Martin Holland
1 month ago

How to Build (And Destroy) a #SocialNetwork

Status means everything to platforms like #Twitter and Facebook. But contrary to what #ElonMusk thinks, it doesn’t come from a #BlueCheckmark.

"#TwitterBlue may be boneheaded as a revenue scheme, but it excels as a case study in how grappling for status can ruin a social network."

#TwitterTakeover #SocialMedia #BlueCheck #BlockTheBlue #BlueSky

1 month ago

Blue checkmarks are coming to Gmail!

This looks to be for verified companies only that have followed certain protocols. These aren't the blue checkmarks you're thinking about!

#Gmail #Google #Verification #BlueCheckMark #CheckMark #Tech #AllThingsTech

Alan Houser ☻␆
1 month ago

Dev Bounty: "TICK OFF"

A Chrome plugin to block all Twitter activity by users whose accounts bear a #BlueTick #BlueCheckMark
(individual ignore rules: to manually approve acct)

#bounty #developers #developer #chrome #tickoff

1 month ago

Like Mark Jones said, Lakers took Grizzlies offense away like a Blue checkmark.......

And they advance to the next round!!!!!!

#MEMvsLAL #NBAPlayoffs #Sports #LakeShow #BlueCheckmark #LOL

David Vienna
1 month ago

With all the stink over the #BlueCheckMark, it seems like a good time to share this T-shirt design again.

A woman and a man, each in a black T-shirt with the word "unverified" printed on it in which the "v" is a blue Twitter verification check mark.
Martin Holland
1 month ago

"When the Auschwitz Museum is having to issue a public statement saying that they didn’t pay for #TwitterBlue, it’s probably time for some deep self-reflection about what you’re doing.

Oh and now that advertisers have to subscribe to #Twitter Blue to advertise, any extension that blocks Twitter Blue users will also probably block most ads. The business genius has another excellent idea."

#ElonMusk #BlockTheBlue #BlueCheckmark
>Read to the end for a chill cat

Petra Pau
1 month ago

Es bleibt dabei: Ich zahle nicht!
#blauerhaken #BlueCheckMark

1 month ago

I was wrong about the #BlueCheckMark... I thought that they were essentially worthless now and that gold and grey checkmarks were the new 'actually verified.'

But according to this gold-verified 'DisneyJuniorUK' account on #Twitter that appears to not be the case... they're all worthless now.

CW for the archive link, racism:

Screenshot of Twitter with the name and handle of "Disney Junior UK" saying, "no fucking way"

Followed by another message below saying: "this isn't actually real right. someone fucking pinch me or something"
Scott 🐂
1 month ago

Imagine being proud of a #BlueCheckMark 🐵🤣

Daniel Reif 🦜
1 month ago

How Elon Musk Turned the Blue Checkmark Into a Scarlet Letter: A weekend-long masterclass in business failure. :blobfacepalm:

#Twitter #TwitterBlue #BlueCheckMark #ElonMusk

Martin Holland
1 month ago

Tried out @trunksapp for #Mastodon on #Android + #Browser, and I really like it. Cool new stuff, like showing only posts, boosts or replies; showing only not-read-posts and especially the green checkmark for verified accounts (#BlueCheckmark anyone). Will keep an eye on it.
@elk stays Nr.1, slightly in front of @phanpy for reading and interacting, @apps for posting links.
And you? What app/client should everyone know?
#mastotips #mastotip

Martin Holland
1 month ago

@mho Oh und grad erst gesehen, aber während des Streits um den #BlueCheckMark extra cool: Der grüne Haken bei verifizierten Accounts.

Martin Holland
2 months ago

Celebs Don’t Want to Pay for a #BlueCheckMark on #Twitter. Musk Fanboys Are Mad About It. – #MotherJones

#Catturd & Co. are bringing their pitchforks.

"Elon’s loyal following of right-wingers and shitposters have embraced #TwitterBlue with open arms. But they’re not happy that others have not: Several of #Musk fans and far-right public figures have tweeted at and about celebrities to complain about their refusal to fork over money for Twitter Blue."


