One of my #GreatLoop #boating friends just shared this. Having lived through days and weeks of the same ( or worse) bad air in the PNW during fire season, I know exactly what theyโ€™re facing. Bad enough when youโ€™re stuck indoors in a house, but on a 32 foot boat? I really feel for them. I advised them to find someplace with good air like a museum or mall to spend the day since poor visibility has them stuck where they are.

Air quality map showing my friendโ€™s location right in the middle of the worst of it. ๏ฟผ
Sharon Cummings Art
1 day ago

Anchored to this earth
But not of it
Always tugging the line
Moving with the currents
She was made to sail
To wander
Where is the one
Who can bring her to life
Knowing hands
Playing her strings
Pulling pulling pulling
She takes
Her first hungry breath
To the wind
She is finally


#art #artist #MastoArt #FediArt #sailing #sail #boat #boating #boats #ocean #sea #beach #BeachLife #writing #AYearForArt #poem #poetry #poet #colorful #writingcommunity

colorful anchor art in a rainbow of shades with a blue watercolor background by artist and poet Sharon Cummings.  Poem in post.
Ronnie Tucker
3 days ago

Some nice #narrowboat photos I took this afternoon at Spiers Wharf in #Glasgow

#canal #forthandclyde #ForthAndClydeCanal #boating

Bob the Traveler
6 days ago

Samuel Plimsoll, who died OTD in 1898, devised the Plimsoll Line, marking the maximum safe draught on a ship's hull #travel #boating #history

1 week ago
1 week ago

Two of my #GreatLoop #boating friends are getting on the Erie Canal this coming week and I am dying of jealousy. Iโ€™ve been on it before โ€” I did the entire length from Albany to Buffalo as a crew member on someone elseโ€™s boat back in August 2021 โ€” but am itching to do it again at my own pace. Next summer.

In the meantime, I keep sending them notes and tips, including a link to this video about the creation of the original Erie Canal:

2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago

#Today I got to drive deep into Almaden Valley past Calero Reservoir.

Normally, I would only get to see this area while road biking through. Today, a #DoorDash delivery took me through to shortcut my way back to Santa Teresa.

I never mind a drive that provides a lovely view! Read the #AltText to get more info.

If you want to visit Calero to experience this yourself:

#LocalGuides #SouthBayArea #SanJose #SFBayArea #Nature #WaterSports #DogsAllowed #Boating #SummerFun

The roadway entrance to Calero County Park in the south of San Jose's Almaden Valley.  The June Gloom is providing a cloudy morning.  The wildflowers, in this case wild mustard, are blooming all along the area surrounding the reservoir.  After a very wet winter, this body of water is finally FULL of water!
Across the road are the hills covered in quickly drying out grass.  The emerald greens of winter and spring are giving way to the tans of summer.  The marine layer, also know around here as the "June Gloom", has not yet burned off for the day.  Sprinkled in the grassy landscape are California Live Oaks.  Beautiful giants that dominate the distant hill.
Calero Reservoir is full for the first time in way too many years.  Looking northwest past the parking/boat launch.  It's a Thursday morning and there are already a couple of pickup trucks with boats on trailers backing into the lake.  The county park services have built a brand new Park Ranger and Attendant building at the entrance to collect park fees.  There are plenty of picnic tables with shade structures for those who would like to picnic out here.
One more view of the hills beyond the northwest edge of the lake.  The sun has managed to burn off a window in the marine layer.  In the distance, you can see the marine layer hanging back, waiting to creep back in later.
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
2 weeks ago

"Still raining and blowing strong. In the same place all day.
"Friday. Got off from our encampment in the afternoon, and with the assistance of a little sail wind got out of Cedar Lake and encamped a short distance below it.
"Saturday. Fine weather. As the water is in a good state we run the Grand Rapid will full cargoes, and only one boat was broken. Met Alexis L'Esperance with 7 boats on his way to Portage La Loche. #Boating #History #HistoricJourney #Books

Sunrise or sunset over a smooth body of water, with a line of hills and trees in the mid-distance silhouetted against the lighter sky.
2 weeks ago

I've been struggling to think of what I ought to be posting as my #introduction to the social media world. Spend too much time on my web sites, two of which are #boating related. After selling my #SeaHawk have bought a #HamptonSafari to cruise the #norfolkbroads, our local #waterways.

