogging # writing

Robert Lender
2 weeks ago

Jetzt habt ihr mich so weit gebracht 😌. Ich schaue mir Linux Varianten und Videos dazu an und überlege mir ein günstiges Notebook mit Linux zuzulegen. Quasi als mobile #Nextcloud #Fediverse und #Blogging Maschine.
Mal schauen, ob ich das wirklich in die Praxis umsetze.

2 weeks ago

How we relate to nature is connected to how we relate to people like my brother; what we mean when we say "nature" is connected to what we mean when we say "disability."

#Disability #WritingCommunity @writingcommunity @writers #Blogging #Nature #Wilderness

Catching Shadows
2 weeks ago

Book Review: _The Archive Undying_ by Emma Mieko Candon Sunai would like to avoid getting in the robot. (He might have to get in the robot.) @bookstodon @sciencefiction #sciencefiction #bookreview #books #blogging

Paula Borchardt
2 weeks ago
Peter Butler
2 weeks ago

If you were going to start a photo blog on the Fediverse, which software would you use?

(and I’d love to hear why in the replies…)

#Photos #Blogging #Fediverse #Pixelfed #Mastodon #Calckey #Photography

Colin Devroe
2 weeks ago

Wrote a draft of a blog post. Left it alone. Came back to it later and disagreed with myself. That is why I blog. Blogging is how I think.

A quote from me in 2013:

> “writing, for me, is my way of deep thinking. I then get to edit my thoughts. What a beautiful idea! To write something down that you're thinking about and, rather than the thought simply going away, you can go back and begin to craft that idea and mold your own opinion until you can fully come to a conclusion”


"This is not a remotely fair deal for those of us on the 'putting stuff up on the web for free' side of the equation. It doesn’t matter whether it’s illegal or not—though legislation is probably the only way to get the tech industry to stop it—because the social contract is broken." @baldur

Baldur's clear-eyed takes on the hype and risks of tech's current fascination with #AI continues. Has the #Cluetrain been derailed? ☹️

#blogging #paywalls

3 weeks ago

wrote a post about co-existing with my broken mind: "To co-exist with my broken mind, I have to learn how to be a caregiver to it. I have to be sensitive to my mind’s feelings, and yet challenge it, but I can’t push it too far. I have to compassionate to its damage, but I cannot allow it to be the automatic pilot of my life."

#writing #blogging #depression

So I'm experimenting with the way I use #Substack.

Posts are now free to read for everyone, but will lock a few weeks after publication.

I always appreciate it when #Medium members choose to read my work on that platform, but for everyone else, you won't miss out if you have a read before the lock-out time.

I'm thankful for my paid subscribers on Substack, and think it's fair that access to archives should be one of the perks of membership.

#blog #blogging

3 weeks ago

Decluttering in both virtual and real worlds

Is it that easy to erase or discard material things, code, and memories?

You tell me.

#blogging #personal #斷捨離

CC @m2m

William :bisexual_flag:
3 weeks ago

Hi All, I've been approached to have a couple of links scattered throughout my blog. Not necessarily going to say yes, but does anyone have any ideas what my asking rate should be? Even ballpark numbers?

#Writing #Blogging #Partnerships

Working on a piece about writing, WordPress, blogs and such and it's getting too long to put the full thing on here as a post. 😂 I'll probably just throw a snippet here and link to the full thing on WordPress when it's ready.

#WordPress #writing #blogs #blogging

My wife and I are big cartoon watchers, which is something we bonded over when we first met. Several years before we met, I had started a cartoon blog just for kicks and to talk about my favorite shows (I still write on it sometimes:

When wifey and I first met, we especially bonded over things like The Simpsons, Futurama, Bob's Burgers, and American Dad. We even did a podcast together last year where we recorded and released a new episode every day in October that covered *every* Treehouse of Horror episode so far, with a segment-by-segment breakdown (

My favorite Simpsons episodes change a lot, and I like the later seasons too (including the current one- I've seen every episode of the show to date multiple times 🤣). One of my top favorite episodes is season 12's "The Computer Wore Menace Shoes". It's such a bizarre and hilarious episode with so many facets- Homer buying his first computer, starting a website (see the still of 'Homer's Web Page' below), and then being whisked away to a weird island because they think he knows too much.

