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Ft. Lauderdale canal and ocean with a boat
21 hours ago

#Boats and reflection

Boats and reflection
Port City Studios
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A tangle of masts in Santa Barbara, 1994. #california #SantaBarbara #boats #BlackAndWhite

In Santa Barbara Harbor, with rhe mountains in the background, a tangle of sailboat masts, 1994
Kat ♾️
2 days ago
Sundown over a marina. A golden sun is setting behind boats resting in a harbor. In the foreground, tall grasses are glowing orange under the fading blue sky and the setting sun.
Kat ♾️
2 days ago
A calm harbor at sunset filled with sailboats, fishing boats, yachts, and speedboats. In the foreground, purple sage is in bloom.
Atlas Obscura
2 days ago
Thanh Nguyen
3 days ago

Once in a while I’ll make time to check to see if the ocean is still there.

#video #photography #ocean #water #boat #boats #harbor #OrangeCounty #California #weather #perfectweather

Ocean harbor in Dana Point. Boats and a paddle boarder can be see in the water that is turquoise color.
3 days ago

Watercolour pic after a Paul Clark YT tutorial.
It's of a tidal estuary called Pin Mill, in Suffolk, UK.
On Baohong cotton paper from a 10m roll.
Mainly WN & DS paints.
It's ok, perhaps could have taken a bit more time in some areas, but hey - it's only a piece of paper.
#Baohong #Watercolour #Watercolour #Boats #Estuary #PinMill #Suffolk

photo of boats on a dockside, with buildings behind
watercolour painting of boats on a dock side, with buildings behind
Alan E Mason Photography
4 days ago

Fishing Boats.
Bonavista Newfoundland, Canada.
Photography by Alan E. Mason.
Have a great day!🙂
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#photography #art #artist #prints #AlanEMason #mastodon #boats #fishingboats #newfoundland #bonavista

Fishing Boats.
Bonavista Newfoundland, Canada.
Photography by Alan E. Mason.
Have a great day!🙂
Atlas Obscura
4 days ago

Hulmes Ferry in Urmston, England

A free ferry service has run between these two English villages since 1885.#government #boats #canals #rivers #ferries #section-Atlas
Hulmes Ferry

Heron&Fox Photo
5 days ago

The #Florida communities of St Augustine and Anastasia Island are linked across the #Matanzas River, part of the #Intracoastal #Waterway, by the “Bridge of Lions,” a concrete #bridge styled to also be a work of #art, and crowned with the gift of two marble lion sculptures.
Since #ship traffic passes through the vital #IntracoastalWaterway, the bridge rises to permit tall boats through. Many #sailboats and #yachts are either waiting to cross or are anchored in the river.

Get a print of this image, or other merchandise, at

#StAugustine, #AnastasiaIsland, #MatanzasRiver, #BridgeOfLions, #Boats, #Photography

An outdoor, daylight photograph of a stonework bridge across a waterway. There are 4 stone towers with terra cotta tile roofs and a metal bridge part between the two pairs. On the calm, muddy blue water, there are sailboats, small yachts, and speedboats. The sky above is a clear, light blue without clouds.
Jack Groundhog 📷📸
1 week ago

📸 #Nature #Photography 🎞️
(and trying out new watermark)

👁️ #Paddleboats
📍 Friendship Island, #Potsdam
📆 26 Aug 2023
📷 #NikonD5600
⚪️ #Nikkor 35 mm ƒ 1.8G

📻🎶 Styx: Boat on the River (1979)

[Description in ALT tag]

#freundschaftsinselpotsdam #freundschaftsinsel #progrock #boats #boat #boot #boote #naturfotografie #naturephotography #fotografie

Paddleboats lines up in small harbor; the one in the foreground is designed to look like Herbie the Love Bug, but has seen better days
1 week ago

Ostseeurlaub 2023:

"Man mag es kaum glauben, dieses Chaos hat seine Ordnung"

#ships #ship #boats #boote #segelschiff #segelschiffe #hafen #heiligenhafen #ostsee #urlaub #foto #fotografie #photo #photography

Der vollgestopfte Segelboothafen in Heiligenhafen.
Helen H
1 week ago

This photo was taken from the dock of a seafood restaurant along the Intracoastal Waterway that has boat access for dining if you want to grab lunch or dinner. It was a bonus to catch a beautiful sunset along with a delicious meal.