Martin Holland
2 months ago

#Twitter Users With a Million Followers Are Getting 'Paid' Blue Checks, Like It or Not

“Wait I’m crying they’re giving them for punishment now,” Chrissy #Teigen tweeted.


"Disturbingly, accounts from people who are" dead — including Anthony #Bourdain, Chadwick #Boseman, and Kobe #Bryant ­— have also received the paid blue checks, obviously without being able to consent."

#TwitterTakeover #ElonMusk #SocialMedia #BlueCheckMark #TwitterBlue

Spoke 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

Space rockets, Twitter—what's the next thing that's going to blow up on Elon Musk's watch? #BlueCheckMark #Twitter

Jan Grolier
2 months ago

Bundesfinanzminister Christian #Lindner ist einer von 400 Abonnentinnen und Abonnenten des Blauen Hakens auf #Twitter weltweit.



Screenshot einer Unterhaltung über die wenigen Abos des blauen Hakens auf Twitter.
D. Elisabeth Glassco
2 months ago

Yes, there WAS life before Twitter! Not even 20 years ago!

I hope that NYC government and The Vatican haven’t capitulated to this charlatan’s blackmail.

Just freaking leave!

“By Friday morning, the city's verification had been restored with a gray check mark. The same had occurred with Pope Francis, who had also lost his blue check mark Thursday.”

#news #twitter #Musk #BlueCheckmark

Screenshot of imposter Twitter account for NYC Government.
Screenshot of Pope Frances Twitter page with gray check mark.
2 months ago

This is why we need #TwitterBlue #BlueCheckmark

2 months ago

probably all social media are monetizing users (especially creators) by targeting ads

yet when asked to pay for a service directly people freak out ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

#BlueCheckMark are controversial and i’d separate verification and service fee, which must remove ads for the payers
RT @georgehahn
I encourage everyone to bail. Twitter is 100% dependent on the free content we put on it. Elon’s $8/month shakedown is a mean punch down onto e…

Graham Lester
2 months ago

Different ways to get a blue checkmark, in order of shamefulness:
* Free, as a special act of grace from Elon
* Your company/publisher paid for you
* You surrendered to extortion
* You are just a total loser

2 months ago

@Ponygirl @rbreich The problem with the #Mastodon tusk being the #BlueCheckMark symbol is it it leaves out the rest of the fediverse. That said, the #Fediverse symbol just leaves me cold. We need to find a decent Fediverse symbol and we won’t need a #BlueTuskMark I know there is a verification process of some sort here, but people are quite visual, and it really would help as a trust factor for new #Twitter migrants, especially.

The Mastodon logo with the white M removed and a white checkmark in its place.
2 months ago

the only honorable mark to have on twitter rn


automated is mark meaning that the account is a bot

this will surely end well #bluecheckmark #twitterblue #twitter 🧊🛳️

a screenshot of a tweet from uscis (@uscis). it says, "though we have lost our checkmark, this is the official uscis twitter account. please beware of imposter accounts. when in doubt, visit for the latest immigration and citizenship information, with direct links to our social media." at the bottom is a picture of the u.s. citizenship and immigration services and department of homeland security logos.
back up for J. like JJ
2 months ago

3/ i'm both "proud" of some legit people this morning and sad they don't act accordingly by creating at least a double account...

but you can go and check #BlueCheckMark this morning on twitter, it's totally pack of really good people who used to have the famous check and now are just spitting in the face of Musk!!

me love

2 months ago

My Twitter #BlueCheckMark is finally removed. Thank goodness.

Now blue ticks can fully mean “This MF paid for Twitter”.

Randahl Fink
2 months ago

"Trash me all day, but it’ll cost $8"
— Elon Musk

"No it won't"
— Everyone on Twitter

Yesterday was Elon's deadline where he removed the blue checkmark. Popular accounts just shrugged. 🤷🏻

#TwitterBlue #verification #twitter #BlueCheckmark

Paul Chambers
2 months ago

For celebrities, who actually pays for Twitter Blue?

