Jeremy :bat_boy:
59 minutes ago

I might need a fun contest idea to give away the one #BlueSky invite I have. Like whoever has the best contest idea gets the invite? I dunno yet 😂🤔

Dan van Moll
5 hours ago

I have two #BlueSky invite codes if anyone would like to take a glimpse.

Babs E. Blue
6 hours ago

"I heard a shaman say once, the Ancestors want our souls to be like the blue sky."

- Shannon Hale,
Book of a Thousand Days

Photography by me
"Morning Sky"
South Haven, MI, 2020

#photography #LakeMichigan #Michigan #morning #water #lake #sky #beach #bluesky #clouds #light

Blue sky at sunrise over a Lake Michigan shoreline in South Haven, Michigan.  The sky is almost the same as the water....the quote is "I once knew a shaman who said the ancestors wanted our souls to be like the blue sky" by Shannon Hale in Book of a Thousand Days

Hab mal wieder ein #bluesky invite und würde ihn gern an eine interessierte Person geben die sich im lgbtqia2s+ sieht.
Einfach melden.

Richard Grant
8 hours ago

@pixelpusher220 @FinchHaven @jezebelley @shoq At this point, I think it's too early to know how #bluesky will evolve. The extent of Dorsey's involvement is not clear. An incident involving racism & death threats was initially handled in a stand-offish way such as Dorsey might've advised, but the active early user base wouldn't stand for it, and the offender got booted. There are also signs that tech-minded folks are eager to pick up the AT protocol and run with it. It's all happening rather fast

Iván Ros Navarro 📘
9 hours ago

Intercambio invitación a #Bluesky por el ebook que yo elija en Kindle. ¿Algún interesado?

#blueskyinvite #blueskycode

Chris Ostertag
13 hours ago

If you want to know what’s happening on #Bluesky this pretty much sums it up

I don't know but I got the whole "story" about it and then ppl said it was something else and then I think butts happened.
18 hours ago

Haven't looked at #BlueSky in a week. Not sure if it's them or me. But it is one of us.

*hacker voice*

screenshot of my bluesky profile. I'm
Richard Grant
20 hours ago

@jezebelley I’m enjoying it, though I find the vibe a little frenetic. I suspect it will evolve into a good twitter replacement for things like real-time breaking news and the like (yesterday’s #WWDC event was easier to follow there than here, for example). But speaking personally, I find that I don’t *like* #Bluesky as much as mastodon.

chikorita157 🐰
21 hours ago

This is a very relevant article to why centralized platforms are turning into, well shit. It's the owner's way of attracting people to use their platform with the promise of making the platform valuable to its users.

When they realize their profits, they exploit their users by ruining the experience and requiring users to pay, hence the “enshittification”. After you realize this, it becomes impossible to leave because you risk losing connections, losing access to your puchases, etc. We are seeing this with Imgur, Twitter, and Reddit.

The obvious way to avoid enshittification is using the Fediverse. The Fediverse is Social Media as a utility, thus nobody can exploit the ActivityPub protocol monetarily. Sure, Mastodon/Calckey/Akkoma/Misskey instances can turn to crap if its not properly moderated or shut down, but you can always move to another one and still have your connections and access to the Fediverse.

It's a long read, but it can explain why Twitter, Imgur, Reddit, and other big centralized platforms are turning into crap.

No, #bluesky doesn't count since it's for profit and in theory, it have the same enshittification problem.

#reddit #twitter #tiktok #fediverse #imgur

Jeze3D.exe ☑
21 hours ago

How do people here at Mastodon feel about BlueSky? I've been using it for the first time today and rather like it. Feels like twitter from back in its infancy before it became horrendously bloated. It's like a hard reset.

#bluesky #twitter #mastodon

Non Serviam Media Collective
23 hours ago

Hey folks, follow NSM on #Bluesky at the link below! 👇

1 day ago

Also, fuck you idiots!


1 day ago

I just see people burning all their credibility and throwing their weight around with nothing to show before another electoral cycle approaches.

Supremely unwise.


1 day ago

Habe seit heute wieder einen #Bluesky Invite zu vergeben. Falls wer Interesse hat.

1 day ago

It's gonna be awesome when you are able to read about "Men in Black" and their misplaced UFOs on #BlueSky 🤣

Eric Leamen
1 day ago

I’m very grateful to have received a #Bluesky invite last week, and I’ve been checking it out a bit.

So far, I’m mostly noticing what’s missing. No animated GIFs. No hashtags. No post editing.

A lot of the shitposting, sarcasm culture that I grew tired of on Twitter.

Is it simpler and more approachable? Easier to find people thanks to algorithmic feeds? Maybe. But to me, feels mostly like a regression.

