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Dear #Diaspora fans.

Please stop connecting with #Bots. I am not connecting to new Diaspora connections, since it will be harder to support it in Future versions. Development is out of date if not dead already. You are welcome to use any of the other protocols like #ActivityPub and ZotX ( #Hubzilla , #Streams .... ) to connect to me.
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I tried #twitter. Liked how pressing enter breaks the line even right after hashtag. Other than that, didn't really enjoy it. I got 5 followers and I'm highly confident they're all #bots.
I wanted to write "#Mastodon rulez" now, but it just made a dot after a hashtag when I tried to create new paragraph. Very frustrating.

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The latest data from the ESA Rosetta Mission spacecraft. #bots #CreativeBots #CreativeCoding

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Live views of Earth from the International Space Station. #bots #CreativeBots #CreativeCoding #fediverse

#werbung #ads #bots #fediverse #mastodon

Allein unter dem Reiter "dieser Server", also, habe ich gefühlt inzwischen über 1/3 aller Beiträge automatisiert erstellte Werbe-Toots!

Der #porn stört mich da gar nicht als Europäter *Zwinkersmiley*

Aber die Ads, die Werbung, das billige "Marketing" und die Phishing-Versuche hin zu dubiosen Shops, die stören mich.

Hinzu gesellen sich PR-Bots von "Firmen".

Echte Beiträge von Nutzern sind hier inzwischen in der Unterzahl, denke ich...

Stin Priza
1 day ago

τελευταία τεχνικά νέα :

#modoboa 2.2.0 από χθες στο email hosting, με πολλές αλλαγές. σύντομα και send-only emails. δυστυχώς ένα συγκεκριμένο bug που μας ενοχλούσε, παραμένει.

#searx αφαιρέθηκε τελείως. δεν υπήρχε χρόνος για συντήρηση και το debian πακέτο δεν ενημερώνεται όπως θα έπρεπε. και χρήστες είχε κυρίως bots με στοχευμένα queries για χειραγώγηση των πραγματικών μηχανών αναζήτησης. (warez, κα)

#ai #bots + #amazonbot μπλοκαρίστηκαν τελείως από τα web hosting μηχανήματα μας.

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apfeltalk :verified:
2 days ago

iPhone 15: Bots kaufen Millionen iPhones in Sekundenschnelle
Ein Bericht zeigt auf, wie Scalper automatisierte Bots nutzten, um unmittelbar nach Verfügbarkeit Millionen von Dollars für iPhone 15 Modelle auf der Apple-Website auszugeben. Die Praxis, beliebte Prod
#iPhone #News #AIOBots #AppleWebsite #Bots #Cybersicherheit #Graumarktkufer #IPhone15 #iPhoneLaunch #Kasada #PiperSandler #Scalper

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“Hopefully all his platforms will fill themselves with even more bots that will talk to each other and leave the rest of us the hell alone.”

So happy I migrated to Mastodon!

#facebook #meta #WhatsApp #instagram #mastodon #zuckerberg #ai #ArtificialIntelligence #chatbot #bot #bots
Gift Link (good for 3)

Text Shot: Meta is launching artificial intelligence-driven persona chatbots across Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp and giving developers the power to create their own versions of AI assistants, as the US tech giant seeks to drive engagement on its platforms.

At its Connect developer conference on Wednesday, Meta unveiled an AI assistant that will be able to search for answers to users’ questions through a partnership with Microsoft’s Bing, as well as AI image generation.

Users of Meta’s platforms will also be able to interact with 28 chatbots that take on characters played by celebrities, who have agreed to have their voice and likeness used in the feature.
Aldercone Studio
3 days ago

Woop woop! We made a major update to our bots @cosmic , @ifyouwanna , and @commandandcontrol ! They have updated word lists, we fixed wannabe so it actually works and tons of new templates on cosmic! Hope y'all enjoy our funny fun!