#Twitter falsely marking celebrities has having subscribed to #TwitterBlue to keep their #BlueCheckmark #verification

No low to low for #ElonMusk

Nick "Neiloch" :gamepad:
2 months ago

It's a "Feel Fact"
RT @ReneeAlida
Well, now that Elon is paying for some people's checkmarks, I'm just going to tell everybody he paid for mine.
It's an alternate fact. 🤣


#bluecheckmark I think the worst thing to come out of this is, more social media sites have decided to follow idiot musk so now they use our information to make money, they sell add spaces and now we have to pay to be on the sites..... Honestly greedy fucks the lot of them.

Looking at the #birdsite and what a day. Imagine paying $8 so you can relive your glory days of being a bully in highschool.

#twitter #twittermigration #elonmusk #bluecheckmark

2 months ago
I remember taking a tour of the @Twitter office many years ago being thanked for using the platform and given my blue check status. Today the #BlueCheckMark was removed unless I pay. I’d rather spend that money on @JackBox tacos 🌮☑️
2 months ago
Awww no #BlueCheckMark ?Does this mean that everyone is cool now..? (Psst they already were…)
2 months ago

@sharan It is quite the troll ... I mean, leaving King's #BlueCheckMark = You're Making Money for Me.

I'm starting to identify with the #FrenchRevolution. The Oligarchy has got to go

2 months ago

Monsieur Bieber (#JustinBieber aka #Bubbles ) is also now sans #BlueCheckMark as of this point. There are a few Bieber accounts in the Fediverse, but I don't think any are for or from him, officially.

A screenshot of Justin Bieber's Twitter profile showing his present Avi and header images, but most notably is that his blue check is now gone, which previously was beside his name. This change occurred today (2023-04-20) where, unless an account paid for it, legacy verifications would be automatically removed.
Chris McClure
2 months ago

Oh dear - mass confusion / uproar on #Twitter right now - the legacy #BlueCheckmark is gone. Now all the celebs are the same as the plebs. Except for the narcissists.

2 months ago

#Twitter Verified accounts are going crazy right now. Disappeared blue checks I noticed. #HenryWinkler #BenStiller #LaurenceTribe.. and #StephenKing reports that his account says he is a subscriber to Twitter Blue when he is not.


#ElonMusk #TwitterMigration #BlueCheckMark

Anthony SanFilippo 🤖
2 months ago

A eulogy:

"You lived a good life, but you definitely outlived your usefulness. See you on the self-important."

#RIP to my #BlueCheckMark


Not proven yet. Getting reports some have checkmarks despite claims they haven't paid. Top level talent likely didn't, or may even have to go through a separate process that Elon doesn't know how to work
RT @David_Leavitt
Taylor Swift is paying for a #BlueCheckMark

2 months ago

Why is Madonna paying for a #BlueCheckMark ?

Jungle George 🌴🌳🌲🍃
2 months ago

John Mastodon is still verified, and he's not paying a cent #BlueCheckMark

Avui un munt de gent es queixa que està perdent el #BlueCheckMark ... Jo el tinc a #Mastodon sense pagar i gràcies a un protocol estàndard #TwitterMigration

MugsysRapSheet Blog ☑️
2 months ago

What is the point of a "#BlueCheckmark" on Twitter anymore? It used to verify that the person behind the account *actually IS* the person they're claiming to be.

NOW, all it signifies is that you're stupid enough to give a Billionaire $8/month just to put a meaningless blue check next to your name. WTF? 🤦‍♂️

And why is anyone still on #TheOtherSite anyway? 🤨 📚
2 months ago

Twitter successfully transitions to #FoolsMark by removing verification #BlueCheckMark from legitimate accounts

Martin Holland
2 months ago

The legacy #BlueCheckmark on #Twitter is history. Looks strange now and I can't imagine, how this will play out. Makes it really easy to see, who sends money to #ElonMusk, though.

One thing, the last months have teached us, is that this will bring yet another batch of people here to #Mastodon and in the #Fediverse. No idea how big the surge will be this time, but I can't wait to find even more interesting accounts.

