Stefanie Neumann
2 hours ago

Autumnal Things I'm Grateful For III:

A visit to the nearby #Dahlia Garden Hamburg. The burst of colours, variety of shapes & buzzing of insects in the middle of the woody LCA Altonaer Volkspark is always a magical treat.

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Pale-yellow dahlia flower with bee amongst further flowers of the same kind.
A close-up of a dahlia flower with red-and-offwhite petals and a bumblebee on the yellow stamens.
Two dahlia flowers in close-up, one fully open, one partially open. They have white-and-red petals and yellow stamens. A bee sits on the yellow stamen of the fully opened flower, partially covered by the petals of the partially opened flower.
A pom-pom shaped dahlia flower in shades of orange, partially drenched in sunlight. Close-up.
annekekassteele 🥂
2 hours ago

Bijna oktober...en de rozen in m'n tuin bloeien nog volop #Roses #Homegarden #Bloomscrolling

Tender rose in white + rosa colour, the roses are small and wide open. In the back are green leaves.
3 hours ago
Four photos in a grid - pinky orange orchid,  two bright pink daisies and a burnt orange daisy I thought might have given up  (yay, it hasn't!)
🎨 By Peter
3 hours ago

A few more pics from Veale Gardens #Adelaide before sunset 🙂

#Flowers #FlowersOfMastodon #Bloomscrolling #Color

A light yellow flower with three main petals (C)P.Gamble Photography
A very light yellow rose just before sunset (C)P.Gamble Photography
A vibrant pink/yellow/reddish rose just before sunset (C)P.Gamble Photography
3 hours ago

Another one for #FloralFriday, this delicate purple flower has so much going on. Hope you had a good week, make sure to get in some #bloomscrolling this weekend 😊

4 hours ago
Purple marguerites. Lots of them.
Kate Bowles
4 hours ago

Made it to the end of Friday. My friend has given me surplus tomato seedlings to plant. Let’s go long weekend. (If you’re outside Australia and curious, it’s the celebration of the 8 hour working day, so shout out to the union movement too.)

Edited to add #bloomscrolling and @plants.

Purple sweet pea flower against a background of jasmine in the sun waiting to flower.
Clump of SweetBite tomato seedlings in a white plastic bag, viewed from above.
Single bright orange California Poppy closing up for the day, against background of out of focus purple osteospermum.
Damien Hurrell
5 hours ago

I've heard a lot about them but today I actually saw a #bluebandedbee in our garden: probably Amegilla cingulata. Feeding on Carpobrotus glaucescens, the #Australian native pigface. #Bloomscrolling #bloomscrollingwithbee

A blue banded bee hovers above the flower of an Australian native pigface.
A (poorly focussed) image of a blue banded bee feeding on the flower of a grevillea
A blue banded bee feeding in the flower of the Australian native pigface.
The Streets of Melbourne
5 hours ago

Just look at these awesome #Rhododendron… pink as anything and oh so delicate, elegant in appearance.

I’ve seen many in white, too!

Most species are native to eastern Asia and the Himalayan region, but smaller numbers occur elsewhere in Asia, and in North America, Europe and Australia.

Fun fact; there exists, 1,024 different species of Rhododendron 😳🙌

📍#Richmond #Australia

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Graham Palmer
6 hours ago

A star of our Spring flowers - Blue Star. I took this in late September a few years ago, so I’m guessing they’re probably finished by now. They really are that shade of blue - no Photoshop used!
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Blue Flower, Blue Star, Spring Flower, Deep blue flower, Yellow Stamens
6 hours ago

A l’image de ma semaine : du fouillis et du joli 😊
Bon courage pour cette journée !


Photographie d'une partie d'un beau massif de fleurs des champs. L'espace de verdure, où s'entremêlent tiges et feuilles de différentes formes, est parsemé de petites fleurs blanches, jaunes et rouge vif.
7 hours ago

On the one hand, I love the arching, enameled ferns with their bright green tops and fuzzy brown spores underneath. On the other hand, my goodness am I going to be uprooting baby ferns all next spring! Anyway, fertility is pressing onward before the snows...


