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Two newly-discovered Bluetooth security flaws allow attackers to hijack the connections of all devices using Bluetooth 4.2 to 5.4 -- all devices between late 2014 & now. AirDrop is a particular risk on Apple devices.

#bluetooth #security #apple #airdrop

6 hours ago

suggestion: which wireless heaphones with integrated microphone? #wireless #bluetooth #headphones #multimedia

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6 hours ago

Eurecom-Forscher, u.a. Daniele Antonioli, haben auf Grund zwei entdeckter, architektonischer Schwachstellen in Bluetooth sechs neue Angriffsszenarien entwickelt, die unter der Kennung CVE-2023-24023 firmieren, die Bluetooth Core Specification 4.2 bis 5.4 betreffen und auf den Namen BLUFFS hören. Möglich sind dadurch Man-in-the-Middle-Angriffe (MitM) und Geräteübernahmen.

#Bluetooth #BLUFFS #DaSS #privacy #security

Pyrzout :vm:
7 hours ago

New BLUFFS Bluetooth Attack Methods Can Have Large-Scale Impact: Researcher #Mobile&Wireless #Bluetooth

7 hours ago

»Neue Angriffstechnik – Eingriff in verschlüsselte: Bluetooth-Verbindungen möglich.«

Ohkai… seit wann galt #Bluetooth denn als #sicher und eine alten Übertragung der #Verschlusselung ist nicht per-se sicher, meiner Meinung nach (nein ich bin nicht DER Security-Profi).


Gert van Dijk
7 hours ago

“[...] six new attacks collectively named 'BLUFFS' that can break the secrecy of #bluetooth sessions, allowing for device impersonation and man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks.
[...] BLUFFS exploits two previously unknown flaws in the Bluetooth standard related to how session keys are derived to decrypt data in exchange.
These flaws are not specific to hardware or software configurations but are architectural instead [...]”
#security #infosec

8 hours ago

У протоколі Bluetooth знайшли вразливості, що дозволяють перехоплювати дані #НовиниIT #Bluetooth #Кібербезпека #Новини

Pyrzout :vm:
8 hours ago

BLUFFS: Six New Attacks that Break Secrecy of Bluetooth Sessions #CyberSecurityNews #cybersecurity #Vulnerability #Bluetooth

10 hours ago

Bluetooth Audio Connectivity Issue - Registered Endpoint, But No Sound Output (Ubuntu 23.10) #sound #bluetooth #pulseaudio #pipewire

💡 WiiM Amp music streamer amplificato con porta USB, HDMI ARC e sub out
Il WiiM Amp è l'acclamato streamer di rete WiiM con l'aggiunta di un amplificatore integrato: una soluzione versatile e no stress per un ascolto immediato e di qualità.

#bluetooth #codec #diffusori #hdmi #music #musica #rete #streamer #usb #wiimamp @wiimhome #HiResAudio #streamingmusic #streamingamp #wiimamp #wiimpro #wiimproplus #hifiaudio #hifi #desktopaudio #hifisystem

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Il WiiM Amp è il nuovo streamer/amplificatore integrato prodotto da Linkplay, progettato per offrire sia capacità di streaming che amplificazione ai diffusori passivi. Questo dispositivo compatto promette prestazioni di alto livello a un prezzo estremamente competitivo.

Dopo il successo ricevuto con WiiM Pro e WiiM Pro Plus che a cifre molto basse ha permesso di avere in

WiiM Amp
19 hours ago

Only Wifi is working in bluetooth+wifi combo adapter #drivers #2204 #bluetooth #laptop #adapter

22 hours ago

There was a hot-shutdown of 22.04.4 LTS. On rebooting found bluetooth not working #apt #bluetooth #bluetoothspeaker

1 day ago

Troubleshooting Bluetooth Connection Issue with Unbranded AirPods on Lenovo Ideapad S-145 #sound #bluetooth #pulseaudio #lenovo #realtek

Tochter hat neue #Bluetooth Kopfhörer, die können jetzt den relativ neuen #LDAC Codec, hauptsächlich wird #Spotify gehört. Merkt man da überhaupt einen Unterschied? Der Hersteller der #Kopfhörer warnt nämlich vor höherem Stromverbrauch.🤷‍♂️

1 day ago

Bluetooth Not Discovering Devices on Ubuntu 22.04.3 #bluetooth

♍️ Heather 👩🏻‍🦯
1 day ago

For any #blind #iOS users, what #bluetooth #keyboard recommendations do you have? Sighted users can chime in too, but I'm looking for something with square keys that does *NOT* have a touchpad.

