Ron Franke
19 hours ago

Alie the Border Collie, a brief morning request.

Left: Alie asking to go outside.
Right Alie with outside accomplished rolling in the grass.

#dogsofmastodon #BorderCollie #Photography

Alie the Border Collie asking to go outside.
Alie the Border Collie with outside accomplished rolling in the grass.
20 hours ago

Das #AtelierHueteHundQuartett ging heute in eine weitere Runde. Danke für den schönen Nachmittag, @tonangebend, Gatte und Kyra mit @Friesenfliesen 💚
(und nun wieder an die Arbeit. Seufz.)

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Zwei Bordercollies
Drei Bordercollies
Drei spielende Hunde
Drei Hunde, zwei gucken auf Wasserpistole
1 day ago

Me and my friend 😊

#bordercollie #forest #dog

Two black-and-white border collies smiling in the woods
1 day ago

On today’s episode of This Old Doghouse, our general dogtractor, Revna, discusses proper use of PPE, Pupper Protection Equipment.

#Alaska #DogsOfMastodon #BorderCollie #ThisOldDoghouse

Alt: Revna in a dog hi-viz safety vest walking at heel down the road keeping her eye on me (as always).

James Holden
2 days ago

Went to get into bed but I’m met with this muppet gurning at me #bordercollie #dogsOfMastodon

2 days ago

"Sie wünschen?"
(Die vier funktionieren schon ganz gut als #AtelierHueteHundQuartett, die vier Hütehunde aus drei KünstlerInnen-Haushalten :D ( von
@tonangebend , @Friesenfliesen .und mir)
#AtelierHueteHund #bordercollie #bordercollie #GouverTante #TwitterRudel #MastoRudel #dogsofmastodon #dogsonmastodon

Vier Bordercollies sitzend, stehend, blicken zur Fotografin auf
Vier Bordercollies  liegend
drei Hunde im Garten
zwei Bordercollies am Deich, dahinter das Meer
2 days ago

Die #Atelierhuetehund Ladies Malaika und Kyra (aus dem Hause @tonangebend und wandklex ) ließen sich heute drüben am Deich den Nordseewind durch den Flausch wehen.

#bordercollie #DogsOfMastodon #DogsOnMastadon #burohund #officedog #bordercollies #twitterRudel #mastorudel #AtelierHueteHundQuartett #dogs

Zwei Braun weiße Bordercollies am Deich
Zwei Braun weiße Bordercollies am Deich
2 days ago

Derzeit findet hier ein #AtelierHueteHundQuartett und KünstlerInnen-Gipfeltreffen statt. Wir (Frau @Friesenfliesen und ich) freun uns über @tonangebend die uns mitsamt Mann und Hundedame Kyra - ein wahrer Malaika-Lookalike! - einen Teil ihrer Urlaubszeit hier im Norden schenken.💚

#AtelierHueteHund #bordercollie #bordercollie #GouverTante #TwitterRudel #MastoRudel #dogsofmastodon #dogsonmastodon

vier Bordercollies begrüßen sich
drei Hütehunde
Junghund spielt erwachsenen Hund an
zwei Bordercollie Hündinnen beide braun weiß und sehr ähnlich
2 days ago
Revna in a birch forest with the leaves just begging to fall.
Revna laying on a boardwalk across a tundra bog in her red scarf.
3 days ago

I am working with marvellous TAs this term (and am so grateful to be working with two whose dissertations I am also mentoring--one on the gothic and race in the early C19 Atlantic, the other on the poetics of contagion and inoculation. You will soon hear great things from both.) This, however, is my favourite TA--no contest. Here she is helping me prepare my second-year seminar. #dogsofmastodon #bordercollie

a black and white border collie lies on a bed, from which a human has clearly just risen. She is snuggling a copy of the pandemic-zombie-infrastructure-studies novel Severance, by Ling Ma (2018). Next to her is the business section from the Toronto Globe and Mail, with a lead headline about the crisis in rental housing. The border collie is not snuggling the business section.
3 days ago

Oltiin taannoin taas aamusella emännän kanssa metsäpoluilla juoksentelemassa...

