3 minutes ago

Started this book with a lot of excitement but was very quickly disappointed within the first few pages that its another story about war.... and seems to be poorly written. Someone please tell me if its worth it.

I also see names from my country, like Okello and Ojore, and I'm curious what context they were used in or if it is just cultural appropriation

#bookstodon #books #amreading #review #bookreview #bookrecommendations #amwriting #fantasy #RageOfDragons #AmReadingFantasy

7 minutes ago

Sending an SOS to bookworms on #Mastodon. I know it’s a bit of a stretch but I have a question! What are some good websites to buy used books from? I’m hoping Mastodon can help. 🙏🏻

#books #fantasybooks #bookstadon

8 minutes ago

I myself spent nine years in an insane asylum and I never had the obsession of suicide, but I know that each conversation with a psychiatrist, every morning at the time of his visit, made me want to hang myself, realizing that I would not be able to cut his throat.

#Quotes #books #bookstodon #suicide

Ethan Schoonover
12 minutes ago

My son finally earned his key.

We have a family rule that you can't see the movie till you've read the book "The Shining" and earned your key. My daughter @TeenHorror came up with this rule since "that's how I had to do it".

His sister and I held a brief, scary ceremony and presented it to him in recognition of this achievement.

#horror #books #novels #movies #stephenking

A hotel key with a red key fob for The (hopefully fictional) Overlook Hotel in Sidewinder Colorado, room 217.
Garth Coghlan
37 minutes ago

"The First Four Years" Laura Ingalls Wilder. 3 stars. Early marriage and a steep learning curve on stubborn husbands, capricious weather & farming as a price-taker. Much less idyllic than the prior books.

Reading time 1 days, 126 pages/day

#BookReview #Books #Bookstodon #BookWyrm

Book cover showing old photo of a women standing next to a seated man.
42 minutes ago

Here’s what I read last week

26. Ignore Everybody, Hugh MacLeod
27. How to Write a Book, David Kadavy
28. The Secret of Shadow Ranch (Nancy Drew), Carolyn Keene
29. Hunting For Hidden Gold (The Hardy Boys), Franklin W. Dixon

The rest of this year’s list is here:

#mjbReads #Books #mjbBooks #Reading #mjbReading

Book dedications bot
56 minutes ago

Capitalist Realism: Is There No Alternative? by Mark Fisher #books #literature #dedication

To my wife, Zöe, my parents, Bob and Linda, and the readers of my website
Vijay / விஜய்
1 hour ago

#AchievementUnlocked. Gave my first nasty review in #goodreads. And I don't feel bad. That book deserved it. I went in expecting a archaelogical/historical analysis but it just happened to be speculative historical fiction.
For those curious, it's a #Tamil book available in #kindleunlimited. But my strong recommendation is to avoid it. #ScanmanRecommends #reading #books 📚 #Bookstodon

Also the ending to the Japan/Mexico game at the #WBC was fantastic. And I'm surrounded by #books.

The Hockey Hoosier
2 hours ago

Since I finished "Notorious Sorcerer", here is the next book I'm reading:

#SciFi #ScienceFiction #Book #Books

A hardcover copy of "The Genesis of Misery" by Neon Yang.
Vijay / விஜய்
2 hours ago

@ram my secret is listening to #audiobooks during morning walks.
#Reading #ebooks on the kindle/iPad/phone also helps.
I wouldn’t be able to do this with physical #books

Book #6 of 2023 l, and 2nd food history book of the year!

#immigrantstories #foodhistory #americanhistory #foodwriting #bookstodon #books #reading

3 hours ago

Couple of the younger reader end of the new bookmail piles:

Katipo Joe : Wolf's Lair by Brian Falkner (3rd in this excellent series).

On the eve of the Nazi invasion of the Soviet Union, Adolf Hitler is preparing to move from Bavaria to the ‘Wolf’s Lair’, his top secret headquarters in East Prussia. Little does he know that among his entourage is a British spy, teenager Joseph ‘Katipo’ St George, playing the part of a keen Hitler Youth who has been chosen as Hitler’s successor.

and (for something completely different)

Curses & Cousins by Helen Vivienne Fletcher (2nd in this also good series)

Adeline and Hemi finally have everything they ever wanted. A loving partnership, baby on the way, and who could forget Adeline’s beautiful assistance dog, Coco? But… things never stay peaceful for long when magic is involved. Hemi’s cousin arrives, bringing some unwelcome visitors with her. A whole host of ghosts have moved themselves in, and not one of them can hear Adeline.