Graham Downs
1 day ago

Bluetooth has been with us for a really REALLY long time, but we might be saying goodbye to it soon. :-)

#Technology #Bluetooth #Smartphones

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2 days ago

Anker Japan、ワイヤレスでのハイレゾ音源再生に対応したポータブルBluetoothスピーカー「Anker Soundcore Motion 300」のグリーンとブルーモデルを発売。
#applech2 #anker #bluetooth #soundcore #スピーカー #ハイレゾ

:rss: PC Watch
2 days ago

【やじうまミニレビュー】作業効率を爆上げする新時代の「HHKB Studio」。1カ月使ってすっかり虜に

#impress #半導体_周辺機器 #キーボード #Bluetooth #有線 #記事集約用 #レビュー

3 days ago

How to solve amd_gpio AMDI0030:00 INVALID CONFIG PARAM 0014? #boot #bluetooth

Christian :gentoo: :idle:
3 days ago

da machst du ein #Kernel #update und plötzlich wird #USB nach 15 Sekunden deaktiviert... Wirkung: Bluetooth Maus nach 15 Sekunden Inaktivität deaktiviert und erst wieder aktivierbar nach #Bluetooth Neustart... Also #USB autosuspend in der #grub deaktiviert und schon läuft alles wieder :aru_0520: :terminal_cursor:

4 days ago

Happy evening augmenting a #bluetooth sensor in #HomeAssistant by reading an extra characteristic in Python from my desktop and publishing to #MQTT.

Now I can see my battery voltage for the outdoor temperature sensor (the battery temperature is in milliFarenheit or something bonkers like that)

4 days ago

Is there an Ubuntu MIDI synthesizer program which takes MIDI input and plays to current audio output without complex setup? #sound #bluetooth #alsa #jack #midi

4 days ago

Bloetooth Dosen't Working Dell Inspiration 3543 #bluetooth

4 days ago

生声日記 #589 〜Black Friday DTM関連お買い物〜

今回は、Black Friday当日と言う事で、Black Fridayセールで購入したDTM関連のお話です。(^_^;)

1番大きなお買い物は、Roland S-1と言う小型なシンセサイザーでして、KORGのVolcaシリーズのRoland版と言う事になります。(^_^;)


#Bluetooth #CME #DTM #MIDIThueBOX #Roland #S1 #生声日記 #ラジログ #買い物 #ブラックフライデー

How-To Geek
4 days ago
5 days ago

Hat jemand eine #Empfehlung für ein #Bluetooth #Headset oder #Earbuds, die die Verbindung mit mehreren Geräten unterstützen? Quasi um zwischen PC und Handy umzuschalten oder parallel zu hören, ohne jedes Mal das Gerät zu trennen und am anderen Gerät zu verbinden?
Ich glaube die Funktion nennt sich Multipoint.
Es gibt eine riesige Auswahl und ich hoffe auf Erfahrungen von euch, die die Suche eingrenzen.

:rss: PC Watch
6 days ago

#impress #半導体_周辺機器 #キーボード #Bluetooth

6 days ago

夜中にコレをポチった。(^_^;) またしてもCMEの商品。(^_^;)


取り敢えず、これでiMacからシンセまでの間をワイヤレスにして、このWIDI Thru6 BTからシンセまでをケーブルで繋ぐ方法にしようかと思う💦

#DTM #ワイヤレスMIDI #Bluetooth

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6 days ago

Bluetooth stack modifications to improve audio quality on headphones without AA
#ycombinator #bluetooth #a2dp #sbc #aptx #ldac

6 days ago

I can't enable the mic on ubuntu 22.04 #2204 #bluetooth #pulseaudio #alsa #microphone

6 days ago

Hedy Lamarr and Technology

Hedy LAMARR Hollywood aktrist. At the beginning of WW II, she and composer G Antheil developed a radio guidance system for Allied torpedoes that used spread spectrum and frequency hopping technology to defeat the threat of jamming by the Axis powers