#SocialMedia #TwitterTakeover #Birdsite #Verification

@heiseonline on #Twitter without the blue checkmark
2 months ago

Today's the start of the #Twitter #verified #bluecheckmark #Shakedown!

#ElonMusk is trying to get people to pay for their free verified checkmarks. He's letting anyone who pays $8 to parody a person or a brand that didn't pay Twitter for their old free Blue Checkmark. It's extortion. A shakedown.

A parody account that is verified (for 8 bucks a month) liked my tweet. Note you do NOT see the name of the parody account, only the icon for The @NewYorkTimes and the Blue checkmark.

Verified tweet from the New York Times. Saying they liked 2 of your Tweets.  This is what the user sees when a parody account that is verified (for 8 dollars a month liked my tweet. You do NOT see the name of the parody account, only icon for The New York Times and the Blue check mark.
The Rob Burgess Show
3 months ago

Look at this foolishness. I used to crave a legitimately-earned blue check mark on Twitter. Now, I wouldn’t even want one. (if I were still active on Twitter.) I discussed this at length on this episode of the podcast:

#twitter #twittermigration #verified #BlueCheckMark #podcast

3 months ago

@Lowie I brought a #BlueCheckRat from #Twitter but he’s too cute to ditch. #BlueCheckMark #Rat

A pale blue rat with white checkmark and the hashed word ratified.

Would you ever pay to be "verified" on any social or professional network?

#socialmedia #verified #BlueCheckmark

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
6 months ago

#Twitter is now desperately flogging #TwitterBlue subscriptions (including a #verified #BlueCheckmark) via direct desktop, mobile, and web notifications. At least I didn't get anything through #TweetDeck.

Desktop Twitter notification: "Ready for the new Twitter Blue? Subscribe to get a blue checkmark and join quality conversations."
Twitter web notification: "Ready for the new Twitter Blue? Subscribe to get a blue checkmark and join quality conversations."
Twitter mobile notification: "Ready for the new Twitter Blue? Subscribe to get a blue checkmark and join quality conversations."

It's not easy to track every #journalist banned by #ElonMusk, or visible on #Mastodon. So here's a list of some lists:

#ProPublica reporters

#Journalists suspended by Elon

Way more journalists:

And finally, the Mastodon equivalent of a #BlueCheckmark

Journalist verification for Mastodon:

#Notable account verification:

Elizabeth T. Chin
6 months ago

saw someone with a #bluecheckmark on mastodon. does mastodon have an official verification system or are they just emojis? ✔️🔵

6 months ago
David Chartier
7 months ago

Hah. #Tumblr’s satirical blue checkmark can be purchased multiple times. #Twitter #BlueCheckMark

A Tumblr user discovers the site’s satirical blue checkmark program can be purchased multiple times. They demonstrate this by acquiring the max of 24 Checkmarks
John Lusk
7 months ago

Not normally a picture/meme guy, but this is gold.

#Twitter #BlueCheckMark

Mannequin pointing to another mannequin with blue checkmark and saying "this mf paid for Twitter"
Frankie ✅
7 months ago
David Chartier
7 months ago

Ahh haha, #Tumblr introduced a #BlueCheckMark and it’s just as Tumblr as you’d expect.

Get not one, but two checkmarks for the same price! It’s a BOGO blowout!

#Twitter #TwitterMigration

A screenshot of a sales page on Tumblr. They’re selling a parody blue check mark for verification/status symbol, making fun of Elon Musk’s disastrous idea on Twitter.
Ben Bittner
7 months ago

If only I had known I could charge for checkmarks before I spent all that time learning to draw.

I started with a sketch, then I took my finest sable brush and executed the finished piece in Hansa Yellow and French Ultramarine (I didn't have any IKB handy). Then I added irridescent Electric Blue and Aztec Gold, which sparkles, but you can't see in a static image.

5"x5", watercolor, $1000 because it is impossible to overcharge for checkmarks.

#bluecheckmark #mastoart

A blue whale in the form of a checkmark. Watercolor sketch.
A blue checkmark in an orange and yellow circle.