Image of the book cover for Wolf's Lair by Brian Falkner - the 3rd in the young adult / children's series Katipo Joe. The cover shows a dark blue textured background, with a bright moon in the centre. There's a large black spider with a red stripe down it's back across the image of the moon and a train engine blowing smoke from a stack across the moon and sky image. The top of the image has the words Schoolboy Spy Assassin above the title Katipo Joe (the name of the main character) and the title of the book and author's name are at the bottom.
Image of the Book cover for Curses & Cousins by Helen Vivienne Fletcher - Familiar Magic Book Two. The background is dark green with a textured leaf pattern overlaid wallpaper, hanging in the centre is a windchime made of bright metal chimes. The title of the book is at the top in cursive gold script, the author's name is at the bottom in a block style, printed in white.
Humbird0 Fandom
3 hours ago

Did you know the The Secret of Nimh had 2 sequels? Not the cheap DVD movies, I'm talking about book sequels by the original author's daughter. I didn't know either until I found them on the #InternetArchive available to borrow for an hour. These are stories from 1986. They're almost as old as I am.

#SecretOfNimh #MrsBrisby #Books #Bookstodon

Nancy Marguerite Anderson
4 hours ago

At Boat Encampment: "Set the people to cook Provisions to take them across the Rocky Mountains and got the loads arranged. Took 4 men from the boats to assist to carry until we meet the horses, and hired two Indians we found here to assist us also in carrying. One of the men who was to go out had to be left behind, being unable to walk. Started at 3 pm and crossed the swamp. Encamped a mile beyond in the woods.... #BCHistory #Books #History #HistoricJourney

A small lake, with a view down a narrow tree-covered valley toward the mountains and hills in the distance.
Aeryn Lynne
5 hours ago

What is this nonsense? 🤔


The copyright page of "The Awakening" by Caroline Peckham & Susanne Valenti. There are a lot of words here, but the really concerning bit is, this chunk, "This book is licensed for your personal enjoyment only. This book may not be re-sold or given away to other people. If you would like to share this book with another person, please purchase an additional copy for each recipient. If you're reading this book and did not purchase it, or it wasn't purchased for your use only, then please return to your favourite book retailer and purchase your own copy. Thank you for respecting the hard work of this author."
Nick Walker
5 hours ago

SPOON KNIFE 7: TRANSITIONS, the latest volume of the annual Spoon Knife multi-genre neuroqueer lit anthology, has been released into the world and is now available to be ordered!

SPOON KNIFE 7 is available internationally through Amazon as of today, and will become available through most other major online booksellers over the next week or so. Can also be ordered through your local bookshop, if they're cool.

#neuroqueer #books #stories #fiction #fantasy #scifi #weird #queer

5 hours ago

Finished listening to Natural Born Heroes - Nicely done book if not as great as Running With Sherman.

I had no idea about the role Crete played in WWII and this story was interesting and interspersed with interesting #fitness vignettes as well.

#Books #audiobooks

Gary Wong
5 hours ago

I have #books once written/owned by my grandparents. One day, I might have grandchildren of my own to read them.

#Digital #media are much harder (ten years ago, Macromedia/Adobe Flash was a predominant format, but now it's unusable).

If digital #libraries like the #InternetArchive are permitted to preserve digital media, it'll be difficult for my future grandchildren to access today's things. If they're prohibited, it'll be all but impossible. #BattleForLibraries

A few books once owned by my ancestors: an electronics guide, an English-Chinese dictionary, and a New Zealand cricket history.  They range from several decades to over a century old, and while none look like new, all are in perfectly usable condition.
5 hours ago

Hachette v. Internet Archive: Media Roundup, Statements, & Other Materials Following Today's Oral Arguments #books #libraries #ebooks #legal

Annalee Newitz 🍜
6 hours ago

I'm so excited to be the Los Angeles Times March Book Club author! Join me on 3/28 as I discuss “The Terraformers” with @LATimes columnist Carolina A. Miranda. #books #bookstodon #mooseromance #TheTerraformers #bookclub

A photo of the author in a suit and tie, next to the book "The Terraformers." Text on the right says "Los Angeles Times Book Club: Annalee Newitz."
Ashley Porciuncula
6 hours ago

I have one free Audible credit. So, a question for the audiobook lovers of Mastodon...