#bluetooth #wifi #radio

6 days ago

TIL Wenn Deine Wireless Tastatur sich nicht mit Deinem vor Dir stehenden Rechner verbinden will, prüfe alle anderen Rechner im Haus, ob sie nicht noch mit einem von ihnen verbunden ist.
War hier monatelang kein Thema, bis K2 wieder nach Hause kam. Hat jetzt auch nur ein paar Wochen gedauert, bis ich drauf gekommen bin...
#Bluetooth #Wireless #TIL

1 week ago

What bluetooth drivers are used in Kubuntu 23.10 on a Macbook and can they be changed/upgraded? #drivers #kernel #kubuntu #bluetooth #2310

1 week ago

bluetooth dongle recognised but no function at startup, but does function after unplug-plug (edited) #usb #2204 #bluetooth

1 week ago

bluetooth dongle not recognised at startup, but is recognised after unplug-plug #usb #2204 #bluetooth

💡 Cambridge Audio MXN10, un music streamer completo
Music streamer di rete Cambridge Audio MXN10 con Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast, DAC integrato e Roon Ready

#audio #bluesound #bluetooth #BluOS #cambridge #dac #Ethernet #hifi #music #musica #MXN10 #usb #rete #streammagic #wifi #wiim #wiimproplus #wimmpro

1 week ago

Cambridge Audio produce music streamer di rete da molti anni. Il loro primo streamer capace e conveniente di successo era l’NP30 di 13 anni fa. Da allora, hanno continuato lo sviluppo e l’MXN10 è l’ultimo arrivato.

L’MXN10 è un music streamer di rete accessibile, elegante e ad alte prestazioni che mette a portata di mano grandi sonorità senza

Cambridge Audio MXN10
1 week ago

Guardando le cuffie Edifier WH700NB e leggendone le caratteristiche, non penseresti che si tratti di cuffie che costano meno di 50 euro: connessione multipoint Bluetooth 5.3, bassa latenza in modalità di gioco, ANC (cancellazione attiva del rumore), 68 ore di durata della batteria con ricarica rapida, grandi driver dinamici da 40 mm, e in soli 10 minuti hai altre 8 ore di

Edifier WH700NB
Edifier WH700NB
Edifier WH700NB
1 week ago
1 week ago

#wifi #bluetooth #ithelp #tech

Help, am about to commit a non-random act of violence😅.

Will changing channel on wifi router, stop bluetooth headphones from constantly disconnecting wifi????

All advice welcome.

QuasiMagia 🌀 マルコ
1 week ago

Amici del #tech
In casa ho iniziato a collegare le cuffie #bluetooth alla (smart)tv,
Lo trovo molto comodo e non devo preoccuparmi di disturbare i vicini.

Tutto bellissimo... se sono in casa da solo

Ma se volessi vedere qualcosa insieme ad un altra persona?
So bene che col bluetooth puoi connettere 1 sola periferica audio per volta, quindi vi chiedevo: esiste un qualche accrocchio per poter collegare 2 cuffie contemporaneamente?
Tipo un hub o cose simili?

Kote Isaev
1 week ago

One of examples of endless #enshitification happening across digital landscape is how actually people are being pushed away from #bluetooth towards using something that require internet connectivity. Have you tried to load files from a phone to PC without a "Phone Link" thingy, via standard "send file" / "receive file" of Bluetooth?
Microsoft wants people to register phone devices into Microsoft accounts.
I don't like how deeply buried "receive file via bluetooth" at windows into Settings app.

1 week ago

RTL8812AE Bluetooth on Ubuntu 22.04 not working - Bluetooth not found #drivers #2204 #bluetooth #realtek

1 week ago

Bluesnarfing, una estafa que ignoraba pero ante la que hay que estar prevenida:
#FACUA #bluesnarfing #estafas #Bluetooth #móvil @facua

Daniel Kießling
1 week ago
2 weeks ago

Enabling fastconnectable in /etc/bluetooth/main.conf disrupts audio on ubuntu 22.04? #sound #bluetooth #2304 #pipewire #a2dp

Andreas K
2 weeks ago

Which idiot thought that multipoint #bluetooth support in a headset is fine with supporting two devices ?

Mobile, tablet, work and private PC.

And a headset that is all the day in pairing mode, sigh.

I finally took some time to set up an LD2410C #mmWave #radar #sensor in #HomeAssistant.

