DK Mok
11 hours ago

I finished listening to the final episode of Paper Defiance: a wonderful interview with Stefen from Stefen's Books in Perth. I particularly loved hearing about how he personalised the layout & features of the bookshop in consultation with customers, particularly regarding accessibility. A great example of local indie bookshops as places of community & connection, as well as physically & emotionally safe spaces.

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20 hours ago

#Edinburgh peeps, enjoy a Cretaceous Sunday with an all-ages event with Steve and Anne Brusatte, with Anne's delightful Dugie the Dinosaur book for children, and Steve's books on dinosaurs and also on mammals, a fun event for young ones and adults alike! Details on the bookshop site

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2 weeks ago

We've been having bright sun, thunderstorm, and a few minutes of heavy rain (so needed) now and and then. All in one day.
I'm hoping this Once Upon a Tome will get me through the weekend.

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3 weeks ago

On Monday night (22nd), I'll be talking with L.R Lam, Hannah Kaner & Anya Bergman for the @TheEdinburghBookshop event at Christ Church in #Bruntsfield

Witches, Dragons, Gods & Monsters (not saying which of us is which!). Details on EB site

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covers for Witches of Vardo, Godkiller and Dragonfall, for upcoming, three-author event at the Edinburgh Bookshop
Sheila M. Averbuch - Author
3 weeks ago

It's the Publishing #Scotland Scottish Book Trade Conference today and #Edinburgh is looking more gorgeous than ever.

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Royal Mile Edinburgh with saltire in the morning
1 month ago

I've just spent a happy few days defacing my local bookshop windows (Walkers Books in Stamford and Bourne Bookshop).

Support your local bookshop!

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Close-up of a hand-painted bookshop window. A princess with a dragon bottom throws her hands in the air
Close-up of a second hand-painted bookshop window. A princess fires flames from her bottom
The final painted window design. A princes with a blazing bottom rockets into the sky
The second bookshop design. A princess with a dragon's bottom fires flames from her rear. Written in the flames is the title of the book being promoted: The Princess with the Blazing Bottom
1 month ago

Lovely visit from four legged regular Sylvie in the bookshop today. We got to dog-sit her for a short time while her hooman had to visit a nearby business. We were reluctant to give her back!

This is her on the boookshop sofa, watching for her hooman to come back. We got sooo many warm.doggo cuddles! Such a huggy hound.

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Vivienne Dunstan
1 month ago

‘Like reading under the covers’: books flourish in blackout-hit Ukraine - a really positive story of survival, the importance of books and reading, and cultural survival and the Ukrainian language #books #reading #bookshops #Ukraine #Ukrainian #UkrainianLanguage #bookselling #culture #warzone #wartime

1 month ago

Libreture's newsletter, The TOC, is on its way to subscribers' inboxes right now! Catch up with the latest Libreture and ebook news.

Changes, changes, changes.

💜 Amazon keep changing their final, final, honestly final date for no longer accepting Mobi files through Send-to-Kindle.

💜 Kobo has changed their Kobo Plus subscription to now be available in the UK and US.

💜 Here at Libreture, we're working on changing the DRM-free Bookshop page.

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Star Cat Books
1 month ago

Saturday is Independent Bookstore Day & at STAR CAT BOOKS we’re celebrating with a store-wide sale (15% used/10% new) and gourmet cookies from Umpleby's Bakery & Cafe in Hanover, NH!

Come celebrate indie bookstores with us & get some yummy cookies (GF available!).

We’ll be open 10am-5pm, as always. Looking forward to seeing all of you! #indiebookstoreday #indiebookstores #bookstores #bookshops #StarCatBooks

Fantastical bookstore interior piled with antiquarian books and the headline INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE DAY

Something I picked up at the weekend that has raced to the top of my TBR, as soon as I've finished Hare House. One for all you mystery lovers.
Alice Slater - Death of a Bookseller
#Bookstodon #NewBook #Bookshops #Mystery

Cover of Death of a Bookseller by Alice Slater
Lime green cover with title and author in large hot pink letters.  Image of a bookshelf with blood dripping off it.
2 months ago

This is just the best 😊 My local bookshop, Walkers of Stamford, have given the books their own table!