Thanks to those who have followed me. All #boaters, it seems.

I mentioned #boardgames on my profile, so I just added a games page to my ID verification site.

The box and components for the game "Simply Ingenious"
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
2 weeks ago

"About breakfast time the principal part of the brigade had arrived, but some of the boats did not arrive until near evening, and we consequently could not get far. Encamped opposite the entrance of Cumberland Lake #Manitoba. Each boat left 5 pieces of Pemican at the Portage. Two boats from #CumberlandHouse, in charge of C.T. George Deschambeault joined us here.
"Sunday. Clear weather. Pulled against a head wind until after midday... #Boating #HistoricJourney

Typical fur trade encampment, with canvas tents for the gentlemen and cook fires for all. To the left men talk under a canvas fly. In the background the palisades of replica Fort Langley.
2 weeks ago
3 weeks ago

Guess who bought a boat trailer today? ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ

#boating #TrailerableTrawler #RangerTug #DoItNow

Photos of a three axle boat trailer. ๏ฟผ
Photos of a three axle boat trailer.
Photos of a three axle boat trailer.
Photos of a three axle boat trailer.
Ronnie Tucker
3 weeks ago

The flower trays that I painted with the roses are looking pretty spiffy with the flowers coming up.

#painting #art #rosesandcastles #flowers #mastoart #narrowboat #boating

A long flower tray painted with light blue and dark green. On the dark green is painted some roses.

Yesterday I returned from a week of great #sailing along the #Antrim coast of #NorthernIreland. We took a trip to #Belfast and I went to the "Friend at Hand" #whiskey shop. After buying a bottle, I got a wee tour round the museum - collected by owner Willie Jack, filled with old and rare whiskies and artefacts connected to Belfast, The Titanic and Ireland. Fascinating

Friend at Hand "Pride Not Prejudice" 13 y/o (Bushmills), 46% abv, NC, NCF

Their LGBTQ whiskey. The owner gifted a bottle to Arlene Foster, formerly 1st Minister of NI. "We take pride in who we are and we donโ€™t have any prejudice."

Orchard fruit on the nose with sugary sweet honeycomb, caramel and Swizzles Love Hearts. Warming mouth feel with lots of red berries and a hint of vanilla toffee, and some citrus fruit. Nice hit of alcohol and a smooth sweet finish. Green apples in the dregs. Opens up even more with a drop of water. A quality dram.

#Whisky #SingleMalt #Scotland #Boating #yacht

A bottle of "The Friend at Hand - Pride not Prejudice" Irish Whiskey.
A copita glass with a golden honey coloured dram

My boat with my truck, on the way to friend's place to get it ready for season ๐Ÿ™Œ #Boating #Boat @sunseeker27

My Touareg with my boat.
3 weeks ago
John Francis
3 weeks ago

The Annual, Safe Boating Awareness Week will take place across Canada from May 20 to May 26

To help boaters focus on what is important, the CSBC and its partners are promoting five key boating safety
messages directed towards the most common boating related incidents. They include:
1. Wear Your lifejacket
2. Boat Sober
3. Be prepared, You and Your Vessel
4. Take a Boating Course
5. Be Cold Water Safe

#boating #canada

"Lunch at the Restaurant Fournaise," Pierre-Auguste Renoir, 1875.

The Restaurant Fournaise was a great favorite of the Impressionist crowd and still stands today, both a restaurant and a museum of the era. It was also the setting of the famous "Luncheon of the Boating Party."

Isn't this just what we need? A leisurely lunch in a lovely restaurant by the river?

From the Art Institute of Chicago.