#textGenerators #bots #transSoftware #Aldercone #ManyNames

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When you’re in the zone, your tea gets cold. That’s life. Drink up! #bots #CreativeBots #CreativeCoding

3 days ago

#Bots seem to find me super attractive on #Mastodon today! They're extremely smart, too, because they think #Dogs can probably subscribe to their OF accounts. Targeting #DogsOfMastodon is a genius decision 💯

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A bot that applies a range of video glitches. #bots #CreativeBots #CreativeCoding

MOULE :RainbowLogo:
5 days ago

Did you know that according to Imperva, 47.4% of all online traffic in 2022 was from #bots, up 5.1% from the previous year?

Screenshot of the executive summary of Imperva's 2023 Bad Bot Report, sub-titled "Nearly half to the internet traffic in 2022 was bots" and reading:

"Of all internet traffic in 2022, 47.4% was automated traffic, also commonly referred to
as bots.

"Compared to 42.3% in 2021, that is a 5.1% increase. Of that automated traffic, 30.2% were bad bots, a 2.5% increase from 27.7% in 2021. Good bots are on the rise too, accounting for 17.3% compared to 14.6% in 2021.

"Alarmingly, the percentage of human traffic continues its downward trend, from 57.7% in 2021 to 52.6% in 2022 – a 5.1% decrease.

"Of all the attacks recorded by Imperva in the past year, 27% were bad bots that abuse business logic and 26% were other types of automated threats."

Below that is a donut-shaped pie chart showing the same statistics of 2022's website traffic compared to 2021's:

• 52.6% human share of traffic, down by 5.1%;
• 17.3% good bot share of traffic, up by 2.7%; and
• 30.2% bad bot traffic share of traffic, up by 2.5%.
heise online
1 week ago


Kommentar zu Musks Aboplänen: Der Selbstzerstörungsknopf für Twitter/X

Elon Musk will auf Twitter/X ein Abo für alle einführen, um Bots loszuwerden. Damit dürfte er vor allem Nutzer verprellen, meint Axel Kannenberg.

#Bots #ElonMusk #SocialMedia #Twitter

thanks god it is #forsakenfacebookfriday

now it appears as if #musk might have thrown a lifeline to #zuckerberg​s #threads, by suggesting that everyone should pay for #twitter ...because #bots

now #bot​s indeed are a problem on "#x" (some day soon 99,9% of interactions will be from #fansonly facades. yet others somehow manage.

#facebook #instagram #socialmedia #meme #mamema #memes

ace ventura cliffhanger spoof shows jim carry hanging secured on a lan between mountains with a raccoon hanging attached to him dangling.

ace ventura has a worried zuckerberg head looking worried at the raccoon whos stripey tail has the threads design stripes
1 week ago

So, are you making Mastodon/fediverse bots yet?

#bots #CreativeBots #botmakers

Barry Phillips Smith
1 week ago

I wish there was a way to mute ALL the #automated #BOTs on the #Federated timeline in one go. They're killing the content at the moment, and it is a pain doing them one by one.

I've no objection to them being there for those that need them - but have no interest in minute-by-minute updates on weather and traffic around the world. .

Your Autistic Life
1 week ago

WTF??? Is it National Bizarro Day today????

Them: "Let us know if you need more help."

[I don't need more help, so I say nothing. Then a bot comes along:]

Bot: "We're still waiting for an answer to your ticket."

Me: "Hmm... I don't need more help. (Not sure what to say here.)"

Them: "Glad to know this. Let us know if you need more help."


Last time I did not respond to this missive, the bot came up asking me to respond.

What am I supposed to do????


#NationalBizarroDay #CSR #CustomerService #bots #help

Northants Greens
2 weeks ago

@MissingThePt the easiest way to defeat #bots is with a captcha system like #hCapture. It what will be on the contact form of our #wordpress website.

2 weeks ago

🎉️ TelegramGLib now got 1.0 release!