#polkujuoksu #bordercollie #metsä

Eric Daniel (Spark E.) Muntz
4 days ago

A Tee shirt idea. Being part of the Myers-Briggs INFP ("Healer") personality type comes with a little personal baggage every now and then. Made it a while back but wasn't sure if I should put it out there, but I feel better about it now. #furryart #teeshirtart #INFP #healer #therapypets #bordercollie #anthrobordercollie #anthroanimalart

To the right stands a stern-looking anthropomorphic border collie (half-body portrait) wearing a blue set of scrubs with a red cross on the sleeve.  To the left reads a large caption:" I don't mind being a 'therapy pet' for whoever needs one." Below is a smaller caption: "But bear in mind that I have multiple patients who also need my emotional resources."
The version of the previous image that I posted to Instagram: All text has been warped far beyond legibility, and the border collie is a blurred and slightly warped silhouette with a red question mark over it. Background is a pale light green with a shadow near the bottom and a highlight near the top
Ellie Kennard
4 days ago

I think I must be trying to make myself feel better about approaching winter. Joni loves walks on the beach in the winter and I admit that I do as well, when I can push myself to go there. She looks a bit miserable here, though, probably because it was over and we were on the way home.
Have as good a Monday as you can make it, friends.

For #Mondog #Monday #JoniTheBorderCollie #Joni #BorderCollie #Dog #Dogs #Winter #DogsOfMastodon @dogsofmastodon #EllieKPosts

A black and white collie dog covered in snow is looking at the camera. Her golden eyes and the gold lights on the dashboard are the only colour in an otherwise grey and black and white toned scene.
Martin Penc
6 days ago

Pár momentek z dogtrekku s @JitkaP. To není země, ale zahrádka! #canicross #australianshepherd #bordercollie

1 week ago

Border Collie at Yokohama Port Symbol Tower in Japan

Fujifilm X100V with 5% diffusion filter
ISO 400 for 1/110 sec. at ƒ/11
Provia/Standard film simulation

Further Reading・詳細については:

#bordercollie #YokohamaPortSymbolTower #Yokohama #Japan #streetphotography #Fujifilm #X100V #pix4japan
#ボーダーコリー #愛犬 #横浜港シンボルタワー #横浜 #ストリートスナップ

Ruairí Newman ❌
1 week ago

Pepper is the best work companion I could ask for. Quiet, given to randomly-timed displays of affection, and lets me know there’s someone at the door before I hear them.

#Dog #bordercollie #mansbestfriend

Border collie curled up on a grey couch with a cup-holder, eyes open
1 week ago

Danke für eure große Anteilnahme gestern.
Auch wenn wir ab sofort nun also leider gar keine #Atelierkatze mehr zur Paket-Endkontrolle haben (und ein Stück unseres Lebens fehlt) - für Frau #Atelierhütehund und mich heißt es "the Show must go on": #Kundenglücklichmachungsposteinlieferungsgeräusch

#twitterRudel #mastorudel #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #DogsOnMastadon #burohund #officedog #bordercollies #Postbegleithund #KatzenSchafe #bordercollie

Ein sehr riesiges Paket auf einer Sackkarre und ein großes daneben auf dem einen braun-weißer Border Collie ruhig den Kopf auflegt und ernst in die Kamera blickt. Im Hintergrund Regal Tisch und Trinknapf, die Szene ist bei mir im Arbeitsplatz aufgenommen
1 week ago
Mäntyinen kallio, päällä kulkee polku. Bordercollien profiili kuvan kulmassa.
1 week ago

Frau #Atelierhütehund hat beschlossen, dass sie den Altweibersommer mag. Ich könnte jetzt angesichts ihres fortgeschrittenen Alters ein bisschen boshaft sein. 😁Aber bin ja selber nicht mehr neuer.
#bordercollie #DogsOfMastodon #DogsOnMastadon #burohund #officedog #twitterRudel #mastorudel #bordercollies #officedog

In der Sonne vor einem gehöft sitzender Border Collie in der Sommer Sonne
2 weeks ago

she do the police in different voices #MonDog #bordercollie #dogsofmastodon

Standing on a brown leather sofa in the sunlight, a black and white border collie, ears pricked, makes up her mind to bark.
A black and white border collie stands on a brown sofa with her ears back, glaring at her person, whom she is about to bark at.
A black and white border collie, standing on a leather sofa, has her head thrown back barking at her person. The bark is imperious and demanding.
A black and white border collie stands on a brown sofa ending a demand-bark with an irate head-tilt.
Ellie Kennard
2 weeks ago

Happy Monday, all.