Sundown is available here:

#sunset #sunsets #Florida #boats #photography #MastoPhoto #BuyIntoArt #fediverse #FediGiftShop

Photo of a boat tied up at the dock with the setting sun in the distance in coastal Florida.  The sun has lit the partly cloudy sky orange which is reflected in the waters below.
2 weeks ago

Boat on the Seine River

Photo of the Day
(from my daily blog)

#boats #photography

Boat on the Seine River

Here's a panorama of the guest dock at Roche Harbor where most of the 200+ Ranger Tugs and Cutwater #boats are parked. I don't have my drone with me this year, so I xant get a better shot. #boating

Rachel Burch
2 weeks ago

Boats at Bere Ferres this week #Devon #estuaries #boats #photography

Boats at low tide and a wooded hill across the river Tavy
2 weeks ago

About last night. Accidental chasing down of the Waverley and a Fred Olsen cruise ship by rib. I can’t work out what was more interesting; doing 40 knots or the fact I was running on Vapor in the fuel tank 🤦

#solent #isleofwight #boats #paddlesteamer #waverley #cruiseship

Sunset on a calm Solent sea with wonky horizon
Photo of the Waverley paddle steamer, steaming along
Fred Olsen cruise ship burning fuel achieving nothing in particular.
Kristia Adams Photography
3 weeks ago

I was super happy to capture this scene last night in Barnegat Light. The water was super still and the sky blended perfectly with the water!

#newjersey #jerseyshore #fishingboats #lbi #artmatters #ayearforart #artmatters #mastophoto #boats

Fishing boats sit in the quiet water at the docks at Viking Village in Barnegat Light, NJ.  The sunset sky blends in perfectly with the still waters.  Reflections of the boats can be seen in the water.
Bruno Philipe
3 weeks ago

Late evening photo walk around the Bayshore marina.

#photography #boats #marina #landscapephotography

A marina slip at late dusk. The sky is still shining a dull blue color, which is reflected from he calm water. There is a lamp post on the slip, right next to a moored motorboat. The dull yellow light from the lamp contrasts well with the color of the sky, and is also reflected from the calm water around it. More boats and some woods are visible in the horizon
A long marina deck at late dusk, with the sky shining a dull blue color. There's many slips running along the dock, which is seen from the its end. Next to each slip there's a lamp post shining a full yellow color that contrasts well with the color of the sky. Woods are visible in the distance, beyond the marina.
Lois Bryan
4 weeks ago

Honored that "Tobermory Isle of Mull" tied for 2nd in the 8/27 contest "FISHING NETS - FISHING BOATS " held by the Best of British Group. Thanks to the contest & group admin, Michaela Perryman, and everyone who voted for my image. Congratulations to the other winners!!

Btw .. this awesome image is one of the ones captured by my son, #RichBryan, during his semester in Edinburgh! Congratulations, Rich!

#Scotland #art #giftideas #IsleOfMull #IsleOfMull #boats #Tobermory

Another of the wonderful photographic images taken by my son, Rich Bryan, during his semester in Edinburgh, Scotland. This was taken in the village of Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, Scotland in April of 2012.

Tobermory is the capital of the Isle of Mull and is located in the northeastern part of the island, near the northern entrance of the Sound of Mull. The town was founded as a fishing port in 1788.

#England #Scotland #TobermoryIsleOfMull #IsleOfMull #art #giftideas #RichBryan #LoisBryan #fishingboat
Tasha Sounart 🎮🏰
4 weeks ago

The boat from Below Deck Down Under this season is so cool! A refurbished Japanese research vessel from 1976 (they should have updated the galley too though) #BelowDeck #Boats #RealityTV

Exterior of the Northern Sun yacht sailing. The hull is painted blue and the top part is painted white.
A sitting room in the interior of the yacht. Lots of wood, comfy-looking leather chairs and a piano.
Dining room in the interior of the yacht. Lots of wood and looks fancy.
A bedroom in the interior of the yacht. Lots of wood and looks fancy but tasteful. Queen bed in the middle and small single bed on the side of the room.
Derick Rethans
1 month ago