Also the iOS app is hot garbage. Thankfully works pretty well.

Michael Xander
1 day ago

I‘ve a #Bluesky invite to giveaway. Follow along and let me know if there’s interest. If yes, I’ll post it here tomorrow.

Happy hump day! I have one #BlueSky invite today, if you’re interested let me know and I’ll randomly pick someone depending how many people want one lol

Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
1 day ago

Second observation about #BlueSky: When a social network is new, people look to build their network and are generous at following back. I experienced that generosity here on Mastodon. I have not experienced that on BlueSky. Could be a number of factors staring me in the mirror though.

Who would like to be my 300th follower?

PS: Loving #Mastodon ❤️ The interactions are so much better than #Twitter and #FaceBook. Nice to deal with mostly intelligent, thoughtful people!

Join me in NOT promoting corporate-based social media!

#meta #Instagram #BlueSky #snapchat #tiktok

Darren Nevares
1 day ago

So which tech company is going to be worse next. It's like betting on a horse but you have to put it down after the race. #Twitch #Reddit #Twitter #Bluesky #YouTube #Facebook

2 days ago
Jack Dorsey soutient la candidature du démocrate et anti-vaccin Robert F. Kennedy à la présidentielle américaine

Le cofondateur et ex-directeur de Twitter Jack Dorsey a affirmé le 4 juin son soutien à Robert F. Kennedy dans la présidentielle américaine.

#JackDorsey #Twitter #BlueSky
Ashley M Gjøvik
2 days ago

Alright, #Bluesky folks, I was able to create an account (pending not getting thrown out over the ToS fiasco)

Come get me while you can, if you can

We'll see if my account is still functioning tomorrow morning...

2 days ago

#Bluesky / #ATProtocol is an extremely funny protocol that is explicitly designed to ensure that there are still powerful entities that own your attention. Sure! you can host your own personal data store, but everyone else will be getting your posts through a Big Graph Service that necessarily crawl all posts on the network, so it's actually mostly irrelevant.

Network diagram showing data flow in the bluesky network.

Individual users interact with personal data stores (PDS). Those PDS are crawled by Big Graph Services (BGS). BGS then feeds posts to AppViews and other feed generation services. Those feed generation services feed other posts back to your personal data store.
2 days ago

lmao taking a look at #ATProtocol / #Bluesky's implementation of #DID, and I think they missed the "decentralized" part in their "placeholder" DID method.

Your domain's DNS entries just contain a (truncated) hash that then has to be resolved at

recall that the DID method (plc) is part of the DID, so a different method (eg. web) is a different DID. to switch, you'd need to set an alsoKnownAs entry. plc only supports AT handles for alsoKnownAs.

DID Resolution

PLC DIDs are resolved to a DID document (JSON) by making simple HTTP GET request to the PLC server. The resolution endpoint is:

The PLC-specific state data (based on the most recent operation) can be fetched as a JSON object at:

#Bluesky, championed by Jack Dorsey, was supposed to be Twitter 2.0. Can it succeed? AP parrots the claim that Bluesky (which still hasn't invited me, lol) "is more intuitive and easy to use than 7-year-old Mastodon, which not long ago was touted as a possible Twitter replacement but which many find befuddlingly complicated and lacking in important features." I really like Mastodon :blobsmilehappyeyes:

2 days ago

Have you noticed how Jack Dorsey is present in all the places where the next wave of microblogging is officially supposed to be going next, except for the Fediverse/Mastodon?

Funny that.

#Twitter #JackDorsey #BlueSky #Nostr

2 days ago

"This social media site run by a narcissistic oligarch has become a Nazi bar. In protest I'm going to join this other social media site run by a narcissistic oligarch."

#BlueSky #FoolMeOnce #mastodon

First time in #Blaine #washington #usa.

What's good?

Full video coming soon.

#BlueSky #flags #Canada #sunny.

2 days ago

It’s too soon to tell if the grass is greener but by all accounts the sky is more blue…

I’m on #Bluesky at

2 days ago

Enough said.


2 days ago


I'm sure the #BlueSky people are loving the extreme right wing lunatics they have on board.

Paul Chambers
2 days ago

NEW Jack Dorsey Endorses RFK Jr. for President

The former Twitter CEO, and #Bluesky backer, promoted anti-science advocate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. just as the anti-vaxxer's Instagram account is reinstated.