These €5 sensors are great! They are much more sensitive (and have better range) than #PIR sensors, plus they detect both motion and occupancy.

Added bonus: they work over #BLE, so all you need is a USB/5V power supply to power them. Home Assistant has native support for them, and they work fine over #ESPHome’s #Bluetooth proxy.

LaPingvino 🟙 :ir:
2 weeks ago

Dear #infosec community. Any known attacks/flaws that involve all phones in an area getting a bunch of #Bluetooth pairing messages for different devices? Because I saw that just happen on the Blue Line #LinhaAzul of the metro in #Lisboa. I got the impression it was mostly or all JBL devices...

2 weeks ago

Now, the end of the story is that I'm going to buy #Bluetooth dongles for both our PCs now. It's not the quickest, at least I think so, but it works.

🧵 5/5

2 weeks ago

Now, why the fuck is is downright impossible these days to send files from one device to another?!

And yes, I know #Apple, #Google and probably #Microsoft all have their own versions of AirDrop, Nearby Share, or whatever they call it. Guess what? It only works within their own fucking ecosystem. Wanna send a file from an #Android phone to a #Windows PC? Well, tough luck, you should've bought an Android PC. Oh, right, THAT DOESN'T EXIST.

It's fucking 2023 and we have computers writing articles and painting artworks but the only(!) technology that can transmit files to another device in the same room is fucking #Bluetooth?


2 weeks ago

It's 2023; why can #bluetooth still not send a photo from my #android phone to the #apple macbook that it's paired with? This feels like such a 2010's problem, but no, I'm still emailing the file to myself like some kind of digital cave man.

c't Magazin
2 weeks ago

Bluetooth-Zukunft: Google mischt jetzt als Promoter mit

Google sitzt nun am Tisch der erlesenen Gruppe der Bluetooth-Promoter und hat mehr Einfluss auf den Nahfunk. Doch manche Spezifikationen entstehen woanders.

#Bluetooth #Google #Standards #news

Tomasz Nurkiewicz 🇺🇦
2 weeks ago

My #bluetooth headphones are paired with a smartphone and a laptop. I hold the former in my hand. The latter has a closed lid and lies on desk in the next room. Guess which device always connects first?

2 weeks ago

Bluetooth could help police spot e-bikes hacked for higher speeds | Senior German cycle-industry wonk calls for Bluetooth-based tracking of E-bikes

So there’s apparently debate in Germany that e-bikes are being “tuned” by some miscreant law-breakers to exceed speed & power constraints built into them by manufacturers and German law. This happens, and can have bad consequences for the bike let alone the rider, but in the sledgehammer-meets-nut way of political regulation:

Ernst Brust […] has recently been pressing for e-bike motor manufacturers to incorporate Bluetooth interfaces, “to make it easier to identify manipulated motors.”

Brust is no lightweight: variously an industry analyst, founder of a human-powered-vehicle test laboratory, managing director of the German bicycle industry association, and now on the board of Rohloff, he’s not a crank (ha!) to be dismissed.

What he’s proposing is that all e-bikes essentially broadcast their power ratings via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and incidentally thereby providing a digital license-plate for every e-bike… and who knows what other features.

From the freewalled posting that rewrote:

For Ernst Brust e-bike motor manufacturers should use Bluetooth interfaces to make it easier to identify manipulated motors. He recently participated in the battery technology conference organised by the Criminal Investigation Department in the city of Würzburg, Germany. He told the audience of the conference that a Bluetooth interface would make it very easy for the police to find out whether an e-bike has been tuned or not.

“If the police can read via Bluetooth that the output of an e-bike motor is more than 12 watt hours per kilometer, then the motor is tuned. The normal output is 5 to a maximum of 10 watt hours per kilometer,” said Ernst Brust. “Due to the variety of tuning kits, proving whether a motor has been tempered with or not is very time-consuming; you have to open the engine and require specialist know-how. The interface would greatly simplify everything and contribute to security.”

Speaking to the UK market for the moment, the politicians and police and polity here are already so much anti-cycling that I suspect they will seize upon this idea even though, over here, it is far from being a significant issue for the police to deal with.

Of course we are already in a world where many vehicles are equipped with a massive digital footprint, from onboard-wifi to tiny chips that chirp the individual tyre-pressure to anyone and anything that cares to listen. Many, perhaps most of our vehicles are passively digitally trackable.