Now it has Handlers support, a lot of bug fixes and new features!

#Vala #GLib #OpenSource #Telegram #Bots

2 weeks ago

Added six more photos to @blackjoy. #bots

Your Autistic Life
2 weeks ago

Does anyone know whether this merely replicates their news feed, or whether they do respond to messages from the fediverse:

They do not say.

I'm going to ping them here for good measure @debian

I'm sorry, but I hate the stupid replication bots. My take, as always, is be in the fediverse fully, or begone.

FOSS does not get a pass.

#Debian #bots #fediverse

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Ferdi Magellan says YES
3 weeks ago

#Twitter #Muxk #bots ##TrollBots #Disinformation #X #QUT

“Graham and FitzGerald identified more than 1,200 X accounts that were spreading the false and disproven claim that Trump won the 2020 election during the debate and interview, as well as a sprawling bot network of 1,305 accounts. Conspiratorial content spread during the debate attracted more than 3m views.”

From: @mpesce

@stellarator that's beacuse #bots are either tagged as such and/or banned from instances.

The only counterexample is the #bot-only but those only post, AFAICT they can't even #follow users...
3 weeks ago

The Slack group will celebrate eighth anniversary next week!

#bots #CreativeBots #botmakers

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1 month ago

Why so many #bots are hosted by #DigitalOcean? I suppose their policies are a bit lax?

Like What is the point of poking at my servers insistently? Anyone knows what these are about?

1 month ago

@xyzzy is having a bit of indigestion and will have to have a little purging time for the next 24 hours or so. Sit tight and wait around, ye shall soon have the opportunity to get ye FLASK. #bots

bishop violet
1 month ago
Stefan Bohacek
1 month ago
A picture taken by a buoy off the coast of Oregon, US. It's a cloudy day. The water is dark and starting to get wavy.
The Cybersecurity Librarian :donor:
1 month ago

Happy #splunk #bots-day-2023 for those who celebrate. #BossOfTheSOC #CTF

Anna Nicholson
1 month ago

I just saw someone ‘unroll’ a thread for the first time on Mastodon, and I don’t like it 😔

How do other fedifolk feel about bots that scrape fediverse discussions and post them elsewhere?

(I won’t share the name of the bot, as I really don’t want to publicise it)

#fediverse #mastodon #ThreadUnroll #bots

Sean Boyer
1 month ago

I just really, really love that there is a bot out there that just serves up screens from Homestar Runner. That's it. I see them blip by on my timeline, and for a second or two I'm whisked away to a simpler time, filled with the fops & follies of thee Brothers Chaps.

#bots #coolBots #homestarRunner #strongbad


@heiseonline ist auch nicht schwer, weil #OpenAI wurde per Gericht dazu gezwungen die IP-Adressen der #Scarping-#Bots zu releasen...


Zate 🦘🇦🇺
1 month ago

Oh look at that, fedibots!

#fediverse #bots #infosec

1 month ago

I never promoted this bot much, but if you remember #USENET and you ever spent any time on alt.*, you might enjoy it:



@yassie_j exactly...

For #bots and those operating them, #MachineTime is the cost-creating factor, thus they want to speedrun their shit to maximize #botting effectivity with the least amount of [billable!] computation time [at their hosters!]...


Is it possible to automatically mute bot accounts?

Because generally, I don't follow them. I like to mute the more jokey accounts that litter up everyone's feeds.

#bots #Mastodon

Stefan Bohacek
1 month ago

An occasional #FollowFriday reminder that I've made some pretty fun bots that you can follow from anywhere in the fediverse.

Please enjoy!

#ff #bots #CreativeBots #MadeWithGlitch

There's quite a few bots for the open social Web I'd want to make:

* One that quotes Black radical literature and gives links on where to get those books
* One that publishes CC comics with ALT text and sources the creators
* An aggregator of content from labor movements like Workers World, Labor Notes and the like to help syndicate that information into Fedi.