A tangle of ferns. The ferns are like huge feathers -- bright jade green and almost looking hard and scaly on top, with a texture like green snakeskin. Underneath, they are velvety with spore cases, hundreds of tiny, red-brown dots on every centimeter of surface. The fronds arch and curve elegantly, like the arms of dancers holding a pose. Their curves reveal the tops and undersides at the same time.
A long, thin pod, the pod of a pink milkweed plant. It's smaller and smoother than the pods of the common milkweed, but the idea is the same -- the outer, brown husk is splitting, revealing a still=green inner core which has also split, and inside it are the overlapping golden seeds, like the scales of a fish, and just a glimpse of the silk that will soon lift them on the wind. Around the pod are the spotted red-green leaves of the plant as well as the remains of an earlier pod -- the curved shell and a few tendrils of silk that have yet to launch into the air.
Spirea in full bloom. My camera isn't quite good enough to capture the blue of their color; the picture is too purple. But the long stem with the alternating leaf clusters and blossoms are there. The blossom clusters look like the tutus of a group of ballerinas descending a staircase, sticking out from the stem with  flutes and clusters of color and little spikes. Each flute (like the champagne glass, not the instrument) is a floweret, and the spikes are the anthers, waiting for a willing bee or fly.
Bjorn Idle
7 hours ago

Ceanothus looks beautiful this time of year - here's one from on top of the hill behind us.

We've tried growing them before but can never get enough sun for them...

Vertical pic

#BloomScrolling #Florespondence #NaturePhotography #MacroPhotography #Gardening #Plants #Flowers #Ceanothus

Closeup of a cloud of tiny blue flowers with yellow centres, forming many clusters
Peter Riley
7 hours ago

Matchstick anyone? The stunning pink and green buds of #Banksia cuneata, aka Quairading Banksia or Matchstick Banksia; an #endangeredspecies found in a small area of #WesternAustralia.

SallyB Photography.


8 hours ago

Happy tūī bird
Holding on tightly to eat
Singing tuneful songs

#haiku #blossoms #flowers #bloomscrolling #birds #birdwatching #backyard #spring #windy

A flowering cherry tree with white blossoms and a tūī (medium sized shiny black, 
blue, vaguely green bird with a white neck frilly feathery plume) enjoying a feast on the nectar
Deborah Makarios
9 hours ago


Against round green leaves and curling stems, two round flowers blaze forth in a panoply of yellow and shade after shade of orange. There are blotches of colour and streaks from the centre to the outer edge of the broad petals. It's a riot of colour, sunset in miniature.
9 hours ago

Bunch of tropical flowers #bloomscrolling

Bunch of tropical flowers
9 hours ago

Flowers in my garden today.

TC 💖
11 hours ago

The season is almost over... but not quite #Bloomscrolling

Pink and yellow dahlia
U.S. Elaine
11 hours ago

Flying insect on a woolly mullein flower, in a Mendocino garden. #BloomScrolling #Insects

The upper end of a large flower spike with numerous yellow flowers open amid many light green buds. On one of the flowers, a thin black fly or wild bee sits with its butt to the camera.
LA Legault
11 hours ago

#Bloomscrolling the fall garden winding down

Fall garden, beans and nasturtiums are winding down, they’re climbing varieties planted in wire welding cages, alongside African and French marigolds
Gaura flowers, they’re European, white with &  pink with large stems, perennial, and some people call  “whirllies
African marigolds in a bright yellow that look like pom poms on stems.
Bright orange climbing nasturtiums

My blue wood asters bloomed. I planted them last autumn. #Flowers #Gardening #Florespondence #BloomScrolling #Fall #Autumn

Little aster flowers growing all clustered together growing every which way. They have thin petals, a bit spiky, with spaces between them, a fluffy centers. They are pale, almost white. Bumblebees were enjoying them but none in this picture.
Tom Shaw
14 hours ago

Honey bees and bumble bee. There was one big bumble bee with an orange stripe but it wasn't going to have anything to do with me taking it's photo, what a queen.

#bees #honeybees #bumblebee #bumblebees #marigolds #bloomscrollingwithbee #bloomscrolling

A closeup cropped photo of a honey bee on an orange marigold flower. It is a very dark bee.
A closeup cropped photo of a honey bee on an orange marigold flower.
A closeup cropped photo of a bumble bee on an orange marigold flower. It is facing up, it's wings are still to each side at an angle back.
A closeup cropped photo of bumble bee butt on marigold flower.
14 hours ago

Some of the sunflowers are still in flower heading into October.