📚 What audiobook do you love so much you wish you could listen to it for the first time again?

#Audiobook #Audiobooks #Books #Reading

Susanne Leist Author
6 hours ago

Among the falling leaves coloring the landscape in warm shades of orange and red, a curse returns to Maine. Can we fight this evil threatening to destroy our quaint town?

by Susanne Leist

#Thrillers #BookRecommendations #Bookwyrm #Mystery #Fantasy #BooksWorthReading #Books #Reading #Writing #Romance #Paranormal #Horror #Author #Thriller #Ebooks #Occult #Romantic #AmWriting #IndieWriter #IndieAuthor

A girl standing beside a lake with mountains and the sun setting at the opposite shore.
West of Town
6 hours ago

A clock ticking in the empty den of the old house when no one’s around. Family pictures on the end tables, on the wall. Loomis has been gone for some time. He’s somewhere, but no one knows where. When he comes back, he’ll be...

#writing #literature #poetry #stories #adventures #language #reading #amwriting #books #prose #novels #writers #bookstodon #amreading #writersofmastodon

6 hours ago

Bruno is currently reading 'The Ghost Brigades' #googreads #books #audiobooks

Courtney Cantrell
6 hours ago


MALEFACTORS is a collection of speculative fiction short stories about bad people doing bad things to worse people. These are the scofflaws, scoundrels, and outright villains. Get it at Amazon for now, but it'll distribute to other platforms soon!

Yay #books!!!


Cover art for MALEFACTORS AND OTHER BLOODLINES OF THE LIGHT-WALKERS by Courtney Cantrell. A rough black frame surrounds the image. In the background, ethereal blue filaments swirl together to form an eerie face. Midground, we see a young blonde woman in a layered lace collar, her head crowned in blond braids. She is leaning forward slightly, an arrgoant "you can't actually be speaking to ME" look on her face. In the foreground looms a shadowy, hooded figure with its dark-sleeved arms folded. Its face is lost in darkness beneath the hood, but its eyes glow bright white-red.
Yahia Lababidi
6 hours ago

"I suffer wrongs that will not be said.
None will hear my excuse or cries.
Just as the candle weeps,
No one knows if the tears it sheds,
Come from its closeness to the fire
Or the longing of the bee’s wax for the honey’s sweetness, now parted."

#rumi #mysticism #books @bookstodon #poetry #spirituality

6 hours ago

Feeling pretty good about my chances

#Reading #Books

Screenshot showing a 2023 reading goal of 40 books, with 32 (80% of goal) already read
Eric Johnson, Author
6 hours ago

2-4 Cavalry Book 1: A New Hope
A story of mercenary combat set in the Hammer's Slammers universe in the Pollo Mountains.


Also available at Smashwords, Apple, Kobo,
Barnes & Noble, Scribd, and Odilo, Tolino, Vivlio
First in a series
#readersofmastodon #SciFi #ScienceFiction #SFF #BookLover #SelfPromo #bookstodon
#MilitarySF #Ebook #Paperback #MilitaryScifi #SciFiBooks #Books #Readers #ebooks

2-4 Cavalry Book 1: A New Hope
A story of mercenary combat set in the Hammer's Slammers universe in the Pollo Mountains.
7 hours ago

I read a couple #books, and watched a few #movies

Book dedications bot
7 hours ago

Happy for No Reason: 7 Steps to Being Happy from the Inside Out by Marci Shimoff #books #literature #dedication

This book is dedicated to anyone who's ever wanted to be happy. It's not just pie in the sky anymore. And to Dad, my first Happy for No Reason role mode. I carry your joy in my heart.
Creature Author
7 hours ago

Here's another image used for my upcoming novel, Hydra Tower.