#bookshops #picturebooks #kidlit

A table in a bookshop carrying all three books from the Very Fiery Fairy Tale series, including the latest, The Princess with the Blazing Bottom.
Mark Kielty 🇮🇪
2 months ago

Found this really interesting article about #Teen books and how perhaps they're too muddled with #YA #books. I definitely questioned the categorisation of some books I've read when visiting #bookshops.

#YAFantasy #MiddleGrade #TeenBooks #MastoDaoine #Books #Fantasy

Paul Barker
2 months ago

This is a beautiful little video about our local independent & radical bookshop @fiveleavesbookshop.

#Books #Bookshops

Sheila M. Averbuch - Author
2 months ago

Seeing and signing my book FRIEND ME in a #London bookstore is the thrill of my life. Thank you #Waterstones Gower Street for having FRIEND ME (Scholastic) on the shelves of your magnificent children's section. This shop is book paradise, people... stop by if you can. Shown here with a domesticated Dalek (OR IS IT?)

#bookshops #londontravel #middlegrade
#FriendMe #sheilamaverbuch #booktoker #booksellers #thriller #kidlit #writingcommunity #waterstones #childrensbooks @bookstodon

Pete Green
2 months ago

First sighting of my book in the wild. @blackwells in Oxford, apparently.

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My book The Meanwhile Sites on a shelf with a ton of other poetry books
2 months ago

A friend of mine wants to find an indie bookshop in or near Sutton Coldfield, UK.

I think he's OK with second-hand as well as new books; mostly he's looking for a responsible place to buy that supports his local community.

Anybody got suggestions?

#bookstodon #bookshops

2 months ago

Leakey's Bookshop, Inverness. #scotland #schottland #inverness #books #bookshops

Blick in den großen Secondhand-Buchladen Leakey's.
Mark 🏳️‍🌈
2 months ago

This is so true! It’s why I switched solely to online book purchases 15 years ago. Every time I spent more than 5 minutes in a Barnes & Noble I had to take a number 2.

Why #Bookshops Make You Need to #Poo | HuffPost UK Life

Marek McGann
2 months ago

PSA: With Book Depository moribund, you might be looking for alternatives. are independent Irish sellers who ship worldwide.

Great catalogue, great customer service, I've used them for years.

#books #bookshops #bookstodon

Sheila M. Averbuch - Author
2 months ago

"I believe that, if I’m good with words, the single best thing I can do with that is write stories for young readers." -- thanks to @bigbeardedbookseller for having me for an author Q&A! We talked about my debut FRIEND ME (Scholastic), how I write, and my 122 rejections en route to publication.

#writingCommunity #middleGrade #kidlit #AuthorsOfBookstodon #bookstodon @bookstodon #bookseller #booksellers #bookshops

Author Sheila M Averbuch
Cover of the middle grade thriller FRIEND ME
3 months ago

Could you resist this shop window display? #bookshops

Shop window entirely covered in vintage books
Simon Key
3 months ago

I'm doing #buyastrangerabook on Twitter right now.

If you don't know what it is, basically, people offer to buy books for other people, because they want to (and it's ace!).

I do it every Wednesday.

I expect it would work on Mastodon too, except that Direct Messages on here aren't quite so secure.

I'm sure I could work round that, so maybe I'll try it on here one day soon.


Simon Key
3 months ago

Look at me, trying to sell more books on Mastodon.

It's #TuesdayBargains.

I'm selling these books at just a fiver each (free P+P in the UK).

I do this on Twitter each week, but it's time to spread the love.

If there are any you'd like let me know and we shall work it out.

I have more than one copy of some of the books.