#BloomScrolling #Allotment #NoDig #Florespondence #GrowYourOwn #Biodiversity

Small sunflower heads flowering on plants a little over 50 cm tall. Bright yellow petals on show and they are still drawing in the pollinators.
Nearly 2 m tall multiple yellow sunflower heads are reaching into a grey autumnal sky.
Alex Volkov
14 hours ago

Recently, I've been going on long walks. I got pictures of flowers and a new hashtag I just found out about #BloomScrolling

A bee pollinating purple and yellow flower.
Purple and yellow flower, view from the top. Some purple petals are missing.
A purple flower lit up by an evening sun.
A yellow flower from someones garden. The flower was swaying in the wind so I couldn't make a close-up.
14 hours ago

A house on my street had the loveliest late season roses today. What a treat. #MedfordMA #SomervilleMA


A vibrant and large rose, with a buttery yellow center and some wonderful pink-tinged petal edges. The pink looks like it's been applied like a watercolor with faded and darker sections. It sits in a sea of dark green leaves.
A rose that is mostly buttery yellow and perfect, with light pink tinged petal edges on only the outermost petals. It's surrounded by lots of green leaves and sits proudly in the center. Near a wrought iron porch railing.
Alison Hawke
18 hours ago

#BloomScrolling these lovely orange yellow flowers and their tiny berries in a planter in Clayton MO yesterday were a bright spot in a trying day.

I'm not sure what they are, but they helped.

Clusters of small orange yellow flowers and dark green leaves, sprinkled with water droplets. Some black spherical berries show between the flower clusters.

the mini phal has been blooming for about 3 months now. i figured i should get a shot of it while the blooms are still nice 🌸

#plants @plants #flowers #houseplants #bloomscrolling #photography #SingleShot #ManualLens

Portrait photo of a pink mini Phalaenopsis orchid against a black background. There are nine colourful flowers on its hanging flower spike. (One of the flowers is hidden behind the others.)

📷 Crepe Myrtle at sunset.

August, 2023

#FediversalPictures #Photograpy #Flowers #Bloomscrolling

several branches of a mature crepe myrtle tree with white flowers push into the picture from the right, against a baby blue sky with wispy clouds.

When you finally get the Jade Plant to bloom, yeah you pull out the big camera.. 😂

#JadePlant #Flowers #Bloomscrolling

A jade plant - in flower!
:CApride: Suddenly a badger
22 hours ago

Cold and dewy bee on Russian sage, taken this morning

#photography #bee #Bloomscrolling

A dew covered bee on the tip of some Russian Sage
Warner Crocker
23 hours ago

Good morning. Fall continues to take its toll. #Fall #Photography #flowers #BloomScrolling #Chicago #Today

Brown curling edges of zinnia bloom petals wilting from Fall’s cooler temperatures.
Bjorn Idle
1 day ago

Some Spring sights from the last couple of weeks:

* Forget-Me-Nots
* The first leaf of the season on an old climbing rose
* Zantedeschia flower that self-seeded down the drive
* Marigold in the sunshine

#BloomScrolling #MacroPhotography #FlowerPhotography #NaturePhotography #Flowers #Plants #Florespondence

Closeup of the tiny flowers on a Forget-Me-Not. The just-opening ones are pink with yellow centres, the fully-opened ones have blue petals, and the leaves surrounding them are slightly hairy, lime to dark green in colour
A single bright red leaf emerges from a bright red sheath on the stem of an old rose bush.
Looking down on a large white goblet-shaped flower. The single petal curls around a central yellow spathe. The widest part of the petal is dotted with dust left behind by rain drops
Closeup of a bright orange marigold flower in the bright sunshine
Karen Kaspar
2 days ago

For my friends in Europe - my watercolor painting "Three pink Zinnias" is now available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Für meine Freunde in Deutschland - mein Aquarellgemälde "Drei Zinnien in pink" ist nun auch bei Art Heroes erhältlich (kostenloser Versand).