This shows the three main protagonists in the story. which is available for pre-order.

I also have a lot of merchandise on offer featuring this and the front cover art on the Kickstarter running until April 10

Check it out!

Help the little guy go big!

#Books #Reading #IndieAuthor #AuthorsofMastodon #Kaiju #Hydra #Fantasy #SwordsandSorcery #Bookstodon #Kickstarter #Crowdfunding

The three heroines of Hydra Tower.

On the right is legendary pirate ninja Jessie Valiant, she's wearing red robes with black leather armor and wields a blood red scimitar.
On the left is sorceress Wu-Jinqua, one of the most powerful magic users in their world, she's wearing silver scaled armor and carries a large staff.
In the center is warrior princess Lavina Williams, she's wearing green and gold full body armor and wields a warrior's sword.

The image is used on the rear cover of the paperback and hardcover versions of the novel.
7 hours ago

I should drop by Barnes and Noble today. Not that I want/need anything, but maybe I’ll stumble across something.


Creature Author
7 hours ago

My first standalone novel, Hydra Tower, is up for pre-order!

Join princess Lavina Williams on her quest to save her home, rescue a trapped prince, and slay a ferocious hydra!

Featuring strong women protagonists in a dark toned fantasy adventure full of action minus the sexual tropes.

You can also get signed copies on Kickstarter.

#Books #Reading #IndieAuthor #AuthorsofMastodon #Kaiju #Hydra #Fantasy #SwordsandSorcery #Adventure #ComingSoon

Cover art for Hydra Tower

Features a three-headed hydra about to attack a castle on a dark and stormy night.
The cover gives high fantasy vibes.
7 hours ago

Cloud Architect: Transform Technology and Organization by Gregor Hohpe is the featured bundle on the Leanpub homepage! #books #technology #cloudcomputing

Creature Author
8 hours ago

It's been a while since I put this out there.

Check out Hydra's Wake!
A SciFi/Steampunk based action thriller novel that follows a dirigible pilot after he crash lands in a remote forest that happens to be the territory of a four-headed hydra.
The fight for survival is on!

#Books #reading #IndieAuthor #Authorsofmastodon #Kaiju #Hydra #Steampunk #Action #Thriller #SciFi #KindleUnlimited

Cover of the novel Hydra's Wake

Featuring a four-headed hydra attacking a dirigible with a large planet in the background.
The cover gives a SciFi/Steampunk vibe.
Nancy Marguerite Anderson
8 hours ago

"Light showers. Camped about 2 miles above the River of St. Martin on the snow.
"Saturday. Fine weather. Got up to within 5 miles of the Boat Encampment.
"Sunday. Reached the Boat Encampment at 6 o'clock this morning and got the boat which is to be left hauled up and secured, alongside another which we found here. Set the people to cook provisions to take them across the Rocky Mountains, and got the loads arranged. #BCHistory #CanadaHistory #History #Books

A misty evening on the Columbia River, with the trees on the river bank silhouetted against the lighter background of fog.
Darrell Z. Grizzle
8 hours ago

The Professor of Gothic Studies is distracted by squirrels this afternoon.

#Gothic #BlackCat #Books

Photo of a black cat on a desk with old books, looking out a window.
Trey Piepmeier
8 hours ago

Alright, #UrsulaKLeGuin fans, what am I missing?

Just fiction so far, and only a couple of the collections (that are part of bigger series that have novels as well).

#SciFi #books #checklists #SFF #Bookstodon

8 hours ago

I’ve started collecting and reading the #books of movies I’ve seen, specifically #horror . The old books tend to be super short and some times expensive (looking at you Halloween!) but not always. Anyway, I found Squirm. It’s very like the movie but it’s also hilarious. #bookstodon #vintage #70s

Damon Young
9 hours ago

I woke up to this beautiful photograph of my book, PHILOSOPHY IN THE GARDEN (Scribe).

UK designer Dominic Bellamy makes these arrangements on his Instagram, and I’m so pleased to be part of one.

