Joaquim Homrighausen
8 hours ago

WonderCMS Bootstrap 5 theme 😊

(now, if their forum would only let me register a profile ...)

#wondercms #foss #oss #opensource #theme #bootstrap #bootstrap5

Preview image of WonderCMS Boostrap 5 theme

Fellow #webdev folks, can I get a hand #LookingForWork? #FediHire #FediHired #GetFediHired

Looking for a front-end web development position. The more focus on accessible, well-formed HTML and CSS, the better.

Part-time or full-time, either works. Part-time must have flexible schedule.

Must be either remote or in the SLC, Utah area.

My background: #HTML, #CSS, #JavaScript, static websites, #jQuery, #Bootstrap, Mustache/Handlebars, and also LAMP stack, #JAMstack, #WordPress, #PHP, and SQL.

blackspike design
5 days ago

See the before/after design of a ASP.NET Razor + Bootstrap line-of-business app – Bootstrap doesn't have to look like Bootstrap!

#bootstrap #aspnetcore #dotnet #design

Cédric Belin
5 days ago

Reminder to myself: never use the caret operator (i.e. `^`) in the `package.json` file with #Bootstrap #CSS.
They don't use semantic versioning !

5 days ago

#Development #Reviews
Why we’re bad at CSS · Despite CSS’s latest advancements, its challenges continue

#CSS #Frontend #WebDevelopment #WebDev #DesignSystem #CssMethodology #CssFramework #Bootstrap #Tailwind #CoolCss #BEM

Bruno Rohée
2 weeks ago

More resources on the subject at #bootstrap

Bruno Rohée
2 weeks ago

This can be useful for trusted #bootstrap chain which led me to the impressive work #GUIX did on the subject

Codappix GmbH
2 weeks ago

Du hast bisher keine passende Lösung gefunden? Wir entwickeln maßgeschneiderte 𝐒𝐨𝐟𝐭𝐰𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐋ö𝐬𝐮𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐧 die deinen individuellen Anforderungen gerecht werden. Den Möglichkeiten sind dabei fast keine Grenzen gesetzt.

#Bootstrap #CSS3 #HTML5 #JavaScript #Laravel #PHP #Symfony #Tailwind #CSS #Vuejs und mehr ✔️.

Mark Gardner ‍:sdf:
2 weeks ago

Recruiter asked me to share: OO #Perl w/ #PostgreSQL & #Bootstrap.js remote #job w/ creating an end‐to‐end management perspective to ensure compliance & oversight of #GIbill programs

US citizenship/Green Card
5 yrs analyzing customer needs & developing overall concept & design objectives
Engineering or related scientific/tech bachelor’s
Preferred: #SpringBoot, #microservices

Contact Jeff Moore @ 201-645-3370 or for immediate interview

2 weeks ago

A new CEO user immediately got so much value that he wanted to invest in OmniCreator. Unfortunately, we aren't taking any investors.

#bootstrap #entrepreneurship
OmniCreator is a new #linkedin #creator #community

with @OmarMKhateeb

Deniz Opal
1 month ago

Hey web developers.

I have been defaulting to Bootstrap templates whenever I need a web site for almost a decade now.

I can do the rest of the stack myself just need it to look pretty on the front end.

Is Bootstrap still valid or am I being a dinosaur.

#Bootstrap #Javascript #html #template #webdev #programming

Also #react mit #bootstrap und #typescript ist ja schon klasse fürs #Frontend, wenn man es denn mal so hinbekommt, dass es das macht was man will - mit dem #javascript wie ich es kenne, hat das aber überhaupt nichts mehr zu tun:
Allein den Editor #VScodium so zu trimmen, dass #prettier und #eslint mit den Konfigs in #react zusammenarbeiten war echt nervtötend.
Für das Backend mit #python #cgi wird das nicht so nervenaufreibend werden, hoffe ich...

Nikita Lapkov
1 month ago

Remember when #FontAwesome was cool and every second website used it? Remember #Bootstrap?..

“I was there 3000 years ago” meme
1 month ago

Macron s'essaye au #bootstrap

Il annonce l'apaisement à venir, et il s'attend à ce qu'un apaisement il y ait, juste passque il a dit qu'il y en aurait un, d'apaisement.

Ah, il doute de rien #SonAltesse

alexcoder04 :verified:
2 months ago

After I gave it a try, I really love #bootstrap

Dominik Weckmüller
2 months ago

𝗦𝗲𝗺𝗮𝗻𝘁𝗶𝗰𝗙𝗶𝗻𝗱𝗲𝗿 - A browser-based semantic search engine you can use to query your own texts!

Blog Post:

Built with amazing open-source software: #SentenceTransformers (all-MiniLM-L6-v2), #transformers.js, #CodeMirror and #Bootstrap. #SemanticFinder

Christopher Nethercott
2 months ago

Spent the #easter weekend rewriting my #website with #bootstrap -

Now with dark mode support!