But putting a Bluetooth API on your bicycle is a pretty scary Rubicon to cross, for privacy and freedom.

#bluetooth #cycling #eBikes #ernstBrust

Tucker Carlson's Nuts
3 weeks ago

🥥 #TIL
Today I learned that game controllers can be used to replace your #Android TV's stock controller.
I was searching for an affordably-priced #Bluetooth-enabled controller for my #Linux PC and discovered this amazing fact.
On the basis of this new information, I'll go on living through a few more of these dark days we're having lately. 🥥

Tucker Carlson's Nuts
3 weeks ago

🥥 Question for the #Fediverse #HiveMind:
Can your recommend a #Linux-ready #BlueTooth-enabled PC game controller that fits in the $20.00 to $30.00 US dollar range?
Would you be willing to say a few words about what you like about using it?
Thank YOU so much. 🥥

David Hembrow
3 weeks ago

Anyone here had any success with HC-05 Bluetooth modules ?

I received this one a few days ago and can't get it to go into master mode. I've done the usual recommended things such as pulling pin 34 high (3.3 V) and it just doesn't respond as normal HC-05 modules apparently should. AT+INIT never responds, for instance. No matter what commands I send to the module, it won't go into master mode but always remains "pairable".

#HC-05 #HC05 #bluetooth #electronics #arduino

HC-05 Bluetooth module. This has a BC41C chip instead of the usual BC417 and it's in a 32 pin PLCC type package instead of the more common BGA type package. Modules like this are being sold on the usual Chinese websites as "new version" but I'm starting to think I'd have been happier with the old version. The two pieces of wire-wrap cable are attached to pins 34 and 27. Pulling pin 34 high results in the module being in AT mode at power up so you can play with it to some extent, but commands to change the mode are ignored. - Apple-Blog
3 weeks ago

Erst in der vergangenen Woche haben wir euch den neuen #SoundcoreMotion300 von #Anker vorgestellt. Heute ist ein weiterer #Bluetooth- #Lautsprecher des Herstellers erschienen, der #SoundcoreMotionX500. Er ist ab sofort für 169,99 Euro erhältlich. Was euch genau erwartet, das verraten wir euch in unserem Testbericht.

Zum Test:

#appgefahren #Apple #AppleBlog #iPhone #iPad #Mac #Zubehör #BluetoothLautsprecher #Neuerscheinung

Eibe Person hält den neuen Soundcore Motion X500 in der Farbe Schwarz Deluxe am Griff in die Höhe.

I expect #Apple to rush a fix for this issue, as it only affects iOS 17.1 & I believe the beta for 17.2 as well. Prior iOS versions are not affected (just the 17 series apparently).

Folks with an #iPhone or #iPad (running the latest OS) should be wary of potential #Bluetooth attacks from anyone using a #FlipperZero device.

👉🏾 iPhones running iOS 17 can be crashed using a Flipper Zero - The Verge

4 weeks ago

25 years of #Bluetooth and yet still stuck at Hands-Free Profile (HFP) with mSBC for bidirectional audio. 🙄

For that extra vintage feeling when joining a telco with #Linux 👴

Andreas Kilgus
1 month ago

Aktuell halte ich nach ein paar günstigen Außenthermometern Ausschau, die ich an meine Home Assistant Instanz anbinden kann. Dabei bin ich nun auf SwitchBot-Produkte gestoßen, die sich per Bluetooth mit dem Raspberry Pi 4 koppeln ließen.

Der Hersteller gibt 120 Meter Reichweite an - im Freien, ohne Hindernisse. Das erscheint mir recht viel, wenn ich mir anschaue, auf welch kurze Distanz die Armbanduhr und das Smartphone sich via Bluetooth oft bereits nicht mehr finden …

Hat jemand Erfahrungswerte, auf was sich die versprochenen 120 Meter reduzieren dürften, wenn zwischen Sender und Empfänger mindestens drei Wände liegen?

#Bluetooth #Funkverbindung #SmartHome #Außenthermometer

@nigelbyrne Other people I know tend to #Spam #Bluetooth so hard that ebery device around them gets the message to "tell that antisocial asshole to turn down the volume!" and liteeally play that with a cringy TTS voice on endless loop to all bluetooth devices in range.

Making everyone hate the wanker that made someone else make Bluetooth unuseable has a 100% success rate IF and only IF one ceases said spamming as soon as the desired ibtervention takes place...