#garden #gardening #philosophy #philosopher #reading #literature #books #bookshelf #janeAusten #writingCommunity #writing

A photograph of an arrangement. In a wire garden tray, white camellias. The handle of an antique shovel. A bronze head of Plato and small putto. In the centre, a bright green hardback with stylised white flowers and an opening book. The title is Philosophy in the Garden.
Speed Paste Robot
9 hours ago

Fair use should definitely cover single lender rights for out of print books. There are ways publishers could collaborate with libraries to make this work better for authors, readers, publishers and libraries.

#libraries #books

From: @Rushkoff

10 hours ago

Book swap corner at a local community centre where Danes and Ukrainians meet. Novels in both languages. Books as a language of togetherness.

#Books #Aarhus

Four shelves of books in Danish and Ukrainian, everything from Tolstoy to Jussi Adler-Olsen. There's a handwritten sign in Ukrainian propped up on one shelf. It says the books are free to swap and borrow. This is at a community centre in Aarhus city centre where Ukrainians and Danes meet and where Ukrainians get support from one another, from local volunteers and from Council staff and services.
10 hours ago
10 hours ago

Oral arguments being presented right now regarding the Internet Archive’s OpenLibrary and the future of publishing, and libraries. #publishing #books

Libros de Babel 📖
11 hours ago

El verdadero Bambi cumple cien años (era una novela y denunciaba la persecución nazi)

El libro, escrito por el autor judío Felix Salten y publicado en 1923, arremetía contra el acoso a las minorías y es mucho más oscuro y profundo que la película de Walt Disney

Leer más en El Confidencial #libros #books

Eline 🎧📚 Lovely Audiobooks
11 hours ago

If you want to participate in the #TransRightsReadathon and are looking for audiobook recommendations, you might find some inspiration on these two of my book lists:

Audiobooks with nonbinary main characters by nonbinary and trans authors and narrators

LGBTQ Romance audiobooks by queer authors and narrators

@audiobooks @bookstodon #reading #books

11 hours ago

Hello, world. My #introduction here.

Studying political science in #Poland. Proud owner of three wonderful #pet #rats, so there'll be plenty of contributions to #ratsofmastodon and #animals.

I'm that guy who prefers to sit on the ground, so the others may have space on bench.

Aside from that, I'm very into #philosophy, #anarchism and #books - surely I'll recommend a lot here. My favourite #music genre is #punk rock.

Who am I kidding, nobody cares. Anyways, I'm looking forward to meeting y'all wonderful bastards.

This account is meant to interact in english only. For polish, see my bio.


In the picture there is a drawing of a white rat with piercing red eyes, held in hand. The hand is visibly scratched. The rat's face implies it's pissed off. In it's small hand, it holds a burnt matchstick. In the background there's a Polish Parliment building, that is burning. The sky is black from smoke. 

The picture is political frustration made manifest.
Catherine Babault
12 hours ago

On my way to the post office to mail 8 book orders received over the weekend. I mail my books worldwide, as far as New Zealand and Finland! You can order your signed copy from my website only (Amazon and bookstores takes a 40% commission: not an option for independent artists).


#PhotoBook #VancouverIslandMarmot #VancouverIslandWildlife #WildlifePhotography #NaturePhotography #books

Mike Palumbo
12 hours ago

#365Stories in 2023 - 79/365
"Bloodchild" (1984)
by Octavia E. Butler

The Tlic, an insectoid race, use humans to carry their eggs. Gan, a boy chosen to bear the eggs of T'Gatoi, a Tlic official, must assist her with surgery on a human who's being eaten alive by his hatched larvae.

Butler's unusual coming-of-age tale finds humans on the short end of a power imbalance; instead of conquering the Tlic, they become a commodity on an alien world.


Adam Fortuna
12 hours ago

Designing a user-sourced book data system that’s difficult to spam, automatically heals from bad data, and relies on data from APIs with humans filling in the gaps is a difficult (but fun) problem.

That’s the approach we’re thinking of using for Hardcover. Rather than having librarians (roles with special access), it’d be closer to Wikipedia with automoderators to prevent and rollback bad activity. That’s the goal at least. 🤞

Has anyone built anything similar?

#book #hardcoverapp #Books

⬆️ Oh. And recommended reading this week is @adamshostack's famous #ThreatModeling book 📚

If you don't have it yet, grab a copy.

