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Make Bookmarklets · A web tool that helps you build tiny JavaScript apps stored in a bookmark url

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Mit Bookmarklets lässt sich die Funktion eines Browsers erweitern. Wir zeigen dies anhand der h123 Erweiterung zur Prüfung von HTML Headern für die bessere Zugreifbarkeit mittels Screenreader.

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Stefan Bohacek
4 weeks ago

Here's a quick and easy tool for making "open this post on my instance" bookmarklets.

Hope someone finds this useful!

Also, I'd love to hear recommendations for good browser extensions for Mastodon that work well with multiple accounts across different instances.

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Hier ein Bookmarklet um den Artikel (Retoot unten 👇 ) bei der NY Times lesen zu können, wenn man aus Deutschland kommt. 🤫👨‍💻

javascript:(function(){var qs = document.querySelector.bind(document);qs('#gateway-content').style.display='none';qs('#gateway-content').parentNode.childNodes.forEach((fcknd,key)=>{'none';});qs('#gateway-content').style.display='none';qs('#site-content').style.position='';})();

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javascript code for console to remove the ny times article paywall; tested: 230212

🖋 “A bookmarklet to create a new link content Markdown on GitHub”

When I was building my site on my local computer, I had a shell script to initialize a new Markdown file for sharing a link. When I moved to Cloudflare Pages 6 months ago, it opened a new opportunity to share links more easily in my Eleventy content, directly from the page I wanted to share. Bookmarklets are still an awesome invention!

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Updated my #bookmarklet for easier following across #mastodon instances:

The old one caused profiles to load indefinitely, so this one now redirects to the authorize_interaction screen, which also provides a follow button :)

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Axel Rauschmayer
2 months ago

#Bookmarklet: copy as HTML

if (getSelection().rangeCount === 0) {
alert('Nothing is selected');
} else {
const documentFragment = getSelection().getRangeAt(0).cloneContents();
const html = []
n => n.nodeType === Node.TEXT_NODE ? n.textContent : n.outerHTML
.catch((error) => {

Introducing Share to Mastodon – Corbin Davenport

Works like a champ.

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Aaron Tyo-Dickerson
3 months ago

For @kimtyodickerson and other #mastodon migrants: This #bookmarklet from AddToAny will let you toot content from any website to your feed. :mastodon:

Jan ⚓️
3 months ago

#Bookmarklet Found:

"When media is playing using HTML5 audio/video you can click this bookmark to open a new tab/window with the media. Then to download it use the context menu action "Save As..." (right mouse button -> Save As...)." 👏

Want to toot what you're reading on your computer to your Mastodon account? You'll want to grab this bookmarklet available online! #Mastodon #Bookmarklet #MastodonTips

3 months ago

Pour augmenter ou basculer entre différents services de cartographie #cartographie #Navigateurs #bookmarklet #googlemaps #javascript #baidumaps

christian crumlish
3 months ago

Thanks to @kentbrew it is exciting to tell folks about Tootski, a sharing bookmarklet for Mastodon:

(posted with Tootski!)

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Kent Brewster
3 months ago

Tootski is a bookmarklet that will share the page you're on to your Mastodon instance, including the title, address, and any text you may have selected.

#tootski #mastodon #bookmarklet #hacking

Sebastian Kempken
3 months ago

GitHub - corbindavenport/share-to-mastodon: Browser extension for sharing links and tabs to #Mastodon

Includes a #bookmarklet for #Safari, too!

Axel Rauschmayer
3 months ago

// #JavaScript #Bookmarklet: convert selection to lowercase

const selection = window.getSelection().toString().trim();
if (selection.length > 0) {
const elem = document.activeElement;
if (
elem.tagName == "TEXTAREA" ||
(elem.tagName == "INPUT" && elem.type == "text")
) {
const start = elem.selectionStart;
const end = elem.selectionEnd;
elem.value = elem.value.slice(0, start) + selection.toLowerCase() + elem.value.slice(end);

I use :vim:
3 months ago

#LateToTheParty, but I recently jumped ship to #obsidian and am blown away. I've only been using it for a few days now and have already contributed to a #foss extension thanks to the #api being so approachable.

On an unrelated note, using a combination of the ReadItLater and Obsidian Advanced URI extensions, I've written a #bookmarklet for clipping web URLs to Obsidian.

Obsidian is #awesome!