What would you like to see?

#Bots #News #Books #Comics
1 month ago

While lyrics and quote bots are not typically featured on Botwiki, these are still a fun introduction to the world of botmaking.

And with Pipedream, it’s super easy, with very little "coding" necessary.

#bots #CreativeBots #tutorial #python #pipedream
1 month ago

Highly recommend following @botwikirandomfediverse and @botwikirandom if you have a bot on Botwiki. Always nice to see it come up!

#bots #CreativeBots #botwiki

A scene from the movie Once Upon a Time in Hollywood in which one of the characters, played by Leonardo DiCaprio, points at the TV when he appears on the television show F.B.I.

So much for #CAPTCHA#bots can do them quicker than humans • #TheRegister

"For distorted text fields, humans took 9-15 seconds with an accuracy of just 50-84 percent. Bots, on the other hand, beat the tests in less than a second with 99.8 percent accuracy."

2 months ago

i am so traumatized from #bots pretending to be #human on twitter that from now on i only want to follow accounts that are run by actual ppl, but idk what to believe now that checkmarks don't mean anything anymore. even on ppl's personal websites, ppl anonymize so much about their online presence now — i'm guessing out of fear of losing their jobs? that or their entire online presence revolves around their work & that's not what i'm looking for

Martin Holland
2 months ago

Ist irgendwas im #Internet verhasster als #Captchas? Müssen ja was bringen, denkt man sich, sonst wären wir sie doch längst los. Denkste. #Bots lösen sie schneller und liegen öfter richtig:

Fast immer schneller, immer korrekter: Bots schlagen Menschen bei Captchas

Eigentlich wollte eine Forschungsgruppe ermitteln, wie lange Menschen für Captchas brauchen. Herausgekommen ist, dass Bots damit besser klarkommen.

#Bot #Captcha #ReCaptcha #Studie #Test

Stefan Bohacek
2 months ago

Very much work in progress, currently has three locations:

- Blefjell, Norway
- Hampstead, London, England
- Appalachian State University's Dark Sky Observatory, North Carolina (five webcams)

#NewBot #bots #CreativeBots

I'm seeing a bunch of news coverage about OpenAI's "NEW" GPTBot, but @searchenginejournal first covered this back in early February. This is also when I added it and CCBot to the robots.txt file for all my sites.

#AI #GenAI #Bots

2 months ago

Still waiting for the day that someone resurrects @hamiltonian.

cc @muffinista @stefan #bots #fediBots
2 months ago

One of the upcoming changes in the next version of Mastodon is changing the "bot" label to "automated", for "less negative connotation".

Full list of change:

#mastodon #release #bots #CreativeBots

A screenshot of the bot showing the new "automated" label.

@jbwharris @alexwild As to the internet (which includes TCP/IP in LANs, technically speaking), I think the "era of #SelfHosting" is the new direction inevitably showing its value. *If only for sanity*.
Since the #Internet is now dominated by various #bots (incl. hostile opponents from other countries, that hate yours), it makes sense to sometimes retreat within the walls of one's medieval castle - one's LAN - "pulling up the drawbridge" to keep out various "might-makes-right" bad-faith invaders.

MOULE :RainbowLogo:
2 months ago

A fascinating exposé of the rife #bot problem on #Twitter (now #X). It's terrifying to see just how much of who we interact with online may be #AI-generated #bots!

Anonymous Germany
2 months ago

Elom hat die #Bots und #Trolle toll im Griff.
Nicht. 🤣

Thread von @daniellaufer ... auf #X

"Diese Tweets gehören offenbar zu einem Netzwerk, das spätestens seit Juli 2022 prorussische Propaganda verbreitet.

Es gibt Anzeichen dafür, dass es sich um ausländische Einflussnahme handelt – denn es wurden Fehler gemacht.

Eine kleine Spurensuche:"

Über die Nummer mit den Fake Medienseiten berichtete T-Online schon