It also has what might be my favorite chalkboard gag of all time, as Bart is writing 'I will only provide a urine sample when asked'. 🤣🤣

I love weird animation so much.

#HomersWebPage #Simpsons #cartoons #TV #TheSimpsons #animation #weird #blogs #WordPress #blogging #podcasts #podcasting #TreehouseOfHorror

A still from the Simpsons episode 'The Computer Wore Menace Shoes' with Lisa looking at a computer and Homer's Web Page is on it.
A still from the Simpsons episode 'The Computer Wore Menace Shoes' with Homer standing next to the woman giving out the Pulitzer. He has a black bag with a white question mark on it over his head.
A still from the Simpsons episode 'The Computer Wore Menace Shoes' when Homer had been taken to the island and has a bowl of ice cream with syringes and other drugs in it in front of him.
A still from the Simpsons episode 'The Computer Wore Menace Shoes' with Homer looking up after he's eaten the dessert with the syringes, and syringes are in his face.
Matthias Ott
3 weeks ago

✍️ New post: Writing, Fragments, and the Memex Method

A post about a post on blogging by @pluralistic and what happens when fragments of thought nucleate.

#writing #blogging #archives

Arbiter Albi
1 month ago

#RaintreeRuckus has been updated! It is a #ThrowbackThursday, but revisited.

"Gender Notes" is a document I occasionally return to and modify in some way-- adding, removing, clarifying. This is the "snapshot" as I stand on things in 2023.

#NonBinary #Agender #LGBTQ #Queer #Transgender #GenderNotes #BlackMastodon #BlackFedi #Blogging

Colin Devroe
1 month ago

I've been making improvements to Tuff, my homemade static site generator, for several months. These small updates begin to add up. So much so that I'm confident I'll be using Tuff for many years to come.

I wrote a blog post about these improvements including the new not-so-static search feature!

#blogging #php

Chris Hardie
1 month ago

I've started a new #blog — Stumble.Press — to informally capture experiences and reflections as I figure out this new life as a local #newspaper #publisher. #journalism #localnews #blogging

Hanami Mastery
1 month ago

@bridgetown is Ruby's best static site generator, and here is why.

@jaredwhite did an amazing job on this, I hope to touch some more advanced features of it soon! #ruby
#webdev #blogging

Oh yeah I haven't written a blog post in a while...🤔😆

#blog #writing #blogging

1 month ago

Updated my blog’s homepage. A small "cosmic" running in the background using SVG animateMotion. Still experimenting.

Recently added a "Penpal" page.

Cleaned up a bit of the CSS. Some adjustments to the layout. It feels neater.

#blogging #IndieWeb #PersonalWebsite #blog

Shine F.
1 month ago

So...I have resumed blogging. How wonderful it is to be writing again for myself, not for any deadlines nor to fulfill any SEO requirement.

Will I be able to sustain this? I sure hope so.

If you would be so kind, please give it a read. Thank you! 😁

"Hawker is Sweeter the Second Time Around"

#blogging #travel #food #TootSEA #AmWriting

1 month ago

Guten Morgen. ☕ ☀️ Heut ist nicht nur #BandcampFriday , sondern auch #wmdedgt . Ich versuche das diesmal häppchenweise, peu à peu #blogging

Arbiter Albi
1 month ago

I guess I should install Jetpack. ANYWAY, a #ThrowbackThursday #blog entry for today: I'm a hedgehog. And I bite. But you will also learn a few more things about me.

#RaintreeRuckus #Writing #Blogging #hedgehogs

1 month ago

I would like to start some #blogging about #dotnet and I can't decide if I should use something like medium/ or start a own blog. Own blog is so cumbersome with all the GDPR and site notice regulations in Germany. What are you all suggesting?