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2 days ago

I have never seen pastel pink grevillea. Gorgeous! Even better with a visiting bee. Please enjoy. :blobcat:

#Grevillea #Bees #BloomScrolling #WildOz #NativeOz #OzPlants #Australia #Gardening #Flower #FlowerPhotography #Nature #NaturePhotography #Photography #Florespondence

Close up of a flower on the shrub in full bloom. The body is soft pink with creamy styles. There is a bee at the front.
Mike Edey
2 days ago

#Macrodon takes a visit to #Mosstodon and #BloomScrolling . #Lichensubscribe for, meh, whatever. This is just “photowalk until I feel better” dump.

Toiling in the fields every day little drone. The class struggle is real B, the struggle is real. Gloomy outlook; #StupidWalk helps but 👋 “all this”.

A pollen laden bee in a bright yellow sunflower
Dry red/brown moss capsules left over from last season
A small flowering plant growing out of some verdant moss in a crack in the sidewalk
Moss and lichen growing on a craggy bit of tree bark
The Streets of Melbourne
2 days ago

What a lovely display this morning, here in #Mckinnon, #Australia!

This magnificent #WisteriainSensis, commonly known as the Chinese wisteria, is a species of flowering plant in the pea family, native to China.

I’m in Love with these 🙏💜💜

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Deep State Dude
3 days ago

Found some Gazania treasure flowers on a sidewalk in LA!


Yellow golden daisy like flower with orange and brown tones on the petals
Treasure flower with yellow orange and brown petals found on an LA sidewalk.
George White
3 days ago

Found some Jerusalem Artichoke in the park. #Bloomscrolling

A stand of Jerusalem Artichoke in full bloom. Dozens of sunflower blossoms tip 8 to 10 foot tall plants.

Had a challenging day at work. Took my camera on safari in my back yard and found this. I think I’ll call it “life finds a way”.

The stump is from a very old pine tree that died about 4 years ago.

A close up of two sapling trees growing out of the gap between the bark and wood of a short tree stump on the ground.
Karen Kaspar
3 days ago

For my friends in Europe - my watercolor painting "Sunflower stilllife with glass vase" is now available at Art Heroes (free shipping in many countries).

Für meine Freunde in Deutschland - mein Aquarellgemälde "Sonnenblumen Stillleben mit Glasvase" ist nun auch bei Art Heroes erhältlich (kostenloser Versand).

#sunflower #sunflowers #stilllife #MastoArt #art #FediGiftShop
#flowers #flower #garden #floral #nature #bloomscrolling #aquarell #aquarelle

Gemma Sarracenia
3 days ago

Helloooo from the Tulsa Garden Center! It is haunted.


A violently orange flower.
Jake Rayson
3 days ago

Also in the #orchard is an old tree stump, and entwined around it is a honeysuckle. I _think_ it’s a native Lonicera periclymenum but don’t know for sure. Whatever, looks and smells gorgeous early/mid summer.

You can get smaller cultivars of the native Honeysuckle for smaller gardens, something like 'Rhubarb & Custard'. And you smell it before you see it, absolutely gorgeous.

#NativePlants #WildFlowers #BloomScrolling #gardening


Pale trumpet flowers and long stamens of honeysuckle
Jake Rayson
3 days ago

At the back of the house at #Rhug is a fairly steeply sloping lawned area, with four fruit trees. They have suffered in the shade of the mighty conifers behind, so with some judicious removal of lower branches and some quite severe pruning, they have started to blossom again.

I am now trying to create a #WildFlower #meadow on the grass. Not helped by a 7 week drought in spring! 🙄

23 April 2023

#ForestGarden #FoodForest #Rhug #BloomScrolling


Blossom on gnarly apple tree in front of a stand of conifers
Jake Rayson
3 days ago

Common Drone Fly (Eristalis tenax) on Daffodil Garlic (Allium neapolitanum). This is in the south facing bed by the track at the front of the house, backed by a 3m high wall.

Seriously, this edible onion has been an absolute star in the garden, a mass of star shaped white flowers in late summer

9 Sep 2023

#ForestGarden #FoodForest #edimentals #Rhug #BloomScrolling

Edit: add date


Hoverfly on white flowers
Kat ♾️
3 days ago

@MildAbrasive How about some bright tulip fields from spring in northwestern #Washington? 🌷 🌷🌷🌷🌷🌷

#flowers #BloomScrolling #PNW #photography

Photograph of a field of colorful tulips in pink, purple, yellow, white, and red rows in the Skagit Valley, Washington State.