(Zadie Smith, Pat Barker and Clive Birnie have gone)


Richard Littler
3 months ago

This morning I was reminded of something I've noticed a few times in Swiss #bookshops. Some (all?) new paperbacks, which are scheduled for release elsewhere in several months or even longer - and are only available to pre-order - are already on the shelves here. I wonder why that is.

3 months ago

If you're not sure where you can buy ebooks, digital comics, magazines and RPGs in #DRMfree formats, take a look at my list of DRM-free Bookshops. 📚🔓💜

#Bookshops #ebooks

Daniel Bellingradt :mastodon:
3 months ago

Let's start with the obvious: this book shop is well organized, and does not invite to browse the offered titles. Why?

Because #backwardsbooks! You might remember that books in #libraries and #bookshops were shelved fore-edge outwards way into the eighteenth century. It was a bookish world in which authors and titles were often written in ink onto the fore-edges.

So as a buyer in 1658 you might choose to look at boxes or fore-edges, or talk to the bookseller at the desk.



Daniel Bellingradt :mastodon:
3 months ago

Do you remember the Twitter uproar on #backwardsbooks? This is the history part of this story. Big bound books were stored like this, because of many reasons, but the main reason was to avoid damage of the spine. Books in #libraries and #bookshops were shelved fore-edge outwards way into the eighteenth century. It was a bookish world in which authors and titles were often written in ink onto the fore-edges. #bookhistory

Another example:


3 months ago

‘We’ve rediscovered the joy of reading’: how customers are rescuing UK #bookshops

A bookseller in Kent has gone viral after tweeting a picture of her empty shop. Here, other retailers explain how they are surviving – even thriving – when many people are counting every penny

Max Hertzberg
3 months ago

Has anyone else noticed how #independent #bookshops in the UK are making a comeback after years of being squeezed out of business? Sadly it's not all easy reading, and some bookshops are asking for help. The Grauniad reports:

#ShopLocal #bookshop #reading #books @bookstodon

3 months ago

I'm a child of the 80's. Writing my name in the front of a new book was a big deal. It's about ownership - a growing library of more than books... of worlds, characters, events, ideas well beyond my own situation.

Owning your own books, including ebooks, is an important part of reading.

Find more ebooks you can actually own, keep, and read on your favourite device with my list of DRM-free bookshops!

#ebooks #DRMfree #bookshops

Sheila M. Averbuch - Author
4 months ago

My book baby, the #middlegrade thriller FRIEND ME (#Scholastic Press US) is 3 this year and I'm celebrating with a global #giveaway!

Boots much appreciated -- it came out during peak pandemic, with no #bookshops, clubs or #libraries open, so I'm still doing catch-up on publicity. 🙄

Anyway, to see how you could win a paperback copy signed by me, head here to Instagram >>

#Thriller #books @bookstodon #middleGradeBooks #education #librarians #YouthServicesLibrarian

My debut novel FRIEND ME on a rainbow background for the giveaway
Emily Ding
5 months ago

Another pilgrimage to my favourite combination of “third places” in cities. Not related to #Shakespeare & Company.

#bookshops #cafes #berlin #writingcommunity #bookstodon #edreads #edtopophilia

On the left side, a wall of bookshelves; on the other, a cafe counter. A sign on the wall above them say: Shakespeare & Sons
Emily Ding
5 months ago

Love popping into #bookshops I stumble upon while walking in #Berlin (which I remember were gratifyingly considered “essential” businesses during the pandemic)—even when they’re ones like these with no English-language books.

I did buy a German copy of Raymond Carver’s Cathedral once though in rather too ambitious hopes of improving my German—you see, I'm still at baby-talk level 😅

This is Antiquariat Wiederhold near Weinberg Park.