The Regent's Canal

#Boats #Canal #PhotoOfTheDay Aug 23rd

Dave Bowman
1 month ago

'St Cyrus Wreck'
Keeping with the shipwreck theme, here's An abandoned fishing boat next to the shoreline at St Cyrus, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, UK
Available to purchase as beautiful wall art at:
And as original signed Artist prints at:
#shipwreck #boats #decay #abandoned #longexposurephotography #blackandwhitephotography #scotland #BuyIntoArt #GiftThemArt #ArtMatters #AYearofArt #artistonmastodon
#FindArtThisSummer #davebowmanphotography

A black and white, long exposure photograph of a long abandoned wooden fishing boat on the shore at St Cyrus in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. The photograph shows the stern of the boat with propellor and rudder, which is coming away from the main body.
Dave Bowman
1 month ago

'The Corpach Shipwreck'
The famous Corpach Shipwreck, aka the Old Boat of Caol, on the shores of Loch Linnhe near Fort William in the Scottish Highlands, Scotland, UK.
Available to purchase as beautiful wall art at:
And as original signed Artist prints at:
#shipwreck #scottishhighlands #boats #landscapephotography #BuyIntoArt #GiftThemArt #ArtMatters #AYearofArt #artistonmastodon #FindArtThisSummer #davebowmanphotography

A colour photograph of the Corpach Shipwreck on the shores of Loch Linnhe near Fort William in the Scottish Highlands. It is an overcast day with low mist enshrouding Ben Nevis, the tallest mountain in the UK, in the background, creating a moody and somber atmosphere.
Chris J. Karr
1 month ago

"A bookshelf, but for boats, please."

#Seattle #Boats

Stacked powerboats.
Laura E. Hall
1 month ago

1) A sailboat in distress was rescued at sea by 18th century wooden merchant ship replica

“Imagine losing your rudder out at sea and sending out a distress call. And then the largest ocean-going wooden sailing ship in the world comes to your rescue”

#TallShips #Ships #WoodenShips #Gotheborg #Boats

An 18th century wooden tall ship sails toward a small boat
An 18th century tall wooden ship pulls up alongside a contemporary sailboat
Rick Gaehl
1 month ago

Gondolas have existed since the C11th. They are always black. This is in consequence of one of the many sumptuary laws of Venice, forbidding showiness. Until the C20th, they used to have a sort of cabin amidships, with shutters that could be lowered for privacy. These were the original 'venetian blinds'. Apparently, there are only about 400 gondolas still in Venice, but it feels like more...

This picture is in square format.

#Photography #Water #Boats #Colour #Venice

The silver prows of five black gondolas with blue rain covers, sitting on green canal water, with red mooring posts.
2 months ago
Two rail workers repairing a train track as viewed through an open gate.
Photograph of an open doorway on a bright sunny day. The viewer is observes the scene from inside a building. Sunlight illuminates a rectangle extending from the doorway into the room, which is otherwise totally dark. Outside the building is a wooden sidewalk upon which are two sandwich boards in profile. Part of an opposite building is visible in the image.
Photograph of the bow of a boat viewed from a bridge overhead.
2 months ago

Art by geralt
Source: Pixabay

#art #ocean #boats

Digital artwork of a black sail boat on an bright dark pink ocean with the yellow sun reflecting in it. The ocean has some touches of black in it. The sky is coloured bright dark pink as well, with touches of yellow and black.
Tom Resing
2 months ago

The Kirkland Marina on a summer night at sunset. #KirklandWA #Waves #Boats

Rocks in the foreground, electric lake cruisers past a few waves, beyond the dock, Seattle and the sunset. A few clouds over the skyline in a sky that changes from blue to orange.
Retro Librarian
2 months ago

Red Star Line SS Belgenland Postcard set.
#RedStarLine #Boats #Ships #Postcards #OceanLiners #ephemera #vintage

ken Tucky Swinson
2 months ago

It's been a rainy and stormy couple of days here on the Ohio River. hope you all are staying cool and dry wherever you are!

The RiverBend
part of a collection of archived paintings featured on my web gallery during the month of July.

#art #river #kentucky #ohio #rain #painting #mastoArt #blue #folkArt #boats

abstract folk art style painting of a rain cloud raining into a river. There are sailboats in the river and a church and houses along the rivers edge.