#RFKjr is one of the U.S. most prominent vaccine conspiracists with his organization Children’s Health Defense. #News #USPol

Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
2 days ago

So, my friend gave me a #BlueSky invite code and I joined. I love it here on Mastodon/Fediverse and love and trust the community and the maintainers of my instance. At this early stage, BlueSky has all the influential BirdChan people and has not become a terrible hellsite yet. As a for-profit institution, BlueSky will sink into "Enshitification" (as Mr. Doctorow puts it) eventually. I will continute to invest myself in the Fediverse community and peek at BlueSky from time to time. The best outcome is that the people who would not leave BirdChan for the Fediverse leave for BlueSky.

Jay BⒶker
2 days ago

"BlueSky is cosplaying decentralization" #Bluesky

S'il fallait une raison de plus de ne pas utiliser #Twitter ou #Bluesky

"Jack Dorsey soutient la candidature du démocrate et anti-vaccin Robert F. Kennedy à la présidentielle américaine"

3 days ago

Asking Mastodon, whats up with #Bluesky only to be reminded that there is another presidential election approaching.

Zach Klipp (he/him)🌻
3 days ago

General impression of #Bluesky so far: The memes and shitposting are another level. It's a lot more like I remember twitter. There's some shitposting on (my) mastodon but it's a lot more genuine stuff and mature discussion which is probably better for my mental health but not as fun.

Charles Harper
3 days ago

Billy Connolly said once that there are two seasons in Scotland: June and winter. It’s June!

#June #Scotland #bluesky

Clear blue sky over Loch Bracadale on the Isle of Skye. Such a day as to lift the spirits and make them soar.
3 days ago

@OldAndCranky BREAKING NEWS: Trump to purchase #BlueSky.

3 days ago

#Jack endorsed a man that #Elon hosted on #Twitter. How much more obvious does it have to be?!

Jack is a fascist too. Start behaving and treating him accordingly.

Question EVERYTHING about #Bluesky.

Elon = Twitter
Jack = Bluesky

3 days ago

#Politics #USPolitics #JackDorsey #Twitter #BlueSky #RFKJunior

Jack Dorsey founder of Twitter and Blue Sky endorses RFK Junior for president of the United States.

Wondering if Mastodon wouldn't benefit from outright copying #Twitter's UI, as #Bluesky does

It makes iterating and innovating a lot easier in my opinion, as you don't need to constantly reinvent the wheel

I would argue that Twitter’s UI is actually very good. And it never really was the issue — centralization, lack of moderation and toxic algorithms leading to toxic behavior are.

Dani 🌻
3 days ago

#JackDorsey is endorsing an anti-vax conspiracy theorist moron RFK Jr and he’s predicting he’ll win 🙄 What an imbecile. Nice to finally know what a dumbfuck Dorsey is along with little boy minded #Musk. Billionaires will pick any candidate that will make sure they don’t pay any taxes. Think twice joining #Bluesky that will eventually become a cesspool.


I was always convinced that the issue is not #algorithms per see, but algorithms optimised to maximize profits regardless of users' health and safety

Bluesky shows that healthier algorithms are definitely possible, thanks to algorithmic choice and competition (anyone can build a new algorithmic feed on #Bluesky and make it available to the community)

#Bluesky now allows users to use algorithmic feeds if they want to, and to choose which algorithm said feeds use

It's a terrific user experience, simple to use (it basically works like lists), and it massively enhances discoverability on the platform

Considering that #Mastodon has a lot more active users, something similar on here would be terrific

(Any Fedipolice agent in my replies will gain an instant block. Open discussing is great, toxic pontification and insults are absolutely not.)

3 days ago

havent tried it yet (4.99$) but theres an app called SocialHub that supports Mastodon, #Bluesky, Tumblr, Slack, #Misskey, #Pixelfed and #Pleroma

if you try it out please tag me or reply here

Jens Finkhäuser 🌻
3 days ago

@rmdes If twitter burns to the ground fast enough, nothing will pop up in its place sufficiently fast. #BlueSky will try for sure.

Debating whether to use gasoline now or if there's enough wood just means it won't burn.

3 days ago

"#Bluesky members are not happy and some are calling for Dorsey to be thrown off the Bluesky board."

yes, yes, a solid plan, find a better billionaire to suck up to

Aral Balkan
3 days ago

Folks: #Twitter is owned by a horrible new billionaire… Forget the #fediverse, let’s use #Bluesky & #Nostr by the billionaire who created Twitter instead.


‘When a Twitter user commented there was “not a chance the DNC allows him to be nominated,” Dorsey replied, "Even more reason.” He later added that the DNC “seems more irrelevant by the day” and wrote “end of an empire,” to which Tesla CEO and current Twitter owner Elon Musk replied with two fire emoji.’