As the summer is winding down there are still some mornings that look like this. Joni was quite young in this photograph, but the intensity never wanes.
Make it as good a day as you can!

For #Mondog #Monday #borderColliesOfMastodon #Animal #AnimalPhotography #pets #Summer #SummerTime @dogsofmastodon #BorderCollie #BorderCollies #JoniTheBorderCollie #dog #dogs #EllieKPosts

A young black and white border collie is sitting to attention looking alert, head slightly cocked. She is looking intently to the left of the frame and surrounded by grasses and greenery in a sunny setting.
2 weeks ago

Border Collie "Cassey" having some fun with water.

#Dogs #Dogsofmastodon #BorderCollie

Border Collie having fun snapping at water.
2 weeks ago

Wie halt so ne Pause bei #Atelierhuetehund|en auch mal aussehen kann, wenn es zu heiß für Gassirunden ist. 😁
#bordercollie #DogsOfMastodon #DogsOnMastadon #burohund #officedog #bordercollies #twitterRudel #mastorudel #dogs #DogsOnMastadon #GouverTante

Hunde spielen im Wasserstrahl im Garten
Hund im Wasserstrahl
Zwei spielende Hunde
Hund hüpft im Wasserstrahl
Simon Harper
3 weeks ago

Latest #Piper #Photo

How impossibly cute is she now??

#DogsOfMastodon #Photography #BorderCollie #PuppyPics

Ellie Kennard
3 weeks ago

I wanted to share something happy today and this seems to fit the bill.
All dogs are special to their owners who love them, who have seen into their hearts. So when I look at your lovely dog in a photograph I only see a small part of this special animal. It's a bit like an iceberg. So much is hidden beneath the surface.
This is my dog, Joni.When I look at her I see the heart shining through in her eyes. I see a smile.
Happy Monday all.
@dogsofmastodon #borderCollie #dog #Mondog #DogsOfMastodon

A black and white dog face is looking camera left. Her mouth is open, as if she is smiling, and her eyes are intent and happy. She is in the front of a car, some ice crystals on her head and face from her run out in the snow.
Sinead Quealy
3 weeks ago

Forgive the poor quality photo, but this is our indoor cat pretending not to watch me doing final games of the day with our pup before bedtime.

#amibovered #notbothered #catsofmastodon #bordercollie

Poor quality image taken behind the pricked ears of a birder collie as it and camera look at a window of a house. The house has a light on inside and a cat sits on the interior window sill and is pretending not to watch while furtively watching!
Sinead Quealy
3 weeks ago

Couldn't be prouder. Young dog, 9 months old, obediently giving cows time on the path. First evening off the lead. He's alert and interested and responds to "lie down". Magic!


#workingdog #bordercollie #farming #dairyfarming

Young long haired black & white border collie stands watching black and white cows progress along a farm roadway. Big blue sky ahead.
3 weeks ago

apparently it is #bleptember and Bree is here for it. On the left: wet Bree mid-swimming. On the right: dry Bree mid-lying around. #dogsofmastodon #bordercolliesofMastodon #bordercollie

A black and white border collie with golden eyes faces the camera but is looking down, at the ball held by the camera person. The border collie has floofy ears, a very Sandy, diggy nose, wet fur, and a fine dusting of sand.
A black and white border collie stares at the camera, eyes lowered, ears folded. Her paws are stretched in front of her. Her tongue is partway out and she is panting gently.
Devorah Ostrov
3 weeks ago

Ten years ago today, Molly arrived at our house & and she looked like this. (It's a vertical photo, so you might have to click it to see the whole pic.)