#css #html #javascript #coding

Von mir habt ihr lange nichts mehr gehört. Liegt daran, dass ich wieder mit #programmieren angefangen habe. #jquery ist tot, hat man mir gesagt. #bootstrap ist cool, habe ich mir gedacht. Auf der Suche bin ich dann auf #react 18 gestoßen.
Dass sich die Welt der Webseitenentwicklung aber in den 12 Jahren so stark verändert hat, ist für mich alten Herren schon etwas verstörend :vz3251:

I’ve never refinanced a mortgage before & I got a weird question from the underwriter

asking why I paid myself more 1 year versus the year before.

I said I don’t understand the question but as the sole owner of my company

I can pay myself whatever I want.

#bootstrap #founder

Keep calm, I’m my own boss
Patrick H. Lauke
2 months ago

i assume it's a certain type of developer who chooses to use #bootstrap ... those that are perhaps more of a technical bent, and take an off-the-shelf framework instead of doing their own styles and widgets. and these developers may not be the hottest when it then comes to #accessibility #a11y either. correlation rather than causation, in short

Patrick H. Lauke
2 months ago

while not perfect, we do try to make #bootstrap reasonably accessible (it's a journey, not a destination, of course...but i think the biggest blunders of the past have been ironed out). what I suspect is happening is either these sites are using an old version of BS, and/or they're just building inaccessible stuff on top of it #a11y #accessibility

Patrick H. Lauke
2 months ago

small comment on WebAim's (not on masto?)

> Home pages in the sample that utilize the popular Bootstrap framework had 9.6 more accessibility errors on average than those that did not. We can't know from these data if Bootstrap introduced these errors, but there was a correspondence of increased errors when Bootstrap was present.

I would dare say that #Bootstrap itself should not be the cause of any more substantial errors... #a11y #accessibility

Ivan Rodriguez ♠
2 months ago

I'm wondering why many open-source projects, like #angular, #react, #vuejs, #svelte, and #bootstrap, are not abandoning #Twitter like many people are, especially after what Elon Musk did to the platform.

#twittermigration #twitterexodus #foss #opensource #software


I think this is the reason for the popularity of #TailwindCSS as it brings #CSS tweaking to the average developer. I've learned to not touch nice-looking static site generator theme CSS'es with a 10-foot pole. CSS is wonderful but to do modding in those themes requires a bunch of CSS expertise. I rewrote from #Bootstrap and it was a delight.

Btw, re:comments.. yesterday I bumped into

Might be interesting for your #ActivityPub thing.

2 months ago

ugh. stumbled across yet another #bootstrap thing that is broken in 4.x

I think i just need to downgrade everything to 3.x because i'm wasting too much time trying to follow docs that claim things will work that really don't.

2 months ago

FYI I'm pretty sure popovers are partially broken in #Bootstrap >= 4.x

can't convince them to display data-content content, but if i revert to bootstrap's 3.2.0 js everything works fine.

just wasted about an hour trying to figure out what I was doing wrong. :/ Nothing! grrrr

Bootstrap sure isn't making it easy to self-host its assets (including Popper) with BS 5.2. It's almost as if they have never heard of GDPR or non-CDN usage ... 🤔

#bootstrap #getbootstrap #cdn #gdpr #gdprcompliance #selfhosted #devops #Webdevlopment #webdeveloper

3 months ago

My (not very maintained) VS Code extension reached 200,000 installations! 🤯 Didn’t expect such high and sustained demand for a bunch of Bootstrap snippets.
#VSCode #Bootstrap

The detail page of the extension “Angular UI Bootstrap Snippets” in the Visual Studio Code extension marketplace. Among other details, it shows “200,369 installs”.
Pasquale 📷 🇫🇷 🦻
3 months ago

Bon, ben voilà, j'ai fini. Enfin je crois. J'ai porté mon site web depuis une installation #wordpress vers un truc maison conçu avec #bootstrap, quelques librairies #javascript, et autres fichiers de police de caractères et icônes, un renforcement de la sécurité (avec un beau A+ sur Mozilla Observatory). Bref, du boulot, mais je suis content, ça a de la gueule et c'est bien plus rapide qu'avant.

Plus qu'à le mettre en production d'ici quelques jours.

Alex Oberhauser :verified_o:
3 months ago

Open sourced the Vuejs Fediverse/Mastodon timeline with bootstrap light and dark themes and a lot of functionality.