#art #Impressionists #Renoir #Boating #lunch

An Impressionist work. Two men and a woman sit in a shaded porch of a waterside restaurant. The men are casually dressed, one in short sleeves, the other in an open shirt and jacket. The woman wears a blue dress. They're around a table with several glasses and bottles, and a bowl of fruit. The porch is hemmed in by a trellis, through which vines grow and through an open arch we can see the river beyond, with two boats visible, one propelled by a single rower, and the other by a rowing team. The impression is of a hot summer day.
3 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
4 weeks ago
1 month ago
1 month ago
The Admiral (Jeff)
1 month ago

๐Ÿคฃ Boneheaded Boater of the Week is one of my favorite snarky boating Youtube channels

Don't do any of this


The Admiral (Jeff)
1 month ago

Discover a new community of #boating lovers at #BoatingSocial, the newest Mastodon server for #boating enthusiasts to connect, share experiences, and exchange tips on #sailing, #fishing, #kayaking, #wateradventures, #boatculture, #docklife, #seafaring, #nautical, #marineworld, and #boatporn.


Jordan Hill Photography
1 month ago

Fisherman In Morning Mist

Solitude at its finest. Other than a few ducks quacking in the distance and the sound of the fisherman's paddle pushing through the water, it was calm and quiet. It is one of my favorite photographs from my local area.

#lake #lakelife #fish #fishing #nature #pic #photography #photooftheday #outdoors #outdoorphotography #fisherman #foggy #sunrise #kayakfishing #kayak #boating #boatlife #fog #mist #AYearForArt #mississippi #explore #Photography

Quit cool morning at the lake. Misty morning at the lake. Fisherman In his kayak paddling to his favorite fishing spot.
2 months ago

Did I mention that Buddy was a sailor?

Now, I've had three other cats that would shred you, if their paws got dipped in the water.. One cat swam underwater from the boat to the shore, and never allowed another visit near a boat. But not old SKIPPER BUDDY, he loved watching us fish, the ducks, cormorants, seals, and a taste of salt on the seaweed we caught out #Boating #Boat #Skipper #Fishing

#Caturday #CatsOfMastodon #Cats #Fedicats #MastoCats #AltText

The same big hairy cat that you all remember from the other dozen parts of this thread, BUDDY, the wonder cat. Here he is, in a small white rowboat. We're fishing on the other end, he's watching from the stern with his paws casually over the seat, wet looking from being splashed by the sea, but content. There's an oar showing on the left
2 months ago

#Introduction #Thread
My wife can't lift a corner of a boat.
I'm not a big person. My boats are tiny so I can manage alone. I've made carts & slips to put them in the ocean myself. My wife & I venture into the #100WildIslands off #Halifax area of #NovaScotia. I publish a little #TravelBlog of each new adventures, to bait all of you who #kayak or #boat.

You'll see me post photos of River Otters in harbour, seals following us around, Mackerel fishing, coastlines & Islands in my feed

Looking out the harbour with the ocean very smooth and steady to the horizon.
With the ocean in my back (and front) yard, there's a tiny white boat on the shore, and that direct look between islands out into the ocean, from my yard
I only get sunrise views from home, so sometimes, if we can get back in the dark, I stop at sea and get a photo of the sunset. This photo captures a bit of it, reflecting colours off the sky to the ocean and back. The outline of my wife against it in the front of the boat

An absolute belter of a morning here in Largs - still pretty cool (2ยฐ) but it should warm up to around 10ยฐ ๐Ÿ˜€

Lots of wee jobs to do on the boat, jobs that get left undone when sailing starts. Pressure washed the deck yesterday and reproofed the canvas - looking great!

#sailing #boating #yacht #Scotland #Largs

Yacht marina in bright sunshine with boats, yachts and masts reflected in still blue water.
Image of a Moody 31 boat tied in a marina.
Drops of water repelled on a blue canvas background
Ronnie Tucker
2 months ago

A couple of my painted flower pots 'in the wild'. ๐Ÿ˜„

#narrowboat #boating #rosesandcastles #roses #flowers #art #MastoArt

2 months ago

#Introduction #TwitterMigration 2022

ex-sailor, tried #Navy, didn't like it, quit after 33 years.