Oh, and there's support of #vim key bindings! :vim:

:fosstodon: :coolmsn: :mastodance:

(function () {
	var vaultName = '<your vault name>'
	var obsidanURI = `obsidian://advanced-uri?vault=${vaultName}&commandname=ReadItLater%3A%20Save%20clipboard`
	var url = window.location;

	navigator.clipboard.writeText(url).then(() => {
	  window.location.assign(obsidanURI, '_blank')
Donncha Ó Caoimh
4 months ago

@faduda @allancavanagh ah ha. Did you mean to add a URL to that, Gerard?
There is an IA Firefox extension, but a simple bookmarklet does the job too:
Bookmarklet is shown here:


And it works. I saved a page I was looking at. Should work in most browsers, I think. 😀

#archive #bookmarklet

Axel Rauschmayer
4 months ago

You may not need a browser extension: My bookmarklet shows profiles and posts on other Mastodon servers in your server’s web app.
#Mastodon #Bookmarklet

Wincent Balin
4 months ago

I wrote a simple link blog that stores everything in a RSS feed and makes a web page from it using a XSLT stylesheet; also, it uses a bookmarklet to add entries. The source code is here: #bookmarklet #rss #xslt

And, of course, I'm dogfooding.

Axel Rauschmayer
4 months ago

Updated version of my #Mastodon #bookmarklet: Show a profile or a post on another Mastodon server in your server’s web app.

me·ta·phil, der
4 months ago

any #jitsimeet cracks around?

how can I toggle chat/participants list via javascript (i.e. from a #bookmarklet)? #jitsi :boost_ok:

Axel Rauschmayer
4 months ago

#Bookmarklet—show current #Mastodon post in a Mastodon web app of your choosing:

location.href = `https[:]//${location.href}`;

– Use the lines shown above as the address of a bookmark (browsers are OK with pasting multiple lines).
– Change the web app domain as needed. And use : instead of [:]

Thanks to @michael for telling me this trick:

Mike Gifford
4 months ago

So is there a #bookmarklet that allows me to see where web components are used on a page? I'd really like to be able to just quickly see where they are being used and so that I can quickly determine if things might need to be tested differently for #accessibility

#WebComponents #ShadowDom #a11y

Sara Joy ✨
4 months ago

@otherpunk @bramus thank you! That was the one, I just got pointed to it :)

I'm just going to add a #bookmarklet hashtag here so I can find it again 😅

Sara Joy ✨
4 months ago

Who had made the bookmarklet that opens Mastodon user profiles from other instances on your own instance for easier following? I can't find it...

#bookmarklet #twitterMigration

Axel Rauschmayer
4 months ago

#JavaScript #Bookmarklet for switching to the mobile UI of #Wikipedia—which, as @paul_irish states (*), is indeed much better:

if (!location.href.includes('.m.wikipedia')) {
location.href = location.href.replace('.wikipedia', '.m.wikipedia');


4 months ago

Um sicher zu gehen: aus einem #bookmarklet kann man über #javascript nicht auf das Clipboard lesend zugreifen, ist das richtig?

Iain Murray
5 months ago

My second Mastodon #bookmarklet is to toggle all content hidden with #CW / #contentWarning / #contentWarnings

This thread is marked with a CW for those who find meta chat boring. Any replies are also hidden by default. This bookmarklet can show/hide all hidden content on a page with one click.

The preferences let you always expand all CW content. There's also already an 👁️ icon to toggle CWs in threads, top right of column.

Iain Murray
5 months ago

I've made a #bookmarklet to quickly swap between #instance websites when browsing #mastodon in a browser:

Unlike in apps, swapping between instance websites is sometimes needed to follow/comment, or see everything correctly. The bookmarklet might make it easier. But I'm probably foolish to release it immediately. No promises it will work for you!

10 months ago

javascript:with(document)(window.location=window.location.toString().replace(/^https:\/\/[^\/]*\//,''))._ #Invidious #bookmarklet

2 years ago

Methinks I'm missing something somewhere. I want a little feature, site, service, extension, to save websites in a list (NOT a bookmark) with tags, preferably using a #bookmarklet. Mastodon has the bookmarklet, but doesn't do search well, or that would be an option. It's gotta be out there. My tabs grow every day. A little feature like this would go a long way to solving this.

Wanna know the best ever bookmarklet saver, #clipper I've ever seen? On

3 years ago


AllTube Download : une interface graphique simplissime pour faire fonctionner l’excellent #LogicielLibre youtube-dl, pour télécharger des flux vidéo ou audio depuis un bon millier de sites.
Cerise sur le gâteau : un petit #bookmarklet est disponible.


Alain MICHEL 🤓
3 years ago

AllTube Download : une interface graphique simplissime pour faire fonctionner l’excellent #LogicielLibre youtube-dl, pour télécharger des flux vidéo ou audio depuis un bon millier de sites.
Cerise sur le gâteau : un petit #bookmarklet est disponible.

Here, use this #bookmarklet to replace all Ms with Bs and all Ns with Ds:

javascript:function r(from,to){t().forEach(function(n){n.nodeValue=n.nodeValue.replace(new RegExp(q(from),'g'),to)});function t(){var r=[];(function s(n){if(n.childNodes.length)
for(var i=0;i<n.childNodes.length;i++)
s(n.childNodes[i]);else if(n.nodeType==Node.TEXT_NODE)
r.push(n)})(document);return r}
function q(str){return(str+'').replace(/([.?*+^$[\]\\(){}|-])/g,"\\$1")}}