Jay Reding 🇺🇦
1 month ago

Fun with home automation: created a Bluetooth proxy so Home Assistant would pick up my Inkbird BBQ thermometer. (Which worked fairly well!)

Ended up picking up the neighbor's Bluetooth toothbrush.

1.BLE has a much longer range than you'd think, so be careful what you're exposing unpaired.

2, Why does a toothbrush need Bluetooth?

3. Home Assistant will happily integrate with your Bluetooth toothbrush.

#HomeAssistant #Bluetooth #SmartHome #Technology

1 month ago


Dear God, but the Sony ones were always so brittle. Seldom had one that lasted more than a few months. Then again, I was rather rough with 'em, always tossing them into my backpack while out and about.

/used Discmans nearly into the #2010s
//even used them for #CDs filled with #MP3s
/// #Bluetooth Latency is the new CD Skip

1 month ago

Are you interested in getting a Unijoysticle ? This is your opportunity.

After I run out of stock, I'll take a break before preparing a new batch.

Current stock:

- 5 units of C64 model
- 24 units of A500 model
- ~40 units of 800XL model

(I haven't announced the 800XL model yet. But it is a Unijoysticle for the Atari 8-bit computers)

Get it from here:

#unijoysticle #retrocomputing #gamepad #bluetooth #commodore64 #amiga #atari

Jemand eine Ahnung, wie ich Audio von meinen Handy auf meinen PC (#Linux #Debian) streamen kann? Ohne #Bluetooth?

Möchte halt wenn ich z. B. Minecraft spiele, Skoobe hören was nur fürs Handy verfügbar ist.

Danke, gerne #boosten #boost

Michael T. Richter
1 month ago

How is it after so many years #Linux still manages to totally fuck up the most basic and common use of #Bluetooth (audio)?

Every Bluetooth device I own connects to my Android phone without a hiccup. Every Bluetooth device I've tried (a subset of the first group) works without a hitch on the Windows machine at work.

But my main Linux box at home? About half of them don't work.

It should be a fucking embarrassment, but it seems the F/OSS crowd doesn't "grok" shame.

James Scholes
1 month ago

I'm looking for a device to which I can send #audio from my #iPhone, wired or wirelessly, and have that audio then sent to two sets of #Bluetooth #headphones in sync. Does anybody know of such a thing, or have ideas on how it could be cobbled together?

1 month ago

This #Bluetooth issue in #macOS / #macOS14 #Sonoma is really killing my productivity. I’ve never had my Mac lose connection with a keyboard before, but since upgrading to Sonoma, BT keeps crashing multiple times a day. I tried all the suggestions in all the forums, short of calling Apple’s support, I tried everything. But they’ll just tell me to reinstall macOS to test if that fixes the issue…

1 month ago

I've had a #Jellycomb #bluetooth #keyboard for #Mac for a few years now, worked great when I first got it, but some macOS update broke the media keys on it (in fact anything on the top row: media, screen brightness, fn keys, etc.) and I couldn't find a fix at the time, so kinda lived with it.

I just found the rather ace #Karabiner-Elements ( though, that does a bang-up job of remapping keys in #macOS

c't Magazin
1 month ago

Snapdragon Sound und XPAN: Audio-Übertragung über Bluetooth und WLAN

Im Zusammenspiel mit den neuen Snapdragon-Prozessoren können Kopfhörer mit Qualcomms neuem Soundchip S7 Gen 1 über Bluetooth und WLAN funken.

#Bluetooth #Kopfhörer #Qualcomm #WLAN #news

1 month ago

"You must install our app to pair your headphones."

You just made me immediately regret this purchase.

#alexa #headphones #bluetooth

Music from my phone playing on the BT speaker. Perfect volume. Very pleasant.

Suddenly, a sleeping Mac in the household decides to:
1. wake up
2. connect to the speaker
3. drive the volume all the way up to 11
4. disconnect
5. go to sleep

I almost get a heart attack, while scrambling to get the volume down.

