Jay Deiman
3 weeks ago

This is a board game curiosity of mine. How many people keep the expansion boxes for expansions to games? Specifically, when you can easily add the expansion to the core box, do you actually keep the expansion box?

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2 months ago

Morning Mastodonians!

Looking forward getting to #PaxEast today with @adrienne ! Any of my fellow Masto #boardgamers #boardgames geeks going to be there today? Not planning on doing much, just wandering around gawking, maybe pick up a new set of dice, maybe a used game or two. Might go to a panel. There's a "Build Your Own Text Adventure" clinic at the end of the day we might go to. And I might just let it drop that I used to work at #Infocom, as that's probably a group that would know it.

4 months ago

Due to an increasingly tight budget this year I am desperately trying not to buy anymore games so I can save and splurge at UK Games Expo, but it is not easy 😅

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Grrsly Adams Family Vacation
4 months ago

@elucidarian Sorry they didn’t like it. What did they say?

Just to help brainstorm:

IP burnout, bad IP games, theme tacked on, mechanical similarities to other games are common for #boardgamers.

If they play another #MCU game they may not want another.

This game has a low complexity rating on #bgg. #Manascrew is as much luck as many #MTG players can take.

My instruction needs to offset my experience. The closest I’ve ever come to divorce was teaching my wife how to play #TwilightStruggle.

Rob Dyson :cassette:
4 months ago

I finally own a variant of Ticket to Ride (Europe), bought at Xmas and enjoyed over a month of family being over from South Africa. Gonna look forward to introducing more people to this game cc @iamkleach

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The board game Ticket to Ride - Europe edition. Image depicts historic images of Europe, and people in historic clothing surrounding an old steam train.
Stop, Drop & Roll
5 months ago

#boardgames #boardgamers Would you rather play a giant, human sized version of your favourite game, OR be shrunk down to the same size of the games components for the duration of the game?

6 months ago

So, I've posed this question to friends, but I thought I'd ask fellow #boardgamers: my sister is looking to start a #boardgame collection from scratch for her family. What games do you consider staples of a solid collection (aside from Catan)?

So far, I've come up with Ticket to Ride, King of Tokyo for the kids, and Betrayal At House On The Hill. What others are there and why do you recommend them?


7 months ago
7 months ago
7 months ago

Ok #boardgames #boardgamers. Which is thes best campagn game:


And why?

7 months ago

any #boardgamers or #tabletop #gamers on want to send me an invite? I wish I had found that instance first when I was trying to figure out how mastodon worked. I want to be with my #boardgame family!