👉 Dark and light theme, customizable when including the component
👉 Parent post quote when replying to a post
👉 Dialog when clicking on the Fediverse handle in the parent post quote
👉 Link previews (cards) with title, description and image
👉 Shows all the images in a post, via carousel


#Fediverse #Mastodon #VueJS #Bootstrap

@fsf @fediversenews

Two Vuejs Fediverse/Mastodon timelines side by side. One with dark and one with light theme.
Two Vuejs timelines, one in dark and one in light, of two different users. User profile open to the side in dark dialog.
Daniel Jonsson
3 months ago

Dark mode in Bootstrap 5.3.0 (only alpha yet though) looks interesting:
#bootstrap #html #css

Vy Nguyen
3 months ago

Anyone here a #bootstrap #founder using a commercial bank that isn’t insolvent? We are evaluating Brex and Mercury, both seem specifically built for venture-backed companies so it doesn’t feel like a good fit as we are 100% self-funded. #startup #siliconvalleybank

EmberQuill :v_gf:
3 months ago

I have come to my senses and eliminated steps 5-6. I'm just going to use #Bootstrap (with a few customizations). I'll probably be able to get my site up and running this weekend instead of taking weeks or months to design the whole site from scratch since I'm a complete front-end amateur.

Which means I can get back to the whole point of this little project of mine: federating my blog with ActivityPub.

Thomas :damnified:
3 months ago

Ich glaube ich habe Bootstrap jetzt verstanden 🤔

#css #bootstrap

Aurooba Ahmed
3 months ago

On today's episode of viewSource, @briancoords and I dig into #Bootstrap, the ever popular CSS framework. He teaches me a few things about it (because i've never used it) and then we chat about how it works (or doesn't) with #WordPress. Watch the episode on YouTube!

3 months ago
#HTML Design TIP

Advantage of using the #Bootstrap 5 #CDN:

Many users already have downloaded Bootstrap 5 from jsDelivr when visiting another site. As a result, it will be loaded from cache when they visit your site, which leads to faster loading time. Also, most CDN's will make sure that once a user requests a file from it, it will be served from the server closest to them, which also leads to #faster #loading time. 👍
Marianne Spiller
3 months ago

Is it possible to marry #Jekyll with #Bootstrap in order to get Jekyll working with a nice Bootstrap theme? And how much would that hurt? 🤔

Symfony Station :symfony:
3 months ago

Explore How Symfony Station was built: an adventurous exploration of layout solutions. It's an adventure story (aka case study) of how Symfony Station was built and the research behind each decision. It also functions as our about page. :) #Symfony #Drupal #Gutenberg #Bootstrap :symfony: :drupal:

4 months ago

Looking for a #PHP #developer fulltime in Germany for Remote. #Job Skill Level: mid DM me.


@aurooba I gave up bootstrap after the first project I used it in that was years ago.

I try to stick to solutions that use actual css.

With react.js I used styledComponents for quite some time,but that has performance implications & is tied to a framework.

i have started looking at #tailwindCSS & it looks promising, however there is a learning curve.

It is however not like bootstrap, it is more like a utility in between something like bootstrap & pure css.


Florian Krauthan
4 months ago

For building #websites what do you guys use for styling? #bootstrap? #tailwind or something else (e.g. plain #css)?

4 months ago

Gotta wonder if Elon Musk has his eye on #Bootstrap - like - he probably wouldn't be happy to know Twitter designers/developers are giving their work away for free - just like they did with the #TwitterAPI!

4 months ago

Für all' diejenigen von Euch, die es interessiert: hier ein 13 jahre alter Artikel darüber, wie bei mir das Unheil (Computersucht) seinen Lauf nahm ... eine Biographie wie bei so vielen von uns. Viel Spaß beim lesen!


Jeremy Garniaux
4 months ago

After enjoying the great combo #PostgreSQL / #PostGIS + #Django + #Bootstrap + #Pagedjs on professional projects lately, I've been experiencing working with #QGIS + #Inkscape + #Scribus these last two days with Master's students in urbanism. And it's really a blast to be able to work and teach with an open-source-only set of tools!

Let's add a couple of emojis on to celebrate: please welcome :django:, :inkscape: and :scribus: \o/

4 months ago

Per la legge dei vasi comunicanti 😅 si dovrebbe quindi schifare anche #Bootstrap #Twitter 😜

Patrick H. Lauke
4 months ago
4 months ago

@ellotheth thanks anyway. #bootstrap can still be downloaded as a zipped/tarball archive, so I guess I'll go with that.

But something less "bloated" would be lovely.

4 months ago

Isn't there a #CSS "framework" ala #bootstrap or #tailwind that can be used by simply downloading a tarball/zipped bunch of css files? (even including some #javascript files if needed is OK)

I mean, without #npm or similar "building" tools.

All I need is some base CSS code providing layout/grid/UI helpers.