How is #Bluetooth still so shit after quarter of a century? 🙄

Why do hardware manufacturers feel the urge to fuck up user assumptions (like: "sleeping device won't randomly connect")? 🤦‍♀️

Terence Eden
1 month ago

🆕 blog! “Review: Runner Diver2 Bone Conduction Swimming Headphones”

The good folk at Nank (Naenka) have sent me their latest waterproof Bluetooth headphones to review. Wear 'em while you're in the shower, swimming, jogging, or just on an endless sea of Zoom calls about quarterly budgets. Unboxing Bone Conducting??! Yup! Rather than s…

👀 Read more:

#bluetooth #gadgets #headphones #review

2 months ago

#Development #Releases
Serial over Bluetooth on the web · Chrome 117 on desktop now supports classic bluetooth devices

#WebDev #Bluetooth #Devices #Chrome #Browser #Frontend #JavaScript #API #SPP #RFCOMM

For all of Apple's talk about improved #AirPod switching between #Mac and #iPhone, I think my switching got worse.

Possibly due to the #PC I've paired with them being in range - getting them to connect to the PC at all is a fucking nightmare, requiring me to disable Bluetooth on every other #Apple device in range.

That *might* be the fault of the PC’s USB #Bluetooth adapter (it's hard to find reputable ones online), but either way: improved AirPod connectivity? Not in my experience. 🙃

2 months ago

In "so it turns out I owe #Bluetooth (protocol) an apology", as a "shit I can only get something on Amazon :ac_sighing: and I need to add something for free shipping" I picked up what is apparently the only Bluetooth to 3.5mm headphone audio receiver with battery power in a clip format, the APEKX Clip Audio Adapter.

And for a cheap SBC codec device plugged into my favorite $20 wired headphones in a form factor you can't get anymore it sounds... fine? The build quality isn't great, but for a six letter garbage brand thing, hey, apparently unique market segment so good on them.

This does mean my eternal annoyance at every cheap Bluetooth headset/headphones sounding like crap is on them fucking up the headphone part, which is even more infuriating. :ac_resignation:

Wendy DLN
2 months ago

In #episode 75 of #LinuxOutLoud, we cover various #hardware topics. Wendy recommends #Intel #wifi cards for #Linux and shares her #Bluetooth upgrade. Matt discusses #budget #phone options that don't give up updates. We talk about #internet issues, #SteamDeck #storage, and share a #GameRecommendation. Listen in your favorite #podcast app or #watch our silly antics on #Odysee #Rumble or #YouTube




Schneier on Security RSS
2 months ago

Hacking Gas Pumps via Bluetooth

Turns out pumps at gas stations are controlled via Bluetooth, and that the connections are insecure. No details in the artic...

#infrastructure #Uncategorized #Bluetooth #hacking #cars

Ryan Peters
2 months ago

Those working remotely, or anyone with a nice gaming #headset, what do you recommend as a #bluetooth option? Mine decided to break today. Thanks!

#headphones #boost

Julie Webgirl
2 months ago

Bluetooth Devices are like jilted lovers...

Once you connect to another device and try to go back it's like

"You slept with THAT?? Nuh-uh you're not getting in *this* bed again!*

#bluetooth #infosec #ItShouldntBeThisDfcult

Terence Eden
2 months ago

🆕 blog! “Better Bluetooth Sound Quality on Microsoft Teams in Windows 11”

Here's the problem. The current Bluetooth spec doesn't allow high-quality audio to be sent to a headset when it is also sending audio from the microphone. Instead, it switches to the Hands Free Profile (HFP) which only streams low quality mono sound. It makes Teams calls …

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Better Bluetooth Sound Quality on Microsoft Teams in Windows 11

Here's the problem. The current Bluetooth spec doesn't allow high-quality audio to be sent to a headset when it is also sending audio from the microphone. Instead, it switches to the Hands Free Profile (HFP) which only streams low quality mono sound. It makes Teams calls sound like garbage.

The usual solution in Google Meet, Zoom, and MS Teams is to manually tell the app to use Bluetooth for speakers but a separate mic for input. In my experience, that never works with Teams. It forces HFP even if you choose a different input source. Or it cocks-up the sound somehow.

So here's how to fix it on Windows 11.

Open "Settings" and click on "Bluetooth & devices" and select "Devices":

Then scroll down and click on "More devices and printer settings":

Right-click on your Bluetooth headset and select "Properties":

Open the "Services" tab and un-tick "Hands-free Telephony":

Hit the "OK" button to save your changes.