#edreads #edtopophilia #bookstodon

Here's a little good news (for a change): the number of independent #bookshops has actually increased in the last year... this reflects the increasing return to physical #books, the desire by some to open a bookshop as a lifestyle #business (I'm sure) but also perhaps indicates that people are now valuing (when buying books) the personal touch of a knowledgable seller.... still something celebrate while the sh*tshow continues around us!

5 months ago

The TOC is heading out now! 📨

My little newsletter with updates and news is heading to subscribers' inboxes, with updates on ebook metadata, #Bookstodon, and some new DRM-free bookshops to browse!

#ebooks #DRMfree #bookshops #metadata

Emily Ding
5 months ago

Was staying a stone's throw from Al-Saqi Books last autumn while we were in #London for a close friend's wedding. Stumbled upon it by chance and popped in for a browse as W.C. (the "Willing Companion" 😆) is very much inspired by #Arabic history and culture. Recently tried to order him an art book he had looked at as a present for Christmas but it was already too late...

#edreads #bookshops #bookstodon

Emily Ding
5 months ago

Sad news 😔

"Established in 1978 as the first #Arabic bookstore in #London, Al-Saqi Books represented a treasure trove of literary works for Arab expatriates living in the city and across Europe. It was an essential destination for Arabs visiting London, who were buoyed by the fact that they could get their hands on books that would otherwise be censored in their own countries."

#edreads #bookshops #bookstodon

Angus McIntyre
5 months ago

It's #Caturday again, so here's another from the #RetroCaturday archives.

This is Frank, the legendary "sumo kitty" from the downtown branch of the Book Barn in #Niantic. An avid reader, Frank was always willing to offer book recommendations, accept head scritches, or lie in a sunbeam all day.

#cats #CatsOfMastodon #bookshops

A large tabby cat with a white throat, tummy and paws lying on the floor of a bookshop, next to a bookshelf.

Another Tom Gauld cartoon.

As an ex-#bookseller myself (but still with on foot in the ring selling off my academic library as a nostalgic temporary return to an earlier life), I wish all booksellers seasons' greetings.

#writers #bookshops

Christmas Season at the Exceedngly Highbrow Bookshop

The sales assistant looks over thee sections:
Antiquarian books/literary fiction;
Classics/first edtionsd
Seasonal Novelties & Stocking Fillers, in which section a customer is about to have their browsing cut short by the assistant operating a trap door
Emily Ding
6 months ago

Current bedtime squeeze ❤️

#Books can be as magical as the #bookshops they come from. Picked this up sometime ago at the delightfully quirky Typewronger ( in #Edinburgh—its owner as delightfully quirky, and very friendly. See, he made me an origami elephant from a torn page of an old book to go with my purchase!

Overhearing him with customers & then speaking to him, I gathered he started the bookshop in the pandemic, and is doing well enough to be optimistic.


Neil Stoker
7 months ago

✨ Hello! My name is Neil, this is my #introduction

My interests don't fit that neatly into a pattern but include #cooking, #computers, #countrywalks, #science, #maths, #fonts & #design, #books & #bookshops, #photography, #problemsolving & #nature.

Playing with BBC Micros in the early 80s kickstarted a life long fascination with computers. I enjoy dabbling, exploring topics out of curiosity, for fun, but I also use them for more serious work too.

Enjoying the calm, taking things slowly here 🤗

Gutter Bookshop
7 months ago

It's time I did our #mastodon #introduction. I'm Bob Johnston, owner of The Gutter Bookshops - 2 indie bookshops in #Dublin, #Ireland (#TempleBar & #Dalkey). Proud to be #LGBTQ & author of a children's picturebook with illustrator Michael Emberley 'Our Big Day' celebrating same-sex weddings (O'Brien Press 2022) I toot about #books, #bookshops, our #cat Molly & #dog Jessie. Married to artist & teacher Leon McAleenan. Oh, & #biscuits, lots of biscuits... Hoping to chat & support others here. Bx

Selfie photo of Bob and his cat Molly. Molly is close to camera and looks annoyed at having her photo taken.