5 months ago

Quick and Dirty Bootstrap Overrides at Runtime"Quick and Dirty Bootstrap Overrides at Runtime"

Bootstrap 5.2 shipped with solutions for the methods covered in this post. So, if you’re using Bootstrap 5.2 or newer, you should be able to tinker with CSS variables right out of the box for custom overrides. Oh, Bootstrap, that old standard web library that either you hate or you spend all your time defending […]

Read more:

#bootstrap #cssvariables

5 months ago

I was cleaning up my code folder and stumbled upon a website project I didn't touch since December 2020, so, two years. Nothing extraordinary, just a #Pug + #Sass + #Bootstrap portfolio website, built with #Gulp.

Well, after trying for about 30 minutes, I still couldn't bring it to build properly. It was error upon error. 🙄

This is why I dislike the #JavaScript ecosystem so much. Even in #Python, it wouldn't be that critical, let alone something like #C or #Java.

Ringo Rohe
5 months ago

Welches UI-Frontend-CSS-Component-Kit-Dingsi benutzt man denn 2023 mit SvelteKit? Gibt es da Empfehlungen? Funktioniert irgendeins besonders gut? Von was sollte man die Finger lassen?

#sveltekit #uikit #bootstrap #tailwind

5 months ago

When i use VoiceOver of Mac to navigate through the website, focus is remaining at a button and its being there until another button is encountered #ada #programming #google-chrome #accessibility #bootstrap-4 #javascript #ada

Christiaan Kras
5 months ago

Like I said, this stack of #perl, #Mojolicious, #MySQL, #CoffeeScript, #BackboneJS and #Bootstrap has served me well this past decade. I've got several business critical webapps running in it.

The backend stays. The frontend gets replaced by mostly plain #HTML with #htmx and #TailwindCSS. This makes development a lot faster: less context switching as most of it is done inside HTML templates. Added but very nice bonus: less complicated and error prone build pipeline!


Christiaan Kras
5 months ago

The webapp is written in #perl with #Mojolicious for the backend powered by #MySQL.

For frontend I went with #Backbonejs and #CoffeeScript. The state and support of modern #JavaScript features was limited back then, dare I say cumbersome. I also enjoyed CoffeeScript, even though I don't like #Python ;-). To make it look half decent I went with #Bootstrap as a CSS framework, but hardly any customisations.

For development I used #Vagrant with #VirtualBox, but since 4-5 years I moved to #Docker.

Patrick H. Lauke
5 months ago

for those who were recently wondering about #bootstrap and its future (due to the whole Twitter debacle and the fact that originally BS was a Twitter project) ... we've hopefully made it clearer now that there's no relationship (seems the remaining mentions that we had in the license/docs were just vestigial)

RecursiveNeuron :verified:
5 months ago

Credit to @codewithshripal

Nice css Tip to implement smooth scrolling with one line:

scroll-behavior: smooth;

#css #frontend #frontenddev #tailwind #bootstrap #reactjs #vuejs

I have used vanilla #CSS, #Bootstrap, #styledComponents in the past.

I am looking for a balance of dev productivity & performance, what would you suggest is your preferred choice.


Tribunus Plebis Media ✊️
6 months ago

Increasing #union membership can not be the sole answer that we aim for, but it can be one of a few keystones to a better future

We deserve better. We deserve actual lives & happiness and actual fulfillment

We need to throw off the individualistic #bootstrap nonsense that we're constantly bombarded with & recognize that there's power in #unity

We can’t be a solo #worker any longer, we need to be a unified #labor

#Solidarity for the workers, solidarity for all, #solidarityforever 

Molly in Missouri
6 months ago

The lack of a deeper #community is more impactful that we might realize. #Humankind didn't #evolve to this point because we were competitive but bc we were #cooperative and #social
Now we are supposed to #bootstrap ourselves #rich (always a #lie) and abandon community in pursuit of survival. We have no choice despite the new #flavors and #SpecialEditions we now have access to

6 months ago

I uninstalled #WordPress.
I just relearned what #BootStrap was and I managed to get a really basic Nav-Bar created and uploaded to my site.

My goal is to give it #RetroGaming buttons and the whole #Retro vibe.

James Jefferies
6 months ago

PSA - if you have been fed up of Bootstrap and Sass complaining about “Deprecation Warning: $weight: Passing a number without unit % (100) is deprecated.”

Well, good news, Bootstrap 5.2.3 is out which fixes this warning :D

#Bootstrap #Sass #Deprecation

Patrick H. Lauke
6 months ago

introducing #bootstrap blue for $8 month...

Patrick H. Lauke
6 months ago

hmm... have been quite happily saying "oh, #bootstrap has nothing to do with twitter anymore, so we cool" ... but looking at the BS license, I do still see Twitter, Inc. sprinkled around. wonder if I need to fly to SF to shown Elron my last 10 commits ...

but seriously, hoping to get clarification from team lead on this (who works at GitHub, of all places)