Ran a Mobile #DJ Biz; Taxman took the fun away.

"I"ve been to both ends of #Halifax, have you?"

#Military Brat: attended more schools than years, incl.Germany.

3 #Cats, Feral, Rescue & Stray.
You'll notice that I have #ADHD.

#TeamHeardle #WAYCTV #Music #Cats #photography #boating #Mushrooms #Gardening #Seeds

Background: Management, Safety, Quality, Engineering, Computers, PERL, HTML

A small warship passes under a bridge over a canal.
(former) Canadian DDH 265, HMCS Annapolis bow (pointy end) to the right. You could only see it if you knew to look but there is a flight deck at the stern with a helicopter on it Photo Black and White 1974, transiting the Kiel Canal, Germany
2 months ago

I look at this galley and I know almost immediately the boat has a canoe stern.


Iโ€™m under way again this morning, cruising from Morehead City to New Bern, NC. You can track me here: No need to download an app or set up an account. It should work in a Web browser. #boating #DoItNow #GreatLoop

A photo looking out the back of my boat toward Morehead city, North Carolina, where I just departed.๏ฟผ
2 months ago

Making the most of the window of weather. Not pictured: fouling the prop with a submerged mooring line which I had to cut loose and still thawing out from. #rib #sup #standuppaddleboard #isleofwight #solent #boating #sea

Ronnie Tucker
2 months ago

Trying some more 'roses and castles' stuff, but trying to add thistles to the mix. You know, #Scotland and all that jazz.

I think I should use dark green as shading to the thistles instead of the brown.

#rosesandcastles #painting #art #MastoArt #roses #Narrowboat #boating #narrowboats

Three roses and two thistles in a bouquet.
Kristia Adams Photography
3 months ago

I captured this image on foggy morning on the Mullica River. I really loved the minimalist look to this when I processed it.

#blackandwhite #BlackAndWhitePhotography #NewJersey #boat #river #boating #BuyIntoArt #AYearForArt #mastophoto

Prints Available

A boat is tied up at a dock, waiting for the fog to lift on the Mullica River in New Jersey.  You can barely make out some land and channel markers in the background through the thick fog.  This photo is processed in black and white.

#Skipper project update...I've made finally color picker editor, it's using color picker editor made by @soltes. Thanks! Works like charm! #SignalK #Avalonia #Boating

Skipper color picker is now supported!

I have crossed into North Carolina. In case anyone other than me is keeping track, this is state #11 on this boat trip. Iโ€™ll pass 2500 miles today. #GreatLoop #boating #DoItNow

Photo of Shallote Inlet from a boat.

Iโ€™m under way, now more than halfway to my destination, hauling ass (at the moment), trying to get to my destination before weather sets in. Track me here:

#boating #DoItNow

Rastaโ„ข OLD
3 months ago

๐Ÿค” Not so *silent* #LOL if you get sea sick. LISTEN? You can hear the sea swells making me throw up ๐Ÿ˜‚ I'll stay and smell the flowers.. sail without me ๐Ÿ˜Ž
Beautiful photo, BTW, and here's my idea of #SilentSunday #Boating #Ocean #Calm #Dawn

A video, sweeping right, to show the opening of the harbour, with the ocean like glass. No waves, no sound (electric boat)

Anyway, there was no damage done to the boat at all. I later discovered various alerts for the area about the shallow water. I had never experienced this level of shoaling before and it was a good lesson to me. Iโ€™ll pay closer attention to alerts and stick closer to the โ€œrecreational trackโ€ on my chart plotters as I continue to navigate north on the ICW. #boating #GreatLoop

Helen H
3 months ago

Was at the beach early one morning for sunrise and spotted this early bird trying to catch that worm โ€ฆ or fish. It was a beautiful day for fishing on the Gulf waters and I hope he was lucky enough to have something to take home for dinner.
#fishing #fisherman #fish #sport #sportsman #boating #GulfOfMexico #seascape #waterscape #waves #photography #MastoPhoto #PhotoOfTheDay #FediGiftShop #Fediverse #SpringIntoArt

Early Morning Angler is available here:

A photograph of a fisherman  in a boat on the cool green waters of the Gulf of Mexico shortly after sunrise on a beautiful, sunny, Florida morning.
3 months ago

Hey hey boat nerds, Off Center Harbor's Classic Boat Show is happening this week, and is getting extended through March 5th! It's a cheap ticket ($10) and the presentations are great (as is the gallery of boat photos, be still my heart)! All presentations are available for viewing later, so if you get a ticket now, you can still watch the earlier days.