4 days ago

Just chiming in here, I can say it’s been a unique experience on Mastodon so far, I don’t know how to use it much yet but I’m trying to find more people to follow since I’m not shoveled anything by an algorithm. It’s really educational to hear everyone’s experience and I hope everyone gets something good out of this. So far #Bluesky has been kind of a letdown since it’s mostly just a wild export of Twitter culture and people just discussing… Twitter. I have hope for Mastodon!

Tim Chambers
4 days ago

Seeing this endorsement of antivax conspiracy theorist for President makes me immediately think #BlueSky would benefit I’d Jack divested, and stopped being 1/3rd of the board there. Just saying.

4 days ago

If you're going to #Bluesky, just note that JDorsey is now 'endorsing and predicting' antivax POS Robert F Kennedy for president.

Upol Ehsan
4 days ago

So how blue is #bluesky? Anyone used it? Is it better than #mastodon?

Mapping Support
4 days ago

@ai6yr I'm on the #BlueSky waiting list but kinda losing interest.

4 days ago

This tells you a lot about who you are supporting if you use #Nostr or #BlueSky... active pushing of #conspiracy theories and #RFKJR :

Nate Gorby
4 days ago

Do people still use #Bluesky? I haven’t logged on there in weeks and I don’t feel #fomo in the slightest.

chikorita157 🐰
4 days ago

There is a solution to this. Stop centralizing the internet.

If you want to take back control of the internet, we need to go back to blogging, using internet forums, and transition to the Fediverse with software that powers it like Mastodon, Calckey, Pixelfed, etc.

We need to stop making places like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit, Tiktok, etc the center of the internet. At any time, they can pull the rug as seen with Twitter numerous times and Reddit charging outrageous fees for their API.

Using the Fediverse isn't that hard. Sure, onboarding could be better, but once one starts using it, they will get used to it. Also, #bluesky is never the solution.

4 days ago

Buttercups swaying gently in the breeze with Glastonbury Tor in the background.
#glastonbury #glastonburytor #somerset #bluesky #buttercups #sunrise #sunrisephotography

Blue sky over the Tor. A field of buttercups in the foreground and a tree to the right.
5 days ago

Remember Google+ and the hype that surrounded it - how everyone wanted an invite? Those are the vibes I’m getting with #BlueSky #BlueskySocial but worse - seems to be #Twitter lite

Damon Outlaw
5 days ago Thank you. I believe many people are thinking like this and taking action. I know people that were burned by #bluesky that are now making their own platform and safety is the #1 emphasis. They don’t care about free speech. Safety and heavy moderation

5 days ago

This via @atrupar.
🤔Somehow #BlueSky is even less appealing than before. #Twitter #Musk #JackDorsey

Tweets between Musk, Robert Kennedy Jr. and Jack Dorsey in which Musk and Kennedy set a date to do a Spaces discussion together and Jack approves.
Jason Parker
6 days ago

So, it turns out that inventing your own protocol when better (read: secure) ones already exist may not actually be the best of ideas. Who knew‽

Allowing posts be their own parent? Great idea -- let's do that.

Allowing IDs of . and .. when those IDs become part of the URL? Brilliant.

Allowing follows on a like? Sure, fuck it, sounds good, throw it on the pile; maybe we can (spoiler: we can) also let a like be the parent of a post while we're at it.

I am having way too much fun with this.


Stephen Shankland
6 days ago

Bluesky roadmap. Well, more a collection of what it's done recently. I hadn't noticed the launch of the web interface ( so that's nice.

Chris Trottier
6 days ago

Yes, there's slowdown in #Mastodon sign-ups. My conjecture for why it's happening:

#Bluesky became the hotness and sucked the oxygen out of the room
2. People are awaiting
#Barcelona to see what #Meta has to offer
3. There hasn't been a big Mastodon release in a long, long time -- which dulls curiosity about the product
4. Growth of
#ActivityPub has moved more towards *key apps (#Misskey, #Calckey, etc.)


Damon Outlaw
6 days ago

This person jumps into my DMs on #reddit asking for a code, I tell him to join my Discord server as we set up a fair queue and system to give out codes. Dude says he doesn’t have much time, so then how will you have time for #bluesky? Or were you just planning to squat on a username? 🤔 At least they were nice about unlike a lot of other people

Maxi 7x 💉
6 days ago

@jeffjarvis This is untrue. #Bluesky’s tech is extremely centralized.

@jeffjarvis is there any real reason to use #BlueSky instead of Mastodon?

Damon Outlaw
6 days ago

I am pretty sure I irritate people on #Bluesky #Reddit and other platforms by telling them to give #Calckey a try lol

»Is #Bluesky billionaire proof?« @micahflee tries to answer some common questions about ownership and the business model behind Bluesky, and how they might plan to get profitable. I also learned that Jeremie Miller, the inventor of Jabber/XMPP, is a member of the board.