#bookstodon #books #infosec #appsec

13 hours ago

A campaign to protect a tree gets help from unexpected quarters in Ross Raisin's short story Treehuggers.

Catch it exclusively at

Image: s9-4pr

#books #reading #writing #ShortStories #fiction #environment @bookstodon

In the background, reddening beech leaves. In the foreground a quote from Ross Raisin's short story Treehuggers: 'Its highest branches shed their autumn leaves … like a scattering of eviction notices'

My latest newsletter is a whole bunch of recommendations of books by trans/non-binary authors for the #TransRightsReadathon 📚🤸🦉

#books #reading #trans #transgender #sciencefiction #fantasy #booktodon

Joe Ortiz
13 hours ago

A group of #librarians say that the @internetarchive is a library which that the four major publishers' lawsuit against them threatens the development of both print and digital collections.

#InternetArchive #library #libraries #books

Athena Andreadis, PhD
14 hours ago
Athena Andreadis, PhD
14 hours ago

Cover reveal: The stunning artwork of H. Won for Melissa Scott's #fantasy novel The Master of Samar -- magic, intrigue & derring-do in a vivid alt-universe Venice where power is based on dangerous covenants. Coming June 5!

And in winter 2023 will come Melissa's Fallen, the 2nd sibling of Finders in the mythic #spaceopera series Firstborn, Lastborn.

@blueterraplane #books #sciencefiction #CandlemarkAndGleam

Yahia Lababidi
14 hours ago
Dave Mackey
15 hours ago

1/ the two books I see referenced most frequently regarding the field of #InformationRetrieval are Croft/Metzler/Strohman's #SearchEngines: #InformationRetrieval in Practice (2009) and Manning/Schütze/Raghavan's Introduction to Information Retrieval (2008).

Are there any #books that either (a) cover the entire span to the present to a similar depth/quality or (b) cover from the last ~15 years of information retrieval?

I see Dirk Lewandowski's Understanding #Search Engines (2023) but it appears

Begrudging Recluse
15 hours ago

"The more I read, the more I felt connected across time to other lives and deeper sympathies. I felt less isolated. I wasn't floating on my little raft in the present; there were bridges that led over to solid ground. Yes, the past is another country, but one that we can visit, and once there we can bring back the things we need."

- Jeanette Winterson in 'Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?'

#books #bookstodon #reading

15 hours ago

So I #amreading #nowreading this book by Bordiga (although i heard the Fundamentals was a group project).

Photo of book
Title reads: The Fundamentals for a Marxist Orientation and other writings on Marxist theory
Author lists Amadeo Bordiga.
The cover illustration is an Italian left on hammer and sickle over a sunrise within concentric circles (are those concentric?)
Grand Admiral Shaun Duke
16 hours ago

What are you reading? Tell me and @Princejvstin will pay for your next coffee (though probably not because he's not that rich; this is just a joke lolz). #books #AmReading

Tini Malitius
16 hours ago

Hello you guys! Here's another little bookish illo for your enjoyment. Have a magical Monday.

#illustration #MastoArt #art #books #magic #kidsart #kidlt

Illustration of a child looking out a book window
Ken Lussey
16 hours ago

‘The House With 46 Chimneys’ is a spooky adventure story for younger readers involving a two-century old family mystery and the haunting of Dunmore Park, a ruined house in central Scotland. This distant view of the ruins shows their sheer size - and over half the remaining chimneys that give the novel its title.

Find out more on my website:
Buy the paperback edition here:
Buy the Kindle edition here:

#Books #Bookstodon

The image shows a distant telephoto view of the ruins of Dunmore Park. They are partly obscured by trees, which are growing to the sides and on top of the ruined house. Large numbers of decorative chimneys and a few narrow turrets project from the upper part of the ruins. The front cover of ‘The House With 46 Chimneys’ is shown in the bottom right corner.
Libros de Babel 📖
19 hours ago

Juan José Millás: "La lectura es un estupefaciente"

El escritor publica su nueva novela, 'Solo humo' (Alfaguara). Un libro en el que la biblioteca de un padre ausente se convierte en la puerta para conocer quién fue. "Al aprender a leer se aprende a leerse", afirma

Leer más en @eldiarioes #libros #books

Paul "Princejvstin" Weimer
20 hours ago

Review:Some Desperate Glory by Emily Tesh
A surprisingly emotionally complex novel about the stories we are told about the world around us, and how those stories survive contact with our own experiences of life.
@chloroform_tea has tbe NOAF review at the blog:

Dave Mackey
1 day ago

I've updated the Building #SearchEngines doc. New additions include books on #search and #InformationRetrieval, Open Semantic Search, OpenSearchServer, and Metager.