#DogsOfMastodon #BorderCollie #puppy #dogs

A border collie puppy, with bright blue eyes surrounded by what looks like black eyeliner is looking directly at the camera. She has a black nose and fluffy white fur with some black fur just visible at the back.
autumn 🍂 tis the season
4 weeks ago

chuck is only six years old and still has plenty of active life ahead of him!

if you're interested in supporting the rescue i'm working with and donating to help pay for his surgery, which could be upwards of $4,000, please donate directly to carolina border collie rescue:

#fosterDog #rescueDog #borderCollie #labrador

border collie mix with his tongue out getting pets. he's laying upside down and very happy.
1 month ago

Die #Atelierhuetehund-Runde hatte heute offroad-Charakter. Und Nässe. (mag zumindest Frau Hund gar nicht gern.) 😁

#bordercollie #DogsOfMastodon #DogsOnMastadon #burohund #officedog #bordercollies #twitterRudel #mastorudel #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #DogsOnMastadon #GouverTante

Drei Hunde auf einem Feldweg mit Graben, einer springt über selbigen, man sieht dem Himmel an dass bald starker Regen herunter kommt
Hund springt über einen Graben ein weiterer Hund steht am Rand und sieht zu
Hund springt über einen Graben
Bordercollie, nass und ernst
Devorah Ostrov
1 month ago

Happy #InternationalDogDay! (With apologies to all the cats celebrating #caturday.) This is my Molly posing with some castle ruins. #dogs #DogsOfMastodon #BorderCollie

A big fluffy black & white border collie is laying in the grass surrounding some castle ruins. Her mouth is open wide in a big smile with her tongue hanging out.
1 month ago

I did a search for "food" on my photos and this is one of the results.

I can't decide if #AI thinks my dog is food, or if it is trying to tell me this is the way my dog tells me he is starving? He's very dramatic, so I wouldn't be surprised.

#BorderCollie #DogsOfMastodon

A border collie lies on the floor with a red spikey ball under his chin
1 month ago

Who knew that tetherball is about how loud you can bark? He wins!

#BorderCollie #BorderColliesofMastodon #DogsWorld #Fun

A border collie plays tetherball by himself, barking loudly
1 month ago

Wattpampa, Sonne, Wind und Ruhe. Wie schön, das zu Hause einfach ums Eck zu haben.

#bordercollie #DogsOfMastodon #DogsOnMastadon #burohund #officedog #bordercollies #twitterRudel #mastorudel #Atelierhuetehund #GouverTante #wattenmeer

Hund am Watt
Zwei Hunde im Watt
Hund im Watt
3 Hunde im Watt
🌱 Artemis 🌱
1 month ago
1 month ago

The smartest breed in the world, they say.

#Dogs #Dogsofmastodon #BorderCollie

Border Collie with silly look on his face, tongue hanging out.
James Holden
1 month ago

Mastodon dog friends! Name this beautiful #bordercollie pup! She will be going to live with a friend of hours very soon. #dogsofmastodon #dogs

Peggy Collins
1 month ago

Awhile back I finished a couple of border collie images with a stained glass look. Here's one of them. (Not real stained glass!)

Artwork is available at

#bordercollie #dogs #doglover #colorful #art #artist #CreativeToots #ArtForSale #AYearForArt #MastodonArt #FediGiftShop #MastoArt #FediArt #BuyIntoArt #peggycollins

Colorful artwork of a border collie with a stained glass look, by artist Peggy Collins.

2023-08-08 koodie vore
A quick doodle for Vore Day, involving Kooda and Koodie, my otter and puppo characters.

Not really happy with it, but I least I did something for 8/8!

#MastoArt #FurryArt #KoodaArt #vore #voreday #bordercollie #otter

A border collie with its maw open, about to gulp down an otter down his throat

[NOT MY ART] Hypnotized by You
YCH commission I got from Vulp-X on July 5th, 2023.