#boats #sailing #sailboats #boating #maritime

Rastaโ„ข OLD
3 months ago

"I'd rather be fishing"

Actually, we enjoy boating. We just fish to pass the time. Although the cat preferred that we fished too.

Have you ever had a cat out in a rowboat? Fun, isn't it? ๐Ÿ˜‚

โ™ช I'se the b'y that catches da fish an' takes 'em home to Buddy

โ™ซ I'se The B'y โ™ซ #NowPlaying #NSR Great Big Sea ๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ
#Newfoundland #Music

Buddy was a massive 25 pound cat. He went where we went. He was a people cat.

#Cats #CatsOfMastodon #Boating #Fishing #AltText

A large fluffy cat walks across the plastic seat of a tiny rowboat. There's a fishing rod under him but that's not his.. Pass that one back.

Leaving Philip Inlet...looking very different than when we'd arrived the previous day. Here's my latest blog post with the story & more #Photos

#GreatBearSea #GreatBearRainforest #boating #BCcoast #InsidePassage

Forested shoreline along a narrow channel, under a bright sky of mixed sun and small clouds.
Chuck Berray
4 months ago

Made it down to Seward, Alaska, to check on the boat and shovel snow, plus do some projects. Absolutely gorgeous day here. #Alaska #Seward #BoatLife #Boating #Photograpy

Bright sun lights white snow covered mountains across the bay from the municipal harbor in Seward, Alaska on a gorgeous day.
A thin layer of snow covers the dock with pleasure boats on each side.  Snowy mountains fill the distance.
Sharon Cummings Art
4 months ago

New year new direction.
Lighter brighter energy.
Adventure awaits!

I've been experimenting with lighter color palettes and different combinations this year. Loving it!


***Conceived and created by a human (me).

#art #artwork #artist #artists #AYearForArt #ArtMatters #haiku #writing #writingcommunity #poetry #boat #boating #boats #sailing #sailboat #nautical #beach #beachlife #beaches #maritime #ocean #sea #colorfulart #colorful #fun #cute #mastoart #fediart

Colorful nautical compass art by beachy beach artist Sharon Cummings.  Haiku in post.
5 months ago

I just found a website that sells dinghies (the wee boats that folks row to and from their big boats), and itโ€™s - I canโ€™t even quite believe this - aimed so totally at straight men that it devotes an entire section of the website to explaining why โ€œsheโ€ would support you buying it. Your wife/girlfriend. Of you, the Obviously Male Captain/Owner Who Makes Boat Decisions. Sailing can be really forking sexist but this is practically parody.

#sailing #boating

One of my favorite photographers is Sam Abell. I especially love his series on canoeing. So I set out with my husband on a seriously cold March day to canoe the Delaware River here in Milford, PA. There was a serious wind and we didn't get very far, but it was a memorable experience.
#ArtMatters #AYearForArt #canoeing #DelawareRiver #milfordpa #boating #adventure #neverstopexploring #fineart #photographer

Canoeing the Delaware River in Milford, PA on a cold March day. A black and white photograph with some selective color.
Kristia Adams Photography
6 months ago

Sea kayakers paddling in Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon in Iceland - I just loved how tiny the kayaks looked and how the red kayaks stood out against the blue of the lagoon.

#Iceland #boating #kayak #kayaks #travel #wanderlust #jokulsarlon #artmatters #mastoart

Prints and products available.

I re-published this yesterday in order to add a new tag but forgot to re-add the attachment. So here's trying again, with apologies...