#Recommendations on #books I may have missed are especially appreciated. :)

Nick Walker
1 day ago


The time has finally come for me to put together a Neuroqueer Theory handbook.

I'm accepting chapter proposals from now through the end of May.

#neurodiversity #neuroqueer #neurodivergent #queer #writing #books #cfp #academia #opencall #creativity #genderqueer #culture #psychology #sociology #humanities

Sarah Jackson
1 day ago

Hey #SciFi #Fantasy and #Horror readers! 🚀🧚‍♂️💀

I would love to hear about any works that you've read (old or new, long or short, prose or poetry) that you felt had interesting, effective, or just plain relatable representations of mental health challenges or trauma. I'm interested in both literal and metaphorical representations.

I'd also be grateful for any boosts ❤

#SpeculativeFiction #MentalHealth #Trauma #SFF #SFFH #Bookstodon #Books #Reading

Athena Andreadis
1 day ago

The Internet Archive is systematically using DARVO-style arguments to camouflage their attempt to legitimize piracy as a Robin Hood action on behalf of readers. If people want new #books on their digital readers, especially from small #indie presses, they should take the trouble to understand how #copyright & legitimate distribution work. Put simply, #writing professionals need to be paid for their efforts - a concept apparently hard to understand.

Jane Rosenberg LaForge
1 day ago

Idaho legislators want to fine #libraries and #schools which fail to restrict “harmful” /obscene #books / materials to minors $2,500. They originally wanted the fine to be $10,000. #FirstAmendment #FreedomtoRead #censorship

Theodora Lau
2 days ago

Sunday is a good time to unwind …

#books #reading #fintech #AI #finserv #economy

Food for the soul
2 days ago

Beautiful Day, Reading
By Kristina Vardazaryan

#art #painting #mastoart #AYearForArt #books #reading

Lovely soft coloured painting of a woman sitting at a terras reading a book. The woman has dark hair and is wearing a light grey vest and dark grey jeans and a yellow scarf. There is a fence in front of the terras behing which there is a big white coloured square with some touches of dark blue. On the left half of the painting a tree is visable. In the back of the painting is a row of houses and a church coloured in several soft shades of purple. The sky is white.
3 days ago

I'd also like to get some #reading in. I'm already 2 books behind my admittedly optimistic goal of 50 #books read. And my #currentread is "The Winners" by Fredrik Backman, book 3 of the Beartown trilogy. Such a wonderful writer, probably my current favorite. But it is a long book! I also have "Big Dirty Money" Jennifer Taub on #audiobook but it is depressing how easy it is to get away with Big Dirty white collar crime. solutions are so easy, if anyone in power had the backbone. @bookstodon

Courtney Robertson
3 days ago

☕️ Saturday mornings are for coffee & books:
📚 AI for Marketers
🥑 Developer, Advocate
👩🏻‍💻 Computing Education Research
👥 Confronting our Freedom: Leading a Culture of Chosen Accountability and Belonging
🪐 Foundation & Empire (tonight)

What have you been reading lately? #books

Vanessa MacLaren-Wray
3 days ago

Just a few hours until the party gets rolling over on the Facebookie, celebrating 2 years of storytelling with Strong Women – Strange Worlds. It's all free, all for fun.