Koodie being hypnotized by love… Not a single thought left in that head…

Original post:

#MastoArt #FurryArt #dog #bordercollie #hypno

Koodie the Border Collie with swirly eyes, slouching on a table
Ron Franke
2 months ago

Playing with AI

Taking a stroll away from work, to amuse myself, I went to ChatGPT and asked:

"write a short poem about an Abyssinian cat and his Border Collie sister"

And got:

"In a sun-dappled meadow, mid-morning's warm glow,
An Abyssinian cat, with a heart all aglow.
Silent whispers of the moonlight his secret to keep,
With emerald eyes that shimmer in the deep.

There too, dances his sister, vivacious and free,
A Border Collie as lively as a capering sea.
Beneath the sky's vast canvas, black, white, and tan,
She races the wind, as only a canine can.

Together they weave, the day's delicate song,
In a world where love, and only love, belong.
An Abyssinian cat, his Collie sister so spry,
Together they dance, under the wide-open sky."

A previously posted photo of Nick the Abyssinian cat and his Border Collie sister waiting for my presence for a snack. I thought a photo would be nice as part of this post.

#AI #ChatGPT #Poem #catsofmastodon #Abyssinian #BorderCollie #dogsofmastodon

Nick the Abyssinian cat and his Border Collie sister waiting for my presence for a snack.

[NOT MY ART] Good Dog!
Gift art I got from @Aroogi on June 6th, 2023. Done during a short Drawpile session.

He made me a good dog and keeps praising me about it! >//////<

Original post:

#MastoArt #FurryArt #dog #bordercollie #praise

Rayray (Aroogi) hugging Koodie from the side and calling him a good dog

[NOT MY ART] Koodie Collie
Gift art from @Aroogi that I got on May 25th, 2023.

I told him that I wanted to get a puppy OC and he decided he would be the one making it, and I love it to bits! 💜

#MastoArt #FurryArt #dog #bordercollie

Reference of a gray cartoon border collie with glasses

Commission to @tricky with my great friend @Aroogi, that we got on March 22nd, 2023.

My very first ABDL commission… This is so comfy! ☺️

Original post:

#MastoArt #FurryArt #otter #bordercollie #kigu #diaper #pacifier #snugs #abdl

An otter in a dog kigu, and a dog in an otter kigu, snuggling on a bed. They both look happy and comfy. They are sucking their matching pacifiers and are wearing diapers.
Devorah Ostrov
2 months ago

Photo from 2015 of our Molly looking very proud after taking 1st place for Most Appealing Eyes in our local #dog show. (You might have to click on the photo to see the rosette)

#DogsOfMastodon #BorderCollie

Side shot of a fluffy black & white border collie laying on a brick patio. Her head is held high & you can see one intense blue eye surrounded by what looks like black eyeliner & lots of long dark lashes. Her red, 1st place rosette is attached to her harness.
2 months ago
Blick in mein Atelier, auf dem Weg zum Arbeitstisch liegen drei Hunde im Weg
Devorah Ostrov
2 months ago

Our pup Molly is 10 years old today! She's not on Mastodon, but if you want to wish her a Happy Birthday, I'll pass your message along. #DogsOfMastodon #BorderCollie #birthday

Head shot of a fluffy black & white Border Collie with one blue eye & one brown eye. She has a black nose with some black freckles, and a big smile with her tongue sticking out a little bit.
4 months ago

This guy is giving all the supportive, anti-anxiety vibes today .. he knows when it's time to just quietly chill together and not ask questions! :blobhaj_heart: 😎

#BorderCollie #DogsOfMastodon #UnofficialTherapyDog #ARMYPets

Manneke the Border Collie being adorable in our home office.
Ron Franke
5 months ago

Left: Nick telling me that Alie wants to go outside and roll in the grass.
Right: Job done, Alie rolling in the grass with her brother Nick nearby.

Me: This rolling in the grass thing must feel really good.

#catsofmastodon #Abyssinian #dogsofmastodon #bordercollie

Nick telling me that Alie wants to go outside and roll in the grass.
Alie rolling in the grass with her brother Nick.