When you next use Teams, select your Bluetooth headset as the speaker and your laptop's mic as the input. You'll have beautifully clear sound while listening to Barry from accounts talk about this quarter's EBITDA.

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James Scholes
2 months ago

Yesterday, I asked my #iPhone to forget its connection to one of my laptops because my calls were being routed over #PhoneLink when I didn't want them to. Since then, every single time I get a completely unrelated pair of #AirPods out of their case, my phone refuses to connect to them without toggling #Bluetooth off and on again, including after a restart of the device. Obviously, I'm completely thrilled by this development. My new phone cannot arrive soon enough.

Embedded Podcast
3 months ago

This week, Trond Snekvik of Nordic Semiconductor spoke with Chris ( @stoneymonster ) and Elecia ( @logicalelegance ) about developing VSCode extensions and Bluetooth meshes.

You can listen here: !

Here is an excerpt from the show:

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`Da Elf
3 months ago

#Bluetooth Consortium is literally within walking distance (for me anyway). in Kirkland.

The protocol is insecure, doesn't work and has been shit since about ... 20 years.

All I want to do is call my girlfriend and say "I Wub You" but nooooo. [Literally all I wanted to do.]

Sync-ish to her phone, tunnel sounds.

Conversation should have taken five seconds, took three minutes collecting shit. And Not Our Fault!

Might go to Kirkland tomorrow.

`Da Elf
3 months ago


I can't call my better half without fucking about, She has to connect her stuff to her phone, occasionally to her car,

The BT5 specification is garbage with broken security in a spectrum that's overwhelmed and under managed by the FCC.

I can't hear my better half because, headphones (her's or mine depending, they both suck) (I really hate her headset, she hates the set I just fucked up.)

Conlan Spangler
3 months ago

For months, when playing audio from my #iPhone to #Bluetooth speakers/devices, the #audio would pause every few minutes, seemingly at random. I could not figure it out. I thought it might be a background app that was mistakenly taking over media playback, so I’d force quit any potential culprit or even restart my phone. Re-pair, reconnect, reset. No luck.


3 months ago

The official videos from DEFCON 31 have been posted!

Check out or DEFCON 31 talk "Snoop unto them, as they snoop unto us"!

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The Coding Beard
3 months ago

"The AirFly Pro is a transmitter that plugs into the headphone jack of the seatback screen and pairs with your Bluetooth-enabled earbuds or headphones. It can improve your audio listening during flights, which we tested on recent flights."

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Dennis Faucher :donor: :mastodon:
3 months ago

I love this #BlueTooth speaker. I bought two for stereo separation which is pretty cool. Looks like Amazon is having a sale. Enjoy.

Limited-time deal: Soundcore Motion+ Bluetooth Speaker with Hi-Res 30W Audio

3 months ago

Beyerdynamic has a new Bluetooth neckband earbud!
The Blue BYRD ANC sound great, get great battery life, and have a KILLER feature that true wireless buds can't match! Let's take a look!

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Gordon Anthony
3 months ago

I’ve been using my #Ruimen AJ01 #Bluetooth sunglasses for a couple of weeks now. I still like them, but I must admit the sound volume isn’t as good as it could be. In a noisy environment, I’ve sometimes struggled to hear #Voiceover. All audio frames have this problem to some extent, but it is still disappointing. Then again, at less than half the price of the likes of the now defunct Bose & Anker frames, I suppose you get what you pay for. I do still like these frames, but I do wish the volume was a bit louder.

Michal Bryxí 🌱
3 months ago

Few months ago I dumbed-down my setup of home speakers. From WiFi-connected, cloud-enabled #smartSpeaker. To simple #Bluetooth one. And I have to say that it's such a relieve. Not because of surveillance capitalism. Can't care less for that one. But because things finally work (mostly) without a glitch. No need to double guess what stopped working, where. What disconnected. What service need re-authorization. How to route sound from one device to the other.
It. Just. Works.
I would never, ever think that I would be happy about dumb, BlueTooth devices.

3 months ago

Apple isn't "winning" through merit and building better products.

They're playing dirty, and Airtags are another example of this company bullying the market.

We ALL Suffer When Apple Products DON’T “Just Work”...

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Dave Mark
3 months ago

"This $70 device can spoof an Apple device and trick you into sharing your password"

Scroll down to the bit about switching off Bluetooth on your iPhone and further down, the bit about Apple ID email retrieval.

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