Meet and hang out with authors, chat, play games, and win prizes! New activities every half-hour 11-4 EDT

#books #scifi #fantasy #horror #freebooks #party

Shouty person
3 days ago

Examples of coir books include:
Killers of a Certain Age​ by Deanna Raybourn
Magic, Lies, and Deadly Pies​ by Misha​ Popp​
An Elderly Lady Is Up to No Good​ by Helene Tursten
Friends in Need by Elliott Hay (aka me)

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Examples of coir… Light-hearted. Violence is on page but not graphic. Swearing??? Unlikeable victims.
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I've read (and written) a few books lately that were billed as cosy (aka cozy) crime/mysteries/paranormal/fantasy/whatever … but they don't quite fit the mould. And cosy readers can be SCATHING if a story – however good it may be – doesn't conform to genre expectations. And I think we need a new term: one that covers stories that are mostly cosy but with a little bit of noir mixed in.

I suggest coir (#coirfiction = cosy + noir).

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Cosy = upbeat. optimistic. light-hearted. small town. unlikeable victim. no graphic violence. no swearing. no sex.

noir = dark. gritty. pessimistic. urban. morally ambiguous. scenes of violence. vengeance. 

coir: when it’s a 
little bit cosy … but also a little
 bit noir

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So I finally got around to reading both monk&robot #books by Becky Chambers, and I enjoyed them quite a bit (the second one a lot more than the first)!

Prayer for the crown-shy in particular manages to show what an evolved #solarpunk society could look and function like.

The characters and their relationships are a delight; as are the philosophical questions pondered!

If you're looking for wholesome, low-conflict solarpunk, this is definitely the stuff to read.


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#Books #eBooks #Publishing #Copyright #IP #Libraries: "The Internet Archive has all these characteristics. It is a one-of-a-kind independent research library, with its holdings fully available in digital form. Its substantial physical and digital collections are unique. It employs librarians and other information professionals. It is open to all interested readers. It cooperates with peer libraries in support of archiving the information and contemporary discourse as manifested in the World Wide Web. It has an active community of researchers who depend on its collections. And it is an engaged, responsive, resource-sharing partner to hundreds of peer libraries. It is also now an integral part of the interlibrary loan system, sharing its holdings with other libraries worldwide. It shares the keystone values of all libraries: preservation, access, privacy, intellectual freedom, diversity, lifelong learning and the public good. And it does all this without commercial motive as a mission-driven not-for-profit organization."

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Review of "Gender Born, Gender Made: Raising Healthy Gender-Nonconforming Children" by Diane Ehrensaft

I definitely learned a lot from this book. It is heartfelt and empathic, written by a psychologist dedicated to the well-being of children and to defending gender creative, non-conforming, questioning, genderfluid and trans children and youth.

It covers a lot of ground in its eight chapters, but the main takeaway is that the children know best, that we (adults) must listen, hear, trust, believe, and support them as they create their own selves and identities that fit them best, regardless of what society/parents/experts think.

Written from a psychoanalytical lens, Ehrensaft examines what gender is, how gender emerges and manifests in young children, how the family can best support gender non-conforming children, how parents can best support the transition of their child, the different options available for gender-affirming treatment, how to deal with other family members and society at large, and finally, how therapists can best provide care and support to gender creative children. Parts of the text, such as how to handle siblings or how to be a good therapist, weren't so relevant to me, but surely would meet the needs of some readers.

Throughout, Ehrensaft really brings her points home by providing numerous compelling case studies of both the right and wrong ways to do things, of how to handle different life situations as they arise, and in general of how to be the best possible parent to a gender creative child, regardless of how that child's gender manifests on the gender "web" or "spectrum." She also importantly pushes back strongly against therapists and treatments that only believe in the gender binary and seek to label non-conforming children as having a "disorder" who must be "corrected."

Overall, an important, insightful, professional, compassionate text all too necessary in our current moment. Highly recommended.

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@soflaadmin @faustosterling As he should. This is bigger than him & the complaints of narrow-minded parents should not sway institutions of learning to either ban #books or fire #educators . This is the #desantis effect & I hope Prof Joeckel wins!

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Be sure to put this book on your reading list.

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'In each of us two powers preside, one male, one female...

The normal and comfortable state of being is that when the two live in harmony together, spiritually co-operating...

It is when this fusion takes place that the mind is fully fertilized and uses all its faculties.

Perhaps a mind that is purely masculine cannot create, any more than a mind that is purely feminine…'

— Virginia Woolfe

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