Another image from our summer #boating trip: late afternoon, mid-July, Bottleneck Inlet in #Kitasoo territory. Needed a hurricane hole and it proved a good one as we waited out a gale. #GreatBearRainforest #GreatBearSea #BCcoast #photography #iPhoneography

Low cloud & mist hang over a forested inlet with bright reflections in the water (taken from water level).
Erik Sagen
6 months ago

๐Ÿ›ณ๏ธ About to embark on a cruise after the Thanksgiving holiday and this is my first time on this type of excursion. Any tips or tricks from veterans? #Vacation #Cruise #Travel #Boating


Iโ€™m a #polymath who gets her kicks learning and doing new things.

I started in the corporate world in finance, then went freelance as a #writer, #author of #tech #books, articles, and #video training material. Along the way, I learned to fly #helicopters and bought one. I launched my own helicopter charter business and a popular #YouTube channel of #flying videos. Now Iโ€™m #semiretired, a #jewelry #artist and #boater, #boating along the #GreatLoop when Iโ€™m away from home.

Right now, my primary interest is #boating and I'm looking for more posts and accounts that post about that.

I'm the proud (and happy, so far) owner of a 2019 Ranger Tug R-29 CB that I've put on the #GreatLoop. I'm interested in connecting with other #Looper folks, as well as anyone who cruises in their own boat.

Photo of my 2019 Ranger Tug R-29 CB parked along the wall at Jolliet, IL, with a brilliant red/orange/yellow tree behind it.
Scott Evtuch
7 months ago

I suppose I should do an #introduction.

Hello! I live in #Chicago and do #DevOps work (mostly #kubernetes).

People generally use he/him pronouns for me, but I have no real preference.

My nerdy hobbies include #hamradio, #3Dprinting, #boardgames, and perfecting my #hometheater.

My less-nerdy hobbies include #camping, #backpacking, riding my #motorcycle, and #boating.

I don't expect my feed here to have any real consistent theme so follow at your own risk!

7 months ago

#Introduction: from Twitter:

ex-sailor, tried Navy a bit, didn't like it, quit after 33 years.

Ran a Mobile DJ Biz, b4 the Taxman took the fun away.

๐“˜'๐“ฟ๐“ฎ ๐“ผ๐“ฎ๐“ฎ๐“ท ๐“ฝ๐“ฑ๐“ฎ ๐“ฎ๐“ท๐“ญ๐“ผ ๐“ธ๐“ฏ ๐“—๐“ช๐“ต๐“ฒ๐“ฏ๐“ช๐”, ๐“ฑ๐“ช๐“ฟ๐“ฎ ๐”‚๐“ธ๐“พ?

Military Brat: attended more schools than years, incl.Germany.

3 Cats, Feral, Rescue & Stray.
You'll notice that I have ADHD.

#TeamHeardle #WAYCTV #Music #Cats #photography #boating #Mushrooms #Gardening #Seeds

Backgrounds, Management, Safety, Quality, Engineering, Computer networks, PERL, HTML

Guy (Me) with glasses, white moustache, clean-shaven otherwise (in this instance) with a black t-shirt, holding a white cat.
Phil Groom
7 months ago

#introduction โ€” Iโ€™m another #TwitterMigrant hoping for a kinder place to be and to be known. A #Jesus-follower aka #Christian but far from proud of what #Christianity has become & its truly shameful history. Trying to do my bit to make up for that by an #inclusive attitude & simple love for all. Love #canals & #boating; love #reading, esp SF&F. #ProstateCancer survivor. #Green. Married to the Archdeacon of Wilts but all views expressed here are mine: Sue speaks for herself.

7 months ago

#introduction hi everyone I'm from Te Whanganui-a-Tara, New Zealand. I work in #tech I'm keen on #art, #design, #boating, #cycling, #diy, #hiking

I'll post some of my art later, bit of a mix of #PixelArt, #sketching, #inktober, #3dart , etc

Also hi to all over on #NZTwits very cool to see the mastodon community growing so quickly!